The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1932
Page 5
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FEBKUAKX 23, 1932 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Inserllon and one cent a word for tacli subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken tor lew than Me. Count the words tend the cash. Phone 300 FOR SALE is tho heavy car awtshcd up Pino routed Hio color of glHlerlm; bit J--Q11 SALE, RKNT OK TRADE— Six room house, corner lUtli turn Heara. E. V. Hill. U»>-KiG l-'tm SAU5—Baby clucks, all varieties Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Ulythevlllc ISctf UEDS, BARRED Rocks, Orpingtons, Leghorns, 100—50.50; heavy assorted, $5.50, prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, Jefferson City, Mo. 13-20-27 FOR SALE: Office furniture. S;e Dalina Gravelie. 20[*28 FOR SALE— Fordson tractor, col- tun trailer, Nash coupe. Call 23P-K23 FOR KENT FOR RENT-COS Chtckasawba tit., ( Five Rooms and Balli. Apply at he New York Store. 15C-Ktf FOR RENT—Eight, rosin house a 801 Walnut, steam heat, avail able March 1. Mrs. C. E. Criggei Armorel. Phone 1504F12. nck24 FOR RENT—4<oom apartment nicely furnished and garago. Wil lie vacant March 1st. 1031 West Ash slreet. Call L. L. Ward, 050 ana 968. IScktl FOR RENT--2 rooms fnrnislied for light housekeeping. 625 Walnut street, rlionc 521. lSck23 FOR KENT—Furnished apartment, 303 Dougan. 20ck27 FOR RENT: Furnished apartment. also sleeping room. 811 Wahmt street. 20pk25 WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, IOC First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher 8ctf ANYONE knowing (he whereabouts of William Devvcy Goodman, colored World War veteran, .please Call 3M, Red Cross. 18C-K25 WANTED—Boy with wheel for delivery work, about two hours each day. Apply Doughnut Shop, Badcr Bldg. WANTED—To employ man between 27 and 35 years of age married, at least high school cd- '.iriKion. Permanent position ii Blythcville with • guaranteed in come. Application in own writin* " to Courier News, Box 2. . 22ck2' WANTED SALESMEN, to carry a; side line two dandy 25c sellers Call Vjeiore 8 p.m., R. L. Owen room 142, Glencce Hotel. 23pk2 ALHANY, Oregon, (UP) — Elk are gradually increasing in the Siushnv forest, now numbering «2 in Lane and Lincoln counties. llrmillful xMr»ifirl In Iturt'lnjr'* Kdirr, i*ork> iil^fcift BN n tfnnL'ti knll fcotirhM ui Drraiultuiu', she llr». nlih brr > ilr«v*u«u< mtxhrr, HOI.l.l' HOSsm:». krr Hili-r »l*lir, MVKA.up* hei retina tr.Hlu-r. Jinci:. MI.M:\ iiAitci.AY, .17 una r.i- Jfu'g riiiplnycr, IIIVC-K Ihr Kir* I>u1 ••he l< In lurr »!>• 1 AI1HV 1IAII- HOWfiATI-:. aa xrlUl »»c h:i. mrl nt Ortanilnud. She lti»r» u«-r k:':irl lo him In K|»llr of till' frtrt Itml hi- Is ciiBnKrJ lu Kl.l/.A- liivi'll l]0\vi:s. n d,liur.,nic. Klti-n U unwilling in ttuund Il.irvl:iy Iml t« tu-a hi-nnjnloua KOH*]|> {» rlrrnlnlru at Iki* Klnre, xhc ilriritiilnc'u lu fcri* him nu ni.jrf. However, Mullv (Uglier, IIIIX|L>U« for lillrn In iniirry n rich «u»- Ijnlii], Inttlri hltii lit I||HIUT, Mnlly IjnrruMN mnni-7 to make IJift uitnrlim'iil nltriivllir anil (hl» In- Inrtntr* Hlli-n. Shr mid Molly lirriuirc llir dinner uMIe Mjrn :IIL.I Ui:ilT AIMISTUAl). Myrn'a flniu-r, rjtliTlnln (h* KUcal. llur- <ho Rl»« .-111.1. n htryrlr. nnil llic ljt>> U tlrll^lilvil hill llllcn ix hrri- n::hlr ill<iilL':ivi-d. 1'lit* .lluut-r l>nrlj prl» utlf <u u Ijsil *I:irl. NOW/iO ON \YITH Till: STUUY CIIAl'TKIl XV1I1 rpllli dinner, oft to Biich n bai slart. was soon a Jolly, frlendl affair. Tlie food was excellent and not. as [Cllen bad feared lu tbe be- giunins:. loo elaborate. Siio bad omitted Ihe pale and had lirmy vetoed Molly's sui'seslton that llic lobsler bs served In Cue shell. Tliey Ihe ineal with lobster cocktail, cool and delicious and served willi one of Ellen's famous sauces. Thc-u there was tbe roast duck, cunningly anil accurately seasoned. Tlie vcgslablcs. green corn vvlili peppers and peas and brcccoli, were served willi cream sauces. Mllen had managed cvcrytblng so tl'.at l!:e dinner seemed a yrcat deal simpler liian it was. liert, lirtoly pi-cven'.:-d fr^rti discussing baseball, wr.c cncoiirascd to tall; of bis really amazing 'knowledge of literature. Myra and Ellen, invariable controversialists, were soon gaily \vr:tngliut: wilh him over live rightful place ol some ot tiis favorites. Vi'bcro \\ouhl Sinclair Lewis lie In 100 year?/ A historian of bis age or completely forgotten? How atiout llemitiKivay? They argued while Molly, a proud sinilo in her eyes, Loskcd at Uar clay as if to demand whether her daughters were not the cleverest in the world. Steven, silent at tirsl aud not nuito .understanding bow the saino was played, entered one or two suggestions only to sec them torn to bits aud Unrig back at him altered almost beyond recognition. Ho learned (illicitly; warmed lo their youthful vigor. Soou be- was defending his position as valiantly as tliey defended theirs. He cauglit lUyra's. and Ellen's attention when he mentioned his acquaintance with several of tbo authors under discussion. They demanded more" and then more. Before he knew it. he was talking of places he had been and people he had met. lie sketched Monte Carlo for thoui and told of little French towns where llf» moved just ir.s, princesses, statesmen and icoundrels ho hurt known. > R LLKN forgot her resentment ot the iua:i under Ilio spell'ot tho jlcliiros ho drew. Oh, It would bo luii to travel, lo sec tho gray spires of Tarls and to wander In tlio cool deplhs of llic Illack Forest. Tho llltlo group Ignored tho pas- go ot tlmo 113 (bey proceeded fur- llicr and further Into Ilio fascinating cxnloraUiui ot ono another's minds. Finally Iboro camo an In- tcrrunllon. H was tho colored maid aealn. "1'vo Vailed and waited," stio an notiuced mournfully. "I '.vant m> 55. I got to go homo." Tbey all lauglicd aud stranded from the (able. Kllcn Iimnno aware that tlio room was stillingly hot. Troubles which had been put away returned to harass her. What was lo happen to iliem? Tho Insurance money so painfully scraped together hail been, spent for an evening's pleasure. Tho coast ot Normandy was all very well but wbore was the rent IQ come fruni? When they wandered from Iho Ilultihts. Stovon had (allea sllont and Blio wondered In a fover of neivousnesa what ho was (Miiklnc of all Mils, Certainly ho nuiet have BOOH Unit tho rldo had hoc-ii ilo- liliaraluly nrraugcd by Molly. Tbero was u curious light lu (lio worlil, nioro elnslvo than moonllKlit and yot Mho moontluht. Cray builillui;i] seemed to como allvo with Ilio Kllll, odd H lay aloiiK tho Blrect In pools. Not a breath of wind Pttrrod nml tlio dusty lreo:i stood motlonlosb na painted Ireea. They II o 1 u li I s. Tlio i tu HrooUyn llmousliio was In U'C .lliili.B room to I to stuffy llvhiK room. Blio movcO lo Hie p:\rkeil aud Urn chauffeur wiin- ilercd away. Kuilccleil In Iho slar- iiBh'd harbor, lower Manhattai with its (all building!) and llghlei whulows liecamo unreal as r dream. A h.'iuiliful, fanciful pane rama masked liko Ilio cities in tho clouds so IliiU at an> iiiomcut ono ml^lit expect the whole- to lioat away. TIio clos> wi ,,,, ow „,„, slatetl llown tho noisy Blrcet. Children were playing and screainng Ihcrc while uiolhcra and fathers Eat wearily on the stoops, fanning themselves with newspapers they would later loss Into llic gullers. Ellen could not illnliiigalsli Mike from tho distance but sho conld hear bis • boastful voice. She felt an Inward pang. What was to become of him. a child .•bo hail no playground but the street? 'Who 1 *', il'3 simply Ecorfhing!" breathed .Molly's voice in her car. "I >vas hoping we'd have a slorm. But yon look cool enough." Kllr : n lurned from the window "I'm not cool." she said listlessly "1 don't believe it will ever rain again. There's not oven heat lightning." Ills feelings. Ho hud always I what ho wiinted from llm ! W.\ltMN<S lllfllKIt C11ANCKKY COUltT. CI1ICKA- SAWHA D1ST1UCT, MI.SSIKSII'- l'I COUNTY, AUKANSAS Mrs. M'.'lliL' Dr.ulloy, I'l.iiii'.lif, No. 5H5. vs. Mrs. ,1. o. lii>]>|K>r. el nl., IVsriul- u ill. -j i u . iioh-nrtniits. Mrs. .1. C. i;o;i- PAGE: FIVE , .. and or Mis. Mitrv llopp.r, •nrld. Indued whal ho wanted |j ;v i~,,;ially ami us AdmlnlMi.HrK ad i'oui'1 sin easily that ho had igf [|, ; . v.slntc of J. U. IlugiiH'i, <li- iMwna lltllft conluin|ituun» of Iho 'a-asal, and Cji'tirne ;\IK|IV»- iiii|)- .•otld and this c.ito of coniiuorliw :| H -r. a miiior.' I'.IL> v.arnod to 1111- l. Now as his iiinoil ot Bolt-con- pour wHliln thirly days In UK- four: i-loiifiicss IncriMBL'd bo toll a pant; -nan:c<l In tho caption lier-sif i-.n I if real fear that tho dcslro which ; n ii»uT Hie compliiiul of llu- pl.iln- lad obsohsinl him when no llrfit ;•-- ^— - - — - ill'. Mrs. Mollle Uradley. Ualed Feb. 10, 11)32, II. I/. C1AINKS, Cli'rk, lly Han-oy Murrlii, D, C. Kvrard. Ail LlU'in. 10-^3-1-8 U'AKNINO OJIDKIt UIIANCKHY COUHT. CHICK A- SAWDA DISTHICT, MISHUiSlf- I'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS Mary O'diilhvau, I'tallillir, I No. dl'.'J v.s, I Jimii's O'Siilllvan. Defendant. ' Tin- (ii'li'iiilant, James O'Biilll- jvasi, is u'tirniHt lo i)p;:ear within Ihlily days In the court'named In , [ho caption hereof and answer this complaint of the plalnlllf, Mary' O'Sulllvin. - - Dutcd 2-1-1032, R. L. C5AINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth BIJllic, D. C. nm Maiiatt, Ally. Ad Lllcm. : 2-9-16-23 Dlca White I'r.iylnj llUrilJANK, California,- (UP) — While praying for recovery of her health, Mrs. Josephine. Ohrlik-n- berry, 54, fell dead of heart als- aiislil slj;lit ot Ilio yoiiiii; r.Irl nt I •A, ,w» wo»w, i» i h » ,,ui. ta « ot ui IK UOAUDLMG HOUSE , f ~(At ' ulillluionl. wero silent and real. The i;ood sharp smol ot water aud Krass; Ilio fi'icndl Kinoll ot BtHven's clear: tho intiin ilde, iiiytiioi-jou^ smell of tl Ight Itself. There woro th lonruful ^unuds ot stcamtioni -hlstles and the gentle lapping of •atcr. Tlicro ivcro Iho ln\v volcoa f lovers wtilsiiering on hidden cnches. i Clradually (hero slolo over EDcn [iense of luxury air.l well bolng. ilio had been foolishly, lystcrtenlly reluctant lo r,o out ,lo::o with Sluvcn, approhouslvo i. Ullcn I vat i i nilri'ly nnproparcd u-lion , ^tvvoa h-aiiud furwanl ii:id loolc i ur hands. j "l.nok at me, Mllon," lio b:ulu I lier In a tilvmiKn, briMlbtesH volco, i As stio ulivyrd sho liiioiv what | i-^ fouling. She clu'ckyd a wltil [ iiuil.-u lo lean from Iho ;.ir. to ! run nway und hMo in tin: nU.lil, an | isii of puro panic. ITI pat iiulotly, her cold li:nids In 111:!. "1 suppose you've gues.--,od v.'bat ir.'\in In say." Iliuclay lie^nii, iiitKluK dosiioratt'ty because bi^ "•fully ;.."tu;ai?i.'d phraso:i had cst lie Flinuhl say to her what 5 i ( . .be PO ardently desired should go film "Tilt nhouhl I lluvi) gu?i;sod[" .'lie askoil In a llTUihlhii; volcii. "I IntonikMl to wall," ho went i:n. "i'ci-tiapK It would liavo liisen Ih-M.'r In wall hut I riiunuL—1 o.-.i!- ]'.nt! l.r-t nio filvo you tiio Involy (bin::* of life, my dear, l.vl ii^»i I-T.IVO lo you (hat somo ot llicin iiiay lio true!" It orcurrod tn him, even as ho Vii:; sjipaiiluir, that she mlKlil ml^- muln.sland him. So lio said bluntly, "1 want you tu marry me." Iried lo iipi'iik bill ho insaid. (•[U;t'd her. "Itau't nuswcr. 1 dtin'l waul inr answer uulil you hour muny Now those vaguo. troubled fears tliiiii;a \ou nhonld hoar. Von must •mil apprehensions were, ;ost; »on Iho lUuwLiacka and they vero her fears o! the ultimate des- 3r ,. many. Vnr one llilns I'm ycar'u iualion ot her family. It van ?uou^li lu sink back an!0i)£ soft Millions and to drink lu the magic beauty 01 tho evening. "It's not true. Is It?" slid asked Steven dreamily as sbo stared out across tho water. "iS'olliIng could lio fa lovely and slill bo Iruo." "That's rather a hard philosophy, don't you think?" "Oh, I don't know." Her laugh En tho darkness, was uncertain. She had been entirely at ease. Xow sho wondorcd If ho thiiikins her childish and Immature. She was never quite suro of herself wlicn she was with him. It was hard to forget that he was Steven Barclay, owner of Barclay's Department Store, hard to forget that ho wan a great deal wiser than she—a great deal older. How presumptuous Molly had lieen: how presumptuous sho herself had been to Imagine that lie was sentimentally 1 WERT He Makes 'Em See (Ollice Over Joe Isaacs Stove) aa it had vssrs befoie. Uc rc- "Why don'l we all go driving'!' suggested Steven, laying aside 111 "You and Ellon go," Molly sail willi naive haste. "I'd love It bu I've promised to drop In on neighbor for n few minutea. Mrs Clancy downstairs." Ilcrt. slrclchud at full length o: the couch, had lapsed Into somno lence but when Steven snoko H roused. "Myra and I'll go along." lie an uounced, yawning. "I've never rlt den In a ttmoustne aud 1 don want lo miss the chance." * * • COMEU'llAT to bis own surpris ^ llert did not accompany Ellen and Sloven on the drive, ilo did not understand entirely bow U happened that. Instead lie took Myra to a neighborhood movie theater. Kllen could havu told him. As usual, Molly had managed. ' . Tbe girl's checks were burning | only tint ni;a bad lau&ht him lo '!• Hum yon. I've done all Iho yon liavo uuver duno and imil.ably loin: lo do, ami, I'vo found many of Ilium lin-imnie and For number—thcrr'u that unfortunate divorce nt mine—" "Uou't go on please." sho "Von mean there- I* no use go- ins on? Yon menu llial thero stiriH;ono else?" lio atlc-nipled lo inako his lono licht, but anguish gripped him and he turned away, ilo bud nol known nnlil (hen .lio\v Plio couh 1 luako liim suffer, R young girl u w!iose very exlslenoo bo bad beet unawaro l\vo weeks boforo. A TOR -fo A SAILOR, I»J SINGAPORE xap I TIPPLKD ir PLEASURE:, oil, ABoui-r A RAIDS' DAY m AMT) SCiLT> "(ME TO A . ]>EALER HSR _^ ABc,ti-rfc - By Alim. ' "rTi/cr ~m ME,. oue -fiME A BAR FOR A -7iiREU) A "DIME -til ' DATrreMpe R , vo rla S A CQ(Al COLLEC SEUUS fr( ' PIMrS MI) HER BUDDIES By Martii WIUJK IS SrilliC A We Can Savp Voii Money On P A R T S For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTO I'AIOS 2(CO W. Jlain Wione CG .11MMIE O'JiRIKN'S CAFK WAUNlNG ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CTUCKA- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS S'. Louis Souihwcttcrn Railway Company, PlaintiftT / No. 5157 vs. St. Francis Levee District, el al., Defendant. The 'defendants, Frank C. Harris, C. A. Kiesler, Willie A. Cancer, George Hay, W. G. Petty, G. A. Maglotliin. Tom Alexander and J. W. Wilson, are warned to appear within thirty davs in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the ccmplaint of the plain- tilf, St. Louis Southwestern Hallway Company. Dated Feb. G, 1932. R. L. GA1NES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Cecil Shane, Ally. Ad Lilcm. 8-15-22-29 Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Auaconda Copper .. Auburn Calcrpillr.r Tractor . Chrysler Cities Seme? Coca Co!a Continental Baking General F:cctric ... General Mctors ... Jlkiwcstcrn Utilities Montgomery Waid , New York Central . Packard Radio Co:p 91-8 Simmons 81-4 Standard o! N. J W 1-2 Texas Corp 11 3-1 IMidous K. C. T-Itone Steaks 1'lale Lunch, nil yoiKcan cut - - 35c HI,ACK CAT COFFEE SHOl'PE Aiding Policeman SECOND HAND FURNITURE I50UUHT — SOLI) R. J. Dodson 301-303 E.x Main LONDON (UP)-Gu'orge R. 3p.inl was .sentenced to six \vccks imprisonment instead ol Hire; months because ire went to the aid of (he policeman that was chasing him. Spanll was fcnnd in the study of a Fulliam schcol-tcaclier, but escaped to the roof. Tr.c policeman Bavc chase, but, fell through a glass i fanlight, saving himself from a 30- foot fall by holding to a gird:r. Spaull seeing th2 i)olicemair's danger, ran back sind held him up by his bell until help arrived. then made another dash or liberty, but was caught. G. G. CAUDILL Hcnts. Buys and Sells Homes and Ftmns Writes Insurance I'honc 137 Farmers Bank Wdg. Meet Me AL the Rustic liui Coffee, Hot Pitfs and Chili New York Cotton NEW YOliK, Feb. 23 (UP) — Cotton clcscd barely steady. March Jday July Get Dec Jan HKFRACT1VE ERKOKS Scientincally corrected w i t ii glares. Have Your Eyes Examined HAHKY WEISBURD Slate Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store open 685 703 719 73 R 75 R 705 Spots closed at 055, on 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 23 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. March May July Oc: Dec Jan open f.W 707 723 75D 703 Epo',5 closrd steady al 696, off 15 ly." Kllon said jerkily. engaged to anyone It that's wha you'io asking." At the moment sho ivas tun cor to Iniow clearly what was paying. How easy would be It only shn could say Iho one wordl Her mother and Miku and Myra—\vbal tbings slip coulU do for them aa Mrs. Steven llar- clay'r. thoughts sho would have F. PLPkCE K MUST\; all to pursue a wili-o'-liie-wisii? (To ho Conllnucd) / C'WON. U'5 / BI& UP W OLD 1 TR.EM51JRE IM A V HU \ SHH-NOT 50 MUCH •&TILU r.?ftW5 TWAT HE.N Dcpicisiou Bccms Library lie Library which circulated 19.521 VJHEKE'STHE LION'S REN'O, Nev. (Opi—ncprffsion is i Ixwks during Ihe first monlh of this good for tbe reading business, compared with 17,77'^ 131' ing from reports of the Reno I'ub- More For the Building Dollar f-ATUST LOW I'RICKS ON ALL KINDS OF I'AINTS E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. EA StFWct <«C..RtO. U.S. PAT.eJS U. S. S'.eel 45 3--1; FRKCKI.RS AND HIS FRIENDS THKKK KXIM,OKKH.S! Brings Jail Term high G83 707 723 715 703 771

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