The News from Paterson, New Jersey on June 2, 1953 · 1
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 1

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1953
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THE WEATHER Fair Inntaht mnA Ihmhhw " w F (Complete u rather report on Paae 17 Sun rose 5:27 a. ID., eti 8 21 p. m Moon set io:ib a. m The Newt Thermometer registered: f3 it f t. m 73 at II a m., 78 It 1 p, m. T ; '.' ": ." - fc , . . y . , -. : , ' . "iX. " 1 " " ' ' yi4n ' '. '- ' 'I.. ' ' 1 ' 1 t nib. k tt ana? flSSlBatr' . A mrf . I . i A av a. . J . A A I. . . iff -JT . fan - a." , ' iv - First In P ater sonAn Independent Newspaper For All The People FINAL EDITION : -5i ' 5 AtRn YEAR Vfll 107 " ! matter t O. Pilm, N J.. Dm. U. IN, vast A Mar I. 117 oonu icn VUL. lor rWMw mi ssbbji vmda m Ihm it., rum. n j PATERSON, ff. J., TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1953 40 PAGES CompleH Wlra AiuxJal.d frwt and Ulld eras PfilCE FIVE CENTS ELIZABETH Today's Coronation Scenes from CROWNED London Via Radio CnjpiliHBtM . ana I'-agggtivanmvr-ni IIW1II IW II M '"IBS W "e aVflkemamnnaRmfl 9at 9 4amama9fcLnmmml ELIZABETH II art Um rrwi of I mland )tut after It was I iced en her head loday la We AbheT rrrrannnlei Pht from BRI lelrTllon P WieeMaM TM raw fr I onoon ) Straight St. Man Killed, 2 Injured in Blvd. Crash i See fhoU m Eate 17) Sen lea pole and thn rolled over A StmKht St. man vh fatally aereral tlmt. Intured at 1 SO tbtt momlna when! A far a police he . pinned under an overturned auto after It rareenad out of control at Mclean Blvd and tho I nth Ave and E- Mrd St. circle Two other men were Injured Tho Circle hao boon tho acono f a number of cetdonta. The victim. Franh Minor. M. of MO Stralfht St . died at 7 o thla mornlni at tho General Hoapiui He tuffrred head injuriea. Tlkt mjiired are Thomaa l.a Telle. M. of i n 1 oni St . Fair Lawn, who tuffrred a fractured left shoulder and abrasions of tho r -its' and Myron h inner .17. I IT Jertey St.. who tuffered ehott and hip mjorioa. LaVolle owner and drlror of tho 1990 Hudaon club roup. I good condition at St. Joseph Hospital while Sklnnor. a pat" tho General Heopltal. It In ftlr condition. Sklnnor and Minor were passengers In tho tuto All thrtt occupants were thrown from the auto a It careened crat-IU across the Circle Into A ribllc Sleuth Testifies Against Adonis Notes Showed Gambler Born in Italy, Says Deportation Witness TRENTON. Juno t 0Vns Now York detective todtr teeWied at a deportation hetiing on Joe Adonis that notet of t ItM arrest showed (he notorious gambler wat born in Italy Thomas T Conloy. who said he a memner or trte New Tort police 32 yeart force lor and now la at It the Brooklyn district tt- tomey s office, told the hearing at Now Jersey Stale Mton Adonis was arrested In 1923 for felonious Rafts Spread, Boy Drowns In Quarry l uih.ii -old school bov drowned Utt night In t water pit In an abandoned quarn on flratK! S noor Slator St while P'vl' pedestrians. witn a group oi oriyi in ...,.. rafts The vourgster. Curtla L e w I flawothers son of Mr and Mrt. Thomas Smothers, nf M Jortw s . tllpped Into tho deep water whit) trying 1o atof from one raft to another. . Valiant effort tn roocuo Men wort made by a playmate, 10-eii.aJrt Joseph SI Oliver St. ton of Patrolman Croosi Voung ('.total dove "al timet but wtt untklt to grab the drowning boy nroaal then ablo to learn, the car wtt going north on Mrlta Blvd and when It neared the Circle, It struck a highway Koto Right' tgn on one of tho ivlinds Tho driver then apparent ly lott control and the ctr sped srr.Ms th island, atrvtt tne euro K ontinued on Pago 17. Col. U Produce Men Warned About Blocking Walks Produce merchtntt In the Wash ington St. tret who block the side walks wort warned last night that they are In for trouble If they con tinue to violate the city ordinance The Board of Aldermen ordered Police Chief' James Walker to latue summonses to merchtntt who violate the regulation against blocking mora than M Inches of Ukt sidewalk. railowing protests from Mh Word Aldarrnan J ark le the board alto unanimoualy voted lo notify Streotjon grounda he en'ered the United William Turner Ihst .Stales Illegally the Itw mutt be enforced. Clatsstt Waaardsj Creasjod . Atdorman tee toM hoard mem-bars that tome of the fruit market merrbants completely block the sidewtlks. cieating a htiard for Con ley said he made the trrott himself on Fob. 5 IBS tn t gartge on President S' In Brooklyn and (hat he made this notation when he look Adonis to tho police station -Joteph Doto ltv.Ua:. shoe clerk 2M Third An." Asked what the "Italy meant Coniey said that showed Dotos birthplace Doto took the alias Aflonlt when he became a gambler Adonis cltimt he "as born in Pasta..-. N J., but the government contends hit birth rrrtlftrtte is s forgery and seeks W deport him THOI SANDS JAM Traftlgtr Square m London today to tee tho tlueen pott to the litytl rorrtago eornnto to bo rrewuod at Wettmln ( I TI U SMOTNF.H Oroatt. Jr . nf ran lo Vtt home In another atroug move laat night tho board notified ownera of (be I'tterton Recreation Center, of lPth Ave . thai they must ttko nut a license to operate their tkattng link In 10 dayt or be rlod by police The board it lis Utt meeting. passed tn ordtaancg licensing kit ing rings in tne rtl) me Tee,u a"' a year, tho tame amount charged movie thentera here. On ftfst retding the hoard approved an ordinance fixing tho salary range for License Inspector Ed ward Caaapulla tt W M0 lo M ooo (Continued on Page IT. Col Girls Sought in Theft from Purse Samuel Paige. New York attor ney lor Adonis objected, lo the taking of teatlmnnv from Coniey. saying it wts "not pertinent" to the deportation ate The objection a dismisses Conloy took the stand on the aoc- i Continued on Page 17. Cot. II Official City Greeting for Sen. Tobey I tS.ut sit blocks twt r told. ht .,nf ,ouahl for que.tlonlnr of Two iH -d ibout It. are talher wno was oii-ouiyv-wo.-man Rrottl called headquartort and then hurried to the acono. Patrolman fieold Healoy. natng a fTpl,nt hook recovered the body ibout IS feet off tho re A rotutrltttor wat applied but Dr PagplT. Cnl 4 the theft of MM from t chtnte purse in t second floor kitchen tt IN t 19th St ls( night Mrs Chrisiltn IVVuvtt. teneni tt Ihtt tddrett said tho elrla had prosi bed her In her roar yara nlaht and trleo lo sen n-r Continued In Today's News ente Dcalhe EdHorUt 1st Audlnn Old Serwnd Obllusrles nodio in,. Sortal Slery Wist B Wrlinlii Word Otoso BI'Bt'RBAN Page 1 p., n m rtfes H-19 Page 17 Pago tt Paae 11 Pate 19 Ptge J7 rage FtgeoM Paiet tg-tl-tt nt'tu" L S.u,u. BtWeto Pasaak Plgea It-II-ft Pagoa U X Paae tl Psgwt I ted lo toll She refuwe, n grind marshal ol Bit. I)a on, wi ,rom ,h ,nfnn h Hd mat ne 14: Paul Sega . JojtPh Shi.U(h chUwi iood wlth mor. in MM iornitein and ioaeph , . ihl, ,0 lrro.,n M Ing the Spring Itroel Bonds and Kluger Continued on Page 17. Col 1) fuwed to the alrli entered the hou'e ranvaaood tho flrgt flaajr ten- antt, Sho sold lh were teen aolng to i Continued nq Nfn 17, Col. ) fire Damages Clifton Home An corty morning fire hadlv damaged the one family home of Hen- Mr Inch. 610 I'tssate Avtn Clif ton, causing estimated 93.000 lo tin rmn firemen lo ight the hlair which Twin fawn, airled in the attic for two hours Park Sundat m.unlne The rauae of lh lire . un4etor-and thlverlng twins were .plntlng mined Oamage was nmued to tne bark and loilh in tneir rage wnen attlr and .erond floor wllb watti sptDtted k 'he park scout ctr at arrnunllne- for murh nl the lost a M am The rew add lions to rnmnanlea I t and S reannnded WestairU arr ved nne week after I In (be alarm Assistant Fire chiefs doe housed In Etstaide I'srt gse I in "in'l In charge wert Mario Celantano birth to bef second set of snd John Stone twltai s year r'f f ' Rhee Agrees To Cooperate R0K Leader Softens After Ike Message-Demands Chinese Go y ROBERT Tt'CKMAN and nit L shinn SEOL L, Juno 1 uT) President Syngman Khee tald today South Korea will co-operate with tho U. any rotf but declared ho will Hiatal to the end oa wlthditwal of Chinese foreet front North Korea after an ereaiitrre. Rhoo tald he had received a thrce-ftoint measage from Prow-dent Elarnhowrr. but relused to disc lose itt contentt Tho 7B-) ear-old leader's ttate-meat came on the hoelt of a report from Wathington that he had propoted to Kitonhowor t raututl defer .e pact plu subtttntlll V 8. financial and mllltar aid at South Korea's price for acooptlng Allied truce terms (tut of grttllode U the I S, rro that we eo operate with 1'. S. at any anil. We muat najtynt an; thing the t. H. Preot-denl wants, bht ttlow Use f'blno-men lo slay us onr eosmsry It Bimilar la oeceptlng a death se ate nee Bhot aatd. Saying ho It la a ' vorv difficult poaiiion Hbee did not elaborate on bia statement Indicating South Koree s bltUr opposition to tho latest V N. truce proposal may be softening Although Kiaenhowot t message to Rhoo wat tlotfleu ia terror). (Continued oo. Pago 17, Cnl f I Bloomingdole Gl Killed in Action 1 BLOOM INUD ALE Pvt Henry G. Worman. son of Mr and Mrs Henry S. Worman. of Highland St , woa killed In action la Korea on May 24. according to a Department of ferfrnae telegram received by hit parent! In hit first teller homo since he srrued oteateea about May 1. Pvt Worman wrote that he wat In The Monk acene of heavy fighting Writing from in outpost 2i' varus Ma or letter F Titus and Harry Haines, publisher of toe Pater' son EvaaaUag-tfowt, will loin In wet coming C S Senator ( narles W Tobey, who bt roanmg to thla city tomorrow night, tt the guest of honor at a dinner under auspices of the Peterson Committee. Sttte of Isrtel Honda. Barrtort Temple In announcing their acceptance lo participate ia the Sentlor fobe, Dinner Chairman llrrmah Ynrht also reported the program for the dinner of welcome In the famed I Senator from New Hampahlre. Among the civic tad community '.etdera who will lake port la tho program, he said will ho Rthbi Vbrtm M Creation, Earner! Temple Rabbi Arthur T Rurh. Btrnrn Trmple David Creenbera and Na than Kluger roehalrmen of the Pair-son Committee for larael Sai. Jk Clam ll.rmtH H Vital. on June It i.o.noerg the three tanaduaout nearly at will Since the dinner wnl be cllmts - . .,01. that t l IBM campaign for , ., .... ,iiirf ,lnr. Ih, .1 halmven t.reenherg :ab n(iBlrv Heglnient relieved the win repo" on ''irirot Marine Di i.ienThreo week Twitll Arrive m Pork Deer Family at Wottatde I Tho cold revioue to bit letlof. The letter a 1 Ilea on Ma ?n four dayt bnfore hU detlh. snd was received by his brother, Prod, short- I) before the tolegrtm arrived Pvt Worman entered the aervlre en Oct II. 1991 He wta raduated from Sutler High School in June !9M and was employed at a ma rhine operator hp 'the American Hard Rubber Company. Butler Ho wai born In Bloomlngdile and attended the local elementary school In addition to ht parents and hit yred Pvt worman siao twins jhat tsro aistora. Viola and Jsnet City Officials Confer on McCrowe Case Mayor Letter t. Titus met thla morning with members of the Park Board tnd City Count! David L. Cola on two ordinances under which Robtrt McCrowe. Jr. would e named superintendent of parks and Fred Heutecr the tasisttnt superintendent. McCrowe posted the Civil Serv lea on for the tuperin-lendent 1 pott out tho Park Board look no action on tne Cfen erv ice certlflratton tt lit lait meet Ing. Lawyer Beniimin J. Split, art ing for McCrowe. hn written to tho Civil Service Commission, call ing attention to t resolution of the Park Board which 1 In offa l." he ald. tnpolnted Mr jperlntrndenl" by gDing him td dltlontl dutlet In hit former rt ptcitv at . n, foremaa. 'To gay mind." Spur wrote, M la 1 clear tubterfuie for the purpose of violating tho letter and spirit of Continued on Pago 17. Col. ! Tourist Home Owner Fined $110 David M Honigfetd owner of a tourist home at 724 Broadway, wat fined t total of 1110 by Magistrate John A Matiello this morning on two iolitlont of c.t ordinances In- solving a garage building at the rear of that address. Hon i it eld- rounhel. L B I Schwtrti tndlrtted he would appeal the sewiaaoa. The iiunet war made by As-Ittant Building Intpertm David Mr;oldi rk One tated that Hon igfeld . Dialed a Flre-Pollce Board "liname payed In 1930 by per mlttlne orrupsnrv of the tarago at a dwelling, although II has no street or htfhwis frontage as required b) the ordinance The other romplaint ihsrged him with permitting the garage to he ued as a double bedroom with out fUtt obtaining a certificate of ocruptnry from the Board of Works Srhwgrtt contended on the first i Continued on Ptge 17. Col H Gas Effects Fatal To Elderly Man Aa elderly mm discovered ua-costariout la hit home from the effects of gat vtwterday. died at 4 05 t m today it the Oeneril Ho Pftol The dead man la Peter Boeaini 93. who resided alone at S4 Alois PI Mrs Helen Condon, a neighbor mrlled gat and notified the mtir man In the housing projert i s home ar ! tter Abbey. (AP M irrpheU via radio ffom London I "God Save the Queen" Roar Swells Abbey Prince Charles, 4, Arrives Just in Time To See Ceremony LONDON. June 2 17 Britain Icrowned Elizabeth II today ia a magnificent spectacle ancient pomp and pageantry, before the wondering eyet of her little ton Charles, heir to the throne. The thunder of gum tnd the pealing of bells proclaimed to millions missed in Iindon't itreett the formal tcceition of Eltubeth the Queen, the flrtt coronation of a woman linco Victoria. 116 yean i ago. i ( rndiii miid 2S to 35 deen ac claimed the queen going from Buck ingham Palace to Weetminater Ab be), and coming home again, uniy 7 Sim) nersoru were In the abbe). but millions more could tee the two tnd one-htlf hour ceremony by toks- vition, for the nrti time Cries of "God uve tha iueen blended Into a mighty roar from thoustndl of throats tt tho queer purple and golden coach loft the labhey for tne miin roroniuon pro-ceiiion. five mtlet tnd more through tho center of the old cipi- taL Tt.o (mie.vear.nld Prince ( htrle in line to bo the. next British sovereign to receive the crown In Welt-minster Abbcv. reached the coront- rhnivh ikI before the trrn- bishop ct Canterbury placed on hit mother i hood tha Mitotic crown . ci VAmmrA In symbolism of her corner ration to God tnd her eom monwetitn The crowning ctmo after the ceremony had been under way more than an hour. In tno earlier tttgri Elisabeth had boon rocog-ni.ed ta tho "undoubted queer taken her oath oa the Bible and then been anointed in tno ceremony that dcdicatet a ruler to the church The tuns of London boomed out as the archbishop, Dr Geoffrey Flther reverently pureei tne live-pound crown on the queen t head (Continued on Page 31. Col 41 Driscoll May Testify Friday In Crime Probe TRENTON, June 2 (APi-Gov Driscoll may be a wit Memorial Day Chair Vandals Sadden De Yoe Planes on Wing in Race to US with TV Coronation Film wj-onsjgu vadv i ii t m i A td irlinmr took off from Lo-don ,1C,H IVeT, efUIir - -JjaVPV " we. - - a thortly after tho Queen wat caowoed today, ftrting t once In a . . . . . .... - i - - lM.rl.ia 1 . . iilrtlme air rsce io put ionnaiiin reirmuuwi .-.." vision screent bojore London crow at nove oono cneenng ppg trnrtn Comoetina networai ana teie- v is on newt services wore t ven an tven ttart from London with all film aboard t Rwl Ajr For e Cm-berra Jet' The National Broadctttmg Com-panv bett the sun by nearly two hour with i 924 am. MM tike- u av . . h off or t itmtur t tnoerrt jet ear-!... . j- rying llm ol tne pre t. oiorsermn. - ... ..., ' -" w. .i... ...... 'neas Fr dav- to tell l speutl les. pirrvraiufi or ytmiir ..i.h.w-i - -, lur.t i ,.!,,! J T Haekett wai lative rommittee his rale In New- forced to turn bark two hourt outljM,.-. mveetiaitioni 'of rd neirlv htlf wtv to Boston ... ,,,1,., ervtrttfon hoaever Deeaue of a defective ' f-l unk I - The Governor who - canoot " ,-;;. ; ht wrott ,0 Tho Nowa.- The RAF Canbena wa. Mhed- suopnoaaeooas ;"" 7, , was with grett torrcw. ha ulcd to unload filmt for ill not- wBnesavVfore the committee. i f (hat. rfld of another act works and televlnon newt services, w hich began in rquln into lew;. .,f..Um eHormed against the at Goose Biy. Lahrtdor. approai- enforcement rep 21 ana nat neio . . irbl rBIlr, which you matelv five hours after leaving Lon 123 publir hearings since nen . ..... ia the cltv of Peterson andllto don tnd ill houn after El ubeth' Drlifoll ann unced in ule Mirch " , ,hl p,ltl Memoflsi. II ia crowned, at the cllmat of the he wanted to tppeir hefore 'h;whlfh , frnhellishes Thoro taotti-Co onttion torvlnr. icommittee tosL is id he would tun- .flrtnr. ,hjl the vlclout act wat From Goose Bay two compeUng mlt to qu"' hy IU rciiwel (nrmM) 0B ,h, ,Ve of Memorial network., wilt trantfer film to Auguttut C Studer Jr. of ew- g' , ,rui ,hi, ,h0 S ,r.fl.r..:Al.H fi.Vtl.r r.:n.. fnr ark V- . . j .w . J A ,lll w.n h. (4tl- , a- fa ... 1 . . . .1 iva . -. rnnt irrniinfemas r' . ... . . a TV,. hit w ii" nnvrp. .'i ph - - davi when New York puhliaheraVur.e .after Nelson F Stamler tot- hlred racing stoops to bring thelrjtlfled Drua-oll Prjrused him the n ontinueri rn rige 17. Lot. 01 tuomiwueq on rtge .ia t 01. y - Fr..h,',M.r Wlllird I De Vn. Ir.tav v-nlred his sorrow It tie let of vandtllsm tgalntt the Pltu of Memories on Memorial iav evw ...4 . . , ..H lha bone tbst the " misrretnts would soon be caught this despirsnie mtir imirn- es s new ow evel 01 mancioui covered and tnnrehendod The good cltliens of rtterscn mus o sroued over this detplceblo atfalr whKh louchet a new low level of Britons Scale Mt. Everest In Time for Coronation KATMANDl' Nepal June 2 UE) r- The British Union Jaek waved today where mtn -never bad itt foot before ttop 29 002 foot- hith Mount Everes P P lllllin ... M . . I r P. rtllltn t ew .eaianr- 1 beekeeper and Tenalng Bhutlt t tox the wis scheduled 'o irugged She'pa retched b her:re the greatest dsy of her life 'summit f the preylou'lv union Prime Minister Winst n I. tun ' ......a ..rin 1 hiehear mountain '.kill . - - .l.t.H iLst Frlda) and plin'ed thi Brit- Mv rongrttulitiont on thli 1 ,.V . I I i . . ri . , 1 , . I. .1 ' mrmnrauip oniei amir.rnirm in.urra oi v They sent down a signal thai whlch the whole woi Id hat been In-1 moved It "Ail tt wall.' that man llaallv h. 'i.terested to manv vesr. Churchill! reading won his greatest physical victory Mjd l0 a message to the climbers Mayor vr aeture snd the" elenjenf the vlctorlout etPedltion twiceLMd tt ll.l.... ., ..I., ( nf. -r-k. -.u-nl. .hale la nat a Cat- ( Continued on Pat IT. Col 11 Aldermen Drop Junk Yard Law, Mayor Wins Out The much debated ordinance to repeal an nrdlnanee Um4 ng Junk varda ka tho etty die. loot ntgt-t for tho arcnnd time In recent aion,Uis when none of the sit mew hers of the Botrd of Aldermen for second inn rmsi o in. eirTieni- xhe victorious etpeomon twice Hunt, leader of ih' prrvinu.K hod assaulted tho kmg ,rruisn rapeouivn iminwiairii ai me nimsis)in inuniams ano dispatched a runner to Katmandu the third attempt waa 1 rare netret town of EvirrM dan e- aa-alnit time. joua tloPet. with tha lad news Hunts rhmbers tnst ine mission nta oen iirnr-n!i, bed before Queen FHubeth 111 'coronation Runner Takes 1 Dayt sin team hl ' " ' t 0Jf " other unaurc-easftf; British etpedt 11... ii 1. 101 1.. 0.1. iki.i.. .-. . ... .. rai...xi . .... .a - mmmKwm m livnm voe ue pi airian par ll Innk Ik. nmiur lhr. rtav. In .... reach here. Tho newt qulrklv was Mountain cllmberg previously lisneo in nuctingosm raiace had tried to conquer BVOfntt frorr and Britslna young queen was 'awakened to hear it only a fw (Cnntinuednan Page 1? Col T Driver Avoids Disaster, Drives His Brakeless Truck Off Hill into Bonk found the aged msn lying en the - htin floor of the Gts wis escaping from aa oven let In tha kitchen stove It U be 1 .even thai Roaimi had turned on the jot to warm tho house hut either I or got to light ft or the ftimr wis estingulshod In tome minner Dei rtivei Jimn K'i ind J" aeph Motley Invnttlgatod. HALKDON A 21-year-old Clifton man averted disaster tt 10 thlt moriing on Gtrdet Hill when be drove hit nrtholosn dirt filled truck Into the rurh while avoiding atrik-mg two crews eat Public nervier amnlnves tha truth overturned, (itching; fire and Norman Van Biert 22. of 24 Van Wagner Ave. who leaned from the rib of the truck, received ssihle frtrturet of the hip tnd mm Van Biert waa tnkea to Rt Jo seph s Hospital by the Haledoo Emergency Ambvltytro. Van Biert waa coming dow-(iaedes Hill, Pompton Rd wber the truck! brakes became ftuit At he 'approached tho leva crows,. he turned his truck into the curb Tha truck It owned by the Home Owners Co. of Markat RL, Patet I. F Tltut In April ti leneaiiaa oruinenre alter It had been paiod by the s'deimen m April me majo. dared the jrlty bad enough Junk ytrda Aa old ordintnre limits tho rltv to 40 )unk yardt Rut t legal opir. ion by city Counael Jamoa U yMd made at the roquett 01 Alderman Anthony Paaejuarlollo Ninth Ward stated that tho Sew Jersey Supieme Court In a Lodt decision had ruled It la Illegal M limit )unk yardt Ai The ildermen let tae origin ordlntnco die whea they failed tt t Ceoilaued on9 IT. Qhi fl Todoy's Chuckle A leng dtauare apoeoloe answered a roll from a enataoser aba said I w aM ta t call la fthaeee.el. Wiahlagton Haw do yna aawU the. plaao "Goad beeveaa apeeaUr. ' lha oaaanerated vstroa replied. "II I rew 14 aawU It. I would wrrthef 1

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