The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 19, 1938 · Page 26
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 26

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 19, 1938
Page 26
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TREND: A SECTION OF THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, JUNE 19, 1938 2 trol of the border from Hendaye to An-dorra, ' leaving Loyalists only one Utile strip in the east. He craves It hugely. England cpondents were taken from a restaurant and trotted off for examination. Explanations, such as they were, concerned the Ooerlng "Four Year Plan" and the registration of Jewish property (over and above $2,000). Move was interpreted as (a) defiance of foreign pro-testa against listing of property of foreign Jews and (b) deliberate plan to spur on outside relief agencies to hasten departure of Jews from Aryan Third Reich, House of Rothschild Quoth London Dally Herald: price of freedom of Baron Louis de Rothschild, head of Austrian branch of famed bank- ing up civilians from the unkindly heavens. Replied Japan: what business is it of yours? 14, Mussolini, in a fine diiher over Franco's overdue "victory" in Spain, was trying to coax the British into putting Anglo-Italian holy bonds Into effect at once, (Blissful pact was signed last Eastertide.) British reply (completely off the record) was that so long as Fasclsmo stays in Spain Just so long does Britannia refuse to go to the altar to be wed to fretting Benito Mussolini. 15. Reserves called up by Czechoslovakia to keep order during recent municipal elections In which (a) Sudeten Germans increased their vote in Sudeten bailiwicks and (b) Czechs Increased their vote in Czech bailiwicks got orders that they, 70,000 strong, should go home and tend the crops. Italy Grievous Shortage Right in midst of elaborate preparations for what II Duce called (In Genoese speech) an "armed peace" came grievous intelligence that soil of sunny Italy had disobeyed Fascist masters, had ylflded only from 65,000,000 to 70,000,000 quintal tric and water bills bring 12-page booklet, telling what to do in case of air raids. It recommends among things to , have in bomb-proof hideouts: canned goods, radio-phonograph, books, toys, writing materials, bucket of sand, fire extinguisher. Also spare blankets to close up any windows blown in by concussion. And . . , Insurance companies will take no more fire risks against war and air raids, have conceled few they had. Tight Little Isle is getting all ready to face trouble by sitting good and tight. Four Dwindle Charmed was Liverpool last week to wake up to discover lt had In Its midst brand new set of quadruplets, born to Mr. William and Mrs. Esther Taylor. Papa was a teamster. Twenty-nlne-year-old blond frail little mama was in Walton Hospital. (Literal-minded, unsentimental statisticians figured quads would cost Liverpool about $1,000.) ' Joyful were proud papa, beaming mama. Thought lt was Just fine they should get three boys and one girl all in one lump. (Already had three girls and one boy.) But alas, tiny William died at age of three days. Another brother was not doing so well. Remaining two babies were doing Just fine. Medicos were most Interested in fact that by X-ray, doctors of the faculty were able to tell Mrs. Taylor she was about to become mother of four. Were also interested to learn that Mrs. Taylor came from a family of 13 brothers and sisters. -JUiJE-J . his Subjects respect him. So they flocked to the capital to help celebrate, to wish In their own way "happy birthday to you." At his party were two other kings, a queen, two crown princes, two crown princesses, three princes, three princesses. They looked upon second tallest monarch In the world. (King Christian of Denmark, one of his guests, Is a little taller.) Certainly they beheld the oldest. Flags .broke out in the drizzle. Prayers were said in the churches. Delegates from all over the country came to wish many happy returns. Brought along birthday present of $1,180,000. (To be spent fighting infantile paralysis, rheumatic diseases.) Little after noon King Gustav went to the Town Hall on barge Vasoarden, cheered by thousands of school children from 90 schools. Then held open house In the Olympic Stadium. At night, celebrations all through kingdom were informal, Jolly. Scion of Commonalty King Gustav now has plenty of royal blood in his veins, but his right to the throne of Sweden descends from the son of a French lawyer, by name Jean Baptist Jules Bernadotte, who under Napoleon became a marshal of France. Career of Jean Baptiste was brilliant. Commanded guard at execution of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette. Served with distinction in Hanover (shut up Mack in Ulm); was rewarded for services at Austerlitz (1805); next year was bawled out by Napoleon for not pitching In at Jena and Auerstadt (though right close at hand). Irony of whole career was In 1808, when he was sent to conquer Sweden. Didn't even get there. Against Austria he led Saxons at Wagram. Gave Saxons credit for the victory; was promptly and bluntly repudiated by Bonaparte. Got sore, returned to Paris, was made governor of the Netherlands. In 1810 he at last got to Sweden. To surprise of everybody, was elected successor to the Swedish throne (partly because a large part of the Swedish army, foreseeing trouble with Russia, were all for a soldier; partly, also, because of kindness he had shown Swedish prisoners during recent war with Denmark). Baron Karl Otto Moerner made the overtures (on own Initiative). Bernadotte said he would accept if properly elected. Told Napoleon about lt. Little Corporal thought lt was big Joke, laughed until he almost cried. Moerner went home, got clapped into the Stockholm gaol for his nerve by angry Swedish Government. But idea caught on, grew. Sure enough, Aug. 21, 1810, marshal was duly elected. Nov. 2, same year, made solemn entry into Stockholm. Three days later was adopted by Charles XIII. Called himself Charles John. Laugh was now on other side of astounded Napoleonic face. Policy became, after loyal service to Great Britain and Prussia (defended Berlin against Oudinot, against Ney) to acquire Norway, to crush Denmark, to keep, otherwise, aloof from warring nations. In 1840 the Riksdag (Parliament of dual kingdom of Sweden and Norway) contemplated demand for abdication. He did get in legislators' hair. Storm, however, blew over, for in spite of ultra-Tory ways, Charles XIV was popular. Had big Jubilee In 1843. Died peacefully at Stock- -holm in 1844. Gustav V is his great-grandson. Calisthenics Class in Praha (Prague). Czech maidens exercise in gas masks Urasn't nil upset by bombing of British merchantmen In Spanish port by unmarked Insurgent planes. 2. British nation not even pretending It was getting a little hot under the collar over Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain's hard-boiled realistic policy in lorclgn affairs. (Dapper Capt. Anthony Eden's name, that of deposed Foreign Secretary, kept hopping up In the news, to grave discomfort of his former cabinet colleagues.) 3. Czechs getting sarcastic. Discussion Of minority problems was continuing. (One of the things which has eased tension is fact that it has at last dawned upon Nazis that Czechs could do an awful lot of damage to nearby Great Germany towns before getting exterminated and that they would probably be in the mood for it, if Hitler Btar:ed something) Week's sarcasm: quoth , government ' official: "Not only Germans, Hungarians and Poles are to be consulted even the Czechs now want to be asked what they think about all this." Before his hearers could stifle their giggles, he added: "Even the Czechs are to have certain rights under the new nationalities statute." (Thought Mme. Irene: "This doesn't sound like boom of cannon, like clank of tanks, like clatter of marching troops.") 4. Lloyds of London prepared to bill Insurgent Generalissimo Franco in Spain lot sunken British freighters. 5. Strange official silence from Italy. 6. Repudiation by Third Reich of all Austrian debts. Quoth apologist: "U. S. didn't pay debts of the Confederacy after Civil War." 7. Bragged Economics Minister Wal-ther Funk: "German steel production is beginning to outdistance American production." Made his speech at 400th anniversary of Bchuetting House, headquarters of Bremen's Chamber of Commerce. 8. Black looks from British War Office, from the Admiralty at Rt. Hon. Chamberlain, apostle Of call-a-spade-a-spade realism. Feared they: Spain (I e.: Germany and Italy, had developed new crinkle In warfare, blockade from the air).. Black looks were interpreted as meaning that Mr. Chamberlain wasn't half so realistic as he thought he was. 9. Rt. Hon. call-a-Spade-a-Spade was In hot water with Reuters, with House of commons. Reported famed news agency, about rearmament: said Mr. Chamberlain: "The United States have suggested they are going to make an attempt" (at disarmament). U. S. promptly said it didn't know anything about it. Later agency reported: "Although Reuters has been unable to find any reporter in the press gallery who disagrees with the Reuters version of the Prime Minister's supplementary an-awer (except with regard to last two words, which were indistinct), Reuters Is officially informed that the Prime Minister's answer should read: "I am not aware that the U. S. Government have made any such suggestion.'" Thought Mme. Irene: "Hum-m-mmm." (Note: U. S., government are always plural In Blighty.) 10. Comedy note wound up foreign affairs for the week Just ended. Robert Elton, retired lawyer who founded "Henchmen of Honor," organization Which would restore Duke of Windsor to the throne of William of Normandy, of Edward III, of Henry VIII, of Elizabeth, of Charles II, of all the Georges and of Victoria, of Edward VII, had writs served on Prime Minister Call-a-Spade-a-Spade, on Home Secretary Sir Samuel Hoare, administrators of the Abdication Act, on theory it was Illegitimate in that It was beyond their Jurisdiction. June 10 he was Informed statement of claim had been "stricken out of court." Quoth he: "This order is without value as there Is no such thing as striking out an action when a person once has paid for it." 11. Insurgents in Spain continued to eteam-roller their way into Loyalist territory. Got rid, at last, of famed "Lost" 43d Division, which trekked painful way ever Pyrenees Into France. (See Spain.) 12. Germans started another "purge" Of Jewish business, delicatessen and restaurant folks. See Germany.) 13. Russia (which plans to drop bayonets on the end of rifles in the hands of living infantry from the air in the next war, not to mention one-ton bombs) protested to Japan about blow Spain Mountain Saga Bitter have been the tribulations of the "Lost" 43d Division of the Loyalists, cut off from their main body, holding forth stoutly, about 8,000 strong, 10,000 feet high In the snow-capped Pyrenees. They are commanded by Lt. Col. Antonio Beltran, 41, who.'.e previous military experience was as machine-gunner in the 17th U. S. Cavalry during the World War. (Doughboys taught him his English.) Desperate has been the onslaught upon them and no less desperate was their defense, for on them, militiamen all, hung fate of Rieumajou Pass. Should that fall into hands of the Insurgents, only hazardous Gela Pass would remain open to France. Franco forces under Gen. Juan Sol-chaga have wormed a painful, bloody, costly way to within a mile and a half of the strong "Lost Division" machine-gun mountain nests. Arrival of mountain artillery and airplanes to harry their natural fortress caused embattled Loyalists earlier in the week to evacuate over 300 of their wounded for interment in France. (Sent along about 1,500 sheep, about 500 goats, Wide World. Lt. Col. Beltran Commands "Lost Division" (See Spain) as well.) 102d Brigade, during past 48 hours, was-cut off from rest of division at Bielsa. Rest of division, isolated since April, fled to France. Abandoned brigade is fighting to deathly end. Exploits of the 43d have become, well-nigh legendary. Until past few days, supplies were brought up by burros. Men had flour, olive oil, beans, potatoes, coffee, cognac, cigarettes, gasoline, oil, even trucks. (Melting snows, however, and rocky trails didn't let the trucks do much good. Where snow wasn't melting it was two feet deep.) Little war within the war has exalted the Loyalists, goaded the Insurgents, (Big, significant things, however, continue Insurgent-way.) Mop up of Bielsa pocket would give Franco complete con- Stitch in Time Stitch in time saves nine, runs wise old saw. And London is taking time by the forelock for fair against coming of hostile bombers, dropping of devastating "eggs" of death and destruction from overhead. Apartment house dwellers are vacating top floors; ground floors handy to the cellar are having a boom. Folks are hoarding canned foods. Explain they: "If government thinks It's a good idea to store up wheat and beef, why shouldn't we store up corn willy (corned beef), goldfish (canned salmon) and plum and apple (jam)?" Bomb-proofing is having a brisk demand; stores are offering to bombproof single rooms at so much down, so much a month. Gas-bag has been invented for babies, with pumps attached Auocltted Press. Tosca Fiermonte Vaitini wijie (See italy) to purifiers to keep little sweetie-pies from asphyxiating. One private school has Informed parents that at first sign of danger from above, young lads will be shipped to certain address in the country, there to continue their study of Caesar's Gallic Wars, of Xenophon's Anabasis, of why a straight line is shortest distance between two points. Even the Zoo is on tip-toe against air-born menaces. New sheet steel boxes, constructed to specifications approved by the Air Raid Precautions Department, are almost ready to protect rare snakes against gas. Recent blackouts had women fainting In the streets, scared by realistic doings of His Majesty's preventative demonstrations. Folks found comfort, however, in fact that Great Britain leads all other nations in supply of gas masks. While other countries charge for masks, His Majesty's Government is graciously providing every one of the 45.000.000 in the British Isles with this means of nullifying aggressor's attacks. Air raid tax is now .125 pence on the pound (about 1 cent on $20). Gas, elec U. S. S. Washington, dt least, that's her fl A &jJ 1 1 f r Waspish Times Full of waspish letters was famed London Times last week. The reason; England (which has been having terriflo drought) was having regular swarm of wasps, too. Quoth A. Vickars of Haywards Heath, Sussex: he had killed at least 25 queen wasps in past few days. Quoth Rt. Hon. Sir Lancelot Sanderson: he had bees In his conservatory at Ellel, Lancaster; had killed over 60 queen wasps. A. Vickars got first rise, from Eva Waller of Woody Corner, Church Crook-ham, Aldershot. Quoth she: small honor was there In slaying queen wasps. Did he know wasp grubs had to be fed insects? Did he know each queen wasp vaxs potential mama of about 20,000 grubs; that each grub must eat at least 12 Insects (such as stable and house files, horse flies, blow flies, green flies, crane flies, small caterpillars) ? Way Eva Waller figured it, slaughter of A. Vickars' 25 queen wasps meant a cool 6,000,000 obnoxious insects were thus spared to ba obnoxious. Quoth Weller letter: "lt la a . . . pity." Wholly unabashed by this admonition, along came letter from H. A. P. Little-dale of Crab Tree, Streatly-on-Thanies, who took pen in hand to tell editor of the Times that he had invented "foolproof" trap for wasps, baited with mixture of honey and beer. Lilibet Promoted Gracious, cute Princess Elizabeth (regarded as mast likely next sovereign of Great Britain, Ireland, India and Dominions Overseas) is tickled pink this weekend. She's been promoted from a pony to a milk-white pedigreed Arabian steed. ( Horse was coronation gift from King of Saudi Arabia to King George VI. It is now being schooled for the saddle. Lilibet (pet name she gave herself while learning to talk) finds fly is buzzing around in the royal ointment, however. She's real fond of Snowball, her Shetland pony. Ukase from royal papa: Snowball goes to little sister Margaret Rose. Brave Interlude Last week John Van Aktyne Weaver, known among the literati as Just "Johnny" (former literary critic of Trend's mama, Brooklyn Daily Eagle), died of tuberculosis after long illness. He it was who reminded disdainful intelligentsia in flapper era that under teamster's oathes, stenographer's slang, hoi pollol's patois lay deep yearning for expression of perception of certain essentials of certain beauties. He became In a lively way the mouthpiece of the ln- Wide World. $65,000,000 Battlewagon keel they're working oh Wide World. lng family now under "protective arrest" by the Nazis: $10,000,000. Royal ransom was, according to paper and anonymous correspondent, expected by Nazis to be raised by rest of family. Figure was arrived at by pro-rata "obligations" of Credit Anstalt banking house which collapsed in 1931. Acclaim Der Mayor Great was rejoicing In Berlin over testimony of Mayor Frank Hague of Jersey City In Federal Court last week about Hudson County "freedom of speech." Quoth Zewlfuhrblatt In headlines: "Mayor struggles for right and freedom and against democratic confusion of ideas." Quoth Lokalanzeiger: "A man fights for the United States." Quoth official Nazi broadcast to the German peoples: "Hague is about the only high official conducting an uncompromising, bitter fight against communism and the spreading of communistic ideas under the cloak of democracy, freedom, the Constitution and tolerance , . , "It is characteristic that almost the entire United States press has started to attack him and shout him down." Quoth Lokalanzeiger further: "Hague demanded the establishment of concentration camps for communists in Alaska," where all 'foreign,' meaning Jewish and radical agitators, would be deported. "He demanded, furthermore, the repeal of free speech and other constitutional rights claimed by these elements because they are traitors." Orator With a Trowel Couple of weeks ago Der Fuehrer of Great Germany laid a corner stone. Last week he did it again. First occasion was In honor of new factory to build $396 motorcar that would run 60,000 miles without costing a cent for repairs. More recent ceremony was to open up big Berlin building projects (16 in all). Quoth he, contemptuously, as he smoothed the mortar, signalled for workmen to lower the stone in place: "So-called democracies imagine they are called upon to defend civilization. But we tell them, 'First create some civilization, then you may defend it.1" Added he was not building for 1938 but for 2,200 A.D., for even 2.500 A.D. "for I believe In an eternal Germany." Thanked ancestors of 300 years ago for Under den Linden; said "anarchy" would be abolished from building in Berlin, that all future houses would be designed in accordance with "centrally-approved" plans. Sweden Happy Returns June 16 was big day In history of contemporary Sweden, of contemporary Stockholm. King Gustav V, cadaverous, near-sighted, 6-foot 5-lnch, 125-pound monarch, was 80 years old and Joyful was the nation, They knew him as every inch a King, an aged man who still kept as fit as a fiddle, who could play with hoi-pollol on the tennis courts as "Mr. G," but who could sit upon a throne and make not one Swede anywhere throughout this wide, wide world ashamed of figure he cut. They were real proud of him, in fact. It rained upon his birthday (first was June 16, 1858, before Bismarck had yet begun to dream great dreams of a Greater Prussia, while Austria wa. tops upon the Continent), But rain or shine, of wheat, or between 6,500,000 and 7,000,-000 long tons (long ton: 2,240 pounds; quintal of metric system: 220.46 pounds). Last year's crop was 80,000,000 quintals. Crop is, then, about 1,000,000 long tons short of 1937. Since last year covered national requirements, Fasclsmo found Itself obliged to start buying foreign wheat up to the amount of 37,333,-333 bushels. This despite fact Italian bread now contains only 80 percent of wheat. (Italian editors, who have been scorning and excoriating God's Country for past few weeks, found no lesson to teach constant readers, old subscribers In fact that U. S. yield for 1938 Is headed for a bumper crop.) Amok in Rome Rome was all upset the other day. Seems big statute of Lion of Judah, near that commemorating Italian soldiers lost in Ethiopian campaigns, became scene of one-man Ethiopian revolt. Dusky civilian, armed with a scimitar and apparently driven mad by sight of captured statue (former property of Halle Selassi, deposed King of Kings), ran amok, wounded four persons. Was finally shot and wounded by militiaman. Not, however, before he delivered defiant speech in Ethiopian which nobody could understand. Seems scimitar-waving rebel was a member of the Ethiopian delegation brought to the City of Seven Hills to help II Duce greet Der Fuehrer of Great Germany with due pomp and circumstance, to help prove Rome was most civilized of great cities. Waiting Wiffe News reaching Rome that blue-blooded Mrs. Enzo Fiermonte No. 2 (former Madeline Force Astor Dick) had divorced handsome, dashing ex-prize fighter Enzo Fiermonte caused beauteous Mrs. Tosca Fiermonte (wife No. 1) to say: "I'll welcome him back with open arms when and if he shows an inclination to start life anew with me." Queer quirk in Italian marriage law has it that Mrs. Fiermonte No. 1 has never been put asunder from motorcar speedster boxer. Quoth pretty blonde wife No. 1, while canaries sang in dulcet verbiage tripping off lovely lips: "I am an honest woman and Enzo is the only man I ever loved or will love , . . He's the father of my baby boy. I'm willing to forget past adventures If he turns over a new leaf and returns to me." ' Said six-year-old son had received letter from papa several days ago, written from France. Missive promised to take little Gfannl for auto rides to seashore. Added: "Kiss your dear mother for me." (Mr. Fiermonte was In a motorcar accident in France Just the other day, ac-companled by beauteous lady-friend. Wife No. 1 had nothing to say about that. She is sister of Lido Manettl, Hollywood actor who played under name of Arnold Kent, who was killed In traffic accident several years ago.) Germany Purge Bitter were Jews in Berlin as Nazis clamped down upon them, even enlisting Youth Movement to paint caricatures, on their places of business. Black Marias (police wagons) were Jammed. Said Nazis: families would know within 72 hours who would and who would not be released. Insults were hurled right and left. Even two American cor re "Mi 80 Years of Progress During his long life King Gustav has seen Sweden round out 134 years of uninterrupted peace. He has also seen Norway break away from Stockholm rule. He has watched rise of elaborate system of social Insurance which guarantees the Swede security from old age poverty almost from the very day he is born. Has beheld Industrial Increase without violent disturbance of the Internal economy. His country Is one of the leaders In development of water power. (Only a few years ago it was sitting on top of the financial world with famed Kruger-Toll multl-billion-dollar empire. Token of soundness of Swedish economics is that crash of fantastic Kruger matchbox pyramid didn't bankrupt every Swede in Sweden.) Cooperatives in the kingdom are models for the whole wide world. Six weeks of every year Gustav V spends on the Riviera. (Got into that habit because his queen, dead eight years, couldn't stand harsh Scandinavian Winters.) There he plays five sets of tennis every morning, five sets every afternoon. Prefers doubles, does a lot 'of lobbing. (Grew up with old high net lobbing game.) Has tremendous reach in forecourt. Gets around pretty spry, considering his age. Likes to play with Davis Cup men. Has been partnered by Bill Tilden, by others among top flight. Invitation to play beside him is considered a sort of command performance, but . . . Early in his career Gustav hit upon device of transparent incognito, "Mr. G," adopted so everybody didn't have to come to attention, stand up when he entered the grandstands, came out of the clubhouse. Made him popular on Mediterranean hotel circuit. Has a lot of tennis trophies. Plays in Stockholm at the royal club (which has plenty of commoners among its members). Likes to dine out and Is ranked as a tip-top bridge player. Sits a fine saddle (was raised In the army). Is almost childishly proud of the fact that he never had a paunch, never had to work off a corporation. Is conscientious Lutheran, conscientious King. 1 French Heavy Bomber on Duty Patrolling Spanish frontier

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