The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 28, 1940 · Page 2
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 2

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 28, 1940
Page 2
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For Chutified 'Ad Results BROOKLYN EAGLE. WEDNESD Y. FEBRUARY 28. 1910 Telephone MAin 4-6200 Archduke Otto Will Fly to lT. S. Lisbon, Portugal. Feb. 28 UW Arrhduke Otto of the Hapsburgs, prr tender to the former Austrian j tiirone, arm (! last nisht to board j a C'iipT lor New York, probably i on Thursday. He went to the home o! Saldanha, a Portuguese Rv.ih.-t. O';o had left Paris secretly Sunday. Members of his entourage defied taat there a.s any political tisn.licanoe to his American visit, saying it had been planned last September and postponed on account of the war. Order Flier Pay $2,751 In Air Death I Chamherlin Must Compensate Family Ui Itarnslornier I Ijj You'll be happy with a Albany, Feb. 28 (Clarence D. Chamberlin, transatlantic flier, has been ordered by the state Labor De partment to pay 2 Dayton Frets Over Way to Prune Budget Albany Aid Needed For 21-Million Cut, Estimate Board Told family of Capt. Harry Hublitz. who ! 1934. Budget Director Kenneth Day II ...hrr.ui-e ol its glorious Hi- J I torv dating from 1853 and be- I caue nf the genuine value it represent.. I.iszl yilased a George Steels and prai-ed it. I S acner owned a C.enrge SinrL ticft it in romnntiinlt 1 "Parsifal." Music lner of modi'st means ill find j l.eorpe r-tcrks wen nnm rearh. from S29.) SPECIALLY PRICED FOR THIS WEEK DAINTY LITTLE GRAND Rf(rnA:ti,nl likt HYOi- 24 5 COMPANY 53 J'LUrU'SH At. BROOKLYN Queens Group Again Pledges Aid to Fair Gibson Stresses Value Of Full Co-operation In 19 10 Program The World's Fair today had the support of Queens for another year. At a luncheon in the Administration Building at the Fair yesterday members of the Queens executive committee for the Fair were the quests of Harvey D. Gibson, chairman of the Fair's board of directors. ho expressed gratitude for the issued, the de-backing given bv that boroueh la-st partment said year, and told them the Fair de- today, because pended on them ' for a great deal the aviator's of support ' in 1940. chamberlin Speaking for the committee. Sher- Flying Service, iff Maurice A. FitzGerald and inc., Hublitz' Louis C. Go.-.riorfer, chairman of the employer, was committee and president of the declared to be a United National Bank of Long Is-; New York con-land, assured Mr. Gibson the com- cern subject to mistce would give its aid. the workmen's Others attending were Fred Hul- c ompensation bert. executive secretary oi m committee; Martin Gehringer.-trea.- . urer; J. Wilson Dayton. George S Downing. JarvU S. Hicks. Ernest MacDonald. Charles D. Nutt. Harold W. Os'.erhout and Rudolp'.i Stutzman. u.j't r-H -hevnnri rea-iare now protected by law. the $21.- PLAN Hl'GE ARENA enable doubt- the busmess was a 000 000 barrier cannot be removed. t . ... M r Tin v inn in Fair officials, it was learned, have New York, rather man a ise i- - rlar-istaH tn iun'ir tlio hnoo Km i-t spv CornOratiOn. "e ' COUrSC. Pavilion with a Datriotic amohithc-: Hublitz died in a Pension Fight Simmers Down As McEllisott Resumes Duties Fire Commissioner John J. Mc-. mlssioner McEUlgott appeared Elligott, who resigned on Friday as mark the end, for the time being. commissioner and retired himself as fire chief at a pension of $11,250 a year, was back on duty today although ill in St. Clare's Hospital, 415 W. 51st St., Manhattan. An order from Mayor LaGuardla, j pensions higher than they would be in the form of a letter sent to his : entitled to under the new pension bedside, directed him to "resume I law after it goes into effect in July, the duties of commissioner to he! Three of the pensions were per-extetu of your physical possibili-; mltted to stand, for disability. The Mias Julia Delofrio, 21, of 28-23 21st St., Astoria, was carrying to 1200 navTnll vesterdav to the Con- of the pension controvert launched !"'"" vu,,...,, v. when the commissioner, Just before! 23d St., Long Island City, where he resigned, ordered not only his she Is employed, when ihe found her own retirement out that oi eigm .av b!orked on thp SPrond floor by a man quiet and hand over t"ie dough." Although she thought he was cu, 21, sa.c ryot, xhrec Murder By Screaming at Itanriit indictments set Nassau Record oiner rite wpanainu oumiu im iandlnlr of th. huildinir who ordered her: "Be Homer Slated to Co On Trial in March as Slaver of Salesman armed with a gun, the girl screamed , f the Brooklm Eaglt on4 rh ctronopf trnlr har nn lh r .. died, in an air plane crash Oct 21. 1935. at Troy. The order w as New York City this year faces Its .ties." That Included signing relief , others, it appeared, would be set- and the stranger struck her on the. Mi , Feb 28 Jack Clifford - - i , . ... . ....... i ........ ii j. i huri itWt hlnn) inct i-i-Mjt W ... . - i 74 tn the most difficult budget problem since : pennon cnecus and simuar auiies.jtied on tne Dasis oi me o signed to a special orders bulletin All five except Deputy law. Chamberlin was acq uitted two weeks ago in a itv suit by the Queens ton warned in a report to the Board of Estimate yesterday. In which he jointed out that economies aggregating $21,000,000 must be made to balance the next city budget against mandatory increases. Mr. Davton said that the budget will require $30.000000 in new monev. made up of $22 000.000 in mandatory items and 18 000.000 in other requirements. Of this $30.- 000.000. he said. $9,200,000 was out nd similar duties J tied on the basis of the outcome oi raw " - instrument, no,Hnm 19 former Long Beach life- lMCP'?'fanesu"na.a tne $200 when! d ,od w m bars. Chief, a doctor arrived from St. John's ? , tnrtiV.tnrt tn the of yesterday. James W. Heffernan, wno was in nospiiai. ireatea ner ior scarp iac-'n,, cR.vpar-olrl lew- The Mayor's order automatically charge of Brooklyn and Queens, , erations and took her home. Police' j salesman on Feb. 20 at Long relieved Deputy Commissioner Elmer! were returning to duty without said he probably did not have T,Pafn' -Mu.sutia iiuui ius uuty nciiiiK : pre juaiciliK uirir rij;uio 11 ure icb suu. (ire commissioner, but Assistant; test should entitle them to the high-1 - Fire Chief Patrick Walsh continued jer pension. Deputy Chief Heffer- as acting fire chief. nan has said that he intended to Al li nn nnlnf)Dl Will 111U11 UVlllVIRlU The resumption of duties by Coin- I "stay retired.' Parley Is Called On Sanita Impasse To Die for Slaying Benjamin (Little Benny) Ertel, 25, sioe tne consntuuonaw percenitax ; c - t , comkled of first degree murder on was one of three handed up jester m a nn tio rpnia nitiir t")i fwi - i rAn tpu oo tt 1 1 I w liicii tne iormer Kann estate was 1 . L. . Homer is said by police to have confessed the murder last Sunday night. A Nassau County grand jury indicted him late yesterday and after his arraignment Homer was placed irf the County Jail to await trial. It is not expected that the trial will start sooner than the end of March or early in April. The indictment against Homer 000 is within the limitation and there is only $385,000 carried over from the 1939-40 budget to meet it, he declared. in K ton town board 1 committee, will confer with a com-Imittee to be named by Mayor La- ( us nm,, on .k.i.i. tv. Feb. 14. todav WH-S sentenced to die designated as a,, hniH nf onrvl.' tivlci.,n 1 In (Via oWtrl,. fholr riiirinu tho wpelr would be accepted by New York as final. Guardia in an effort to iron out the Arthur H. Kreutzer announced here JltMldiiH rae . larence . i.uji WILL MAKE ECONOMIES i-uiimitti . . . , . . 'Sanita (JOUri OI ! Ullirss uir urgm l ui c fit. Special Sessions, wnicn oeciareu u.r ... "' ..u..,: 1 yesterday. w . n State had not proved "beyond rea-'are now P " i. - The Welfare Honor Fund of the,UU lVOU;i'ay IO 1 New York City Sanitation Depart- Mpxico clty Fe() 2P We will, of course, make etono-l, ., cit t .u-clase to Presiden take-off crash ;mies in the new budget, he re- ot, Kahn t which -said ater and arena for the presentation . while "barnstorming'' through New i porieo. Many oi uirm wiu or thpy acpuire1 as a reCrealion cen- Mexico's of daily dramatizations around the England and New or&. rutin iun mU pr for members At a public hear day by the grand Jury. This was he wo rn ade hm. .if mrienin onrf th He. vinhAtt T?v nvifltrix was gravely 1 uu liui, .- nv velopment of the United States. injured in the crackup. 'ije Ln5aJJ, ,be MOVE TO FORC E T.W MLa l in? before the Huntington town IU UUVUIlt . , , ,, -w.J..,. It is planned to have an open air rngrr i.vmfvt : Mayor LaGuardia suggested that an (theater seating 5.500 In wliich to " w " ' ' ,. in six years, ne explained, w effort be made to solve the problem I stage program. of music, folklore; "Neither Clarence nor city has made $97,000,000 worth of bv tne conference method. At the and playlets by groups of foreign his flying service carxiea ihm..c.. economies to meet, manaaiory salary hf,aring the Mayor said that the believed to set a record in the rnnntv of April 8 by General Sessions Judge I Xne other two were against Aifred Jacob Gould Schurman Jr. It was Gatti, 28. and George Dolnv. 22. who the first death sentence imposed by 1 are charged with the murder of Judge Schurman since his appoint- Samuel Chiccolla, a candy store ment to the bench last December. ' proprietor of 84-36 102d Ave., Ozone A blue ribbon Jury found Ertel Park, at Beacon Hill Road, Port guilty of the slaying of Detective , Washington, on Dec. 1. Chiccolla Michael J. Foley during a holdup in was taken for a ride, shot through a restaurant at 144 2d Ave., Man- the head and robbed of. a small hattan, on April 10, 1937. ; amount of cash. Gatti and Dolny Seven men took part In that hold- ' are already under Indictment in -stry today to take, up and Ertel was the sixth to be Brooklyn, charged with the slaying a accept the dismissal sentenced to death. Three already; of John E. Glass of West Engle- wood, N. J., during a holdup in a ,urces! . Cardenas workers in j wage cut of 3 000 employes to effect a saving have died In the electric chair and AV"OL'CEMEXTS onr-acfrv in Am.rioan ifo r oo n. rnmnensatlOn insurance, lliuuowim tions of Latin-Americans. German-' Commissioner Frieda S. Miller stated Americans, Czech-Americans, first! in announcnig the award. 'Unless jonoroHnri TWeh mil i mito r ormirvc ! the case is reversed on appeal, I : will be brought from various parts j shall proceed with all means at the of the country for these programs.! State's disposal to collect the award Baron Stefan Ropp, Polish high j for the Hublitz family. ' commissioner to the Fair, an- "The evidence that Chamberlin's nounced a plan to have wealthy ; business was a New York concern Polish citizens in this country ler.d pretty impressive 18 different their art treasures for an exhibit to recorcis filed with the U. S. Depart-raise funds for Polish relief, indc-'mpr,t nf Commerce, many of them penaenc oi me ronsn uovernmeni exhibit. He estimated that $30,000,-000 worth of art work was owned by Poles here. ! Word came from Dublin that I Ireland would not participate in the 1 1940 Fair because of the interna-j tional situation. FIRESTONE SIGNS ! Mr. Gibson announced that the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, one of last year's major ex hibitors, has signed a contract for the decision participation again this year. The! rotunda of the company's building' in the transportation area will be $3lM) Awarded 3Iail transformed into a West African in cnamoernns own iiaiiuKimuK. list Holmes Airport. Queens, as the permanent address." Chamberlin asserted that Captain Hublitz at the time of the accident was not in his employ. The industrial board some time ago held that the testimony of Bernard Capehart increases, to finance various public services and improvements. "It must be evident that we cannot keep this up," he said. Economies in the 1939-40 budget, he said, were hampered by State legislation, refusal of county officers to take pay cuts. Flu, Pneumonia Cases Increase The number of pneumonia and influenza cases in New York City increased during the week ended last Saturday, but there was still ! Welfare Honor Fund could not pay full taxes on the property but might be able to pay some. He said that BANKBOOK List; Nn D33 nf Srnoort Svm Bank; payrafnt teen s'opped. Plrase return to llie bants a: ICR! Pul;nn S' 10 jungleland, with extensive rubber Hit by KunnillJS tOV manager of the old yueens Airport. ino -unusual prevalence," the num-and fellow pilots Indicated HubUte Rnd dfaths was in Chamberlin s employ. lbeow fs game Chamberlin has 20 days to appeal nBrinH, , . .,. a..nrri(ne. to a report yesterday to Dr. John L. Rice, Health Commissioner, by Thomas J. Duffield. registrar of records in the Health Department. New pneumonia rases totaled 402 last week, continuing the begun With a warning to persons who Feb. 10. Deaths totaled 116. also an .h..,t -Wlinr over" fellow- increase, so tar mis year, However, 639 Enstrrn parkway BANKBOOK Lo' Nn 6a ;r.G vi:ti;n Issued. Ha fiTfi9. Bay RldRp. r;a;rr, must bp made Dr new ocnjt be Lost and Found he plantations has : Visitors will hp nhle to see the VAiirn nnprntirm's in nhtnininp rnh- timra haup Knon nlt, ORIO satnc otiX ! ih nff th. i-nt,,r,H n iti k o tiro nedestrians. Mimictpal Court Justice; 7J5 j-.h, o,,''i oNK8'ankNOpVmen"1 hlfbeen factory producing tires from start Pette yesterdaf awarded $300 dam- 5.662 cases and 1.379 deaths at this toped. p;ea-e return :o the bank. t to finish at the rate of one every ; t vfnt Rprnstein. 28. of time In 1939 and 2.681 cases and four seconds. ., MH HollLs for inrurles: 1'087 deaths in 1938' j 104-19 201t St.. Hollis, for injuries . Influenza cases incrpased bv one g i . i, i i suffered when he was knocked down to 44 last week, although deaths fell 5eekS rit to Iteweo b g Western vnion Telegraph mes- from ten the previous week to seven. Ilp. tiif :itlir Ir Influenza incidence has been slowly tier Mepiather senger. nsing llnce Jan 27 havf New Bedford. Mass., Feb 28 t.-r)- Tne company, namea as oeienu-1 bpPn 206 influenza cases and 35 Probate Judge Mahew R. Hitch con- ant. failed to convince Justice Pette i deaths reported so far this vear as sidered today a petition by which in Flushing that there was no liabil- j against 923 cases and 92 deaths in reward. GRamercy Mrs. Ellen Howarth Garcia, 22, seeks itv "on the part of an employer the same period of 1939 and 134 to annul her marriage to her step- where his errand boy is in charge of cases and 41 deaths In 1938. Manuel S. Garcia, 44. in or- no animal, vehicle, tool or other der that they might rewed in a State property of the employer and jostles iwhich permits such alliances. a stranger. I Married two years ago after the The jurist held that the messenger 'death of Garcia's first wife, the two had been "acting within the scope were convicted of morals charges 0f his employment" when he darted and sent to prison. A State Supreme mto Bernstein in a corridor of an Court justice ruled recently that no ofIlce building at 1410 Broadwav. crime had been committed and re- Manhattan, last Aug. 25. Bernstein's voked the three-to-ftve-year sen- giasses were broken and he suffered tence imposed on Garcia, who had a laceration over the left eve. served aDout 18 montns. Mrs. uar-cia previously had been paroled BANKBOOK Lo.s; 188788 Bay Ridse Sav;rKi Bank, al; c.a;m mu be made m ith.n or.e ween cr n w bock v.'A be limed CASE Ir. b.ack z-.Dptr. Pmtapp.e St. r."ar Her.ry: cor.-en;& .oose .eat booki r.?p correspondence DOG Los-; uc;r.".y E. 17th St. and Cor-'father, i'i.ul, iwau. u.v.ii niiu ii,.o tfu.i tcrtlC. Hewgrd. INsersoii 2-6517. JXXOUNCtMENTS accept-id until 10 I'M for publication tht iollovimg dot r from 8 AM. to 1 PM. (11 A.M. on Saturdays I for publication in th.i nrxt availablt edition of the tame day'i taper. of 24,000,000 pesos (nearly $4,000,000) yearly. The government expropriated foreign oil properties March 18, 1938 following a lengthy controversy in which the workers demanded large wage Increases and a voice in operating the concerns. the sentences of two were commuted Brooklyn bar on Thanksgiving Day. to life Imprisonment by Governor Homer is accused of murdering Lehman. i Rappaport, with robbery as the mo- According to Assistant District . Uve, after the jewelry salesman had Attorney Joseph A. Sarfite, who called at the Homer home, 552 East conducted the Ertel prosecution, the seventh man, still at large, is Isa- dore Perlmutter, 25. I Fulton and S mmmmmmmmsmtmmm Price j mith Streets 1 :'H Prices slashed to the rrrv limit! POTS ol our February CLEARANCE SALE MAin 4-6200 Cady, Bean & Steeves DENTISTS S. E. cor. Fulton Smith, Brooklyn from a women's reformatory. Open Thurs. Till 9 ' Jacket and Skirt- Your Spring Duo I' n 'WW) Order rlSI 5 2435 Tweed Jacket 7.05 l:e, b'.e grey J t U lV p ' z,ri T.ed tc rpd j 1 C 3S5-C ii 5 jes 2f.-i ! Shetland Skirt 3.95 Slin. -hipped ond pored (or swing. Novy, black, copen, ro'.e or grey in sizes 36 to 46. MAIN FLOOR IS HANOVER PLACE Just Off Fulton 1 f xyAft J l xk?''f' j More for your money r y; grmifWii too... when your nick- , ' I"1 " tmr' Jh I el goes for the tasty Vo'w' ' drink in the tall, tall ' t $$0-f, " j bottle. More flavor... rSs i and more of it, too. ff s: t ' Be thrifty when you're " thirsty. Join the suing f f glf II v l to Pepsi-Cola. J Iff 1 Step out... be gay fl j vJ M " I tha Peptl-Cola way. -S!!tm f bm 1M ' 'l Final Reductions On Entire Stock Many Below Cost! Featuring our 3 "Best Sellers" at give-away prices PERSIAN LAMB many reduced over 50 35 Coats formerly $450 to $675 20 Coats formerly 338 to 450 25 Coats formerly 258 to 338 MOW $338 NOW 278 NOW 198 MINK DYED MUSKRAT at lowest prices! 1 8 Coats formerly $168 to $ 1 98 NOW $138 20 Coats formerly 198 1? 238 MOW 168 HUDSON SEAL DYED MUSKRAT at final reductions! formerly $ 198 to $238 NOW $18 formerly 233 to 298 NOW 198 15 Coats 25 Coats Some of our Final Low Money-Savers! 158 formerly $238 to $298 Letour Raccoon Hudson Seal dyed Muikrar Northern Mink tlcd Muskrar Black dyed Skunk Natural Siberian Squirrel Baum Marten dyed Skunk Caracul dyed I.amb Sable dyed Squirrel Grey Persian Silver Fox Jackets Sheared Beaver Jacket? $198 . formerly $258 to $378 t Persian Lamb irey Persian Caracul dyed Lamb Alaska Seal Hudson Seal dyed Muskrat Natural Tipped Skunk Baum Marten dyed Skunk $258 Sheared Beaver Petsian Lamb Alaska Seal Grey Persian Safari Seal Caracul dyed Lamb formerly $358 to $495 I Si Attention! 22 FUR JACKETS $38 Formerly $58 to $98 Use our personalized budget plan Open Thursday until 9 P. M. BaUU Price Beach St., Long Beach, to call on Homer's mother, a prospective customer. of our last 2 tluys February Fur Sale CLIMAX VALUE regularly $139 to $225 L () li fcndson seal dyed muskrat black cross persian lamb . gray cross persian Iamb natural gray kidskin tawny leopard spotted cat tipped skunk jackets mink dyed muskrat natural ombre muskrat silvertone dyed muskrat skunk dyed opossum coats with muff Quantities and sixes are limited- Pay 10 rfoirn, 10 monthly IVo Interest charges fur salon third floor All charge purchaxei billet! April Int Open Thursday 'til 9 TR. 5-4700 . IJi

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