The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1932
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS ^'O cents a word for flnt insertion §nd cn« cent » w«d 'or ncii uiUcquaot (nf*rtHl No advertisement taken for MM tlian soc. Count the »-ords tod seiul the cash. Phone 306 .FOR SALE REAL BARGAINS USED CARS Have repossessed a Few Good Cars at!<l offer sanio Very Cheap for Quick Sole. 19M LATK FOKU COUl't Standard all - lli'rl body, )U:iuliful finish, A-l Tires, Kifcllt-Jit MefbanJf^l Cc»- dilluu, 30-Day Guiraiilee. ?J5 down, $15 LKT nicillth. Only ...... .............. S235 «aa KOKU SPORT CO DTK, Kumbla se*l, Fatly Kqulp- i:cd, Newly 1'ainled, Al- Ir.irlivc Color, Rum Kine. •j; Guaranteed. $53 do«n, Sll 9 per muith ____ .......... SU5 1330 CHEVROLET COACH Laic U cyl. model, «rig- liul Paint, Tires and Up- hclstery Like N'en'. Driven Only ft* Jlonthj. $105 down, $17 per month .... $265 Sui'h Values Won't Last l.onj,'. Come In Today! Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Mythcville, Ark. FOE SALE, RENT OR TRADE— bix room house, corner 10th and Hcai-n, E. V. Hill. 26ck4 C01JRIKB_NJBWS FOR SALE--Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytiicville 18ct( IJEDS, BARKED Kocks, Orpingtons, Leghorns, 100—$6.50; heavy assorted, S5.50, prepaid; live delivery. Cenlral Farms, Jcflerson City, Mo. 13-20-27 FOR ; SALE: Office furniture. See Oravelte. 20plc28 1 rOR SALE- Fordson tractor, cot- k toil, trailer, Nash xoupe, .Call 46. T '. , 23P-K29 NOTICE , Enrl E. Parker, formerly of Hie 13r<]ad\viiy Barter shop, and R. S. Prevost, formerly of the Red Ball shop, are no\v open for business in their new shop. Cirand L«adtr Bid;. North 2nd Street 1 WERT HeMakes'EmSee (Office Over Joe Isaucs Store) JIMMIK O'KRIBN'S CAt'K Delicious K. C. T-Itone Steaks I'latc Lunch, nil you can cat - - 35c «I,ACK CAT COI-'FEE SHOI'l'K SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson 391-303 E. Mala G. G. CAUDILL Rents. Buys and Sells Hcines and Farms Writes Insurance 1'lionc 797 Farmers Bank Bids. licet Me At the New Rustic Inn Coffee, Hot Pigs , and Chili REFRACTIVE ERRORS Scientifically corrected vv i t h glasses. Have Yo:ir Eyes Examined HAKRY WEISHURR 5tate Rcgistctcd Optometrist At tlio Good Luck Store MURK TODAY nr«ail(>l EI.I.HX KOSSITI'H, * »lr«|tlrl !• Uoro].j'» l^rnilxi >t Slorr. vrork. nl^ki. ., , ,)„„„ kali Hkr n, t , W | lk krt»r. MUI.I.V «ossm:tl, krr Nhr Merit At Ilri'umdiHd I.AHKY HA'rlK«WG l ATE"ai"u"! IM. l.attr »hr IdirriK Larry (• ?•• 5«»fd (o i:i.uAbi;rn IIOWKS, • drbultmtr. STI:VI-:X BAHCI.AY, 57 n.a 1:1. !'"'• STI!**"' '« '• '"•••• «'"i >i". Wllkod Kllr*'. lm,, t ,| rt |. e krr MDitrr Ixtlir. llim-l>r t. *!u»(T nmt horrovr* mo.rr lo •»akr Ike anrninit M .r* Mlrac- ilv<. lair, i. riirig.., kui ivhm llnrrhiy arrive* B|IF u cou--D«lle4 la lir frjrndlj. Ifcni nli,'M fce HMkn i:ilta <• •inrrr Mm »«J ,kr rrf«». LL- nminiily , lr I,,,,,. klm „(,!, knpe uf nlniilng kcr. do»«lir rlrrnlucm mt Ike «lore • nd l:,ti-n ,,v, |» fc, lruu»lfrrrtl Hi rmcillirr drt>.irliurii1. Klvr» Jirr a Julj «» ».!><» ni butcr al an fncrrlti« !• •aturx. NOW Ul> ox WITH THE STOUT CHAl'TUll XXI T ORKNB BLCOTT proved to be a J - 1 6niart l Hiln woman who carried a lorsnelie a;id Kid iiercr ciultc learned to manage It. After Eev- oral questions nervously asked and umrmisly answered slie pronounced hcisclf satisfied. Tliorc had been no dlECUF3lon ot salary between Kllen ami Sleven. but l.orcne had her Instructions and Ellen, naive- and Ig. Jioianl, was stupefied with deliglit lo learn that as an assistant buyer she would receive $50 a week. Thai was $30 more than a salesgirl In cretonnes received. "Are you sure It's $!>0 a week?" Ellen managed to say. "1'erfectly sure." l.oretio responded with n cryptic smile. In- n-.irdly tiro older woman slnlicj a lltllc for her own lost youtli ami lost enlliusiiisni. Years i»> j:;0 ex- Ira mcli week would have changed entirely tl:e course- 01 l.oreno Elcon's life. Now a raise meant only that sl;c could Invest a little more In . safe Iwuds. Klic roiisr-il frnm her dream of long ago anil sialled nt Hllcn. "1 hope 550 a week will be satisfactory." "Satisfactory? Oh!" Ellen alam mcreil. "Thai's not the word at all. It's simply perfect. You can't know •how perfect it is. Just wait till my mother hears this!" Tlien and (lieu only a sudden donht smote her. Slie flushed furl ously. "Is there something else you wan to ask?" I.orcnc said. "Why, yes." Ellen conceded In i. low tone. Sho struggled a moment and finally got it out. "Is tliat the regular starting salary for assistant buyers?" "It's the regular salary," Ix>reno replied promptly and tmtrutlifully. Sinco receiving Steven Barclay's in Btriictions Lorene, not unnaturally l;ad been propnred to disll!;e the - rccinienl of 1,1s favor. Ellen's innocent, embarrassed and proud littU question liad cliauged all that. LnO promptly made a place for licr h: Lorcnc's affcctioin. Entirely reassured, Kllcn ran tc telephone her Mother. Molly was ir ti:e scvenllr. h^rca. Evcrythini w«s marvelous. When tho girl ro- urncil to Iho basement to remove :icr lielouglns!. Eho was so light- .learted she felt olraost nlddy. Jenny was consume! with curiosity, e.iser to aiioloclrc, and to iimhe friends again, but Kllcn gavo Iwr 10 elianco. Slio gathered un her comlj, brusli nnd Ihc mirror 6ho kept tucked away under Ilia counter. She was protending Hint Jennv, Mrs. llondy nnd all the others had nothing to do with her. Slio knew well cuongH tlmt o icantlittous Inference could nnd probably would bs drawn from licr stid- dcii rise la tho world but slio would not think of that. Nothing' should bo permitted to spoil her pleasuro. \\~hul tho others eald couJJ not of- feet her. It could, of course. Hut not tlien. away from Hie counter, lier imns full of her sinall possessions, Kllcn walked straight Inlo someone. "I beg your pardon!" she said quickly. "Aren't yon even going to glvo mo a gliincc?" Utrry llarrowgato e* claimed. For a second she was bewildered Then licr face lighted and her heart leaped upward. "Larry!" "I'va been hanging around f :• 15 minutes," lio was saying eicltuilly. "I tliouE'nt you'd never come. Here —letniue help!" lie nllemplcd to relic-re her of the jumbled assortment In her arras. Conscious of Jenny's open mmilli ami equally onrn cnrfoaflj-, Ellen flushed and shook her bead. "You shouldn't have, como here," slio said quietly, moving away. "Aren't you glad to see me?" "Of course 1 ,im, silly," slio told him wilb a confused laugl^. How handsome ho was! Slie lorcd tlie way ho kept in step with her. She loved his culm obliviousness lo tho stir they wcro causing on Hie floor. They did look a trifle odd—Iho handsome youth in flannels and tho girl in worliaday sloro costume with neat imjier cuffs and sensible, shoes. t:ilen knew that. But sho felt n delicious flutter as lie explained that he had learned from Salomon whcra slid worked ilny times. That must mean something! It would certainly mean something It auyono other than J.arry it ere concerned. But for that harum-scarum, she already knew, to have an impulse was to obey it. "Our old friend Salomon waa convinced my inlcntiona were dishonorable," ho remarked impudently, glancing sldcwlse ot her. "1 had to tell him that 1 only meant lo carry you oft to'luncli. By tbo way, niu I carrying you off to lunch?" "I'm afraid not." Ellen explained wild a serious and businesslike air. "I've a new job and I mean lo learn so much, that 1 won't have time today."' "Nonsense," he protested. "Surely you aren't 5;iyhi£ you prefer a career to me. I'll be back nt 12 shnrp." llcii saw that ho did not for a luluuto Mlevo sho had refused his Invitation. "You don't undorttand," slio persisted lialf-heartcJl)-. "1 simply cnn't KO with you today. It's my tlrat day nt tills job-l'm lo bo, a buyer—or nn assistant buyer, 1 should Eiy." T.Il-:il tone roBO trluuipb.iully. Hut * It wan evident that being n buyer meant nothing to Urry. They had ro:»-li«d Clio clcvntor. « liun Kllcn rang tho bell ho became convinced of her earnestness, nml, «tt (lio same (h m \ abrundy cross. "Yon aren't telling me," ho bc In annoyance, "that niter I'vo hunt; Ground In timl niiiliy In-HMiu-ht all morning \\alllm; for you I ciiu't lake you to luneh because of BOIIIO stupid Job!" "Just llial." she assured him. "1 ccrluliily MHO with you, don't I? I've a Job loo, you know. Three orderd for pictures and 1 Jmvcn't (lone n top on a.iy of them. Hut f was glad enough to t.iko ilmo o(T." "Mayho you're lieltcr ahlo to lake elmo off," she replied somberly. Tho elevator descended nnd tho doors opened. Early shoppers Etrng- glcd Inside. Ellen said a stiff good- by. For a aonicmt sho thought ho meant to say something further. then ho hawed coldly nnd mored away. f-nrry had destroyed her pleasure In tho new job. The afternoon seemed lorn; nnd dull nnd profitless. Lureuo's dialler and conslant references to Steven Barclay nrow ills- proiwitlonalcly irksome. Ellen vu- Biiely realized that she wanted to love Steven and to halo Larry and that much of her discontent and dis-allbtacliou with Iho world was duo lo her double failure. The. real Jzjtlo.'i did not licKer matters. That, night r.l Dreamland she did not expect Larry. All the afternoon sho had tried to mako herself understand that Ii was entirely possible she might never seo him again. So tho evening was atnlo nnd Hat to hor; the danelns boring und her own popularity liorlng. Slio haled dancing wil)i ll;o men who frequented Dreamland, hated tho pink and gilt hall. Hie tinny, mechanical music. But it was her Job— even if it waa to lust only a short time now— and sho set herself resolutelv at It. . ' Toward 10 o'clock Elm wag danc- IIIB irltli n blank-faced, hli:e-eyed chap and nttemplinE to Ignore his soiled collar and dubious convocation, uhon she happened to glance toward tho ntalrway to neo I.nrry entering. Ifrr heart missed a bca her feet missed a step. Larry caught her eye. Tlia two young people smiled contentedly nnd lo Ellen the night hurst into bloom. Hhe could hardly contain herscll ualil Iho ilanco was over and she could rush to Hie tablo where Larry was impatiently awalling her. "J'l.l Divfully sorry nliout tills TOR REST morning," he eald Immediately. '"Hint's nil i-lghl," Bho tul.l" him, rod I UK irnuioimlly, laiotlraliy hni'l'C. Xo. H isn't ,,u rJsiu, TliiTo's 111010 to H Hun, 1|, 1U ;. ],„ (.„,, sl|( |. tally lifter ll,L.y wcro hull, Blltlns. Ini vory much nfrald llint y.m mid I liad lifiic,- walch our »lci>." His exiiresslim waa od.l nnd con- slraliicil. Jlo leaned over nnd IH>,;»U lo l'1'iy win, u h,,| IB | a jho Koro uu her iirm. sho wnlclied him exncc- Innlly. JJJKit ihi you umu?" slio nslitd. l.j.KN loakcd at him slmrply. • s lie wondered for a niomcni if || U und b-vn (lilnUni;. -nic 1^1,1.111^1 '>"! "iiiiiiu-d frrn mncinllRhi walls. he Elnglo shaft ot llaht from Ihu h.flal moon fell ntroaa Hio inlilu but bl:, facu was In iho shadow. "1 lust wanted In l:noiv," s |, 0 re- suiiu'il I,, a fiirnliicd irny. "ivlwt ytn, mc.11,1 by s; ,yii, s (| ml WO ' U lmvc (0 \fiili-h our Bicp:" "I'll, (had" II" lauchcd. Tho llehls cnmo up «s 'lie music slowed and slie faw ";« M» mysterious confuslcii hud I" 1 -' him. She saw loo that ho Ind n«l licen drinking. H O WIls ollul)Ia nnil natural, at enao again. "l)«n't you know, KllcnJ" "Ko. 1 don't know." Her heart waa beglnnlnc to pound. "tt'i-IJ, ! wa 3 Jealous na tho very "euro this morning." he confessed Emlllng at her. "Jealous of your' lob n m | you'ru being moro !n:«r- «sied in Oiat than in having lunch wllh me! You ttnow \v],at Unit means. I bupposo?" "Whal?" He drew a lone hrcalb. "Ilon't you thliih It's possllilo you ni«l I inScht fall In hive?" bo naicil with .11: uncertain Jaujjlj. "What if we dlil?" K!IO dcmandoil carelessly, not i|nilo liking tho lightness of his tone. ThaiM bo the, devil nil around, wouldn't it!" ho Ealrt nervously. "I si;[ij!OPe It would." ".My mother—" "Hi, mean your mother baa other Pl'ins for jou," Kllcn Inlerniiiicd. "Well. RO baa mine, for me!" Her tone matched his for Indifference but sho was furious. That's easy enough In HCV," ho laughed. "Homenilicr thai Hum sho put me out nf your apartment? Sho hates me, doesn't she?" . "S!io doesn't think you work enough," said Ullen polnicdly. i "Uesldes that you'vo probably a ilozea other clamoring swecthcavlii," bo said easily, Eccuilug to lose In« rcst -' "Only one," Bho .1:311 red him coolly. '; Ho leaned over nnd r.ilight her liands, laughed anil licensed her ol trying to make htm jealous. A? Iho girl laughed with him she wondered forlornly It anything, anything V'ould ever malic him serious. .• : (Tittle CoiifliniLMl) Injury Case Against Odom Brothers Settled CAl'K OIliAHDKAU, Ala-.! 'J'lifoiiKh i, bi'llldiienl iuucli«l In, fwlnnl i-oiirl ton 1 n (wa-yoiir-old I'liHd wiis iivviinlril u Jiidgnu'iit of $3,000 for ilw death of her faiho,- l» «n ncrlduiu on iilgluvuy 01, iiiMi Klltisioii, l:tsl yen, 1 . 'IIn: riilld, iu-'.ni Viiginiu w-.-lcli, H'lMTsi'iiti-rt In (lie ciisi! by lie,- iiraintiuollu-r, Mrs. Susli> \Vihon, brouulu Milt for $IO.( ngainsl K. O. Kublt- niul Vic Noble, oin-rnUua ; u( a motor liurk lino, for HIB (U'lilli of Iwr fullicr, I.ouls Welch, , hibt AUB. 5, The case orlslnallj jlloil Jn Scoll coiiiily, mis irnns- leiu'dlo iedcral cotnt bvcausi! u. dlvcislly ot vlll/eiulilp of the lilt- AicoKlthi lu Ilw complaint, Wflrli MIS fivliilly injureil when » malar cur in winch lie \vns rliliiii ii'iis slriu'k by u truck operated b> Mom lliothfid un lllgwuy 01 IK- Ittcen Slkoslou und Morloy, Ojici- utors of lliu CHIom llvolhcrs truck line furiiK'rly lived »t IJIyUiuvlllv. Viwuu Swcide ; Rate ;;* VIENNA. <UP)_For the last 12" months tha suicide rite here iifcs' been the highest ever recorded. ' -- Uurlng this i^riod 1,105 vien- neso killed Ihamselvcs, an uver- «BO of .more than ihrec d«lly| Almost a.tXB' others attempted sulclda, but failed. 'Hie youngest sulcldo was - M; ,', llm oldest. 87. ' UUU ; liOUSE By Ahem A \~RllM\> OF *-Tf(lS SCLEMDID l>aa OK l(lS ~ih f>\& TOR "Yk'AWiMci ?<-«•«• pei/Od rfM EXPERT IM "Mil -IkrtlMlMG Q'F sitei'iienD pass, lYL "Tlte C/MIMG DEUtiLDPep -fa A DEGREE, W ABOUT" -Tuo A-wuTiis., i-r WILL HAVE /UMOST rlUWAAj TTus-r r^Mcv, — I WILL OF if X,'>f AM ORDER 'ty -nlA-T WILL CARRV-YffC \ Bc-fX OF Vau QUYciF rieT IM -TeM SECONDS J. "READV !^ ABOUT FACE' MARcH// * BOC/I3 AND HER BUDDIES t ,A\V! By Martu... FOR RENT—Furnishert npnrtment. 700 West Walnut. 20P-1C5 FOR RENT—G05 Chickasaivbi Bi., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply at ii e Ne»" York Store. 15C-Klf POR RENT—4-room apartment, nicely fiirnislicd end garaga. Will be vacant March 1st. 1031 West Ash street. Call L. L. Ward, G50 and 368. IBcktf FOR RENT-5 room house, UG Ciicrrj-, $15.00. garden,. Two ivecks frre rent to desirable renters. Telephone 611. 2npk27 | IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP j THE UNITED STATES OK THE | EASTERN DISTRICT OF AR-! . KANSAS, JO.N'ESBORO DIVIS- j ' ION | lu the Matter of Omni- M. Eazzill, j Bankrupt No. 1035 Notice is hereby siven that petition for discharge ot the bankrupt has crcn filed, and sanic will <K.' heard in the United Stairs Court Room at Little Hock. Arkansas, on th D 30ih day of March, A. D., 1932, nt 0:00 A. M. - SID ]). REDDING. Clerk, By Bess Mnthcs, D.' C. to Leslie C. Smith, national secre-1 lary of the National Association of the ice industry, despite the in-) Ice Industries, More Ire was sold In creasing 115? of electric rctnsjm- '• thai, y c;l ,- [l,;,,, | n any Dtl ,, r yt . rtl . lloti and the depression, nL-corclinj , 1H lilslory, Sniitli said. FOR KENT—Modern 4-room house. Gsrdcn. aarage. close in. 307 North Bro.idiiny. Call 1512-F-4. 25H-K29 FOR RE.NT—Furnishfil apnrlmcnt, private fcalh. 207 North Fifth. Call 8-IG-W aflcr 5 p. M. 25C-K20 1031 ISanncr Ice Y«ir AKROK, (UP) — Nineteen Unity-one wns a banner year for j tUMSEfl <-l'ob i More For the LUMBER 2L Building Dollar Quality, Service, Safuty, Beauty and Low Cost in Asphalt Uooling, <_'illii.'i- in Rolls" or SliiiitflM. Hlatt Sin-race or Smooth E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. wu oj.i-iX VKO tWtMTV CtW^j VOW ' \"\ (Tg^r &;"'• '-fK> FOP. RENT—Furnished apartment. 305 Dougan. 20ek27 WANTED—Brlns your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 10B First. Street. We pay market iirlccs. J E Fisher Sett WANTED—tadlcs and young men to demonstrate for nationally known company. For particulars address Jc\vcl Tea Co.. P. O. Box 392. Give phone number. 24,ik27 WANTED—Boy with wheel for delivery wort, about two hours each day. Apply Dcughnut Shop, Bader Bid?. WANTED—To employ man between 27 and 35 years of r.gc married, at.least high school od- ncalfon. Permanent position in Blytlievillc with guaranteed income. Application in own wrilin? lo Courier News, Box 2. 22ck21 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Pair o! eye glasses. Reward If returned to Xfrs. Ed Karelin. Langc school. 25P-MO WANTED S0\ DETROIT, (UP)—Because his mother thoughl it would be good for him. Max Yallaii, 19, has been sentenced lo ;,:rve a one (n 15 year prison term for burglary. The youth was sentenced when his mother, Mrs. Carolina Ynlltin, told Judge McKay Sklllman he was "oul of my control." KKECKLK: on BoRSovl, AS V'.S R£AU WA.'AS HAPPENS To BE, IS STocy To AFTER I'D BECtJ WEOE J I.-J SHAD/SICE A SPELL. 1 FO'JrJD O'JT THAT LNED YOU HAD LOST i..- WAMY A Tiwe i otJ ~M£ vecse OF I!J' To -tin), BUT AT TllS LA9T W1UU7S ALV/AYS 6oT BSST G THK C . THAI 5 VjJHAT XV,V Co^nog To....ALL OF A S^VO&l tt\ •• UsAtTH SESA^J To GO BAQ/ cjJ we At-'' me iviitJs kepi PREYK otJ w-Y ;wKio...fV,oae A>JD , ! MOR£'_BIJT Tjjg /^otJEV i IS RSADV FOB. you, : i='-o, SAFEI.V HiK>=tJ— HtDDErJ.' r .vouc PART OF IT, TWENTY| i SIX THOUSAND DOUUAR&, is IM ft BOX, RIGHT iw SHADVSIDE... By 'Craar - .. .1 ^" fi£<J. U. S. PAT, WT. /». PSST...S100CX-6' ' TUBhJ AROOfJD 4JjJ l>, 90T rJff y i ; To AU. THIS •'.' / / i I •V . - ~V "'!. ! '• WASH TI-HHS Courier N'cs's Want AJs Par. NCR) HtRe IT IS. FR(Et),\, AN' I WICH f \ Vot) THE fy ^'OU TfJK »b()K~ • > 1-11 i«,i f i I IS f;O\K! LUCK /" $vSj| i .--^ >>4i 1*1" \^ l .*Vi/>i r -'l\' -V^' - - v --ob-:i

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