The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE >W^BLYtHEVILI,E COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWB CO., PUBUSHUia '. • C, H. BABCOCK, Wltf " H. .W. HAD4E3, Advertising Bole National AdvmiJliJg j?-"~«ejiutlve« • Arkansw Dallies, IB*, rWv'ork, Chicago, .ielroU, St. ixwta, StilM, Karuu cily, uttls Published Evcty Allernooii Except Bi'iiday. telcred as second class matter a', tlio post •Wire at Blylhevlllo, Arkansas, under act c.« Congress October fl, J017. Served by me tJmteJ Press SUBSCRIPTION KATKS By carrier in ilio clly ot BljCievllto, 15o per feet or *6.5fl per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $150 for six months, 65c for thr?o mouths; by mall In postnl wines two to clx, inclusive, t«.50 per year, In zones seven nmi eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Avoiding I he Dole The present iiurilly pci'ma a jjood Him 1 to i?el worried about tliu dianco that continued mccl'.iiuixatioi) of indii.slry wilt jfivo' workers moru leisure time than Ihoy know how Lo ufo. lint depressions (to not last forever, and sooner or later, when ;tll the wln-ds arc lurninir again, we shall liavu to 1'atu the implications of tlu: fiid ll:at the world's work c;in bo done now in a lot less time than used to be the case. William .John Cooper, United Stales commissioner of education, pointed cut the oilier ilay that «•« are still jroinj; to linve an uiiemployinenl problem on pin- hands even wlien prosperity has re- Itirne;!; and he remarked, very pertinently: "Many factories will not employ a man pnsi .15. Shelvinjf the U K{ _- ( ] mwm.s an old age pension system. EVviudit: unamploynicnt menus inii'iiiployiiiejil insurance, or doles, or somotliinj; wurse." All of which, of, .simply means that it' we are tfoing to KO on in the future as we have in tile past, we must accept the unpleasant faet that the men for whom industry has no room .must be taken care of somehow. A year ngo ihe wowl, "dole", WHS a word Kt which all euotl men shiiddered. A few days njj O a Ijil! providing- for a direct federal dole came within a mere handful of voles of passing the (j. S. senate. The word is not, as. frijjlitcn- Jujr as it' \nl.s,-"in another yoiir il will be even less so. Gradually and painfully, we are learning soineHiinjj.- Now all of the limits Unit have been said against the dole are (|in'tc true. Enfflnnd provides thousands of living examples of (lie way in which the dole can yap nmiihoqd of its self- reliance, and ciieriry. But there is only one way of avoiding the dole—to rearrange industry so that there will always be 'work for an honest, capable and reliable .workman. Present conditions, lo be sure, are abnormal. !!ut when normal (fines return we shall have lo keep thai fact in mind. Unemployment, in oilier words, represents our greatest prob- le'm—a problem that is with us in good times a--, well as in bad Mini's. —Hi-nee Ciilton. A lirc->rar-ol<l baby vcfcd in <f,r rrmil irKU clrclion,, a news item says. Tim proves the Irish .ire ri-hl ii|>.|n.||:c- mimi | c „„ ,,, r ,.„,,,, American election mrlhoils. A New Begging Rachel Tlie iniifjizinc Variety prints « tlis- imtch from Hollywood thai is surely one of tlic of nil the news .stories produced by Iho de|)ressioa. [( is H story (clliiiK how iiunlianillurs in tin; Jilm cn|>iliil Imvo iukcn I:, hiring MI- men und cliildren tu act as "iiiipjioi-tini,' cast" for Jip^t'iii-h'. H works like this; a ln^'^ir will (..»- KIIKC a u'omnn ;iml child ami will t;iko tlioin along .is lie «•<)&; down Uu- streDl ajfkiiiB- I'or <|Uartc-r.s. Ainu who would ordinarily K \ w . him iinUiiiiK grow stifl-lieftrlwl when they sue his supposed wil'u itnd child, ami shell out liberally. Tiie bujfuar, Varicly says, can average from $10 to ?M ,-i <hiy in profil, after paying his ";t.-sistant" $-1 a day. TJio cln'ot' moral (o In; drawn front lliis little tale is: don'i jjive money lo .street l)ej;«arN. Make ymir coniril)!!- (ion lo a reKiflar i-liarilalile (i()ii anil lut it do the rest. "We Want Our Share" A cuntempr-rary, !n i-uminciumg cdilorlully on Hip iwo Wllion dullur Uwoiislniction Finunce coi-|)crui!oii «iya "['me lllinf nmt Arkanwis are In he proud of the fad llml Ilils state is probably tlic Hrsl to uct Into tlie tinnisle for nlcl...." Tlint seems to express the ntlltiide of all of us. H nerais to miitler not what Ui 0 consccincncrs will be, Jus! so nv jji.a "our share. 11 /n oilier words, "damn ilu price, whnU your ti-imsV" And Iliat. my friends, i:i the exact reison why your luxes linve doubled und ([iindnipled In the Insl ([LTadu. :{• V . T . It wriiis lo me that i recall aiiuilier inci- <li-nl In [he history of Arkansas nhen «- L . ,,- e re clamoi'lii;; for n "sliurc In Hie spoils." It scums to me Hint It was about 1027 when n commission, known :\s the slate hlglmny commission, was nmhorkcd to fjictul about » Inindrcd million To (iltmg e the state lioprlessly Into debt seemed like ,n splendid Wen (lien, because we all waiilwl to dlj) our blfcnlts Into the grnvy. Now w c are i\ Inmdicd million dollars in (IcM, have n bridge here and there, comiwra- tivcly :i few miles of linidsm laced roads, and mny have lo surrender osir i)io|>crty lo meet the Indebtedness. Why? Because Jcll'mon county said "aoodie! Goalie! Wu nr c folng lo gel a concrete mud Arkansas comity said "Gcodlc! Ooodlc! \Vu arc uoing to yet onr dls- ti'lrl bonds jjaid olf," e(c. Tims anollicr SIKHK!- intr it'ree was sanctioned. —Walter Sr-rrclls, Jr.. In i'ine Illulf Coinmerclal. Vou may tlilnU ll u . |,rr;ul lines an- IUMJ;, lint jus! Wl1 li unlit vou SL , C lhc t ,ic line ntlcr tliu KcvrinliiT elections. f^coii Trolzky has lost hLs clilzcnshlp In the Soviet Republic. Thnl's whnt comes of liav- liiB liis picture taken wcurlng a neckllcl firiic Yiiiinry is rniiiiKiigiiliifr for (inihlhllliui. Well, llial's .1 fnur-syllalile van\. Tim Mwlilln; rinp should In- w>rn alinvc Hit ilL-nnniul itiBafcmrill rlns, says llu- rnshion .•irliilcrs. TliaC} so II i'au lie lakni U 1V with- uut iltstiirtiin- lhc di.imomt. The Prince cf Wales is teaching boxing 10 his yoiiiie nephews. No\v some wlsccrackcr will call lilm the I'rincc ot Wlinlcs. .liliijiny by ivlml t!lc co.ichr.s say. I lie cllfliu;.'o in the fcotball rules \:lll rcvoliUUnilz e the game and leave it entirely nnclmnccd. Dvcry man should expect l« live llirmt£li four ilc|.r.-ij>luip.-. Hir- rronouilsts say. !!u( st nt us don't rar,- tn liuvc: (hr fimr nillr-il inlii otic. 'j; OUR WAY - MOO I-T- HAVE THE WORST LUCK- MS" B DRESS -TbR M OVJ AM A1U AMQ Qkj SECOMD TIME \T -VMHOO HOO OH,OONT CRV I I'LL FIX IT — NoTrilUG, JBy Williama SEE; T ?V DIFFERUMCE? SEE THAT? — OH. r WISH icoui.0 SQUEEZE. -TEARS OUT ATE/N'SH-OH.VMHu A SOFT UFE.VF I COULD ' so Do vou V<MOV>J SAVO T' ME ,\F GCCO PAMTS.ER OLD OMeE,? IT', BUT, I'LL FIX VOU'. ..WV MOTHERS SET GRA COURIER NEWS SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'StBtaffiilSLjB - £),., .,. ;.-.—~<l,A onc-liaK from (heir already low iwlnl readied Iwo jears iujo. On top of tha drought and low incomes ot 1030, the past year came llKe a capsheaf crowning a decade ot a<4rlcuHural depression." FEBRUARY, 1332--The total, iiliie of livestock tdwplle Increase • numbers) dropped from $4 450 ' OtO.OOO a yeivr ago to ?3,130.00o'. UvO. r The Editor's Letter Box WASHINGTON LETTER IIV flODNKV DUTC'IIKR NK.V Service Writer I situation faced by agricultural pro| dncers in these times. . . . wiio!.-- . , 1. — Why docMi't I rale beef prices were from 30 to lie fnnncr slop complaining? I 50 cents lower than a year a"o followlns quotations, taken '/.'-E* a third lower and' |»iillrv down niwut a fourth." AUGUST, 193«-"Mlik prortuc- lion per cow ha sdcclincd as a rc- ..*..... suit ot the poor dairy pastures some I v.-hich hnve been reported poorer than in any year for 20 vears." SEITEMBER, 1931-"The fen- markcfs roin the exhaustive montlily .sin- eys of tlic agricultural situulioii lade by the Uiiijan of 1 Economics of the Department suit ot the poor dairy Culling Esik-nscs ITo UieMltor.-J article "WOULD CUT EX- in your issue of the 18th imtniil und signed "A Taxpayer " ran Luxora has been read with care by the undersigned. I will I'm- (o touch upon the teir contained in the article. This writer scorns to be lamwitliig ihe fact tnal lie had to pay for scrum used in Ihe vaccination of his 11035 And can seo no use of the County employing our agricultural agents The writer has evidently not taken lime to investigate llic great food our aijcnUi have done for the entire County. The relief measures they have accomplished in lime of stress have saved the people several times their salary. To nninn- cralc the great good they have done would take up loo much . so I invite the miter's a ; .- tention to the iccords llmt can be bad by simply calling for them at the agent's office. He need have no fears of losinif his land by (lie retention of (he aacius as his pro rata of ihe cost would not exceed lc per acre. 1 do not knoiv how many acres he owns, so he can figure it oiil. SECOND: Tile eclitlcman says it seems to him in running Hie lioor house (he expanses are far above ivhat It should be. I!o says it cost $13,500 for last year or aboul twice as imich as under the administration of Judffe Holland. Doss he know the inmates last year in the home w.-.-re 52 [icr cent greater Ihnii unrler Judge Holland's tenure of office? To he exact it could have br-:n 1.02 per cent greater last year based on the average per-capita. And the cost pcr-capita. the sain?. It cost more RINGHAIS SNAKE TAN Spil poison (AFRICA) ._ Bttiewte if To BE A f •• AMD BRADY AV6SED Don't Let Your Appetite Lag, Even When Worried KrilTOIc-Si •'is! of :1 ser Dr. J-isJibrin NOTK: This is (lie ies uf five articles by nn Iicjldi fur (lie business man and oltice ivorkcr. • f • BV I>K. .1IOK1HS FISIIItl-[\ Edilcr, Juunai of the American Medical Association, mid of Hygcia, the Health l/vl-^ityuil Ull: iLlill,. 1U LOSL Ilium . * "", "«"(l OI money to feed fifty people than "yscia, the Hrailh Magazine twenty-five. The A Taxpayer says j "' lcn limes are hard fc'.v peo- tic believes the poor lions? lo IK !'' tf lmc lo b - adviicd not to over. :he most expensive institution in ! c ' 1r ; f Agriculture, nmy throw t on (he question: .IANUAUY. 1331—"Even .IANUAUY. 1M1—"Even amoiu j SEITEMBER, 1! ad years, 1930 slaiuLs unique. Tlir ii'rnl prospects for liirm marine's ve |:or com Minillcr crpps of injo 1 and prices is anythin B but 'rcas- nrl -i T^fi'-r.i.l.n^ .,.,!..„ „* I-,.. _ .. 1 : ~ . b tt. la ecember viiHic of the County. We will see: He would . *»<= nieiuni strain and the phy- move it to Judge Harrison's Conn- I Elcal l ire rii!'-'J3 associated with the ty Farm and hire a nurse for 3-10 j ! lcrlc<) interfere, as has been prev- per month and cook—1 siippuse lie meant both for S40. A Kee|>cr Jor $100. Wonder liow the trained nurses and cooks Iccl about their snid, with i tl( . erne - should not appetite, overeat. H is obviously of the greatest ,„,- portanre 10 force the foods that I business has risen like the phoenix from the ashes, are recorded jn every book-of economics. Revolutions have been followed by new governments, which have perhaps through their own excesses suc- cnmbcrt to new revolutions. ThroiMi it all mankind invariably triumphs, probably because his economic experiments arc merely experiments and cannot interfere wllh the biologic laws established by nature H is well In such a time of stre.'s when irorries accumulate, and when mental balance is threatened, to repeal the old aphorism] "Tomorrow is another day." . Gross income (for thr products, lit central, lire below the —HOW MUCH WILL HE LOSU and ncrdnvcst, have suffered se- BY OPERATING THE PAK.MV Tlw physical side of lit e includes Mississippi County verely from lack of rainfall and lfllO-191-l level, und some products which rcprc!,ont the very backbone ot our agriculture almost RO beswii: for buyers." Wheat Surplus Jumps APRIL, 1931—"Fiirin slocts of •.vhcal 'lor March! were csli- innted a' IraiOno.OOO busheis, com- |iar«l vil.'i 130,000.000 a year ago and an average of l-^.OOO.UM." MAY, 1911—"Not the least sls-! part of tha pictuiL- is Ihe evidence of finiher decline in land vnlur:: last year. Tiiis seems to hnvc l;ccu quite g^icrnl. . . . Most of Ihe sales arc by corporations und others who arqnircd owr.i-r.hip as a result of distressed conditions." JUNK. 10:il—"Pannws sc'.l at l<^:i slian pio-v/ar prices, bin still pay about one-third more than the p:.' level for what they buy. F::im prlcM are al «G compared ivnh pr^-war while the prices of Miiir-.i farmers buy arc 1S1 com- parcii with pre-war." .IU.Y. IMl—"The abuiniaii: of wiiili-r wheat, spiling uaw ., !owr.%i pik-es in n general ion. fenls a striking cxamplr u: oro]> i thr; thc clurinif tlic past niontl. the foiitli has hart loo much hoi dry wraihcr." ' spent several dollars to make the place habitnhle. The the . NOVEMHEU, 1031— "A turn in I Quorum Court comprising the markets has provided n small ' ''fains of our County voted the np- but helpful development . but i ] }1 opriation for its maintenance, the has not yet changed essentially ! ol(i nre i wc " ^ el1 ' wcl1 Broomed, what is tin extremely hard silua- . " 1C S' have side walks and nice tlon for farmers. 7'rices of many I Iawns to r °st In, the whole thing leading . s o many , farm products are stiil j ll!>s tlla t air 0[ freedom of home. st of production. Fanners Thcv ave hAppy in their place " "• |" ">!!.'tlj Hit, f>U)JJ below cost of production. Fanners "" hard pressed this everywhere are fall.' DECEMBER. 1931-"Al the Close of last year, wth its drought and low prices, farmers had tlie ' feeling that depression had about done Its worst to them. Hut this year has Iwen worse. Th" general picture ... is reflected" in Ihesindexes: Wholesa!,-> price level of all commoriilles, pre-iva.-—or about •00. industrial wage level 2M, farm wages 120. and adore their keepers. To move ttiis from Us present place, to a land of mud and water and buckshot muck, would be a step backward indeed. So my brother Taxpayer before you conclude upon drastic changes in our County Agents, County Pour Home, wciyh the matter well. Seek and Ye- will find many, many other matters that will change your mind if you ever had the idea of taking ixxir unfortunate God fear- from comp'isiied by a lukewarm balh at least once each day, and oftener it necessary; Ihe diet which has been described; exercise, which should be sulTicient in amount only to slightly stimulate the activity of tissues an<i not to build muscles; rest sufficient to overcome both mental and physical fatigue and above all. good mental hygiene for (he development of piurjcr attitude toward life and wort:. H is well cnoiifli lo suggest tunes will not improve IhrouHh constant emphasi.-, on lhc depression We ore told not lo use l!ie word "depression," even to enter on a conspiracy of silence. But w n must .work mir na} . „„• of „„,. tro , |bles jratlicr than to adopt the idea that it is important, moreover, to WASHINGTON taxes over 250. farm ....„„ .„. . . juices of tilings boHjjhi by former* Ing men nmi women from tlicir al al , of si t,,.,tirn<: ,,-i-i 12o, iirirw received by farmers for | present place snd moving them to historical rersrecl ve Ti.n i • t >rod»cts 70." a land of mrck and mud. , . ' P,"spMlne. Tnc history Vei truly your^ , c " rlti sholv!> lhat mnnttntl More 1-rirr Uro-is f Another Tuxn'nvcr. ("U"""^ 11 " 1 °, CT p!a ° llc anti '"JANUARY. lM2- l -Ti 1 t averse i ' ! o,, i" ™ M "" havD |)rls!;c;i Piiccs of farm p.odms droppSl | courier News Want Ads Pay. |V nvS'w^^^ Announcements • The Courier News has wen authorized to announce the fo ing candidacies, subject to Democratic primary, August For County Jndyc ZAL B. HARRISON "(for 2nd term) For Sheriff ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINES (for 2nd term) County and Probate Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. JOHN LOxVG (Re-election) MSS CAREY WOODBURN For County Assessor JOE S. DILLAHUNTY (for 2nd term) CITY ELECTION Tuesday, April 5 City Clerk I. C. CRAIG (lor re-election) HERMAN CROSS JOE '.V. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER Tor Municipal Jndgr GEORGE W. BAHHAM IVY W. CRAWFORD C. A. CUNNINGHAM For City Attorney SAM MANATT HJS UPE STORY IN i'lCTtiKKS, COiUMKMOKATINf, TIIIO 200TH ANNIVEKSAHY OF HIS Hudfon to the licad of Chc?;i;:.-akc For AUennan, 1st Ward' G. H. CREAK ' 9. Yorktown o 103; OY Mt> snvicr.'n<: By M.'A Service Capture of ar.ny at Ycrktovvr.. trouftht the \var to a was chirfly (iuc :o Jarsi(;h'.oS!!i'£s. Allrr nnM;crr;>;. : : Lafayette and In Virginia. Ce;;v. ; . Ycrktown and for'.'.r. unwittingly building i. : !.-n;:wilK'lclihclosr!tst.ilIolKO!s«x!-' ty oa Dec. 4, 178), an,] (wrrjly tc-lprol 19 (Uy.Ulci. Ccrr.-.v.iliH held out for a week. b;.i; on October 21, i;si. his 7CXa rcnulars were Washing- lack New the French fleet on one fide and the American army of ocoo and the French army of 5000 grouped together on the other. . military affairs. He urged Coui S-vew to demand greater liberty ! tor the colcnlcs and also to settle i ci.iims of ihe soldiers and officers. ' HO bade larewcli to his closest staff members in Ne-.v York on Dec 4, 1763. and on DC,-. ;.j rM)gncd hls commission in ih c ,;. atc 5C | late chamber ot Maryland m Annapolis. \\Unn a feu );„.,;,,, W .iEhington was hcir.c again al M omit Vrci- non, «hcrc his aflairs ns a gcnuS occ ;i , )!Cfi , lis Ul * le , or the-cnsunig four years

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