The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1932
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word (or first Insertion grid one «nt a word for tach subsequent insertion No advertisement taken lor kai than COc. Count (lie words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE 1OR BALE, RENT OK TRADE— six room house, comer 10th and Hcaro. E. V. Hill. J9P-KM FOB SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, BlythevUle Itelf KEDS, BARKED Rocks, Orpingtons, Lesnorns, 100—sti-50; heavy assorted. $5.50,'prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, Jcfl'crson City, Mo. 13-20-27 FOB SALE: Office furniture. 820 Dahlia Gravcltc. 20])k28 TOK FOR BENT—4 room house with batli, 601 Franklin street. Call L. fowler. Phone 45Q-J. 18C-TF FOB RENT—COS Chlckasawba St., Five Rooms at«i Bath. Apply nt h e Ncvr York Store. 15C-KII FOR RENT—Six room stucco residence, finnislicd or unfurnished. Dr. Ualiba, Ingram Building. 1GC-K23 FOR RENT—Eight room house aS ' 801 Walnut, steam heat, available March 1. Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, Armorel. Phone 15C4F12. !Vck24 BIA'THEVTT.LR. (Ajtiy_COplBR NEWS FOR RENT— 4-room apartment. nicely furnished and garagi Will be vacant March 1st. 1031 West Ash street. Call L. U Ward. 650 and 968. lOcklf FOR KENT—2 rooms furnished for light housekeeping. C25 Walnut street. Phone 521. Iflck23 FOR RENT--Furnishcd apartment. 305 Dougnn. ' 20ck27 FOR RENT: Furnished apartment, also sleeping room. 811 Walnut street. 2flpk28 WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher 8ctf WANTED -Used electric reducing machine. Must be cheap. Wriie L care Courier News. 11ck20 WANTED TO RENT: 3- room unfurnished apartment, or small 3 or 4-room house with garage. Ite- sirable location. Phone 373. 19pk21 ANYONE knowing the whereabouts of William Devrcy ..Goodman, colored World War "\eteran. vlrase Call 304, Red Cross. 18C-K25 WERT HeMakes'EmSee (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) \Vc Can S.ll- c 1'ou Money On PARTS For All Automobiles JACKSON AUTOl'AKTS 2020 W. Bl-.iin Phone 66 J. A. Saliba Dr. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Corner JIain & First St. Ingram, Building Delitiotis K. C. T-IJone Sluaks PlnJc Lunch, all you can cat - - 35c BLACK CAT COM'EK SHOI'I'E SECOND HAN'D FURNITURE I50UGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 K. Main Seven room dwcllin;. modern conveniences, on 100-foot corner lot, only 2 blocks from business •enter. This semi-business property must tc sold to closi rstatc. Sec me about it. G. G. C.M'DIU, I'honc <97 Farmers Bank Dldg. Meet Me At tlio New Rustic Inn CotVce, Hot Pigs and Chili KEI-'KACTIVE KHKOliS Scienlifically corrected \v 11 glasses. Haxe Your Eyes Exnmlncd HARRY AVEISBURD State Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store t: TODAY lUaulKul KLM1V KOSSIIriJ, • »Vf«7 cl lii Uar<l:i)'» Dtparlmrnt t ti.-i. Ijvi'* \vllh Urr kiutlirr, • «I,|\ IIDSSlTKIl, krr rlrtrr .!••At, MV1IA, nHilkrr juunc krulhrr, *i >.v.. siaUjr ha, <ll»l|,iMt« » f. "ns-it !<•« Ijj ilu-ir linker and I'.c c<vl> "iiti-M-r the Intull;. . rl..r« l«nrt ::* ..i m:iiV IQ jiny i;. re it Loitrii* ui>. The t, Eltr* df- nt llrfnni- Klll the HUM imra»r* mutt 1 *« nnnr. STPA'KX HAHCLAY, 57 .-ind Lvr rnjpluvc-r, Jrj*ri» arr n •irt-si. sill- fore MII kli ltlni!iir»» "lirii at llr.-mnlnnil «hr mrrl> linr.ilMlmr I. \ II It V II41I1IOW. c;ATt:. (in nrlUt. Later Illlrn ,IU- iNiYcr* (• rncascrd . ii> t,e iiinrrlrd. i:vr* tkomrfc »ke tM»l(» *J|HI n iihll.-indrrrr ihe contluuri In nef blni. >I.rrn null Molly opcnl? l^rnr l!iirfri:.v. i:ili'.-i c|n:trrr)H jyllii Ilivlu. 'I'lu-ti .\tllS. IIIIMIY. n mure . «.f ll»rrln>'< nririill.i to Illlr. im>rc.. JtnMx n-liiih,in>'» ikal • ::tiriil U Domini; In []In nrr , hyt i!i - ?ii nol AOpiily lln- nninr of IblM ri!i-r. I-llrn >II|>,I/>KI.« II |» I* IIKHT A1IMST!:.'.!), lirr .Mrr'. flr.::cc. rvow GO ox WITH -run STOIIV CHAITEU XVI "THAT ovenlns as ICIleu eulcrcil I ;':o shabby Brooklyn aparlinem -,OI:;D rlio felt a Krcnt iienco stcallns over lier. Tlio loWiy ivus micarpel- ctl, Ilio tiled lloor was by no means ckaD, the treads of tlie stairs li^d been worn by many (eet. As usual Mrs. Clancy |)0|i|)«l open her door lo grandfather bad died and rcmuin- bored Itiem iu his will. Pcrlmus tho dreams that colored ber child- bood bad at last couio true. • • » TN tbc dining room a colored maid ^- iiollsbed lieavy silver bowls. Tlie table, decked In now linen, flaunted a centerpiece made of Steven lisrclay's rosea, tall ami Biikmlid !a a ullTer vase. Now runs and curtains here, too. Tlie maid Rlanecd at Ellen, es \\lilto icetb. "Wlial aro you dolnr here? 1 tlie girl demanded iu astonishment. "I wills hero." Kllcn dashed into tlio kilchwt. Tlie kitclicn was not changed. Molly turned around from tlie slovo and BUI lied at her. "Wero you surprised, lioney?" she asked in u t;alo ot merriment and lilBh spirits. . "Wlmt In Ilio world lias happened anyhow?" "XYo'rc Rlvlug yon your clianco— tlial's what's happened," Mollj croivrtf. "I'd never bare known bow (o imtiagQ but .Mra. Clnncy told mo bow to borrow money on Ilio Insur ance. I've had tho most exhausting day. It took a Ions time to Kel tlio money nnd elnce ibcn I've spun like a top." "Have we both gone-crazy? What are you lalking about?" mcnllou Ills palpabln weariness; enough uhderauiulliig to keep ullent mull ho mafia a gallant recovery, "ll's aood ot you to come," slio said at InGl, emending her slender rown bauds. Seeing bliu rally his forces for a •eply, slio had n midden flashing stairs and shouting brcntblcsu and !oolibh noniieuso. "I'm ghid you think GO," llarciny Enid. nemory of l.nrry up thu .l.EN noticed then, licsllatlng on HIA Imiilliij;. n uniformed chauffeur laden with tlorlsl boxes, thrco ot them. Aa ho cnuglit Ills cmployer'ii eyu ho c:uuo forward. "Oh, you shouldn't have," Kltcn c-ict.-itmcJ liolulraily. "Wo'vo to many ro^cs now—" Sho 'ovrictl suddenly. "Yes, 1 know I slmuldu'l have." Hardiiy afjrccd. "Hut you'vo no Idea liow I enjoyed myself. Them's a bos for each of yon —for your slslcr and your mollicr aud Ibe pink roses aro for you." Aud tliou iliey entered tho 1 ronui and Mully lluilcml In from oe who had cnmc In. Surely there noiliin:; visible hero In Induce! nppiue-s foul Uic Rirl frit an odd! . , , ift of spirit. This w- ; -.s Home. She ! ""•' '"'P«aHvely. ;iJ left 1112 store behind. Kor 1'.' lours she need not ihhih ot IL She! ir.d stepped out of Hie ugly nnd duplicated life she led there lo re- urn to a life of her own. She was llro£ and she was com- "You'll SUB." Molly was convulsed v,'ith myslerious laughter, l.'rom iTAirnstalrs -the doorbell Ellen In a cos- ! "tin and sco who It IV Molly comuniiided mystei-iously. liu; room Ellen i;o'.!cecl that Ihu pair.tiu;; o[ her grandfather, which .bad liceii stored since her father's us home. She w.-.s glad even thni death, was in place on (he wall. She lie was not Ihnl r.iiht i,i S,EO LarrT reached the outer door anil forked i'nrrou-;vte. Tonight site wnmc I only Myra nud her niothsr and h:i diko u-ilh loyal, stodsy Ucrt scr\- ng as a comfortable background. A leisurely suuncr. aficrvvonls a ii ."r.d niEiyliQ a shampoo If she felt like It—a dolir'itful way to trend an evening, thuusht Kllea. Slio reached tlie fiflb (loor, un- ockcd tlie doo* 4ml stcsiped Into tlie KcESitor living rnnm. She stopped at the threshold, gasped. What had happened lo that beloved, faniilitii room'; Since morning it bad rimmed startling!)-, miraculously. I^verytliitii; rliout it bad been changed. The worn carpet was pone. The floor had been polished and was covered no 1 .? with summer scatter nigs. The familiar coniour of tbc furniture .v.-as lost bcucatli smart slip covers In gray nml orange. Curtains of the s;mie gray nnd orange material .fluttered m tho windows. New pcwler asti tr.iys tv.-inl;lcd from tho mantel cleared for onco of Mike's schoo Looks. A now bridge lamp bloomeu be:-ide Ibe o:isy cliair. Kvcry^-tiore were flowers. Wbal happened? As slie ran Irit -the dining room ^llen thought con tusedly Ihat pcrharrj :-->r Eujlisl Coning up the stairs was Steven "I'm afraid I'm early," woro Dar- tre's first words. "1'otH 1 mother airl seven." Kllcn as she stood, shabby and enuliful, in tlie doorway suddenly ndwstcod everything. Hy "her bailee" Molly had meant Steven Barclay. It was not tho timo— hough I'.er mother, to do her jus ice, could not have known that— o invite Sloven Uarclny as n guest t v.-as indeed 1101 the place Into vlnch to introduce a millionaire Tlio makeshift. GO delightful I Molly, difl not Improve tho down-nt heel apartment; they succecde only In emphasizing Ihe csscnlia -.overly ot its occupants. Jiut bos piiality, deep rooted nml instinctive triumphed over Irsscr cor.-id lions in Kileu's mind. Ellen slcpjicd into tho hall t rcet her unv.-clccnie visitor E warmly that ho should never Kile? that lie way not a welcome one. 11 v.-as leaning against the nalustnsd exhausted by HID long climb. Ill face was so white for n. momen i:ilen feared be would faint. Sh bad enough understanding not I Iho kitchen and lir-gun esclalmini; h-i.-u over Ibe Iwxe: mid recklessly irar-f ig lliem open until tho room was n I arulval of color. There was a mudgo ot flour on her iirctly, tilled osc bin she wna far too excited lo ^ conscious of her appearance. "1 tccl as Ilioiigli 1 don't need an ntroducllnu in ynji at all." she liub- led. sinking lmnil« with the guest. Ellon has lold us so much nlxiut ou." Molly's eyes and her daughtcr'o lashed :.,;;ctiier. Ellen did not ;uoiv wlial lo ilo; siie felt comtilete- y helpless, What could sho say? 'hero was no denying that Uarclay iccmed pleased. "Well," ho was Baying, "1 hope hey woro all nlco things." "Ot course they were," Ellen re- illcd n slrndo sllfily. "Darllnf, could you gel vnsen for he Rowers?" Molly Interposed, toss- US aside lavers of silky paper nnd "illius her ornia with sweet, purple .Ilacs. Kllen concealed her rclnctnnce at leaving hur motlior ;iud her em- liloycr tOBclhcr and loft Ihe room, When she returned she toiiud Molly, her Inp overflowing willi Oower.'i, chaltering li!;o mad lo llarclay. She was talking alioul tho Englisb Itos- silers, "dlrecl connections of oure, yon know." Kllcn underslood now tiic reason for tlio. nortrntt In the dining room. Sho was both annoyed and amusou at her mother'* childish vanity. • Although Steven «aa Interested, Ellen wnn exceedingly cross. She- relieved Molly of tin; fragrant bur-' din nnd arranged tho lilacs, tbc creamy camlllias ami the [.-ink ro>--;s in the alrcndy crowded room. What would Steven IJarclay think of them? Surely he could sec that her mother was trying to Impress him; surely ho could guess tho reason. Ellen was too young to~Unow that Sloven wai thin'Kilii; uolhlnR of the soit. )lo was Indeed Ihlukliig Unit ho had never ICTII Iu siicli a ch.irpi- lig. such n Irlcmlly pluco. Molly'rt very wjti-g v/ero kio Ir.-tn^paront lo swill vk-loua or giustiijis. "Yiui'll Just have lo luiiko yiuir.-iiilf at Imiiie." Mully ui-gcil, rising. -\Vi> llvo en simply thill I'm nlnild I'll liuvc lo lako my !lill>> girl uway !rom you. Sho'a (he only sood conV 111 HID hoiiso." A l''l'ACIOUS[.V Molly twined her :NIIIH nlmui KII,.|L mill drew tho i rh-.ld bud)' do.'o. HIICH knew iiiuther I'!.II«-IPI| ber tu f.iy HiltiK pa-ay, Hinicllilu); lii-pnc- nloiy :-IH| gmcelul. lint nhu said BOililm; al nil, "r«ihri|:s yiniM like a iii;ii;ur.lne." M->lly fii!:i;esti-i| liurrliMlly wbcn Kill n's stubborn clH'iiru wivi b.-glu. nlsis to ho cinkii'r;ij.;liig. Thni «!iu crlul nut, relieved, "llnl ihcrn's n kvy! It miisi ho my nhlcr druigli. tor. Myr.i, and her ll.i::i:e. They'll l"Mi yon cuieilalnc,!." M>r.i mid Hell, iliisly and liol, Mi'iu linouuh itio dlnltit: m:.i.i »ui| In'.' ilio living roam, (loth wi-ia id-iliily Ihihbnrgaslcd al Ibn-lay's :iro. Tliero wcio luuru Ililrn PAGE K1VB OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAhfitH Tlitro wero imiro nialiou* iircr ilio Jioirnr:!. !:> 11:01-0 or Molly'rt i-ulutlr ^. Tliero v.-;is more. lu:i;; l^llcn nir.lnlr.lncil cunirnl until rli? rciichid Ihg klu-lsrn bat when I tli • klli-1-.c'ii door K\vmi['. In niicr her 1 '.I Molly she v," • in n rials nl worluj; rage, so an;;ry :,'.:o win In- fi-!nr;-!il. Never iu her life liad Kl'i n Ijvon sui uiiKi-y. "1 ihni'l knnw yon'vo trlk- li:-. r.brni," Molly said la a inno uhl'li slio hoped wnuld br bnM hill iv!ili-li ivas lns{c:ul 1111.1(0113 a«il "I'an'l you rro how unfair you'va been lo mo?" cried Ellen, irylns t<> lw iii'.tlMU. .'••••r<- iiorroivivi mo:iey on our Ins: .aiir.e wlilch h the only thing lhal bliimls hclwocii 11:* oml comidely ruin. You'vo put me In a false pmltlon wtlli tho mini I work for. Vt'hal nort of Impression do you thhilr you'vo glveu Mr. Uaicby or nil ot us?" "lie likes us. 1 know he do??! If only you hadn't stood ihcro Mlio » stlrl; nnd left ovorytliln,; K> mu. Ellen Hossitcr, I'm ashamed ol you! I thought my own ilnuglilorn know MUT wtmt wag duo u yncal." Tbat was Molly'c v.-r.y. Kllen fell ;'iln Hi. t mood of iulonne liclpkt^- i.css. She saw Mully \vas thai • 'though «ho iiersclf might have been sltghlly nt fnull. 1 faults f oulweiglictl her own. Tears were gailu:-::ig In llu bluett. So Tl-lAT LOA'PC.n HOS9AWTJ Of iwvrreo vooHuvJG TO •oiwwe'R, HUH? AUD ^ou TWO HAVE SOME Business TO TALK OVER— THAT'S A LAUGH'. uuuESsR,'"" _' TOV . IT'S VOUl? 8USIUES5 TO Tf3V TO T^lKiD t\ \-& x COW ^. VJAV TO GET HlrA OUT, A-F-TG13 ,^ BOTH e.-rui-r--EO — -rnErO IT'S A MOT ft CHAMCtU ~~. c,o VOO vA/AI-f! -' m^'-'".. "*$ 1 BOOTS MD IIER BUDDIES .... WHY, TIPPY! ByMartii thick-fringed eyes forget thai ubo slightly at fault. Molly would had lioen oven Kho would only siibii.^ly rcnu'!:ilr thrit s givon he" whole l!fo tn her (ors, cruel and un:ip;irccl>itl<e daughters who never remembered what s'nc had douo for (hem. "All right, mother," tin: girt snlil wilh a heavy sigh. "Yon were right and I was wrong, Let's get at tiio dinner now," '•:'•! Do ConllmiciH Sltrtfl- stock, 129 5-8 10 i-8 108 1-4 . 12 1-2 12 3-8 . 6 3-8 A. T. nnd T Annconda Copper .. Auburn Caterpillar Tractor . Chrysler Cities Service Coca Oola , Continental Baking General Electric ... General Motors ... Michvcslcrn Utilities Montgomery Ward . New York Central .. Packard : 4 Radii) 3 3-1 Simmons 81-2 Standard of N. J 28 1-2 Texas Corp 12 U. S. Stcol 48 1-2 22 22 5-8 4 5-8 9 1-4 30 7-8 jjid radio coriwraiiom, and gov- j crnm;nt-o\vncd ferries ana water- j works. j Of capital invested In public utilities, $55,1)00,060 is represented by j I Filipino operators; $37,-140,122 .by I 'American oi>erators. and about i | 5450,000 ilic investments of Clii- j neEe, Japanese and Spanish operators. Tlio heaviest investments arc in land transportation, estimated at 572,000,000. Tlic total capita! ol telephone companies, exclusively controlled -by American cnpital. Is S2,- 531,073. Electric' plants are csti- malcd to have a total value of $15,230,352. New York Cotton More For the Building Dollar A New Uoof, a Taint Job; Screens, llavihvootl Flooi'.-i Anylliin<; in Builtling Repairs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FRECKJ.KS AND HIS FRIENDS rr By BkMf NEW YORK. Fc-I). 20. (UP)—C Co'jton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close ,Iar day u ly Ocl". Dec. ! an. cas 711 733 158 774 780 700 713 13-i 758 774 781 G32 712 727 7« 767 773 GD2 712 V28 748 707 773 New Orleans Cotton WOHLEANS. Feb. 20. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open Hizh I.nw Close UG8 100 693 605 718 710 73.1 726 753 745 770 164 M.1I-. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 710 733 753 770 771 712 729 150 766 771b S):ot£. closed steady at C91. up 4. Public Utility Investments j In Philippines$92,544,185 j WASHINGTON. <UP) — Investments in iiublic utility business of Ihe pliilippincs tolal 1S5.188.369 Pr.ilippin? pe^os. ab^ut S92.5<4.185. according to the Department of Commerce. This figure docs not Include other elates of iitililtcs, such as aeri- B E T T K R ]{ 0 n Y R 1C PAIR S Expert Work. All Makes. Fenders, Doors. Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like. New. Accly- tr-nc Welding. Prices Low. Phone 810 Blythcville, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. \tlCR6 CISHf j F80MTCF IT MOW...-I ssuT A o t.'SS. REDF1ELD u MM...WHAT °° THOSE HEAR 73F RlOSBLy STREET •yeT, DOC GST KM OVER.. OR LCST" TX ROUGH THE DOOR v+ay, n THE TtfJIPOHAKILY STOI'I'KI): K«. C'MOil, SCR. Y SURt. iHO'.'J Us TO TW oWE U\T)\ HE 'Ii' / UON'S PEt-1 W VX'LL .._ '/WOLD 7Ct;-.soR£ w WASH TIFBBS iT?HO WOVF6W10 IS LOCKCD IN ItT ME SEE. \ 8E£M si Wee i W\S A. —OH, VESl TUNS TrtESTUFF- — ! f RIEPfN IS M..\BMtt> NfTtP, lilt BE«\TiW6 I UNMDED 'EM, •i \ THCV'Lt BE IN AT lA.^T t=RlEOA'S FEM^S Myi GiUIETtP, . V-nASWe l.t^DS TUEH ~K> T U .E P^JN6EO^S DOOR

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