Our Living and Our Dead from New Bern, North Carolina on August 6, 1873 · Page 1
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Our Living and Our Dead from New Bern, North Carolina · Page 1

New Bern, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1873
Page 1
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; ' ' ; ' ; - . . . . " i ; -. ' . - . - .r : - " ; - . . . s-..-." ; '" ";i .: ;. - ; i . . - . ! -: - ;- ' ; : r r , ; - y : ": -:; ' - - ' ;' : " V,-'.-.- j . y .. ' i - :K 4' " L . T ,:-.!' W ' M -j . " : -:f"'; . -. : -.1 'V wutbcru S&tr In. this column wc desire to publish such poetry as is commemorative of events which occurred, during the -war, or of the sentiments and feelings of those who participated in it, and memorial sketches in Terse of gallant officers and men -who fell iur battle, or signally' distinguished themselves. -Our supply of; poetry on hand is less than, any other material and wo" re- spectf ully ask those , who luwe such as is suited to the purpose far, which wo design this column to add .;. to our small stock. North Carolina can boast of several (ladies and gentlemen") who have poetical-talents of high order, and from them we should be pleased to, hear at all , - : , .. ' ' : . ,' times. , . ' ;.. ; - . ... Prometheus (Viuctue. BT PANS! ;DOWNK(J. rromethen on tho cold too ound. The ralturo at liin boatK. t loVou oh! Soatbem-Cluef.VbaBfotind . A fittiug counten'art. Th Titan by Wb womli-ouS:H)ull -Fanliifiuea man from clay : ' You formed a nation at.four vin. And beiitittoyour.bvay !i ; . -.- ' : ' ' ';. ' ' - ' Ho made a'dull imsenaate-thiii, : . A form without toul ; ; - . Your spirit with lifc-Htimii bpraig . Electrified the whole. . i ' Like himl vour greatnos did you wronf Your virtue was Jpnr bane. ; Kach soared aboro te.omraon throng, Eaoh f oiiud a priwou chain-! - Yorir aims alike were noble well Ye battled, till at length Each, having done his utmdht fell Dragged down by Force and btrength i - , - - . :: , . Ye foil brft gainotl a height eubhmo, r And more than mortal fame, Binding upon the broasrof Tinio An ever glorious name-t I ,r . " " ." ' ' , ' .. ' No farther raiT tho sombi'arice go . Ceiismxnpd bv Zeus' f rowrt,f ; IVoinctheuB w'ith gupernal wts t . In agony bowed do.vn. ; C "While voif. oli ! gentle ' -tmff ercr,.-feel Though .bendi-iig 'neatu tW rotl,.-A hoiv j. iv, the nigit and. aenl.; ; Of a butaining God!. ; ; : - ' . ' 'ijif' '.4 -' " - -. - ' Yifhin your r grated prispri CfeU " ( A gracious guost abideft. J ! .' AVmI bv the same low-pokon sped, Yhich stilled Uio ragUig.Mdeij--, ; , -1 - Of tt vce Tibefi.iP. Ho,Vxorls .. '. .-'A spirir-ootUhig calni, Vr ; : And heals the MiMg of :-arth!f-'hurt . Vfith heavenly iere and.ialuvJ '. : - v-.:. ' - Around voutn uutiiig PIaj': -Thob'onbifingWlfowH'-feati-i.' : And whiie with trrt-sfrt pC w-thing pray, ' . Bteak tiamJtuiiig on tho tjherc. . :. ' : : f- I m'r--: . ThcKe ocean RurgCM wl-f xp:e!--i . The lve, the hopef. tho o, " . ' Vhich to yon in your loijer.tl-3 -r ' , Your faithful peoi)Ie l r ChSinft and aln-ison canuo.1 Your empire from its tlirt: Your And in very S mtheni'Jc'eift , A kingdopi and a home J a 1-.' ;-: ." ' ' ' -. -1 '--i . : Tlie hiately land yon strove in. t-eite, 0 In sable'roles arrayed ' ' Jff, : . , Jlajorttic mourns l-oide ih.ygravq Where all her hopes are lar . i.. But though she weepy hor cheribhcd dead 'With fcri-otf deep and true, ,No toars of bitternr-HS are'hhed . i " Like those that fall fof yovj ! 'You hold her heart-string mour hand, And evrv.;blow and Hlur ffi , f That etrikes you as y'ou. h?lplcs etawl, .' Falls doubly hard on lier 5 V ;". . y- . ' '. i ' : " V M '" '''' -Heaven help ns all ! Tnfe New Year dawim ' Again with gladsome ...birth V.: : Ootf grant ' re many f mllnig laoni? Have glorified tha earth. y.i 1 - I'hat one may break amid' tho'ftarsy j Which'by his blest decree, si j r - ; . Beaming across ycuT pnpon bars", Shall bliiuo upon vou ftIee ! . ' . From tfier Ixiiul We Jjove, Jia- 18C7. "Tell the lioys I'm Cdiiiin Soon. BY 3. ATJCfCSTIXE SIOSAIOO. . , - I waa JuBt well enoucli to Icato the' hospital to repair to my connnand.-' ' In paB&ing out I stopped to, bid a eick comrade adieu, i fouua the poor ; felloe wa dying. Ito took my hand in bin, and. s with a last 'effort, whispered : f "Toil the boys I'm k Where a hundred ick rMllyk0 Groaned in agony and pair), , - While the , whizzing heila Vere flying ' Fast aa comes the pelting rain, j Was a soldier uickly straying t Into death's remorseless 8woonr . Still he woke up firmly saying ' . "Tell the bova odming soon f "Did ou hear it not ? the rattB; ; -Of the canicter the cranli ! ' -Hear the furious peals of battle, Se the'cannon'B hghtning;fla8h ? t ': Ood of Heaven I my bosom'if swelling, V Boating to the bullets; tuua ! . ' XiiB.ten to their diatant jelhorg . . ' TelI tho hoys I'm coniing boon!' . ' - .. : " - - i . t .'- " '':'.' -; . ''' :j : , :''--. ' -'Have ttiey'fgbt.anotheribattle 7 I must be with them I mut l . ; - v. God I - there'smuHic in its rattle . - As the foemen -bite tho dmt ! Tell thr' lMys to Htriko for freedmH-1 Tiaf of Heaven the priceless boon, -Tell all freemen that'woneed -'em Tell the boya I'm cording soon .!. ' ' ' . '" ' - : H-R. - ''' ' ' Fast the soldier now Was einiing,- JL.ike the Betting of tho day, , : Still his.rakid was . dreaming Jhinkirig,- Of the boya who wore the grey ; ' I And with one strong effort iiighhig, ; v Ere he fell in death'a Jaftt Woon,-v Still ho said as ho waa dying- " ., . 'Tell the boya I'm coming pn !" : ','-.' ' v. ?j; Coming .quietly, coming blaAdly, - Kising up beyond the aklca, Marching onward, marching grandly, . -. To the gates of Paradiae! . ' ' . i ; ion tne ocactwiio vo gone betoro him I J He has won tho holy boon,; si : -j ' ; Tell the saints who btiil Tatch'ed o'er him J I'; Tell all lloaveu 2ie ci xdng, thou. I .. j Y ,- From the;Laml We totf, May 18C3. ' I .ifiss -Nellie 'i'liursloa is engaged to toake a balloon aficensioa this full at tho Antwerp (N. Y.) Union Aricaltural So-.ciety grounds,. , , y .;)'.. , : :r'OR;.'TESTTM BATTLE-FIELDS. ' ' ; 1 1 i ' : r- i : ' : 1 : ! ' : .. i ! '. . . -V ;. .' ? 1 ' ; ! V- : : 1 - : - 1 - -r- : ; t - : . f .- n : . 1 : ; - - 1 i VOL. I. FltOM TI1K KOIr. OF HONOR. lirief Sketch of (the First 15at- . . i . - -, falioii. Artillery. i v Hd. Qrs. JTobt Peicder, ) SiifrnvaiiLE, N. C, jrfh. 17, 18Gi. . ) Iajor James II; Foote, jA. A. G : . j I have the rumor to report tlie following as correct historj' of the 1st battalion Nf O. Heavy artillery, up! to 'January 31st 1864. On the loth day pf February 18G2, the Convention of N. C. passed the following resolution :. . 1 Jiesolved, That the Governor be -and he is hereby authorized to raise, by voluntary enlistment, not exceeding three artillery companies to serve at the batteries already erected, lor which may hereafter bo erected on tho Cape Fear river, below, or at or in the town of Wilmington, andt that the men constituting such companies be entitled to such bounty, pay and ' allowances as are by law allowed to jcompanies iu the service of the Confederate States. Be it further resolved, That tho Governor be authorized to appoint. Captains and Lieutenats to recruit suh companies, "the term of service being fqr twelve months, three years or the var, unless sooner discharged by the Governor. : ' - Passed and ratified 15th day of February 18G2,1 in open Convention. t ; , Alexander MeKae, Chas. I). Ellis, , and Robert G. Iiankin having been - recommended by the authorities of Wilmington, were appointed by the Governor to' raise the three companies provided for in the above resolution. 1 Tho oflicers being thus appointed, Capt. Mcliae's company was mustered' into the service of the State of Ni C. by Col. J. L. Cautwell on the" Uth day of April 1802 ; Capt Ellis' on the 2nd dav of May 18G2 : and Capt. ltankin s on May 18(52. --- Under special orders, the 13th day of dated Adjutant General's office, llalcigli April '2nd - 18G2 the three companies reported for duty to Brig. Gen; F. G. French, commanding District of Cape Fear, j i l: Capt. McBaei was assigned by him to -Fort 5St. I'billip, at old Brunswick on Cape Fear river. The company remained at this point until the 17th day of May 18G2. when it was removed, to Fort Fisher, a heavy work on Confederate 'Point, commanding the new iidet to Cape Fear. Here it remained, participatipgvin several eu- jgagements with the blockading lleet of the i-uqiay, uiitii February 18th 18G1, when-it . twelvd months ; afterwards performed garni rison duty at Wilmington and was , then sent to Fort Campbell at. the mouth of the-river. . j : C.ipt.ij llfinkia waa assigned to the forti-jie;itnnuioat VilmrMgm where ho re-i .mailed -utitil the 8tho tBcptember. -18'GiJ',! w-heu the company 'as stub to Fort lol-; nie on i;iid ili!iui, Biiiith'B Island, -at "the munch of the river. On) tljo bth dav of 1-Ybiuaiv 1831, it was removed to Fort L'eiidcr, SmithviUe N. (l On tho 8th day; of iMaroh 1803, these thrde companies were 'ofXiiuiZi'd it to the 1st battalion, of N, C Heavy artillery,' Capt. 'Alex. Mcltae ap-' pointed Jlujor, Urm. Calder, Adjutant, and A. A. liar tslield A. Q. St. Major Moliae' was assigned to duty in Wilmington until February lOth-1801;' wlien ho assumed-command? of Fort Pender, where tiiree companies of the battalion were stationed. ! On tliev13th -of January jlSIVl, 4u .aceord-anco with .special .order jNo. C, Adjutant Generurs oificcs, . a , foiTrth. company wa:j organized from the other three, and attached to the battalion as I company. Whole number, of the battalion, . . ... .'C09" as follows : v ; .. . i. ! Officers, . . . . . . ...... .r. ... L- . ; . r . 22 Volunteers,' I . i . . . 531 Substitutes, 23 Conscripts,. ... ... ............... . .-. 33 Total - J " i , COO Tho number of men who have -left the battalion are as follows , t Officers four, resigned. Volunteers di$charged by substitutes, sixteen ; substitutes discharged by substitutes, one. Volunteers discharged by disability, eleven volunteers discharged by order of the Goyerner, three ; volunteers transferred, ten ; substitutes transferred, one ; volunteers deserted, ten ; volunteers died, thirty-one.; substitutes died, two ; conscripts. died, two, making a total of 147, leaving 462 men, including the offioers now with the, battalion. ' . liespoctfully submitted, (Signed) M . Alex. MoKae, Major Commanding. W. Caldeb,. Adjutant, j FROM THE ItOIIi OF IIOXOK, Uriel Skc tcli "of tlie Second Uat- tiilion.l This battalion was organized near Richmond Va.t about the 15th of November 1861, by Lieut. Col. Wharton Green, under authority of the Secretary5 of War of the Confederate I States. It was composed of the following companies: A, Capt. Allen, i Madison , Co., N. C, Mrf Smith, Stokes C, " D, " E, " a, Overbyl Mecklenburg E. Smith, Forsythe, ;; DeBois, Merri weathqr Andrews, Randolph -: Wheeler, Forsythe Cooper Surrey, The field and staff officers wero lows:' '- - y' , . f. ;'-:j.'- Iieut. Col. Wharton J. Green, ren county, N. C. ! -Major Marcus .h rwm, Uuncom be eoun-' ty N. C. V-:r Adjutant McKutt Missouri. 1 i -A.:Q. M. A. H.! ShufordV Georgia. . Surgeon Frank Patterson, Warren couuty N. C. i . ' . A Asst. Surg. Saml. Young, GraB-ville county N. C, ' . Chaplain H. E. Brooks, Georgia. On the 12th of pecembir 1861,: the battalion was ordered to- Wilmington N. C. near which place it remained until the 1st of February 1862, when it Was ordered to Roanoke Island S, C. This Island, then under tho command of. Brigadier General Wise, was at that timet seriously threatened, by a large and powerful land and naval force and was attacked a few days after was removed to l ort Feuder at Smithville.: ' Capt. Ellis was assigned to Fort Strong, i near -Wilmington, . v here ho remained Ga. "N. C. ( , asfol- WTar- :;NEWBERN .N. .G.,' WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6, 11873. . NO. G. wards. I The battalion, owing to delays, did hot reach the Island iu tjme to participate in j the general engiagement, but landing on the morning of th'c 7th of February 1862. Immediately bh landing, it was carried into the action but in j a few; moments! the Island was surrendered by the j officer in j co itmand, and nearly th3 whole force captured, i In this engagement, the battalion 'lost five . men killed and seven wounded. On the 2lst of February 1862, the prisonorsjwere paroled at Elizabeth City, N. C., ; and were i exchanged on the 18th of August 1S62. Soon after this exchiauge . tho officers and inen were ordered to rendervous at Prewy's Bluff near Richmond Va. Here, on tho 25th of September 1862, the battalion being composed of twelve months I volunteers, was ordered td be reorganized' . in accordance with the act of Congress,! In jits ro-organ-ization, j many! changes took place. I therefore, give the organization as it then existed, namely : !Lieut, Col.Capt. W.II. Wheeler, 1 j declined promotion. Major, Capt. H: Ii. Andrews. Capt. Charles E. Shober 45th NL C. Trpops appointed Lt. Col, vice W; heeler declined. :A. W. Green Warren coiitity N. C. appointed Adjutant vice1 McNntt resigned. . Cap ;ain I Cooper, Surry county N.C appointed . A. Q. M., vice Shuford resigned; Dr. C. F. Robin son, Georgia, appointed Assl. Sarg. vice Young resigned; Company A, Capt. Milton Smithy Stakes county ; N. C. Company B, Capt.Di J. Norman, Vice .Cooper appointed A. Q. M.. Surry codpty, N. CT Company I C,' jCapt. Henry Wood, vice O verbv, 'Virginia. Co mpahy 1), Capt. Ed. Smitb Georgia. ! Company E, Capt. J. J. Tucker, vice DeBois, Georgia: Company; F, Capt.1 J Ml Hancock,! vice Andrews promoted,! Randolph county N. C. Com-j panylG, Capt. W. H. Wheeler, Forsythq county N. ,C. Company H, Capt. Van Brown, vice Allen, Madison county IS. C.j Soon after I tlib re-organizatfon Captain; Wood'3 company (C) was transferred to a? Virginia command. . The battalion was, then attached to Brig. Gen. Daniel's. Bri-J gadp, in wliicli it has remainqd ever sincej and. in January 1833 followed that portion of the Brigade! which had j licen . ordered abont a monthj previous to (Jfoldsboro N.j C. lit remained! in camp neat Goldsbora until early jii February 1863p when thd Brigade was ordered to Kinstion N. C . Here it reniainbd until 3Iay 180:3, in tha rnoautime. 'rhowever. narticioaWL ; in the. movement f crauist Jsewbern r.iid Washirg- ton,l under fan. Di H. Hill . In May tie Brigade joijuedi the army of Njortli Virginia and was! assigned to Rdds' Divisioa, E well's Csi'ps.j Early iu June, this corps comraenccit itajmomorable match to Pennsylvania. At Brandy Station hear.Culpep-pepper C. tl., 'our Division . jyas ordore.il out to support thf cavalry! which was be-4 iiitr Unvou iu ov tho enemy: mii tne one-- my rt tired' t! the approach of iho infanrj trv. ! Thb liattnliou was with tho Division! during theloni' rriareU to Carltslo barracks Va; i At Hdorcrrftown MlT..Col Sheber havH ing rcsigneU, Major ifijdrews became Lt. CoU ami Cfipti Jno. M. Hanccek, company F, was rippoiutsd Major. From Car- lib! e; barrocksj the Corps mareh to Gettys- unrj? l a.; aivivug near- that 'memorable the line;of battle -as. formed and our Brigade . : t ' advanced immediately into action. Shot, shell and bjill4t3 foil thickly around, killing; or wounding men .at evpry step, we advanced: batlstoudilv thoBrigado inarch - ed .forward, with unwavering jfront, until within clo riie range of tho. enemy. Here tho line Vari halted and the 4.5th i. C. T. aud 2pd jbattahon were ordered to charge tHe j:nomy, v.hicli were formed in three lines juJ; in our front. With a yell, gallantly forward charged! tho men Col. Andrews! most gallantly led Lis command though ho, liad been a short time previously wounded jby a' shell ' In j the charge, after breakibgftwo linosbf tbe enemy, the battalion found itself on tho j-verge of a deepi railroad cut ( which wasj not before seoni .Thnsj checked, though romo of tho menlhad scrambled into tho cut and were proceeding up the opposite jbahd, Col. Andrews received orders to fall back. Ordering this,- ;tbV enemy pofire!d a ;. dradly fire into the-j ranks of tho 'battalion. At' this (time, fell ;the'gaHant.xndrove,killed, and his galini Major, wounded. Out of 250 men inlnrling officers, dearly threo fourths had jfallen nearly all tho j ofneers remnant cf were! killed pr -wounded. The; ;nis nooio ;uanu a mere iiandtuii: were reformed; oh (the the original ' lino by Adjutant Green, who had borne ; himself with the 1 greatest . gallantry throughout the charge, jand by orders from Gen. Daniel were formed on the left of j thb 45th. This charge, was made directl . under the eye of Genj j Daniel, who complinmentod the behavior, of the battalion ib tboliigh-est toxins, ij Irajmcdiately aftcrfthis charge the enemy commenced to ij give way and the (brigade moved forward,1 capturing prisoners, j It jwas halted near the town for the night. Uuder Capt. Van Brown of company H. the battalion participated in the actions) nUhe succeeding1 day 3. On the morning; of the 5th of July, the army comlaencedtsj retreat. On tlie Cth Dau iel's brigade fqrmed the Tear guard of the army ami near Fairfield wero--;iii battle to mbet the advance of the line of enemy. The battalion was here denloved as sharn shooters, "and lost two men captured. At HagerstownjMfl., the army awaited Meade but he declining to advance, ii re4crossed the Potomac alnii marched Aqwly back to Orange county Va. .Near Front; Royal, Rodes diyisidn was sent to . support Wright's brigade, which was holding the enemy in check, until the army had re-crossed thet JShoe Ridge.' Here it lay in line of battU. until' night, and then moved by way of Etrray to Orange C. H., Va Soon after it arrived at Orancre C. H.. Ma jor Iredell 53d JN. C. Troops was ordeied to the comnianid of tho battalion; Major Hancock hiving been wounded and captured iu Pennsylvania. ! ! Here it remained nearly k month j drilling, and re- cuperating from the disasters of the re-e'en-i campaign. j " - . .r ' : . Its strength -(very slowlv recruited, in September, -about the 10th it was ordered to Morton sFord.the enemy having advanced into Culpepper County Here it did picket duty; for) nearly a month, when it nuu&ipnm m iuB moveijieni towaras iuan-uassas,' which canscd Meadeys hasty retreat; to-vards Washington City. Though formed in lin'o of battle once, it was not engaged in battle. A f ter aSsisti ug 1 to det;- tioy the Railroad, from?Bristol Station, to tke Rappahannock river, the battalioD crossetl the river and went into camp near Kelly's Ford. Thus it remained quietly until the 6th of November, when the enemy suddenly advanced 'and effected a crossing Kelly's Ford.f I The Division formed iu line a battle, biii'ohly a small portion become engaged. : Tlie battalion was j ordered by General i?anicl to the right, near Mountain Run to support a battery jbut was cut off by the enemy, and had to make a most tedious aud circuitous march tore-join the Brigade. jMajorBpggan, 43d; N. 0. Troops commanded the battalion,, on the occasion, Major Iredell being absent, on leave, during tlie whole of November. The next night, jibe army crossed? the Rapidan and Daniel's Brigade was again sent to Morton's Fprd.j About the last of JTovember 1863, tht enemy crossed ! the Rapidan and our army (formed along Mine Ran, inviting aii attack.' The enemy would not attack, j ;lut j jhastily retreated back Ixito Culpepper. Tie buttilion uhder Captain Smith oompany B, while lying in reserve, had two men wounded j from l tho bursting of a shell, in the ranks, one sharp-shooter of the: bctuklioii was killed. While lying in reserve; the battallion I was sub- lectcti to consiaerjipjo . -a . a. 3: 1 11 ft ! 1 - 1-1. ..II!.. . shelling; but Ens-above mentioned. taiued only the floss 4Af ier an ineffectu alt pursuit of the enemy, tlie brigade returned to Morton s Ford, when Major Iredell' was again ordered to the command. Eaily iii January, tho brigade moved back frbni the river and went into Winter Quarters. Sinco then, it has gone at short mtet'yjals on picket at Morton's and Raccoon IFurd on the Rapidan. The battalion' has recruited quito rapidly and is how quite asbtrbng as when it went into the battle i of Gettysburg. Companies D aud E, are frojit Georgia. They are companies Jcompo4el of a ; gallant set; of men and they acted their pirt iu lthe bloody drama at Gctt3'sburg with unflinching courage. TheJ have imadtj appb'ca-tion for'transfer toJa,Georgia commandand orders arc daily expected severing their connection with this command. . Both! officers and men neteel nobly 'in tlio battle of Gettyalmrg, and dberved the high eneo-niums .bestowed oli jhem by tho Brigadier General;" The' following ; tribute to the late Col. Audrcws,-f3 from the pen of one who knev him intimately and was by his side in the gallahtjeharge in whichdio fell "Our late esteemelcommaudor ;Et. Col II. Li. Andrews whpjso gallantly ' lead the battillion iu the avttul charge on 'the mem- oraoio d.if of July IS'.vO, although pre viously woundou by a- fiagment of shell in the tjiigh, refusel to quit his post and seek medicalaid wlfen urged by Jiis,Adju-tarit, to whom his disabled .condition was apparent, but urged- his moa right onward to, victory or deathjhimsolf alnidst in the van; when ho fell, willingly yielding jhis manly spirit; and life". bipod upon Iho attar of freedom, inpefenceof. his' suffer: ing and mourning "country ' his glorious conduct was the inspiration, of his command to emnlate hi example in tho performance of deeds j of daring, ; Although the first engagement! of note iu which: he had participated, li4 did not fail to win the admiration andjlonudence of tho cbm-s manding Gen era ,-, who scrutinisied his brave and unselhsll conduct. Noith Car-liua has lo.st one of its brightest gems and most deserving supporters, and ; the Cou- foderacy one of its itnost elllcicnt and faithful oflicers. His sriu has ; stjt to riso no more but a hdlo ofiglory 'surrounds him cfjn ' . 1 -."; -! ': i : f" '' 1 i" JA3. j. IjUT.I)E7jT. Maox'53 N. C T. Cpmmai)ding. April 11th .IBGi. .- - An Act to roylde for the Iiillic ! ! Jetbnce. ' ' ' ' f i 1 . ; SncTiof 1. lie U 'Snactcd by the Genera1 Assembly of the Sfyte of Nbrth Carolina, and it is hcrcy enacted .by the .authority of the same, That" jn order to provide, speedily, forces to 'yk pel invasion and aid the Confederate States of America in maintaining the rightful! possession of every portion ; of turritoiy belonging to each Southern State, and to securer the public tranquility and iddependence against threatened .assaidtsl his excellency -the Governor; by tho advice of tho. military board, be and is hereby authorized to eru-ploy the militia, military and naval forces of this State, aud to ask for and accept the services of; twenty! thousand volunteers who may otfer their Services, either as cavalry; mounted rifleiaeii, artillery or infantry, in such proportions of theso several arms as he may deem expedient to. serve for twelve months if ter they shall be mustered into service unless eooner discharged, with power on .tlie part of :tho Governor tp increase $aid volunteer force to the number of fifty thousand if tho public exigences demand xt .r 1 j Seo 2.x That the Goremor shall clothe, arm and equip said! volunteers, except to inonnted menjj when jrnustered into service, ud each mounted yolunteer shall furnish his own horso and equipments, j Sec. 3. That said volunteers shall', when called into actual service,? and whilo; remaining, therein, be subject to tho rules nd articles' -.of ;warT'6f' the 'Confederate States of America, ahd instead of clothing, every non-commissioned olScer aud private in any company shall .be. entitled when called into actual seivice, in money to a sum equal to the cbsi of clothing of a noncommissioned officer or private in the regular army of tho ;0onfederote States of America,' in case -said non-commissioned 6Scer or soldier fehall . furnish his own clothing1. I ;':). : . . 1 ; V' '.') -.;'; '-; ISsoji.. That the feaid volunteers so offerr ing their services, ihay be accepted by the Governor by tho advico of the railitary board, in companiequadronM, battalions or regiments, and the several companies and troops are hereby authorized to elect their own officers, who, when elected, shall be commissioned by: the Governor. ! Seo. 5. That the Governor, with the ad-. vice of the miiitaryTjjoard, is hereby authorized to organisc-ompanies so tendering their Bervices, ipto battalions or squadrons, battalions or squadrons into regiments, dud regiments into brigades, 'and brigades into divisions, whenever in his judgment such organization may be expedient ; and whenevei- brigades, and divis-ionsi as well as regiments shall be organized,' the Governor Ly and with the advice of tho military jboard, shall appoint the commanding officers for such brigades and divisions iu the ; manner hereinafter directed, who shall hold their offices ouly while snch brigades and divisions are in service ; and sach officers so appointed shall have power "to appoint stiff officers of like number and like rank as officers of th4 same rank1 in the regular army of the Confederate States of America are empow-ertvl to appoiut.:; 11 ' Sko. G. Th it whenever said M volunteers are. called and received' into servicey,nnder thd provisions of this act, they shall have the same-organization, and shall have the same pay and allowance as may be "provided for the regular army of h& Confeder ate States of America ;. and all mounted non-oommisaibned officers, privates' and artificers shall bo allowed forty cents per day for the uso"add risk 'of their horses ; for horses killed in action or dying in actual service, ; volunteers .shall be allowed compensation according to their appraised value at the date: of muster into service, and the Governor shall have such appraisement made, t . : Sec. 7. That tio Governor by; and with the advice and consent - of the military board, shall appoint a major-general for each division! of paid corps of volunteers, and a brigadier-general for each brigade, and the commissioned company officers 'of each regiment shall elect a colonel, licuten- ant-coiouel ahd major. i t - Sec. 8. That whenever said volunteers shall be called into service in such numbers that the ofiictrs of the quartermaster, commissary and medical department are not sufficient for tho supplying, quartering, transporting and furnishing them witjh the . requisite medical attendance, it sh4il.be lawful for the Governor to ap- point as many additional officers of said tte)artments,j as in Ins judgment the public service rndy require, with such rank as likjb officrs hold in (the regular array of tha Confederate" -States of America and wifh like pay. and' allowances, ' and the Governor is hereby required to exact of the public officers who aro subordinate to hiijr in tlie military department such bonds with good sureties for the faithful performance of their duties, as in hi3 judgment thef public safety may require him to demand. ; . " '-, - : . s ''- ' . .ec. 9. That tbo GOTernc may prescribe i-ulps for the government and drilling of said volunteers, nnd have printed such woka and treatises on military sciences as he jnay deomlexpedient--tiie expenses of such printing! and distributing to be paid outr of the public, treasury. . . t , 5ec.' 10. ri;i4at the Governor fchalf have power to muster; said r companies, squadrons, battalions, regimeuts . or divisions at hny point in the State, where' he may designate, antt to form encampments of the same at such place's as ho deem expedient .; and lie is .further anthonzed-rto tender the services of said volunteer forco or any part thereof, to the Confoderat States of America, and have them w" tered mro tho jservieo f said Confederate tfw1-' r any ne f tbe slaY-vsame qu-, n rrfcAM i ' x 1 11 Sec. 11. That said volunteers, both offi- cers and privates, shall bo entitled to the same pay, and allowances and emoluments allowed to thotof2cers and privates in the regular armyiof tlie Confederate States of America. ' . ' ' ' ' . Sec . 12. That -each Jompany organize 1 under this act shall consist of , not less than sixty-four -privates, nbr more than one hnndred,; nniess the Governor shall otherwise: direct '"and each company shall be officered by one captain, one first lieutenant, one eeccud lieutenant and- one third lieutenant; who shall rank as brevet second lieutenant, to be ' elected by " the vote of tho! i cprppany, and commissioned by the j 'Governor, and four sergeants, and four corporals, . to be appointed by the respective captains. ; Sec. 13. That in the distribution of the arms of the State to the "volunteer corps, the Governor may .at his discretion, re-' quire a .bonll payable to the I3ate of North Carolina with sufficient security from the captain of each company to whom such arms shall be distributed,- for the safe keeping and ; return"Tjf .tho sanie. Sec. 14." 'That the Governor shall have power to rqpoint such drill, masters for eompaoies, squadrons, battalions or regiments wi tli such rank as he may .assign them, as in his opinion tho safety cud defence of the State may require. ' Sec. 15. That the Governor may fix and designate tho Junifof m of 'the several com-puuies, and in default of such designation by tha Governor; each company may determine, upon lits own uniform. Sec- 16 That all laws and clauses of laws which are; in Conflict with this act, be and the same are hereby repealed. . Sec. 17. That each volunteer shall be entitled to and roeeiye on tho day he is mustered in the service, a - bounty of ten dollars, to bojpaid out of the public treasury. ; -.-'.,.' ;,;:::-.:v .: Sec. 18. That this act shall be in force from and after its ratification. An Act io lJaisie Ton Thousand - ""'--'"'!-.:. 1 iTroops. , .' SEC."li Be, lrvactedby the General Assembly of the .State cf Korth Carotin a and it is hereby , enacted by authority pf the same, That f liof Governor shall iinme-diato after the jpa.?age of this act, proceed to raise, by yoliiintary enlistment, a dis vision or corps . of ten. thousand men to serve during the present" $ar unless sooner discharged. The troops of 'this corps shall be known as thb State f troops of North Carolina. .. " SEcv'3.:lZ?e it further endeled That this division shall consist of a corps of artillery aud engineers, oue regiment cavalry, and eight reginicnts o-f infantry light infantry and riflemen, to be recruited under the general direction of the Govt ruor, and in conformity with such regulations as ho may prescrilc. j ..:' - k.':" ': '-".- ec 3. Be it further enacted, That' the corps of artillery and engineers shall consist of not exceeding eight companies or batteries of light 'and heavy artillery, with one coloneljhief of artillery and engineers ono lieutenant-colonel, two majors, (one quartermaster and. one commipsaiy with tne rank of first lieutenant, and on adjutant, all to be appointed by the colonel, the last from the-first lieutenants of the corps,) ono seigeaut-niajor, oae qnarter-nvister's sergeant, . ten captains, sixteen finA lieutjUau aud sixteen second lieu- tenants, j . Each company shall consist bf ; one first sergeant, xmo ' q Jdrtermaster o 'grant, threo sergeant, four corporalJtwo buglers, two artificers faud itk addition fof each light company, ono Mrrier and one ' blacksmith,) and ninety privatea. acll company to havo one capJEain and font lieutenants, to be assigned try ttus eolboel or other jcmraandiiig officer The chief, of tho corps shall detail . gucli oomroi- ' sioned oUicer as may be necessary to per1 form; the duties of the engineer and ordinance department . Officers &o details! arc aubject at any time to be relieved frora such duties by the chief.' All oSScrs of this corps shall be subject to tho aamtf rules and regulations as to eommaod, which govern the ofliwrs of infantry laxul cavalry; Provided That . audi o3cex specially detiiled on enineer afld kwd-nanco duty shall not asauxnedr be ordered ob any other duty while so detailed, ex cept by - order of the command erin-coief Seo.: 4.. Be it further enacted,: That tha regiment of cavalry shall consist of j one colonel, one lieutenant-colonel, frro majors (one commissary and one quaftermastef with the rank of firsV lieutenant, and one ; adjutant with the rank and. Command of ur&t lieutenant, all of which nhall be pointed by tho dolonel;) oab sergeant, ma- jor; one quartermaster sergeant) one commissary Borgeant. and ten . troop JCacb troop shall consist of one captain j 000 first lieutenant j two second ; kenieaantt) one first sergeant; one quartermastet ;er geant; one commissary aorgoant; font er- . geants; four corpbrulK; two bogleni; ono farrier: one saddler; and from sixty font to ninety privates. Each regtraect infantry, ligbt 'infantry or riflemen shall consist 6f .one 'colonel; one lietitenant-eol-onel; ono major jono commissary aadj one quartermaster with tho rank of first litHi-tcMiantJ; and one adjutant "with iho rank ai d command of first lieutenant; all to ba appointed by the colonel i ono sergeant major;1 one quartermaster sergeant; one commissaiy serifeiuit, and ten companies, : Each company th consist of one captain; , one fi ret sergeant; four, sergeants, four corporals; two musicians and from sixty- : four to ninety privates. I ; " j I Seo, 5. Ba it further enacted, That Ithie corps or divisioi shall have the follolring officers iu addition' to those already . provided for viz: one Major gcneralf tnree brigadier generals;, one quartermaster1 and paymaster general: one adjutant1 and inspector general; and ono commissyry gen- " eral, all with the rank of Colonel; and one surgeon general, with the .aiisimuated rank of Colonel six assistant adjatanta and inspectors general to rank as follows: I one lientchaut Colonel, ; onof major arid ? four Captains; eigiit ussistant quartermaa-r terSd ami paymasters general 1 to rauK as follows: ono iieutcnautColouel, two ma- Jors,and five Cat Hains; six assistant Com- missaiies general of subsistence, to rank as lollows:-one liouL Colbueli one trJajof and four Captains j'ten surgeons with j the assimilated rank of major; and not exceed-' iag ten assistant snrgeous, with thej aa-si nilated rank o f Captain; and ten jirithr tho assimilate rank of first .lieutenant; and to each regijmcut one chaplain,- With the pay of Major, ahd.one assistant c iap-lain with tho pay of Captain? ' W y i Sec. 6. Be it further cnac'tnt, that the Governor shall, by and with the advice, and consent of tlie military bo)ard, np point 1 the commissioned ollloors jTrbyided'for in this act (except iho aids-dc- irap.( Jibe 1 company ofhccrsj snail Do - appointed ana ies, ana as soon as tuey can complete! tne V 1 . 'i . 11 . . : ' 1 1 - . t . 1 i . to sixty-four privs, witl' quired nonrcommissioned oflicers, tlii f ' tn mi;t.ant. toei re-' and re port the fact to the adjutant and inspector' general; their commissions shall be issued and bear-dato from the time- of their appointment. Shduld any captain fail , to raisrt liis corarauv in a reasbnablo- time. the Governor, by and with the consent 1 ef tho military board, may revoke his ap-. pomtment. ' ; ?! Sec. 7 . Be it runner tnrietea, tUM the major general may appoiiit : two aidsde camps, witn tne rant as ioiiows: one cap-r tain and one first lieutenant; brigadiur generals may appoint . ouq aid-de-camp 1 with the, rank oflfiretlieutenantf to be Ita ken from the brjigades. '-Jt 1 r j 1 Sno. a Be it further enacted, That jail the officers and men. of theii diviskro jot corps stall, at and before their entrance . : f into the service, tako an oath to be prescri- j bed by the Governor and with the advice ' and consent of the military j board 1 and 1 shall also bo subject to the rule.? regulations and penalties of the articles of war r and hrmy regulations of the army ef Ui Confederate Statics of America. L y Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, 'tfAt the pay,! clothing, subsistence and allowances . shall be the same for officei a and men ae are now provided by law for thre troops of . the army of the Ccnfodcrata Stales of Amejrica. . Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That the corps shall bo -prescribe! on the recommenda ti ont uniform for thi3 by the Governor) of a board of concrpetcnt xtttlitarry officers Seo. 11. Be it further enacted. That ther quartermaster and pay master generals, the; ' adjutant and inspector gec-eral, tho ;com'! mi3sary gerreraL and tiro surgeon garieraly together with their assistants herein Jpro ' vided lor, shall aiao perfoTmtbedrrtiea be-' -longing to their respeetiva deiraxtmout for the voltfcrtee r and militu corpe ol) tie State when required by the Governor. , Sec. 12. Beit further enacted. That the1 quartermaster a id paymaster general j the commissary genoral and' their assistants and all other dis bursing oflicers shall be- fore entering; upon their duty- give bond : with apjiroved- siccarity iayablo to tho State, tfor . the faithful rformane of their dutiusin !uch sum aa tho Govornotf may require. ; f-':.v :. . -V - -. Sec. 13. Be y t furthcr enacted, jThai every enlisted m an shall Wceiye a bt onty of fifty dollars, payable when- cms crtxf into service. '.: : ;;" -k ':'. a I Yr'A'-.' '-"' ..' ' Sec 1 1. ; Be it further enacted. That all laws and parts of laws inconsistent jaithr this act are hereby repealed. j SEa 15. Be lit farUier chatted, iThat this act shall lie in force ,1 from and after its passage, ltatined ;i. " r n - " 14 1 1 inCWAN "pATTlST FEMALB ISSTIXCTJL .Tto tossion Just closed waa the root px in the history of iLie Kc3ool. 1 1. ai , ; : Tti nx seem abSf-rrr ' fj Kirst Weilucsttay in October, Caa.rge iar Bord n4 Litersrjr; TToition pC? eeKion uiao monthc ieLW. ; ; V1! ' 'Ornamental br&uchect, by tha best XSOcLertL ffr moderate terms, f - i " ,j - j . For CitaJegus tvpif fa 4 STcDOWMJ MurfrtoU.tfa, July Q 1&T. .. If idtut. OOilMEUCIAt HO'?rJs Fare ejcct-Ilent. Jul 2G ospsroaa' lioimiix Proprietor. 1 1 ; 4 i - i ..!" ' '' - -l:S"'

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