The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1932
Page 6
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"''' ' ' • BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK,) COURIRIt NEWS ~!'-"**TfT*Tfii V|l''i**ii'i^h'iiM MONDAY, KKHRUAKY 22, 1032 «OOSIERS MEET II MM TO WARES it. Capacity Crowd Expected to Watch World Champs Play jolly Cab Quint. HAMPIONS OP PRO BASKETBALL, the Fort V/ayn e, I n cl.. Hoosiers will set their tide up for ihe Jolly Cabs of Memplils, southern champs, to shoot n t when ,tho t v o teams clash tonight at the armory here In the greatest basketball card ever provided (or northeast Arkansas and southeast . Missouri fans. ' l ' The Hoosiers are slated to arrive r*re this afternoon while the Jolly , Cabs mil probably precede the in- T di&na club into town by a few mlu- •\iites.. ' -, ' • '•• A' list minute announcement received with approval here was that the Hoosiers had ap-ced to piny under amateur rules against the " Jolly Cabs with the exception of the personal foul limit which hat -been waived by both teams. This will tend to speed up 'the game as the Hoosiers wS be limited to six : seconds on rioldinfi the ball In their , sensational wheel or pivot play. '-' Making Uie time limit under amateur rules will give the Cabs o much better chance to break up thcj •wheel play than otherwise. : . '."'. Saanderc Leads Hooslws Reports from Jackson, Tenn., . where the Hoosiers easily won-from a. crack Tennessee aggregationFri-" day : night, indicate that the flashy ••wheel play of the champs caught .': trie fancy of fans and they repeatedly called for the play during the game. "Rusty" Bauntiers, weighing more than 200 pounds .and over six feet.tall, Is the "hub" or pivot man of the wheel play and reports from Jackson are that he often, handled '.. the ..bell with one hand while in ••'the'pivot position. • ... Saunders will captain the Hoo»- ports and one of the test In pro circles. He has officiated In seven pro world sc-rlcs. The seating capacity of the armory lias beeii increased to 1000 for .tonight's attraction. Bleachers In tile new aiTnory seat 700 while 300 chairs have been placed ui Hie big gym and drill hatl to lake care of tlw record breaking: crowd exuccWd, In a preliminary game starting at 7:30 o'clock the Blythevillc high school ChicknsUHs and the IAIXOI'Q high quintet will dash. M. 8. Tlurge, principal of !he Armorel school, will referee the tilt. The Hooslc-rs and Cobs will take the floor iinmedl nldy after the preliminary ends. Probable .starting llnc-iips of the Heostcrs and Jolly Cab Trlanglec follow: Fort Wayne Pan. Jolly Cabs Shlmek. P Hughes <c) Eaunders (c) F Johnson Clmdwick - C Moore llusla a V. CK'nlry Kawnlx G Kulp Twenty Seven Teams Entered In District Tourney LISIDF TEIS [flTElO BEET Seven Mississiopi County Teams in Tourney at Trurnann Tliis Week. Hayt'i and Horneriville Divide Double Header HAYTT, Mo—The JIaytl Indians, w local high school cage tennis, di-j /-...„,.. viiK-' schools arid presitlcnl o! vlded a doubleheader Friday evening in the local gymnasium with Urn teams of Hornersville. The Hoy 11 girls aided another victory to their list, winning by 20 (o 24 points. The Hornerevllle boys outclassed the local boys team and won by a 33 to 13 score. Hnytl boys were handicapped as their outsUmdinK forward, "Babe" Wilbanks, was ill, and their conch, Berpnarm, wns also ill. • The Horner'svlllc bond furnished music before tlie games and between Uie quarters. IJntnip for ttie H»yti girls: J. Alsup, f; raster, f; Homer, c; a. Alsup. re; Hngcman, g- Prnvow, g SUDS: Glllum for O. Alsup; Dates for Poster. Boys: Llmbaiigh, f; Barnes, f; P. X. Schumacher, c; Martin, g; Toaster, g. Subs: Burrcss for Martin; Tralnor for Barne*; Hoane for Um- Twfnty-Ecvcn teams, the cst number to, ever rtatilcliiiUc in fl District P0«f llliill ' K-llOOl basketball touincy, have been pair- led for the tournament to b? Held at, Trumnn Taursrtiiy. Frlilfty M<l Saturday of this wctl:. Announcement ol Die entries id pairing for the flrsl round were mnilo lixlay by Crawford nn, Minorlutcndenl. of BlytVit" Illic tourney arc ns follows: Thursday Hulbeit vs. MaikeU Tree. Mornmdtike vs. Tyron/:i_. K»ypt vs. bye. Mixorn vs. Lcachvllle. iiolio vs. Tun-ell. Corning vs. bye.' CiflwCurdisvlllc vs. Marlon; Hnnisburgh vs. Jonesljoro. Friday 'rmmanii vs. Wnlcott. • Caj-auay vs. bye. Earle vs. lilylhevlllc. Wilson vs. Rector. . Wclncr vs. Sliawncv. 1'arngoiild vs. Cash. , Wtiilton vs. Osceola, Sulurdly Quarter-flnnl, w-t foot upon British soil? (Sea then yo out on'the course and high winds, even if I'.wy use .1 Kflltllcr ran last In his llrsl aii- tlilnk up new ways, to mlssV (And ic-povmd slinU l*ar;mcc In England tills year.) what ever gave Ben Franklin -the j " « . . • Wliy dn certain wrestlers, after idea, that he could tattle ii|i ckc- j SCHMEUNG AND SHARKL/ Minting Diclr oiuwnents, look ap- jlrlcily!) ;WERE .'HKJFJIRKD TO PORT jieaUiiely at, lh e icforeu \dicii they .... ! $25,000 EACH TO CONVINCE aic themselves slugged?, tone of, Selinicllng says he is perfectly THE NEW YORK ROXINO COM- l!ic q;i!ilklcb.of mulodr'anutlc pa- willing to meet, Dompscy this sum- MISSION THEY MEAN BUbl- itkly Is Elmiilattd cowardice.) mer after disposina of Sliarkcy. He J Why does It rnln In Florida and .Is lining, up a fine vacation pro- ,C:illfornia as .soon as'the ball'clubs giam for himself, mining; when every native (Jean run Why did the new ruling against U-ll you <;veiy year that 1 precipitation Is tmnreqe- , idriitcdV (We are not really using !rabbit. uunchiiiK and iuonls like this in 'the effort to fool football meet disfavor f V(JU.) onri This I.tvlnsky may .be a Ktn'g- a number of Noire Duinc coaches syatwn,. heeling in with finite using the including NEW. BUT WHEN DID A HOX- LU MEAN ANYTHING KLfiE HUT UUSINESSV Hunk Anderson? (You don'i sup- (jumes will be played. |i)Hiipvx:y fiook. district association. The unnoimce- rncnt followed n meeting of 'He exccullvo committee of the asso- clallbiv ttfJoncsboto Satuvdiy. Lcachvllle, rimner-np in. the. comity liiurncy lost \veeV.-end. • Palrlnps far tlic first round ol flih, but he .KOuUn't -bile on that |>ose it was Ijecnuso Node Dame pluyers like to have their heads bashed in, do you?) Why do biiseball writers thinSt Bejlnnlnr \Vllh "Why? I Hail anil Eirewell! ! Why aren't the names.of four I players who appeared- in ll>e last world series on the roster of Cardinals tljis. your? (Hecausc Cardinals felt (hey could strug- le nloni; v.'ithout .Jake Flowers, Wally Uocltucr and Andy High, and because liurlclgh Qrlnies was too' cx;:t'n!-,ivc, with reasonable young M.i\l|. may have the title, but IJL-nip<:ty js k'cltin.? thf* ilutiKh. Mr. Denipsey Is aimust as hard a. man to convince as William Jennings Bryan. duty compels them to write fum.y stories about J. Franc-is Hojan. catcher for the Giants, just because' he weights 290 ixmnds. or there abouts? lOpod comedy can become dreadful monotony with a little repetition.) Why'doesn't one of those Curley troupers throw Jim Loudos? (ff you tliink you cnn do the boss' job better than the boss, which' of course you can, go and so. -- Sure, go right men like' Dean, Carleton and Stan Why should critics of the..manly!coining up.) . -, • nrt of self-defense froth .at 'the- W)iy no National . League um ni'outli ticcnusi; Jack Denipsey elects plrcs shuddev when Uhey pick up lell him .of his own free will to become the newspapers'and'read that Ty ahead.)- • Seven Mississippi county teams I nn( ,ih|.r Bat Nelson? (Ad Wplgaat Cobl) may come back to the ma- , Why. were.the golfers in the are entered in the tourney inUuil- s mi j s in a sanatorium somcvylicre | Jo:s a:i an ow-rier-manager in New Orleans Open recently both- ing Osccola, county champion, and training for a big fight.) ' ': 1 Pittsburgh or Cincinnati? (Peace erect by high winds even though Why do American horses forget' Is golden.) . • they were 'using thirl wonderful (heir noble euute aiid Imagine! Why do golfers buy books, take new larger-heavier boil? (Gplf- thcy're ullly goals as soon as'they lessons from professionals and.ers- always will be bothered bj '- krs in their engagement here while '-.BUly Hughes, ace forward of the Jolly C4b Trlanglea, will lead his The games were refereed by Mll- !rr of Slkeston. Cooter Bey» Held for Robbing Pastor's Car COOTER, Mo.— Ralph Rex TleddMk, Sidney MUlcr nnd Dan Burris^Jocil boys, were arrested thu.. nio'rnlng by Constable Al- mates Into'action. The Cabs have j» rt Woodnrd, charged with break- faced the wheel play before, espec- ' n 3 »"to the automobile of thr lally as used by the famous Cleve- Rev - A - B - s»aler. fend Rosenblums and their expert- ™ coys nre en« against the Hosenblums Is ex- stolen-two tats,.>wo pulrs of gloves pected to give them a better chance nn .? J° !>»«. nmoved. parts from •gainst, the "Hoosiers than other another {earns who are playing the champs' 58 ''' to ch their southern tour. The »p- 'pearance of the Hoosiers here will te Ithelr only one in Arkansas outside of Little Rock and 'precedes the" Hopsier-House of David game it Memphis Wednesday night. MaxinU, Shlmek In Exhibition ? Between halves of the Hoosler- •Joliy Cab tilt, Early'Maxwell, world . free . throw ehampiori, and Prank Shmek of the Hoosiers. pro free throw aoe, will compete In an ex hibltion. Maxwell's misses are some,thing to write home about- while .Shimek's mUtakes are few and far between. Maxwell dropped in M consecutive throws at Jackson last week. He has bettered trie 100 mark without missing. .; Chuck Saladore of Brooklyn, Y., who Is making the southern tour frith the Howlers, will referee the feature game tonight. Saladore ii a colorful 6tficial according to re . car,;; The robberies are .hay^ occutrrt tost r-lght <»u"n* the Baptist revival under- Courier News Want Ad» ?a7 RiTZ THEATER Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Nighfc-6:45 Adm.—"Matinee—10 am\ 30c Night—15 and 40c See 'Hell Divers' with Wallace Beery and ~ GEMTHEATRE Last Time Today Matinee— 2:30 - Night-6:45 Adm. — Matinee — 10 and 25c Night— 10 and 30c ' See 'Ladies of the Jury' with Edna May Oliver Abo— Roeeo Ates New* and Comedy , Wedaeaday ud Adm. — Matinee and Night — 10 and 25c '-.-' SEE Delores Costello : Comes Back in a Daring . . Drama , Expensive Women' ;: with • -Warne William and . B. Warner : News «nd Comedy BURDETTE READERS- Who de.sire to receive.tlieir issue.-, of tiie Courier New.s on the date- of publication are asked to communicate with Mrs. Cal Gossett at Burdette. ' COURIER NEWS Clark Gable Also— Jlarjori* Rarobeau and Dorolhy Jordan News and Comedy Tuesday and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35c HerHearft Content; BCMMCMTQ Also News and Comedy tak< the es me world "Guess I'm like most Ameri^ns wjio travel a lot, I take many of my hobbies with me. Chesterfields, for instance. I've smoked 'em for years. "They're rot only made good, but they're made to keep good, and that's why they hold, old customers like me. "Take the tobaccos. That fragrant Turkish to—your taste gets that, all right. And the whole blend—say, there's nothing like it for milder, better taste. "But my point is, Chesterfields are just the same lohereccr I buy them—Argentina, India, New Zealand. The package is 0. K.—moisture- tight, clean-looking— keeps the aroma in. "Even the paper conies into it. As far off as Shanghai I've noticed how pure and white and fresh it is. "I've never yet found a town where Chesterfields couldn't be had! And no matter where I've bought 'em, they've always been just exactly right! 1 ' ';?f'/l Wrapped in Du PCNT Number 300 Mo'isiure- Proof Cellophiac-lhe best arid nost txpemivc nide, MILDER PURE TASTE BETTER O mz. IIGCITT * Mms TOMCCO C*

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