The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 24, 1932
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Served by the United Pregg UR i'OL XXV111—NO. 292 Blyihp.vllle l)»Hy~N-wr~5iyllicvme THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKAN^ArF^T^A^lSS NEWS WrlDX'KSIUY, SINGLE COPIES FJVE CENTO ^^^ ^^ - . . — - ~ r^-—rr^rr=—r____^. —-_; "...v.t--a v>\.ri.M. F1VK liEHTS .BANDITS ROB CRAIGHEAD COUNTY BANK SHmsoirReaffirms U. S. Policii In East nillf. Him l-rinii , — — . ^J Pah'iolic. W I • • W •IWklllM OF TRWIES LED 10 T Charges japan, In Effect, With Disregard of Her Agreements. WASHINGTO.J. Feb. 24. 1UP)- Secrai.ry of state Samson today nnnoimced to thc'world (he United States would btnn. by Us opc-n door policy in Ihc 'orient. He also indirtctly charged Jaiwn with violating the nine-power trea- ly ami the Kellogg pad. Had thei. treaties been "faithfully observed" Uie present situation in China would not have dcvelojKd, hs maintained. He further affirmed that if the nine-power treaty were disregarded the whole structure of lhe Washington Ircaty of 19.2 would be disturbed. By (his treaty tnc Unitc-d Stoics limited its naval power ir. the Pacific and agreed not to strengthen its fortifications in that area. By the 1922 treaty, Slimson pointed out. the United States surrendered its then commanding lead in battleship construction. U also agreed not lo strengthen its na»-il bases nt Guam and In the Philippines. Situation Avoidable "These self-denying covenants," lie pointed out, "were made because of assurance the open door policy in the far east would be preserved | and no 'nation would resort to mil- Hary aggrandizement in China.". do'w'n 'i'n diplomatic history as ""a corrolary ot the famous 0]>en door noliey of Secretary of State John Nay. was made in the form of a letter to Chnirmnn Boiaii of Uie wnate foreign relations roiniuUie.. Stim-on also called attention lo lhc Brlanrl-Kellogg pact, saying: "The recent events which have taken place in China, especially the Mancmirn have latterly been ex- t.nded to Shanghai, far from indicating the advisability'of any modification of the • treaties MO have been discussing, have tended to bring home the vital importance of the faithful observance of "the covenants ihere in to all fr.'e nation". • interested n the far east. "We see no reason for abandoning the enlightened principles which are embodied in these treaties. We telive this situation would have teen avoided had these covenants been faithfully observed, and no evidence has come lo us to indicate n due compliance with Ihem would have interfered with the adequate protection of the legal rights in China of the signatories of the treaties and the nationals." Demands Opportunity for China This statement was regarded as nil answer to Japan's contcnti.n in its reply to Stimson's note of January 1 that present conditions in China were not foreseen at the time lhe nine-power pact guaranteeing Chinese sovereignty was signed. A further answer was made in the following paragraph: re-stotemenl ol lh c Unit2d Stales ir policy lowaid Uie Oiitiil Intimated i • i-i:.this country imam be forced, to Point Need For Bigger t). S.- Navy WASHINGTON, Veil. 24 iUP>— The U. S. navy is rapidly bcccm- • 114 tin- senate n .unl .lrs committee in report tirgjig adoption of Die Hole bill authorizing imval con- -iniclio.! up to Ir.aty limits. Chainnan link- presented the report I. tlit sennit .hcrtly after of Slate Stimson JIP SM OF FOIL I HUE.! FOREIGN ABED Warn U. S. ; Consul Lives of Westerners May Be. Rndangerecl. SHANGHAI, Ft'b. 24 (UD—Clli- Commissioncrs, Threatened J3 OI ' With Los. of Turnback,! Await Developments. Or. K on Students Place Riches Ahead of Love ' l-.uaUNM. Cn:. 1-eb. _j lUI'j-- i'< «as sprlnj- .si,r,. i'in:n s ]i ( ,n 1)10 tiiilvi-i-iliy „( Ori'imi rumpus li-.-rc. bnl tlM» yoiiiin men's [iiiii'lvs dldti'i linn to love... Km many. Ninety per ceni of tin- men sin.'in!-, Mlio«-rotl » iiuiv.lkm- aini- Mild tlwy would marry a ivo- If slu- had .1 (lolL-irs. Abjiil (he same |xncenui;i? o-c-cls said .llii-y would many money mid let lov. go bank. extend Us naval lurc-e.s in tlit Pad He if Japan r.fusctl to uphold me nine power treaty guarantee..-8 Cliiiit. j sovereignty. 'lhe report said Japan had a|>- Ciopiiatcd. lor i;ew ship, which . oulu b.-in" her lleet. to treaty llm- -ts by nrtlllf-ry mounted on railway Lumliaidrcl thu .Japanese wharfs In the international settie- ii!"iil tonight. Tin- .helling V.H-, caused by re- t:ci'is the- -J.i-.cnr-se were prr-par- inz lo Iind rc-eiiforc:men!_. A Jap.iifse air :-..iuiulron dropped ' OSCKOLA. Art;., >\:b. 24,-Com- mlssloners ol highway impruvcni.nt dbliicls in ihc sout.iern pnrl of MLs.-.lss!|>pl county, threalcn.d wll'n low of county lurnlm-k money wlllj r which, under Act 03 of Die last legislature, they Imvc been paying 75 Per cent, oj Ihclr bond mauirll.c.v have decline, lo adopt a Kumjesllon for I! tombs loni.hi o-i the lluu (i:ey p.|ltion lhc SHERIFF™ Sentence of Sheriff Robertson Deferred; Status As Official in Doubt. 1 Indications were today thai Irial of Harry BaEey and two other defendants [n. - the Painiscot enmity rum conspirie?'cases, -now underway In federal court nt Cape Gl rardeau. days. would consume several Is a little southtt'cit lhc French concession. Mayor \Vu Teli-chen cf greater Shanghai protested again tonight .:. Edwin S. Cunningham. U. S. co::snl general, against landing of Japanese Irooixs in Die intcrnnllonai feltlcinent. Wu disclaimed respcn- libilily for iorei«n lives in' the event. Chinese defensive action Is necessary. lie suugfsled die evncii- aiicn of foieigru-rs fiom ureas wilh- in Ihc JapHiiese defense .section which appeared to. liidfait.' 11 n.j licinbardincni. Itcnorl Fall of Kians«..n LONDON, Feb. .4 (UPI—A dis 1 - 'compiLhy 'froni Shanghai said .... had cnntnred Klangn'an '.Tlio delays in Chinese progress, lhe instability of her' attempts to secure rcsixnisibl. government, were foreseen by Messrs. Hay, who proclaimed the open door txollcy. and Hughes and their contemporaries, nnd were the very obstndps which Iho i»licy of (he open door was designed to meet. We concur with these statesmen representing all Uie nations at thc Washington conf.r- L'unghua and Chenju railroad sta- duslioying nearby housc-s. uut did no; damage the railway. Chnjju I 5 due north of the .ie'.'le- ii.i the Klangwim battle iirea. lo o.-iier a ia.\- against their lands sumcien lo meet his year's mnturl- tie.s. , CommLs-i-oners. repvessnllng Hi-: Cursoii Irthe, liassett- Waardcll unil Joiner dslikts met ycslerdiiy nl 111' of j iiU'ltatioii ol Ro'y cuss thc inntler, Parents Respond Almost 100 Per Ceni to Inviln- tion lo Attend Classes. Parents of Mississippi comity Wilson "to dis- "^'""l children n>!>|X>iidi-il almost , but decided io 1M l m ' c " nl lo U>e Invitation lo awnlt. the development of events I *" ^ schools on Washinglon's before taking nny action. | birthday. 11 Is Indicaleil by [t-parls Oulcome Unctrlaln • i lec-ivcd by Miss Winnie V. Turner. Last year, in vioiv uf tlie timi- "'""ly .Upi'rvLsliiB Ifiii-hi-r, ivho tacl: money, only 25 per cent of •' i l"'u-<ir-il tin: "visitors day." lhe. full lax rfas levied ngainsi " lstc nd nl dismissing for Wnsh- lanc's In the districls. This year. • Dion's birthday lhe IS while «ii:i I.:.- iiru.juljillty that tli3ii! vviii'i«' !loo! *of Hie taunty c.lcbr.iied tlic be no lurnback money. It was felt' I'linlversury t>y Invlllivj nrnvnls nnd by some thai tlie wise thing lo do • rrlellcls 1° the class roums. lii-p.rts was to levy ii!c fun Ux, _nd liius hnvo ^"i-received from ff of Ihe iii-oiii (he posslbilily of default. ' schools, showing G,4(W visllDis In re- It ie nn<iilnil inii,> i... i ,. .-, .kumm/i In *i 7flO In.-Ir nt lm.- I. __ ... ' the I U is polnicd out. by J. r l. Coston, attorney for a number of tli. districls. that results of 111- icfrs- . 1-c %%£%? ^r ,*• * ^ • «?-'•:? _^«. ..TU NEW YORK. Feb. 24 (UP)—The ..- well dressed man, that mythical moval or resignation immediately | and Ions suffering creation, will uoon entorin. i.ic o.iin.- „!„., I doff his v.ii-tcr liannels this spring to don polka-dot step-ins with In Hie meanlime the exact s;atu.i a. nn orncinl,of Shtriff W. P. Robertson, who. with eight"-others," c;i- l.K'd a plea Of guilty to conspiracy charges! remained'In dcubt. • _.-._.^ in vyi,,n A . ioj«:.iaii> uic , Dispatches from- Ci^pp Girardeau hostilities which, having begun in | stated that Sheriff. Robertson's scn- xr^imTn.rn i,— i-**-_i.. i ..: tence was deferred until April I] because of the necessity of his official duties. He is subject '.o n maximum sentence of two years and a J10.000 fine. Word from Cape Girardeau that Robertson's sentence had been deferred until April H because of the necessity of his duties was taken it CaruthersviUe to mean that he would remain in office until sentence was passed. From other sources the opinion was expressed thai. Robertson would be subject to removal or resignation immec upon entering his guilty plea. Humors in CaruthersviUe yesterday were that Robertson hnd mailed his resignation lo the county court but they appeared to be dispelled by word that sentence had been deferred because of official duties. In the event Robertson, a former coun- ly representalivc, is removed or resigns his successor will be appointed by thc county court. Trial of Harry-'-Bailey, George Ellison and .William Heminger cpened at Ca|)c Girardeau late yesterday and was proceeding slowly today Most of this morning's session was consumed -with the testimony of one witness. Testimony introduced this morning deall mainly with alleged liquor transaclions at Steele and in Missouri along the Arkansas line north of Blytlievllle. A fourth defendant. Clarence Jordan, is yat to be tried. Besides Sheriff Robertson others to enter pleas of guilty yesterdav were: Jess McAnnlly. Charles Mor- uAuuii5 iu me Washington coiu.r- *'• ^ u ^e Van Ansdall. Clinton Wln- cncc who insisted China was en-1 „• d( -'P"ty sheriffs; Dale Perkins tilled lo the time necessary to ac- ™f n Br «>ks, Frank Martin and complish her development We arc walter Kurtz. Sentence will be prepared lo make ihl our policy in P asSK > on Ihem Feb. 25. lhc future." ,. E 'Sht of tlie defendants, including Robertson, entered pi eas of guUly to one count of the govern menl's indictment against them They admitted concealing /„»„. nivi rof.iH,,, .. _,.. V s : i»'ung - \ance toward Tazang. not receive siiK to 5.789 Invitations. It Is _x- pi'cted reports train (ho remaining schools will show equally Rrnllly- ing resulis. Dutl Oiwnn po.i KO, 24. American Uglon, .ireriid t\ Inrge' American llai; to Hit- srilnol hnvlng IUjllMt per rent of visitors. So far llnlf Moon school, a two teacher srhool --.* ...^.,^ ju..iin;uL LlllnlllHJ}; I1KJI1- —•""" -.v-ln-Ji, n V-l U llaLIllir .S.I1J01, p ey lo meet their maturities there 1 llns lhc utsL record, with n 200 per ; will probably be minu.nmus acll.n!"'" "(tendance of visitors. I/Micli- (o compcy levy- Mis'ioiuiri.s in Danger bv .." WASHINGTON. Fell 24 (UP)—' l,i, „, ,,, ,„ The American consulate nilHan- ' Is „ ^wSSV "- taw. Chinn, a-vised the .,.,. de- i ""& \vS^i,to,, dislrlcl, of , - partment today a representalivo of Ihe Luiiifran nulled' mission at Kwancchow had informed him the mission was "Ihre.itened by a large communist force." The consulate at once requested t!ie Konan provincial government to protect endangered Americans. Dainty Undies fo r Men Promised by Clothiers zippeis. That was the decision of tli e Retail Clothiers association after members had decided somber clothes had been worn by men so lone they have become a state of mind. The ensemble will include, the clothiers add. pink Barters, creiniy white suits, pale green hats fitted with tricky feathers, lavender tics. and shirts of any number of riazz- i-i. colors. which A. p. Bnrham ot . uk vj.ii. tuin ia attorney, nas 'ncl represented nl lhe .meeting at Wilson y?.s-ierit_j but Mr. Bnrham said loday that, "e did not believe, commissioners of the districl contemplated asking thc district.' ' . ,' '"' ° Colled ions Poor Seme of the commissioners o])- Poslng- the levying of Hie full [ax pointed out that collection of even the 25 per cent, tax levied last year were poor, and expressed the opinion fluu ft would be useless to attempt, to ccllecl a 100 per cent tax. Some of them also were Inclined to connect the move for .1 100 per ceni lax with lhc recenl visil to this county of Dwijjht Blackwood, chairman of hi- state highway ccm- yille school, with C07 .cglst-red visitors, hnd Ihe largest attendance by friends of the school. U.O,L.«, ,, L , Tl| e goal set for the _ny by Ml.v, Osccoln is Tmni; r was O.OM visitors,-nml «-|th who was said to have in- nisslon. tmmtcrl thai assumption by thcs* Post-MaYlincau law districts of their lull tax burden was necessary if (he debts of (!ie districts assumed M schools yet to report '|| appears i-ertain this was passed. Cook's Thriftiness May Enrich State $6,445 BOSTON. (UPJ-Because thrifty Sarah Burbage, a cook, left $100 on deposit In the Provi.ent Imll- tuton for SaviiiRs when she moved from here to Sail Lnk» city In 18-10, the. stnt_ of Massachusetts may be $6.445.22 richer. The deposit unclaimed during t!ic liileivcnlng years, Jins niotinlnl lo Ulat sum Ihrough the maaic of compound hut-res!, and wil 1 be limied over (o (he slate if no known heirs of the drc?.is«l Kppear within a year. cl lhe districts after rcci'ivin_ ; Mr. Coslon cxplrainetl thai 1"C re- J ferrcd the matter to commissioners ! for consideration letter from bond acrs pointing oul Ihe passbillty default In ca?e only lhe 25 per it tax w.i.s nnd there > no turnback money. LEflO ICES JIT POTJEETII May Throw His Strength to Garner or Baker, 11 i s I'rioiuls Believe. IIY RAYMOND CI,A.Ti:i( Unitu.1 I'ti-*; Slart riirrr.iiinnilnil NEW VOKK. I-'dl. 'H lUPi — Mnniiin- C.ovmmr Alfr?d K Kinllli l-Vrllli'tl 111 [[ItlVITMIIJOn W'l'll lilt- United Press tiKlny IID liUi-nds to KO lo Die Democratic national con- I'lMHloii m Chicago In Jimi:. There this nun! who Is ciisl- IIIB n rnnldly growing slindow n )onir 111. Ucnio.r.iiic paid will \ K ii, pc.tllon to take persnunl tt-ntlcr- :hlp ol his lorccs now urxuni'-tn^ lo ))i.-v.m the immliuUoii of Governor Franklin I). RMWU-H of New York. Smlih's dtclslon lorcciisl ft fln- Nli fixlit -.turan UI'MU two pojm- !nr sons of New York, stale. Will Talk on Prohibition Smith Is about to mulic mi lin- foilnut political ullerahce on pro- l".l>ll!on. tlic llfst since'- hi- re- cenily niuiauiiced ha was willing to make the fight tor Urn presidency if the .Democratic convention Fn desired. Ht Is iircp.irlnu lo siieiik lor (lit Hasxob home rule, plnn lo return liquor'routi-iil lo the slate More tlic Hatlonal Dem- cciatlc chili here Saturday. 1 nan ttie llraL' newspaper, cor- h_ had received since IK announced his uillliiBiicss to \f . a candidate more "lli«ii vc-ks nno. lit refused,u'nilur : '»iij ciicumiitimc.s to I'lakornlc thai annoiincoincnl. Siulih's iitlllnde lownrd- RODSP <clt Is one of Uic most mysterious .nnilcr.-i. In Democratic iwllllcs. He i!UI not ilisciibs It with me. What I ri'irart on this subject was gathered entirely from some of Ills -!o.e fvienils. They believe Smith reKtirds lloosevelt EIS an unwise I.vo.slcleiilial choke. Srrtins N'uminiOon •. Tlic e^planntlon advanced liy most of Ills friends Is he does uol believe Rcosevell-ls the strongest man Hi- parly could name. They don't b.llcr. Sniltli ox|)ects himself Ip be nominated. Some expect him nt the proper 'time lo forswear. nil claim and make his prelereiice known. They think this may be ellhcr Newton D. Baker of Ohio or Spcnker John Nance earner of Texas. Some ol the Sniith Rroup are watching Onrncr closely. Thuy like Ills easy iHrsoiuillty. ,On the other hiind tlicy regard Baker has hnv- inu one of the (Inesi minds In America. U. S. Marines Man Shanghai Barricades English Raspberry Costs Youth $2 Fine WHITSTABLE. Kent, England. (UPI—That rather regrettable form of abuse, known in America as "the raspberry. 11 and In England as "the raslio, 1 ' is jjable to a fine of »2 here. A youlh named Sidney Hogblni W1 s fined lhat amount for an ol- fonse. which was officially _e-: scribed a s "disorderly conduct," although the policeman said he gave another man "the raspberry." Hogbin pleaded that the man had Piously made an objectionable the onl '° hlm Rnd thal thls WM ^ police chief said thtt h« hid ' vctt numerous complalnls about theso and he had and'refuslng-to" ^'"^or ^ fhe^a.r.ed'anVrt i-'° latlons ' ™* nt the approach of federal* ^dfv' agents. All other Indictments and c^ur^^cC^ °f District Attor- Johnson --- ...„ " nuance in . Oy(r -° rh< chief deputy sheriff O f e county, or, e O f u charged'wlt » n to defeat enCemem o. SALEM, Oregon, (UP) __ rv, -!f"' s ^o rl ,4 War veterans' itije aid commls-Jon reported a cf J13.480 on sale of Iti ment during the p»sl y«r, 44 Foreclosures Entered by Chancellor Futrell Forty-four decrees of foreclosure were entered by Chancellor J. M. Fut__ll diirinj; the iwo-dny term of chancery court here, ending yesterday. Farm laiirls were involved in most of the cases with loan companies. Insurance- companies and individual holders of claims against properties as the pl.lntWs. There rj- also several foreclosures against city and town properties l:i lhe Clilck.isawbii dislrlcl of the county. In addition to tin' foreclosure decrees er.nlrd. ^ «"tri-3 were lecorded conllrmlnp s.iles and deeds tn p'.alnlllfs In oilier uctloivi. Con- Hi illation of ^nlc.s and deeds, arc usually the final slops laken in fictions .vsiiisi real property ami iisually follow decrees of fure- closin.. Airplane Motors May Combat Texas Frost This Is the sUtit that cheered America., ol Shanghai-Uncle £,«•» of getttog "th. ta the first to show Amcric»n forces on duty In the w»r- behind • sand-bag barricade at the south euc 01 neee. rcfugtvs sift Ihrnuch the police cordon The Court,- , S ^' over "devil dew" »re .vhilo inlllliifj CHI- SAN BENITO. Tex (UP)—If frosl Ihrealens lhe 100-acre bcanflcld of Fred Rusteberg and his son, Fr.d Jr., three airplane motors will be tuned up in an attempl lo ward ofT damage. The motors, (akcn from bombers used diiTiiif ihc World War. have huge wooden propellers. Currents set In motion by Ihc whirling propellers will keep frost from form- Ing, the'Rustcbcrgs believe. Their experiment is based upon results obutned by Brown Whlij, San Ben [to, two yetr.? ago wh«n two alrplsnw flew lo«- over a potato Held during a few houre that frost formed elsewhere. The po- lato crop was imdnmngt-d by the cold. Miss York social reglstcrite, too,'-;joes. "Old Olorlous" In' : 'thlt i whltt and blue hvlg.nd Kiifli,:.Hi_ She Is a iifvcimm la the roelro- i colony at Miuml Bench, Flo «:ilh ' Posses Start in Pursuit Fpl-, lowing Holdup This Afternoon. liONO, Art-TlKel). 2<! —Two b.-indits urmbd pistols untere.1 tlie lunik, hero UiLs urtwnoon, iKfrod P.'W. Duvis, taiili- iur, and Hay S.eulc, asHlnUiit sliiei 1 , scooitct! up an iiriflot- I'l'ininod amount of m<,- ; : nnd fled in nn aiito'mobilii. ;.'-Thuy 'nhmiilniitiil 'tlic .'car.' aliiuit a miU. anil a half out/ of Itoiio. • .-''.- I'OKSCH wore .immcdiatel.v Xiuiixnd an<l dwiwlchod to hunt them. Davis anil Stocks wore Imth knocked uiicotiscioiis and wei'o .scut In n'. hospital.. . -' ; Hank officials estimated'triiv' loss later ut $5.000'. T)io bandits hc/tded soiitii: on the Wnlnut Uidge-Jones-' Iwro highway. '. . : -':.;; l^ono is in north western ••' . 'niKlwad county, :a Ulllo over ten miles hoi tlnvost ot: Joneslioi'o. . •'• , .'''.*•-, ! | Kennelt Attonwy Will ^ Make Race for Judge , KENNETi 1 , Mo.—James , V. -Bll- Jlngs, former.: nrosecu|lng .'_tlatpe_v' ot nunklln county,"filed'his'declir^' aUw v.llh^aesre.niy of : Btitc-pjia.-: i.(7J«.f-r_oii i Ju.lpe of Stcddard uncl 'Duiilcliii : counties, to'lill the nnexpircd term. | cf tin: Inlc Judj-i w. S. C. Teachers Will Miss Pay Day Soon If Taxes Are Not Collected. Unless substantial tax collections nve mndc in the niy.thevlllc school dlstricl In flic nexl fe«- weeks Uiere- will be no pay checks for leflchcrs In the locnl graded schools on Ihelr nexl pay day, March 19, . - . The bcncli Is nt present held by Judge Jolui A. McAimtly, tlw- hrM. Republican lo -Hold : lhe oftii*. slnc e tlie organization br the Judlc- :•' lat circuit. His appolnlificiil to the', (ifice came at the deutli of JU_K-' Walker and carried with It, lhe en-'. dcrsement 'of Blllliu;r, ami oilier i Democrullc lenders of ihc county^ who realized the would go to n RepuWlcan. Chile Opens Drive to : Aid Financial Structure WASHINGTON. IUP)—Tlie'-gov. ernm.nt of Chile Is now'engaged in a glgtintic attempt, to aid . thST . .. -..*.», .nnitii IV, "* " *>•»••«•->-' **kivuk|jv. 117 iu.1 . UbC-^ ',1 was said today by Crawford financial slruciurc of the nation.' Greene, Mipi'rlnt.ndcnt ol schools, I according to the Department of following n meeting of the board I Commerce. ' . ' of education nl which rfrrnng*- "' ' incuts were made for meeting $8, -Kl. In Ixmd maturities fall due March ]. AH for mortgage debtors,. Issuance of rates against agricultural product., increasing the number', of ••• - i«-n j. agricultural 'warehouses, nnd ad- To nmkc th c bond payments tlic Justmcnt of wheat prices, to pro- board arranged la borrow $5,000. '' lll ' / "' "'"* *•««-,,».«- — _ r — _* lo bo repaid oul of lh e spring ap- proprlnllon of state money. To mnke up the remainder of the $8.400 will take just: iibout all of tile money left to :l|i_:'.credit of lhe dlslrict, and expenses for thc balance of thc year, including teachers salaries, have to come out of new lax collection, plus what little may be obtained from land redemptions nnd delinquent lax collections. Teachers In lhe junior and senior high schools will nol be affected by lhe absence uf funds, is Iheir snlaries nr e . paid out o'f '.uiticn fees paid by students. MnnBors of the school board, following tr.chy's meeting, appealed o laxiaye.s of thc district, to pay heir laxes as piomritly as pos- Iblp, In order dial thc.schcols may meel their obligations' Income Tax Collector U^v i »-j T : i-uu.urea in a -mure by Orl nere tO Aid I axpayers I Sw l 111 "- a farmer, lhc nnim»i foi . r J [so lic-rccly thai it had to bo s..«.. Charles H. Prater demitv collec-i^.-S brokf11 «»vcs ab-ut It. neck lor of Internal revenuTThere for tci '? ecl lo lhe rul!c eftorls o! On- |tarlos best rnnger.i and wolMiunt- (Inccr and consumer, are a few of lhe proposals considered to Influence the general price situation In '"• order to restore confidence. A Inrgc number of bills for VK>-- nosed tigriccllur.l legislation have- been prepared by Iho Minister of Agricullu.e. A 30 per cent reduction on wine taxes Is proposed to nld the Industry. The organization of credit, pro- ducton nnd selling co- opera lives, and the celebration of commercial'- treaties to facilitate the Interchange ot .grldillurfil products' with other nations are abo under coasidenillon. ' '-.-., Timber WoU Fought 'Farmer Until Killed SUDVILLE. Oni. (UP)—Three years of defiance has piuted for the famous "king of the limber wolves." Cnuiured in a -mure by Orlaml " " fought shol. - • Ihc p-rpose of assisting (axpavers .'? rl n filing their 193! income (aVre- ' ' T ports. He will be located al the G';n- coe hofel until March I and will make no charge for his sen-ices. Mr. Prater says there has tvn no change in the requirements •nd rates and they arc lhe same as last year. animal was more thnn seven feet.long. H ha? taken a heavy toll of north country game c. and rivrn-ci »*-,. HH E O f •king" among OnUrto tirtaem. WEATHER Arkansas Farmers Send Feed to South Dakota ATKINS. Ark., reb. 24. (UP)—A car load of h»y and corn donated >y -*mer_ in this oommunlty was en route to Wesstnjton, a. D., whera 'it will be used to «id drouth \ic- ton!»rit. Thursday Increaslnj cloudiness. •\cccrding to the official «-e«th:r obwner. Clwrles Phillips, Jr., the maximum. temper»Uire yestetday was 56 degrees and tie minimum degrees, oletr. Today a j-e.r . the maximum temperatur* va-, 70 degrees and the minimum . « degrees, cloudy with .03 Inches. »f tttnftll

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