The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 29, 1947 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1947
Page 11
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ZDratljn rodbe- nt. M McLouphlin. K Bron.Jr.ft McS.ti.- C. A. BurCJnsie MesMiM.Trir rrs Carotnuto. A. D. O'Connell. Helen CajroU! Margaret Olson AlmaS CMhtn. Rita D. Palmer Chariot Cuhman. M..SJ. Paola. Julius Connolly. 8teUa Cunningham. W. English. Tina C. Prna, Emrst O2rov, A H. Goelrer. Marine. , (Inno. Martha Hger, Clarence FYarce. A Union T. Pitcher. Caroline Qui ley, Ann E M Fhar.ley. Marsarft Snipman. A H Skinner. Edith T. Squire. Russell H ANCOCK MARGARET, of 120-17 Jamaica Avenue. Richmond H:ll beloved mi.'e of WU.l-m H.; !a-her of Viola and Glacys. Repus-It.i Dcnr.ei'.v and Purcei Funeral Home. 307 Euclid Avenue. Funeral Saturday, 10 a m. HART ELIZABETH H . January 27, 1947. beloved mother of Charles E. and John T. Hart. Services at the Walter B. Cooke. Inc.. Horn. 1218 Fltbu.h Ave nue. Wednesday, pm. Ftmei Thursdav. 1 pm. Interment Ever greens Cemetery. Cily Would Spur Home Building - A measure to encourage construe- Mrs. Alien, who had resided tn tion of one and tao-familv houses . , w 1 ?! i L Farmingaale for many yeara. die-J and reconstruction of old vacant . ...... , prr m ti I iw itt n f m l npl t v Edward Suflerlin, Retired Builder Mrs. Lillian F. Allen Farmlngdale. Jan. 19 Funeral services for Mrs. UHian F. Allen. 76", of Pint Ave, were held today at St. Thomas' Epi.vopal Chur?h, with the Rev. W. Robert Hampshire, rector, officiatim. Inter- Funeral sen Ices for Ed ard Sut- ment wu ln Bethoane Cemetery. teran ol twtn Ave., eiiere,i retired held child Chapel. 89-31 164th St, worth. Other aurvivors are another! New Episcopal Bishop jBoxell Named Head Has Exacting Schedule jOf C. C. Bureau of :' :r.'szs2 ess r. Employe Relations , Jdmaia. The Rev. Thomas T. But- :40n, Wharton, of this village, and , exemptions was before the CitJibert. new bishop of the Episcopal ,.h 9th . n-.l . ihm W of St. Matthew Episcopal daughter. Mrs. Ruth BanniMer olCouncil committee on Slat leg-.s- Dioce of New York, said tn an.rh ,f-, U.Ji'SL.liJl T!?.,.5 BROOKLYN EAGLE, WED , JAN -29, 1547 11 Hancock. MarsaretSuilivan, Anne E ' Mart. Elizabeth Hendrk-kson. C. Jnt. Elizabeth K'.ein. Samuel Mt Dwyer. Annie Sutterlin. E-dward Underbill. Albert Vanacore.Tad Walsh. Mary Walters. Harry- Hold Riles Tonight verstta' Place. Manhattan. His wife. 'technical and community aspects of former Anna Louis BrowntU tn "t;fn4,v lajr prwram beir Woodhaven. will officiate. Hemivtead. ilatmn inrlav llntenrlew today. I I .... .... .. . rnA Tntnviureri Kv eum.i s iui ail us Quietness, rt seemea ,,j.,,.v. K. ik Rnnirku rh.m. Leader Joseph T. Sharkey of Brook- ver" bus'r llfe- " h discussed the of New Bedford. Mass., died May 28. commtrct Xvma Bon. sec-lyn. the measure would, in effect. ti,rulM ' nla 'XM:tir,S schedule.1 1933. Iretary of the orgaruratlon sine reimburse an owner for about half No five-day. 40-hour wvek. He Is up; Th .ucc-jaor to the retired 1937. wlU become director of It ni T L I r I the cost of improvements ;n repair- da"y ' 7 30 m'1Most wkday . willi.m t Mannina- underiBureau of Employe Relations. H was l- I harlP PAlmPr " old bulldinw and would reduce morning, he spends In the cathedral B-shop William T. Manning. announced today by Howard E. Oal- ' I Wl VIIUIIWJ I Ullll VI rentals of new buildincs hv ahnu! office, afternoons are given to at-;whom he served as sunragan, vin eTertitive vice nresident. $11 a month. jtending meetings of the many or- came the 11th bishop of the New Mr jj-, (ormfr ttaff repon- - ., nitiAnt h(h 4 an nmr Vrrk rlrve hv elect inrl nn the first ' ,. ... ..... j ax riempuon lor i.' years wouia -...v.. ,.t ... , -i - (siotiities in pumic relations, civic granted on Improvement put,r cirector. iwo nisnts a wee, on o..i . .i.-i '""'"' activities and membership develop- Cliurch, There 1m will be Masonic rites. I HENDRICKSON CECELU (nee Burial will be Ui Maple Grove O Brien). reading at 322 57th Street. :mtery- uaroens. beloved wife of Edwin A.; dear! Mr. Sutterlin. ho was born In ' mother of Mrs tine; ie L.;ira. . -". - 1 Edward H and James F Hendrick- ln nome oi a sister, caromn Her -siiter of Mra Unnr" unrrmi. ai w-. ol, n:m I Meehan. Funeral Fridav from O'NeU 'nul'u "r - '"'"-' " , v,,ri Hnnie Ti n Port tiimilinn Marsh Ixxiije. 188. F. & A. M ; the' Masonic services for Charles 'Park.iv at 10 .111 a in Reniiiem "" " naairi r.iiui, h. im w ww vimk . j , . .. , ji,i., TWn r,lt,Vit . . , - . - .... . . i. .... , .. . . ... . .. .. IIT K I Mil Lrvl (III lIIllirilVfTTlfni.K. Hill w . " a,. r- . nnrvT Mini t i -1 . n . , - rtr i l .six v ii iniiiiMi in in i ri n w . ,-.. 1 m.iss ai uur uicy oi .-erpfuiai - " " ' -... - " V into approved buildups and resu- " average, he coixliicu connrma- teroay in tne synoa nouse oi uw , r. j,, . k,n v . bv pvpj. J,5" Cat,n "'edof- HeliP C ChUrc!', I",Nmem St M- S5. erlm "uTurv.ved bv hi, Kb Lk V m of which he twouTd be cut X an amount fo" -rvlces. In the 16 years he hasCathedral of St, John the Wvlne.!1 ZmTJA January 2 1M.. beloved ife of chari cen,eter,, L. j , M. Sane ran is survived b hi edebu.k lxK.,e 880. of hich he wl (q 4 . . ( f(Vstjbfen sufIraga bishop of the dio- With 130 votes of the clergy wees-, buslnes, Vanization ,nd p'bltc JT-. lbe.n ".md! ,vrnnP rVJwfhefTer.teUMr. hl.rV ..r ,5.,; of the improvements, with a maxi- cese he hssconflrmed an averaue of.sary to. elect, he .received 15 L latlon. experience. Amori hit .ein New Bedford. Mass. 27. In her 89th ,ear. fotmorly of Emma McCulloch and Mr, Fred, a m tomorrow, with the WaI.;mum renu. or ,15 a rm T '."great deal of W . Sp. d anV aVacT.nd Hoi BROWN JANET, on January JS. '-ven: died at the home of Powers. . Zu0' 'n tLtto L tr.V As archdeacon'of six con- Trini?y Cathedral. Kansas City. Mo. at her residence. 151 Sterling , ..,.. k,i - p,.,.n,rm,.iAn- , iiiks and up to to.000 on one-family ;vocatli '1W mother of Fred: aiso survived by i jEversireens Cemetery. Mr Palmer, a cabinetmaker, died Place, beloved wife of Allan C and raIldchUciren. one sister, one Df fltfiS mother oi He.en Bi h th . P,,ws . FL-hers Funeral . . . .... Monday niht In his home. io the Fairchild Chapel. i suajiut Hcinp r30 Bushwick Avenue fHA.M.EY-Oii January ;s .1947. Si He sa. ln Manhattan Avenue near Grand Avenue, on . interment Luther- MARGARET M., lovma wtcr of nt his boyhood in Sweden. Thursday. January 30. at 8 pm. I tete pnvare .Mr. Thomas E. Shanley and John 'survivlns are his widow. i RtlRTJESSIE on January 27. snaniey oi ireiann. near aunt oi Pauline Palmer; a son. Chester 1947 at her residence 1318 Halsey; KLEINSAMUEL, on January Margaret. Mae. Bernard ana member of the New York Fire t)e--ect daughter of the late William 28. 1947. beloved father of Isidore, -Thomas Sluuiiey. Funeral Irani ner-paitment; a daughter. Mrs. Ethel and Jane Burt Services at Koch Charles. Louis. Edward. Ida Wal- residence. 140 St. John's Place, on pizjr.j, and two grandchildren. eh Wi1c-.ii ivnniin Thlir- lacil. KOSP PvrCiyer. LJ11IHII o.unar . . w. ........ . - .lit .......... , Du..,l.. il...-a t l.i...i.ti.-. Interment Evergreens and l-Tances Kasenoers. aim oear i,, " - Wednesday, ' Cemetery. Interment: . , UlKS homes. nd $2,950,000 to Aid Ousted Tenants Continued from Pat ,ocatlons ln up-Stale counties, he, At the close of the convention a mo- spends a great deal of time ln that tion was carried .making the elec-area. ition unanimous. Proposed State , , Probe Into Sports finipel. .ay. 2 p m. Cemetery. Louis F. Hatch, Director. CAROTENUTO - ANTHONY D , on January 27, 1947, beloved husband of Aneelini; devoted father of Vincent. Anthony and Peter; also survived by his mother. Teresa; brothers, Paul. Dr Ralph, Peter; sisters. Ltiisa and Anna Mardiney. ineral from his home. 383 Park Place on Friday. January 31; Sol- . i-mti Requiem Mais, 10 a.m., at St. Joseph's R. C. Church, Pacific Street and Vanderbilt Avenue. Interment Holy Cro.s Cemetery. A. Molucci, Funeral Director. srandiather. Service Street. Brooklyn, on January 29. at 1 p.m. Bavside Cemetery. SHIPMAN On January 28. 1947 ANTHONY H.. beloved husband of MARSH LODGE No. 188. F. & Marie; dear father of Antoinette A. M. Announcing the death of Mirti. Louise O'Hara. George and Brother FTNVAR.n stlTTF.RI.TN I Francis ; brother of Susan Flless Mrs. H. B. Callis, Hotel Man's Wife -Works, which Is financing part of AApalc. OoriOsItlQIl Ithe work on the Brooklvn-Queens''' J"1""11 Albany, Jan. 29 (U Ri Strong oppo- i Expressway, has already awarded contracts fur the Meeker Ave .sec tion, most of which will run on an;slllon has dfvelopea to a proposed Start of con-'legislative Investigation Into profes- elevated structure. st ruction, however, has been heldslonal sports and activities of the up because of an Inability to move State Athletic Commission, It was Manhasset. Jan. 29 Mrs Blanche some 60 families along th route, learned today, rviie ram. s wir. nf Himu n I . . Onponents of the lnaulry feel that Masouic services to be held at the Reposing at Fairchild Chapel, 95l;Callj, vlce president of oltls gut-l rrojecis Manhattan DUtrict Attorney Frank Fairchild Funeral Parlor. 164th' Atlantic Avenue, near Grand Ave-ler CompanV. lnc died" vesterdav The acquisition and rehabilitation Hogan and hi assistant George P. Street and -Jamaica Avenue. on;nw. Funeral services Friday, Janu-;at heT nome J7 Ea'kin4 Man.lof lne Wythe Ave., structure would jMonaghan. "have the situation well Wednesday evening. January 29, at '"' 31. 10a m. Solemn Requiem Mass hasS),t ' 1 .thus stand as one of the first proj- tn hand" and for the State to move 8:30 o'clock. jOur Lady of Victory R. C. Church. Mrs" Callig bofn Kokomo sects ln the program. Following com- tn at this tirre would only hamper ftiiiriiuciik uw; "J """"J- ITnri nrf onmA ty K.w VrV In 1QIB i M'nJUll Ul U1C nuiiw un uic Ullliuiim. ineU eilOHS. McDWYER Miss ANNIE. Jan- liarv 07 1017 Poniiinni Mate TVinrHai- 1 0 a m Ct Vinf-int trr ORy rer R C. Church, Lexington Avenue CARROLL MARGARET M., of and 66th Street, N. Y. C. 8115 Fort Hamilton Parkway, oni January 27. 1947. beloved mother of1 McLOUGHLIN-On Jaiuian' 26. iv, , -ilfrert McCann Veronca Marie, '"""n. vaiim, SKINNER EDITH TEATS, Tues- She' was married 'to Mr. Callis in he city would offer it for sale ln The opposition. It was reported. U January 28. 1947, beloved mother 1919 and in 1929 they established a c , "-''-" 'e suincienuy Btrong io s.u a tooiu- of Elwood S. Teau and Walter M.ihome in Munsey Park. return oi an sucn acqu.rea structures tion introduced Dy senator isaoore Teats. Services at Leo F. Kearnsl Mrs. Callis was former pi esldent to ?Tie 0?eTl"?u , , iD"ln8", Manhattan Democrat. Funeral Home. 103 - 27 Lefferus'of the Munsey Park Women's Club.L, Accordln to William M. El ard , which charged the Athletic Commis-Boulevard, Richmond Hill. Thurs-!of which she had been a member director of real estate, the resale of sion had "failed to correct abuses dav 8 nm. Since iUS orzanization ln 1932 and P l'': uiiniiij in proieswoniu mui, iu. 'Rita Bntting and Gerard: also sur- County Oalway. Ireland, beloved vived by three grandchildren. Ke-'posing at E. C. Waldeck's Home for Funerals, 7614 4th Avenue; Solemn tiequiom Mass at St.. Ephrem's R. C Church Thursday, 11 a.m. CASHIN RITA DILLON, on Jan- wife of the late Michael McLough lin; devoted mother of the Rev. Eugene A. McLmighlin of St. Michael's R. C. Church, Bay Rldae, Bridie and Patrick Joseph Mc-Loughlin of Ireland. Solemn Requiem will be celebrated at viary 26, 1947, beloved daughter oi st. Michael's R C. Church on Sat-Margaret Dillon; sister of Maryjurday, February 1, at 11 a.m. and Joseph. Funeral Thursday, 9i am. frm John J. Healey Funeral McNAMARA -CHARLES A., on OTTTRF PTIWFII Januarv "8 from 1942 untl1 1945 h c'halr-'S?uW Uow t'?',c',y t0 Rain about SQUIRE RUSSfxL. January ... . . , . ,.so nercent of the orsinal lnvest- 1947. beloved son Cf the late Charles ..:. : " . . 'ment . . .... :the Ameriran PaH Crrm rftpnlulnir.11'1- n T. nlwl. .rla.AH 1..1 r. ef ...... , . .vv,.t.. i , . . , anu uinuci, u"ui u.uii.r. v. v.'-,in .a.. th . H tffinn n.rrt Kooeri Moses, construction CO-bert, Ella Hogg, Mabel todM .Ulnator. who has approved of the Alice Wolter. Funeral services at tne , . . t. : VDroirram on the basis of its success Piineral: "J wutc auuo, r.uwaiu, naruia : . , . , j .v. , u Walter B. Cooke, Inc., Home, 150-10 Hillside Avenue. Ja- v,ni.n T T T'Vinrcla ti Q Pll. t Fver- Mrs. Lucy Cole Parr greens Cemetery. SULLIVAN Cm January 29, 1947, You can mark that one off the books," said one legislator, who asked that his name be withheld. "An investigation of that sort Is entirely unnecessary." Dolllnger's resolution which came as a result of the alleged attempt Home. 2977 Ocean Avenue. Requiem; January jo, Deiovea niLsband or i ANNE E. mee Redmond), cievotea Mnss 'st. Mark's Church 9:30 a.m. Lena; dear father of Patricia andV'her of Norberta M. Sullivan, at Francis; dear brother of Sister Mary ; her residence, 338 Park Place. Fu-Nathaniel of Sisters of Charity; Ineral Saturday, 9:30 a.m. Requiem Alice McNamara. both of Pitts-: Mass St. Joseph's R. C Church. of Lillian and 1 Michael '"'B'1- Pa-. nd Francis of Johns-: Entombment Holy Cross Cloister. lnu,'c'S' CNDERHILL - ALBERT E, on uimc, ijjj ojiu curn. ii.iii.suiiv Ol. iuo i rv o .ii"ivn " " - Interment. Resurrection Cemetery. - C ASHMAN On January 27. 1947 Mrs. Greenbaum, Jamaica Leader devoted son P.; brother of William P. and John F. Cashman. Reposing Brooklyn 'Preparatory Rectory Street, Brooklyn. Divine Office for the dead al St. Ignatius R. C Church on Thursday. January 30 at 9:30 am., lollowea Dy Keqmem mother of Mass at 10 a.m. Interment Wer-!alld Marie. nersville, Pa. Admits He Killed The Black Dahlia Continued from Page 1 1150 Carroll oi. i-amuss jale Mary Li National Cemetery. Pinelawn, L I MESSINA THERESA r .. . ., h . if"1 former connections, he was executive director of the Broadway Association ln Manhattan, public relations director of Commerce and Industry Association of New York City and of the National Aeronautic Association. Appointment of Mr. Boxell to head the bureau Is the first step tn staffing the newly announced comprehensive, long-range plan to maintain healthy employer-employe relations ln this huge Industrial community. All othei members of the bureau staff will be technical men, with substantial plant backgrounds as Industrial engineers or Industrial relations directors, who will serve as consultants, labor con tract analysts and researchers. Mr. Galvin stated. As bureau director. Mr. Boxell will be responsible for co-ordinating1 its activities, directing the work of the technical staff, developing area-wide employer participation, and creating more adequate community recognition of the vital necessity for good employer-employe relations. vuuiLii, m a.m. iinei nieiii u. s. !...i c- 1,11,.,. r- n t nv,-. -ni- ...j . in Dast instances, esumaiea mai uic sisters'. Mrs. Mary Cole kautzman State, which Is sharing the cost of! to "fix" a boxing match Involving II1C CXUir.-s-jwnyo nuw unlit vihi- limn, uiownitw, i.i.uu.w - structed ln three boroughs, would Reuben (Cowboy) Shanks appears take up 50 percent of whatever lasses .to have won no support from the are renlized. Republican majority, "What would be the purpose of a Republican committee Investigating the State Athletic Commission which is controlled by the Republican State administration?" one member asked. While Inquiries Into the sports field have gained little, or no favor, among the leaders? some believe that more stringent legislation Is Mrs. Matilda Greenbaum, 49, financial secretary of the Sisterhood of the .tnmnir-D .TaumcV, PantAr AkaA January 27, 1947. husband of the ypsterday after a brf mnMg ne.J Black Dahlia ln 1941 and had seen uuuiiiKu, urvuiru hnme 1 5n.0 Hfit h st .limii ch. her several times since. os th. nf rhiri.i t h 1 "Wpre von the last nerson with i necessary. Mrs. K.atnryn tv.nen. runerai oii ba,,m her she was k ed?" detec beloved Thursday, 10 a.m.. irom trie mc- For many Mrs 0lwnballm Mrs. Fiances Pignola Manus runerai nome, -uui riai- had a Ieader ln various local Funeral from her resi- bu-sh Avenue. Interment HolyreUglous and cjv, ff . slv .... dence, 1203 Rogers Avenue, Thurs-jCross Cemetery. a member of Hadassah, the Natlonal Miss Short did not come to Callfor- CONNOL1.Y STELLA (nee.da'- Solemn Requiem Muss St. VANACORE TAD, of 100 cuncil of Jewish Women, the First nia until 1943. Covle) of 5B4 Wythe Avenue. Jan-! Jpromes R- C. Church 10 a.m. Igackett Street, suddenly, on Jami-Order of Abraham, the Eastern Star;Near Rendeivous Hour v"-' ' : T . ... ... James n. Nnirent ntpt..r .... . . . . ..... .. ,..'nH h. icn,-.rfr. .... , nary 28. liHf, near momrr oi -- ary 'it, me restoeni oi HrooKiyn ior:-" on mw imui Voorhees' surrender came less than O'CONNELL HELEN F. nice'58 ypars' Kennedy), on January 27. beloved' ' Chief Inspector, .Vincent. Harold and Edward; Sol-! earn Requiem Saturday. 10 a.m.. tpipnany k. . wiuiui. "-" wife of the lale 'posing Koch Funeral Home, 5fo john . o'Connell- rievntert,;Chapel of Cusimano & Russo. Evergreen Avenue. Interment Cal-!of John j Jr . s,er ()f Kathrvn Court Street. Funeral Thursday; ary Cemetery. Rumker. Rep:'sinK at the Queens ' Solemn Sacred Hearts and St. .t Abbev. 198-20 Hollis Avenn H,,iii ,stepnen n. i. vnurcn at Survived bv wife. Jane,1" active m a number and daughter. Rose:ldrtvs during the war. Eagle Staff photo HAS FAITH IN ROCKY Irving Cohen, manager of Rocky Graziano, boxer, thinks "all the money in the world couldn't get Rocky to throw a fight." Cohen is shown with wife, Jeonette, reading latest news about Rocky in the Brooklyn Eagle at their home, 621 Ave nue N. D. A. Questions Gamblers on Fix Continued from Paee 1 nf fnnri i , . , , ( OBU Blia senti IX) lomos lor saiei iuno 12 hours before a rendezvous daj j kf-eplnn before, being shipped back specify any of the fights which were tives asked. "Well, I killed her," he replied. Police said as far as they knew Nation Is Combed For Krakauer Continued from Page 1 brother, Ernest, Reposing at the) Survivors include a son. Eugene, ,WM ine kUler set by some one police had believed Mrs. William Gray Rites Tomorrow The funeral of Mrs. Madeline M. Gray, who died Monday at her home, 5 Kay Court, will be held at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow from the Byrnes Funeral Home, 2384 Gerrlttsen Ave. A solemn mass of requiem will be offered at 9 a.m. ln the R. C. Church of the Resurrection on Oerrittsen Ave. Burial will be In the National Cemetery. Pinelawn. Mrs. Gray, wife of William Gray, Spanish-American War veteran, was a member of the Auxiliary of tha John T. Burns Post, Catholic War Veterans, and had long been active In the Rosary Society of the Resurrection Church. Until last year she had been a member of the church choir. She was a member of Court Our Lady of Grace Cath olic Daughters of America and one time held office ln the Companions of the Forest of America. Besides her husband she Is sur vived by thee daughters, Monica. who served as a Wave during the war; Edna and Madeline; three sons, John and Robert, veterans of tha last war, and William Jr., now ln 'the army air corps, and four grandchildren. 230 and a brother, Nathan Sokln. CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM a.m. interment st. jonn s cemetery. WALSH MARY (nee Vans-worth), dn January 28. of 316 50th Street, beloved wife of Fredrick Mrs. L. W. Eilers, Of Diet Kitchen Se3 Cliff, Jan. 29 Funeral serv- auddenlv. on January 28. 1947. or u i. boiemn Requiem Mass St. Floral Park, L. I., husband of Helen : Pascal Baylon R. C. Church Friday, O.; father of Caroline, Helen and 10 a m. Interment St. John's Ceme-John. Reposing at the Thomas F . tery. Dalton Chapel, 29 Atlantic Avenue.! Floral Park. L. I. Solemn Mass on ------ "7 ' . ako flequiem will be offered on Thursday ry h ' ' : n l 1U H.m. ni jx jjawj "-i-"; ,,.if f n. a j . .lol Peterson Servi 'nt fh T1 thence to St. Michael s R. C. Church Kitchen Association, 595 Madison fnee La.iri- Ericson's Chanel Ino s.ate strep7iwhfre a MaM of wlU he Ave.. Manhattan, will be held at Uno). on January 26. 1947. boloved.Thur.sdav at. in . m "ottered. Interment Holy wossju p.m. tomorrow at her home, 110 wife of Edward Enelish. Puneral'Everinwn r.m.r. ' v" Cemetery. luieniawn Ave., where she died Mon t her ako .si.iv.ved by brother-in-law,! ices for Mrs. Leonie Wurlitser Eilers.!lci f?' " hae..a W,f ,nd it her residence, 244 , , . m.mK.- .u . j --j . i tie clrl in Phoenix. ' A crudely-printed postcard told police the "Black Dahlia avenger" was "turning in Wed. at 10 a.m.," almost two weeks to the hour after the beautiful 22-year-old's tortured and mutilated body was found in a lovers' lane. "I can't stand It any longer," the good-looking, curly-haired Voorhees Ut- Church. ENGLISH-TINA C. Thomas. Funeral on Friday from, a member of the board and former S. Oxford Street at 9 :15 a.m.; I president of the New York Diet PALMER CHARLES H., on Jan- irom Piro's Funeral Parlors. Vander-! bill, and DeKalb Avenues. Solemn ,C7,.ni,l,,m Qt- TTHn-ai-H'c T? C. rhnrrh Thnrsrtar 10 n m Inter-' Pamlne anrt Iat f Chester, N. Y. inent St. John's Cemetery. on Tuesday, January 28. 1947, be loved son of William and E. Dorothea McGuinness. Resident of 323 vived by two grandchildren. m-iLUl? ?SrbS, FEZZA ERNEST, suddenly Jan-genial service by Bredoblik Lodge ''S.i o V T , .U nary 26. of 93 14th Street, Brooklyn,1 880, F. & A. M.. Wednesday, i pm Castle and Pnst Avenues Westbury, beloved husband of Celestina; fatherjat John H. Holmlin Funer'a Home L Services will be held on Frl-f Mr. Anno ,n Uoi 4 - i, 5, " , 1 ... . "T 1 1 January 31, 1 p.m. Interment Li. X Hot, Wtl-Vll CVia H.n .1.. 1 .1 .. m WiS rARBJ' Ka'rl Ers, conlult anB gust and a former executive of the American Smelting and Refining Company. Mrs. Eilers, who was born ln Cincinnati, was a daughter of the late Rudolph Wurlitzer, piano manufacturer, and the late Leonie Farny Wurlitzer. Her husband died Aug 18. 1941. Surviving are a daughter. Marguerite E. Beer, and two 1BIUUS stivire,,,, rlit -mtrv M.civlll Interment Thej ' ' Mrs. sons, and Mrs. Marie Martinez. Funeral Thursday. 10 a m services from Guarino FuneraEvenrreens. 8:30 a.m. ' " ' i 0"-J?13 on . i.iu. in rut n.trr vpar no Avon hue. i - GILROY ARTHUR H. Jr.. Janu-band of Leah; brother of Emil and ! McDERMOTT WILLIAM JO-I my 28. 1947. beloved son of Mar- Salvatore. Funeral Saturday. 9:30 5EPH- Ma-ss wm bP onerea at,vlrs. William F. Goeller Raret (nee Greeley) and Arthur H am., from his residence. 790 Madi- L' p H chllrch- January 30, j Tne funeral of Mrs. Marie C unroy; aevotea oromer oi jonn.son Street; thence to Our Lady of ; '"' '"' Itioeller or 1516 Nostrand Ave., who Rosemary- Margaret. Harold, Fran-iGood Counsel R. C. Church, where a! Dariini how miss you 'died Monday, will be held tomorrow cis ana cnaries. Keposmg at nis, solemn Requiem Mass vvll be cele 1-eMclence. ibis E. 34tn street, until. orated at 10 a.m. Interment St t'riday. 9.30 a m. Solemn Requiem; John's Cemetery. tie girl in Phoenix In a generally incoherent story of his life the 5-foot, 10-inch. 160-pound Voorhees said he was booked on a rape charge in Phoenix ln 1941 but did not serve time. He was vague when asked whether he was brought, to trial and said he had been released to serve in the Army Air. Corps. Then he contradicted himself and said his army service began in 1943, not 1941. Ha came here from Phoenix seven months ago and had lived ln transient hotels while he worked as a porter Rnd bus boy in a dozen cafes, he told police. Hi said he did not send the sur render offer or any other letters, purportedly sent by the killer, that have mystified police. to Rlker's Island today Zarowitz was right n hand, too. He gave himself up, having been free In $10,000 bail as a material witness. His bail was continued. But when police went looking for Krakauer, he wasn't around. His wife said he walked out Saturday, merely saying goodby. She said he drove off in his 1946 car, but took no baggage. Krakauer had been questioned the day of the game and had been watched ever since then. He was released following his questioning because of a heart ailment, and he spent several days ln a Bronx hos pital. being Investigated Raps Prosecutor Graziano, faced with loss of his chance at the championship, which had been scheduled for March 21. charged that the district attorney's office "put words In my mouth and made this thing appear like the real business when it wasn't." The colorful contender claimed that he never took seriously the offer of $100,001 made to him to "throw" his fight with Cowboy Ruben Shank Dec. 27, a bout which never came off. Announcement of cancellation of the Zale-Grazlano bout was ex- Last niaht Mr. Hogan called in .pccted to be made Friday. The bout I Emmino's Girl Benjamin Grindrod. .Mass Our Lady Help of Christians a 15 r r 1 1 t- h in o m Trifurmont - St. Johns Cemetery.' ' ' Jll T" JanlIary ' " .28. 1947. beloved husband of Ger- ' GOELLER On January 27. 1947,, trade; devoted brother of Albert MARIE C. (nee Lellis); beloved wife Walter, Frank. Florence Dunn and of William F.; devoted mother of I Alice Miller. Funeral services at the Mrs. Eileen Payne, Virginia. Cath-i Walter B. Cooke, Inc.. Funeral erine, William, Robert, James, Rich-! home, 150-10 Hillside Avenue, Ja-. ard. Gerald, Lawrence, and David! maica. L. I . Friday, 8 p.m. Funeral Goeller; daughter of Katherine and i Saturday. 10:30 a.m. Interment the late James Lellis. Funeral from; National Cemetery. Pinelawn L. I William Dunigan fe Son Chapel. twgers Avenue and Montgomery! HllHLR CAROLINE L., on-AnnjVprsarv Street, on Thursday. January 30. ati Monday. January- 27, 1947. beloved church. a.m. Solemn Requiem Mass Holy,1" OI m. ana Irene r Cross R. C. Church. Interment Holy1 P!tl'hpr- Service private. omit NATTER GERARD. Fireman First Class. Loving birthday remembrance of our son and brother on his 21st birthday. No on knows thff silrnt hi-ar'achrs. Only those who have loved can leil The grief we bear In r'.lence For the one we loved ho well. MOM, DAD and BROTHER. Jn from the William Dun. nan & Son Frpprt Arrpr Cjuit Chapel, Rogers Ave. and Montgom-1 e ul S!.emn mass of reclu'emi Continued from Page 1 will be offered at 9:30 a.m. In Holy! Cross R. C. Church, Church Ave. 'she was quizzed for several hours, and Veronica Place, and burial will Then she was taken to the office be In Holy Cross Cemetery. iof District Attoroney Miles F. Mc- Mrs. Goeller, a lifelong resident , Donald, where the Interrogation was of Brooklyn, was the wife of Wil-1 continued by Assistant District At-liam F. Goeller, who Is connected Uorneys John E. Cone Jr. and most of his family and questioned them, but no one had any Idea where Krakauer might have gone. The alarm described him as about 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 180 and with iron grey hair a tendency to baldness and a stocky figure. It said he was a "known gambler" and was expected to frequent race tracks and gambling resorts. He Is reported to have had a substantial sum of money with him. Krakauer has a record running back 25 years to a conviction for burglary and carrying a concealed weapon. Later arrests Include fe-lonlus assault, arson, carrying a gun, violation of parole, passing counter feit money charges. and had been expected to set a new gate record for Madison Square Garden and bring Graziano a purse of about $98,000. State Senator Isadore Dollinger, Bronx Democrat, who asked the legislative boxing probe, charged that boxing fans had been "duped, fleeced and otherwise damaged" and that the State Athletic Commission failed to "correct the abuses." State Senator Fred A. Young, Lowville Republican, declared: "It Is not Just one sport that has been contaminated by the gamblers. First It was basketball, then football, now boxing. It follows a pattern and the same evil figures lurk in the background, collecting ill - gotten henry McCADDIN ft SON rilNEBAL DIRECTORS CHAPELS AVAILABLE IN ALL LOCALITIES 24 SEVENTH AVE. 1-8912 ANDBEVf J. MeCADDIN. MGR. bookmaking I profits at the expense of the sports- ' loving public. r EBBERS-HIU. ik Ctiitu Urtau funeral Ouftf 519 Ctinton Awnui G. E. FUHRER, Lie. Mgr. MAin 2-0531 PI BMC NOTICES Joseph P. Hoey. Mr. Cone has been in charge of the break probe. Shortly after the break stories wpre circulated, that a girl friend Cross Cemetery. GRIMM On January 26. 19-17. MARTHA; wife of the late Henry F Grimm and loving mother of Coi. Henry F.. U. S. A.; Harold T. Grimm, Gladys M. G a u. and Marguerite Mitchell; also survived by four prandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral services at Klaees Funeral Home, Rklgewood Avenue, corner Richmond Street, Brooklyn, Wednesday. January 29, 8:30 pm flowers. QUIGLEY AXXE mee Burke). January 28. 1947: native of the Town of Tipperary. Ireland; beloved wife of Edward; loving mother of Man. Eileen. Edward and William: daughter of Mrs. Ellen Burke: sister of Nora. Lena and James Burke and Mrs. Mary Donohi.e. Funeral from her residence. 2018 New York Avenue 'near Avenue L), Saturday. Solemn wun tne Bureau of Highways. She was the daughter of Mrs. Katherine BENNETT KATHRYN MOY- ' , a"u tne 'ale James Lellis. : Besides her husband and mother. idearest wife and mother. Fourth ?"e survived oy mree daughters, ;oi Junmmo naa passed mm ine blade used in tne escape. Yesterday, however, Emmino. ln admitting that, he furnished the saw. said it was given to him by a man whose name has not yet, been disclosed. Meanwhile Emmino. arraigned yesterday after his recapture early Monday, was in the Tombs in Manhattan in a move designed to pro- him from the four other con- Mass St. ' Saviour's' Mrs: Eileen Payn- Virginia and .vauierine ooeuer, and seven sons, wuiiam, Kooert, pre. James, with the marines in North China; Richard, Gerald. Lawrence and David. A'vmys in our hearts HUSBAND and CHILDREN. r 1. r V 1 waiter o. voorc COPY OF ADVERTISEMENT FOR SALE to the hiuhf-nt hirlder. f.o.b. DEPARTMENT OK MENTAL HYCIKNE, KINOS PARK STATE HOSPITAL. KJN'US PARK. N. Y.. thn following automotive equipment: Two Udfd aiitnnioliili-a: Car Jfl Ford 1941 Tudor. Engina No. 674:W2. Mlli-nii 123 47. Car Jf2 Plymouth 1941 4-dr. Sedan. Model H11. Engine No. Pll-112971. Mileage !I4 ("23. Car jtl Hmkes, tires and upholstery re ia poor condition. Motor Fair condition. Paint Fair conditiun. Hear springs wejk. Car 2 Motor and brakes Cool condition. Upholstery fair. Tires and paint Poor: 2 doora and fender slightly dented. These cars niay he seen by applying to F. T. Lawson. Senior Business' Officer, or his representative, at the above loration. The State reserves the rieht tn re- lert any or all bids which will be ac- d for any one or more ears. a rornw may INC. Requiem Mas, Our Lady Heln of Interment Kensico Cemetery, Thurs-'!rlst'an C!l"ch 10. In" ' JAMES C. NUGENT, Director HAGER CLARENCE HARLAN, of 8415 4th Avenue, on January 28, 1947, beloved husband of Maud Jefferson nee Powers); devoted father of Enid Hager Clark. Services at E C. Waldeck's Home for COWHEY WILLIAM A.. Seaman 1 C. U.S.S Serpens A. K. 97. dearly beloved son of the late Timothy and Margaret mee Bagr.ell) Cowhey. Lost in the Pacific January 29, 1945. Second Anniversary Wednes day. January 29. 1947 a the Evangelist, 21st Street. Brooklyn. Ooiie bu' will :ive forever In our ai'h-nii hearts. Mother, Brothers. Nieces, Nephews. Roger W. Skinner Mineola. Jan. 29 Funeral sent lor Roger W. Skinner of 308 Burk- ,r. nm u nvc. who euro Monday, were ,.,, ,,.,i. t St. John held at the Fairchild Chapel, ' ' " .. Min mc, mm iin i,, uarci'Mi City. Surviving are his widow, M s. Emily Skinner; two daughters. Mrs. Rose Harned and Mrs. Helen Wright; a sister. Mrs. Fred H. Koen- O'HEARN In loving memory of pel, and two brothers, Newton and BLANCHE C. O'HEARN ( Armroyd), ' David H. Skinner, died January 29. 1946. ! :. - '- vItol notices accepted 8 o.m to 2 o m. tot oubllcotion th some day; os lote os 10 o m. Saturday night for publication. FUNERAL INFORMATION 1218 FUtkosa Art. BUckminiler 2-0266 Wednetdav. Janvnry ?ith ARVF Maybrlla 10 A M at fhMl (' KtHO, Bran t 'iO A.M. at Home INWOOD. Harry P. II) A.M. at ( ha pel TkuTMtav. January TOth HART, Eliiabelh H. 1 P.M. at Chapel Fridnu. January Jl( ' GIl.noY Arthur H. Jr. Services to be arranrrfl SO 7lk Ave. MAin 2-8S8S K'cfirdni. .lanuwv ''9'' Ml I.I.I.R. Charlotte R. IPM illhip'l Fridav. .lanuarv ilil RAIM 1 11 IE William 3 P.M. at Chapel 151 Linden Blvd. BUckminitrr 4-1200 U'rfneifiT. January 29!h Kf NNFDV. John i. :SO A M. at Chapel ! HI TON. Walter I P M. at tbapel I Thnridav. January 30lh I KONKi, Relnbard ti. A. ! 1 P M at Chapel JOSEPH SWIFT-In W. MCLAUGHLIN, j loving memory of SCRYMSER EMELINEM., widow of the late William l,eslie Scrvmser. on January 25, 1947; mother of Mrs. RANDALL J., died January 29. 1945. Robert G. Mlinroe, and Sister Of , More and more each day we misi him: Tr Q n T-craht--.V' Tniam.Ar.f i Prlenrl mau thir.1, ih n-nmu i. ha!p, Funeraisj, r.. wj'o . ' : But they iittle know the sorrow 7614 4th Avenue. Thursday 2 p.m. Wv,c-.y.. L,e. within our tearu eonee.ied. j ljoving wii-'t; and CHILDREN. (Philadelphia papers please copy.)! QUAYLE FUNERAL HOME 34 Smith Street CHAPELS AVAILABLE MA, 4-2065 SH. 5-2S27 GEORGE D. CONANT Moedinger Funeral Parlora Tersonal Service Modern Facilitiei Convenient Location 1120 FLATBUSH AVE. BUckminiter 2-0247 PReildent 3-6531 Establitbed 7S YEARS JAM.ES H. TRACY, inc. Funeral Directors Ckapeli ArailabU Jnha Tracy, Lie. Mfr. Buiincit Offiti 1597 Fallow St, $150 ODD DIGNIFIED FUNERALS n era t JJont 1504 BUSHWKiK AVENUE GLenmort 5-0103 On Dock from Suby but Interesting A series of faeti sponsored occo-sionolty by William Dtnigan & Son Thrre ii ne d'trenion in the Lib r, dcrt that I 41ft trt below tea Ifvfl ... A hippopot-muB can oolrun a man on drr land . . Thre arr 'J.WMt iprrtm of ant In Australia . . . Thr Hudson m nnrf rallrd the Maurttfu Rivrr ... At rst 70 different kind of sfawwd are edible. WmiAM Dunigan & Son funeral Oirtcfori ( D'KALI VE. OGCMt (VI. MONT COM CRV IT. Tat. MAI. 2-Uii 63-32 Foreil Avt. HErmaa 3-0300 Thur'tdav. January 30th CONLON, William A OHO A.M, at Homa 150-10 Hilliidt At. JAmaira 6-6670 Wrdnt idav BRFFN. IK NT. John TIIV(INi. I aura 8. H.r RX. Marr IKU t nnrad TVMtX KI. Irinm VFI- MS. Mimrrl MOMJIt KA. Bruno January 20th 30 A M at ( hanrl ::) l. at ( hap'l 1 P M at (haprl H .mr i P M al rhap-l 9: A M al t haprl I P M. at t haprl 10 P.M. at Chaprl Thvrtdav. January ifl'h Siml IS'l.Kt Albert : A M at rhaprl DO NINO. Dora 9:110 A.M al Chapel over Well funerals have iltfte,, we are fur previou imYilf-ai'fj to ia lrtiinrny il;illlln1 to arrvirc of our familira ly leen e, Thia the un- of foreil by Waller R. CiioLr, Inc. It explains, perhitp more than any other reason, whr Walter B. Cooke, Inc. i IVpw York's largest funeral dircrtor vhy one out of every ton funerals in New York City is handled by Waller B. Cooke, Inc. DIGNIFIED FUNERALS FROM $1 SO UP 1 he ohtained unnn application to F. T. Lawson, Sfnior Miutlneaa orriri-r, Kings Farlt State Hospitai Kings Park. N. Y.. or to John E. Burton, Director of tha Budget, Room 113. State Capitol, Albany. N. Y. Pun-haser will ha rei'iired to ar-eppt car or cars "na l, where is" and to remove rianie from hapital within ten U0) days after date or award. Bida will he accepted until 1000 A.M.. MONDAY. February lf. 1917. addicted to John E. Bui ton. Director of the Budget. Room 113. Capitol. Alhany, N. Y. Kid cnv' lunea must he marked "FTD AV'TnvnnlLES KINGS PARK. New Y-jrk." rRADKMARK NOTICE ."-T A T K OF NEW YORK DSPARTMKNT nf STATE No. IV) I Cert;f;ca'e of Record of name tradft- n-:iik. label or other private mark, pur-launT to Articie M of tha General Bu&i- 111.-3 I-iw. I crtify that the following name, fradciniiik. label or other private mark rns been duiv rcgiilen-d in this Depart- Deliaif of (J. & H. MACHINB i ment I WOKKS. N. Y yn. iN hereo: ,3 Johnson Avenue. Brook- Dlirauant to a deserinlin f filed ou ttia 24th dav of De cember. 1!H6: DHSCUIPTION OF TRADEMARK: 'AUVANCK BI1WKR" CIASS OF MERCHANDISE: Ventilating eouipment and blowers DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: Exhaust blowers and fans No. 33 REGISTRATION expirea: December 24, 1S. WITNESS my hand and seal of tha Department of State at tha City of Albany, this 24th dav (Soal) of December. In the year ona thousand nina hundred and forty--ix. WALTER J. GOING. Depuiy Secretary of State. II. S. MaRSIIAL'S C ' . S . V. R S H A L ,S S A I -E NOTICES BROOKLYN & QUEENS FUNERAL HOMES 1218 natbuah HvaBUckmmitar I 0?6 I 1S1 lladMi kulavarti-BUckmMiter 41200 SO Seven th Avanua-MAia 2-IMS a ' HI N 1 1 A I HOMIS IN 150-10 Hillside enue lAmaicat M7 a 1SS-M North. Blvd. riuahia(340 12 I arnt Arenue Htienun 3-0900 IVEKT OROUGH AND WESTCHI1TIR BY VIRTltE oi a writ of Venditioni Exponas to me d-re.ted and dc-iiv-red, I will sell at public nudum on Tuesday. February 4'h. 1917, at 12 o'clock Noon. Eastern Standird Time, the Motorveaeel "LILLIAN ANN." her engines, etc.. at Sullivan Dry Dock & Repair Corp.. Ft. 2Jnd S'reet, Brooklvn. N. Y. Docket S4-.W. dated January 24. 1947 Harry D. Graham, Proctor for the Libeltant; Eugene J. Smith, V. S. Marshal. E. D. N. Y. ja2S-6t oaa

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