The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 5
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•'THURSDAY, f'KBRllAUY 25, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cenu - > word lor first Insertion and one cent a word 'or tact tubeequent insertion N'o advertisement taken for leu (tun We. count the words ind the culi. Phone 306 FOR SALE SALE, RENT OR TRADE- SIX room house, comer lOlii and lleara. K. V. Hill. IDI'-K^O 1'Oit SALE—Baby ducts, all varieties, Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, UlyUievllle 18ctf REDS, BAKHED liocks, Orpingtons. Leghorns, 100—50.50; hcnvy asserted, $5.50, prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, JcJIerson City, Mo. 13-20-27 FOB SALE: Office furniture. See Dalnia Graveltc. 20i>k28 FOR SALE—Forclson Iraclor, cotton trailer, Nasli coupe. Call 46. 23P-K2Q FOR SALE—Good bright whlp-o- will liens for planting. 51.35 per , bushel, Postpaid. J. J. Kent, Ncw- */ ImrB, Ark. 25P-K20 1'OR RENT FOR, RENT—«05 Chickasawba St., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply at h c New York Store. ISC-Ktt FOB RENT— 4-room apartment, nicely furnished and garage. Will be vacant March 1st. 1031. West Ash street. Call L. L. Ward, CM mid 968. IScktf FOR RENT—Six room house. 11U Cherry, $15.00. Two weeks tree rent to desirable renters. Phone 614. 25P-K27 FOR PENT--Moilern 4-room licuso. Garden, garage, close in. 307 North Broadway. Call 1512-F-4. 2SP-K29 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, private bath. 207 North Fifth. Call 84G-W after 5 P. M. 25C-K29 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 305 Dbugan. 20ck21 WANTKD WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 100 First. Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Self \VANTED-Boy with wheel for delivery work, about two hours each day. Apply Doughnut Shop, Bader Bldg. WANTED—IJdies and young men to demonstrate for nationally N known company. For particulars address Jen-el Tea. Co., P. O. Box 092. Give phone nuinter. 24pk27 NOTICE Earl E. Pnrker, formerly of the Broadway Barber shop, and R. S. Provost, formerly of the Retl Ball shop, will open their new shop Friday, Feb. 20. Grand leader Bldg. Xorlh 2nd Street 1 WERT He Makes 'Em See (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) We Can S.iv c i'ou Money On PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO I' AIM'S 2020 W. .Itain I'honc C6 Counter or Table Service JISIMIK O'BRIEN'S CAI-'K Delicious K. C. T-Hone Steuks Mate Lunch, all you can cat - - 35c BLACK CAT COFFKE SHOI'l'K SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson 391-303 E. Main G. G. CAUDIM, Rents. Buys and Sells ifcmics and Farms Writes Ins'.irance I'tionc 7S7 Farmers Kink Bldg. SIcot -Mo At the I New Rustic Iiui ! Coffee, Hot Pigs | . and Chili HKIllACTlVE KUROKS cicnliiically corrected vvitl glares. Have Your Eyes Examined HAUUY WEISnURD Stale Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hiail'. TODAV Rrnntiiiii i:i.u:x IICISSITKH. > •nlKtlrl In Ilirrt:,,', l) P , n rlmrnC ilorr, VH.rk, nlghl. n> a d:i.,c Kill ho.lf,,. si, r H,.,.. ,, J|h h ""',>'"• «"I.I;V. l,rr .Idcr .!.!„, Jill"'*' "" a ""' >•""'>•' •"«<*". She l> In loir i\IIh I.Mtlll IIAHIIUWtiAfl-:, nn nrlUt. l.n" rr l» r n i; n k - r d la l.'l.l/AIICi 11 i)<>\vi:s, • drbuiumr. STi:vi:x Jl.tlK.-l.AY, 57 nnil Her rnililnjrr, Icurj. i:ik-n. Mjm ncd JlotJ/ i>|icnfr fmur Unci-ln * l.lli-n <|L[:irrrli ullb <lil» [>tir1l:ill1>. lhv:i *l|i tit ih - > llarrlitr hront felt ilry nnd Lcr hands Iw ,;an to slidkg. Slio started slowly on-itril (he i;rouii, recognized Jenny Klklns, nnil ?a\v that Jenny In miirr, \\lllluul i:ilrn'« nimi-ctr .Mully lnvllf» I he ulil- «r mnn Id Ulniu-r. ljurr'cmlrii; mrnry Cor ilio K\h» l> nnt;rjr tm,l u »|MI CUTIhrr dU- I'ltiKrri wtifii Itarrtnv i;lvri Mike • mut-ii drslrn] lilcjrlr. TJuit ntnhl Llim-liij- ntUri r.llfn I" liinrrj him auj «l,r rotu»f», I'ridc «IU nul ycriiill lu>r In Icll Mm KUi- Invri l.nrfj. iMIsrll Ihtn- IX .In- Irnvcn lliifi-laj uJlU Ilic li«Hir i,r liliiiilny lirr. AOW UO OX XVIT.M Till: STUIlt CI1APTKU XX D kYH passed. IJiflicult days tor Kllen. Days when tier efforts to meet insurance [myniems. milt; bills nnil unlcher ullla bcemcil hardly worlli iho cftorl. Days when she needed sleep anil resl and leisure and felt thnt the tlen of llie double Job. EO vitally necessary for tlie present, was too much to bear. Slio had nol brolicm wllh Blcvcn. She coultl not. Sho saw Him In tlio sluri! ami occasionally outside --usually :it luncheon, lie (lid not r-poal; again of marriage tiul In a thousand ways lie nnconselously rcrcalcil lo her v.-hal wna In his hcarl. There were times those liur- ricd, liurrieil days; when she for got her problems, delicious, tlirlll- 1ns lime-:; made ot Iho sluft ot dreams. Those were the hours she spent with Larry. In vain Molly had protested, had wept, hail become angry, ellen persisted in her delcnniiialloii to sec biiu when she cliosc. ODD Monday evening the quarrel between her aud Molly hud come to an ugly climax. Larry liad arrived at Ihe'anarl- mont. unannounced, and Molly liad asked hint lo leave. Aller- ward there had been a spirited Bcene between mother and dauyl. ter re6ullins in a victory of sorts for Ellcu. At any rate Molly had slopped her visible campaign against Larry. What was lu her mind Hie girl did not know. On. Tuesday morning Ellen wont to Hie basement lockcra a Barclay's to liaim up her hat am coat. Absorbed in lier usii.i. morning weariness, she was slow to notice the group ot saleswomen clustered about tlie mirror head ing llie row of lockers. As sho re moved her hat she hoard her nami spoken. Ellen stared at the wills jicrins group and saw that Mrs. steadily. tttondy was i£ its coaler. s-ns watching hor progress wllh a fascinated fe:ir. None ot Ihc others perceived Hie white-fared, mnry e'rl until she was upon .hem. "1'crliups you'll let me sli.iro ho story," Kllen said aoflly, "li iceins only fair since you're dls- rne." (Jonsloruallnn smote Iho Rronp. No ono moved or spoke. Jenny's compact claLU'rcd from her hand. Sho dared not stoop. Tho others ware embarrassed, a s h a m o d. frlslilcncd. Mra. Homly saw her power fli|>])tiij;. Sliu mado nn ol- forl to regain II. --.—_ you tell ns. dearlo," she remarked. "We'd all love to know tl's Ill.-o being un old man's darling." Knr a moment llio Issuo luiue lu tlio balance. Then one girl luiiglied In nervous hysteria. The others cniiKht her up. A ivavo of crnel laughter beat at El Ion's cars and drove Iho Marine color from her face-. Sho saw thai hor cause was Inst. An almost overpowering tinpulr.o to announce thai she was engaged to Steven swept over her. It would bo a way to stop that laiigliicr and wipo Hie complacent smile from Mrs. lloinly's face. Kllcn hcsllaled, made her decision and cavo llio i;lsellng group a proud, scornful glance as she moved off without another word Her tlmiiiihl:! were spinning round and round. Her heart rcclhei: with rage and hnnilUailou. « • * CHE took the elevator lo Steven's '•' oflico. She waited until the thiimpiiic ot her heart snbsldei before Bho knocked. Steven him self ojicncd Iho iloor. Ills look o surprise faded Into-delighted ivel come. Then he saw Hint she wna unstrung and wretched sml ho came close to her, drawing her Inside. 'Whal Is II?" he asked, concerned and pcroaiplory. Kllen began lo (remule. Exhausted trom the torco ot ongci and humiliation, close to tears a! 3'.ic lieard tlie anxiety iu lilo voice slie felt a sublle. almost over powering weakness. Unconscious IT slie tightened her grip on h(L hands and as she leaned fonvar< her troubled face came close to Hull," ho Interrupted EOntly. "Sit dovsi, my dear." Hliu F;>I down. All her cnrotnl phrutr:! failed hnr. Shu thought &hn would die before his loo);, "(lo on." bo said more urgently. Ills brown oyen wcro upon her face. "llceauso EomelhlnK — somu- llilnt; a llillo unpleasant has hap- neiied," slio faltered desperately, "I would like to know if I may bu transferred from cretonne* to nil- other ilerurlnipiil." "I've tictm thinking of tbnt my- polf," ho Bald m once, thrusting far Into llio backuronnd his own effect. Barclay's heart beat hlgl willi sudden, Illogical hope. Quite simply lie drew her Into his arms. At once Ellcn'was herself agalu. "Xo, HO," she wliiiipercd. Hope left Ills faco an,1 patu cnme there. Ills arms dropped. Nho knew what sho hud lono nnd fumbli-d wretchedly for • way to ineiiil tho pain eho had iilllclcd. Hut ihero was no way | 10 nd Iho very sllunro sorred in iclshloii her momory nud his nemory ot tliat lost Inslnnl. qualified lo bo a buyer or bo- ailSO—yuu (I);,.,! ,„„;.. was afraid you'd nsk thut." v.iwinlod wllli , nn.( u |, C011 . f««!,t lituuh. -I'll 1,-y ,„ ,,„ . (|,| n |! H wna a nihtuni ot UK- two. Von'ro Inlelllgcnt mid .,,„„-_„ . ,..,,, ,, " '""• iuii iu inteiiii-rnt uni 1'leM <)on t think I'm nlwnyx you Iiavo laslo und Hint ninlliiL-i c-mn in- tn vr,n ,..,..,t.i~ p, „*.„ .,-„ . , . lu 'lii'U'lll-.l >ou. As for Iho real I did Hii|;Kesl - - J'ou Ill-cans* 1 Ilko you—allhuiD-li ton know, I'd never Ihluk that's a palo nay of pulllni; It." thoiiglil.i, own hopes. . with ri'llef Hint lio wa Kllen busi ness-liko on-o more, composed anil competent. "Voii're lust thMc," he wenl on. "I've been thinking -of miollior Job for you." • ' "What Bort of a'johT" "I had already prepared n memorandum for you. Vou'ro so prickly v.lth prMa thai 1 want you to know I haven't created the Job on tho stmr ot the moment." • * • J.TE drew three typed sheets ot A paper clipped together from n drawer nnd slid thi>in across the dock. Kllen read thorn, wonder- Injr. Tlie llrst was from Loreuo Klcott, the buyer of misses' dresses. Slio needed an assistant buyer and asked foi- ;i suggestion. The second, from Slcvcu lo her, ru- clled Kllon's nnnlKlcalloi.a nnd asked for tho buyer's approval. Across the bottom ot Iho cued Lorcuc had scrawled "0. K.—let me ECC hc-r." Tlie third contained a brief request thai Ellen call iii Sloven's ol.'ice. "Thcso buyers avo emperori and cinnrcfscsln lliclrown lields, 1 Sloven explained as Kllen looked up at him. "Mlsa lilcoli telephoned me atjoul IB minutes age asking you lo coma ECO her sonic time tills morning." Ellen glanced agnln -it Die slip: in her hai-d. A taint color roso 1' her face. It was tho dream ol nai l entrapped tho girl was hro- evD 7 s *>™sM to become a buyer, kou . Thougli ho removed the re- Tim gesture had Us Immediate LveTlu' t ^rhMr^l iJ'Tu " lver ™* AM " Ot nU31Ver 1!ilVClay fen n/ii-Mnv'. i, n ..,t i,.,. ..i.i. "" C " '" a Worl11 ararl from orilt ' saw Ihnt Ullen was rnllnvnil. saw nary employees. They camo and . Ho moved backward and away from her. a step . "What is ilT" ho reseated un- For a moment Ellen did not rc- PAGE CHURCH EXCUSES ,-jlly Orurjt- \v. ll.irham — .' liiis Jjri'n n lol <][ t.illc by both church nxmbei.s and imn- inoiiilx-vii about chinch niu-nd.inci-. or nitlu-r liit-k of aKriictniici. 1 . 80, 1 havt- lluiughl out a Road gilun fur liu-ivashu; Inlen-st in all chiiivli work, ami It If my inicnlKin to wurk Ibis plan out hi a iiioro ilellnllc shape uclore inv.v.-iitlhg n (o ,,,y own ii.iitur. 1 may mil own [iu-- IliiEhcd furloiiHly. "Vmi'ro in iiiKlcrelRitd tncro nn' iin strliiijs to iho Job," hu ro- niiirlii-!! ,:uil,l,,iily. iliiKhiii,; („ turn. "Dili _\-i>n J 0 muliM'slnnd Him, dou'l yon? 11 1! h'lisod lo tell her, ho wantcii lii'r In know, ihnl sho held u I'!-"'" In hU llfu apart fvoni tiny HT liiiiuiiu bring. Ho wnnli-d ' lo know thai II was inn a |ir«sil.r. workaday Joli thai ho du- blind In lay In hor lap lint cvn-y- Ilihu: beautiful and lorely lu lha wcnlii. Jrtvelu she slirnild ]mve— !evul :i and f 1!ra U]ll | olollifs. tin iiii-d in wrap her hi iho gur- iii of his lovo and lay llio world at bur fcol. llui ho lacked Ihu "•Is to nay llioso Ililnjja. Klh-n Biispected dimly what It mutt hnvo cost him to say so lit- lle. How cna y n mi slinplo ho hud undo her pain and with what in- llnile Braclmisnens ho hud diino EO! fu her i;rallludo nud relief eho was saying Just lucii Iho wonlii lhat ho longed (o hear. "I know you woiildn'l lio slringi to anything you offered." H!IC suld at last tremulously, feeling lor tho Kca'utl time a r,ubllo. Iroar-lie-rou* ueaknc.-:-! runnhig Ihroucti hur liinly. "I conlil never think tbat. ! know you're tho kindest man 1'vi' ever met." '."lio kindest man uho had ever ni'.i! Htcvrn would Iiavo piv- [erred soniclhln^ elr.o, perhaps, lint shn had i:ftiil that. 111? dark eye:; 11i;h(«|. lie leaned across the ch-sk lhat separated lliem. "Then you won't bo afraid ot mo any move, Ellen?" "N'o." "You won't suspccl my mnllvca again';" ".N'o." slio iniirniurcil. How nralcful Bbo wa:i Jnal thonl How- much Khe adnilreil and ro- •wnl U to my own uaslor, as I have not been fining lo rlutreli for Iho piust few years, So, I imiy decide it Is bcsi. to pri-sent. It lo sonm oilior ehiirch or preacher, and Icl him Uy ii out. ycl, if It bs us uoca »s I Ihink U Is, It looks like a sliuine to h'l i:ime ninrch which 1 am nut. In ready lo trlve Hits-plan publicity S'«l, but I do not intnd to iay that it Is l»tt«rned alter Mr. Hoorer's Wet about hoarding. After lelllnj you this much shout my plan you can wsJly KS thai It to a good Idea If Jt'cih.b» viorked out. H would, no dwW, gel a giu»t many church members back In chinch circulation. I can «c no retuon why Mr. Hoover or sonic one In authority docs jiol npiwlnt a good llvo comiulsslon-to Ultc my plan i mid put It In \yorklng shape, i incelcd In B'-'l siicli un jitii'Biiiaec «-culii even L-e willing"lo"ic'i'Tlicin over my own church. 1 urn nol|tako credit for It. 01JKUOAKIHNG HOUSE By Aherr< Steven's hands. Victory was In An ho reached out . lo gnifin II tho lelujilmne on Iho desk rang alialtcrlngly. Tho moment waa gone und the. opell that saw that Ellen was relieved, saw lhat tho telephone, hml robbed him •, , , .. — LJUH. LIIU lyiuiiiiuiiu nnu rnituctl lulll wont almost at will. Tlio girl toll o£ „„ lr |, imn h. llo was loo whio an unexfccteil tl,r!« St tlio Idea of to attempt lo recapture a mood becoming included [s nncli a nelcct ,| iat lla ,| mssei \ group, a thrill lhat was colored b> Ihc Ilioiight of leaping over Iho heads of her follows and escaping tho reach ot Uieir cruel longucs. "Don't think I'm Impertinent, she salil with youthful awkwardness, "hut did you suggest mo for tbia job because you UioiiKlit J CLVDU- —PATE ., \MlfU ME/HOW SAP IT IS THAT, AV THE MOMI;N'I; i no MOT HAVE: A urn!? KEST EGG LAIP AWAY——--THE UGGE TO ' TRAVEL AND EXPLORE, FOR "•[= BENEPrr OF SCIENCE, IS 1 . UPON ME/ FUNNY VOU 1-VWE URGE TO DO ANYTHING IF VOU PID HAVE A NEST EGG, AIL YOU'D HATCH WOULD BS A LOT OF TROUBLE-—BUT SOMETHING- TELLS ME YOU ARE GONNA TRAVEL—~ YOUR. GOOD WIFE WANTS YOU TO GO TO THE" STOP.E / i BOOTS AiND HER BUDDIES OH, OH! ByMartii WANTED—To employ man bc- hvcen 27 and 35 ycnrs of age, married, al least high school 8d- ucation. Permanent position in Blylheville with gunranlccd income. Application in own writing to Courier News, Box 2. 22ck21 patrol in the Chcniln <!cs Dames j lain exceptions were maae iio'.v- scrtor of the pester,, front pen- j CVDr , an( , Auic(i (ljplomals „'.,,_, ,„ LOST AN!) FOUND LOST—Pair of eye glasses. Reward if returned to Mrs. Fd Hardin, Langu school. 25P-K:>a Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T :. Anaconda Copper Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service 127 0 :i-8 ai 1-2 11 3-8 12 3-8 G 1-1 Coca Cola 113 1-2 5 3-4 Continental Baking General Electric General Motnys Midwestern utilities ... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Haciio Corp Simmons Standard ot N. J -,. . Tcxat Corp II 1-2 ! : ' U. S. Steel 48 i 20 1-2 21 3-3 •! 1-8 9 30 1-8 4 0 l-l 8 23 etrated the Ocrtnan lines for u considerable distance, attaining; all its objectives and inflicting heavy losses. German trooj's, still advancing in Riissia, tcoh Reval. They encountered 1:0 resistance frotn thr? exhaiiElcd and mutinous Russia'! forces. In the Ukraine, however, !n- lensc fighting occurred betw?e:i German and Ukrainian Iroop?. with tlie Gcrnians winning after suifcring heavy losses. Chanccilcr von Meriting, in intention to the move. A National Labor Conference "You'd heller ECO Mlas Elcolt Immediately," ho r.-iid in n matter of fact way. "I'll do thai. And lha:ilc you ag.iln." As llio girl slipped out of thq office Bhe—wondcrctl. <To IKi C'outteunl)' ' Beard was formed al Washington lo lay dov.n a basis ol rcl.nlor.5 -.vilh capital for Ihe dnralinn an , address- before (lie Hciclistai; Ilia'.- Germany was willing to end the war on the principal basi-3 of Prcfldcnt Wilson's 14 points. Ccr- More For the jf LUHBES Building Dollar 2L Qiiiilily, Service, Safety, Beauty tinil Low Cosl. in Asplmll Honfinj;, oithcr in Rolls' or Sliintflcs. SUtto Stirfitce or Sniuolli, E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FRECKLES A.\I) HIS KRFENDS j |y ORSOM , [ ALIAS ! MEi-LIUSEB, j Tue Ticker AGEUT AT New York Cotton NEW YOIiK, Feb. 25. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. Open High LO-A- Close 605 693 693 607 717 117 711 7H 732 732 726 729 751 752 747 750 767 768 7G4 767 774 775 771 774 Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Spots closet! dcady at 715, up 10. >£ New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 25. tUP)- cotton closed steady. Oj>?n High Lr,v Close Mar. ... May ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. ... BUT VJHeM A PAQTy WEST PAY, UEAOItJ' FOR CAUFORlJIA, 1 joweo -IUZM, AS THEV MAD AU EXTRA Hoase 1 .... LATES i V;SIOT 70 SASl FPAMCISCO AWD OpSVJED Up A LlTTte SToRg..,.)JOTHWS PaETENTIOUS..., JUST A UOL£ |>J TV45 WAUL - AN KAVKSDliOI'I'KR! 1 \J'ELL,I PROSPSB6D hJ TrIAT U1TTI-6 ~Jf >{x) PIO THAI . : UMTlL I HAOTDCEr A 8ISCER PL*ce....ALL I SOLD SOU\JEW29 OFHSKlTAL STU^F TWAT ToORISTS ' J CLRMOESD FOR ....VASES, I COKS AST ALL, THAT Soaj Or 600OS. IT'S TROS I'w Woa.,BUT....vwei.L, 60 OfJ vJiTX «.y .... 1H TVto YEARS t HAD DOUBLED TVS tfOsie/..TH6iJ I HIT foa. ~W£ MDOLg MiSST ' D JUST CVJTSloe It.KS. epFlSLpS Wl^9 FIGURE IS HSABIH6 .o WAI-IS sfb FOR MOOD TO FllJD (.-.y OLD , REsioae HIS TO MW, VITM A [»I-LARS TACKED TO IT; KO. A CLSA>J OF HIS ASSOCIATE. cf- •>1£AES AGO, wry THI-: IXKJSE STONB: RIP , HER& — MIGHT BE FULL , TUBB5Y. (VDEW) 7HIV5 M6 >N ' VwfVS THE STUF^, SPORT. LOOK FOR "!HC LOOot GTONE 1 STAN'i (|U^P.D. B<IT FOR GOSH •SAKCS, KEEP VCKJR. EVE ON niivr note, t Si»ts closed steady at. 691. tin 6 WORLD WAR ANNIVERSAR r. s. moors IN ACTION 1018, an American On Feb.

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