The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 24, 1945 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1945
Page 11
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0 TJ'a ram miith eontiln th aptaili f th funaral. bf meaaorial aarvtrea o' h (ol.owitif whs 4ir4 la till icrrte ! aor aaanlrri 1 D'Arriso, Joseph Wlchmann, 2d Lt. Robert F. MM Beck, CTiarles May, Andrew J. Bolton, Alfred McDcnough, T, J. Cavauagh. Ailene McLaughlin, C. Coleman, James ' Mond, Lnui.-.e Dr. Mack Medic In Area 4 Years Mrs. P. J. Powers, Plea to Remove Pickets Blue Star Mother BROOKLYN EAGLE. TUES . JULY 24, 1915 n GORMAN - ANNA (nee Henne-t O'DONQGHUE On. July 22, WW,' seyi, July 22, 1945, beloved nife of BRIDGET tree Slatieryi, native of William; dear mother of Mr. Joseph Gurtacoona, Coimty Llmenck, Ire- Grant, William J., A. M. M. Z'CtUnd, beloved wife of Jeremiah; de ll S. N.: John F., S. B.. U. 8. N.;. voted mother of James, Jeremiah, Genevieve, Joan and Helen; also and the late Timothy O'Donoghue, survived .y three sisters and four killed in action with the Merchant! brothers. Rpnrwine sr. residence I Marine '. also survivpri hv thrp' ai52 inarh stroot. Qnpens nntii'oranriphnriivn Rpnninir "wiitiam ' In Brookh ii and Queens for 47 years.' secretary of the Blue Star Mothers ... i .i'.-.J w.-.v, . , ........................a.... &v-kw...a ......Hi.. ... - - Mil IIlHIl Vj 1 IB II 111 H 11 . . ... am. Requiem A. Martin Funeral Home. Classon01 yesieraay in me nome 01 msiuo, uiea yesieraay in ncr nome.j -r "., , r t w nomination, but made lt clear that,m Pm- "e "5t" "le ai r I e . f t Wi.Hinn1jjiy24(u.pj-TneM- aee wigwam Keaay reiam rnena :irmal Maritime Union iC.IO) . , . maintained picket lines at the War TO DlOP UOVIS Of NOZIS SlllCe 34 Dr. Christopher Mack, a physician! Mrs. Fiances G. Powers, financial. shipping Administration today de- mmim.,,. p,,. , Continued from Tare 1 tir.rlnnprlmi A Oft vcuiicou(iy, a.ttv nruuiriii.n, ivini wii fuiiciai nuuir, vittooui . j - . - -- - - i - j ri-- r t..i v. lira ? a k-.- mass St. Mary GaU of Heaven. In-; Avenue, corner Sterling Place. Fu-!on and daughter-in-law She was -t"rtni"B thc indorsement would not cause i three and one-hatf hours. Rpauicm ivllD- nwu v. flint, o-ii ivlci . uvi u m oiuuiiu uuu was a uieiung ----- --- , ,, , ivi quit in .. ... - ,j . TTnlnn npmhpra Inrflralpfl tip him tn nltpr h nnlltlral nhl nvinhv ThiriM Him U h Pin Inter-01" rule5' nuia. nc was 10. i.cMue.ii. 01 riaiausn. I - " " - r J'i Until five montha aeo Dr. Mack I Surviving are her husband. Pierce Pickets would not be withdrawn until , rs was followed by an article He accused Petaln of heading a m, o nt ii. J. Powers: a snn. Pvt PiorrP J me wljj acus on uieir oenmuu iui , OLSEN on Monday 1945, LOUISE, wife of Service at the Fairchlld Chapel, Bendix and devoted mother 89-31 164th Street. Jamaica, Tues-Martina Thorsen, Mrs. Martha'nient for the last five vears. treat-'Mrs- G- A- Lamphron and Mrs. terment Holy Cross Cemetery. Direction M. J. Smith Sons. HENRY JOHN CAMPBELL, on Sunday, July 22, 1945, beloved father of Ethel M. and Theodore. Henry. ineral Thursday, 10 a.m. mass St. Teresa's Church. ment St. John's Cemetery. maimaiiieu ins uuiue bi oj-uj n-ui - " ' '- , ,ii h-i,. on linen oy air. uavis m ounuaj a pioi 10 gel rrauces separ tnfiMrf f Wf 7 -ving mistice with Germany signed her of Mrs.jlng health he was in semi-retire-lthree sis, Mrs. W. A. Reynolds, : for the reccnt reduction in war-risk, tne Communist proposal of an inde-iEven before the armistice, 1 bonuses. Cre.iter.Edna M. I? D'Arrigo, J. De'mpcey, M. B. Fagan, Fran r Is Fee. Mary V. Frien, Amanda Galiardi, John J. Ctierl, JuUa E. Gorman, Anna Henry, John C. Hrymann. Clara Odegaard, E. W. O'Donoghue, B. Olsen, Louise Owens, Ida Powell, Henry F. Powers, Frances Ray, Mary Read, Harry A. Riley, James T. Rothermel.S. Saver, Kevin day, 8 p.m. Interment private. Larsen, Gunda, Hilda, and Bendix lug patienU only when he was able.'Heatnfote, and a brother, James F. ' efor: written by Mr. Davis in Sunday's "plot" to get France's separate ar- ln 1940. he said, to Marshal Petain had schemed under (pendent Negro Soviet Republic nipn- altu-k 51irviv.?H hi' 13 crranri. ' Trfiiriniieli, Via r,r.ft-A In T3-nb-H-r, StaDletOn. lu Pl..A, A Ll.- HEYMANM--CLARA. on July. 23.ChUdren, three great-graudchUditn. (where he was aUo active many years' The funeral will take place at ,jaP r'BeT MDIUie oeioea susici ui nan,, Funeral from her residence. "105 in local Republican politics. He " inur.sday with a requiem Erwin and Alice Fedders. Funeral Narrows Avenue, Wednesday, July was born in Manhattan and received mass at the R. C. Church of Our service Thursday afternoon, 2:30, at 25 at 2 p m. mtrment Valhalla'his medical degree from Long Is- Help of Christians. Burial Peth Chapel, 15 Palmetto Street.'cemetery. lland University in 1838. , will be in Holy Cross Cemeterv. neai Droaaa. , Dr. Mack was a member of Star n ... , rw.PTro OWENS At her residence. 62 , 0f Hope Lodge 430, F. and A. M.; "!Sr5i?" CHARLES Ha rmoll strPpt, 011 Sl1turday, July iMontauk Tribe. 178. IndeDendent :ZnlZ vT. 5.1.'..IDA OWENS. Funeral from the; Order of Red Men; the. Mont auk! Z , , u ro :101S 01 Jam" unier, J.- Haymakers and the Men's Club of neial seivlces at his residence, 1558iMarrv Avenue, on Wednesdav. Julv llnlnn CnnvrmHm.i rhumh i3iey. cnariesw. seaman, wiiDurs. ""' """esuay evemng. 25, at 2 p.m. I Surviving, besides hU son, are two nouon. ciim ot'if niuier. iwuiiy uui. v o uvuf.. iiiinuicni Horton. LeRoy D. Shea. Stephen V. Johnson, M. Sheedy, John Keele v.Patrick . Snedeker, Maude Knipfing, M. J. Lpl'o, Carnicla Lunden, Mary Mack, Dr. C. Martin, Alice Travel's, Ida L. Vol. John L. MWichmann, R. Wolf.Kathryn jCanarsie Cemeterj', July 28, at 2:30 POWELL HENRY F S :nday, iac pm. juiy 2i, l45, or Ba-37 K6.n street, !pm IllT'ATTinn m HSrrV W NarNnB U7rw1 ,at,an hllchir, it ha ...... 'Elizabeth A.; nubiun-ouM, on uuiy a, p (0f Flshkill i. neiovea nusDana oi Laura inee poweu ipioral Lmvisi; i oi n-amc; orotner oi, th, . WaikPr Pmicrai Homo Gene. Chester, Allen, Unda, Lillian !87.34 80Ul street.Woodlnven.Tues- grandsons. Harold C. and Robert S, Corp. T. B. Green, D-Day Casually I be carved out of America's southern an aura of false prestige to seize States. ' power for himself. The nrorjosa! had been used lni Petain. he charred, onrxj.sed an In 1 000 Pin no Rnin 1 past as par 0 Communist extension of the Maglnot Line along II I (WW rlUIIO rVUlU recruiting campaign among Amerl-'the Fianco-Belglan frontier. It was Continued from Page 1 can Nesroes. Mr. Davis, In his Dally in that tectlon. at Sedan, that the : Worker article, expressed regret ' Nazi hordes sliced through In 1949 batteries threw up a terrific hall of fhal tne pIall Rad been allowed to to overrun France, flak and swarn-.s of enemy fiphters adP Tnls happened, he explained.; Gen. Maxime Wevgnnd had adverse to battle the raiders, but John-:under thp influence of the "revl- rated continuing the Masinot forii-ston said the American Heildiveis sionlst mors wriirri Earl Browder ; fications to the northwest along the pressed tneir aaacw nome wun had npmnted to filter into Com-'Belgian frontier. M. Reynaud test! exreueni result. 'mnnist rWlriiie fipH United Pres. War Correspondent j The communist Stale Convention: "I do not believe Fiance could rrnjict Hfthprwht alsn nitn hqIkpv s . . . . . ... . . ..... ... -iw.w... ...w. vnrpn s nnflv in p umnaip Hrnu. iv it Art nu a man men rpn nv r Spr-ip nllt he helrf or B Orp. 1 IlOmaS B. Gieen. 20. Of 909 floor cairi r 1t Inn .lannnpsp' . . '.. , . ., . .T...... . , . . . ? ' ' ,K : - " e 5th st tiiiorf in .Mi ', , aers -errors ana overwiieuning spirit line mat o: reiain ana tomorrow at the George Werst " s';. . n. a," n "n warships were hit airec ly by heavy! made it clear that the accomplices," said the former mb'lni Hlrold gsr!r by Crmat,0n Krd' Corriwal Green iad been f iercelv Cr'R burnmB.lishrnent of the Communist party,' He ch ral Park). Services at! " 'listed as missing since the dav he ' . wnlch " dissolved u,lt1er Brow- Weygam I in ii i, ilandedontheg"" Lt.w.M.Moegelin. land Mine Victim ,and Mary. Services at Walter B. BECK - On July 23. 1945 Cooke, Inc., Funeral 'lome, S". g Interment Cedar Grove CHARLES, beloved husband of Avenue, Thursday, 1 p.m. Inter- cemetery Mae, dear father of Edward, Ann jment National Cemetery, Bridgeton.i and Mae. Reposing at the Walter;N. J. (Evening News please copy.) j POWERS FRANCES G. 'nee B. Cooke, Tnc. Funeral Home,, 1218 1 Staplctoiu, on July 23. 1945, at her" , , Flatbush Avenue, until Thursday. HORTON LE ROY DEWING,, residpRce. mi E 2'2d Street beloved1 A memorial servi,-e for 2d Lt, 8:30 a.m.; thence to St.. Jerome's .suddenly, on Sunday, July 22, 1345,1. of Plpm, j . aevotert mother 0f William M. Moegelln, army in-R. C. Church, where a requiem mass 'at his residence'. 209 'Lincoln Place.; Pvt . Pi(.rce j Mrs .Frances K. Nar-fantrvman, who was killed in ac- W ill be offered. oeiovea nusoana oi Ma y oau nor.,din. and Lorraine M.: sister of:,in , v0p. ..,. d, .. r- Trn. landed on the ; Normandy beach with Headquar-1 ters Company of the 1st Battalion, 1 307th Parachute Infantry. The young I paratrooper was i posthumously awarded the 3 Corp. Thoma B. lireen BEDFORD F. fc A. M LODGE, NO. Jton; crn nf Man' anrf hrnrhor nf - iipiii-pr nu ruin" nfivire nr. i, n F. k A. M.-Bretnren: you are. P lr(.hjld cl , 88 Lefferts Place. 1, p st nn eton F ineral ' hereby requested to attend funeral Biwklyil, on &MldtJ ,t 10 , .m.!? f'Z 7, raw itervtres for our brother. SAMUEL T. f -!,... ,aaj, s.jt) a.m. rcequirm ma.5." a. tteynoios, mis. u. a. .,pl(i 9t c.M Lamphron, Mrs. F. Heathcote, and sundav in the Tburs- pll , n-i nf th. servires for our brother, SAMUEL Interment private. 'church of Our v HpId of Chrta ' n at . D"tCl1 ROTHERMEL. at Perry Funeral; v jChuicn or Our Latij Help of cnns-jR e f o r m e d Home, 118 Union Avenue. Lynbrook,! JOHNSON On July 24, 1945. ( tiaiis Interment Holy Cross Ceme-Cmm.hi Flatbush L. I.. Wednesday, July 25, 8:30 p.m.,ELISE M. of 711 70th Street, belovedi11'' , and Church Aves, tryman Badge. A graduate of St. nose oi uma s rarocniai pcnooi, "C'nawa anc) Ivv0 Jlma anfiinea r.iasinus nan nun acnooi: .jie mam hlow ann, oeiore enwring me army, was arged that both Petaln and nd conspired to prevent the Forts Hit Osaka, Nagoyc der's leadership iti favor of estab- French army from going to North The carrier strike kicked off a d?y lishment of the Communist Politi- Africa to carry on the war after the of unprecedented American aerial al Association. jfaU of France , , , He recounted the ftnfe within offensive durmtr which perhaps Bark to Marxism ,he government at Bordeaux, to 2,000 Yank warplanes. ranging from The delegates voted to return to which the government had fled fighters to giant B-29 Superfort-: first principles of Marxism in the from Paris. That led to M. Rev-resse., were over the enemy home- class struggle. naud's resignation and Marshal land. ! Mr. Davis said acceptance of the Petam's opening of negotiations A record fleet of over 600 B-29s man elTor- jn the Communist po- with the Germans for an armistice. Bomoed OiaKa ana wagova. ana sition ,mder tr,e influence of revl- Branded iwju .win miuuin "i"1! "&" sionism hart lea to acceptance oi ers and l:gnt DoniDers nu-. others until the Communist Politi- Honshu from their bases oil Okl- cai Association in Harlem was Defeatist "It would appear that ever since. Feb. 6, 1934, when he was sum- ma' '."deeply infected with liquidation "'"" " ; at Kure opened tpurie. rles " PpUm 'as ralen b a dcslre l0T ot rin.m uhpn Hakv launched his- t.. ....., .u. power, ne fleciaiea. a member of Company H. 14th In- m.6t .,.' . nf flEht,;, rilv. bomb-v- pie-n.uwuei ynmu uir! Jn Febr,,ary lg40 hp sald peUjn fantry, New York National Guard. "dn Commumst. were on record as a- w drlp a;ion of wnrl((.r., tnat Corporal Green, whose mother is liLZ,P 'vi m W'aWlshment of a so-called ,,n fivp moth$ wUl have de. HAROLD A. STOLL, Master, mother of Mrs. William Johnsen. Clv ...ov T.'.i,. w toa' Word that! i 1 dead, was an only child. His father, , nfT ,hp ..heast mast 7u ' feat and dinatorship." Charles Weston Jr., Secretary. Mrs. Oeorge Poppe, Mr, Frank J. ( nej Mahonoy i ,' a t her residence, 363 fu' MtA L1 of' Honshu. ' , ! ishini existine 'rt iflclar J ,?"lL nnr TAt r T,,1,. 01 101S It. twrnis, nuium U. ana r-llim . aRrh Blropt Rptl-lvn holmpri .life naai, ... u i, . '"." urarivcu viiui iuc i m u w- - muni, ir noi r,,ui uv uinv vt rr? heLS hi"band of Ihi "'Johnson. Service at Fred HerbatXS? re- u' M""""' sion. 302d Engineers. He i.s a mem- Jap Planes Join Battle and setting up a Negro soviet,have beaten." Inn'?' "l her"1 of Memorial. 7501 5th. Avenue.:" the late DeHa KMms: also s ster : I50'1pd kUledinstant ly ber of Post 302, American Legion. caught flatfooted In the opening Appell, to O'Dwyer Sweeney'. Funeral from his rest-i Thursday. 8 p.m. Funeral Friday, of Mrs. NeUie WaUlhi Mrs. Hannah, flU"n .S. . h.m. JtrS fj. minutes of the Amervcan atrtke. the. Leader Loughlin's announcement; 8 DeKalb Avenue, Wednes-'"" "iieimeuv nvrJ(n:ei vu- Schauberger and Thomas P.: " , , " " " hi., , 1 n 7. , ' "japanese reaciea at iusu wiui i- !ast week tohed off a steady dence, 218 dav. July 25. at 9:30 a.m.; thence to Queen of All Saints R. C. Church. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. stid tery. KEELEY PATRICK, suddenly, July 20, native of Slleve-Anolr, County Clare, Ireland, beloved denlv, July 23, beloved iB-year-old,husband of Bridget Keeley (nee ri.nffht.r nf .lames and Allene Rogers) ; dear brother of Thomas. rrnv ravanaah: fond sister of Michael, Mrs. Bridget Loetterle and Wednesday, 10 a.m., St. Anselm's: " "u"- "' R. C. Chiirch, 4th Avenue and 83d!"u8n" .f!1" "J .""..fu ll St. Tlie lieutenant was with the !3d Division of General Patch's 7th James H. Reposing Kennedy Chap el. 2603 Church Avenue, corner Rogers Avenue. Notice of funeral later. Albert V. O'Connell directing. COLEMAN J AMES F., on July 22, 1945, beloved brother of Mary C. Donovan and Thomas Coleman. Reposing at the Funeral Home of T. J. Higglns & Son, Inc.. 203 Jay Street. Solemn requiem mass 10 a.m., Wednesdav, at the Church of the Assumption, interment Holy Cross Cemetery. CRESSER EDNA M. of 12 Mof fat Street Runrtav. Julv 22. 194a Mrs. Ellen Tonra. Reposing at residence, 149 Bergen Street. Re- Street. Reposing at the Parlors nf VH.-4p-1V T M.T a.inhlin fltO 3H Avenue. Interment Calvary Ceme-' tM y' March, 1942, and was sent over- READ HARRY ARTHUR, sud- s a year ago. He was born in denly. on July 22, 1945, beloved hus-1 Brooklyn and was graduated from qulem mass Wednesday, 9:30 am.! : Ruli""' f tl ' . 0 Nancv: Brooklyn Technical High School. I Higley, former second vice president St. Paul's Church. Interment Holyi- " . 0,.iHe was emDloved as a salesman be- of the Chase National Bank, will be Cross Cemetery. , ' Vayr.;AiArhan,- hr iz-ffertsore entering the service. i held at 8 p.m. tomorrow in his home, KNIPFING MICHAEL J., on j Place, Wednesday at 8 p m t-ifi. anlialrrrafr harrnpp Then, f Or ' . t t i j . 1 1 " ..v...v..v oi prrjiPMa mm ancci npm the first time since Admiral Halsey.peais were said to have been madei ibesan his fleet assault on Japan on, t0 Mr O'Dwver to intervene, as! 'July 10, Japanese fighters rose to he dld wllen Tammany threatened: meet the attacking Americans. 'to denv its indorsement to Man- I Climbing through their own blaz- hattan District Attorney Frank S.'m-nt ing flak screen, the enemy fliers put, HoRan. According to word from the up a desperate but apparently fu- part 0f the ODDosition to Mr. oop -amr. th. mn.r i,inn onrn. Funeral services for Charles W.ilile baltle t0 defend tne grcst naval Davis' designation appears to be ment working in Mrs. Earle's favor Charles We Higleyr Retired Banker Indorsement Seen For Mrs. Earle Continued frem Tage 1 advanced for the G.O.P. lndorse- lng at. Funeral Chapel. 7703 5th the navy Avenue; requiem mass Our Lady of! An?els R. C. Church, Wednesday, fat ;'JU1J,: children and one great-grandchild, beloved wife of Fred and devoted ..., frnm hU hom. ,g. Monday, July 23, 1945, at his home. 306 Post Avenue, Westbury, L. I., beloved husband of Anna M. Knipfing; father of Catherine M. Kaiser, Florence E. Krupp, Charles J.. Jo- V Mts.haal TP Wiitiam 4 . Sister Mary Antoine Daniel, Robert.9130 am L.. George B., Richard T., Agnes pavtt.t?k-f.vtm smi nf .Tames J. Purcell Albeit V.; brother ofjSaVPr and Mlldred KIahive Saver John A.; also survived by 26 grand-of 92 s. Mnntaomcrv Avenue. Bay Shore. N. Y suddenly, on July 22, 1945. Requiem mass at St. Pat- Besidcs his widow he is survived : 1558 Canarsie Road. Burial will be t l.l- . . r. rt l. T.W....,. J.. .. 1.. r....,., .... ancnorage. (spearheaded by Bronx Leader Ed-iis that the Reoubllcans. loinit all- The Kure strike apparently wasWard j. Flynn, who was originally out in favor of the Goldstein-still in progress long after mid-day, reported opposed to Mr. O'Dwyer's' McGoldrick-Pette ticket on the almost 12 hours after it be?an. j nomination because of his Ameri-1 good government Issue, could not Lquauy successiui re.-uns "e can Labor party backing. Mr. Flynn consistently deprive her of their RILEY JAMES T., July 21. 1945, Drage; a sister, Mrs. Paul Blake, beloved husband of Joan. Repos-; and two brothers. Ernest, now with ; wood Hospital. He was 70. Born in Mr. Hialey died Sunday in Mid- 1 UM" .cauca in nis Bronx canaiaaies sev- indorsement, in view oi ner record gum irt.uo, fti:ut n ..v...... i.v w. pirn weeks dKii riiiu uiurjcu LI1CIII w and Robert. MFier OI ttnn WW", 1 i O ln . m P.eni.ipm mast i Rt. Pr ifflrt's and Howard Finn. Serv-i' ', c . m - t,. , jVicfor H. Briggs. Production Chief Victor H. Briggs, color production , Petitions Out Sunday Members of the Citizens Non- i Partisan Committee will begin clr- ertn fa.ltic, f,.. rl.o T ... . . n , . it , Brooklvn. he was associated withi",ulc "''' .B:?.Z r- oaring u untiea. the American. Express Company for Leader, Visit F,y eigni tars oeioie joining uie tqui-i . ,ar.a A rieWatinn nf five Tarn man v rulatlnir Mrs. Earle's netitlons Sun- himJrU,Anr?t7 JJLmL , practically unopposed in the air. 'leaders yesterday visited Mr. Flynn1 day, the first day under the law f.ll.V'fu.ftLi Tokyo said Kobe. Okayama, To- at his law office, CO E. 42d St., Man-; when the signing of Councilmanlc urtheChe'arB;nV. Kuwana Valso were brought under would make a statement aoacK. jkushlma, Himeji. Wakayama and nattan, and upon leaving said he nominating pennons is permitiea. Huehes ices at Welgand Bros, runerai Home, 10J3 Halsey Street, Wednesdav, 8:30 p.m.; funeral Thursday, 3 p.m. Interment The Evergreens. D'ARRIGO JOSEPH. 18 years old, member of Army Transport Service, beloved son of Col Hrli's Church Rav Shore. Cnurcn at lO a.m. lniermeni Werinpsriav Julv 25 at 10 n'clnrk ratvittfAint WMthllH' ... SEAMAN-WILBUR S., of 184 . .7 u.-T. in 48 ; The Republicans axe expected to hnnrc Thtf inMiiriaH Mi-hopi t name three or four randidatjes fnr He retired in 1940. i .K-pnnpt. m.,. u.i-- r T.m.:th( Council from Rrooklvn. The Survlvinu are his widow. Mrs.Har-l 111 a" Pal" ' n"'n"" .. """ "" ," I " R. C Holy Long Island. ,box manufacturers, 80 Richards St., Clinton Street, on Saturday, July of pneumonia. He was in his early sixties and lived at 433 Central Park Mrs. C. E. Freas. on.manager for E. J. Trum. Inc., paper-;riet Schenck Higley, and a daughter,!-- Z'TT'V mZ g VVZmin.te nine. Three have been placed tons of bombs and lens of thou-;son, leader of part of the 6th; Jo-1 'n the field by the Liberal party sands df machine gun-slugs into the seph H. Broderick. leader of half ofian(l the American Labor party, enemy homeland. . i the 7th; Fred Dickens, leader of j meet ing tomorrow night is ex- I part of the 13th. and Herbert L.I Pted to decide whether it will Other Pacific Action Bruce, leader of part of the 12th. ! nominate more than one candidate. Elsewhere on the vast Pacific bat-i Mr. ' Broderick, in a telegram to' Milton Goell, attorney, housing tie lines these developments, too. Mr. Loughlin made public before "pert and one of Brooklyn's fore- i..j watin, Horiinp tv,. -f iri.. uj most civic leaders, has received the 79th Street, ! 1045 at Snffern n Y helnvpri uifeiBriggs had been awarded the Dis-!- .,,,. D.,i,i.... rt- 'Sf r- iioi-.n h.t ,..! m.;.. f' Labor party's Indorsement as Its requiem mass', ,T ,V , ri,V mnth(.r nftiiiRulshed Service Crass for leader-"D,wl'n r,&.,"ZX,'n. m i ,T. "7 :TZZ. nominee. He to actually a Demo- ur !d ?uadePe. GW and'-Fieralsosmed by aliP on the Normandy coast on' Geneva. N y. Ju 24-John H, a: arVit;d at y 0 'ra ttauio BHiam uommunisi uavis. John H. Light, Retired Firm Head Interment St. r-... 1 1 .lunt . a. Mr. P,His hnm in Pivmnnth Cereals Company here and a native!'. f Singapore. T t 1! rntft. nn T,,1,r ii 1945. beloved wife of Vlncenzo; de-:!1',,1""' '"1unuu 11 , '".u ' i West, Manhattan voted mother of Arthur, Vincent,!"';" '- ?l "r'v nn 1 Mr- Bri6?s' Capt. Victor H. Lucy Dingfeld, Iren,. Ida and Marie. I88 Le"erU Place- Wednesday, 2 P m. Brjg(?, Jr WM klUed'in acUon , P.nnuinor -t. th- Anrlrpiv Tnrrptrrnssa . . . n..,4tiu v.r n Poninin j A-.n.iir.n a h ti r " ' i c cj l .vi d i c n csn l, i , jiiiy : a.. " ... runrrai xiuine, jjuj resmence, ma t. am oiwi, Brooklyn. Solemn Thursday, July 26, :au a.m. Tyrant A M117.7.10. 1J1 PClOr. ,n, 1, !i', ''.U' 11 Bm' """"" ov !s:ster, Lillian Jaeger of San Fran DEM PSE Y M ARG Art hi B , on -umis wmt-iri. !cisc0i California, and two grand July 23, 194a. beloved momer oi LUNDEN MARY, on Monday, ichlldren. Member Marguerite. Services at the Stutz-;jul . 23, 1945, beloved mother of Roosevelt Chapter, mann Funeral Home. jb- Mrf Anne Tarant, Mrs. Eelyn are invited to Rel maica. Avenue, wicnw vu..Sr. . ... HeNe,. gpe,.,,, llsf5 Mate class ternal services on on Wednesday, 2 p.m. Interment ;IrvinR p tj s, n and Edward G.jat Koch Funeral Green-Wood cemeterj. 'i.nnrien: sicter or Miss Ai.nps Mar. 'green Avenue. Int FAGAN FRANCIS X., beloved .tin: .also survived by s,x grand-jaaj. tu.w a.m., kuinnpn wa.i.;. "'f h1' iT, , wZ mraber of U tocal lodw of Elb. Okhot:-k and bomoaroea man i brother of Hannah K., Mary M. emmren Keposmg at tne JTinerai, SHIP. SnAl,on,v nn RlinH n ""n 'r ri,.V .h - Surviving are a son. Dr. WUllam:S'ro m tne nortnern ume.,. wnn-; mi. m via nominal on wa ' ...... ' 'i ... , , 1 nn . nnnns ion. ,aenouncen dv uueens j-,eaaer James ' 1 daughters. Fannie L. Light of Max-! 3-Other American waraliliw A. Roe and I Queens Representative j lenkins son, Ga.; Florence B. Light and Mrs.'sieamea uncnaueiism " """i'"" - ". jeilKllis , . , .,, n rnmniorrK.rairtinj f nra v that, "iinthinir ran iiistifv the tip.sii;- Ar 1 .anpvn nnn KvjactM wi. w.. ...... . . . ., . , . o i that sank or damaged several Japa- nation of a Communist by the Dem ocratic party m tin.? city and it will rttler, of Mas sachu and of'fi lOeneral Hospital. He was 88. (civilian from the captured Brittoh the Tammany elections committee,.! No. 623, O. E. 8., .0I Massainuseius ana 0111- ,.,,,: , CT..M ,,.,,,,. naval base was under way. Stand (secretary of Tammany) and; igious and Pra-'wra of the Revolutionary Army. Ail " '"'""; " , c,'"; " v: 2-An American force under yourself will sabotage the succe.v-i Tuesday, p.m., " "' . r.sld-nt nf th.!Rear Admiral John H. Brown-ful e!e:tlon of the Democratic ticket! Horn-, 585 Ever-brother. Ernest L of the Twentieth " o " ?i Tokvo said it numbered .seven de-!in November and drive God-fearirg erment Wednes-,Wntur cover Design. Beiore com-;""; ' . ..,," ... . . .," 1ct,.n,.chvnl-p We in the Pea of Democrats out of the Democratic SAVE FATS AND WASTEPAPER Roth and Lillian T. Ca.sev, Jiliy 23,! Home of George C. & Son.j 1945 Fun" rom Peth Chape 741 5th Avenue, near 68th Street 22' his hom c, 63 Lewis tional Capital Press in Washlngh 5 PalinetStreet near Broadwav juntil Thursday, a.m. For informa- Av pnueVS.FP IENJ ' Mmf s'jrv'vi. besides his brother. , o.?e ! thpnT," nnr tion ohonc SHore Road 8-4860. Md of the late Marion: devoted ,1ns widow. Mrs. 'Harriet Jenk Thursday Lady of Church; solemn 10 a m. requiem mass FEE MARY V. 'nee Jordan), on Julv 23. beloved wife of James A. e.T.n r, c.. -,""::' "Z Uovd A Bosworth of Geneva, and coast on a commerce-1a.u1.1g "'' J.v i.e mn'ci vji tiu. oi(.-jiit:ii ui,, n, 1 01 IKK, Lvvu uauguicrit, uitiu)5 Hiiu - -- . MACK-Dr. CHRISTOPHER, on'U- S. M. C, overseas; dear son 01 Gloria Briggs, and a grandson. Vic-; a- Aiirea i. ui rait-nnu 9:30 a.m.; thence to Ouritioii pnonc tnore ttoad 8-4860. Good Counsel R. C Julv 23, 1945, aged 78 vears, beloved iThereia W., and brother of Theresa,tor H. Briggs 3d. Services will be Sicily. father of Harrv E. Mack: devotedM., Daniel A., John P. and Joseph held at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at All grandfather of Harold C. and Rob; ert S. Mack. Services Wednesday Fee. loving mother of Hasold.'g D.m.. at Georae Werst Funeral Joseph, Marie, Elizabeth. Veronica! Home. 7141 CooDer Avenue. Funerali25- Requiem mas Church of St and Richard. Funeral from real- Thursday, 1:15 p.m. Cremation at!John the Baptist at 10 o'clock. dence, 1663 72d Street. Requiem Fresh Pond. Member of Star of tnacc at riir T.aHv rillflHnllinP ir - T ,1 XT ion IP t. k K ment Holy Crow Comriery. Dircc-and Moutauk Haymakers No. 178V. lion oi m. v. uosgrove. TTT- TTT VI Mn t nn Hi-AftM. wood., on Julv 22, 1940. beioveo wne . Dc, ,hi 'at 9 a.m.. St. Briiid's R. C. Church. I Funeral Home, 187 South Oxford Reposlng at Stengel's Funeral Street. Solemn requiem mass at 10 Home, 289 St. Nicholas Avenue. In- F. Shea. Funeral from Sullivan j Angels Church. 81st St. and WcstD-.-J -t C.ili. Funeral Home, Willoughby and nd Ave., Manhattan. iDUWIUWI CdllMIUIC Lewis Avenues, on Wednesday, Jtuy , Herman Shulman, Zionist Leader ARTIN ALICE (nee Wilson). ;meyer. Mary Hawkins, and John Jrpfcial 1o m Brooklyn Fade July 23, 1945. beloved wtfe of .Requiem . ma Thursday July 26 "stamford Conlv, j:v 24Hrr To Get New Plan SHEEDY JOHN, of 1401 Madison July 22, 1945, be- lloved husband of Cecilia; father o: iMargaret Walter, Patricia Stein nese vessels. 4 U. S. Navy planes sank or dam-.prove damaging to the ticket, par-aged seven enemy ships off Korea1 ticularly in my country." He said and in the Yellow Sea. and aircraft he was "thoroughly disgusted." of Gen. Dowlas MacArthurs com-' , . p .. J . i. n nim.a n it H domi a an . WAUU lUUic uu.i.k6i.u 109 other craft. Former State Senator Brcnmn 6 Enemy accounts Mia three ,nLUU".y ,"iK,,cu "rnu xn Allied submarine.; surfaced off chl-.f?'"'-""" '"' v,iu. oi on the west and Jay St. on the c),i Wand in the Bon ins at 3 a in. ougmin is exe?uine memocr, east, but will not include the Naval 'this morning (Tokyo timet and m protest, Depot between Pearl and Jav S's. 'shelled shore targets for 30 minutes Ml'. Brennan said "In taking t.ns Continued from Page 1 gaiter B.Cooe DIGNIFIED At Low $1 C FUNERALS At &J OUR FUNERAL HOMIS 131 IMa tmlmirt lUililw 4-UN 1211 lUuuu Ara-lkUaWT2l4- isa-w MMd SSXSLumim MHI U-32 fftt ,mu ItgiMHM lM-HN1k.lM,.. Flokaf MW0 TIN tflU.NI $71 tetM.WttllritirtoUMt2.US MANHATTAN 117 Wm. 7M Strnt-TRafdnr 7I7M 14S1 Frtt fain HHMmSrn 4-MOO 1 Wf lMtk Strtt MinMnrf a. !Ma US t. TrMMrt An.-UMto 7-27M 141 HiOi ami WOli Nana 41T2 214 MaMWitca A i mm Midfl PWna )1 Phone hr ttfrcitnatfrto 06hta(lwi of Peter J; loving mother of Mrs. Richard W. O'Neill, Margaret M. and Peter J. Funeral Thursday. 0 a.m., from her residence, 1674 E. 49th Street. Requiem mass R. C. Church of St. Thomas Aquinas. Interment St. Charles cemetery. GALIARDI JOHN J on July 22, of 9006 5th Avenue, beloved husband of Ellen and father of Staff Sgt. John C. and Anne, Rita, Anthony and Daniel Galiardi. Survived by one brother, Charles, and three sisters of Norwalk, Conn., Mrs. Theresa Dellus, Mrs. Margaret I a.m., mursciay at si. Aims unurcn. T. J. Higgins & Son, Inc., Directors. MAY ANDREW J.. July 23, 1945, devoted father of Edna Donoghue, Mildred, Saul and Winifred Carson; grandfather of George Donoghue, Reposing at Frank J. Hans & Sons Home for Funerals, 192-07 Jamaica Avenue, Hollis, until Friday, 9:30 a.m. Solemn requiem mass Incarnation Church. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. A new 60-foot strip will separate. The same island was bombarded ",u7 ' "" . the proposed housing project from early yesterday by American de the rienot. To cre.i'.e this housing "strnvers. vice chairman of development "sunerblock" the mapi , Zionist Emergency. sho..vs that Pearl. High. Nassau and . .i: b. u I. Council and a director and general concord St.v would have to oe -'vl"on ncuu. counsel of the Pepsi-Cola Company,, cioSed, within the limits of the Resignation 1$ Accepted SNEDEKER At Wyckoff. N. J.alPQ esie.uay in aiamioio. Mnspi-;hollSir,g site. .ibanv July 24 CJ .Rl Governor A 11 V -J.A MA H. Y. fl ! 1 1C ll i r i . v via ainuin.tu of the late George W. and Mary E.lere- raorosLi rO'TP K CT ",- Sr:.xLKD RIDS Wl'l.t, PK RBTEIVEO ty Hip Koar.i of Witfr Supply at in terment Calvary Cemetery. the American promise to me of political prefer- ''"I, , , J.'fi.-e thirteenth fl.r. 110 Wall't. iurvei. nr luiuiiiufu, i am idik i uy. lintii 11 1.1 ins'- an American and nothing you or Jr .SSt'tS.: anyone else can offer me will In- lotine and dniiverin ailov-.rnn pua duce me to put a price on Ameri. ir,V,,ln-. ll',v--'"(,fi i"iti. meei holts. -,i. .nil's. ...hi j and tapr pin.. bron canism. i nun. rnbbr linings and eovennn for The Queens Democratl: executive .f'tt, iastinfl. and pip. roiipiinai The map is a link In the Chain rv,..,. a ..,vith reivel" tnHnv ,u7 . j-,i"..,.j .-.ifor Rnnilout and W.t Branch effu- ui j.n...-, ,.oA.,.. v.......... . ,.-,,,. nf fn! Frfivarl C. I.nt chambers and Shaft 6 dralnann Snedeker. Funeral service on uuring tne past three years Mr. wclvlc center and beautification; 'Snauon m v01. .uu v. , e? f.,,h 7the sw.ficVt ionT4" Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the C. C, smuman led numerous delegations; d uU;izatlon of the surrounding; Thomas as State mreclor of civilian ,;'""fh '' "l l,: R?Jingof W ''b"3 r.i,..i, i-t,,-,, Qfus p to Washlnetin nn hehalf nf th 7,i- ... . Flushing, both incumbents, and L. "U.'nU by the War Produrtion Board Van Emburgh Mortuary. 306 E. w wasuingwn on oenat oi tne ii ,reaJi protection, a $10,000-a-year rwst he G cl . . 0 p ,. . for the matmai and equipment in- Rideewood Avenue Ridaewood N J M cause. He was thc Zionist ,.. h,lrt 5in. Anrii ,q41 iUaVv yemenie oi uzone fark, jj-clu,)j !n ,hj rontraft ttiagewooa Avenue, niQgewooa, in. j. nemnrratic Plan Pushed by Cashmore Hs . . ,sl"ce P. '. .rf.. ;scPU A. Lambe of Queens Vi age FamphietM rontainin information for , L. J j . j! , , . , , in ills iciiPi vi irr.Msiiauuii, ciirv- nd T Harold Kessler nf Jamairi nm'"'r. 'a or hid and contract. of; National convention which adopted Mr. Cashmore has sought for ..... . , colonel Thomas told; Vi . ,1 i 7 malca-l jpnrieaiu.iw. eontrmi drawing., n-- teraay ciectea Kaymona senmtut 7';' .V .. jj 1 " a'. 1 TRAVERS IDA LOUISE. 124-21 Hillside Avenue, on July 23, pc mo n ant onri at. "A t a.rc tn imv. thi nntni ?n s no- .. . . . ji f - . .... u.u...., w,.v. . v.u... v..... n " r- tnn iini'.rnnr inar nix u'nrK B. ni geiovea wub ui uie mie joiiu n. can rrancisco uonierence. Me was proacn 10 uic bioukiji. nuuse, a'wtnp "!s tint nhnnt romnlete and mother of Lester E. and Lt. Col John H. Jr. Reposing at the Clarence F. Simonson Funeral Home. He Pcrone and Mrs. Lucy Cocco. Now McDONOTJGH On July 23, 1945, reposing at English's Funeral Home, THOMAS J.. native of County Ros- jjiuu Aicuonam nve.iur. r u..r. a. u.i Pommon, Ireland. Reposing at ine,U9.M mWAe Avenue. Richmondahe weunutt, w.u. u. uaingan runerai Home, dim tseaiora Hilli L. I. Solemn requiem mass Council. ll, "' ,, "-Avenue. Kequiem mass inursaay, Thllrslav .Julv 26 , at 10 a .in., at Our Church, Fort Hamilton. 9 a m.. St. Patrick's Church. Inter-lry Qf lhe celucic r. c. Church. GIERL JULIA E.. on July 21,lnlc"" no,y -en.eierj. j in is nf im.17 117th street, beloved: rrT.tTHf tv p.TttrrtNF hi..' VOLZ JOHN L, Julv ' also scheduled to attend the forth-! well as Borough Hall, serve as a acjdPd that he was anxious to resume executive committee chairman. nl the ahuve address, upon application in .i.'r.auii or ny man, hv .lpoiung coining World Zionist Conference1 modern "front door entrance" to hjs ,aW. p,.actico whjCh he left three1 Hit O'Dwyer's Silence h nt for each pan.phV:. wuh'n M In London as a representative of (Brooklyn. U.-h ne-hlf veara am to heeome1 Th.,.r... tn. t,,.. .la.''Jl'9;"!!.','!' fi"-!.?.' ?nrr.t r. Amciican Zionist emergency, The first sten was acquisition of Nassau Countv civilian Drotectlon di- tein thrnnoh t.mtvwjrv .. h ipo.? wil bo refunded f,.r rath the area bounded by Prospect. .rector. chairman. Thomas F. Cnimian m. "If11 ? t.hA aA'! Bom in Romania and brought to. Washington, Tillary and Fulton: a spokesman explained that under dav challenged Mr. O'Dwvrr to ie- ''i"r p.vm,ni-t reti.m'd in .-.eptai.ia this country at the age Of 6. Mr. S'uS.. followed bV elimination Of n,e law nPP's existence will eon- miriiate tin. ilesistntlnn nf m.nvil. ,''1"',1;t'"n .. . F".r. . ' J'.'h.';r. r.'rt.ciilars. Shulman was a graduate of the dilapidated buildings on these :tinue until Julv 1. 1946. The major man Davi. Mr. Cohalan said that n!'-- t the ahov-ad I-".-'. .. . .J. University of Alabama. He was ad-. blocks. Subsequently, the area was function of the unit, at nre.sent Is the Rrooklvn nrnverimv .3.R.vJ.-..i' a. Hl'lK- Prllen': wile of Arthur; devoted mother of 'loved mother of Mrs. Frank R. Ford.'f. Ia m'iVnn imittfri t0 the New York Slate bar. improved as the "S. Parkcs Cadmanllnf disposal of several million dol-silence pointed m an "irrevocable al-1 m ;inKs 'ivSZ.r, ,i Cheater Olerl and sister of Mrs. : Mrs. M. A. Edmonds. Jack and Roy bto.her of K'!2frlnf 7 ul.,!ln ls20' Plaza." Since then the BorouRh;lals wortn of Federal equlpment.'llanre with l he CommumsM and ihe v""' -"''Prly. RICHARD H. BVRKK Annli frt Tharlntt. Friend and fT jnohlin .Itn ii.-viv.ri hv m RepOSlng at OCOTUinr JiCaneyi c,,,., Ivlna or-o hie n irir.iv It Tr. n,.,lo,,l'. r,m,. mimnrmi. -1 -u-j r- . . -i.j . . r. ,'TUrv. .119-1 l ,1.- .... . . .unnrai Mnn-n .u.i Kruisnvf- r. . .... ... - i ices at me eranacnuarcn. JteoosinB Jonn T. "" ' '." Richard Fairbend. Servi N. F. Walker Funeral Home. 87-34 rtallaaher Funeral Home. 2M9 JacKson Hents 80th Street, Woodhaven, Tuesday,1 church Avenue. Requiem mass st.lWedneday' 9:39 ,a,m B p.m. Roosevelt Ave-lb(VCfft B slnilmani anri L. L, until Mass of re- "OurTekphmeNevtr Slteps " Just four words, yet they apeak volumei.21 houri a day, 36."i Hiti jrear this oulalanding arvii e it prepared for any emergency. Fail-child Sons HORTICIAXS MXLt Ittt niKhiie, tiMwi iiiih. . n.tsaiNO JAMAIC . CABDKN CITT j Vital notlcei oecepted 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for publication th tome day; oi lot oi 10 D.m. Saturday night for publication. to sons, .studies and plans for the ultimate1- Ensign Paul Shulman of the navy, improvement of the Civic Center. on his way home from action in tlie Engineers on Mr. Cashmore s Commurist-cnntrolled A. L. P Teresa's Church, Cla.sson Avcnue,!qulen st' Joan f A.!C, Church, at 10 paPiflCi alld Pt-Ci Mark shulman, staff have collaborated with the now with the army in Europe. Serv-jCity Planning Commission from the Thursday, 9:45 a.m. M O N D - On July 22, 1945, T TICE Wa1jm-.,J .. H. nt 11,. 1...' llUUigUi IIVI.VU KUC ui .lie .LLC William Mond; dear mother of Mrs. Edith L. Nickels; sister of Mrs. Helen H. Rudd, Mrs. Mary F. i a.m. Interment St. John's Cemetery, WICHMANN 2d Lt. ROBERT F., , ices will be held at 3 p.m. tomorrow start of the postwar planning pro- killed In action over Chinajat the Free Synagogue, 40 W. 68th, gram. Last April tne commission Mav 10 i945 dearly beloved St., Manhattan. i adopted a master plan for the Civic son or Fred and Irene HoLsten Wlchmann of 1253 E. 24th Street; Mnnri unit C.enrse Wolf. Renoslnn&iso survived by orotntr, Kicnarn, in., ...... i in m ....nnnii oilot. U. S A A. F nd sister. tan Avenue, Kew' Gardens. SolVmn 'Joyce. Memorial service to be memory of our dear mother who i Under the Wment the city muat Center and downtown area. Mean while, a group of banks entered i into an agreement with the city HOOTO N ALICE. In loving for construction of the housing site. Jn QJcmorfam requiem mass at St. Thomas the,1 Jooa snepnera Bny JUiy ntjo. Arjostle Church 87th Street wood-'Church, Avenue M and New York in our hurt there m.s picture . ' ,.',.. ... ' ...... tiiinn. w.rlnoui.1. tut,. 11 of Of our mother lad to re-t nnvpn. weanesnav. iu a.m. iiiipr- , .,v..,v.o., vi.,., , n I .11 .,"11 IIITIIIUl, -O .1111 IV-r,, JU p.m. 1 Fnr mother drar you Ki'i'p her Jesus m Ttiy Ici-pir.? WOLF-Suddenlv al Ulster Park. I . 'nil reach that thinmt hore, ii, thr be,.t. N. Y., KATHRYN WOLF, of 91-53, "and love he, ,i e d!d tw. 8itn street, woixlhaven, haven, Wednesday, 10 a.m. ment St. John's Cemetery. J. J. Gallagher Sons, Directors ODEG A ARD Julv 22. 1945. ELDOR W., of 4811 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, father of Birgen and mother cf Muss Anna Wolf, Mrs Arthur Odegaard. Survived by one, Emily Yunker, Mrs. Katherlne Mc- Igrandchlld. runerai services Rt the Carthy. Mrs. Louise Hauser and Pfr.j STEPHENS In sad and loving Walter B. Cooke, lr .. Funeral William 'Wolf. Services at N. F.' memory of our devoted father, Home, 571 Forest- Avenue, West Walker Funeral Home, R7-34 80th'THOMA3 J. STEPHENS, who died j Brighton. S. I., Wednesday, 2 p.m.iStreet, Woodhaven, on Wednesday,' July 24, 1934, Masses offered this i Interment Silver Mount Cemetery,at 2 p.m. imorning. SONS. take the necessary steps to acquire all the property before the end of 1945, and then offer the entire area for sale at public auction at a minimum price of $1,076,565. r , r You are sure of receiving prompt, courteons, ympatlieMc and understanding service by transfering every detail of funeral arrange, ment to capable, professional shoulders. devoted SONS, DAUGHTERS and GRAND CHILDREN. Brooklyn' Outtinltnr Puntral Dtrrrtnrn for 60 Yftn JOSEPH McGUCKIH 1341 Bedford Avenue Tel. NEvin. 8-5251 Dignified Service Plui economy wu K r SE LED RIPS WU. PK RECEIVED hv t. Pi;d nf Witter .Supply n v -iff thirtonth floor. 120 Wall' S'rpt. 'w York i.Vy, until 11 ')0 a.m., Eastern Vr T'm, on Tuesday. Aue'i.n 7. l'U.V for 'onr,-a''t r7 1 . for furnihinR. lectins an-1 l"hvT"i)p bri.nue pine ana n"'..1 rHnnK, bion.e tanr rm.", ri mi-h-ende1 hrone mud l!ty, mel boi: ni bronrr nd r'- nut. for the Rnn-tl'.'it and Wpm firanrh effluent chambers of the lt,lawai' aqii'duct, U ai tet forth In the i".'ifirtinn.. l'r.'fpr-n''. Rntini nf A hax hen asjupnU hv th1 War Tioduftinn Husrtl fur tlie niati-nal." and equipineiU m-eluded in I hi (.ntriicL I'uniphl"! ''oniauiinK Inrnmat1nn fnr bidder forma of h.d end l. M''''ifu h' inns, c.mtrvt dr.i wuik,-.". i - i'iir'MM''nts to nrtv rt.-, imp he nblnined .it ih iffm of t!i" S-r'tntv 1 t tlie above nddr'S uitort flimht nt in per.inn or hv innl hv rip no.i tine th - putn of Vi-'fl "I eh '" it? uin '!ent i lor earh patrphhM. W :!'-n :V) d follnwme tin awmd of .vnt-n r r-I tprti-m nf b:d5 tli full vn'Oin? rf jitj.'h idp'i! lu ! oiiii-'l-'d f"- h pHfii- : phlpi inbmn;od a. i iml and a refund of $4 0(1 --t mad fi'- e.-h othr p.imphlc! i "tuvrifd in pp'flble ron- rt 1 1 ti-n Vr firthT in 1 1 i-1 1! i m ;d!v at 1K0 Aff.r f' i 1'lnff V.ns npfr t IHVINO V A UTTE. r'"'iti: AI f,..tfiA IS i M'-GAHEN rommi.v-ner Parl of

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