Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania on January 2, 1929 · Page 2
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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1929
Page 2
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VARE CASE MAY BLOCK SENATE CRUISER MOVE Com m ittee Report and ! Debate Has Precedence j Over Other Business j Senator Reed. .Mo.. Seems ' Determined to Press for Early Action Keetf. .iljly w'.ll a si: IiJ.i ciiisnilt too '. l:r.:u n;i:.i)'t : n ti." : - - r'.:.:c .u.i .. - !!! dt. ..n Vnr.H :!.t'i was tainted with corvtit)t!tm tiir.t. tlirr. - t.iio. ht i'k - i - lion Is - 'I he i ,':,. ( ittnloithtMilv y:i: nfV; tvMinU - to (cmrv Varc'K - fJ.'. vs, ' . As Uecd'a Senate rlnl niroct - i - .yer.ntc Mltl'.ff i Mi. - .11 ! the - MiMr,m - Inn wi'.l l::,v The contest of William IS. Wllron Vnve l:i Hit ele. - jon.'1Uas 'hV.'n . - nside: cd l,v r. dL'tr - it. i c - om:n 1 (te Jf - Vare Is linnllv denied his eai ih - . U - llBon content uiobnhly will be dls - SPONGE IRON PLANNED UNDER NEW PROCESS of India and !t, ( - . - ,!, e rarts of the world. 4. mixture (;:t!ii eharcoal Is piled Into of gtn with icet t.ifc - n revered over with rtiv, leaving ovetilnt;.' s.t the ho - tom .n - v. - hJeji air may he liuvoduct.l, and at, f.xit for (. - uses at the top. The wild men snoot about tins i e.i i , hu sire funi - . ai;e. blowing pnticnlly tlifotiKh liam - boo tubea. or urtutfiii: a iraft with .1 .vrside hellnves ,11r,,o, rro - .l ueial sh:t After a rw homes iht ear'non mot:..:;. reduced do wn I'dlTll Uueinptlo, Middle AKcs this hr;n; I - y yy;:v:;y;!yyyy - :,yyy':;y ii wi - .eel. L;ittr the nra! til le - i'dtlh etted, lilft'n tenuienitiire - M - eene,, ,1101 the iivn nodted and ran out of the ' : 1 " '"l'. - "t in a e.j.d in, ant: . . ":;s the crleln ,d tlo,;; - e of con t I : o, 00 , s p: ,!!, I. so, hm l.rudue - e.s a verj - Inferior metjil. o;c.U, ii Iron ohs.orhs ho imr - th - K n - .t. - h more readily U:an the scour; - . - iron of the primitive process. Very recently. i:..vtr. modei n industry has .aiti. - n a HU - i. - vstJoii fia.m - iuetiua of too,, ,,. In av faena e i. a v Com tdiH :...! ratio r i.v carta.,, r: en - otrklc than by solid enrbun. ami (1,i o.,.nen iron c,:u in ,l la t e s !,,,, it. h,. direct I. I r bcln w ' t' .e.os'oh - eltinv taoiil or Iron" A I'otQpaay ha. inly been formed i : ouifiUt of IM.Ii'iO tens of the . duello, .v.l; ; CHURCH COMMITTEE TO LOBBY FOR BILL : Methodist Kpif.a.pul lobby 111 lV.lV.,1:,. - ;, :l:e ertalker bilT, Jr. . to, lay r. - i i.c prepn r - ed OBITUARY MRS. HANNAH O. BRATTON The de eased. i li. V. M. ho.h.Iity :tnd t tnt Mr - ,. John H;,t;;;l,t, i. Mia, : anil W Hilar. rind Daniel J. linitton. r,f I names Doup - l.r - rtv. I'hiiid' arol Djidtl J. Joorhe - i e,t 1, nnerai u 111 he h - d. 'iron, t - ; residence on Mondnv morr.irr mn re'ulern r;;a - he cel. I lr, ihe Immaculate li - ai t 'hi,, - . r Over Other Business j H $ A T ? - V - ' - - :i M jft FTl ' l.roerani TvlH fncfe fresh obstacles vo i Gilbrl. ignt - gnerl for reparation, of j - r, nd r ,,s ,L '"" J 1 Tliree hundred years t r, - " "'"'" L lilnl; m:::"rJ:'::i:' munich trolley car rV1 - : " i;" v .".v; - . ;,: : 'i - .,;,; ttv;" IS PUBLIC LIBRARY ::;;:,r?.ry:K','u;'.": - r v. - mu - ;,Mns. ..r n,itn'tr - .t, ar. ,,,!;")', - 'f 11 ti - ri,n,';n, !;; ,',". ri,t. ycy ; " i,V rw votr" i ,mi v !",;!!,'!,' !,'n - ,,;;iiV'Mlr' - ,;r 'y 'j;'"" - ' ; nfflcc In December. ll,.'7. tun h ni.s I 'Hi" .St:l uti.i unlvontlCy lib, r., t. . j jf'ilr', . si - rh ,,, - ,,. "I" - - .!. nr., I it,, d..ul.lo . h: ces'e'd ob. - - '. I '' ! 'r' ' tl :, T;,p k:.R Invito! V.:r. - I .,, nri...., r , .,. ,. . ri? - u 1 i! uc: t. v. n ;,, , i r,.r ' n , if ' ."i:.;. - of .,! f rrtt rn.n'i i 'Uny ' vl c.irU, t rr - Hip 1'pntwylvntiinn. i:i lU - Ccmi. for' M..tor ' " , word. - V'HW mmitbf;. lus to ru.ri.U. ;' 'ir. ;,, ilowe.,or felt UXi' lh Jack ;. - U;hc. arrested Motid i" i,v I T r , : y!'f ;y!j - ; - - y: - ! Here and There . TO MEET HOOVER i f , Committed When He Fall in mK OLD MILL Cn0fien in Novcmi)CJ, They . - Jfr. B - i tuguc - tjwj nona; Meet to Cast Ballots for j fl s J h on'mm - m mm urt Trial ! (Pj Hoover and - cunis M ! 1 ' i il'iiMdy i.ui)ilatfd dlKtile.ti - . rary In the nelhhoeluifjil he l - after this othc; etoel; et ooohs of thle. Itliierutil lll.rar - miiiilitr,! i:0fl. While l - einainiiiK l:i the ear tor , e.hll.; to eer !, the e.orl, Is , aerie, '.)f)id tho! I,.,,,');,, iiy Jo. ;; ' loj'nd'oi'i .Marl; Twain. I'.udye.ed Kltdhn;, led(;:e Allan 1'oe. CulHWurlliv, I.IikIIiitkI Ml !(. - ; t .v i: i - the Atlnr.tle). !s - ni Iteilh, II. tl. Wells. Tohue.y. t!iWol. (l.irlt ami DdstideVNlty The orool - .ith.u ,j( ( BOSTON'S BEACON HILL WAS NAMED IN 1634 tlil! ltd IV - If inel ;l 0,0 Vored few l:i (Iiu nuHl the tovr.,1 - , of a roval ' i'ho i Vd, oll'st " v o' avy'sy. !!(,',' , :: y' - ;y - ' - t.thu. 'h - e - i.erl ;' o'tan's don't I;','. n. - ovdun at te.l.o , a r..e: 01 , at h - astle Irlttml n I'eeito - l Harlinr CltlzenK drilled (.'(imnmn iind In the small lev: aronnd. As a means of ,Uh - !i rm 10 iioh - s 1 ho: a hear,, i, a as ere, ted th" hSjfh - :.: , m.oenee uf - 1 e eatdtol i:m! ihet hill ear rat, nod f, - as hoi ''ii ill nee rl or and . leaving seluv.I , ire hlek n,. nil eoKUtierlni;. y - y aim: elf , ' SEEK LOAN MARYLAND ASSEMBLY OPZ d t. - dav fet" ; ILL, OtES ASUIC!D ijoqr::s. - t;. r - a - .Trti,'.. r 5 li...: - .p,, e,v. - r ill health. Will:. I ALLEGED LIQUOR VENDOR JAILED a - - .irl.Kr today mol n i iiu luuowt.i;. I, .,, h , eDowell r.t Cent niiccjid road: Jat time. nrroHted by lea, r. - it hearth, ard Market " Mleliael Hiek - y. ol 'A'hiulnir - Deh. ai rested l.v Tinllic , Mlh - rr dny nt Klflh and Marlfet PRIMITIVE MANX MILL STILL MAKES WOOLENS I III Ihe Jrlllnh Idle,, lies ix hlllB. !,, the Utile vllUse lys the l,ondon Times. Its Toe villa; .'may' - ' - nx ttes, In which the lirly thirty hands In woolen w. - avlni; rar:h ii tartl.,1 lleally (he ,:;i:i,f PNEUMONIA KILLS PHISONER rn - r.vm it : i f . .run. ci.n - .sa - BAD LIQUOR KILLS FOUR . v - y:y yyr.Uyhi;'' - .,v.v. :e - FIRE Vn" ST EEL PLAN T 'i.vui.ix 1 f - n.Valiyrd 'he' shop' of' t - 7 ! , - iT'lV - " ,,li;ff - 2 tt.N.P.l - . y am.' eaAsy;'!.. .yy'";: ,'yy.; yyyy - vyyyy ;; - ' Miancc. f WELL DRESSEDMEN BKAC'H KOIJKS. ' Itour.,. JorcntHip 'til..; this pleasant vn i - a tmutcr wiel.t is j ( ibtntu it 'Ji;i - c tc CHESTER TIMES. ;. TJ PA Children's 'i' Styles l'lll:lnt;k.n. r,f Twin Oaks ort with the poller: department y tii at while h1u motor truck i - hhieleivh tes ON. I as. f:W Vork m: PENNA. FINANCES SEEN STRONG, IN SURVEY iiAunifiiHittc;. Jan. : (t.x.S) he,,ltb tW - .n the r.ew VALLEY FORCiE WEDDINf, HELD AT BIRTH OF 1929 I, and while the ;r valleyr; eelio ivltiah Afoitt 100(1 perse, the event. FAMiLYnTuNION fj..shlrKtoii. I). C... rid was the first s that the family i was the firs; time In twelve vears that she has soon all of her children PITTSBURGH CLEAR! NG HOUSE DAY. JANUARY '2, STATE ELECTORS VOTING TODAY ! n.emh, .rs y.ah, tZtXTZ J ' " iAJ f HJOUUU ; ;y.:;y h;at sun shipyard i'.ftypt. Arabia have 'i !.' "' h'o chera Intoth. - Uuw" and v Ki.mbleivs. brought them, ite. by the end .if the r..i Hilary their vine was wUI loi.jjli for letlnlalor.s - to tabu AFGHAN BRIGANDS FIRE UNBKmSHLEGATION AIUJI,. Afuhnnlstan. .!;!. 2a:. DOROTHOimYE RELEASED FROM PRISON eeallm - fru - ts e.o.V.ieenin - '' ! I.o.s Angeles of her Imsband, Kay ... , - - 'w.,, . sear jr.v, How to Escape FLU Avoid so far as possible the places where 4 flu germs are most apt to be; crowded cars, public meeting places, ,warnif stuffy rooms. Be careful of close contact with others and beware of all coughers and sneezers. Breathe through the nose. Get lots of rest. Eat plenty of citrous fruits. Keep the bowels open. Take every 3 Precaution to keep in good physical condition, so your system will have high resistance against germs. Above all, avoid catching cold. Any cold may be the forerunner of flu. Take Bayer Aspirin at the first sign of a cold and you can ward it off. Gargle with Bayer Aspirin at first sign of sore throat as this will remove the infection. If you have any reason to suspect even a touch of flu, call your doctor. 102!).. HOME AND GARDEN A C:ONl,f",')ji..Pv KEELS LAID FOR two nu: VKwmv n Pago One !!l str'ong that the rj. .Ill receive a contiac f - of ihg vessels. Tin pant four' mom!, .. liar.Uv h; Hut past month fnlted ships In .drydock the sliljiyard tjOKmniaa Mr .1 held a jj e lie ealied an the err. ;Vl oveV"t c a mod jol, ia - - of th, He Paid die Situ ahlpbuildir.t l - nrvdord; Company riKhtcoush GILBERT SAYS GERMANY IS FIRMLY ON FEET in - Parl:e,Ur;'i i.' DIAMOND THIEF FLEES - JAIL; IS RECAPTURED A - n.Kt;.s.HAitrti:, p..., jan. t. N.a.) Sieve Jtenm. diamond thief. ued at ?7;,,O0t, fj - om the York Harr.; jail today, but was recaptured minutes alter he rent - tie 1 lev leant is wair , oolaoriiics has been In JaSl tf .1 bar, len inches e front of the r about eleven RULES ON TAX PROVISION 'WASHINGTOX, - f.U.P.) - PERMISSION TO l - NT E R V E, E - The Public N,t. ice Commi.sslo; era n ton Lio - e Company nnd tlo FVLU - COLDS Chtxk at first sneeze. " Rub on inhale vapors ICKS JVIACKEY'S 618 - 620 EDGMONT AVE. STEWART. WARMER RADIO HAMILTON LOANS WE HAVE BEEN SERVING THE PUBLIC .COURTEOUSLY, CONFIDENTIALLY AND QUICKLY FOR THE PAST 25 YEARS. .MAY WE SERVE YOU? WE LOAN FKOM 510.00 TO S300.00 ON YOUR OWN NOTE Weekly Payments If Desired THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA PROTECTS YOU BY SUPERVISING INTEREST CHARGES, CALL. WRITE or TELEPHONE Hamilton Loan Society 50G - 07 Croior Building 5tli and .Market ' Sts. Chester, Pa. Chester 3076 You're Going to Need Draft Screens This Month! Living room, bed room, sick room. Folks just re - - coveringr from the flu should have lots of good, fresh oxygen - tadcti air. Diamond E Window Ventilators afford pure ozone without a particle of draft 'twill pay you to have us supply them all over the house. Reasonable in price effective in action. COOLEY LILLEY The fnr DELAWARE STATE BUDGET OF NEWS Happenings of Interest in Pennsylvania's Neighboring Communities Smyrna .public echools will re - open on Thursday. The first game of bas - lvth - 01 will be playerl on January U with the Mllford boys' and flrls' teams at Mllford. postmaster A. I,, Hudson and Mr - - . Hudson, of Smyrna, were entertained nt dinner yesterday by their dautrh - ttr, Mrs. J, Lcbler Kcotton and Mr. ficotton, In Newark. S". Harvey Snenkmnn. of the nhi Sym . Is rtttnd h , Mrs, C. E. Bil - F. K. Postlea, of lolr' - son, John Postles and farnfly airs. IVi - tles' sister. !r. rrartces Unsken, in Philndelphhi. e Newark lire department com - ' of r lnKUlshed w - lth little dlinculty. The Nn Fraternity H ho ColJese Quadranfile Js rapldly 'hTlrph,y,yy i l' U 1 I i ' :'i 1 d, l1' j, 1 " " "wi"ll:in'"tjunlnRhttin has been 1111 - iiK Newark ofllcor James .KeelVa Kisltlori tlui - iiiff his Illness. NEW YORK PRODUCE Nl:' VO UK, Jan. e(rj.p.; Flour dull and lower. Pork, dull, r.oos - r 3,, .tui, iiir.O: lard, stead v. Middle West .s,m iiiafJllSS. Buwr, raw doll; eeot: Ifaoal. oil teal delivered duty paid. IPSO; refined, tpiiei; Er(in - o la ted 52r,530. Coffee. Plo. No. 1, on spot. tSVl. Santos No. A, 23452 - 5. '"allow, dull, spc - riol to evti a, K ', . . SOS 125. Ere eys, 2 V ,Tf IJ; .si ;,oUr is: oiKo - lS:,. l,oh:i", elrs. ISfiilf); I,,,',,,; Islara!,' of, " Li: ' U to. 'a ' - " ?r - recslers, vp.; ehichens, .'i2 fT 3 S ; capons 11 f A HO; hrollei - . - 3f rdiee.o vcud sutc whole milk, fancy to special's PH I LA. PRODUCE arol ti' - blcs 'limited d'ci.ourd ''a en orally steady: Apples mostly BOctfl - il.lU per K Potatoes, firm; Pennsylvania roam whiles. f l.Silrd hoi, per IrO - pour Vcllco rods. il.006T - by spinach, 7 at fro - M . 1 D per - Ired celery, stead;. - . SifiZOc ptoT rT - '3Itfci,aa, Bell - ans TRUSTS EXECUTED LIFE INSURANCE TRUST TITLE INSURANCE SURETY HON US MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGES PENNSYLVANIA TITLE AND TRUST CO. . CHESTER, PENNA. NOW SHOWING six CYLINDER Chevrolet 9th and Edgmont i 703 EDG.MONT AVE. CHESTER, PA. Good Housekeepers

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