The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 27, 1940 · Page 6
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 6

Brooklyn, New York
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Tuesday, February 27, 1940
Page 6
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6 For Clannifipd 4ii Rrmlti MtOOKLYN EAGLE. Tl'ESOAY. FKRRUARY 27. 19(0 Telephone M Ain 'i-6200 Retirement Of Three Fire OfficialsStands Acting Comniisioner Voids 7 Other Orders, Including McFlligott's Three of the group of Fire Department offu-ia'.s whose retirement orders were siencd by Commiss'on-Jonr. J. McElhentt last week will bp permitted to "pmair. on the re-tuement li-t. with t; ichor pons' ns than h-v would rereivt when 'he tiP'.v pension svs'pm eccs into effect v.; Jul although Commas. oner Elmer Mustard has Can celed tile orders affecting the others The three are' Battalion Chief Jacob t,evy. with a pension of $2,650; Capt. Jame.s Bridges. $3 375. and Lt Michael Corbett, $2,925 All tlree verr retired for disability. Refi'-e-men's of a number of first grade firemen on half pay were also allowed to stand. ORDERS 6 BAC K TO WORK On the other hand. Ac" ins Com- m..sioner Mustard, on direction o: the Mavor. directed six other officials who iiad been retired to report for duty at their usual time tomorrow They are: Deputy Chief George L. McKenna 'pension $5 000'. Deputy Chief James W. Heffernan ($5 000'. Chief Medical Officer Joseph B. Smith '$4,725'. Capt. George J. Foster '$3,000'. Capt. Walter Signer $3.000 1 and First Grade Firpman John P. Ryan i$1.950. Also canceled was the retirement of Commissioner McElligott, who was also fire chief, on a pension of $11,250. He is ill in St. Clare's Hospital, Manhattan, where Mayor LaGiiardia visited him yesterday. The Mayor said that Mr. McElligott would retain his title as fire commissioner until the pen-ion question is settled. After talking to a croup of those affected by the new retirement order on Sunday, Mayor LaGuardia said "they seemed a bit chagrined but I think they'll come to terms." How ever, Deputy Chief Heffernan. who was in charge of Brooklyn, declared that "I am retired and I'll stay retired " Rule Labor Pacts :Must Be in Writ ins ; c collective bargaining, under the -Wagner act, must be in writing, the "United States Circuit Court of Ap- ;peals here last night ruled in a two-to-one decision. The decision reached in the Appeals Division of the Federal Court in this district, however, is directly 'opposite to the ruling made by the Circuit Court In Chicago in the In- land Steel Company That de cision was unanimous. In the decision here. Judge Harrie B. dissented from the opinion of Judges Learned Hand and Charles E. Clark, who held that an employer ir, obliged to put into writing any agreement reached with his employes. The ruling upheld an order In which the National Labor Relations Board directed the Art Metals Construction Company to accept Local 1559 of the International Association of Machinists as the representative of production and maintenance employes in its plants at Jamestown. N. V Negotiations broke down on July 24, 1937. when the company opposed a written agreement. Cites Loans to End BuildinjrViolations Owners and mortcagees of buildings with dangerous violations were urged by Mayor 'aGuardia la.-t . night to take advantage of the new plan for financing elimination of violations. '. Pointing to the week of owner of a Manhattan tenement in which four lives were lost in a fire, the Mayor said, in an addre.-s over WNYC. that, in view of the availability of funds owners finrt mnrrnacpo: nnnM timr ho ho.l responsible for rieaihs in buildings against whih violations had been posted. The plan provide that savings bir.k; will give loans for the removal of violations a: 4 pri cnt interest pa-, able oer a perw; of 10 years. The Mavor (Viiiviteo: tint buildups w::h ma 'Or Mola'ions m New York r.n-i.sp about SOO0O0 persons. KilN Italy (foinr To Estraimrd S if- '- Chester. Pa . Feb 27 Ai - - A small boy gurgled with alee as he played ' on the floor with his father. A landlady heard and approved. Then the latmhter (eased and a few moments later William J Lar-km came slowlv down the .stairs In hL- arms was tiie lifeless bodv of hi son Johnny "I ve just killer! b.'il)'.' " he s,ud ione.esly. - I don't know what i dir.e over me." he d"clti:-i-d "I k.lleri him because I loved him" Lark m told police that his estranged wile. M.irv. had told '-.:m she was going :o keep their 21-month-olri child permanen'lv. "This was to be the last visit. " he said. "I killed him becaiu-e I knew that the State would lake my life and then i, we could be together all the time Sas Few Arc IN ii-ion (lients Had I'rior Aid De.-pite large-scale relief activities sure 192!), only one-fourth of the peir-nit- added to the old-age pe;M,,i roll- in 111H7 had ever before leceivrri public or private aid. it was revealed bv Miss Florence Principe of the Board of Child Welfare in ad-dre.-.Mng 'lie February meeting of the Itlaian Board of Guardians' voi-Unteer unit in the Red Hook-Go- Health Center, 230 Baltic S1 Beer Party Ti. f The Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic Club, formed to support Emil Katzka for the 2d A. D. leadership, was christened last night at a beer party at the clubroom.s, 2312 Avenue U. Mr. Katzka, executive member, is seated between Mrs. James Flood, member of the campaign committee, and Baldwin Ruling Hailed bv Amen j Says It Illustrates Conditions Leading To Corruption Probe The cancellation of the law license of former Assistant District Attor ney Alexander R. Baldwin was pointed to by Assistant Attorney, General Amen today as "illustrat- inn miit-a oHonilo tali, tin r i ( inn c of law enforcement in Brooklyn which gave rise to the investigation of official corruption." : Baldwin was tried and acquitted last year on a charge of taking bribe of $800 from Isidore il Paid Plenty) Juffe. supposed leader of V . Iurf ' , , joying freedom as a reward for testifying against Baldwin. Acting as his own trial counsel. F-Id win was directly responsible for tne immunity awarded to June o compelling him to answer questions about his activities in the racket, in which furriers were fleced out of substantial sums by being taken to trucks supposedly loaded with fur1 and scared off bv the sudden ap- pearancc of policemen, three of whom are under indictment and awaiting trial. C LEAM P OF FI R CASES NEARS Juffe was called as a witness by Assistant Attorney General Weis- man, who refrained from going inu) the hot fur racket and confined his que-tions to Juffe's dealings with Baldwin, who contended the man was merely his stool pigeon. Two of three grand larceny in- diclments against Juffe were dis- missed and he was given a short sentence on the remaining one. Be- cause of time already .spent in jail, his sentence had expired and he released. Mr. Amen added that he will dis- pose of the remaining hot fur cases pretty soon now," and that pres- entry contemplates no further action against Baldwin. fnnr linilfl!t''i J i i n I tun IMffftff. fWlf. 1 l f V Ci i ( t JUSI tlie I Iter Another It Seems For the second time in two years acrordim to police. John Cohn. 25 of 80-27 204th St., Bellaire. today was knocked out by his intended victim in a holdup. Cohn. according to Detective Walter Sheehan of the Jamaica pre- ryiwt H'alVaH Inti X3 vi I f nl 1 nr't nnkn. mobile sales agency garage at 204-50 Jamaica Ave., Queens Village. at, a m. today and, holding his hand menacingly in the pocket of his bright (ire.-n lumber jacket, told Charles Jackson, night attendant. This is a stickup." Ji-k-on promptly crashed a right asainst Cohn s jaw. Sheelian said, and Cohen was knocked out. He was booked on a charge of attempted roooery ac tne Jamaica siaiion. Sheehan said that Cohn attempted to hold tip a bar and grill in Queens Village in 1938 and was knocked out by his intended victim. Reports Compromise On Airport Humvavs Most of the problems resulting from Dork John Mr-Ker.fir .n application for a permit to establish mx r-paplane runways near I.,iGiia::u field have been solved. F-.v.-t A. 1 1; t Corporation Counsel Brvan declared last night, fol-lawing an all-day conference at the New York Tow Boat Exchange. 17 Battctv Place. Manhattan. Repre- s' i. oi uie dock uepanmeni. the Civil Aeronautics Authority and shipping interests attended the meeting. Tne shipping interests the grounds that it would interfere with their rights in wa'ers near the airport. Further conferences will be held before a revised application l--itbmit'erl to Col. Charles L. Hall. United S'a'es Army district en-L'liieer. 100-Foot On I'eru Wliale Stuck Mudllat Chimbote, Peru. Feb 27 'Pi A lOfl-fooi whale has run azrnund on a mudflat in the mouth of the San- n.iri. o.ii'r.Mi.r imr. nnir Successive tide. failed to refloat it and the people i of Chimbote are at a loss to help. Launehes Club Formed to Back Katzka j!V :A ' fbi ml -S i ''II I ! V W Find New iV m. j. tin -M- Doctor Sees Henefieial Part of Germ Isolated Animals Survive Deadly Doses A new development In the fight of an immunizing factor in the germ was reported last night by Dr. H. J. Corper, research director of the National Jewish Hospital at Denver, at a dinner nein in me Marmonie uiuo, Animals inoculated with the im- munity factor survived 100.000 dead-1 ly doses of twtoerculosis bacilli and the immunity lasted for three years without diminishing effects, Dr. Corper said. He believes that the discovery, made after 25 years of research, may open a new approach to the treatment of the "white plague." Heretofore, protection against tuberculosis was provided bv vac- cination with a non-virulent strain of living tuberculosis cerms. Of the three strains used, one came from cattle and two from humans. Withln the past year," Dr. Corper told a group of physicians and pub- lie health officials, "we have been able to segregate the active, easily disintegrated specific immunizing material from the living bacilli and hope to complete this phase of the work in the not too distant future. FIND MYSTERY FACTOR The immunity substance Is extracted from the bacilli in non-living form. The tests established that mere are two separate factors in the bacilli. Dr. Corper said. One is the beneficial substance, the other a detrimental toxic factor produc- in.T the allergy that manifests itself in the tuberculin test, It was found also that when the bacillus was cultured a third mys- terious factor was given off. This produced an anaphylactic shock, an effect which killed test animals in a short time. It produced a reaction in animals made allergic by being intected with the living germ, but did not provide immunity. "By gradually and more efficiently removing the undesirable factors." Dr. Corper said, "we have now been ab,p ,0 ooncentrate tne deSirabie specific immunizing factor so that this material (which is non livable) ha.-, reached a stage where it Is almost as efficient as the living bacilli. However, details of the techninue need still further elaboration before the final product can be considered complete and stable enough for practical purposes." FBI Probes Hiring C I V I'llntc t kr loi liwicj iui T til Los Angeles. Feb. 27 A) Federal Bureau of Investigation agents opened a probe today of reports that foreign agents are recruiting young fliers here for war service abroad. The Examiner said it had learned that -at leas'. 20 youths, all with Toronto puot licenses, naa departed ioi in secrecy. The Times quoted Garland Lincoln. Hollywood .stunt flier, as saying almost 100 had left for Canada within the past week with funds supplied by ' an inter- ested foreign Power." Parents of several youths appealed 'o the FBI to attempt to intercept their sons before they enter Canada, .., ,rrr.n-i .ii.-iwc ir-i.-ir. Rochester. Feb. 27 (p Pilots at the Rochester and Buffalo airports have received offers to go to Canada as pilot instructors at salaries rang-intr from $1160 to $500 a month. The Rochester Times-Union sak at least six "regularly employed air- men" are .seriously considering" the offers contained in letters from a Monrea, flying service 'Curtis- R(,fcl)- , The pilots were told, the Times- Union added, that their citizeaship status will not be involved and that salaries would be deposited in a New-York bank to guarantee full payment. Skelly Calls Issue Skelly Oil Company has called for redemptinn on March 28. 1940, all of its outstanding 4 percent debentures, due at 1 02 ' j and accrued interest. Holders are advised that they may present their debentures for payment immediately at, the New-Read t Co.. York office nf Dillon wviiiK Krin, niiu incur uir i uu . redemption price with Interest to, ' March 28. John M. Devlin, president. Standing, left to right, are: Lawrence Shay, financial secretary; Mrs. Frances Shay, Harry M. Firestone, campaign manager; Mae Brown, chairman of ladies auxiliary, and Ned Brown, publicity chairman. (Eagle EtafT photo.) Immunizer vH'i'Vt7t'L against tuberculosis the isolation t t. out.i Mannauan. Interboro Bridne V Team in 2d Place The Interborough team, composed of two Brooklvnites and two Man- hattanites, held second place today in the open team-of-four competi tion for the Reisinger trophy, second : event the Eastern contract bridge1 championships. ! Jay Feigns and Robert Chatkin of this borough, teamed with Dr. R. H. Ecker and Jack dishing of Manhat- tan, won 18 matches out of a pos sible 32 in the opening round last night at the Hotel Park central, Manhattan. One of the nine teams was elimi- nated. and anodic knock-out round will be played tonight. Tomorrow night the four survivors will move to the Waldorf-Astoria, Manhattan, to plav the round at the Finnish Re- lief party there. This was agreed to in a vote of the players last night. Tohl to Sell Truck, Relief Applicant Tears Up Record Dnminick Fracassi, 34. of 983 Met ropolitan Ave. last night pleaded guilty in Brooklyn-Queens Night Court to a charge of disorderly con irrierk- enn- uu lor creating a disturbance , nen reinsert relief vfai d,..j; f too tan Ave., a social investigator at - t ached to the home relief bureau at 1066 Lorimer St., told Magistrate Nicholas H. Pinto that Fracassi tore up his case record in a rage when I informed yesterday he would have ! to sell his truck and spend the pro- ceeas rjetore becoming eligible for public assistance Fracassi explained to the court that he had u.-ed his truck on WPA work until May 30, when he was laid l he was laid on. ms anger, he sa from conflicting rulings by tan rener Headquarters and Lori, - St. bureau authorities regardine the ; truck He added that he was facine ejection from his home for non-pay- ment of rent. Magistrate Pinto paroled him for sentence Friday. Dan Topping Is Cint Of Sonja at Tee Revue Omaha. Neb.. Feb. 27 ir rian Topping, wealthy young owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, professional football team, occimied the hov re- served for the family of Sonja Henie. star of the screen and skating rink, last night. Topping arrived by plane late ; yesterday from Chicago merely .grinned at newspapermen who asked him why he had come to Omaha, then showed up at an Ice revue where Henie is performing. . He rtesT hnH n -ci v any ru mors he and Mlss Henie were oitr.i- hound. ' . . . . Jmljie Downs Rejeets l.Iiaiiee at IIIKII lOle county Judge Thomas Downs of awpna has some rielleaev hnnt he. -I X 1 11 1 in both 1ud!. flr,ri turor besides it's against the law so today he nppf.arcd Commissioner of .,,. Pit,rro Whiot, in th, Queens General Court House in Ja- maioa to disqualify himself as a juror. The Judge laftt week received a typical jury notice, just as you or your neighbor might, calling upon lum to appear today to quality. Judge Downs pointed out that un- der the State statutes it Is illemil for State and civil employes to serve on juries. Miller llril Dominica Berlin. Feb. 27 'U.P Fuehrer Hit it-i irirgrapnen congratulations on inc L)niiincan inoenenoence rtav to the President of the Dominican Re- public today. Garner Enters Wisconsin Race Sets April 2 Primary As His First Test Against Roosevelt Madison. Wis.. Feb. 27 0J W Nomination papers for Vice President John N. Garner in Wisconsin's primaiy April i, lO- gether with a slate of conven tlOn riebaates pledged to support him, were filed today with the Secretary of State, making Wisconsin the first testing grounds of his strength against President Rosevelt. President Roosevelt's name al ready has been filed in the Wiscon sin primary with a slate of delegates pledged to him lor a tmra term, or to anyone whom he designates as his successor. A similar test is provided in the Illinois primary April 9. one week later, in which names of both the President and the Vice Pre have been entered. NEW DEAL TEST IN OHIO Columbus. Ohio, Feb. 27 (P) Special Congressional elections in lw0 ohio districts today served as ."straws in the wind" for the nation's political observers seeking to gauge Ne 00:11 popularity, Light voting was anticipated in the six-county 17th District and the.tween two boxers today resulted in three-county 22d where successors to two congressmen who died in office were chosen. In the 17th District Byron B. Ashbrook, Democrat, a banker, op- posed J. Harry McGregor. Repub- :iran noor leaner in tne onio House ot Kepreseniauves. tor tne post va- cated by the death of Ashbrook's unrie. nep. wnuam a. AsnorooK. Mrs. Frances Payne Bolton, Re- Puom anQ wloow 01 "pP- tester - uiuun, .Mjumib rii-cuuii 10 nei luichunfl'p nncvni texA tnr -- i IUn OIJ ... District over Anthony J. Fleger, former Democratic. Congressman. 1. ASKS F- D' STATE STAND Washington, Feb. 27 (U.R Senator D- Worth Clark D., Odahoi called on President Roosevelt today, "for the sake of the Democratic party" "i a spirit of sportsmanship oward other candidates, to disclose his 1940 political intentions within a reasonable time r W'll T beery will Leaves ri f; r,tfllP I( WlnfUV Special to the Brooklyn Eagle Mineola, Feb 27 The will of John T. Geery, former secretary-treasurer of the American Art Associa-; Galleries in Manhattan, who committed suicide Feb. 19 in his Garden City home, was filed today with Surrogathe Leone D. Howell No petition was submitted with ethe will so that, no estimate of the vain nf hi tie rti.w.w ti,- will was dated April 19, 1939 and left the entire estate to' his wife Evelyn R. Geery, who is also named ,executrix. Only 175 1'oles Executed In War, Reich Claims Berlin. Feb. 27 'UP Less than 175 Poles have been sentenced to death since the war began, approximately-only three-tenths percent of the number of the German minority killed by t-'oles before the war, the i Ministry of Justice reported. Dr. Roland R Fieisler, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice.' oroningen. The Netherlands. Feb. ! ,0 and a wrist watch valued at.0??"'!8 ?. an, announcement by As-told the foreign press that from 70 27 (U R) Owners of the Dutch motor- $35 Rt,sistent District Attorney Salvador to 75 criminals have been sentenced sUip Ida, m tons recelved a cable j'ewtuch was arrested in Newark !Ramet,la' who. Prided. The associ-10 death m Germany .since the war. its caplain today saying the f i'cvy Aug 13 and later :9tio" is spieling plans for classes and that none 01 these were charged sni sank st. nvlds. on the' t, ZZ tL."g'Ji !'n citizenship and Italian. with sabotage from ro itiral mo. tives. " Act on Real ili cat ion Of Mother Seton Congregation of Riles took the first aep today which ultimately may lead to beatification of Mother Se- ton. fomder of the Sisters of Char- ity of St. Vincent De Paul in the, United States. The Congregation discussed the introduction ni ner cause. About a v-ear nuo asr. Marrh in Pnnu Put xit hlessed the rmiM for hMtlfilim.w. m. ..!, 'cation of Mother Seton. Mrs. Roulston To Head Fair's Women's Group Succ eeds Mrs. Good As Cbairman of Boro Advisory Committee Mrs. Thomas H. Roulston, the former Marjorle Hillis. author of "Live Alone and Like It." has been appointed to succeed Mrs. William H. Good as chairman of the Brook lyn Advisory Committee on Wom en's Participation in the World's Fair. This was announced yesterday by Harvey D. Gibson, chairman of the board of the Fair Corporation, who revealed that Mrs. Roulston will soon call a meeting at which the full personnel of the committee for the 1940 exposition will be organ ized. It Is expected, Mr. Gibson said, that a majority of the new chairman's aides will be veterans who, under the leadership of Mrs. Good. member of the National Democratic Committee, "conducted a highly successful campaign last year." LAl'DS BORO WOMEN In noting the activity of Brook lyn women in the 1939 Fair, the board chairman asserted that "the Brooklyn Woman's Day which they sponsored with Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt as honor guest was one of the most successful of all the special events." Mrs. Roulston, a native of Brook lyn, whose father, the Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis, was pastor of Plym outh Church for many years, was executive editor of Vogue and prior to her marriage last year wrote a 1 widely syndicated newspaper col-' iw'Stt.RiJ'S'.i at Which prominent residents Of; tnat borough's participation in the'"1 51 of New Rocl,elle' a fam"y Pald exposition this year. 52 on a 900 Summer home In ALTER EXHIBIT . "tin., mvuiuiii iu i:3ii!iiirM, 1VC11 A squad of 60 mechanics and in an investigation now under way-laborers today set to work on im-;in New Rochelle. provements in the Chrysler exhibit! Frank Carbone. head of the fam-at the Fair. A new entrance to the ily in New Rochelle. admitted before main building will be built and the City Auditor Edward J. Glick. ... ...... ..... ,. . , . ,. , i .. esii anu rixKeipon Hiieiiru ai, nn estimated cost of several hundred thousand dollars. Meanwhile officials of the Fair State Senator Peter T. Farrell and Assemblyman Mario J.Canello, both 15 when ,he nrst lnfoi.matlon on of Queens, were sponsoring legisla- tneir purchase came to the attention in Albany to force the Fair ;ion o authorities, Glick said. Corporation to file a report of its ' 1939 expenditures. It was noted, j SL,P 0F PAPER BARES CASE however, that Fair authorities had! This came in the form of a scrap not handled Federal, State or city of paper found in the Carbone rub- fiicc K v. n hich hv a onrhnffp prillpMnr uhn ' , ...... ... . , ... siueiii... ., , j , of directors in accordance with laws j affecting such corporations, Hold Boro Boxer In Shooting Fray A quarrol over a money matter oe the arrest of one, charged with fe- lonious assault in the other. the shooting 0f The wounded man was Frank Buo- naguro, 27, of 111 Powers St.. known in the ring as Kid Bruno. Charged with his shooting was James Napjli 27, of 61 Ten Eyck St., who fights under the name of Jimmy Napp. He is aiso a cigar salesman. Nanoli was arrested at 3-1(1 am loday and admitted shooting Buo- ilaeuro. accord ne to Assistant Dis- ... .... trlct Attorney wnuam J. Kuczwai- ,r The nair met nn Drieds Ave la... ni,ht . ' rel. said' the prosecutor, and on Sun- dav niRn! Napoli entered a candv store at 555 Driggs Ave. and slot Buonaguro who stood reading a: newspaper. . Wounded in the abdomen, Buo- naguro made his way to Greenpo nt Hosnital and annlieii for treatment. ui onHitinn tndav wa? described as improved but still critical. Asks $1,500,000 Now For City's Schools Kacle Burratt, Capitol Ruildinr. Albany. Feb. 27 A proposal toiUntaxel cigarettes in his car. Mm make $1,500,000 immediately avail- parris insisted he had purchased the able to the New York City school cartons ln New jcrsev for nLs own system from the 1940-41 appropria- use and that of his Wife tn their: lion of State-aid for schools was Westchester home. placed before the Legislature to- In collrt, yesterday, however, he day- .,,,,.. . , decided to plead guilty rather than A bnl, introduced by Assembly- lose any more Umei but MaRlslratc man MacNeil Mitchell. Manhattan. Edgar Brombrr(?rr refllFed ,0 take Republican. would, if enacted, make the ea and af!pr ,t was cnanged ue ppiopmuou nvaiwuie ai um.e if the Board of Estimate certified to us liecessuy. The bill also sought creation of a commission with a $75,000 appro - miation to examine the extent, of j the New York City school system's ' ; need of State-aid funds. t n i r. ' Hritisll Irrigllter, O. i r i w . lltell essel IOSt London, Feb. 27 (U.Rl The British freighter Clan Morrison, 5.936 tons., was sunk by a mine in the North I Sea Saturday with the loss of one ueaman, it was disclosed today. The other 71 members of the crew were I rescued by a naval vessel. , . . i;.i 1 west coast 01 Ji.ngiana. uie captain and his crew of five were saved. Archduke Otto Ccts Visa for U. S. Visit Paris, Feb. 27 (U R) Newspaper: " l , ?hr u le Archduki Otto, pretender to the former Haps- burg' throne of Austria, had obtained : More than 50 women attended a a visa from tnp Amcrican Embassy benifit card party and tea held by nerfl or a trip t0 the United States., the Women's Society of the Cale - Although members of his suite Ionian Hospital yesterday in the; would not cornrnpnt except to say Hotel St. George. Mrs. Harold Jar- that such a trip was under consid pratinn it was reported at Lisbon. n.t,,n.i iu was exoected take a Pan- i American Airways clipper. Benefit Boxers Coached by Veterans In this corner, ladies and gentlemen, you have Thomas Camilla and, on the right, his twin brother, Victor, all ready to go Into action at the benefit boxing boute for the Kings Highway Synagogue at Midwood Masonic Hall, E. 32d St. and Kings Highway. Tony Canzoneri, former world's lightweight champion, at the left, and Solly Krieger are giving the twins pointers. (Eagle Staff photo.) Garbage Man Betrays Reliefers Who Own bummer Home on L. I. White ncrenHnir reliof from tVio ,I,xMH hot .,, unnil..! orM !fld ""J sf"1 j0118 t.hroilBh nn Italian internreter that. while he nnd hi wife anri their tfi- - " - year-old n were on relief. Mrs , Carbone took title to the Brentwood coi8e . , .., , '"c -iuune inmi. miei leit-iv- .Jf.'.fi'l! tlI JS"Je,"- u'ot-a ctriclfon fmnrt iht rllc n .Tin ..tll,0j i(ti.,i,rin.. ing to Corporation Counsel Aaron Cimmnnc TVio nnnnr ii'ac a mfc rt f' " .7n ZT V. Vi.C !'U1 , "u -"'"V "'" , "J """' Carbone on the Long Island l prop - .erty. The family interrupted their oum...ri mu iu irtui. iU Rochelle for their periodic relief payments, lt was said. Carbone, whose Winter home is at 27 River St., New Rochelle, said thesuaded him to move the Abrogens. roof of the Summer cottage was burned when hts wife took the place and that he had repaired it with wood from a chicken coop. He Sales Tax Arrest Of IF estcliesterite Worries Nassau Residents of Nassau and Suffolk: are wondering today if a simple ; eVio In r( s i rr i mcfn viiftcr cimVi nc ' -'" o..t.. o a(p Uie bllI of Assemblyman Wil- might happen in the course of any.. , . one's everyday life, could ert them into the same trouble as that which feU Jack T. Farm. 35. of 25 Briar- chffe Road, Larchmont. They are wondering, for instance, if a little detour to one of the Magis- trate's Court might be required of !npm snollld they drive through Manhattan on the way home after purchasing some cigarettes in New Jersey. 1 Mr. F'arrls. a produce dealer hav- . ing his business at 105 Hudson St., Manhattan, was arrested last Wednesday as he drove out of the Holland Tunnel at the Manhattan end by Inspector Henry Marcus, who charced that he had two cartons of to not Rl,iltv set March 4 for al hearing. Farris was paroled to that ! rla'o ' . Kx-t .OllViet. 2... (IVC11 t l l LO lears lor Robbery JospPh Jewtuch, 23, of 424 Ver - mont St. yesterday was sentenced by! County Judge Brancato to serve 10 IO 2o years in Sing Sing for robbery. He pleaded guilty to the charge Feb. 9. According to the indictment. Jew- tucrr and Seymour Goldman, now in sing sing ior anotner roDDery, neio, installation of the officers will be V,p JUr P"SnS I'L the, pione "jlipld April 20 at a dinner dance in Venriinir Comnanv 140 saelrmnn St ..... . . ... .. ..... - authorities. Records disclose that he 1 has served sentences in the New . York Penitentiary and the Nevada State Prison. Hospital Croup Holds I l'anl 1 arIV a"(l 1 - ;vis, chairman of the committee, was assisted by Mrs. David Jones, Mrs. Jonn Nlcol, Mrs. David Isbister and Mrs. Joseph Trachy. Mrs. Mary 1 Smith is president of the society. , that his family should bei returned j to the relief rolls. Recent payments ' on the cottage, he said, have been made by a relative, Mrs. Millie Prin- cipa. Another bone New Rochelle officials had to pick with the Carbones was that they had concealed the fact they had an insurance policy on the son and that Mrs. Carbone made extra money by knitting. OLD COITLE FIND HOME In a f.mall shack in Canarsie, Mr. j and Mrs. Andri Abrogen, 73 and 69, resnect ve v. who were evicted ,.s. i terda' Irom their flat at 431 Wat kins Ave., today made a fresh start. Relief officials said they are ready to care for the couple by paying their first month's rent and looking after their immediate needs if they will present themselves at the district office nearest their new home. The new home, on Stanley Ave. between Jerome and Warwick Sts., jjces 0f jonn Raekot superintendent was obtained through the good of- . ' 'F1-111 :of an apartment house at 306 Riv- erdale Ave.. -who took pity on the ; le as u t , ,o jn v k hou. all day yesterday. Racko called his riend Samuei Goldberg of 670 Stone Ave., who has a mov- 1 lne and storair, hsir,p on1 The couple have a daughter who explained to relief officials that she is busy keeping a rooming house and cannot care for the old folks. Assembly Passes Magistrates Bill Albany, Feb. 27 The Assembly passed today and sent to the Sen- "u" - Brooklyn Demo. "at, which extends the power of city magistrates, when sitting as a Court of Special Sessions, to try misdemeanors. The bill received unanimous approval in the House. The misdemeanors which would become triable by masistrates, who would also have power to make fi- nal disposition, would include cam. unng violations of the penal law, violations of the A. B. C. law and certain violations against involving the conduct of business under nn assumed najne. Four other classes of misdemeanors are also provided for in the proposed exteasion of the magistrate's oower. The gambing violations would in- elude policy, bookmaking and slot machines. The McCreery bill carries the ap- proval of the Judicial Council of the State of New York and the Assocla- tion of the Bar Committee on crimi- nal courts law and procedure of which CnmmLssioner of Investiga- tion Herlc-.ris i.s the chairman Plan Fund Campaign For Italian Center Plans for a drive to raise money j for construction of an Italian Com- munity Center in Brooklyn were discussed at a meeting of the Co. . . . . B !lumbian Association for business and professional men last night in the Lincoln Republican Club. 841 Utica Ave m-. than inn n. ot tended. joes Kestauranu. jj ruiton St., ac- Freed After 27 In Beating of So I Sentence was suspeno ; day in Queens Specla j Court on Alexander Mar Pcnrod St., Corona, aft spent 27 days ln jail, 1 j ted Frb n f ,( , . ', 'assault for having pumsr Orlando. 10, by beating t . i biting mm. ine ooy na . close tne spigot on a v after drawing laUier. pltchi 1 1

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