The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 23, 1932
Page 3
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10:V2 (ARK.) OOtJRlRR N'CT'S PAOF. THREJB In "High" Society 5 i'iy.e Winners in. Various Activities Announced by County Agents. file li brief for home gardens is on ,n the olfics of Miss Cam U'C ' Cotemaii.-'Mississippi county !:o demonstration agent, in tlio vi tcndsc summaries ot a hundred or more 4-H club . records for 1931 turned in by rjanlcn and can club members- ^ rrhe- records were carcItUy cliwk- cd and compared last week, averages made, and CBrttflcalrrs of merit awarded tM grndcn makers who I showed the greatest T>i' oul lor Olc I year's work. - The garden plots cultivated by j Ihe five high record club incmlKi-. 1 . j . ™r» io.^r ^^|«a» tt ^ —r j»-om, ranged frcm SW.4IJ lo $11:».49. j Vow ym ... soc . | , 1| Garden Frufikilile V.tizol Woodniff. a member of ihu WASHINGTON HIS Ul'K STOUY IN IMCTl'UKS, COMMKMOKATINT, TIIM linilTll ANNIYIWSAKY OF HIS lillO'll 7. Victories Twenty-One Cases, Mostly j. for Drunkenness, Called al Police Session. Tftcnty-onc cases were called In the police division of municipal coi,rl yesterday aflernoon when ihe ] heaviest, docket of ihe year uwali- ed action. Corn liquor or Ihe bolter brnnd flu-cd Cicely over the wok-end ns evidenced by UK' ciurt record v.'hlcii .--howM iwllco h.ul arrested 13 defendant:, on charge of public £riinV.i!tincu>. One was ticqulllcd. wo niscs were continued und ihb cnmlivuvi ton cither pleaded guilty, were convicted, or forfeited their cash l:oiuls. I-liws and forfeits were Ml each, including til? usual one dollnv c»s'.s for the state bureau of criminal Identification. 11)11 Ballny, charged with By NKA Sinlrr ,DL.sll'r:csly iiiT» lii'iivy pcimlllrs. Itiu Dciulii-btin- Hi'Ulit.s, ovcrlaikMcl cupinrcd. Tin' ilnvk dtiys llial lol- »nd pHmdortTS were llustun. un Miucli 4, 1771), forci'cl luwcil. limu'VH 1 , I'.ITI.- clmuwcl by ll:o enemy soldiers, took 1000 prte- L-Hi-is fnul [i lnr;;e amount ot nrm:;. und mi ml I ions Tills victory, couple.d with thill ...liuiily-nflcnnii-il ul Princeton, r.!- vhc-d llic colonists' lusKhix r.plrlty. she's pictured, at. Roosevelt . , , Long Wand, just before a sky ride. pnnn club on Uttlc Klvcr. made i sll<! . s a veto(lvc ot fonn er Senator of $1157.49 on a third of an ( Fie lji,gliuyser acre. Her garden furnished all the i fresh vcgelublcs for a family o'. 10 ; nnd enough were canned to supply I the family's nesls through tr.o winter niontl'-K, Oilier high records wsrc made by Kathryn Berryhtll, also ot Little River, Pauline Ncal of Yarbro. Arnold Phillips and Max Isaacs of Manila, [ Other 4-H groups showing high records were Ihe cotton and corn clubs, with 11 high record cotton club members making an average of 1242 1-3 pounds o! lint collon, ov better than 2. bales to the acre 0:1 ane-acit club projects, and 10 high corn club members averaging BC.97 bushels of corn lo the acrs on club projects. I.cachvillc Boy First !l Of I their star: niiiiuis. ' linilly teuti'n. Ills .-li'i-v.-il lU'llrlulshlll m Mi/- ' III Ncv. picas or guilty lo charges of Bam- D. A. R. Chapter Sponsors Observance at Osceola .School Yesterday. The highest cotton production record was made by Prank Robinson of Leachvillc. who prof 1592 pounds of lint to the ac« and wen the gold watch awarded by the Chilean Nitrate of Soda Educatbn- al Bureau in north Mississippi county. Young Robinson also won X'h) 1 high corn yield record with a pro ductton of 103 'i bushels to Ihe acre Running him a close second in col 'ton was Thomas Moore oi Reiser who made a yield of 1559 pounds of lint and in corn. James Shelton and Willie Mae Moore, both of ths Hfltchzr community, who tied with * yield of 99 bushels. m»tlicv high • avsrase corn chili nUmbeis were Chavles MoUlin. Yarbro; Fin ley Smilh, Lloyd Shcllon nnd Emma Smith ot Hatcher; Ho'.- lis Thurman, Leachville; Charley Woodruff, Stnlman, and Arnold Phillips. Manila, and uLlicr high ranking cotton club mfmber.i ivey? Webb Anderson and Fien Moore. Kelscr; Crellc Lewis, Billic Casidav. Williard Guarr, Fred Smith. J. E. I Casidav. Brooks Brewer, John D | Oilbone, Omelia Montgomery and Price Shclton of Hatcher: Blllle No- lan.-Slillman; Billi Hall, Etqwah: Willie McKennic, Manila, and Oro Lee Hawkins, Half Mann. Tlie records and names of hiah averaging club members were made available by County Agent S. D. Carpenter of Osceola and J. E. Grit' of Blytheville. who nlso said thai Awards ot. merit had been given for Irish potato nroduction to Opal English. Leachville; Louise Bwtnsy and Alonzo Davidson. Ifalcher: Hn- zel Hall, Elowah snd Jcrmru" Woodruff. Stlllmiin. The high?;! yield. 260 bushels on rin nr.rc. wiv made by Opnl English 3f I.r-nch- vills. Johnnie S'.vihart of Leachville, whn looks forward to becoming r partner in his father's coinmcrch 1 sweet ootalo growing induslrv made 255 hush?ls of swc«t r.otal'w for the highest club record, wit*- Alfrcd Evans of Hell growing 200 ^•"^iiels for second jiHcn. \ Hog Trolils While Hi? decline in the nricc- -i' hos;s lcwer;d ;he nvolit made b v . .^^ club members as v:ell as adults, ttir i/^H dally gain in wetehr. of mcnt V-.OT 7^B frown off bv Opal WocdrrT it .^tillman nnrt Elmei- Holme" r;f RV.-- Ihovillo nveraited 1'i nounds. H:n- rv Eheltnn's h<n riinrd an avsrn."' ol n pciind a dnv. Tlicir Droni« .>•« — OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. 23 - A irge crowd attended llif program pcnsoi-cd by the Willlnin Strong Cliap.ier of tin: U. A. K. at the Osceola Hi«li school Monday morn- Hg and the dedication of a tor- and were lined $10 c.u-ir with dollar ccsla. Four oihiT ni>«- : iocs -ji-ri-sted al Ihu same plavu by police stcoi tnv.l anil \fc-rn acquired. They testified ihsy were -.01 iKiilicipatiii; in Hie game. tlBO Ivy W. Crawford held ui> dcciiloii in the cast of Simon Ilolmii.i. negro, charted with opcr- public dance hall in viola- I lion of city ordinance. . „ A crowd' which filled every seat L ihe municipal courtroom anil ovi.r-no-.ved into the aisles and put stai'-din? raam at a premium, sat r.s 'on the session. rlvir." 1 " 1 ••ncoiii-iisfd foreign ; (o ilii- Amerli-aus 1 i:(iht. hnvi' \ii-lfomcd teachers Into their homrs. 'I'here timy br a .shorla^e 01 en-.)! but loud scorns lo be nli'.miianl in till purls of HIP sti.le. 1 tlrm. '1'liclr program ties up dlrcft-11 1 ) • ly with ihe licci.nslnicUon l-'in.ince •Carpurullon, The corporntlon ROI — Krani 5,000 in Arkan- jYale Planning Cut In Faculty List NEW HA.VF.N, Couucvtlcul. \l i T> - • r' II D — Yule is expccled to drop 20 i sas Nol Receiving hill . liwmt « s „, Us c i cully Rl ti w c«ti! Co-.Tipensalioii. !" f ""' Cliru ' 111 » CiUlcinlc J' ll » r . " c - dei- of Irccii which followed, par- Icipated In by practically every organized group in town. Rev. C. E. Welch, introduced by Mrs. R. H. Jones, delivered the pimuual address on tile D. A. R. [-.rogiT.m. .speaking of the boyhood of George Washington. Mrs. Cleortje Edringcon sail;;, and a salute to the flas was . iiiven by members of tlie Osceola Boy Scout troup. At the tree, planing ceremony which followed. J. B. Bunn, talK- ed on the lite of George Washing- Ion as a Mason, Miss Willie Lawson raaile a short tulk ou why we .cuimeiiiorale the first president', cirth «l'.h the nlatitiui! of ttc cs irid mcmbera of tlie Optimist Club }i:nlof oraamv.tilion of the OsceoH iVoinens l'rogrebsiv e club, ^atcd the trees. BY BOVIl ti\l)Klt\VOOl) LVITI.K HUC.i, rcb. ja (.DPI — Nearly 5.000 school teachers In Arkansas who am not. receiving full pay went about (lirir duties tutlay as usual but cognizant of tin: fact 1.200 more public schools may close early (his year. have ugaln c u'roHn'tTfoV tlie new crop"nciuly before September. The teachers re cotton pulline « contlnuint'on 'have been tin-own on Iheir own. extensive «cal« In this vicinity Some, are beiiiR cared for by friends CD™ KIPIS With time for. the pvcperation of dccll from Ihc U.,S. tri'nsury ami will re- fo-cnllrd "baby b=nils" which vvliJ not yet enacted VWO.000.000 would t\ , former tnldlor. told police dial he killed lib wire nml Uvo children : by Ihelr heads with IKCIUI*£> he was enraged , his v:lfc extinguished' the ; lump t» Jiiire him lo slop reading nnd RO to sleep. . • •-"''-. Tlicn, tearful itmt the two chll- ilri'n, who had toil' awakened by- 1 he tries of their mother, might' testify KBiilnsl him, he killed them. . tonliii", lo ihe Ynlc.- Alumni Wecklv. Twenty-four assistant and associate professors and ln.slru;lors ,. will I.,, cut iroin llio fuculty and nnll-deprCMlon four additional full protVssors will • campulKU to end lnwrrtln«. aildwl it Is understood, • '• <leslun«l to rrlraM Head Courier News Want, Ads. .stimaiKi! Killed Wife and "TlTViieiJuy liow^iiiis'ToS mem- $1.300,000,000 now burled In teiipcf; «/L I • Li MS. it has been Increased sU-ad- nnd sMely deposit vindts. Hie com-, "«en Llgni 666 Already 755 institutions closed and uill n(it open Uy 1930, when It numbered lenovcr weather permits, ami re- Ipts at the Blytheville compress e averaging over 2.000 bales por eek. Receipts here last week were 2.9 bales, bringing- the total lor the 931-32 season to 110.320 bales. Receipts for the slate last week ere 22.013 bates, for a season's tool of 1,368,085, compared to 4.511 bales the same week last year and 97,282 bales to the same dale last, cfl Is officially known us the | Cittern' Reconstruction TiiUI.ETS - SALVE MB UtitiM or TnMfU t-vA Intern-; ally am! <WG Salve entfrmlly, .«v»k« a complete and etlecUve treat- mcnt fcr CoWs. -. czcciiosiovokift. <u • MOB( Spetdy Remedies Known in communities where they taiiulil. Mere than 30,800 children- from kindergarlcn ago to hib'!i schojl grade Have been sent homo. Thousands more wilt br dismissed when the other 1.200 schools close earlier (Ills spring than customary. The average length of the teun has been 3.9 months lliis year, compared to G.5 mimths '.u 1931. Ihe state board of ediicaliui re- vcalcd. Pittsburgh Veterans Form Last Man's Club PITTSBURGH. IUP)—A "Last Man's Club" lias been forme !jy si.\ native PittsLurgh vcteval of .the World War. . The u?w club-is similar to 111 of the original Minnesota c 1 u fotmed by a group of Civil War veterans.' The only difference is tint the Pittsburgh group's prize is "much more" than the bottle of wine which was to have Wen drunk by the Vast survivor ot the Minnesota group. • R. F. ivnry, clnb strr^iao', said it was "goad stulf" of a vintage which iiicdaled the comradeship ol 'Che members in France. necnijse of, this nnancial i-flsiij i Blytheville ranks fourth in re- ««« teachers do not receive tli-.-ir eipts for Ihe season among Ar . lull, salary each momh Clcilics | kunsas coinprc-'s points. Little Rock I ^ many of the educators Iwve ] s first with 102,170 tales, Pine become ragged. Shoes arc. mm. I Bluff second with 151.H50. and We^t, Memphis third slth 151.503. Helena ranks fifth with 70.014 bales to date, and Texarkana sixth with 60,975. Southeast Missouri compresses have received n total of 122,121 bales to date, compared to 58,205 to the same date last season. Canithers- ville leads willi receipts of 53.5S7 bales, followed by Hayti with 48.138 and Maiden wilh 14,816. Many teachers have lost their Ings in closed banks. Others have long since sixnl the lust of their cash funds. But Ihe picture is nol all OM of glcom. Hundreds of families Warrants Out for Pair Involved in Disturbance Sir! Born Last Night to the Irving Berlins NEW YOHIC, Feb. 22. (UP>— Irving Berlin, tony writer, is Ihe father of a T-: pound girl hsrn to Ellen Maekny Berlin last night at Doctor's hospital. The baby is the ihird child. A boy. Srving Berlin jr-. was born cembcr 2. 1D28. but he dictl within a few wreks. The coup'.e later t>o- came reconciled with Mrs. Berlin's father. Clnrencs Mackny, chairman of the lx»rd o' the Postal Tcls- graph company, who ha a opposed thnir marriage. Mary Ellen, tl-.eir first child, was born November 26. 1928. n sear after the marriage of the song writer and hoircss. Warrants have been issued for Jim Burns, stale highway patrol man. and W. T. Barnatl. auto lealer, who figured in a disturb- ' •uice lit Main and Division streets Saturday night. The state officer is charged with dislurbing the pcac: and the nu- lomobi 1 ^ dealer is accused of public drunkenness. The two men are scheduled to stand trial in the iwlice division ol municipal court Wednesday. Farm Horsrs Increase '. BOSTON. (UP)—New England's! farm horses have decreased 40 p?r-2nd cent in the last 12 years, accord- \ BUSTRAVEL BARGAINS Hurvlrcch oi liir.ilir -•••• in£«. to all parts o{ ihe nation. Excursion llound-Trip- •bii.L.ii date expires March 10. Return good • unl^l April 15. IIEMPI-HE -3.30 (Four buses every day) "CHATTANOOGA is.en PADUCAH 7.05 ST. LOUIS .... O.CO (Three buccs every (lay) ^ EVANSVIULE ... 12~.'ift f BIRMINGHAM . 12.3'J I.(i\v One-Way Tares NEW YORK ... S29.40 LOS ANGELES . M.50 UNION HUH DI:I»OT k Ash Sis. 21 Tim bost soiv and titt'r rccnrrt •"•"* 'I'^'cd ii bv Howard Pliillins ^ f ^fnni I ^. who showed a net profit of S".17 on thp nroiect. Ma-^' Wnod'iitT of atillman. raisin" clilck.nis as an nrliuncl to hnr ffirniin^ nuernHons onLit- Sl"«?5*eKS! GREYHOUND n-.ost recent count showed of' only 174,000 such horses. ^f<^. iile m Moizis *fv n^ niv?r. miff her flock rnv a .'refit of J2Jfi. d 8 rv.sfdes juonlving I'IP faniilv tr>hle willi noiiHrj' uro- rti'r.ts. Pearl NecU-. ?,Tonila, mnde ^•"Md nu her flock nnrt Lcona >wm. both of Shadv Grove, made ivwrlive profits of S1C7.25 and Si •'•1.81. fn acldition the cron and live ' 'o"k cluh'. records meriting nwinl M-«.-P r"ad« in doihin? bv Maw nr-rri' Fno.-.rc Katliryn Bero'hill nnd Unbv Woodruff. The-; Pirl^ ».ndc nil Ihoir own rlolbiu? and da! of ether members "f the family, besides household linens. I OutslandiTO records in hnmeiin- , provcm-.nt uen> di rn ed in bv GlaH- i-s Smothermin, Allre MrNeill. Imogen^ Cros-der and Riibv Woodruff, and food? ,i nt [ cooker.- r.wnrds ."'•?rc won hv IMcllc McCnin. Ruby rtniff. Kathrvn Brrrynill. Ha- Woodrun n \\<\ Mnry DDiris Orfjon to 1'layFnrrtham CORVAlilS. Ore. (UP)— Oregon Slate College football team will journey lo New York this year and next lo meet the Fordham University eleven. Both games will be played at ths Polo Grounds. The 1933 d.ilc was set. for Nov. 18 Re*d Courier News Wao; Dr.PauIF.McCutchen Dentist STKELE, MO. Phone 85 [[ffeciive/Hoiei Al / . ON I ! /10\V i In keeping with the trend of the times and Luncheon leadership ift hotel vdlues* We Announced (•eduction in! flll dep<irfment$| Garage \ Service ' i 35C* ROOMS i EACH WITH | PRIVATE BATH i & SHOWER '(IftOUATING I ICE WATERr II en in Memphis stop at rfetClaridqe Now I use LUCKIES only" "I have had to smoke various brands of cigarettes in pictures, but it was not until 1 smoked LUCKIES that I discovered the only cigarettes that did not irritate my throat. Now I use LUCKIES only. The added convenience of your improved Cellophane wrapper that opens so easily is grand." Q POOS UTTIE RICH GUI Sue Coral's vitallh woi o Kn- droncc ro^tr Iha.i o help. Hollywood thoughl she »os ritir, but Sue soon proved ihcv*aio "tca'J- •|a/9uy"...>"i'" :I>dl! " pi' 1 "'" her »ery f.tlt fear ... her loleil is UNIVERSAL'S "GRAFr." S»« hoi reochtd lor o IUC W (or l«o yenrl. Nol o lotlhing was paid for those Vind wordl. Ihol'l white of yo-J, Sue Cotol. " It's toasted" of w YourThrootProtettion-agotnstirritQtion-afloinst cough And Moistnr«.Proof Ce»Of><uit« Keeps thai "Tw»fed» FUvo* tv« Fr«h cc orcKcuras ami Waller \VhicIiclI, uhosc s ics ih>- nriu ol toman TiiMi? iw nx'rifPKY STRIKE—60 modern minuiM u-imincti-nrW jjmc .,„.„,; TUNE JN ON LULKr i / _ ^^ ^^ -futsday,<y and ctcmng mtr N. 13. C. m-iuon

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