The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1932
Page 1
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Serued 60 fAc United Press BLYTHEVILLE COUKIER NEWS : ™ K ™ m ™™^ s ™™°*^»*^K*^A™.^ E ^£S: • L "-i-^TT 1^7 VOL. XX VIM—NO. 289 _____________ Blytlievill* Daily News," BlyUievllle~~Heraid SOUTHEAST MISSOURI . J». YT1 1 IOVI I jMtKA.NS AS,. SATU It DAY. CHINESE HOLD OUT AMlNSTFIERSAml —- IIM ~" "" """ —- : ••"*"•;'* Wit ness Describes Japanese A dvance PORTS filTH K1SISI1 BY Sniper Awaits Bayonet •Sees Nipponese Fighting { Men Drive Chinese 'Back From Shanghai. By H. R. KKIN lj'lif<U Press Stuff t' urreS| WM<k,l( ^SHANGHAI. Feb. 20 iUPi-War '" "" -| f il£ horrors wem revealed today ns the sTficieiu 9th division of the Japancr.-; army pushed on relentlessly throu-h the countryside toward Ktangwan vil- Tho dead, the imconcern at mass Killing, the terrific cannonade coming from batteries of ciiht inch guns, (he futility of the de- i fcnseless as (heir homes and barns ' were bun:.-jl. were part of the Picture of this war lane wh'cli I witnessed today. China fought back in a gallant effort to stop the big push which started with the dawn. The Japanese army matched on. Rescues Coat Once ] sail- a defenseless Chinese farmer thrown into an icy' creek. I tried to rescue him but failed. I saved his goat. Japanese jflajios carrying 250 pound bombs were constantly arriving and departing from Yangze- jwo airdrome. Along the dusty road to Kian- gwan I passed marching companies of infantry. Every hundred yams ..or. so we vacated Chinese .trenches. Japanese marines were -b'l^i' Etrin^inP: fie'cL- ''eTpbi^iie-r'-ir Soon I encountered th» Japan- ess artillery, ten batteries of eight, inch guns. Trim officers were nearby, marking out gunfir?/ orders The din from the cannonadins was terrific. One could watch the projectiles hurtle forward. Bodies u-ere sprained in thc shell- shattered trenches. As I turned toward tlic main! approach of Kiangwan village l ; nasscd the entrenched Japanese! infantryman. They did not-molest 1 me. . | Child Flees Across Field Across one field ran a little girl who appeared to be about the age of by little sister ths last time I saw her. She wafc crying and dragging a piece of tattered bed- din?. I 'tried to catch her but she was frightened, apparently unable to decide which was the worse, the foreign devil or the Japanese soldiars. Behind the Japanese infantry lines six Japanese 4.1 guns were shelling the village and ths Chinese were returning the fire. I was caught between the two fir-.,. I dropped into a deserted Chinese trench tut the Japanese st:cl hel- metcd soldiers ousted me and I _ , flasoiiet uo,sed tor the'death-strok Glass-Sle;ig;ill Will Permit $|,5titf,- 000,000 In New Money There's This Pr«ws Something in Names ' CilUJIAM. .UK.. R-b. Ml CUP) -'. W. Sioul, D3-yHU'-o!d |,1- '"wr i-Ili/cn, ihp- father 0 I M • .. -.. '•'..•i«n-cJiUUr-.>n. ;nid -••> KranilclilldK-j). has innrrlrd I':"' till- fifth (|,,, t ., Mr married Mrs. I.uln Mc- 'ii/ic 61 TWiaikim.i, Tlii'y will make llirlr liome there IEEOS OtIIIES OF ''Sin; Tricknl Mr' $' ! »v.s MX- iVIavor Bicentennial Ofjscmucc Should Sp<;od Recovery Says WASHINGTON. Teb.' 20 (Ul»)— The GlnM-Stcagall bill for. currency imcl i-rnllt expansion, wli'lcli suffir-'d on its. mere'Introduction to boom stock nhd commodity markets, u, well on'its wiiy -to flnnl enactment. The house paused thc bill Mon- i dny with only is dissenting votes. I \Vil| T)ID .senate nctcil '.'ltl.» yesterday; without a record tell call after I extending the period";of effective-' ness from on? year ti two. i The house formally disagreed -- i"»j- « io<Jav to ienate amendments to' ME,\fp»re. Feb. 20 (UP)—Tint ^'"•l 01 " BcViciihumer dellveird the the bill and orderqil the maisuro: Memphis oflice ol tho $2000001)-I 1 '' 1 ™ 1 ll '" sent lo conference between 'Die! "GO .'(construction llnnnce corii- Olwi-vanoe this yuir of n, c |,l- of die Ijfiih of aeorse i i-hinild help America v.lth which the ciiunlry l.s f '» :P 'l. Ma), t). i,. Hoduii- j '. imsl national commander ReCOriStVUC- 'uudlci'W'lil' Th" eUy^Wui-ii'im ! itosl nlKlit. declaring i.:nu the iimil- ' I- T . • ' c - — - jilles of Washington were U, s quul- i' 101" Ims Section. ! ulea wlllcl » l"ls country needs to-' : Handle .... lion Corporation Affairs ^ two houses. Tills ortfiis the'way for final action early next week. Senator Glass, Democrat, vlr- omllon will- be Kennedy mid mannccil by J I, in bcgiu-oiieratlon ebruary 23, it war, nil- , f .^..mocrai, .yir- lu^Mmy, rciirui glnia. who jointly sponsored the! nounwd today, bill, cslimnles $1,500.000,000 of: new I Kennedy yestenliiy resigned his currency may b? issued under "Its H° s t n<i innnuger of the Memphis authority, it previously had been I clearing house, nssodntIon to heud "'."'""•' ''" """ wirrencv Issiwilhc locnl office. Flnnl plans for could exceed $2.000,000.000. but. ex- • U v i opening arc being completed c?ss gold held bv reserve banks is' loiJny at n' meeting In SI Louis now about S«d,OOQ.MO . and -will!The office fi] lliave charge of the Dcrmlt issue of only the lesser. coiporatlon's l«isine.s,< In west Ten- sum with the gold serving as a ^0 'nesscc and caslern Arkansas. cer cent reserve. The remaining 60 pjr cent of collateral behind the currency wil consist .of- feder- .al bonds. '.. ' .' t lele " ho "> P>««« «•>«. taken just behind he f-rm H,, «. aen just be the f.cnt lines during flghtins for control of Shanghai, airin- fierce taltle around Shanghai's Nurth Station at the e' ° th 0 Z •wn accused snipers. Within a lex; seconds after this picture was-taken the Chinese prisoner ivns took refuge behind wall ot a bridge. the concrete;! Regular Spring Term Will Open at Osceola the 14th of Next Month OSCEOLA, Ark.-Grand and petit jurors being summoned by the I sheri/T'.s office to j-rre at tr.e regu- • lar term of criminal division of cir- • cult court, which will convene hjre March 14. are as follows: jurors: Gabe Enochs, Woman of 80 Watches of Appendix MARTIN, Tenn., F.*. 20 (UP) —An iroman, Mrs. Jane Landlord of McKenzle, nearby, \vatched the removal of her appendix at WcakJcy county hospital and carried on a comvi.-satlon with doctors throughout the operation. .f,.. Bonds.. Available SoonX . .-.. "• -.\VAfeHIMOTON: Kelt.; 20 CUPl-^ nnby bonrts ns halt to hoirded money will be sold in rtchomina- tions ol $50, SIOO. and f500. ihi> They will bear at least 1 1-2 per cent interest and will mature in one year. The total amount to bo issued was not announced. The bonds will be offered through hanks about Mirch 1. It was believed the low interest rate would entice hoarded mbn.~jv out of hiding but would not entice cash out of banks, since the rate is much lower than the normal bank continental bus plowed Into the rear end of n stalled oil tank- Iruck. on the Ixra Angeles-Phoenix: highway 60 miles ci\r,t' of here. ' 1 Thc dead werc Alvln Alexander , nf Tre««nry Mills sail) I banks would bo able to pay for ,,..„, ... ,„«-.„», „„„ ,„„:, ooji-t | bonds tlicy receive from the treas-' McLasty, believed to have lived ;ury through a deposit Inlthe bank ' - " ' to the credit of the government KILLED IS; HITS-TRii Eighteen Others Injured in Accident, in 1 his Morning. nl this city's uvo- In cL'lebintlm, of the Wc'-ii- ;»"i'il. held under the joint aiis- l«.'s of Klliotl Fletcher cbaptcr, nteti Daughters ot . Confederacy :«l the auxiliary unit of Dud'ct- >n peM 24. America); Legion. Nwil Srme of Responsibility Tlie program included a brief <}k by -the guest of honor, Oen. *• DcSaussure, command-- tef of the United Con cd- . . VettMins, ivoWs of . greeting by a mimtcr of loeul inen. au'.l musiciil selections. Miia cut nun n ie Un | lc<1 btalcs of America was,* islabllshcd an Independent natlo'i durl.ix' more illsrouni Uny times than those pf the present. Major Bodonhom- er np r .o;ilc<l inr'.a , realization ,011 the.jpart of.-all.'citizens'• Ihii^.tJuj; ":ii.4i of' Indlvkluili "responsibility iGnipJIfied Ijy Gcoipc,' Washington what ih needed no* 1 . He described Washington at a man of ' character, courage, and —•.ici.tiiii' wno earned 'his position, iu history not, by extarordl- imry iibtTfly but by steadfast loy- nUy lo sound principles. •- n. N. Ware jr., presided at tile Bombarclmenl Rattles For dows Throughout Night ^SHANGHAI,. fiiifiday.' Fob. 21 Iwi sUHiiShnarleil Chlnsse^i incmL of defense n ... — •;•" -"*-».- tlMl;.-, ^Illill -..- f; o<i!,iiiiK to eiiaiwliul proper : cori--^J i thiued with -mcreuslng violence :to-' '. : f. Move than 15 hours after llv>' -» slnit of (hi? malor'battle Chdi-'•'•! esc detcnilers continued- to hold '.'•'$ out.-nlthough they lost" one .-mnjor-"^ jiosltlon wlien the Japancr.' hv^. , uowcicd the defeiuc of klariW '-'''k wnii. .' '. .-.•-• ...-;•'•".' Flghtln? al ifildrilghl was ex-S i"r Ircmely fierce.Cosualtoi. Increavd"-."" The bomburdmont by the 'Jnp.'',-, neie artillery, both 8-ineh nni-.'-T t nuns, won so heavy ^-indowS'' within Hie International sclt'.V-. ;4; mcnt rattled from the concussions'"-".'4" Healdents of the settlement, '" hnndrcibi of them Am«rlcans, Were-"-! iinnble to sleep during the iiljrtit : '"" »s the warfare raged alo'nj tlic.J front alwiii seven miles north 'of the Kttlement. : : Mntsh M. Callow-ay. Briel remarks wer c made by Mayor Nelll R^a. K. C. Patton. commander 'of Dml Ciifon post, American Legion, a'ml Virgil Greene, representing Herman and T. P. Flowc-n, believed to have „ g ' Orce "^ rcprcwntliig Herman lived in Phoenix, and Mis:, Joyfc|.™ vi . s ^ { - v oleraiv; of Foreign Mrl n";tv. hplfevra in >ini-n nu<vl ^ OTS, • Thus It will not be nrecssary for bnnvs l o rtd>!rte their cnsh to handle the bonds. In Dallas. George Blair of El Centre. Col Musical Projram The musical program Included a sextet, "Denr Lam\ oi Frecda Boyhood Hobby Develops New Business Tana! Pa««P« I f^EBLO, Col. IUP)—Out of a ... tanai rasses l hot)byi a ncw in;U]s , r y ,.„ t . n 100 Years of Service i 601 " hero i when he was a boy, Willism i bullet severed it. The 35th and 37th Japanese re- Siments Immediately took places, preparing to advance. Tlie goat I had Kucued earlier continued to follow me. bleating. A sound news man loaded him into a truck and started back toward Shanghai. The only time I was ir.olstcd T was near thc Chinesci lines. A Jap- r-ricsc soldier halted me and I said "The Chinese never shoot an American." "The Chinese shoot anyone coming from this side of "the line." the tenlry replied. As T tinned back toward Shanghai I met company after company of Japanese soldiers marching along the road, pushing pedestrians to one side. Joining the throng of refuges 1 turned toward lh~ international settlement and wondered what had happened to the little eirl. Arrest Man Wanted On Old Burglary Warrant Ro >' Smith, s-snted for a mitn- .oer of months on s charge 'of burglary ail(1 grand lnrc( , ny in connection with the robbery of a f-v „' V f ' i ' !llborllo od ftore has bton of rni ?'?, cuslod y fe y ° m «rs out of Constable Harry Taj-lort of tic.-. had been on Hi? £" S 5ald W>K011t for ">r some having been I«med his arreoi several months e«o jurors: w. Cromer, ,Joc Montague. Baltic. !„„ 1 From ]815 to 1833 more .than 43,-1 jj _P. COO Swedish army engineers were Joe The canal was first proposed by Bl„ ... , - - i-'hop Hans Brask. Some hun-.lre:l Petit jurors: H. T. Emerson. J. D ' .v«irs later, during tile reign pf WrM j" 1 ° !lris Tom P'tin.'!. Gus King Karl IX, a firit s'.rstch, frain rh-« r '!' ' Ton Eate, Charles the I,.ikc Vanern to tte North Sen. Don?i'i r McKpn7if1 ' E - M. Me-1 was begun. It was. however, lise Ti , ' . ' M - N ? rton . C. C. Ermen. Swedish engineer, naron Ealti-ar rant D'"' B " Shelby, Abe Live- -von Platen, who brought lh« pro- NOH . ' 0llles P 1 5- '-. P- nui m hen to a sUM^sJui nnlsh. J n «' . )lsr!DS Lon-rancs ir ' The entire letsgth of UK catial • >->• Mooring. Emmett Chiles. | "as been dug or Ihsle.'. The rjst :d. Trit was in 1J-- he has has hun-Jreds us have (irrar.g- iteh parts for the minia- and cala'ogue.s ha\'2 showing I'.lans and vi- Cllnton. Alternate M. Hill, menter. -^ " ...iv ^/llllu Dunn. I.ouis Spann, L-OII A. S. Catehings. Js.t passes through natural canaU or Market Owner Hurt in Holdup Attempt CARDWELL, Mo.—W. J. Johnson of IhU city was Injimxl about . , driver of the bus, said the tanker Residents .of' Evanstoti, 111., fashionable Chicago subiirb, cr'owde' Into. cpurt ,to liear fbr'msr Mayir Harry P. .Pearsons, shown he-re, tei- «.fy that his second wife.- Mr, Elizabeth Schjrim Pearsons', obbi-c forctd him info mnrriagc 'by saying she expected to become a mother, and'that he wed.her with'tin undemanding Hint ihsy were lo t» dvorcttl later.. His, testimony wL given in tors. Psarsons 1 suit fp. separate moliiunanre. . H. O. Daniel;:, driver of the tinker, said he parked beside tho highway last niRbt and was unable to move' the vehicle this morning. De Valera's Victory - -.„..... Bailey, accompanied by Mrs. Raymond Pdv;- •Icr, and singing- by the assembh (f America, Dixie, ami the guv Epiuiilcd Banner. A inlmicl was jfihen by four young girls under lilt direction of Miss Marie Moon, iccorn- . , , . r j J General DeSa«f.«irc BUS a In Ireland Conceded I pankii to Biytiie\nic fror hcmc in Memphis by hij " DUBLIN. I. r. S.. Feb. 20. (UP) lev. Mis. Jett. Mrs. Fares, who is . . . . .. . . . . . , —Victory fcr Eamon dcVnlsra's jicncrnl chairman of the national ;" Fail parly was unofficial".- JO. D. C. convention io be held n~ c ~ '' Memphis tills \ear. and Adjt. Goi. conce'lei' totlny as returns from ihe Free Stole election gave dim certain plurality over H crnain i.iurajii.y uvtr rri'Muini. """ -w^a. Z>V\IL-IUI,II[IVE, *eru g William T. Cos^ravc's adminis'.riv al a dinner at the Hotel Noble tion party. [night. A reeep'.lcn for General Wjth all tut II oi the HG 3-Mis jEmissure was held ni thc Woman's . . . K. .E. Boullin'ton, ivho. ailh .Mr. Mrs. Bo<ienliamcr, were De- in thc dail accounted for the fi- c!lit> house in the afternoon. ;'una Ftvil. whirh i.s su-orn to ab'il- The bicentenuEil observance \vas ish the calh of allegiance to King planned by committees headcj by George, held a lead of five seats Mrs - Floyd A. White, president of over th s Cossravc partv. 'he local legion auxiliary unit, and Thr returns were: Fianna Pall and labor, 69 seats, Cosgrave aril -.s a:l:cs. 64 scats. Mrs. James B. Clark, president of the local chapcer oi tlu- U. U. C. n,.. Sneakers. pv anrl Other Leaders Are C. J. Little Speaker at Meetings at Newport C. J. LIUL"i of-this c'lly address- • ed n session of thc Newport cham- . ber of commerce yesterday hrid *«s -the prliiclpal speaker \ at a tne«t!nif lost night "of tin' Veterans of Foreign Wnvs nt Nc-v;n<)rt^, i Mr. Little.spoke in the .Inttttat' of legisliiOon now before'the-fed-'-- «al 'cohirew to-provide:ji»ynftrit-fv of. , a.d]uited service coinyenutlbn.'A^ to ex-soldiers.,/' ' ' ' ,-.Ro«x-mis«}inss Vcntji /avor^of th» 'niovement «ca>rn lo reports and tb.-rNewoort cl'inm- bcr of commerce -Instructed its secretary to send -dispatches •to congressmen urging passage of tlic bill'.- '•"..' .: ..'-. •- ; Drives Th'rtv, Mi'es v.: • -. to Rescue Hound Dof t-OGANSPORT/ Ihd", Feb.; 70., (UP)—Engineer A. W. Pitxsoh K" ' idly, at his cab ' ' ' icnred post nunker Hill,' 'uVlnklnj V' of.little..but.running the huge, lo- " ; •'- comotiye. - .' . , . -' '*•'':.•••. 1b?f\. he noticed a.' barbed '*ire -".fence that paralleled the • railroad' '-. track. A iiound dog. \vas • whtjri- •-. perlng, unable to extricate; its fob|.v:v : When. the train' arrived here ':/, Paxson lutncd it over to another -"V;. engineer, took on aiitomoblle'-anil '> drove • 30 miles back .to Bunker ".-•''£. Hill to free the dog. . :' • ' '.'-'.. .- -f. Tl'ft nnstors mociinc! or ti, ro cl'Mi-lct of the vfcthori -' - „, . ,r M Street NMhodUt ch,.rfh here pn. -l'h lh« n»,,. ,,„,„„, . , . the nrwiclin? M,i cr ,: '"• Soeakprs wer: Dr. .1 S , r,, ^owav college, Olenn p. Snndonl. O vte»- alon secretary of tlin Rn'.rrt ^ ristlan Education, and G. a . ' ' executive secretary of altendli CarihveH Banlr Wi!' ' ;-f " Reopen Next Tuesday: CARDWELL, .Me.—Ths Cardw-Sl ' Bank, after being closad less th'ati : : three monlhs, will rc-ousn- n nvl '. I TMesdny, February 23, under ti plin : I which has bc?n worked cut by 1^ offlcerji and directors in coio3ri>t|-" ..' with Us stockholders, and approved by the state finance department • Unicr thc plnu thj tank "wl". .'_ ake no loans diirin^ 1332, and n'"i ' money deposited in thc bank aft°- .: : it reopens will bo used to bny r>H..." obligations cf'the bank. Money now : due co.-rejpcndent banks will c'e c-il-" .-• lected Eclely frrm' collateral no- .-• held by such banks. ' O. D. Hall Is the pioslden; an'' .'. E. Brewer thc cashier of tha' seiston I bank. Radium evening in 21 'the head ursa at'emp'ed holdup. Mr. Johnson had closed his meat Pos. Fire Destroys Film !New Bank WUI Pay j Deposits in Old One of Mississippi Rue Passes Memphis of of new bank, the Bank of Kiss.-!, can- i-1. «.vi nip trar. .ncjuifr VIVA i officts at Toronto. Ont., knocked him doun. Mr. JoMison * fthruar, flood W ater S wlifch • Milled Frank" A "Ray. l»»fc S w!iilw;" B ^"ihe" U ^oi; lr iw j,g i™ Mississippi above c ' n ^ r 't"s of mining eitiiiiccrlng at (Johnson w.ilkcd to" the I Ltoyd Alexnr.djr. son of S. C. Al-; ^^ exander. was busv in his workshop i mv»»,.i.._ ,,_ >.... prpjni,,,' L-n^ti r ' VC l has 1)cen rc: >cl;ed. °a claims on Great u»ar I.iS?. O-n. v,eau,cr bureau today report- ; "ear the Arctic clrc:e where they , " in for Eai(l tne >' had found " tiei of blend. end toot ftct Wntalns urflllium of a I twrce of radium. <=«bEtanic - !l " thc =1 dtreatmer, Bitches the ;>a?h en ihe side of his - , ,. i — — <jiup|>va into the films. Thc was given, ccvtu j celluloid strips turn Into name.: necessary lo vl " ie>v —* •• Hearn Hardware Store M P " aRe l! 55 Ilcvcd 'o contain sold, silver on:! copper. The mineraji7c:'. region I «tr«o; of RUSSELLVILLE, Feb. J.O. (UP) — The war against hoarding hss ha;l some efTecr her-?, it was revealed ', "'• A ma n deposited more than »1,OOJ> in old stylo large bills in ih» Bank of Russellville. He had never ncd an account before. thc wwkshoo was 0:1 fire in ( T . _ . an Instant 1 v "• J ' Burlte of L"^ora has purchased thc Hearn Hardware company store, operated by H. T. Hearn — a —,.„„ M .^ v .^ fct «^.«.^ at 312 West Main street, and Is aamsgc hnd b-"-> •'"» - jnow i;. ch.irge of the business Alexander succeded In sav- 1 Mr. Burke. \vho ha.<; operated thc - -. .Burke Hardware store at Uwora ^of old^aw^and a boy s| for nve years, plans to close out "° ~ '' ' hk Business there nnd move hli f*mUy to . , * • • vf nyi LI:. u^ c o- of Bl»thov|llc Pirn Methodic church; the Rev. w ,r r ,>)?„.. pastor of Lake Street Mr-lhrxlist 1 TV L lw Rcv - Orovcr Sultici - tand. yarbro; thc Rev. Pnvd rialln- wav. Joiner: thc Rev. H. L Wade Joncsborp First church: f- Rn- C. O. Hall, Joncsboro Huntlngton Avenue church: the Rsv w M Swt, Luxorn: thc Rev C II Bumpers. Manila; the Rev E K' R-K f n M-rlnn: the R.'v. Eli M»v"s, Osceola; the Rev. W E l>»i| Tyron?a; and the Rev W p nie- vlns, Wilson. The pastors' 'wives nrcEont were Mcsdanios Rovie. L"BOJ', Wade, Bumpers. Sewcll and Meyers. Diirfne ihe noon hrmr the Woman's Missionary Society of the Lake 3trf.n chinch serve;! luncheon to the $210 Fine at Harrison HARRISON. Ark.. Feb. 20. (UP). —A motion for nppei>! h,is brjti • fllnd by MoSr". tnick operator, u^h» was fin;d $210 en: caii? for operating wltV.oat 2 state n- ctiiae. . The suit came as a resv.1l of «' camoaign innimurated by the Mb- souri and North Arkansas r.-illroil ' ' cd of tniek Fined For Theft (M Purse From Counter Moore still has a .charse of overloading pjndlng against him. WEATHER^ ] /'"KANSAS'-Cloudy, probably I occasional rains. Warmer tonijht j and Sunday, I Acccrrtlnij to Charles Phillips jr., the official weather observer, tl>t theft . - fivc dnv «» 50 degrees a n:i ths'-mtal- vcstcntay mum 32 degrees. c!oudv. , : yCCr n! ° 'hcmsxlmu " le *" M -*P«s an <i the minimum WIth - 05

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