The Courier News from ,  on February 25, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Meets W. L. Tomorrow Night; Sh?rkey Financially Interested in Ernie BY WILLIAM .NEA Sen-ke Kporti Kdllor CHICAGO. Feb. 25.—Some sl.te- liBhls on Ernie Schnff. hi when you may be Interested: nine-eyed, tow-hen.le<l, nururd . . . more rugged than skillful . . . u two- fisted lighter . . . who ran lake a pieity eood push - on th-j whtslers and remain vertical . . . determined . . . even stubborn . . . the general impression Ls tlmt here Is a strapping young man. Used to be n gob . . . hboord the U. S.S. Dqiwer . . . wos on the same ship with Jack Slmrkey . . . mid Sharkey was navy champion . . . used to toto water buckets for Jack ... one day Sharkcy invited him to box a little ... and pasted ErnL> unmercifully . . . wonder if Behalf has forgotten that! . . . the future will tell. Alter Ic.iving the navy, Sehnnf decided he would be a boxer . . . his dnd had been in the fleet, too . . . and had been u pal of Phil Sehlos'berg, manager of fighters ... the elder Sclmuf sold Phil did it as n favor for tin oW pal . . . and a few years later sold his rights to Ernie to Johnny 'Buckley, manager of Jack SharXcy . . . for »1Z,W . . . and thought lie WM Maying n dirty trick bu nuctley when he did'it . . . but since Ihen Sclmr lins crowd mor» than len times as much ns IK; sold for , . . and .lack Sharkey lias bought a piece o'. him • . • now SJmrkey totes water buckets for Kmie, when Ernie ERNIE SCIUAV RITZ THEATER Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and Sfa P£ACH O Reno Also News and Comedy Friday, Feb. 26 ONE—1JAY ONf.Y—ONE See As'Well as Hem- Ruth Royal In Person fit the Ritx . Theatre - J. In tlie • lltitinee Performance—2:30 Adm.—15 and 35c . Night Perfomiance—6:45 Adm.—25 and 50c Picture Program — "PEACH- 0-RBNO" with Bert Wheeler and Robert Wooslev. GEMTHEA1BE Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—6:45 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See 'Expensive Women' with Delores Costello _Also News and Comedy Fridty «*] Sihvday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c MX I CM. TnMfr CmttrMmt KJ-X .Also Serial and Cartoon xw . . . wonder tf Scliaaf ;0iildn't like to (jet Ills wcoml Im 0 lie ring some dny now . . . Ernie ins grown n lot since lie took tluit liovlnt' nrouncl rroiu Sliarkcy> , Mncli depended upon his boul with Strlblliig »l Chicago. Feb. as . . . he was meeting tha man who less tliim n. year ago wns Jlglitlnjj for the world's heavyweight, championship . . . niKl who hncl boon picked far and wide lo win it. ILLNESS GIUEO flBJLCT Will Teacl. 6'llwr Youn K Athletes Not To Over- lax Energy Says .Sciiho ItV HOVl) I.CIVIS III' Staff IVrilrr NEW. yoiIK.-Albie uoolh's III- iicss was not In vain. It uuve oth- eriUhletcs nil object li-yion In wjjai ! liappenr, to yoiiniiners scarcely '1 over their Krowinif palivs, whn ! over-tax Ihi'lr nervous eneriiy by I (ruining ftU-year-'rwnul for several j spoi-ts. .1 HlH Ilob Lisslter. th^ Yule •sophomore football .sen.vnlon fioni ; Charlotte. N. C.. Is niie -*lio took his diminutive team-mate's mls- t« lienit. i.iisslier. Hooth'ri n lione-nnshliK; replace- nl lell-liallback. wa.s hailed the last looibnll teii.son ns 11 successor to Dooth. Aclmirers stressed tin- fael that llki; Booth who captained both football and busketball. Lnisller was nLso a star on the court. When (lie cull for basketball candidates went out. Lassiter Grimly .«! Ms Juw and vowed not to yield to the temptation to become (in alhlctfc hero. !!/_• Is snt- Isflcd to be u ona-siwrl man if he can retain his hcnllli. hr. Mnrrtn M. ("Mai") Slovens head lootball coach, realiw.i llw Importiihec of medical supervision ftnd belleiw there win be more emphasis on, tmnllne football injuries and refusing (o penult injured players to • complele next season. Booth's pleurisy, of coiirsi; .was not the direct nysnli of liLs ntli- letlc.s. But doctors bcllercd he was nimble to realsl infeL-llon Iwcnnse his rcElRlmicc had tocn worn to too fine tv jwiiit by almost eight years of constant trnnlnn for one spoil or another. Probably Dooth would liav cracked under the strain long be fore if it had not been for hi tricky inimrier of conserving his strength, rolnslnir and avoiding hard knocks. Stevens brines n doctor's viewpoint to his coaching Job. He realizes Injuries are inevitable In football, but he k btrongly oj)|»sed to patching up Injured players b> baking or freezing their bruises. 01 shielding their fractures \vlth bother In order to win. "Medical supervision, I believe should be looked upon ns n more Important part of football than a\ff lie-fore." he said recently. "You will find the long list of Injuries and frilallties last yenr due lo no little e.xient to laek o( nictllea! siH>ervlslon. r believe n_ A _-it yeai the fnuU will bo reclined to a grent extent." Big Bill joins the Fold 1 1»? to do 2(3 miles In two hours 'r 5". " 1 ?? r - hol<l th<1 Olympics i>t . ... . ^ W011 ' t rvo]1 i,.. 24 Children, Ztlth Annlvfrailrj. PA1.L HIVER, Miuw. tUI')—Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cavnlho, who recently celebrated llic-ir 28lh wedding anniversary, are parents of 24 children. The' couple were nuir- ried when each was 15. Read Courier News want ads. GOING to ST. LOUIS or MEMPHIS? Take the Magnolia Limited Leaves 3:00 P. M. daily for St. Louis Leaves 9:35 P. M. daily for Memphis EXCURSION ROUND-TRIPS 0 •Selling date expires March 16. Rttiira good unlll April 15. MEMPHIS $3.SO* tFour bus« e\try day) CHATTANOOOA 13.80 PADUCAH 1.05 ST. LOUIS .... 9.60 (Three busts every day) EVANSV11JLE ... 12.15 BIRMINGHAM . 12.30 LOW ONE-WAY FARES NEW YORK ... »Z9 40 LOS ANGELES . 36.60 Free Pillow and • Porter Service Wliat other travel service lie- tween Blytheville and St. Louis, and Blytlieville and Memphis matches Dixie-Greyhound's deluxe parlor coach service at such I6\v rates? Comfortable reclining chairs . . . pillows . . . porter scrvicfc . . . ami ice water ... all at no. extra fare. Two other buses every dny for St. Louis . . . four buses every day for Memphis. Dixie-Greyhound's KVERY-DAY-IN-THE- \VEKK TRAVEL BARGAINS save you money. UNION BUS DEPOT 2r.d & Ash sirerts Phone 279 DIXIE GREYHOUND ubi-i- in H'>ftl slundnijj of Join: li!s boss 111 New Or- Aiid once aunhi bif. Dill Terry Is ""Craw's Ku\r Vork CJIuiits. 'jvi _ li-mis in McCiiiiw's request :u,d inr-y proci-udid to lelUo The U-miblr" thai :lnr ,, la ]]y ; ,micts the (;::u.ts' lirsl l,i,«man Nt .|u' reveal tin- terrns of tl.e rontrncl mat 'iVi-ry is ehom stem OliuilV Mar u||| report.'for spring nainiinj at I.os Angles \ Some Hu]»erl:itiu-s • ^ Tin loudest fishier in the world Is Jntk Slini-teoy. Tim strongest fighter In i| u . world Is Max Sclmiellng. Tlie silliest fight, ever singed was betweon .luck Sliarkcy and Mill Scoti two yeais ago nt Miami Kla. 'I'lie pitching showmanship the- world ever has seen was shoivn by Crovcr Clcvclnnd "Ke«p- yoiir shirts-on" All-winder vvhcn hi- sfp]>p?d the Yankees In Hie world series of 1520. Till greatest pitcher of them all was Walter Johnson. Big Carload 'llii-; Mill Li; niilit Kuth's 13th M:II with (lie pnibubly "ill In- unlnrky—for some pitchers, • • • Tillies llimsrlf fnr Kiilc The i-hhiig.-si yiiy in tlie world is .Sir Midrnlm Campbell, who drove lik lllitc-li:i(l 24S miles an hour last year and isn't even satisfied with tlUll The smartest man in the fight | r:ici;el today is Leonard Sacks, who; h:is conducted the Dempsey conic- I bai-k toin.s. Nos. 1A to 9'JB. / Tlie ruiiningesl person in the ! world is Pavo Niirmi. who is train-1 TUP most, bafflrd look over seen »P«n n mail's face Ijy this ol>v-.-vc>i was expressed by Old Will ]1tm,t. f-cy aft/y he lind taken a V f.Mi\n j iiiouml iif UK- n-iidc h.imls- ni Kin/' U'Vinsky. Hank Wilson ahvny.s ,..•„, t .|.,|, n on.: (lisllnclicjii. lun'.v.-iy. lie Is on" of lite few ton piiiycrs His Curd- '. hials fm - \;t ( - fft i „„. ' .'.la Irs. An l.'urtii-r I'l.-a Tin- must ii'iiKlc i-inij s|)ottatli> I ihliil:. v:ni the j-.:.joiid T.inricy-' f)?jnpmy flslil in Cliieaso. wllh <!i<- OUI Maukr i'liplorin;; Oall.ip- lii;: On.- to j.iaiid Mil) a, )„. t onl.' vvliii! him. 'J'liiincy also appeared (n v.-liat v.::s liirj woisl fsiht 1 ever h:iv- Ft-tii, and thai v;as ihe unnihlln- Hcji ul poor old Tumma.s- Ji^tnci'. The mn*L rugged chin \n the llghi racket is tliat affwted by I'anlmu U/fiidiin. fiornc of Hie flashiest unld chew- crs tiia.t (ho wovld ever .saw ^.'re those of Jut): .folii>M>n-~aiti| k any wonder Jeffiics lost wllh il Itcno sun llashini; into hi:; eyes from tliose phoney biter;,? They are tclline; one on Bill Terry. When asked by a ym..., rrjwita- if he was adamant in iii.s demand for more money, nil) re- pl!:d. "of course nut, but I'm not going lo give ii)." tarried i:\lra \Vi-igbl 'Hit- iinest snlditT of anv man in athletics loiiuy was not Gene Tunney, but was Major Frank Cnvaiifiugh. Fonllinin coach, who came out or the World War tot- ini; in various pails of his person about half of the slirapii-] the G'cniiaii.s manufactured between 1914 and 1018. Tlio most nonchaliint hcio in bawbnll 1.5 Pepix-i 1 Atarlin. «-lia railed time for several nilnntcs dnrinit the last world series while he policed up the outfield in Philadelphia where tltc fans had tin-own n lot of papers. The ninn who sols the most mil of what lie.has Is I.efly Gome/ who loses nboiit half his weight *'hile pitching a nine-inning game and lius (o lie nbed and drink milk to «et it hurt:. The Wildes; pitcher \ n tobnil iiE-H ip Ix' I.t-Uy orovi'. vilu since h:is l-coinc Hie deadliest. The i;ieatrst hal] ,,1,,'yer W | !0 ivur lived b hiibn rt'Hh-and you <•;>" Imvo Cap Alison and' those "Hid- feJIons if you ivaiu them.' When Hi.- Newark ball i-liili Inn- Welled Colonel Hrippn-t Hie 0 [|ie,- ulum. n waitR-ss spilfd soup on his back. Won.ier if u,,. scon-See..]!- •jj« Jim U down a.s iw, hoi c 0 i iai ,. Texas Preachers' Kids ' Form College Society Jim Jiffli,..s rin-r Iniulj Jalrly. Well. l|, : ,r s Jark Drill psry R ,,l \,K s l:ul, ,rrrrrelii£ WANTRD- c;'.fnn raqs. fre biitioi;.s. Courier NVv.-.s. wouru, Tex. IUD_P K. en the campus of Texas ChrU' Kith ,. Unlmslty " K ' n " s "''father's Students whoso lalhcra are ,„(„ | istsrs have- organized a social tri" 1 (c-ijiiiy of iheir awn. ajict \.'^' a iuloii'.tcl the name I'rcachcrs Kids I Tlie Miiglp purpose O f (ha nr»ani Cation Is to devoloj) tho vrHTliti- of students. •Nat Wells of Dallas Ls president of l>. K., Dan a-ilkUd of Abillw Is -vice presklein. MJS.S Ann«ii 1 hares of Dallas is secretary .[ n ,| Mi« Mary Lanka ScolL of Keir vil.'-• is tveabtircr. Coiirkr News Want, Ads Pay. 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