The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on June 7, 1944 · Page 8
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 8

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1944
Page 8
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EROCKLYN EAGLE, WED., JUNE 44 7, 19 C if (? 'if - Afr:':-- h,jV (ill J teiBfers Jci J i. 1 -sJsA t-i a I? READY FOR DUTY with Uncle Sam's sea fleet are these ensigns graduated today from the Coast Guard Academy at New London, Conn., with Bachelor of Science degrees. Left to right, Herbert R. Harris of 45-65 1 72d St., Flushing; John D. McCann of 42-17 Judge St, E'mhurst; Louis Randolph Ford of 1223 Avenue L; Bernard S. Brown of 1474 Flatbush Ave. and John M. Dempsey of 135 78th St. List 43 Local Soldiers As Prisoners of War Washington. June 7 (UP The Warl Mrs. Loretta Marcario. mother Department made public today the 179 N. 7th St. THEATER By Arthur Pollock 'Angel Street' in Its Third Year Has Three Good New Principals "Angel Street." in its third year at the Golden Theater, delighted audiences since the piaff I opened. He is soberer Rough thaa, the Leo G. Carroll mho made thi I role one of tlx best, of his career. "Angel Street remains a melodrama. ly and sensitive, shadowv. uleflt, one of the vest bess of its kind, a remarkable play and produ ''on. 1'"" 'rl, L. i.,,!.. niMARiNO. Pvt. Joseph - Leonard ow has three new members in its cast, but it unfolds still rThrid by Germany and 40 are r Park With the Same 1uiet th3t haS made and kePl 11 a hlt" elude 43 from Brooklyn, Queens and JeI. or a whisper to be heard, drinking it! Long Inland INTERNED BY GERMANY Mrs. Bertha Markowitz. mother, 1122 53d St. in. The newcomers to the cast have may be counted on to settle down he three principal roles. Perhaps , smoo.h collaboration by the time 1.1, iKi. jusevn airs. Kose ih.i. ...., i-,1.. . ,h BIRGELES. Sgt. Walter M.-Mrs. Millman. mother, 1164 47th'st. Ifw ....mi ,'" .....ran nr,. 1 they have played together a week or James J. jdecessors gave the Dlav but little 01 1 two. Aiar, uuiows.... M.sier. wumu- MlXLANY. Tech. Sst point Ave.. Long Island City. Mrs;. Annip Muuany CANt ELLIERI, Pvt. Prank Mrs. Lawrence Ave. mother, 39 the effect is lost and the new three On lcae Horn Sampson. N. Y.. L' Apprentice Seaman Anthony Cusi- St. is taking ba.-ic training at Fort following completion of flight train. mano of 323 Clinton St. Oglethorpe, Ga. ing at Peasacola, Fla. Lt. Harold M. Palik of 5106 Another winner of the Good Con- Hnt V5riaJ is Ovt FHt'a Pnric nf 195 St. James Place, stationed at Clarendon Road us completing train-Fort Knox, Ky. ing as a navigator at Pueblo army air base. Col. Pvt. Angela Neglia of 2146 E. 21st 1 j Pfc. James D. O Council of 197 ar U Huron St.. stationed at Camp Davis, You may Never for m. Have To Take Another Laxative Moit aonstipated popl misht be u wsrular u clock-work if they would tak more txerciae watch their diet ind rt op rlier mornitifcT to give bowels timt to ftct. But who wantj tr do all this? So tha next beit thine is to keep th bowali a r)Tular us we can and thtt'e where Espotabi come in. Becaune you may take Espotab at night and in the morninff expect the prompt, non-violent, eatitfyinf type of movement that make the tpirtU aoar and what amir constipated person could uk for more? Get Espotabs at your dnifffiat today and take aa directed. t5t?. I ill m Rose Cancellierl, mother, 43-53 Bowne St.. Flushing. C1TTADINO. Staff Sgt. Francesco P. Urs. Jennie Cittaciino. mother, 156 Mott Ave.. Inwood. COSTELLO. Pvt. Joselin Josevio Costello. father. 492 Kasciusko St. DEMARTINO. 2d Lt. John J Mrs Amelia J. DeMartino, mother. 43 2d Place. DEVITO. Staff Sgt. Michael F Mrs. Charlotte DeVito, mother. 373 92d St. DONAUOS, Pvt. Spiro W Mrs. Lillian Donadct. wife, care Mrs. Patrick Dundon. 20-45 32d St.. Astoria. ! FAROW1CH. Staff Sit. Michael- Paul Farowich. brother. 255 Pennsylvania Ave. FIX. 1st Lt Rene C Mrs. Roe Fix. mother, 115-68 226th St.. St. Albans. FOWLER. 2d Lt. Robert J Mrs. Anna A. Fowler, mother, 104 80th Street. GIORDANO. Tech. Sgt. Frank S Louis Giordano, father. 340 2d St.! HF.PP, Tech. Sgt Gilbert J. Charles Hepp, father. 66-24 56th Ave . Mas-peth. HOLTZMAX. Pfc. Maurice Mrs OGNAN. Sgt. Walter R. Louis Og-nan. father. 308 Long Beach Road, Hempstead. OLDMIXON. Flight Officer Leon E. Jr. Capt. Leon E. Oldmixon, father. 155 Vernon Ave., Rockville Centre. ORCHINO. Tech. Sgt. Albert S Angelo Orehino, father. Rose St., Sag Harbor. PASOVITCH, Staff Sgt. Stanley-Mrs. Barbara K. Pasovitch, mother. 78 S. 6th St. PHILLIPS, Sgt. Rudolph W. Wil- Your Wartime Problems By RICHARD HART Viola Keats has taken Judith Evelyn's part as the trembling wife who believes she Is going mad. which is exactly what her husband wishes liam H. Phillips, father, Central Ave.. Baldwin RAIMONDOv Pfc. Domenico A Mrs. Frances B. Raimondo. mother. 102-11 Roosevelt Ave., Corona. SANZONE, Set. Paul B. Charles Saiuone, father, 90-32 181st St., Jamaica. SEGRETE. Sgt. Daniel J. Domi-nick Segrete. father. 23-23 Broadway. Long Island City. STERES. Sgt. Benjamin Mrs. Fannie Steres, mother, 524 Saratoga Avenue. STERNBERGER. 2d Lt. Nathan L. Morton L. Sternberger, father. 26 Holly St. her to believe. Miss Keats p'.aysj . sweetly, perhaps a shade less fra-i ;ho,, -ihtlv-Corktils from 23. HOTEL gilely than Miss Evelyn and she has a sturdier look and not all the mys -My husband has been made an U V that was in her predecessor's officer and he wants me to come to ine Irs Mannlngnam. his camp to meet his new friends." DonaM Randolph M the suaV wirtes Mrs. H. C. A. "I have heard antj bearded Manningham in this that there is considerable etiquette. gaslit melodrama seems a younger involved, but I am totally Ignorant villain than those who have carried. UUb lilCU dUtlVC UCVillUCS 111 LUC 53 Iff Likt Coming . '2 In On The e'y lo hr at Ihr PLANTATION POOH "9J25 Ah TRACE And Ilia Silly Symphonies alo Ue Vuincy & Given Z3J NO COVFR f0 MINIMUM 4Jrd M., WtSl of 15KOAUWAY llS-B1-. .u. i 1 J ;ui me irauiieilltliu, auu .4icu ,,. - ! cirt hf hi simple by such formalities. I come and hasn't the fluency of the orig-from plain people but am mostlinal sinner, but he gives a nice RACING AQUEDt'CT Man- Holtzman, wife. 268 Albany : S -.sivi otaii agt. rxiwara r . Am;. ' I Mrs. Nellie Szymanski, mother, IRIZARRY. 2d Lt. Frank E. Mrs.! 60 L 3dSt !J. C. Decker and J. B tfTni 'Ht F. J. Vanbrunt and S. A. Misciagno Aerial gunners recently graduated from Harlmgen army air field, Tex. Blanca I. Irizarry. wife.' 37-05 1 TANNENBAlTtf, 2d Lt. Leonard I. 90th St.. Jackson Heights "s- lu 1 a " e u u 111, Jasi.ofskv. 1st Lt. .mil.. f!.-Mr mother. 166 Rockaway Parkway. Josephine Jaslofsky, mother, 930 Seneca Ave. tore A. MLsciagno of 441 Green Ave.1 nrp Pfc Prank .7 Van hiimf nf RR-5S ; w-. Olail OKI. LKlwienie Metropolitan Ave. and Corp. Salva- Mrs- Catherine C. Johnston, wile. w ituuaucn. KEREKES, Sgt. Albert B. Mrs. .j -- Mary Maas. .sister, 167-17A Lin- ' &is'r v I len Boulevard. Jamaica. jfj Kl'LAGA, Tech. Sat. Joseph E. t . St- . ( Mrs. Angela 1 . Kuiaga. wile. 368 Klinghoffer Joseph C. Decker of 2223 E. 21st St. and Jacob B. Klinghoffer of 205 Ocean View Ave. were commissioned ensigns in the naval reserve 11. LIVE Live like a king! Through the centuries lobster has been a dish fit for the royal palates of every nation. Every Bohack meat counter has fresh, live, succulent lobsters at this low price. Serve your lobsters with melted butter. It will be a meal your family will always remember. P. Woesthuff and E. L. Arnson Credited with destroying an enemy fighter plane over Regensbiu-g, Ger-1 many, Tech Sgt. Henry P. Woest-1 hoff of 55 Hausman St.. radio operator-gunner, recently flew his 50th mission with the 15th Army Air j Force. Pvt. Erling L. Arnson of 8305; 11th Ave., left waist gunner on a Liberator, had a narrow escape from death during a recent mission over Ploesti when a piece of flak was stopped just below his heart by the protective armor of his flak suit. Queens. TOPPING, 2d Lt. Maurice Mrs. Anna Topping, wife. 1607 Prospect Place. VNGAR, Tech. Sgt. Envin M. Mrs Paula Ungar. mother, 504 E. 3d St. INTERNED BY ROMANIA FLAHERTY, Sgt. Edward F. Edward F. Flaherty, father, 399 anxious not to embarrass by husband by any false moves. What should i do?" fresh performance The tall Cecil Humphreys is now the indulgent Rough from Scotland If this were not wartime inereyard, less indulgent, more rough would be all sorts of formalities j than Leo G. Carroll, who saved the necessary. However, there Is no set slender Mrs. Manningham from her routine for an officer's wife now- wicked husband eight times a week adays and she had better not expect 'for two years and more. Mr. any. Very few commanding officers wives nowadays make any attempt to entertain the visiting wives of any officers in their husbands command. Usually they are too busy to carry' Humphreys had a cold last night, which handicapped him when the light touches were necessary. He plays the friendly sleuth with more force than Mr. Carroll, gets fewer -"TOtasaeifw'-- on any of the peacetime formalities surprises out of the role and less of of army posts. the warm, eccentric humor that has Travel Light A wife visiting her officer husband' in camp should not attempt to! "make an impression." Most of the "1 Iuo oy subwiy. But or resular ached uled Trains from I I I PeniM. Station, N.Y. or FUt-1 CT. buth Ave.. B'klyn. J 1 btlmMSP.M. I Dir Double Clem I P. HI. j STAGE PLAYS STAGE PLATS other wives she will meet there are living on restricted incomes, and they will resent any display of special wardrobes. She .should travel light, but she had better include one very practical evening dress. More than likely she will never use this evening gown, but she had better go prepared. It Is well not to be shy or too familial-. The wife who tries to "talk Conev Island Ave Leonard St. LEO. 2d Lt. William J. Jr. William . her husband up" to his fellow offi- LANGONA, Staff Sgt. Paul Mrs. j Leo. father. 1492 E. 51,st St. icers Is likely to be a failure. She Pauline Langona. mother. 94 N SHERIDAN. Staff Sat. Thomas V.1 on a social visit and not a sales mis- Sycamore St., Hempstead. Mrs. Margaret B Sheridan. 'sion. The more natural she acts, MANCVSO. Pvt. Francis J Mrs. mother 6 Stratford Road, Bald-: the better it will be all around. Hi 1 MEETS A REAL WOLF IN DREAM air conditioned MAJESTIC THEATRE W. 44th ST. EVES. 1:30. MATS. WED. t SAT. Francis Mancuso, wife. 9507 Foster Ave. MARCARIO. Staff Sgt. William A. win. TRIPALDI, Staff Sgt. Nunzio An thrmy. father. 1816 71st St. 1 'poll of 2238 W. 7jh St. Flank Ca- rodao of 9203 Foster Ave. and Steven Habick of 395 E. 16th St. 1 . :?-mm M. 8. Spitz and Nicholas Zizzo Recently promoted in the 15th Army Air Force. Italy, are Corps. I J J. Italiaander and Williamson Graduated from na val A recent trrnrinnte nf t.hp nrmarrd Marvin S Spitz of 360 Avenue I and at Fort Knox. Ky., is Corp. Jesse : Nicholas G. Zizzo of 45 Marion St. j Dilson of 14!11 Enst New York Ave.'Snitz. a eraduate of Ahraham i coin Hiuh School, is a r-lerlr in the! training center, Corpus Christ! Pvt. Everett L. Giukin of 6734 6th 1 quartermaster corps. Corporal Zizzo i Joseph J. Italiaander of 918 82d St. Ave. and Paul E. Jemsen of 471 9th is a cook St. have completed training as radio joperators at Scott Field, 111. J. W. I air and John W. Prospect Ave. No wife should go to a camp nowadays without being assured of living accommodations. He had better make reservations for her ahead of time. She cannot hope to have him at her side on every day of her visit.. He has his regular duties to perform,! and she must reconcile herself to fit into his schedule, rather than he! into hers. j I And it is just as well to make her; visit a brief one: she can overstay; her welcome, even wth him, as he has other serious things on his mind. Asides to Readers: To W. E. S. Yes. we still can supply copies of the booklet, "Fun En Route for the Armed Forces'' on the receipt of a stamped and addressed envelope. To A. E. S. Be sure to keep all the copies of the camp newspaper he sends you. He will 4dfi enjoy looking them over when he Wlllinmn nf were commissioned , comcs marching home. Why not ask Albeit M. Olszewski of 242 Met- 'lieutenants in the marine corps re- ropolitan Ave. was graduated from:serve- a course in molding at Great .Lakes, 111. R-3ady to service aircraft instru-Iments is Corp. R. W. Burns of 3044 I Avenue T, graduated from Sperryiof 1009 E. 42d St. has received the .Gyroscope training schools in Good Conduct Medal in Bougain- From Overseas PACIFIC Pfc. James J. Moran him to send every' Issue to you? If you have a problem, write to Richard Hart, care of this newspaper. A stamped, addressed envelope will bring a personal reply. I Brooklyn. Agnes Clohessy and John Logan Agnes J. Clohe.ssy of 413 41st St. ville. John We.stley of Brooklyn, a on dutv with the 13th Army Air I member of the merchant marine, Force in the South Pacific is 2d Lt. spent last week with his wile at St. George R. Harley of 1480 Prospect "Confidence Is Not Gained in a Day" EST'D rr 1870 has been accepted as an officer can-1 Johiisville. didate in the Spar.s and is training at the coast guard academy, New I Marksman's rating has been London. Conn. Tech. Sgt. John ' awarded Staff Sgt. Stanley Bajor-Logan of 148 6!)tn St . Liberator top; ski of 144-03 69th Road, Flushing, turret gunner, has been officially i credited with the destruction of a Brooklyniies enrolled at the bomb-Messersthmitt over Bucharest. Ro- er mechanics school. Keesler Field, mania. Biloxi. Miss., are Pvts. N'atale J. Na- Plare. Another winner of the Good Con duct Medal is Corp. Marvin Stone of 1620 E. 2d St. Second Lt. Joseph C. Ausrun of 3008 W. 22d St. has won the Air Medal. Have a Coca-Cola Come on over . . . or keeping youth happy at home Keeping young folks happy at home is mostly a matter of having a house in which they and their friends feel welcome. So don't forget Coca-Cola . . . it's always a big attraction for the young crowd. It says better than words, Come on over to our house . . . we're glad to see you. Be sure there's "Coke" in your icebox. There's no more cordial invitation, nor one more refreshing, than the three simple words , . . Hate a "Coke". lorrito unoei auihqiht ot ihe coca coia comany t THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF NEW YORK, INC. 5 Ir'i naturnl for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you her Coca-Cola tailed "Coke". 4 Local Men Navy Casualties Washington. June 7 . (U.R Tin Navy Department today announced 77 casualties of the navy, marine corps and coast guard, with 28 dead. 15 wounded and 34 missing. Included are the following four Brooklyn and Queens men: GOLDSTEIN. Samuel. ho.-pit-a ap prentice. 2d class, missing wife. Mrs. Florence Goldstein. 4315 12tli Avenue. KYRIAC'Ol'. John, seaman, 1st class, wounded Wife, Mrs. John Kyriu-cou, 36-50 32d St., Astoria. LEVINE, Harry, hospital apprentice. 1st class, dead Wife, Mrs. Min-nette Levine, 5712 12th Ave. PAPPAS, Aleiviades M., 1st lieutenant. U. S. M. C. R.. missing Wife, Mrs. Aleiviades M. Pappas, 5363 62d St., Ma.speth. Immediate Cash Loans On FURS DIAMONDS JEWELRY SILVERWARE CAMERAS CLOTHING, ETC. 73 ) enri in liormiph Hull Section 214-216 ATLANTIC AVE. Near Court Street BROOKLYN MUSICAL HIT "The h'lt IhrMler in yptri." Chavman News I THE THEATRE fil II.D ANGEL STREET OKLAHOMA Cll HumnKrtyt. Violl Kelt!, Donald Rindolph . Music hv RICHARD RODGERS Starred by SHEPARD rRAUBE , v- . Book' aniLvrics bv OSCAR HAM MERSTEIN 2d Alr-Coolrd (iOI.DF.N. w. 4.1lh " I tAK Directed by ROUBEN MAMOULIAN Eva. 8:411. Mats. Today and Sat. at :40 1 Dances by AGNES de MILLE " ; BETTY HARRY JOSEPH BETTY JANE LAST 2 WEEKS! GARDE STOCKWELL BULOFF WATSON inirmiiij intir cuiuunu i. : E" ''0 "" TOM W and SAT . 2.30 ! Cmd. THE THEATRE H II.D nrnrnti Year THE MARGARET WEBSTER PRODUCTION HUDSON. W. M No Tun. Porf. Air-conditioned PAIII RflRFSflN Eva.. Inol. Sun. 8:40. Mill. sat. 2:40 Sun t 3! rtUl' VUBt' i JOSE FERRER UTA HAGEN CBII.LV ROSE presents A T n I I n t AST 4 ARMFN JONFS IJintLLU weeks A 1 ill L J U 11 E ,3 J rmm RINO , I1MEg M0NK, A Muiieal play bai-d rn Biwt i open "Carmen slIItBERT Thea., Writ 44tlt. AIR-CONO. Bv OSC AR HAMMERSTFIN M Fv,. g.M sharp ,, To(U, 4 tam BROAUWAV Thea.. at .".:td St I'L Evs. Mat". WEI), and SAT. at SCIENTIFICALLY AIR-t ONOITIOSED I Arsenic and old lace v MAX GORDON present! RUTH GORDON AtCD TWrWTV at r "Hllariout. irrrsittibl-." Gen. Jean NathanlXJ Tti I II I II 1 1'V'HL CHICKEN EVERY SUNDAY ,,, ; with MARY PHILIPS. SIDNEY BLACK MER MUSIC BOX, 45th SL.We.t at B'ay. Cl.tV4l3t Alr-Cond. PI.VMOI TM Thea., H. 4fith Si. Evs. H: IO. M4v l OM W and RAT., f.0 En 40. Mats. TODAY and SAT. at 2:411 Sclentitically Alr-Conditloned TUIQ QIINTiAV " ,:4"' R,,ll,r Prt nlJ OUllUAI Benefit Slate Relief Funp "A TRIPLE MUST!" Cra'land, Jovr.-Am. A RESOUNDING HIT." Rascoe.W.'Tel. "Had them on their feet and fheerinf." JtirMurf, Jiiurnul-A"'erican Bv Edward (. hodorov 1 1 F f I S I 0 M Raymond Greenlelf Gen Anderson Kip Good K I , II P lalKI AMBASSADOR Thea. W. I9th. A r-C'on'ed , 1 V VI villb Eve. Incl. Sun. mill. Mats. Sal. Sunday 48th ST. THEA. E. of B'y. BR.fl.4566. AIR-COND. Every Eve. (Eac. Mnn.) fl:40. Next Mat. sat., z:40 "The Funniest Woman In the World.' ZASU PITTS m "TOP FLIGHT" sbvs Walter Wlvrliell RICHARD KOLLMAR'S New Musical VFRA 70RINA ronald jot If AMsHAtRLL INN "An fxtrcinfly funny melodrama. -Cornelius Vanderbilt, Pout GRAHAM HODGES n D r A M WITU MIICIP N"""1" " " w u . KOYAI E Theatre. West 4",th. Air-Cond. MAJESTIC Thea.. W. 44th St. Alr-Cond Evs. Inel Sun.. K: III. Mais. Sat. and Sun. Fvi. H::tO. Mats. TOIMY and SAT. at :M DAVE WOI.I'ER'S HIT MI'SICAL J. C. NUGENT FOLLOW THE GIRLS T H A T 0 L D DEVIL .n -L. ......... .... 1 I. I, f I L' I A IT D A Bricht New Musirnl Comedy GERTRUDE N1ESEN FRANK 1HINA JA( KIT PARKER BARONOVA GI.EASON Pri.due lv, n Stanctl by HARRY 111 I.M K Eves. K::ill lexv. Mnn.). Mats. Sat. i : HO 1 ENTl'RY Thea.. 59lh and 7tn Ave. CI. 7-312 1 MATINEE TODAY, Sl.'ll to s.'l. Tax Incl. "Entnantinp musical laree ' Harnes ll Iritt JARMILA N0V0TNA ',' Musical Hit HELEN GOES TO TROYi tRNESTTRUEX Tr..", ALVIN.W 32St. Cl.5 68f,8. A I R .CON 0 ITI0N EO Ev. R::to Mat. TODAY and SAT.. "::Hl LILLIAN ANDERSEN alternates at Matinee, fnr JARMILA NOVOTN 11 I I ELLA C.FAR Pl.AVHorsE. IS St .E.of B y. AIR-COOLED BRv fl 2H28 Evi.8:40 Ma. s. Today and Sal., i :40 "HIHSRItlTslIv-ROWDV ENTER-T M.NMI. NT." Cieuroe Jean Kathan The Ennnest Plav in Town THE D0UGHGIRLS By JOSEPU FIELDS LYCEUM Tina.. 45ih. E. of B'ay. CH. 4.42."i6 Evs. K in Mat. Today and Sal. at 2:4n Seienlifirally A,r-Condillnnrd 'Going My Way' Holds At the N. Y. Paramount StarUna a .sixth straight week at ?li V V P-.i mniinl tnrl'.iv "Clriino .... ; .: . quir.Kiy.nnceuieyaiacoveriiiattiiorehl M Way l.s rimimur close to tile of their troul.le m.iv be tired kulncva. MipaiPi s recoia aucneance nsure.s '.st.ibli.slvd recently bv "Ladv in the Dark." In live weeks the Bints Crosby filn . supplemented by the in person .show headlining Charlie Spivak and his orche.-tra. has played to 607.000 persons, only 12.000 behind the record five-week figure of "Lady in the Dark." Featured in person with Spivak and his orchestra are Irene Daye. Jimmy Saunders. Tip. Tap and Toe and the Wesson Brothers. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thit Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Maoy nufffrers relieve imrnns, ba!:ir' caut 1 he kidneva nro Nature ' chief wav of tiic- jiR therxrena amln and wiisteoutof thebloor'. They help rnoet people pass about.'t pinU a day. V hen disorder of kidney function permiLs poisonous matter to remain in your IJuocl, it niay cnu&e nageing backarhe, rhfuinatio tiainp, leg pains, ioa 01 pep na energy, get- ing up tiiehts, bw lung, puluuesn under the ?ye, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or tcanty passages with smarting and burning onielimes bIiows there is someUuAg wrung with your kitlneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Dosn's Pills, UttedsuccesHfully by millions for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help the 5 miles of kidney tubes flush out poinonoua aeto from yuur blood. Get Doan 1'ilis. CRITirs' PRIZE PLAY THE IHHTRn fil'ILD pre ent (in asoeiation with .lark II. Kk.riull) .lACOBOWSKY,? COLONEL Thf FRANZ WERFELS N B E H Rl A N COM 1 0 V Stalled by EUA KAZAN ions o(AR CHI.IILKN . ANKltrt. . n. HLMS J. LP WARD IHtOMHERO I.1KII BM K Thea W 4y.h AIR COVD Es. :40 r.v. 71 .m. it. ts. TOM W and SAT. A three-act thunderbolt." IVo Iter Wincli-U LILLIAN IILLI.MAX S Nrw IMa CORNELIA OTIS OENNIS DUDLEY SKINNER KING DIGGES THE SEARCHING WIND FULTON. W !6 Evs 8 40 Mat TodaylSat.. 2:40 AIR-CONDITIONED ELISABETH BERGNER "Winner of Drama League's C medal for year's most (tntimmihfd performance." THE TWO MRS. CARR0LLS "1,h VICTOR J0RY Air-Cnl-d BOOTH Thea . W 4jth St. CI. Mati-tes TODAY and SAT. at ?:4n 2d YEAR KISS AND TEL1 Still the H.ipn est Comedy in Tnwn ALFRFD ti- 1.UURB Jr. vresents MARGARET ELLIOTT SULLAVAN NUGENT in IOHH m, IJRUTFN'S Cnmedv JHE VOICE OF THE TURTLE ESSIE R0YCE L AN D IS ROBERT KEITH DM TUIiDc U 7.u i-. a.A a. .-. ... u. w . u ... . t lti n hi, li in ji niuiTii - - . U MOROSCO. 4.."WKtY, i."?!. r.vs. Mats. TODAY nnrl SAT. 5th Year! " perfect comf.dv.' ai nmjun, i .me Life "2 LAUGHS A MINI1TF ;, E WITH FATHEPi? IS A FAMILY HOWARD LINDSAY and 00R0THY STICKNEY, u crrnvn E1 PIRF. Bway and 40th St. PE 6-0540. Evi8'40. ,,,th UNA MERKEL vr.n MatJMnYJIuo. AIR-CONDITIONED Air-C.nd. BELASC0 Thea.. 44th St . t of B way MICHAEL TODD present, i lV-i7lRFUniiril'n,..riUi.?i "Sun' BOBBY CLARK l:Ml."l'0 ?'tL?y 8TAX MEXICAN HAYRIDLfoSROW ThP WolO) bv llrr'.rrt nnd l)-,roth F'tl 1 rnvn in v.. t-a ...J Staeed hv II xss tRD SHORT CONR D N At.l I, t RI TH MATTESON Juilf llarnr . Ornrse i vol . Wi hur Evans ..,.. .S?nd' . SONCS BY COLE PORTER "rvmore.w 47 jss a,i. M.t,.T,dt s.t. WINTER GARDEN. B'oayA seith St. AIR COMD " SOLID COMEDY III F!" Evs. Kjjifl. MjIs. TODAY and SAT,, Mill W ALLFL0WER By Popular Demand Enqagement Extendi-d! CORT Thea 40th E. ot B'wnv. BR. 0-0046 NSiqmiinn lirii.ii.'rq Wnsical Hnmanre Fvs. ft r III. Mais. TODAY anil SAT at'i'Hl E W MOON i?iiHr.'f.i!rH AI-.:ow''ToiE' by Olear Hamniarlteln II. Mandol and Sclioan MILTON BERLE in ith Dorothy lohnnv Earl 7rrFr n milfrc KIRSTEN WORG AN WRIGHTS0N I t ll t L L U rULLIES r taei.tFr 1(14 am fi.i r t r.Aoi... J thru Sun. ' 0 ' and Sun. 3U 11 Ti and Sun., 2:35-8:3: with SVE RV.IV IPFRIAI TH asth t sv t . . - . N. Y. CITY CENTER, 131 West S.'.th St. It.... s.t . ,.'i, ..'. I. '."c.. "' Just 10c to Head Off Headache-Neuralgia HOTELS AND RFSTAI'RANT HALF MOON HOTELS HOTEL GRANADA ARDWALK AND IVtST fnru cToi.-r-. Oeaan Terraci. Prlyau Bannuat Raona and Sunday Dinnera. No Coyer. Frea Parkiaa Ashland Place- and I'.totK EROVI LafaypttP Arrnue All. KIRHAYS AIR-CONDITIONED 1093-97 FLATBUSH AVE Don't give tlicra a chance to get you down. At the very first sign t;ike a Quick-acting Kohlcr Powder. Right now it brings soothing case and comfort makes you feel better all over. Made to bring fast, extra-quick relief from the pains of Headaches, Neuralgia. Head Cold?, Muscular Aches. Contains no opiates or bromides. Use as directed. All druggists 10c, or big 8 powder size 30c. If they don't bring you quicker relief, if they don't ease the aches and pains, if they don't bring soothing comfort and help put you on your feet in double-quick time your money will be cheerfully refunded. Insist on Kohler Powders, adv. TAPPERS LUNCHEON - DINNER Sprvttt ta tn New Gay Crystal Room 6 Privata banquet roomi availatla lor small er large nartiea RTerlinq 1.700(1 "tvL'DDivtTs" h7M,Frrs card PARTUS COMMUNION BREAK FASTS Eta. It) ta .',00 BII. 4-1SS4 LMMONS AH: a la ( Ann: niNNTR MI'SU and E i.TIIsr SHORF DlVs'iB-fT; Mat I'AT ODONNFI. and 11) riiune. vi. '", 1 ,v In Nanhtittan HOTEL DIXIE Terrace Room 43d St. at B'dway SPECIAL 7-COURSE GUEST DINNER $1 NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU Served From 5:30 to 9:00 P.M. Continuous Music NO 30oo TAX - ' el 4' 1

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