The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1952
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULT 28, I95J LTflHPTTLU '(XKK.7 WW1 Sparkman Faithful to New Deal, Fair Deal Except on Civil Rights NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA)— John J. Sparkman campaign has a skeleton in his closet. He's the Demo- eratlc nominee (or vice president, but once upon an election he came out for the man v,'ho Is no*' head- Ing up the Republican ticket. It happened in 1948, when, for the first time, the civil rights issue threatened ,to upset Democratic equilibrium. Before the '48 convention, Senator Sparkman came out (or Dwight Eisenhower for the Democratic presidential nomination. Afterwards, when Harry Truman had been formally nominated, Sparkman Joined the Dixiecrat movement and supported the States' Right* candidacy of J. Strom Thurmond. Except for the question of civil rights—and allied issues, such a^ the filibuster - problem—Sparkman has diligently and faithfully walked the New Deal, Fair Deal road in both the House and Senate. But. that. H« makes no enemit* over K. And that's fairly typical of John Jackson Sparkman in action, He has many friends, few enemies. He's a big, genial, popular man, given to the gay social life. He has a youngish, niddy-cheek- ed face—someone once called him "the. only cherub in the Senate"— topped by curly, graying hair. Some of his colleagues feel he'll "grow up Into another Alben Barkley." Sparkman looks far younger than his 52 years. .* * * Tbe Junior senator from Alabama is a vice-presidential candidate of the old, traditional school. He was 3 poor boy—the ton o£ a tenant farmer—who got where he is by dint of hard work and a winning personality. He's a self-made vice- pre.sidential candidate, Sparkman boiled his way through college. He borrowed money on a cotton crop he raised during the • Summer after he graduated from' as a native Alabaman, he has brok- i hi°h school. That financed his f.n with President Truman over civil! frfsVi! rights and make? no bones about February, was in the hall regularly "I'm just as dismayed as a n y- body," Mrs. Kefanver told a reporter dnring last night's dramatic balloting Mrs. Aver Harrhnan could be .man year at the University of Alabama, and he worked his way through the other three years. He He tv however, not as vehement j was a Phi Beta Kappa student. as most Southern legislators. He He graduated right into World simply sayc he doee nor favor a fed- War I, and, after hi. 1 ? discharge, eral law compelling fair employ- j tried lo get into newspaper worx. menl practices, and lets it go at i When he couldn't finri a job, hr Mrs. Harry Truman Happiest Of All Women at Convention CHICAGO f.<P) — Mrs. Harry S Truman undoubtedly is the happi- i eat of all women who played leading roles in the tense political drama here. Relaxed and smiling, she accom-i panied President Truman in a 'hail I and farewell" appearance before j the 1952 Democratic National Con-! vent ion. j She has Known the pride of a i wife whose husband has been nom- ; inatnd in such conventions and! elected, first to the vice presi- \ dency, then to the highest office I in the land. She didn't want her husband to carry on any longer the heavy burdens of the presidency. But she understands well the, fear, the apprhension of women- j folk in the families of men who are aspiring to the top places on the Democratic ticket. Custom ..has it that Candidates! should not be In the convention! hall during the votine. But their! womenfolk can be there, not only as spectators, but as reminders to delegates — and they must be! smiling and confident-looking. j Sn tired she could hardly stand, i N".ncy Kef silver, who had cam- j paigned beside her husband since [ went to law school instead, He practiced law in Huntsville, Ala., until he was elected to tht House of Representatives in 1936, Approximately, his first speech In the House was in support of a Unto aid tenant farmers. After five successive terms, he ran for the Senate, to fill out the unexpired term of the late Sen. John H. Eankhead, of the Tallulah Bankhead clan. He was re-elected aga'n in 1948. His Con?rrssional record has been studded with important issues. In the House, be had much to do with 1 pushing through legislation having j to do with the Tennessee Valley Authority. He was one of the first to urge President Roospvelt to seek a fourth j term. During his la?t term in the j House he was Majority Whip. j I In the Senate, he authored a vl-j i tal bill on housing. Although he i j first voted for the Taft-Hartley law. j he later turned around and vn'ed i to sustain President Truman's veto i of that measure. j I Northerners. a= well as his bou'h- ! I ern colleagues, respect hi* ability j ! lo make and keep friends, to see both sides of a question, to keep calm in times of crisis. They 'igm-e those qualifies are prerequisites for i a vice president. FAOB TR1B1 PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas ana by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a Majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is nereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State or Arkansas, i'na. fi\ r.iKu narnman COUln DC ...*_-..... ! seen in the Harriman box But| ailc upon ^'"S submitted to the 'with her eyes weakened by a seri-1 elector£ ° f the st £ te for approval ous operation, the colorful spectacle, "" ""'""*' "' "~~ ' was to her a blur of delegates, blinding lights, noise. Yet. she smil- or rejection fit the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an elec- In the- Stevenson box during "°"~ ^ *'"* » m ™timent, the near* every session „. Oov Ad? ^ H ^» n ~ Vate' °/ £ eri. lai Stevenson's sister, Mrs. Ernest tves, excited and proud. With her, and just, as interested, as the governor's 72-year-old aunt, Miss Le- tltia Stevenson of St. Louis, daughter of the Adlai Stevenson who was vice, president of the Cleveland administration. • Probably the calmest of all v 3 s Mrs. Robert. Kerr. The Oklahoma senator's tall, slim blonde wife is also has a quick sense of humor- valuable in hours of frayed tempers- Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia 'is a bachelor. But here and cheer- Ins him on was 'big sister" — she is about five feet tall — Mrs. J. K. Stacy of ' Washington. D. C. kansas, to-wit: Amendment No, 18 to the Constitution n( the State of Arkar.r£5. adopted by the electors ol this State at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November. 1928, Is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories. by nature, calm and poised. She industries and transportation facili- are necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of its inhabitants, an annual taj of not exceeding one per cent of the assessed. valuation of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof mny be levieo. by cities of the first and see- COOL CLIMBER—High above the earth near El Segundo. Calif,, a Douglas Skyrocket reaches diz- 2ying heights in a hitherto unpublished photo. Test pilot Bill Bridgeman, 35, confirms reports that he has flown the new N'avy ship 123S mph at an altitude of ^9,-50-i feat. Since its potential high speeds ivnuld melt the plane, it carries a refrigeration unit capable of cooling a large auditorium. ond class for the purpose of pro- vioing funds to be u^ecl tor the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and lor the construction of such sites of buildings and other facilities, lor lease or sale, foi the Aloresaici purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing Interest at not more than tour pel cent per annum issued for such purposes. SECTION 2, When petitioned b> not. less than ten per cent of the qualified electors residing therein the City Council or other governing body of any such city shall call for an election to be held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualifted electors vote in the proposition. SECTION' 3. The General Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to effectuate the purposes hereof, APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Secretary of State C. G. HALL If eye-level ivere 1 ft feet high, the coean's horizon would be more than 4 miles distant. To The Voters Of Mississippi County I have sought earnestly to see each of you and ask for your vote in behalf of my candidacy for County Judge of Mississippi County. I have gone into the homes, the fields, the business places and upon the roads and streets seeking you out, [f I have missed you, please know that I have not intentionally passed you by because I have tried to see personally the people of my county. My background is well known to the citizens of my county. I believe you realize that i will'devote my entire time, energy and ability to this office. the duties of the office of County Judge will be discharged without favor but with the best interests of the County always in mind. I firmly believe that the citizens want — and the job of County Judge demands — first, a good, able and conscientious administrator. I hope that my record — known to the people of every section of this county — merits your vote. I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote and assure you that your confidence will not be misused but that I will assume the responsibilities of County Judge full aware, that it i? your office to give and that the office so given will make me your Trustee for fair and efficient government. CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY JUDGE OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY HOYT1L HELP ARKANSAS HENRY K. HOYT Endorsed and Supported by: Big Lake Boosters Club of Manila Better Government League of Lcachvillc STATE Term and a Half Deal The Senator Running for Re- Election is using a Political Trick of saying he was elected two years ago for four yeaift, The 23rd Amendment of th» CONSTITUTION of Arkansas provides for Re-Apportionment of Senatorial Districts in change of population following each Federal Census. This Re-Apportionment has heen done foltow- ing the 1950 Census. The Senator by our Constitution MUST be elected af THIS next Genera) Election. This 23rd Constitutional Amendment was passed at th« general election of 1936. It was passed to protect Mississippi County and other East Arkansas Counties which are rich, productive, and heavily populated. Let's live by our Constitutional protection and not rt« swayed by political crying for s>mpath/. ATOR ualifications VETERAN Enlisted in U.S. Navy in 1940. Discharged Lt. Commander in 1946. Received 4 Battle Stars and Ship Unit Citation. Only Veteran And American Legion Member in race. CHURCH Executive Committeeman nf St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in BlytheviDe. Executive Councilman of Episcopal Church of Arkansas. LAWYER Gradnettd fr« mVanderbiH UnW rersity Law School. Lleemed Tenn., Arkansas Federal Courts. Arkansas Bar Assn. Businessman, Accountant and Taxpaytz, FARMER Progressive Misaiesippt County Farmer. Associated with B.C. Land Co., Leaehville, Ark. My Personal Reasons for Being in This Race As Vice-President of the Leaehville Chamber of Commerce, ! hart a sincere ond active interest in our Chamber of Commerce and reafive it i» the only hope of our town. The Senator running for re-election IS NOT o member and IS NOT a supporter. YES, I HAVE MY PERSONAL REA- My Statement: I intend to give Mississippi County a representation to which they nrs entitled and which they have not ever had before, I have met more people in our county during this compaign than any candidate has ever bs- fore, and I intend to do what they wont and to keep them informed at all times of what is going on in tho Legislature—that will b« a very novel enlightenment. Thank you sincerely for your vote. FsKtttil AiJverHstnt TM for bj FhlUp J. Deer Your Vote Appreciated HOYT'll HELP ARKANSAS palj (or ij Henry K. lloyl

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