The Airship Log from Belleville, Illinois on May 4, 1923 · 2
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The Airship Log from Belleville, Illinois · 2

Belleville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1923
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1 ' 9 i f 5 - THE AIRSHIP LOG FRIPAt. MAY 4, 1923 ! I WASHINGTON V V THEATRE A N VAUDEVILLE AM) PICTURES Admission 10 25c lOo, 2 Slums 0:20 & 8:15 FRIDAY SATlRDW WHATS YOUR DAUGHTER DOING? Jesse I,. Lusk), Presents GI.OIIIA SWANSON AX1) THEODORE ROBERTS PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS PARENTS! Arent you aghast at the reckless pace our daughters are setting? DAUGHTERS! Do you think your parents are hopelessly 'old-fhshioned? ' 3-New High-Class V audeville A cts-3 The Airship Log MEYER & FARRELL, Pub. 110 WEST A STREET (Opposite Postoffice) HKLLKYI LLK. ILLINOIS KIXMKTI TKI.KPHOXK 124 "The Almhlp I Mg" la a private en-teipilse and in published and fid' anced entirely by Meyer & Farrell, Publishers, Belleville, 111. The Airship Los is not a governmental function and the Commanding Officer, Scott Field, 111., assumes no responsibility nor any obligation with the publication, printing or circulation of this newspaper. ' FRIDAY, MAY 4th, 1923 rArA VICTROLAS AND RECORDS CHURCH NOTES Sl'M) Y MVTINKK AM) NIGHT Special Sunday Matinee -Admission 10c 25c 10c WHERE PASSION RULES ADOLPH ZPKOK Presents Dorothy Dalton in DARK SECRETS llree) Amerienn Loe and ilot Oriental Passions (lashing in a Romance of Fascinating Apenl . 5h,gh Class Vaudeville Acts-5 MOMMY, TUKSDW AM) WEDNESDAY - HKIt FIRST AMERICAN MARK PICTURE Ton Haven't Seen PblsA W EGRI Till Youve Seen BELLA DOItfltf A Supported by CONWAY IK VRLK, ('t)NRAI) NAGKLand LOIS WILSON A DRAM OF FASHION AND PASSION OTHKR BIG SPKC1ALS COM IN (j TOWN THAT FORGOT GOD" RACING II KARTS" N KRK-DO-WKLL," featuring THOMAS MKIGHAN HXtemOiCtXitXtXtClCiCtCtXtXtCtl rA t r i k9o0c9ottoo0oAoAoo9o9o9o9 The Modern Bank i Christ Kvungclical Church Cor. lltli and A" Streets Belleville, HI. It is with great pleasure that Christ Evangelical Church availg Itself of the opportunity to send greetings to the officers and men of Scott Flfeld and to the many readers of this most mat IN VK OLDKN DUS A RNK WAS A MKRK STRONG-BOX FOR TOUR SPARK MONKY. PROGRESS HAS KVOLVKD AN INSTITUTION aJ5'wP,IMwILY )N SERVICE IN ALL THINGS FINANCIAL. THK ST. CLAIR N ITIONAL IS SUCH AN INSTITUTION. MY WK SKRVK YOU. St. Clair National Bank interesting military information paper Christ Church is located on the corner of North 14th &" A streets, and the pastor' and members are always glad to greets visitors and strangers. We have one of the largest Sunday Schools in the city and our adults' class Is under the able leadership of Mr. A, Koch, who joins me in a most hearty invitation to all to come to see and hear. The class meets at 9 A. M la the church auditorium All other classes meet from 9. to 10 A M. in our Sunday School building Our services begin at 10 A M. We have English services every second, fourth and fifth Sunday in the month. Ouri.huYHh43 a brotherhood" or ganization tnSMwreSTs 5heeilmoi Watch this pagpr for further announcements of brotherhood activt TIILS BEAUTIFUL TONE CONSOLE .MODEL VICTROLA. OTHER MODELS $25.00 TO $350 TERMS TO SLIT YOUR VENIENCE CON- Rhein Piano Co. There Should Je Music in Every House aaaaoiciciqoiaoio THREE FULL FLOORS OF PIANOS, PLAYElt-PIANOS, GRAND PIANOS, VICTROLAS, BRUNS-WICKS AND A COMPLETE AND WELL SELECTED LIBRARY OF VICTROLA JIND BRUNSWICK RECORDS . A WORD WHEN PURCHASING RECORDS TRY OUR SERVICE: EVERY EFFORT IS BENT TO BE OF ASSISTANCE WHEN MAKING Y"OUR SELEC-TION. COURTEOUS AND INTELLIGENT SALES PEOPLE ARE AT YOUR COMMAND, OUR LISTENING BOOTHS ABE COMMODIOUS AND INVITING. TUNGSTEN NEEDLES, PLAY 50 TO 100 RECORDS ... - PACKAGE OF RHEIN PIANO GO. 124 EAST MAIN STREET BRUNSWICKS K AND RECORDS b b .451 p W i . i nfmJaLi tjj . M U' ! (I I FOR THIS NEW MODEL CONSOLE BRUNSWICK , j IN WALNUT OR MAHOG- J ANY'. OTHERS MODELS J a $45.00 TO $400 SOLD ON CONVENIENT TERMS OF PAYMENT I Ayr j i vT WASHINGTON rvTYvrwWvMvWfvivTVivmITIriAtwvlviv ILL NOTK1) PLAYKHS IN SWANSON PICTURE Famous Star Finely Supported IVodigul Daughters" in ties. o9o9o9oo9ooi oo4 THE BELLEVILLE HOUSE The Bright Spot on tlu Square" SPECIAL ASPARAGUS DINNERS NOW IN SEASON" John Schlosser BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS 7 sfeBsestsisaxicicroicia'e LINCOLN SODA SHOP Belleville's Sweetest Spot" Delicious Ice Cream Superior Soda Service BELL PHON E 200 CMXOXUiCC0018lj-iiXOCCICCKiSltgl8KOSKiCiJiOPSiXOiCCiCKCDICiXCfj i Feickerts Pastry Is Unexcelled The largest variety of dainty and delicious pastry iu (Belleville is sold exclusively by Feickerts and their branch stores,. . . Asa palate tickler and trial order try our Cake and j Coffee Cake "Special Maid" Bread Is the purest and most wholesome food thaou could place on your table. It satisfies the ahpetite, and completes your meals BREAD IS 1 Christ Church is a sociable church and has one of the strongest dramatic societies in the city. This society provides various entertainments for the church members and the public at large: The next public entertainment will he given on May 16, 17 and 18 The fiist night a children's play caWpd "A Garden Cinderella" will be given and the two last nights, "Her Gloves," a royalty play will be rend' ered. If you enjoy a good time re member the dates, May 16th, 17th and 18th. Program will be published next week. , - T - " With greetings, always at your service, The Pastor, (Rev.) C. R. Hempel, (Ph. D.) 26 North 14th St. CHrRCH XOTKS Sunday School 9. A. M. Services, German 10 A. M. Thursday, May 10 Ascension Day, English 8 P. M. Friday, May 11 Senior League meeting. ST. PAUL'S EV, CHURCH Sunday School at 9 A. M. German Services at 10:10 A. M. Thursday, May 10 Ascension Day Services in English at 7:45 P. M. GET-TO-GETHER SOCIAL OP LITERARY SOCIETY Friday Evening, May 17 Literary Society. Get-to-gether Social for new members of the society and also new church members, Musical program and games. J CHEAPEST AND REST FOOD EAT MORE OF IT AND PROFIT THEREBY Feickerts Bakery, Inc. Its a very unusual person who does not like to have his picture taken. Photography ls another one of the many vanities of life, and whether we admit it or not it la gratifying to have someone ask us to pose for a picture. We love U. Especially so, If we have a camera face and "take well. Therefore, It was without much hesitation or coaxing that everyone obeyed the order from the Office of the Chief of Air Service, to pose for their picture last Saturday mornlng. and what is more, everyone was on deck at the appointed time, all "dolled up and looking pretty." Every face was registered from the commanding officer down to the most humble buck private. In spite of the diversity of looks centered on the little, sensitive camera, the photographer reports no serious damage was done. If, a few years ago, a casting director had banded In a cast eucb as that supplied Gloria Swanson In her latest Paramount picture, "Prodigal Daughters, which $111 be displayed at the Washington Theatre next Friday and Saturday, Way 4th and 5th, the chances are the studio management would collapse. But Paramount Is determlid that casts of the highest possible calibre shall grace each of Its pictures, and no expense to that end was spared. Here Is the line-up for toe picture In question : ' Gloria Swanson,' star; Ralpa Graves, leading main; Vera Reynolds, Charles Clary, Theodore Roberts, George Fawcett, I Robert Agnew, Louise Dresser, Maude Wayne and Julia Faye. FAMOUS ROSARY IN "BELLA DONNA: Pula Negri Wears Historic Ornament In First American-Made t Photoplay Carved with Swagger from black ebony and amber) a Mohammedan rosary of authentic origin and -colorful history serves as an important ornament and prop In Pola Negrjs first American made Paramount picture, Bella Donna, which will be on view at the Washington Theatre next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 7th.J8th and 9tb. The .rosary is the property of Dudley Stuart Corlett, an Egyptologist who served as technical director during the filming pt this Paramount picture. Captain Corlett spent ten years In Egypt, and the rosary was secured by him while in Somaliland. Representing native workmanship at its best, the rosary was the personal property of a retainer of the infamous Mad Mullah" of the Abyssinian border. FJ his participation in one of the Mad Mullahs raids on residents of Somaliland, the owner was sentenced to death. On the eve of his execution he presented the rosary to Its present owner, The Mohammedan rotary consists of ninety-nine beads, each representing one of the ninety-nine attributes of God. The hundredth attribute to God Is known only to the Imman of Constantinople, official bead of the HIKEN FURNITURE CO. 5 s 205 207 WEST MAIN STREET BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS CASH OR CREDIT - COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS THIS ATTRACTIVE LIVING ROOM SUIT, COVERED IN SILK VELOUR OVER MARSHAL SPRINGS OPENS INTO FULL SIZE RED SPECIAL $187 00 yno nine Store M WLAND ,, NOLAN, ManalfeT0 ' - NEV ARRIVALS IN WHITE AND ALL COLORS FOR SUMMER T S , Hose to Match all Shades t Headquarters for STACY-ADAMS SHOES church, and is represented in the rosary by a bead of different color and size. The rosary worn by Pola Negri in Bella Donna consists Of the usual number of beads cut by a dagger from ebony, leaving them faceted like a diamond. The hundredth bead is a huge amber, one of beautiful color and finish. Read the Airship Log. ' It took some time for the officers snd men of Scott Field to get out weekly paper, but like the lateness of the season, everything will tnrn out tor the best. , r When Old King Tut Lived Western Electric Clothes Washers were not made but if had beii.,he would have had one because he Iid the best of everythiffl. c " Western Electric Clothes Washer washes and wrings your clothes by electricity so that you dont have to do hard work, it washes blankets as well as sick underwear, rags, rugs and lace curtains it is gentle yet thorough, and easy. Just give the lever a slight push, the cylinder starts to revolve and your washer starts to wash. 5 - - --I - Just come in and let us tell you about this clothes washer or phone us an1 we will .bring one to your home for you to try without obligations to you. . Peoples Meat Market WALTER RUEBEL Fresh Meats and Sausageis 123 West Main St. KINLOCH PHONE 550 BELL PHONE 329 WATCH FOR OUR WEEKLY ADVERTISED MEAT SPECIALS'. WE WILL SAVE YOU A GREAT AMOUNT OF MONEY ON OUR SATURDAY MEAT (SPECIALS - Modern Elec. Shop 300 EAST MAIN STREET r PHONES 068 BELLEVILLE, ILL. Our visiting instructor, Mr. Warwick, says ha is not in the market for real estate in Belleville, because of the fact that they roll up the sidewalks and lock them as early as 6 oclock In the evening. Personally, we are of the opinion that this assertion is without foundation because Mr. Warwick haa not been In this neck of the woods long enough to discover that certain sidewalks la ths. city of Belleville have, through excessive service after working hoars, been worn threadbare. Nevertheless, and at the same time, the whereabouts of the latter are not to be dl-, Vulged, so heres hoping that Mr. Warwick will live and Jearn. Read the Airship Log, for It contains all the newt of Soott Field aad Belleville. - - . L N -

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