The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1932
Page 3
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'•^^f^m lien PUCE™ 19S2 IN HEW DRIVE Mrs. N..B. Menard Seeking Top Rank in P. T. A. Summer Round Up. After having ranked fifth in the nation lust ytar in the PnreiH- Tpachev Siiinincr Round-Up campaign. -Mrs. N. B. M.:ruird. of this city who is st.itc P. T. A. cliainnun of tills project, is making pans for Arkansas to Ijetlcr this record this year. Awards uiirbc Riven at the ua- lionnl convention in MhincaiMlls in Muy to liiuse associations scor- inc> highest In all the slates. Details of (he 1932 campaign liave not jet l>oen announced other than that registration must be made carjy. 'hfc< Active 1'rogram A plan of procedure wil be mail»'! with the registration blank. Mrs. Mennrd says, which ^ives nil « Atitul!)re regarding the cain- «i"i'n. She is urging that e:ich P. T. A. appoint a commute,? to taJu.' charge of the work, follow Hiro:i«h the summer and check up on it hi ihe fall. The plan for 1M2 has a lv.o fold emphasis nud iccegnltlon will • be based on the proi»it!on of children In the entering class who were examined by a physician and dentist, nncl on the proportion whose parents followed lite recommendations given at tlic spiiny examination. A re-examination in the fall is not rctiuirecl but n check-up imis'. l>e innile lo determine whether the :idvie/> In regard lo inrdlra) nnrt dental aliention has been followed and how far corrections have been made. Registration in the camptiifrn is open to all units affiliated, with 1 tlia National Congress of Parents and Teachers.- This restriction is made, not lo limit the work of prc-school examinations or confine it to any one group, but in order lhat it may be possible lo ascertain the value of such effort by this particular type of organization. While some counties are undertaking the summer round«U as a county-wide project, registration must be mad? by each unit, Mrs. Mciiurd says. Hrips Curb Child Ills 'T'he summer round-up of children was inaugurated by Hie Na t'onftl Congres of Parents nnd Teachers in 1925. H is intended lo rouse parents to their sense responsibility and to bring the ^'ssuio of public opinion to bear ^i the need of providing the schools \vith a.s perfect mnteria' as passible. According lo Mrs. Menard. tlr pre-school period is a crucial time for the child. Many of the ills of later childhood, adolescent nml adult life have tly-ir beginning in the interval between infancy and school age. Thousands of children have defective vision, defective hearing and other defects, many of which may be cured or relieved by early treatment. This summer round-up is not only an rrlucnfiorml project, educators believe, but it is also in their opinion a sound ccononjic procedure for it prevents was(s of educational effort with its attendant cost. Mrs. Menard. in making suggestions to local Parent-Teacher Associations 'Jhv carryii-;? out the campaign, suggests that after the date of the spring examination is decided upon, a committee call upon the parents whose children will enter school the fol lowing term nnd Rive a fill* explanation of the Round Up. At (he time of the examination, time should be allowed for the examining physician nnd d?ntist to discuss the condition of ench child with the parent. While notable progress has b;cn made in conducting the campaign in 1 Arkansas during (he past few y^cars, one of the, points upon ..flinch Mrs. Menard hojies to sec a decided improvement is in the percentage of children cxaniined in each school district. She suggests p. T. A.'s conduct n block to block canvass to find all the children who will enter school and get them to attend the spring i?.x- amination. Shortly after the spring examination this committee in co-oper- alion wilh the public health nurse, should call upon (he parents of children to the family physician nnd dentist 'for further advice and treatment. Courier News \V*nt Art* P.IV. 666 LIQUID - TABLETS- - SAF.VK f-KK Liquid or Tpbkts u»d iniern- ally and S6fi Salve c\lmially. m.-jkr ^ romi>Vtf nnil cffrctivc lirat- rncr.l for Colds. Most Speedy Remedies Known Thnm])snns Supreme Chicks Shir.mrnls Monday and Thursday Vumlgslttt. Smith Hatched I'urp Brcil. <-. 0. T). if u.inlrd smd mie renl F"" fftifk uith order. 23 100 While l^elinrns S5.2S S 8.03 Hsrrrrt Korks .,„,! Rflls 2.50 8.50 All othtr Ife.ivy BrMds 2.S9 10.00 "c-avy Awnrlc-d .... j.efl 7.50 jiftavy erg Invin,, strnins lip lo cfcs. Ordpr from (his art- The Thompson Hat chevy Stiff v ArV »-j, /irK, Sleek 'Society—Personal Misses Louise and Hazel McAii- iwis, fiiijjenla jcukliu and Kuljj-e Atlik'y slioi)|x.'d in Memphis Hnliir- <lay. Mr. mid Mis. Guy MIchte of Ca- inilierbville wtix- dinner swi'ls o! Mr. and Mrs. i>. E. i' C nUer Sunday. Harry Talklngton spent last wvk end in Memphis. Harold S'.cele. vr.o is intending school :a caix- Glrauleau, spent tile week end here with his parents. Mrs. fieljii Robinson o[ Hlvllia- vUle \vas Hie guest, or her sister, Mrs. Jack Oziiicm, Sunday. Mrs. James Slaiicr ol Memphis spent last week j.ere will) >>fr | jr o- jisr, Henry Howell, nnd Mrs. How- Mr n,i<! .Mrs. J. R. Mursan. dauijlitcr I'aullnc, Miss Evelyn Hig- B»il nnd Ezra Tollmt were diiinc- 1 gueskof Mr. niut Mrs J. H Neeley of Caruthersvillc Sunday. Mr and Mrs . Milk .; WHki f Caniltasville vvert- "IK-SIS oi Mr and Mrs. R. L. Williams at dinner Sunday. Miss Pauline Morgan was ab!e lo return to school taonday after be'•IK ill with imt'iiinonia Mrs. H. U. McDaniel of Padu- ih, Ky., Is t!ic guest of Dr. and •Mrs. J. II. .\lcUiintel ajid family. Miss Florence stone nf Dextc- is the Biiesl of licr .sister, Mrs. L W Weaver, and .Mr. Weaver. Mrs. Vcrnon Casey ami Miss Vall)e C-irey of Memphis arc guests of lr. and Mrs. E. Casey. Mrs. Mary Marlln of Finley. Ten- nesscs. Is the guest of hot son and daugntcr, S. H. Martin and Mrs Floyd McCrorv. : Mrs. c. E." Miller is improving after a week's illness. W. B. Little aUcnited to bigness m Cape Girardemi Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Abner Ashcraft and son Abner jr., were guests of Mr nnd Mrs. Join, Tucker of Cooler Sunday. Miss Hazel Mullins, who Is attending Jonesboro A. and M college, is visiting her parents at'coo- ter. Mr. and Mrs. VI. S. Hanley wnt last week end in Blythevill; ilh their daughter, Mrs. Dixie Crawford and Mr. Crawford Mrs. j. n. McDaniel and '(1au»h- ters Ruth and Quebell, accompanied Mrs. McDaniel'.; (atiier Mr Good, to his home at Pontotoe', Miss, last Friday and remained over the ,veefc end with relatives Members of the Tuesday Niehl club were guests of Mrs. J. R. Morgan The program was given to a study of George Washington, presented by Miss Delsie Stewart Mrs H. L. Yeager, Mrs. A. B Aber- iialliy. Mrs, L. W. Weaver, nnd Miss Mnble Smith. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. T. Ixiwls of TIMS- sado^Io NW gu^.sl.; of Mr. tind Mr*. C. r. Howard over tlie week-end, Miss Wartad Hanira Is visiting in Pulton. Ky. Clay O. AJlln, who Is In n sani- larium In Colorado, writes lo his friends liere thai he Is Improving very rapidly. ' 'JJie cast for Ihe junior play, "High flyers," lo be given March 1 In Ihe lilgh school, 1ms bmi chosen aixl Is now engaged In practice. Mrs, J. J. Davis and Mrs. J. H. Fisher of Blylhevllle were guests of Mi-s DeLsle Stewart Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. Vlckcry iiave moved here from liraggadocio. Ehsood Brown Is Improved after several days illness. Lawtence Fowler, Hubert Perry, Joe Rn'-sfll, Mrs. Ha M:ie Wclnnel:!. Mlssrs Clara Mae and Ix>ul«> Sloan, Ophelia Young and Melba Fowler of Cooler WL>ree guests of Mr, and Mrs\ Aljner Ashcrafi Wednesday evening. Jioberi Sieele. «-lio has been employed by the East Arkansas Lumber company, has acceplcd a position a-llh the City Drug store. The local chapter of the Helwcca lodge wilt be guests of Mrs. Scrap Chism Friday night unless I h e weather is rainy, In which case they will meet with Mrs. Ada Wells. Mrs. Cecil Camplwu was taken to tlie Methodist, hospital at Memphis Sunday for tin examination. James Henry, small son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman, was returned to his home here last. Friday evening. He is progressing very rapidly. Tlie Rev. J. Arthur Broivn, presiding elder of the Poplar Dlull district, iM-ld a Joint quarterly conference her* Sunday for tile Methodist churches of Holland and Sleele. Both churches were well represented. The Ladies Missionary society will entertain the county missionary societies at. the Methodist church here Friday. Mrs. S. H. Marlln was hostess lo a dinner party Monday night at hei home on Walnut street honoring the birthday of her husband. Tti« W. M. u. of the Baptist church gave a surprise birthday nipper Monday night honoring Hie Rtv. A. B. Sadlier. Over 100 attended the B. Y p U. convention held at the Baptist church Sunday. Delegates were present (rom Haytl. stcele. Cooler I Holland nnd Drngn.Kl.-i-io The I Sleele 11. y. p. u. won Hi.- tainu-r. j N. Koiiry ncrainuanli't! Sam j llnmra to Memphis Mmulay. Mr. Iiamro Is taking (reaimcm for his t'nr. Funeral services wove held Tuesday for (he infant son of Mr. anil Mi 1 *. Thomas u. Up>ro!nl>. who (lied Monday. Mrs. Audrey Slielton was h_\-,ir-.' Wednesday lo a Inldul .V|IOWIT luin- orliiis Mrs. l>.i n Ci)p». the tmiipr MLss lleU-n Tnui-jiiom!. ifllndu 1). Whltflold and Onltti Joyce sin-lion, dressed as bride and gnxnn drew iviigon loads ct ,.|rt. s (mo the ITOIII. i Mr. and M.S. 0. O. Travis liavi- , returned after spending ] M VCf ^. end In Ulyllu>vl!lo. j Miss Eunice Ciuihii,-. K ii) ft .|tli ; smallpox. ; Grass Fires Bring Threat of Arrest Think t«lre before you set a grass jllre or turn In an alarm wlu'n one 8«s out of control. Fi r e Chief Hoy Head warned tills nionitui;. Chlof Head said he had en ab; ' so fe tlicse wlm tui-n In iilaims us a ivsiili, Kiu-h mil lo u m.iss Iliv Tlil< warning K usually fnrth- comln.j aiitmally whrn grass ilros m-oiiic |)U'Viile(il. Hut into (Imp, in. sis s Hi,, chief. UK- ,| lrpnl 0( |ir ,., sl will leally i lc can led nut bcnuipt- ; The lire chli-fs warning lortny 'lh dT- "" W '""'" "' 11<U ' by lli:> i [''"lay :u,d"t,!;i i ,y"o 1 'e''li,' 1 'waf ai i llle luiiii- v i j j.; .M;,,.,!,) | 01 w Ki'iiiutxy. nnd anolher ut lh • hnine Trr'l'i' 111 """'"'• l)<l111 yiftlmliiy. I ''I'' '•">• lunlis but siirc'ail unw ! liU'VM.'.v ])rv|x^ily. I '''-'i'-- inainiiii- 'ilir-rc was a grass me on Hie aimory gtoimds on :SmilHK.vondslr ; vl. Mlt,- ,,,,„. ,„ : • Hiii'vlun >0 in,. youiijt men in con-] i immiiK in mi alarm was not in.ulc • clear, ! —._ : t-Vrm-h <•„!„ I,, Throai : SlKiA " <IHOVB ' V'^-ni. .UP) .shi.-ii. ,.| s j,i K , ( <- ull .,.- COUGHS Don I ]rt itea g « x nransle ho]J. fjtatgWMUquJcUjr. Crtom nisi on combine, the 7 be* help, known to mod- era Kwnee. Powerful but iurmless. ^*"WTK to ttia, fitt nucottciL MODCT refunW IF , B)r tough M , { ±teL2ffHto-*idhn4A4 rcomuiaioB. YOU TAKE NO CHANCE ss? LOOK THIS OVER Looted on Kentucky Ave.. cost $MOO.OO. pay us $10000 cash ^siime bn ance of $1800.00 with no interest Dn partcf f ame nnd mov e m, and rest nssnred you have a bargain Win. Burns Company, Inc. BAYER ASPIRIN ^S 1 '^ 15 C PITCH Ideal Hair Tonic - SOc FITCH ShamiKio BOTH MKNNKN Skin Ilriitcr - - ;ir n - MKNN'KX Shavu Cream - - .'liu- BOTH 35 (J TICKS VAPO RUB SALV '";^ri c NEW STATIONERY Assorted OQC SUc VuliiL- L*J lte;»uliful Shii<lvs (if !{<i U ffe :md Li|> Most Kxt|uisi(o I'l'i-fiimi-s. ;md Un- :u-e Powders. Vim lieiillv Should JERCEN'S LOTION Thu WMh r r 44 c: PALMOilVE SOAP We ? S 25 C CITROCARBONATE 'I'll is Wwk ICnd I-'or Canada Dry Ginger Ale"°U5c COMBS .mil li">c -Vuluc For PETROLEUM JELLY Lilly While I'onnil All Kinds SHOE POLISHES All Sizes MEADDEXTRI MALTOSE Tt KIRBY 2ml • A Main Plume" 8D DRUG CO. BROS. DRUG CO.' 1 " * Muil I'lion,. 2:1 Felt Base Rug Sale Pahco First Quality Felt Base Offered at Wonderful Savings Dozens of Bright New Patterns 9x12 Feet 7\x9 Feet $ A95 Extra Special Friday Only } Inch, x 28 Inch. Felt Base Mats Offered For Friday Only Only 50 of These So Plan to Come Early If You Want One HUBBARD FURNITU THE REDCt WHITE STORES Tin: Hcd & Wlij{, ; Stores haw; Krai Food Values and Furnish Them Mconorniejilly.- Prices Good Friday, Saturday, Feb. 26,27 Milk Red & White, Pet, Carnation 3 Tall or 6 Small Cans 21c Baking Powder c t& whi,, 16 Oz. 23c Tuna Fish Red SWnite, Fancy Solid Pack 23C Sugar 10 Pounds 45c Apricots T H" 21c POSTTOASTIES 2 , te .15 <: Mother's China CORN FLAKES V, '<i & Whiio. 2n-o/. 17C I'kK. 2 (m it Crackers - - 19c IS Linen 25C RED tt WHITE • — INTKOMfClNG-—•• •••". RED & WHITE FLOUR "Noun Itullcr" 24-Lb. Sack Plain 68c Sdf Risins, 2-l-Lh. Suck 7(lo fiREEN& WHITE 24-Lb. Sack Plain 57c Self Rising, 2-1-LI). Sack f><)c S03P Laundry, White or Yellow 10 BarS 25C COFFEE Hint- & White That Smooth Mellow Cup l-Lb.CanSlc POTATOES Peck 24c BANANAS 4Lte. Be SALT ME AT Pound 8c OLEO B.&W. 2Lbs.25c SWEET POTATOES Lb. 2c ORANGES 216's. Doz. 25c Pickles Northern stock Full Quart 24c Mustard French or R«I& mute 9 Oz. Jar 13c RaisinS K Oz. Fancy Red S White 2 PfcgS. 23C BeanS Great Northern 10 IbS. 35C Potted Meat *""*„„, 3 For 14c RED& WHITE STORES Dependable

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