The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1932
Page 5
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jHnAY.^FEBRUARY 26, 1932 THE BOOK SURVEY "Memoirs of a Soldier of Fotinac" ^ opened, and there's a death-bed Brings Some of Talkst Talcs confession. Til? remarks tint viero Told in a IIIK Muon— And They .Make a Very InUrctHnj Hook- Sir Oliver Lodge Oilers Slory ol Early Life anil Carter BY UIIUCK OATl'ON .SKA Service WrlU-r A, collection of lull • Isles Is always worth rending, whether the talcs are strictly veracious or not, provided only (hut they are lull enough; and for thai reason I commend to your attention the book. "Memoirs of n Soldier or fortune." by General Rafael <lc N'cGHlcE, published by Harrison Smith, Tut 1 ., at $4. These yarns are surely the lull- esl that anyone has told In a blue mojn. They may b3 true nnd they may not—I have no way ot finding out; bin they are certainly Interesting. General Nogaics got his start figlilini; In Soulli 'American revolutions. Then he tcok a turn h\ the Spanish-American War, went to fort Arlliur to mix in [lie Russo- Japan:se affair. Iricd his hand :\{ caulc-mslling along the Mexican border, Irad a part in the Mexican revolution, returned (a fight, tome more in South America, went, to Europe and served with distinction as a Turkish olflcer in the World War, fought in Central and South America again—and so on, year after year, getting Into enough hair-raising adventures to satisfy a dozen men. He writes of it, fluently and cn- tcrlnininjjty; and if Ills yarns tux your credulity at times — well, they're interesting anyhow, so why worry? I think this book will keep you up nights. • • « r.clfinjf .Acquainted Widi ^Sir Oliver Lodge "Past Years" is Sir Oliver Lodge's story of his life, and downright readable It is. too. The famous scientist traces Ins career in a garrulous, friendly way that, wins your liking instantly. It is Interesting to study his development as a physicist; his boyish work in a home-made laboratory, his desperate struggles to gel. an education, his resistance to his father's efforts to make a business man out. of him; and his book provides an excellent means of getting acquainted with one of Hie foremost scientists of the day. Tiie ordinary reader, probably, will be chiefly interested in those chapters In which Sir Oliver de- Fcrlbes his psychical researches. 'Iheyrc worth examining. The steps by which a cool-headed scientist, was led to believe wholeheartedly -in human survival, beyond thn- grnvc arc objectively recounted in this book, and while they probably won't convert you, you won't, find (hem (li c sort of thing (hat can be laughed off easily. "Past Years" is published by Scribners, and is priced at $3.50. » • • A Very Gcwl Account Of a Sea Voyage A. truly admirable book of (lie sea is Hcinrich Hauscr's "Fair Winds and Foul" — the account, by a German novelist., of a Hip made recently from Germany to Chile in a square-rigged sailing vessel. This ship, the "Pamir," took 110 days to make the trip, rounding Cape Horn amid violent tlcrms and experiencing all of the traditional hardships and mis- chances of (he old days. Hcrr Hauler writes about them very ably, lie expresses the peculiar beauty and majesty of the sailing ship; but, he ako makes abundantly clear (he terrible price that the :<-.iling ship exacted from the men who manned iicr. and he most decidedly is not simply a romantic sighing for the glories of a dying era. If you like books nlmil Hie sea, you v.ill prize this one highly. It. is. by the way, illustrated with .1 number of very good photographs. "Fair Winds and Foul" is published by Li\eright, and sells for $2.50. Som c My.-.lcry Yarns— I)o(h Good and liad It becomes necessary no;v to deal with a few of the recent mystery noicis. A few you might like to know about arc the following: "The Floating Admiral," by a whole hcst of English writers (Crime Club; S2>. Such people as G. K. Chesterton, Again Christie, Anthony- Berkeley and a tot of others united to produce this yarn of a murdered admiral who was found adrift In a rj s • beat. It was conceived as a stunt—each writer did one cha;. Icr and had to guess at what the previous writers had in mind but it makes a rattling good rnys lery yarn. "Mulder in the House of Commons" by Mary Agues Hamilton <Hoiighlon, Miltlin; $2). A high class story for the -literate reader all about the lady who was thro',- llcd on the terrace of Ihc House of Commons during an all-night session of the lav-makers. It moves a bit slowly, but it's very nicely handled. "The Sword in th<. Pool," by Dwlght Marficld (Dutton; S2>. somebody s tabbcd the beautiful A u llcr Penthouse apartment «i.,;v c iually beautiful ]ac<> sleuth fiuds out all about t{ T;I , rather' S&T poorly - wrlUen m •'Unsolved", by Bruce Graeme (Lippncott; Sa ,. The 30 . vear . CW Covering poisoning case Is re- appended to "The Sword In Ihc Poor apply to (his one, too. "The Fort Terror Murders," by Van Wyck Mason (Crime Club; $2. Shady doings Is a descried fort In the Philippines, with a bunch of army officers himllng for burled treasure and a ghostly murderer complicating It's . a bit- far-fetched, but It's rnther entertaining, at thai. Madison Students Learn Geography Via Electricity MADISON, Wls. (UP)—Roy l,u- bcrg, liUjh school geography tcac))- er, believes the map he us;s to teach location of United Slates cities Ls Die only one of Us kln.l Tne nmp has no names. Elcclric sock- els mark the location of every state capital, or city of more than 100,000 inhabitants. Reside the map Is a "switchboard" containing an alphabetical list of the cities, with a switch licside each. Luborg places a plus in » iwitchboarri socket. Tlic student. loting the name designated by Lubcra's plug, places a plus in the map socket which the believes is he location or the city. A light elo«.5 above (he nwp when the student finds the correct socket. (A1{K.) COURIER NEWS He Goes Around on One Wheel McKinley'i Hone Celebratet 40th Birthday TORT LYON, Col. (UP)--"Old i-riink," who used to draw !>r«|. wilt McKfnlcy's sluicly c*:rl»gc "P nnd down Pennsylvania Avn. ''•no in Wiisliliiuton, enjoyed a llclh (l " y " 10 °" U ' r ltiiy ~ llls Ior l-'rank. now icllrcd Irom gctlvo wrvlce, sdll rcluliu his nillUa'ry wnilng, (toplte tlic fact th«l Ills hide Is n little "tlireiulbaru" nnd « few of lils molars nnd bicuspids s>now some wear nnd tcur. He celebrated lib blrllid»y by luamtni; about, ills laMurc mid i^cplng Iti the ^ami btnuiilne. Mnybe this weird vehicles is the sj>o]t nuiabotil of the future. It's cnlled the Jymbo wheel, and its Invciiloi- Is o. 11. Fiuvcs who is shown nbovc ns he demonstrated the machine in tlielnnd. irisWo t)i c bit' wheel Is a little electric-motored car which (ravels on ordinary railroad tracks. As this car rims, it motivates the super-wheel, some-, times at lilgh speeds. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELS, MO. Phone 85 KROGER STORE Zaiis For bewni awiMoMai Roast SPARE /s*i re itaiiiv /u i*irr»\ '& J&* 91 MILES AN HOUR SKIING RECORDS I\RE RASED ON D1S- TUNCrl JUMPED. OUT AT BIG PINES PftRK, Cf\LIFORNIf\, JUMPERS WERE ELECTRICALLY TIMED ON JRNUIiKf 21, 1931. MAXIMUM SPEED WAS 91 MILES AN HOUR. THAT'S WHIZZING SOME, FOR A LONE HUMAN ON A PAIR OF STICKS I BUT IT'S NOTHING, ALONGSIDE THE THRILL YOU WILL GET FROM THE CANNON BALL SPEED WITH WHICH PHILLIPS \66~j GASOLINE STARTS YOUR : MOTOR IN FREEZING WEATHER. IT IS HIGH TEST, AND HOW! ITS GRAVITY NOW RANGES FROI/l 65° TO 71,1". VHILL4JP WITH PHILLIPS THE GASOLINE OF CONTROLLED VOLATILITY "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline Phillips 66 volatility is 69.6 per cent higher than the average of 28 competitive gasolines. Proved by unbiased laboratory tests based on distillation at 212 degrees. _Cold weather or warm, you will quickly note the added power; the snappier pick-up, the longer mileage—if your tank is filled with Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. And when your toes tingle and your car feels like the inside of a refrigerator; your motor will snap into action instantly—at the very first touch of the starter. Then it warms up quickly, runs along smoothly; What a beautiful demonstration of the tremendous winter advantages of "highest test" gasoline! What a grand and glorious feeling, not to have to pay a penny extra for this extra high test! We can offer this greater value because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. Get a trial tankfut tomorrow at the Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer it.. /Phillips 66 Ethyl . . . at the;regular price of. Ethyl Gasoline A LOWER PRICE for High Quality MOTOR OIL A triumph of modern, scientific refining. Minus wax, waler, and carlwn. 100% paraffin base. Remains fluid even at 31* below freezing. Hence protects against \vinlcr tinm- age. Phillips recommends tt *S Ihc wor/rfs finest oil for your motor. A grade for every cor. 3Ctf a quart. kSvdit itaia Swift Braided Owek Ib. 12it, Bristol fjPORK ROAST Hams Hams Hams UMMMM Krcsh '"'£ l>ork - st *ak, llaDIS u> I5c< - yho1 - or lialf ' Lb. 10" Swift's Premium. Center Cuts, Lb. 30c. Whole or Half, Lb. Fresh Picnic. Shanklese Pound Swift's Premium. Baked Bone In. Pound 1'uund Chops, Lb. I2c Kousl, Lb. « c Stew, Pound 5c Pride of Illinois, 3-can Limit and Fryers canSc OYSTERS .'i Gins 25° EGGS Frcsh(:oun Xenl2 c APPLES For Pies 1AC No. 2 1-2 Can IV SALMON 3 Cans 25 C BLUEING or AMONIA Bottle SALAD DRESSING ~ Tomatoes staMbri "' 2 Can,3-wn limit each 5c MEAL .24-Lb. Sack 29c BROOMS 5-String Special Each SYRUP Gem 10-U. I'ail 43c Purity Nut Pound lOc PEAS Petit Pois No. 2 Can lOc PICKLES Sour Quart 15c HOMINY No. 2 1-2 Can 2 Cans PEANUT BUTTER M,b.Jar lOc MEGGER'S Fresher, Better COFFEE It's Time You Knew Hnw Little Good Coffee C;m Cost—Say "JeweF Lb.l9c And French Brand Pound 29c BigDeal6for25c P&G 10 bars 27c LIMA BEANS No. 2 Can JAM All Flavors. Can COCOA. Hera %,.c an 23 c Compound Lard Pail 8-U>. Pail 45-Lb. Can - - ar 57, c FLOUR SPINACH Fresh H1C Lb. 12 BEANS Navy Pound Pinto Pound Great Northern Pound f 3? Eating 71C U. 12 ••••• Pure lard 33 C 61 C $3,33 Pail 8-Lb. Pail 50-Lb. Can - GRAPE FRUIT ORANGES FIori 15 C WASHING ro ™»*ar 3° RICE Full Head Lb. Firm Green Heads Ib. 3c EGG PLANT LK. 710 Bunch 1 2 TOMATOES Fresh ire Lb. 13 PARSNIPS Lb. Sugar Pure Cane In Cloth Bags 10lbs.45c

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