Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 9, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1895
Page 5
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M-BEST-EVER-PRODUCEO-FOR.' Thc-MoNEY- PERFECT-FITTING GUAWUTTB&D WflMiUTTfl Ml/3UH flW> ElGHTCEN HUNDH&D tlNBK ONLY DEWENTER, IThe Hatter and Furnisner Save This Coupon. No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever aclorned^your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THB PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. QUIETLY DROVE AWAY. _ JBold Morwo Thief Victimize* FranltKnirle ot Walton. The man who IB supposed to have taken wrongful possession of Frank Engle's horse and baggy at Walton Saturday night le said to have been dresaed in black, and to have worn a black derby hat. Mr. Engle livea near Walton, and his horse and rig were taken from In front of Bishop's etorei about 8 o'clock In the evening. It win reported that the horse was last eeen near James Sprinkle's in the neighborhood of Deer Creek, and at that time the occupant of the "canopy top" buggy was making an obvious effort to £ quicken the horse's rapid pace in a westerly direction. The horse was taken by the unknown man In the presence of a number of people, and Mr. Engle himself, was but a short distance away. Mr. Engle was at Kokomo Sunday trying to locate the horse and the alleged thief. The animal le three years old, a small bay, with a white spot on the forehead and one white hind foot. Select Your From a[full stock. We know you all enjoy it= Besides the economy 7 •HSW- there's in it. SOUHU'W Baud Tonight. Sousa's grand concert band, Tie only complete line of Boys', Misses' and Children's Shoeis! A glance into our Window or a visit to our 2d floor will satisfy the intending purchaser of MEN f S SHOES of the superiority of our line. Never before so complete. Respectfully, OTTO KRAUS. Walked From I-ousn.port. Peru Chronicle:—A tired-looking lot of boys, averaging about the twelve years of age, of Lo- most pronounced musical success of I gansport, arrived in tha city yester- recent years, will be heard at the I day afternoon about 3 o'clock having opera house tonight, and its coming walked the entire distance. The boys told their folks yesterday morning DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 9. Sousa'i Band tonight. The greatest Sous* toilght at tho opera house. Ten new members were taken Into the Chrlntlan church Sunday. Don't fall to secure tickets this morning for Souea'e band tonight. The paint thop of R. 8. Mountain haj been moved to 414 Wall street. Juat a few day a now until John Gray will have another lot of those bargain bed spreads. New carpets in beautiful designs and colorings, just opened at tho Trade • Palace. Tlpton -lodge F. & A. M. conferred tho entered apprentice degree on ;i number of candidates last evening, Get a cake of H. &H., carpet cleaner and your old carpets and rugs look iko new. For'ealo at Trade Palace. To purify, vitalize and enrich the blood, and give norve, todlly and digestive strength, tako Hood's Sarsa- parllla. A social was given .Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Wm. Bopp of Sixth street by the Knights and Ladles Of Honor. > Tho office of the county treasurer will be kept openjuntll D o'clock each night this week for tho convenience o tax pay era. Just what you need, a nice fresh chonille cover, and tho place to get a quality for a moderate price, is at John Gray's. The funeral of £ Andrew Gibson oo currcd yesterday afternoon from the A. M. E. church. [Interment was made at Mt. Hope. Wanted—A good girl for general house work. JNo washing, good wages. Must come with good recommendations. Call atjNo. 216 Eighth St. Those bargains in bed spreads which caused so much talk were bought at John Gray's, and he will have another lot of them in a few days. Don't miss this chance. Mr. Culver of St. Louis, and Dr. MoKenzlo of Culver Academy, Maxin- kuokee, were in tho city yesterday closing-up the contract with John E. Barnes & Sons for tho new academy building. WILL REBUILD THE WALL. Tlie nice Will be made Water Proof al Once—The Matter Decided llBHt MjClll. The new water works committee last night decided that the water works race wall would have to be rebuilt, and that the work should begin at once. Plans, estimates and specifications have been prepared by city engineer Ray, and the job will be completed under the eye of that official. Workmen will be employed by the city, and a superintendent of construction will be placed to oversee tho 1m- portant task of building a fortification that will hold h ack the water that may be forced through the race under all circumstances. There will be no unnecessary delay in getting down to work and it Is thought that from six to ten Logansport laborers will be given work on the new improvement. TO IMPROVE RIVERSIDE. will be a most interesting event to all professionals and music lovers. The history of military bands shows no parallel to the favor which this organization has attained within the two yearn of its existence. Such a result could be achieved only by musical merit of the highest order, intelligently and conscientiously presented to the public. Mr. Sousa long ago demonstrated that he is In every way a masterly band conductor. He made the Marine band of Washington famous for its excellence, and followed ihls by organizing, two yeara ago, for Manager Blakely, what has repeatedly and universally been proclaimed the finest concert band ever'heard in America. The City Board of Health. The city board of health was on an inspecting tour yesterday. It la preparing to make some recommendations to the council with reference to condition of the bank of the Wabash river between Third street and the Wabaeh railroad bridge. their folks yesterday that they werb going to spend the day in the country. They set out from homo about 9 o'clock, and claim they walked the entire distance to Peru, Had it not been that the boys are all members of an athletic association, and thai the treasurer of the organization was one of the party and lucky enough to carry the society's funds in his trousers' pockeis, they probably would have had to foot it back, but as it was the treasury was in euch a good financial condition that there was sufficient money to pay for all the car fares, and thoy returned home at 5:30. The klde In the party were Harvey Brown, Fred Murdock, Fred Tomlln- eon, George Graffis and Carl Wiler. HE WAS NOT THE MAN. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock d! Desirable Shoes At WALKER & Where quality is our first object at prices te make them GO. The IlicycllntN and Hor«cineii AV111 IHci-t Tonljjht at the Council Cbnmher to Talk it Over, Tonight at tha council chamber there will be a meeting of the horse* men and bicycle riders of Logansport, for the purpose of making arrangements for the improvement of the drive at Riverside park. All inter, ested in the use of tho course for speeding and pleasure riding, are asked to attend the meeting. The NewFudtor'n First Harmon. The Rev. E.A. Percival, who comes 10 tho Broadway Presbyterian church with the highest recommendations from his late congregation at Mlaba- waka, preached his first sermon from the Broadway pulpit Sunday to a large congregation. The members of the Broadway Presbyterian church are congratulating themselves upon the happy choice of a pastor and preacher. A Ca»« County Invention. W. F. Bennett of Adameboro, has applied for a patent on a combination thill attachment and rattler, which ie said to be a very good thing. Parker Fair arid Mr. Bennett, the inventor, will manufacture the new contrivance, The Eiolntlon Of mec'lolnal agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading druggists. .Fnnernl of Mm. alary Early. This afternoon the funeral cortege o' the l.ate Mrs Mary Early, one of the oldest of Bethlehem township residents, will leave tho residence, and at Fletcher's lake M, E. church, the Rev. Cramer officiating, the funeral services will be held. Frank Sbepardson, an engineer on the Southern Pacific Ry., who resides at Los Angeles, Cal., was troubled with rheumatism for a long time. He was treated by several physician, also visited the Hot Springs, but received no permanent relief until he used Cham berlain'w Pain Balm. De says it is the best'meclloine in the world for rneuma- tism. For sale by B. F. Keosling, Druggist. Samuel Steejc. Held on (Simplclon of <4tealln|[, la AeleaMed on Failure . to Identify Ilim. Samuel Steele waa discharged by the mayor yesterday morning. He had been arrested, on a charge of larceny, but there waa no evidence of his complicity in the alleged theft,and he was released. A set of harness bad been stolen from the barn of Mrs. J. E. Parker'at No. 1117 Market street, and the articles had been offered lor sale by cwo young men at tho second hand store of G. W. Campbell. The clerk who waited upon the young men was of the opinion that Samuel Steele was not one of the pair. There is now no tangible clue upon which to work in the caso. Took Dinner at Home. / Peru Chronicle: Judge N. 0. Ross| whose professional headquarters are at Logansport, was in the city today. His business was to take dinner with John C. Kratzer and family, with whom he has a citizenship home. A few years ago Mr. Ross, who baa been a resident of Indiana for nearly or quite fifty years and never voted elsewhere than in Peru, was challenged at the polls on the ground that his home was at Logansport. He determined to obviate future annoyance by establishing a fixed home here whether he remained regularly or not, and made an arrangement with Mr. Kratzsr, so Mr. Ro«s partook of dinner at home today. FREStt •ou want a fine fresh FIS F. W, KINNEY, If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with TELEPHONE, 172. A fine variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. MOTHERS! Oh. Mother: Why do you let your dear llttlo one suffer with colic and cramps, when a few drops of Dr. Bayer's Colic drops will insianlly relieve your darling, and give you both needed rest? All nurses use it. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug store in 25 and 50 cent bottlea. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 para Grape Cream L ' Tartar Powder*. Fret fmn Ammonia, Alum o»'^nyoth*r adulterant 4O YEARS THE STANDARD. A OfUirhirul Evcniii-;. Those wbo appreciate a first-class elocutionary entertainment will not fall to hear Wtn. Hawley Smith at the Broadway M. E church Friday evening, April 12th. Mr. Smith needs no in. troduction to the reading public, being an author of more than ordinary fame. The Elite Mandolin Club will furnish the music. Tickets So cents, at Powell's music store, Hnabuds of Skklj Wires: Don't be discouraged. There is escape from doctors' bills. Zoa.Phorv Woman's Friend, baa brought health to many women, and prosperity to many families, when other remedies and skillful physlcUns have failed. Sold by B. F. Keeellng »nd Coulsun & Co. By all means hear tbe Sousa tonight. Band ADDITIONAL ITE.TIS. To Mr. and Mrs. Owen Murphy, s son. Harry Davenport is sick at his home with lagrippe. To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hltchena, north of the city, a son. To Mr. and Mr?. Daniel Deiperd of Woodland street, a son. Mrs. H A. Brown of the West Side, is reported seriously sick. Harvey Mader has accepted a position at the Pan Handle station Dan'c close your ica contracts untill you see John Baker's canvassers. Jesse Hoxey and Joe Herman were Initiated in the orientals last evening. C. W. Fisk's office telephone, No. 179, was placed in position yester. day. The finest Hue of stylish made clothing in the city is shown by Harry Frank. Easter capes and waists, also beau, tiful line of parasols at the Trade Palace. AD elegant new ambulance arrived yesterday for Foglesong Bros., the undertakers. There is» probability that Sycamore street will not be pared from the Third street bridge to the Vand*V Ilk tracke with brick—thit summer, v ' PLEASURE TRIPS. If you want to dress your little ones in Up- To-Date Clothing see my line of Combinatiorv Reefer, Junior and Jersey Suits. They have never been equaled in Logansport. ExcurHlona the Coming Hammer at Reasonable Rate*. Whether the tourist's fancy directs him to the Now England States er the Atlantic seaboard; to the South; or to the lake region of the North; or to the Rocky Mountains and the wonderland beyond the Mississippi, he will ba given opportunity to indulge hie tastes at a small cost for railroad fare this year. There will be low rates to Baltimore over the Pennsylvania lines in May, account the American Medi cal Association, to Decatur, 111., ac. count the German Baptist (DuEkarcT meeting, and to Plus burg for the Presbyterian General Assembly There'will also be low rates over these lines to Meridian, Miss., account the General Assembly Cumberland Presbyterian church the same month. In June excursion tickets will be sold Over the Pennsylvania Lines to Omaha account the National Jr. O. D. A. M ; to Chattanooga, Tenn., for the International convention of Ep*orth League; to Cleveland. Ohio, account the National Republican league meeting, and to Roanoke, Va., for the German Baptist meeting. Excursions for July include low rates over the Pennsylvania to Baltimore for the Baptist Y. P. Union meeting: to Asbnry Park for the L. A. W. meeting, and to Boston for the Christian Endeavor convention, and' to Denver. Col., account of the National Educational Association meeting.-,'jln August excursion ticket* will; be.on c sale orer the Pennsylvania JOS. G GRACE, 426 BROADWAY, linea to Boston, account of Knights Templar conclave. The sale of low rate tickets will not be restricted to members of tho. organizations mentioned, but the public generally may take advantage of them. The Asbury Park excursion will doubtless attract many to that de lightful ocean reaort. Atlantic City, j Uape May, Long Branch and all the famous watering places along the New Jersey coast are located on tee Peon sylvania lines, hence tbis will be a desirable opportunity to vi-it the seashore. The Denver excursion will be just the thln£ for a sight seeing jiunt the far West, as ticket: will be honored going oce wa/ and re'xrning a different route through, the most romantic scenery beyond the Missia- eipl and Missouri rivers. Variable route privellges will also be accorded Boston excursionists, enabling- them to visit Niagara Fail*, Montreal. Thousand Islands and Si. Lawrence Rapids. the White Mountains the Hudson river territory, and to return by steamer on Long Island Sound, after sightseeing at Newport, SarraganiettPier, Nantucket 'and th» 'ape Co* retorts to New York, and ihence through the agricultural para dlie of the Keystone State, along the iuiqnehanna and Junlata rlTert, over the Ailegbenies, around famous Horfie Shoe Curve, through historic Johnstown and the coke and iron regions of Western Pennsylvania. It is aleo expected that Boston excursionists over the Pennsylvania Lines will be privileged to return via Bal'.imore and Washington tf they so defcire. lu^ addition to the above, there will be plenty of other theip excursionc over the Pennsylvania lines to various points. Astbes-asoa :& homo week* away, a-rangemeot? io detail bava not been coc.sumnoaUid, but it, is certain tnat no railway will offer better inducements thin toe liberal concession* in rales and priviinees thai may be enjoyed .by travelers over, the Pennsylvania lice?- Tcis fact may readily be aicertniceo upon application to any passenger or ticket aceot of these linea, or by addressing F. Van Dusen, chief assistant treneral passenger agent, Pittsburg, Pa_ IroSd Girt-All*. Zoa-Phora )» compounded solely for diseases of women. la its sphere it ba« DO equal. For tt&tlmooials and. •dvice. address H. G. Cotman. Seore-, tary of tbe Zoa-Ptora Medicine Com- p»ny. KmlotDBZOo, Mich., or alkyour drogglit Soid by B. F. KeeiliDga»< ConiiOD * Co. i , y v ••;<• .-•• •, |i v - .. •,.,- ,..- t ..• is,! 1 •''' - • * ref" ^^

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