The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1932
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

22, Higlnvay OJ'i'iccr And Auto Dealer In How Satiinhiy lint Cameraman "Shot" First- No clinrucs have l:cen preferred • s a rcsiiH o! iiu i;ir!c!enL which ccciirrcd at Main and Division Mitels Saturday ni'jhl I" which Jim Burns, state highway patrolman, and W. 1 ! . Barnc-ti. local automobile dealer, \vcre ihe principals. Burns aaci Harriett lyi-nino in'<il\id in mi argument when Bav- nett intervened in behalf of ihe .cr ot a csr Iransporl licriu hud slopped hern for alleged violation of slate highway lavs. Wi:nt. il atiylhiii'i. provided Hums is not known but he strucjc Burnett and chased hiui throj^li a t-rowded pte sland aiH into the* rear room of a filling station. The driver of the irnck trails- j port, on which several t-ari urj i liaukd, is charged wilh failure to ! secure Arkansas licenses it uas J .''•anied in iimn:cl, court, ffc haji [ ye'j been bioi'.'jhl lu trial. I' ARMOREL School News .jmmirou NK\VS GIRL SCOUT BETTY— __ _ p AGR THREE , Birthday— By While mnnlirni of Betty's tta»i> slaml In horwstio.: roniwlloo • jmmc rim (m- pliiulnl I,, (ti a j«r m«u, Is <killc»Ioil (o (J«>r6e WusliliiKimi on u M , amiivvrairy ni tii« infill, tiliili.hy 'HID Mnjor, *e<x'|Xli« ll>e 1«H! niarhiT from ltt;i>,'Cii llils umliLtniiluu tu Iliir iiiuiniirv uf \Vulil»Ktoii uid to (lie city. llu.1 ruiilnc. In Oftl«iUI UMIUIIH*. din K lrU y.llu-r for llu-lr Jfiirtlm Wn-Mnmoii rail. Mar, ™-<M-.II* n Milkliui pUlmv » tin, n,>i l',v«lilpiu .,f II,,. Hull, ,1 Siult*. whll,, lUHIv, u nunliit Alurtla U. Uio Uuiicrnl, uwklnu- Uio tlr>,i llguiu In Uiu mimiui o t Coic.iilal Uu>s Announcing Three Blonds at Big Premier i Ths Parent Teachers association hart Us regular meeting, Thursday i . wl! ° SMd ' "Pardon me for paint- anernoon, 2:30 o'clcx.-k In the «chr:o"l ; ingl ' Not 15-year-old Arlnyne auditorium. j Bl '°»'n, certainly. Here the tivo- " un S irl rronl st - Lo "i5. who can cllt a c!lrd edgewise or smash a malcn h ^ad at u distance of 20 yards, ii shown as she arrived in New York wllli !>.n array of medals and Die tHle of girl revolver champion of the world. The following pupils were out last i-celc on account of illness: CharU--; Moore, Virdic Brewer. Moizelle Dennett. Marie Jarbr>r, i/.3 Kandcri, Myrtle Urosk, Lucy, David King. Neil' Rots. Juanitu Pankv anil Ethel Panky. W. !_.. whli'ilt, dean of Arkansas ! ~ State college of Joncsboro, addres- i Oirnrdeau where they have been Mil the 'student body ami tacnliy I visllinR relatives. Wudne-sday morning during as-1 -^ ls - Eeulnh Chiiton is con- itmbly period. • fined to her room suffering vviih The buys imkcttc!! leam piaycil , si " Us tro " ble ' Burdettc Thursday in (he Armory j. C ' R Bci-gmann, member of Uie lit Ulythevillc. The local team was ! h . 15 ? sdloDl . fa ™Hy, is HI this victorious, with a score of 15 to a. j Vl ™ £ *•'"" "Uluenza. BrUham of Aimorel was the star! Mi ss Margaret Horn of Chairw, player of ihe gam?. Purlic of Ely- • ls here visiting Miss Mildred-Hud- thevillc called the game. : 8i»s this week-. The welcomed visitors ori the; Miss Ella George Henton ol campus tliis week ivera Mrs. T. 13. ; Memphis returned home with her Tate. Mrs. G. J. Little and W.' brother. J. F. Henton, and Ernest C. Wull. I Powell Thursday. Henlon nill Dr. A. M. Washburn and Miss' vkli here a few days with her Hess visited the schocl Tuesday, , brother, making n final checSc-uo on vaccin- e n deco- '. Hoipital Buys $200,000 blue t j : Worth of Radium rntL-d in rid. wi v iitc and carry out the Georgy Washington IO '' S V ^T Mrs ttle j m °G "' Manes '• CHICAGO. um-All the radium ' have moved ' to' Blyl •' in th . e ™ rld ™W* f™ 1 ,""» * tlicville. but 'the pupils are re- J Iound ail<1 vvould J ust aMnt " u :1 jol-ng over the- latl thai the ', ?"** C "P;. ™°"»™ to Ur. Cutler. Manes children. Robert. Lcudeaa i" ead of lhc cancer c " nlc nt M " ,Ki Jtuel expect j car's work in tj idm.cli-te tnc Armorel junior Society—Personal • chad nerv; Hospitnl who recently ' bcijght a teasp^onful of the rare i substance. : 'ihe United Slates has about '• two-thirds of the world's supply ! valued at SIS.OOO.MO, most of which Is used in the treatment of cancer and allied ailments. The teaspoonful that the hospit- • al owns weighs four grams and is i worth $200,000. it will be carried in -1 a "bomb" weighing 1.500 pounds. Miss Eileen Parmenter presented | Only five cities, ami one oihsr een- hcr pupils in a rccifal at the ! eral hospital, have this much ro- Methoriist church Tuesday evening. j dium. They are London, Paris. The following ptipils were feamr- i Stockholm. New York and Buffalo, cd in dancing and entertained vvkli | The "bomb" is mads of had inss: Marecn a Walker. Lonnel j walls four inches thick. A window Holder. Patricia Haine. Eloise Ru-i allows the radium beams to play land. Louise Cole. Barbara Byars. i on tlic portions of the body under Solly JD Neihtry, Mary Ellen Be'.'s ! treatment. lietiy Su; N'cihcry. Barbara Buck- ' &~ ley. J. W. Golden .inn Billy Trai- '• u.-.r of this city, and Betty Jean Italy Enters Buy At Home Dullion and Earl Maston of CJa- /> • 11 ir* if it lie. tonnei Holder ami tampaign Half Heartedly Matec::o WfiK-icr, \sho sludied \vilhi . Mi55 Parmentor in Rt. Louis, en- | ROME. (UP)—The campaign for tcrlamed with pantomines v;hirh ; national products proceeds here were \ery effective. j rndier half-heartedly. There are a . Miss Aura Beth Limbau^'.i Is [ n:imb:r cl posters exhorting'the confine,-! tc her room with an at- , public "not to take tlis bread°fron tack cf flu. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. ^ I and diminish, yon will noilco Hint land then uso hltsh I'.iut you'll lit I your car Increases nn<| (twrmv.'a jturprlwd at llu- jiiisollne you si\w. | Is .spci'd, ovtn with couslnnt pi-«- . I mil 1 on ihe iici-eleiutor, us '.lie | fL.r. IV-.,- W f pretsuie of Ihu «lnd nuulnst u ' ICIS " a S e "or I0r M>rl<.'.s, To keep the speed constant, you must i;ive the cur mure I-IK. on (he picture Increases, and ;cul down whnti the wind fulls. •J'lie S]K'c«ler. In lituivy tniirii; iidds to his n«:,ollne tonsinnptKjn by his dndulnj antics In ami mil ni Iliu-s of curs.. This lyut; oC driving cnlls 11,- constnul changing of ae^rs lu im;el I Ihe nrc:l for sudden an.'i ni: up in the lace of oncom- liifr cars. Since the ust 01' th e two In'.vnr gears spetd'i up the engine. (j»so- llne consumption Is Incn-nsvO, nnd cn:i.5tii;it clmtijjIjJS mills to tlic fuc-l hill. Tin: .speed should be kepi n:; conslnul as possible. A constant nite (jtls you there nbont, ns without takliiR crmiKis of sliort bursts ot hljih siwed svhlch inovu you up In the Hue of tralfic n or two. Deslic to "!):at" thp other driver irom a stop at city - traffic lights or stop streets'is s.»lf- Ish, and is paid lor in Increased !i;as consiuuptlDii. ! To "bust" the other drivers, tlio j speeder use:; his second sear for .1 ' 'uiLch greatc-r distance than U was! Intended. 'He'll shift inlo second,! sometimes not usinj low ut nil,' :and speed up his engine for half ; [ a block h«'ur c he'll throw 'er into ! Cherry Pie Prize 'I'll AVERSE 01TY, Midi. <U1>) — 'liLs city, lit'iirl. of tin: clurry.dls- Irlcl, Ims (juhleii u $501) yrniiil prlxs In 11 national plu-b.ikhig tlurlnif Kntlonnl Cl:erry Wtclc. Vn- rlcin Male contest.'; arc now mnli'r way mnoiijj high scliocl )IOIIK. MO- inlc students. Olrl chninulons from the vnrbns alss will slaw the linnl cantcsi In CJ)ilcnB«. Wu.sli!ngltin's Hlrlhdny. the Brand prize will bu i;ivrn There I" winner, Courier News Want Ads Pay. Caoudinei PAIN best for because- I. If (hei l«l«l by MOlV nerrct — not ieiiemnf tlKm. CunUins na opialcl. Won't vi pittstomicV May \Vnrii of Kiiltiey or ]tl,nl<lcr liT<-|jiiliirilics A persistent backache, with bladder Irrcj;ulnrities and n tired, nervous, depressed fccliuu may warn of some disordered kidney or blnddcr.con- dition. Users everywhere rely on UIKIII'S Pilfe. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful users thecounlry over. Sold by ' druggists. f iHjn 9'iHl ct po*deu. .. SoU it drug ltor«l m li i.ccond cnlls ..lor' lot more gas than the accepted i |««y of [.tartinB from u full slop.! Ur« low gear until tlic car in EOlr:; j i nbont five miles an hour,' Sinn jintd second nnd speul u;> to r:-- i jtiiw-ii 10 and 15 miles un hour, t Here's the way three of Hollywood's notables lnok:d , r hcn thny new film in the movie capital. On the announcer's right. frr;« tcit J.ouisc anil .Inil.i J'.ije. Copenhasen and the Fascist Fed;r- : ation of Co-operative Societies have . issued, instructions requesting co-. operative societies to abstain from ' selling foreign products when na- : tional products of similar price and j Quality are available. The National Ir.stiluts also has • requested all co-operative stores j Iu ri^hl :lrn .n-,riaii Marsh, Anita § §nt »Y JAMES 1*. nONAIlUG As you drive, so :j vour ya: to show in their windows placards line biil regulated. ^adicimil Tonic for Women who arc run-down or Suffer cvtry rcxxilh Scld by Diutxists -crntc speeds. The rate from 20 -' lo 30 miles'an hour shows only n with Ihe inscription. .-Here only j In lhls ^ ' ^ ^ uS V'olS'uS' an hC'lh? nauonal products are sold. . fo , 1nil tllat , hc (lrivc . r who , s C0]1 .'cc'isumplion rate has teen hund /MJ~^ K~~< , -stantly in a hurry has a much !o nearly double. Old Bible Disphynl highcr fllc , bi]| tll , ln tl . c rao .. ol . . , . KENTON, O. (UP)-A iiibk pub- ate driver who handles his car Tncrcassrl speed brings "reatcr li-shed in 1132. during the ysir of with more respect for speed l.i«s wi| ul retislancc This rests t an v iih. n,n,,ti. c f T, r "" C-^" •.;"•- | h « blr th of Oeorge WasMngtjn. if In making any trip, the cneine to n car moving «lonr at a hi h wri-hr mn ' IS fh children' by being exhibited here in connection .of a car makes as many revolt,- >'.Uc of speed must' iieccssnM- \Vright mo- spending their money on imparted, with Ihe Washington bicentennial finis at a high snecd as It does -it bring -reatcV fvel cn-is-im-M^i d to Memphis Friday aitor- gccds when equally good Italian ar- j by Mrs. Eva Ne.vbold. The Bible.a moderate rate A -reMci cl Fcr Cict C1 , re- Ttlt :: and will be accomp uiied tides can be obtained for the MmJ ' bears the inscription "Prinled in' consumption, however is needed to mvvintr ±r ^ "n • ^ ' , '' htme by Ihsir daughter Jmv.. wno i price. Similar advertisements also the vcir of on- Lord MnCC furn'sh novvpr fnr ih 'iliaiiw , , 2- , J ;1 ; y (laj '', will rcLiaiu here Ti,eMtay. | appvr In the pres. 5 , but not in ,'XXXIL" • hasTe" to m i^ ?^ser?« o'""m iT" ^ " * bm \ M mi!C ''' Mr. and Mrs. Theon Sirock re- ! abundance. I . '.J,, h -,, ,L° • I,,, , • °" r and kce i> ycur la ° l P res ' • tuned horn. Monday trom Ca po . The National F.^.rnstU.^_^ a ^«^ -^ '"^^^^^ ' Dental Fees Reduced Exlnictions 50t to §1 Fillings §1 iiiul up. Fttl! Plates, upjicr or lower as Low as ?10 Dr. W. F. Brewer Donti.-. That Gets EVERY SPOT With hundreds of movable parts tnnslimtly in action it is very imp'i'rliint that evwy sc;rlion of ynur automobile IJP jfivcn (he proper kind of jfreasinff. Special pressure lobricalion mnkeH that'll rerlainty. MAIN SERVICE STATION I'honc 71! • liili Wundcrlich, ftljjr. I WASHINGTON I KIS LIFE STORY IN PICTURES, COMMEMORATING THE 200TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH 6. Army Chief to fiisl CorJax;.!J;, IT 1774, !i«i-riis of WasibuJoaV nj!J«J TKc Uoslon I'M Party iotuxj V.u a;;cr.u,n upon iSf ihiealmti!! Matf of Anc!o-A,T»Ka.-i rcliborj intlon gave f C ' in either past. M. Wns:-,- siStns of grcat- or national WOUI< V shclll - dei " Ilis his country needed on r«:Vri !-,S i"lTrl"l i^S^,tt^SB^tJ^tl^ ^* U ^-' 1 ' *" musket ;lhe_ cry for independence. ;mined never to submit "lo ;be the heels of the fir«t fighting uu,, munpnimnv i<- i«i mm - ™" !Dr?vll«J! h ° S ^,-y aIllaMc r '2 hts a " d :hc ' in 177-1 fcf» in either sute or national vincial Icgislnlure convenixl In 17"-1 e •••—"••">•••* e^^^« •••••• - •--_ : ^ ,,, •"•••.>« «ic uiEtnuai :n ay \vnicn New England offprcd !ni' e '»-htn ni p*, C i' i '' t i f ' " C was prCS " th£m Ot my ow " c ' x ^ ns «. an ^ in Phihdrlphia 0 an'scpl. 5. 1T.1. secure." ' rcn ercd loull > •"' Xt '" B «land army, ducd hi" S^ H ^ mtta ^^ 1 ^l^l!;V^ h " d '«' ho i 1 .««n thSi he utterly CP ^«., WP.hln.lon's elee.ion as com- TOMOR RO W~H nw niddn Mimn ACI in i-v- a B alnst l ™ wllef ol Boston. The Boston Tea the Idea of independence-, alilif-ush mander-ln-chlef of the rcvolutio-i- •'i« iI ,i| nr j ,., ' »-isnm " C:> - nml he • ta)d p » rt y had 'wus") his inlercst on, he declared that lie MS deter-.ary „,-,„>•, foito'v.Jijj .closely :.n DMiwnrp. ' '" " I SPRING PLOW HARNESS | When the weather does break so we can go to work all farm work will come at once, it will pay you to have good harness—the price is cheaper than it has been in years. We have a nice, new stock to show you priced at the new low price, U. S. Goodlcw Bridles, pair-• $195 Work Bridles as low as - - 85c Hame Strings, p'ood kavv leather - -12% Plow Lines, 38 feet-• 2flc Plow Collars--85r Special Prices Made on fiif; Orders HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Wholesale and Retail Blytheville, Ark.

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