The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 17, 1940 · Page 6
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 6

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1940
Page 6
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BROOKLYN EAGLE, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 17, 1910 Telephone M.iin 1-6200 W For Chnnified Ad Remllt i. I tt r ft in st In, r th CM Hi bu tit tit b Y -u e fit ti ef n 9 lat as) kit mi thi Cit M en I en Oc 1.0 Th pn Lei pie gre rh Coi h T. of Ch P. i pre Am In red buc Bo) con THE THEATER 'Juno and the Paycock' Revived at Mansfield Barry Fitzgerald and Sara Allgood In Play by Sean O'Casey By ARTIU R POLLOCK Paul Vincent Carroll's "Kindred" having been a disappointment a few weeks ago, Its producers hurried to put on another Irish play, Sean O'Ca&ey's "Juno and the. Paycock," one of the Abbey Theater's proudest pieces. And Itvst night with Barry Fitzgerald, Sara Allgood, Arthur Shields and Aideen O'Connor of the Abbey In the cast and Effie Shannon cf unnumbered American theaters, "Juno and the Paycock" was revived at the Mansfield. If the O'Casey play has no special new meanings to fit it to this year 1940, It remains an excellent play and Is at the moment a showcase for particularly enjoyable acting. Mr. Fitzgerald plays "Captain" Jack Boyle, the Paycock captain, who was on a boat Just once but can tell -s Stories of his adventures at sea, a 'jlNO AND THE PAYCOCK' man of gusto who dodges work with great Industry, has pains in his legs whenever he risk getting a job, a p lib. vain man content to live in words and lor himself and for the moment, ignoring the things that go on around him. He and Juno, his wife, make it a comic play, affluent in details of character, until In the last act they lose everything they have, their daughter is deserted by a young man who has betrayed her and their son is murdered. Jack Boyle is one of Mr. Fitzgerald's most complete characterizations, the work of an actor who can bring a character to life as few actors can. Sara Allgood is the Juno, his alert wife, big and strong and imperious, ease. The ease comes from money aware of all his defects and con- borrowed in the belief that the Instant In reminding him of them. heritance will arrive. It doesn't. Their life together is a battle of And with the news that it never will maneuvering, a continued outright' comes the disclosure that daughter though seldom bitter antagonism. Mary's young man has disappeared They make each other's lives lively leaving her with child, and son and are Interested in little beyond Johnny has been found murdered that. Miss Allgood played Juno as m the streets. Too eager to live lar back as 1924 and has returned on dreams and talk, the Paycock to the role often since. She plays ! and Juno find themselves bereft of it richly, with eloquent pantomime. ; everything. Arthur Shields is the "Joxer" Robert Edmond Jones has done Daly, pal of the wordy "captain," a , the scenery and Mr. Shields direct-hanger-on constantly being ejected ed. The actors play at a leisurely by the sturdy wife, as often being j pace that permits "Juno and the smuggled into the house again by Paycock" to seem sometimes a the stubborn husband. And Aideen rather heavy evening's entertain-O'Connor Is the daughter who has ment. a new beau, the beau turning out to be a young man who made out the will of an uncle of the Paycock. He brings news that the vain Irishman has been leftJ2,000. Now there is no need even to pretend to be on the lookout for work. New furniture is bought, husband and wife settle down to a life of undeserved In New Film at Loew's Met. A pla by Scan O'Casry. Revivrd hi the Madrid Theater by Kdwurd Ornate and Ariliur Slue, civ Settings by Robert Eilinond June. THE CAST Mary Bfy!e Aideen O'Connor Juno B"'-e ,. . ,. - Sata A.liiiiod Johnny Boyle Harry Young Jerry Devim Thomas Dillon "Captain" Jack Boyle Barry Fitzgerald "Joxer" Daly Arthur Bhielda A Sewm Machine Vendor--Irij, Whitney A Coal B."fk Vendor William Stone Lunar. Self Orania O' Mai ley - Effie Shannon - Ha Norcross Mobilize.- Charles Keenan Furniture Removal Man Bvron Russell Charlie Btntham, N T, Mrs. M.iUN.e Madifiwn Mr. Tancred Needle " Nuneru An Irregular iun'i Furniture Remuval Man Jack Graham Nancy Grady, OeorEe O Regan and Harry Sclby A V i f -m ' 4::. a$P THE SCREEN Invisible Man Returns' Is New Rialto Thriller Vincent Price Is Ghostly Hero; Hardwicke Heads Good Cast By HERBERT COHN The little man who wasn't there la having company tills week, wherever he Is. His guest Is a big man Vincent Price, 6 feet 2 Inches or so who Isn't at the Rialto Theater during most of the run of "The Invisible Man Returns." We hope they are enjoying each other's company, for both of them have entertained us well. The little man, according to reports. Is being forgotten, but the big is being newly remembered, the 'Vanities' Marlene Dietrich as she appears in "Destrjr Rides Again," which starts tomorrow at the Metropolitan with "Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President." 'A Child Is Born' Due at Fox Friday "A Child Is Born," starring Ger-a'.dine Fitzgerald and featuring Jeffrey Lynn, Gladys George, Gale Page, Spring Byington and Johnnie Davis, will head the screen program , opening at the Fox Brooklyn i neater on Friday. The co-feature will be "The Big Guy," co-starring Victor McLaglen and Jackie Cooper. -A Child Is Born" is set In the maternity ward of a great city hospital and concentrates on the pathos and Joy of women's greatest adventuremotherhood. In "The Big Guy" McLaglen portrays a prison warden trapped by the same motives he condemns. Three Cornered Moon' For St. Felix Street On Friday and Saturday, Jan. 19 and 20, at 8:30 p.m the Playhouse Group of the St. Felix Street Playhouse will present "Three Cornered Moon," by Gertrude Tonkonogy. The group is working under the direction of Joseph C. Marrone. Contralto 1 1 I A ' . w-' . -I .'if i MUSIC OF THE DAY Jooss Ballet Gives Notable Performance Presents 'Spring Tale' and 'Chronica' Brilliantly at Academy of Music Rv MIl.FS K 5TFNrIFrK I IITl... VinlUt .nac Vlipf Taa nnnnnnilt, Q flllt. imaginative concept. Whether his Is the finest expression in ballet today is a nice question, but the evidence submitted In the form of two ballets danced by the Joass Ballet at the Academy of Music night places him among the few exceptional ballet writers. Taken all in all, this performance was the best of its kind to be seen In New York this season. While every member of the com- pany appeared to be an excellent having paid a ghostly visit to the screen in 1933 under the auspices of H. G. Wells. He was three or i four years ahead of Thome Smith's equally ghostly Topper and ne naa a monopoly on the screen's "dema-teiialized" heroes. He was talked about for many weeks, and In the movies that is equivalent to fame. Now that Thorne Smith has given him a competitor, his return will probably be a little less startling. One gets used to seeing earthly revolvers being piloted through space by unseen hands and martinis trickling down unseen gullets. Yet, one doesn't ever get so used to them that they are no longer fascinating. The phantom Sir Geoffrey Rad-cliffe, at the Rialto. is proving that. He is prowling about the colliery country of England (in the Imagination, this time, of Author-Director Joe May) with an injection of some secret fluid in his veins. i He's all right when he keeps his clothes on and has a bandage ! wound around his head. But he 'has a habit of stripping. And his I own brand of strip-tease unlike the Minsky brand dissolves him into nothingness. It is all very teasing, though. He unwinds his headgear and he has no head; he removes his coat and shirt, and his trousers walk around without a trunk above them. And when all of his garments are in a heap, Sir Geoffrey is quite invisible except that he shows in dim outline, in the ram or behind a screen of tobacco smoke. And so It Is that, in his ghostly form, Sir Geoffrey escapes from dancer in his or her own way, there was one in particular who may be rated as great Hans Zullig. who took the lead in "A Spring Tale." He was superb. Kurt Jooss is not so much a choreographer as a creator of ballet. His stories virtually flow into movement, since both are the product of technique, perfect timing, and artistic expression all contributed to the suavity and the finish of the dancing. As the prince, Hans Zullig was the center of attention, but his princess, Ulla Soederbaum, danced with an understanding and a delicacy that made her distinctive also. Almost in the same breath a single mind. "A Spring Tale"'a e mentioned me ouici pim- a lucidity of narrative, of move- t-'pa's. Elinore Rogers She will be heard in a song recital tomorrow evening at the Apollo Studios. STAGE PLAYS MANHATTAN 'Brlht, My and hanrfwme." Anderson, Jour. I B. Cm. ne SVI.VA presents Bert LAHR Ethel MERMAN JOHN COi nFN prt-M-nts GERTRUDE LAWRENCE In MMSON R.WHAEI.SOVS ronrdr nil RADRY WAS A lillV CITVI A D If No Performance lull ruKitrt Junius i ment, and of mood that was masterful in conception. It was an en chanting fairy tele of how a prince found his princess with the help of a wondrous hermit. 'Throughout its four acts there ran a thread of humor, satire, and charm entirely romantic in spirit and quite captivating in essence. The costumes (by Hein Heckroth) were tastefully designed and the music (by F. A. Cohen) agreeably suitable. Yet all of this might not have appeared so delightful had it not been for the superior performance by the company. Clearly executed The other ballet, "Chronica," a dance drama in three acts based on an Italian manuscript of the 16th century, was realistic to the core. It was the story of the rise, reign, and renunciation of a dictator. That the story had its familiar and timely aspect makes it unnecessary to retell. This dictator, when he beheld the misery he had created, relented, sacrificing himself that the city which had suffered under his yoke might again enjoy its freedom. The story was not a happy one; its impact, however, was relentless. Like other political works of Jooss it had a drive that was very forceful and emphatically impressive. Rudolf Peslit gave a fine characterization of the dictator, ably assisted by Noelle de Mosa as Clarissa, with whom he was in love and whom he destroyed when power got the better of his judgment. Again, the costuming was most effective (the work of Dimitri Bouchene), and the music (by Berthold Goldschmidt) well fitted to the theme. Perhaps the amazing quality In the performance of the Jooss Ballet is its ability to create so vivid an illusion without the aid of any scenery. Such an achievement speaks well for its brilliant dancing. Jimmy Durante Listed For Flatbush Stage Jimmy Durante, comedy star of "Red. Hot and Blue" and other Broadway plays, is to headline the stage show at the Flatbush Theater for the week starting tomorrow. The stage bill also lists Jay Mills and his orchestra, the Two Zephyrs and the dancing of Lee Dixon, dancer. MOTION PICTURES MOTION PICTURES 'th DONALD COOK GLENN ANDERS ynRntrn Th. w j;,h ct ri a utm r ... k.a W&XZWtt. crrHSf Ma... TOHAVnd SAT. HHAYjit 1 1. 10 In 14,40, Mali. Tidiy And Sat.. SI. 10 to 2J5 Beau on Saie for Nfjrt 10 Wea YOU GET YOUR MONEY S WORTH OF BEAUTY AND FUN "Maitir Krirs PARL CARROLL VANITIES CAST OF 100 Tularin The Mm. Beautiful Girlj in thf Wnrld ST. JAMES Tbr.. W. 41 St. LA. 4-IMi4 Nnhti SI t S3. Man. Wid. i Sat., 7bt to S2.M Tw Comaleta Shmil Cn. 7c. tl Plus at 7 and 9 P.M. ,UC '0C ' Tax IEet 8at Sun. Evo. 7. SI. SI .50 Plut Tan Mnta. Today. Sat. and Sun at 3.S0t. 7.V. SI Plul Tai CLIFFORD C. FISCHER S H'rfd-F o-lona The LITTLE FOXESi LAST 3 WrTKS! TALLULAH BANKHEAD i. 1 Lillian Hellmin't 'Dramatle Triumph NATIONAL Thea . V II St. I'hn. -82-!0 4ii 55c to fUo. M.ilvTODAY and Sat. .2:40 An rxtremely funnv comedy" Lnr.kTtdoe Sun Hcrmcn Shun!in presents THE MALE ANIMAL Bv Jamri Thnrhrr nvd Fthntt Nuoent I. id I 1 MOT r M'fiENT Mall ordr rs Ki;,i tl in order nt Roerlpt CORT THF A., W, 48th St. BR. 9-11046. EvvB:40 Mala. IlllAV ani) SATIRI1 A V t 'MO F0LIES BERGERE OPENS TONIGHT at 8:40 n a . .... , m It tn a a m t mwt j; nt MAN W n U KILLED LINCOLN Intact from Pirli NotaRMt BROADWAY THEA . B way at 53d. C Mali. TODAY and SAT., St .10 to Ol.SF.fl flirt 70HV.50.V S With Rlf'HARn U'ARIJr. RAM nVRn NFW HIIITKOKU RANK JOHN MORNY HC, . , A n A n n I r 1 Ut'frtea by FFUX BREST ANO tLLZ A POPPIN !CM Tir" "'n s'j ci. -4r.4 WINTER GARDEN. B'.ay and 50th St. Eyi. 30 "f.AVK ITS FIRST AiniKNCE ( ON VI I.SIONS. " H fllrtr Wmrhcll Vf H. HARRIS urtMfnli a Comedy Barrr FTTZGFRAln Sari AM.fiOOn Tllr Mil Ulnn IUN0 AND THF PAYmrif lTHE MAN WHO J ' r a Mr Trt niMijrD Arthur SHIFt ns MANSFIELD Th..W 47 St. All Perfi., 57 Srali Sjt Effle SHANNON I Ev8:40. Mat.Tom w 2:8 Sati at SI.'O : bu MOSS HART GFORGF .? KAUFMAN with MONTY WOOI.I.EV MI SIC BOX TlttA . 4S St.. W. of B wnT Spellhlnrllrn prrformanrf " H'inf h'U " M"1"' TOM W and SAT., 2:40 The PLAYWRIGHTS- rOMFASY ptevn!, Thf Theatre r.nild prr.ent, Philip Rarrr'l maan ,. .T T PHILADELPHIA STORY K F Y I A R f. n KATHARINE HEPBURN (1 - . . . . w RARRYMORF The., Evl.8:35. $3 .30 to $1.10. VAN HKFI.IN Mdllll.AS JOY W. 47 St. C!r R OSIIO Mali. Today and Sat. .2 40 SH U B F R7 Thuatrt, Wnt 44 St. Evt. fl;40 JOSKPH ( OTTFN SI1IKI.FY BOOTH 44 St. Cirri. J.590I1 Matt. TOM W and SATURDAY. 2 40 n.sCAR ."-ERtr.V r-'"ls rlarrnre n.T'a M" ordersjintli Feb. 10. 3I Srata 1 10 LIFE WITH FATHER MAT, TtVJks81' ' s 30 "t'o a jlo hu Cholre Balcoiiv Scats Now 1150, $2 00 HOWARD LINDSAY arr) RIISSEL CROIISE, Bobby CLARK FMPIRE Thea . B way and 40 St. PE f ftlli LuollaC.EAR ABBOTT and C0KTEL10 tn to $3.30. Mali. Today and Sat .2 :4o Xj 5'TJiJ'r5 QF PARIS 1H i AT liTTtrB-c a-v Dtve ',h ,h Brazilian, Carman M I RAN DA "1 CLA"? -IOADHUR.T Th....448,..WB . .' Wfl APaCIlNFOP DPHD SAROYAK'9 ony-rvnd mmedv tt Diverted bv OTTO I 'HS'Ofr THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE PLYMOUTH. W. 45th St. Evo. t 15. cl. ! in ft Frldie TIOVVI.1NO nnd Julie IIAVDON Mata. TODAY nil SAtl HIHY at HI BOOTH THFA-, 4Mb St., Itnl of B'wby SPECIAL ATTENTION TO MAIL Orlt)KRS tn. 1:40. Mati. TOM W and SATURDAY. 2 40 40r 7,r$i'THE WORLD WE MAKE PINS AND NEEDLES MAT. I""?. . ,,v .iirr.r.v a .inr r i MrU DIWC ANn NCTM rC B,,,if Mlll.n Brand'! "Th. Oinw.rd Room" 1IT IIMJ "HU ith Margo. Riidflltn Farit.r, Harbort RnrtKy Amarl.a'i Hit Muileal Rnua at MOVIE PRICFS I THFATRF l.'H St.. " of II Irrninta gjc Q 4J gg 08229. t.:40. Mali. TOM W anil SAT. wiNnana: Thaa 41 at . E nt B'wav R. 9-3824 "Queen of the mualral comedlea." WINDSOR THta w Bl a. HI p way, un. WAI.TFR WINCHFI.L CKORCF. ABBOTT nrfenta MANY GIRLS hv R0DGERS a HART anrl REO. MARION It. IMPERIAL Thaa.. W. 45 St. CO.S-7RHQ. El '0 Mat Ton AY and sat t mi l in In ;& SPECIAL PERFORMANCE THIS RI NOAY FVFNINO at R:SO SSe 83c io "HE $1.1 Too tat. tn. 65 Toa GFOItGE ABBOTT I At RIOT SEE MY LAWYER U with MILTON BEBLK Frra STONE Taddv HART Eddla NUOENT Anal PHI ThM. Ai At., 7th Ava. Olr..28?fl ta. t.liO. Mali. TODAY and SAT., Z:fl0lN Ta M ProeMdi la Atton' Fund i i i m i rrM parsonSfffp rTTt CHARLES IAI16HT0N "THE HUNCHBACK NOTRE DAME' HaUREEN 0'HIU THOMAS MITCNELl SIR GEDRIC HARDWICKE EDMOND .'tllEI( INFiattrta PLirtn-Caat o lNTi AJJf 'J. LWaaai Tartar 1 '"'Dran ruT.'"- rr '"Bonn,,, STRAND25c:or. I 'ay 47A.lnn 8 30 I at. .1.1. la. 12:30 1. II, . I "J GONE THE WITH WIND WhHf these rnizsermini ara HmiiI G W T W will not bt ihown encept at advanced pncpa . at leant until 1941. .ASTOR Oiily 2 IS. P15. Vriem LBMT4Sth M ATINKKS (Kxc. Sat.. , AM Seats sun . H-ii i :rc to I Reserved KVKMNtiS ti in - ii' 20 CAPITOL r"m ' ' " "'V-KUrli ! f P. M fBICKS: B.for. iOiST 11 ' " Sat.. Sur,. A 11. 10. Afmr 6 P.M. IX P. M. Sit.. Sun. Hoi 1 Orrh Bal II 10: II W, All l'iiciinrmaUK rnt. I'r fonnaoctti No RMr Sral mi LaiMt "HlfOlaltTIM PIEASC" wftk FEATURE FILITIS SHOLUIHG TODflV BAY RIDGE Cenler. Slith Ave. and 56th 8. When Tomorrow Cornea: alao The Spell Binder Klertra. 76th St. and Third Ave Here I Am a stranger; Torchv Play With Dynamite Stanley, Fifth Ave. and 75h St Grade Allen Murder Caae; svinf That cheer BEDFORD Apollo. Fulton and Thronp Nijht After Nlrht: The Amarinc Dr. Cliltrrhouae .National Thra.. 720 Washington Ava.. . Jamaira Inn; alao Laueh It Off Roaera, Rog.r Ara.. tor. Sullivan PI.. . . Kervire de l uxe; and The Preview Murder Mvlerr Savoy, ISIS B.dlord Av Kllzabelh and Eaaez; and Mutiny In the Bit House BOROI'fiH HAM. AND DOWNTOWN Duffleld. Outfltld and Fulton sti All Raba Cioea to Town: and Rattle of Rrnadiray Momarl. Fulton 81. and Rotawell PI SI. dim a Touchdown: and Missinr Dinuhlera St. ieore Plavhoune, 100 PlnaanDl. St. Rulera of the Sea; alao The I'ndrr-Pun Terminal, Fourth Ave. and Dean St I'nder Two Flara; alao The Rrnreadp Trail Tlvoll, Fullon St. and Mvrtla Ava Man Bros. At the Clrcua; Rulers of the Sr, RRir.HTON BFAf H Oceana. Birihton Baaeh Ava.-Holf St... Day time Wife; also The F'lyinr Drures M.ATBISH Aatnr, Flatbuth Ave., Church. Rhode.; also The Weddlnr Nieht Flatbush, Church and Flatbush Aves ON STACK.: Johnnie Scat Davis A- Orrh.: Al Trahan; Patricia Norman; 3 Oxfords; a Wilea; others Granada, Church and Noitrand Aval Fternallv Youra; also L'-Roat 211 FAST FI.ATBISH Avenue D Thra., Ave. O-E. 43d St Druma Alnnjr the Mohawk: Too Buv to Work Rulby, Ullca and Church Avei Rose Marie; also She Married Her Bnfa GERRITSBN BEACH Graham, Sll Whitney Ava A Woman la the Judxe; Torrhy Plays With Dvnatnite PARK SLOPE Carlton. Flatbush and s.vrnth Av.i Davlime Wife; Marx Broa. At the Cirrus Plara. Flatbush Ava. and Park Plata ...Hollywood Cavalcade: and Rebellious Daughters Sandera, Prospect Park Weat-Mth St. ...The Roaring; Twenties; The Honeymoon's Over KINGS HIGHWAY Jewel, Kings Highway and Osean P .. Outcast; also Manproof, Rosalind Russell AVENI'E 11 SECTION Avenue r Then., Ava. U E. 18th St.. .. Thunder Afloat: also What a Life Traymore, Avaoua N and E. 46th St.. ..The Women; also SO.Oihi Men a Year R1DGFWOOD Colonial. 1748 Broadway Davtlme Wife: also Danrinr Co-ed Rivoli, Myrtle and Wilson Aves .Hawaiian Nifhta; also l.rtlon of Lost river SIIFErSHFAD BAY Sheepehead. Shaepsbaad Bay, Voor.ilrs .Marx Broa. At the Cirrus; and Intermerin SOI'TH RHOOKI.YN Sander's Clone. 22 I.VK St 'atnalca Inn: also The Arirnn.i Kid Minerva. Ssvcnth Avf. and 14th 81 Thry All tome Out; Million Dollar let! RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL 50th Street and Sixth Avenue CARY ROSALIND GRANT RUSSELL "HIS GIRL FRIDAY" ON THE GRFAT STAGE: "TOWN TOPICS" -a lour through our ireal Hietropoli, producad by Lannliloff. Symphony Orchcitra. Doors Open 1 1 :3Q A.M. Picture it: 11:35, 2:20, 5:00. 7:45. 0:30 StaOA Show at: 1:24. 4:0ft. 6:49. 9:34 1st tfieit, 8fti Rmrrvrd Clrclii -4fiOO MAETERLINCKS rrTVTTI TtTTTTI TaT1"W In TECHNICOLOR WORLD PREMIERE Friday night at 1:30 HOLLYWOOD Theatre v- a ate on. t rvo JSJium .IM. M a.. al. Staaiekl ss.ja. liio v w eu. i aa M.a ri aiua. TirnKTS NOW ON SALE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS' A Universal picture directed br Joe Mar from a screen play by Kurt Slodmak and Leater Cole, baaed on a alorv bv Mr.wri Mav and Slodmak. Presented at Uie Rialto Theater. THE CAST Richard Cobb - Sir Cedrlc Hardwicke Qcoffrev Radclille Vincent Price Helen Manson Nan Orev Dr. Prank Griffin Inspector Sampson Spears Ben Jenkins Cotton John Sutton Cecil Kellawav Alan Napier Governor Forrester Harvev - Ivan Simpson - Edmund Fteldloc Jail to track down the fellow who killed his brother and pinned the crime on him. He has Richard Cobb, a wealthy mine owner, to contend with, and Inspector Sampson of Scotland Yard, and a scheming mine superintendent. Besides, he is constantly in danger of going mad with the realization of his miraculous power to come and go without being seen. And, since the antidote that would bring him back to human form had not been discovered, he is an eerie and bewildering figure who adds an almost terrifying suspense to the expert melodramatics of Sir Cedrlc Hardwicke as the mine owner; John Sutton, the doctor who is searching feverishly for the antidote, and Nan Grey, his pretty fiancee, who is considerate enough to remain constantly In the flesh. MOTION PICTURES : ' Barbara Walters Featured In Earl Carroll's new revue at the St. James Theater. 'Gulliver' Remains At B'klyn Paramount "Gulliver's Travels," the full" length cartoon feature In Technicolor, Is being held over for a second week at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater. The companion film Is "The Cisco Kid and the Lady," with Cesar Romero and Marjorie Weaver. "Gulliver's Travels" deals witn Gulliver's adventures In one sentience after another; his shipwreck. Imprisonment by the Lilliputians while asleep, his moral victory over the little kingdom through amazing feats of strength, his promotion of a romance between a lovable little princess and a handsome prince and his Solomon-wise solution of an international controversy that threatens war. 'Hunchback' Tomorrow Charles Laughton In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" is to be ine attrartlnn tomorrow at the Albee Theater. The film, which has com pleted its showing at the Radio City Music Hall, will follow Robert Taylor In "Remember?" which highlights the Albee bill that goes out tonight. New Robinson Film "Brother Orchid" has been set by Warner Brothers as Edward G. Robinson's next starring picture after he completes work In "The Magic Bullet." The screen play is to be based on a magazine story by Richard Connell and Is scheduled to go into production some time next month. MOTION HCTl 'RES x 33B33m mm ma THE GIANT OF MUSICAL FUN SHOWS! r -TUP I lie tisco iro PfFSAR ROMERO i MARJORIE WEAVER G3GX270 GONE WITH THE WIND opehsTHURS. FEB.l IV BUY RESERVED SEATS NOW FOR NIGHT SHOWS AND SUNDAY MATINEE NIGHTS I SUNDAY MATINEE AIL SEATS DESERVED ($1-10 Inc. Til) U,, WEEKDAY MATINEES Contlmiwi a not KtstKUU I f 3C inc. nil l0oia. Mill ordars filled in ordar of thilr ractipt This production will not b Ihown nywhort ictpt (I advancad pneat it latst until 1941. G.W.J.W.' WILL U SHOWN IN ITS INIIKtTY-JUST AS ON fWAYI aaaaaaiadaaBaTaaMHaaHMaaasaaaaaiaiaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TOMORROW! I i I 'JIMMY GOES WEST.' LD , Jimmy Stewart, ict' Prize winner, turns two-gun man rides straight into Marlene's heart! The boys had to smile when they called 'Frenchie' a Lady I She's a yelling, scrapping cyclone! RAFFLES David NIVEN Olivia de HAVIUAND V PLUS BIO STAOt SHOW S,S.:.25c,.i!.R0XY TNI. Ilk Am, smksi. Barbara Fratf Stanwyck M at M jrriy "REMEMBER THE NIGHT" In Perton Bob Chester Ban Brl Tha Wheeler Ink Spots TIMES Paramount SQUARE i'n:i Tl.'l i'JI.H Priscllla Rosemary Lola LANE John GARFIELD rnut in "FOUR WIVES" .i..iitci .Mia aanilav TO UWaT" IVIrll aV(lB.aW wa. w- j TONY MARTIN RITA HRYWORTa ANDRE KOSTUMinZ A 0RCH. "MUSIC IN MY HEART" " EXILE EXPRESS" BROOKLYN'S OWN 'Mr. & Mrs. JOE TURP CALL OK THE PRESIDENT' A METRO-GOLDWYN.MAYER PICTURE with ANN WIY1. LEWIS SOTHERN GARGAN STONE FROM DAMON RUNYON'S STORY J. TODAY 'HOUSEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER' & 'BAD LITTLE ANGEL' LOKW'S KINGS Flatbush and Tilden Avenues LOKW'S PITKIN Pitkin and Santoia Avenues LOKW'S ALPINE 1.9th Strcft and Fifth Avenue LOKW'S HKDFOKD Beritorit Avenue and Bergen Street LOEW'S BROADWAY Broadway and Myrtle Avenue LOKW'S CONEY ISLAND . . Surf and StHlwell Avenues LOEW'S ME IB A Livingston Street and Hanover Place LOEW'S GATES Gates Avenue and Broadway LOEW'S 4HTH ST 4flth Street and New Utrecht Avenue LOEW'S BAY RIDGE. 7 7 72d Street and Third Avenue LOEW'S BORO PARK 51st Street and New Utrecht Avenu LOEW'S RREVOORT. . Brevoort Place and Bedford Avenue LOEW'S KAMEO Eastern Parkway and Nostrand Avenue LOEW'S CENTIRY Pirkslde and Nostrand Avenues Greta Car bo, Nlnntchka, Melvvn Dnufflai; Mck Carler, Master IetecliTe, Walter pidreon .Call a Messencer, Anna Na;et. Billr llalop: Covered Trailer, James, Luetic, Russell Gleamm JOE E. BROWN 'BEWARE, SPOOKS!' MARY CARLISLE -plus- "THE WITNESS VANISHES" Edmund LOWE Wendy BARRIE Rulers of the Sea. Dour- Fairbanks Jr.j Cat and the ( ainary. Bob Hope Marx Br int. it the Cirrus, Kenny Baker; Intermezzo, Leslie Howard, Ingrld Bergman Robert Donat. Goodbye Mr. Chips, Greer Garon; Darrein Coed, Lana Turner, Artte Shaw Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Jas. Stewartj Five Little Peppers, Edith hello wn Death of a Champion, Lnne Overman; Edmund Lowe, Wendy Barrie, Witness Vanishes ait;"NANCY DREW AND THE HIDDEN Day! STAIRCASE"; also "SABOTAGE" STARTS TOMORROW RKO Kenmore, Church-Flattiiish Ava., RKO Madlaon. Mvrlla-Wytknlf A v.... RKO nyker. 8bth St. and Filth Ava.. RKO Prnsprrt. Ninth St. Filth Ava.. RKO Buahwlrk, B'way-Hewarri Ave. . . ?ko tou. ! J?' "2 conayls' A'es' ' t PAUL MUNI, "WE ARE NOT ALONE"; RKO Greenpoint, 1125 Manhattan Ave. . I i Diruion IMV nrvA" RKO Orpheuro. Fulton St. Rnrkwell PI. I plUS KILHAKU U1A III KLNU RKO Shore Road. 86th St.-Fifth Ave.. "JOY OE LIVING" and "WHAT A LIFE" la r a Mm m V.'llellMla 1. W aVS al.llll'jril.laill.l m. vt s t.Gcotue PLAYHOUSE "BIT.I-RS nT THF SKA" Odii . Fairbanks Jr. Margaret Loct.wnr.ri "the rsni R PUP" K1NGSWAY Conry Island Ave.. AVAU)NrKlngrHlghwaynd t. Uth St.. PATIO, Flatbush Ave. and Mldweoa St. MAYFAIR, Avenue U and Caney 1st. Ave.. MARINE. FJalhush'Ave.'and Kings H ay" MIDHOOI). Avenue I and East 13th St.. PARKSlnE.Flathush7iin' Parkilde Avea.7 KARRAGIlTlatbuiirAv..Farraiut Rd." EI.H. Avenue M and East 17th Street 1 KIAI.TO. Flnlbuih Ayr. and Cartelyeu Rd.. COI.LEIIE. Fletbush Ave. and Avenue H . NOSTRAND. Kings H'vay Nostrand Ava. ALBEMARLE, Flalbiih Av. Albemarlr Rd. TRIANfilE. Kime HighavF. IJIh al. VOtil'K. Conry hland Avf. anrl Avrnnr K Qlt.NTIN, Surnlln Rd. and Can 3 Ah St.. BETTE 0AVIS. ERROL FLYNN, "ELIZABETH A ESHliX" .CHARLES BICKFORD, "MUTINY IN THE BIG HOUSE' JRulera al the Sea" and "Tha Cat and the Canary' Jjiaytlme Wife" andThentara Bros. "At the Clrsus" Tyrene Peier.' '"a YT IM tTw IF E" I "FLYINB DEUCtS ' Tyrone Peoer. "Daytlma Wile"; L. Heward, "lntermi;ia" "Intrrmem ' and Tha Mara Broa. "At tha Circus'' Jalrerew-"ATleghenT" Uarlsln'i",'" "Little Anldrnf' . Chariua Laugliton. "JAM AICA INN"; "WHATA LIFE- .Charles Laughtan. "JAMAICA INN": "WAT A LIFE' MR. WONO IN CHINATOWN ": "IN OLD MONTEHEYJ Aetm Tamlroff. "Dlsauted Passage" : "IIOtHI a Tousnlewn' .Kay Kyirr, Adel.he Menlnu. "THAT'S R 10 HT YOU'RE WRONG": Allea Faye. We-" Baiter, "BARRICADE" "Hl:RNAI.I,Y VOl'RS" and "H-BOAT 50" ."ALEXANDER" RAGTIME BAND '; "If I Wrre Klne" , "DEATH OF A CHAMPION"; "HERO FOR A DAY" I u-wifMrtAiiwrws' mm0mmiMMmty ;;,;-:--.-i''-"""''-.f; .jaartw

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