The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 7
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frRTI)AY,FRBIVUARY 10, 19112 (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGfe SfeVfeS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for subsequent Insertion No advertisement taken for lea than 50c. Count the »ords and Kiiil the cash. Phone 30fi • FOR SALE She lonfceil at KHcn uncomfortably, i out of THRIFT SALE GOOD USED CARS Why are our Us:d Curs better values? Because we don't trade them In for mini; than they are worth we arc fully equipped to economically recondition them wherever necessary and we siur- antee them Don't fail to inspect these cars for they aree real values at thrift prices. L«w time payment plans iu null your income. '20 FOKI) SI'OItT KOADSTKK —Cowl lights, Dark Blue Colur- ? /;0 FOKI) 1 1-Z TO\ TRUCK M —Closed Cab, Slake Body, >'- Dual Wheels, 4-spti'il transmission. A bargain—S2V '2'J CHEVROLET "0" PANEL —The Ideal delivery car for Dairies, Grocery Stores, .Florists. BaWtrics, tic. A-l Appearance. Runs Fine—S195 •Jl I.ATK FORD TUDOR— Original finish like new, diivtn only 9,000 miles, excellent condition —$385 •23 FOUn TOWS SEDAN— Koomy and comfortable, Original p^tinl like new, A-l Tiics, Uvholstery line, mechanically perfect —$275 Call 811 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Blylhcvillc, Arls. in:i:iN IIUHJ: TOIIAT llrauUful i:i,l,i:\ IlOSSlTr.Tt, K nnlvN^Irl In Itarvlnj'- Jlvpntfmml HCorc, Uvr» \\Hh hrr r*(r/ivnsnnt i Milker. MOI.I.Y ILOSSITFU, krr rliltr MlihT. M VUA, *ut her youMtf hruiLi-r, Mllvi:. 'lie iwo KUI* MLpiiiirt Ilir (jimllf. HuMjr (<iol- (•lily . «i>r«dn nmmrf irtvrd (e V*f ftir rrmt. llllt-N JcrlJf• !• tvark nl»;ki» Hi Drraiulaud IIB » 4»nc« h:t|( JiuBltMX iiHilt ibe HUH* !• (u*4e up. TLe ku(.tr*nr» Aiutt wnir t\t~ iil:j|T rfrr«»c* and |>ltrn ka« none, vn:\j;.\ uviu LAY. r,7 mi< lii- IIVI'M cuiphi>vr, i«-fi the plrJ rr/> ( .iv.- nnd dl*v»vrT» ikr »lluull«». lit- U-nUN Kllrit n lovely fnn-k \\hrn «hr rc(iim-» |u nrceiti ll iu K •,t ^if n ill Drnnalatid hhc rurrts l:an.]xi)inr I. A U It V MA1IIIUW- 'JA'L'K, un nritht, |,»Icr nh« Irnrni J:r M »'i:;:rtur,1 lot LU.r/.AIlKIH mm i;s. n arbumnir. t; v e • llinu^I] '.hi 1 I'-lJcvc* him countcr to ask how slio had spent Lo week-cud. Tlio other contltuictl making to speak but lustciid tockcA her lips In Htubbariusllcuco. As slio iloor hnd SWLIUB licr. PreaiiiUy alio turned U( | BlarlPll BtU[Iy tlown ,, 10 BlMr8t <5i,,roJi!iii.v,lldl l ' CB ? ll " a 1" colnll<sura hUl!U " aw , I Stao w u ul,\,, 01 BI> Into llio common SI nco Jo u» ,1 J wl(h 1,,,; nervousness «'» OUR BOARDING HOUSE i« .11,, out her sales slip. not speak, Kllcu Jecliled that slio Jomiy liail nssumcil a look ot covert hnJ not lienrJ tlio question. Slio re- curiosity us Ihough thoro wit* «. J««y r.Ue.1 a Uu.U«l much," slio o.n- wercrt coolly. 1 haven't ilono anj'ltihiff to ot fend you, liavo 1?" ICIleii asked Iu sunirise. 'Of course not," Jcutiy resiiomicil ros l vunm where ll|( , lr ollma woiiW ccaao n3 8Uo (, nl |, r(!( | Sho wmilrt iml risk tlK'lr slurliu: him. M! Tli l.iirry iu nfr Itiirrln v. Shr K*ir» ln::il nitk l.nirj nu inure uuJ i<u«rc In Iu iv* i her imithtr, triuvaurmrHl n um- f nnu <<> t'om-y !•- ttmt. hcr.clf v« «vhk him. l , K|1 ,, , sulil at lust weakly, "lint n girl 1ms | llllu || y „,, " to ihlnH ot her "\Vlmt In tlio world do you MII?" Ullcn ucmanilcO angrily. "It's your [null," Jenny con- ilown rifth iivciino i tlnl course. Sho woulil fjo Sl<-ven Harcluy no more. Hho \v. nbl j;l\o tilui uny cxt'iife o.t- cepl Hu' r.Ml OI:L>. Sho could nut Sho lore off die sales slip, handed LlS?EN, YOU WHEAT) J THAT'S 1 NW S?Hl(iT \Qu IWE ON-—AMD W'S> THE THiCD ONE YOU'VE BOSROWEP TiAi? WEEK •«•— f : «o^^ NON ON LAY OFF-'-*—OR 6E i-A10.Our EGAD/ BOSTER f,\'LAD~— L£f ME THINK! WY JOVE, i BEUEVE 1 TlD GO TO YCO2-Df?£9St-p p(JrCYJLY BV MISTAKE, OF COUOSET MlWD |ff SO FILLUP UP WfTH A NOM&ER OF THINGS THAT i G£? ABSSNTMINDK /JATiy RALLY, (T WON> TO-MORROW/ Wr|V JXXN[TCHA OWE OF MINE, rr wooip MIVV «U OX Wl'l'll 1'HK BTOUY CIlAI'TKll XV TIIOXDAY was salo d;>y at liar- clay's. Monday was ihc day the basement hivarlalily readied Its psak for l!:c y.-!ia!e week. Tho ulrls dreaded Mondays. Musi of Ihcrji on Snmliiy critically examined the storo advertisements to determine which counters were to be !iiuii< En Hi or) IIB I.el lilm tlilnV "YoK'vo always iirctenilcd to tio— islio «:u iisinciK'nuu, Hint Bhe do- well, soil ot different from tlio spin:*! him. Unit uho wai a ful?o tho carbon to tier customer nnd «!• I rest ot ns. 1 wouldn't Imvo said a trloiul. 1.1-1 him ihlnli wlinl ho lably »v»e.\ tlio i«fi,n'.tlus WOIU8II word If you liadn'l liislslcu. Bui would. Ho wuujrt uuver ulio 5 k . . „ ,, .„ „,,„ tho whole store's lalklni;." llioiiBlil. hit 11(101. Iho Irulli. K.iu'ly lo come again to l):ircla> a. blio rcnipinliercil nbrmilly that "° " Im would ll( > "'I' 1 <*<>"&< l ° so nffablo Hint tlio customer ' ' *- " ' lookers! c!lr '' J ' l!ll<;:! lo ' 1 ' lu looked a bll startled ns sho hurried L hM mom \ Hgt( unn \\ Ur0 uii o( wl Is- Slio uoulil bay iinllilin:, away. Sho was less startlcil than noiinK eirls hnil been jjuiherciH oMilaniUlonj to tho cnrlona. Kllcn know how Jenny fell arnuntl Iho mirror. She know moat would liavo lo Btaru them down. , , '. ' of Ihcin. but as aho hart npiiroachcd Tlicro uiu codling else In ilo. ,.,,,., . Ihcy mcllcrt a«:iy bofnro sho had Tlirminlioul Iliu nflerri.ioii flic Lnlortunaiely at dial moment hor , uu , any wouullUy lo B1 . C(!l ibom. ttrato l Jv , nll j VM m wSUi Ita ramo attcnllon w;i3 diverted by a renewed ^^ ^ [hcy taMng nuol , ti co ol ,!i sl -,->;,ml Ui:il Jenny licrncll run on cretonnes. Slio was com- jenny?" Blia us!;cd. hart rliowii In Hie inuriiliiK. Sim lo dash liacli lo her own ,.j &UKS ynn know well cnonRh," snert'.'i!v,l to dm eUenl of r.lvlmj lilncc. KvciiUially plio decided to| Jenny reullcd. airy ar.aliu "Il's you|l l1111 >' : I'«K v.uiuaii a iiiiulhiK mid ask Jenny to lunch with her. Slio really preferred to lunch alone, but dated. Thai uarllcular Monday 6 , ]( , , ia(J no , lltcnUtm ot l-'OK SALE, RENT OR TRADB- Six room house, coiner IQtli and Heani. E. V. Hill. 1BP-K26 . Eli™ and Jenny Elklns. her cnuii- lier colliucr . li ia(o to sulk over an tur male, were the victims. Their counter drew a largo «i!d vcciler- ous propovttin ot tho crowd. Nine tceu cent cretonne. bolls, nnparfntly were (lasslnnatcly Imaginary Injury. At Hie slroko of 12 and before '•• Kllen 'ind a clinnco to sneak. Jenny hundreds of disappeared. Tliat was odd.- Ion. Cieneially Ihero was some casual desired York. Kllen by every woman hi New as slio mechanically cut discussion of luncheon plans. I-Jllen ran toward ilic employee's stairway l up with Jenny who ivasi 0 f y ou i" and Mr. liarclay. Ills secretary got [ho bill this murnlnt; from Iho florist shop. I snw U myself." "Why. Jenny, liow can you 1)9 so silly ns (o think thai his sending flowers—" I'UluM bcsnn. "There's nuirc to It than that!' Jenny Intei-ruptcd. "Mrs. llornly Unowfl someone wlio sn\v you* com ing out of Ills nnarlinenl it 3 o'clock on Sunday morning. Kllcn llosslter, I'd never liavo believed It FOR SAT.E—Baby clucks, all varle- lies. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythevillc. 13cti TOR KENT I-'OR RENT—1 room house with bath, 601 Franklin street: 'Call ,Fo-.vler. Phone -15C-J, I8C-,TP FOR RENT-MOS • C Five Rooms and Bath: Apply at lv New York Store. loC-Ktl FOR RENT—Six room stucco vc-il- dence. furnished or' unfurnished. Dr. Saliba, Ingram Bnildins. 16C-K23 FOR RENT—Eight room house n', 801 Walnut, steam heat, available .March 1. Mrs. C. E.. Crigger, Armorel. Phone 1504F12. ' 17ck24 lengths o! gay colored malcrlal and tossed Llicin lo tlio wraiMier, as she tried vainly to keep EOIIIC ortler iimoag the bolts on tho counter, as sho aeain nnd again cssurcd cross and weary shoppers tbat any one ot tho paiterna was precisely wliai was wsntcd for summer draperies, hiiil not a nilnulc to think of.her- sett or of Larry. Sho had dreamed of him'the night before. No dream had a chance of survival at Bar clay's on Monday morning. Toward 31 Ellen began to notice tliat Jenny Elkins, a littlo chatter boT of 19, was strangely silent Or dlnarily nothing could stop Jenny's active tongue. She was alway talking and giggling between sale or during lliom, calmly 'oblivious o ;.- the; : fdry of. her customers. . -Elle ^nil^ed' net' • cheerful ''flftatterf 'nnc her breathless confidences of ffha "die t'oy friend" had said or don making; her way to the rest room. "I'll set you up to lunch If you don't so over !iO cents," she offered guilefully, knowing how broke ciniy Invariably ivr-.s. "Sorry," answered Jenny. "Look here." Ellen began mid- only and wllh spirit, "it you're an- oyed with mo over aoniclhloE 1 Inai that you tell mo what it Is." The stairs wore full of hurrying ills. All al once Kllcn waa pos- issed ot tlio notion tta Jcnnj utd ot wish to bo seen with her. Ccr- Ellen npiullcrt. Mrs. lionily was a nntoriona sosslii who held fordi from tho linuiis on tho fourth Iloor. A sharp eyeil, aglnu woman she saw everything, heard everything, told everything. Time nnJ iln she hail been proved wrong her facls but hor stories woro »o circumstantial, EO loaileil wHh lilil- latins detail, that seldom ivna her veracity qnestionert. Ellen thai it had not been questioned Iu tills case. Shaken anil horrified, eho real atternuon ll wan nearly < and Kllen Iia3 Iregnn 10 [«l ilio lack ct lior hiiicti ivhi-n Molly Hot=l[er Iclciiliuned. witli hi'r usual ilUreiiard ot Hie lacl thill K]k>n was snpposi'il lo rrroivo only biislias:! calls dnriiiE liuniiu'sj hoiiid. JiMiny r.naivurri] tlio (elfr l>houo ami very fnruuillj" lotd Kllen thni i-Sic uni wanted. Al ilr.i'moment Ellen knew slio conlil liavo brought Jvnny back to her, rlik'lly liocanso ll w'as n^ony for Hi.a liiili; niaiiplo lo l>o nileul for any loiiu perloil. Insle.iil Kllcn. Illi just ns much formality, nc- M-lcil itio telephone. l : or ouco Molly wjis no! In Iron- Ic. Fur onco Kllcn was dad H|IO nil broken Ihc storo rules. Her lothcr's voice was very dear lo her BOOT'S 'AiND HER BUDDIES IIMMM!! By Martii ain / elio was galloplns up the talrs In an unusual manner. "Tell me." she urged again. "It's nothing." Jenny responded sulkily. "It la too, or you wouldn't act thts way," Ellen persisted. "You're not In mich a hurry as all this Let's stop a moment." Sue walked tliroueli tho door nt tlio second Iloor and Into the jirac tically m'eiiL descried, depart After a longing Blanco at tho stairs and a fearful, fascinated Blanco at Ellen's buck, Jenny fol- zed the futility of iirotcst. She knew tlic atom too well for that. 1 at that moment she had sworn lo Jenny thai she liad at 3 o'clock 01 Sunday morning been miles fron liarclay's apartment she would liav told tho truth. Hut Jenny woul not liava believed her. Already th other Klrl had tesun to enjoy he self, was doubtless, Elleu though storing up tho interview to rclal to licr friends and :ici|ur.lntancc3. "So yon sec liow It IB." Jcun concluded. "A girl lias to tliluk of herself." ust Hum. "Ilou't yon suprosc. honey, you otild get nway from Droamhind to- ilfilit?" Molly bewail. "We're luivlnu guests." "I can eaally. 1 was golnE to thc clglit before. I loirefi. Uuriiis a temporary lull, slie Ten-! "Now, out with it," Ellen eald. turcd to move to Jenny's end o£ tlia Jenny was plainly cmi*r.'~ Sho Blnussod ever EO sliabllv and moved av.'ay. Kllcn reninUicd standing neav the elevator unlll Jenny had slipped nnyliow," Kllcii replied, conscious tlmt Jenny lingered in earshot. She milled curiously. "Who!" In a voice so-lcY* that Jenny missed It. "Why—" her mother hesitated nnd then bubbled with luuuMcr "Bert's coming." "I'll bo there," Ellen promised. As slio moved back to tho end o tlic counter Eho wondered why ho inolhcr called Myra'a llanc "pnesis." Vor yents fieri Imd In and out ot tho oparimcnt •murli us If ho lived tbcro. liut Kllcn wa'a too troubled, nnd worried by her, own priilik-in lo iiondur Ions about so small a mystery. (To Ho Cnu'lnnci!) SO VOO ^GURUO TIVE C5AME "UICTM " , Wt^:M 'Xrtt UootA W^ OWJT VOR VCO TO PU\i_ ^ <s &MAOK1O , WM ? MO -- OOOOOO . FOR RENT—2 rooms furnished ior light lioiisekeeping. 025 Wai-! nut street, rhcnc 521. 19cfc23 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. FOR RENT —4-room apartment. nicely furnlshrd and garag-3. Will be vacnnt ^farch 1st. 1031 Wcbt Ash street. Call L. L. Ward. 650 and 368. IScklf Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat, Corner Main & First St. Ingram Building 305 Dou»an. WAKT23J 20ck27 WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Sett JIMMIE O'imiliN'S CAFK WANTED—Used elcc:-;c red'jcine machine. Must be cheap. Write L care Courier N'ews. 17ck2i WANTED TO RENT: 3- room unfurnished apartment, or small 3 or 4-room house with garage. Desirable location. Phone 373. 19i;k21 Child's "Murder' Was Just a Nightmare PORTLAND. Ore. (OP)—Margaret Middlemiss, sjven, climted out of her bed and ran screaming to the home of neighbors at 3:45 a.m., here. "Mama ana daddy have been i/.nrdered!" Ehc criKl. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nielsen, the neighbors, look the girl in and called police. When officers arrived at the Ernest Middlemiss home with drawn guns they fcmid bath parents sound ^leeji. Margaret apparently had a nightmare. Delicious K. C. T-I!uni; Steaks Plate Lunch, all you can c;it - - 35c BLACK CAT COL'FKK SHOl'L'K ANYONE knowing the whcreaboms of William Dcivey Goodman, colored World \Vnr veteran, Wcase Call 301, Red Cross. 18C-K25 SECOND HAND FURNITURE HOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main Shoe Manufacturer Plans Own Airline PRAGUE. (UP) — Thomas Bata. the Czccho-Slovakian millionaire 5hoc' manufacturer, has arran a privvalc airline Ior the transport of his gcods. The route is between Czechoslovakia and the Dutch East Indies, liala has purchased a number of Fokker planes, and is building an airport near his factory here. Bata wanted the Royal Culch Airlines to cnny his shoss to the far East, bul the line rs- lirart to include Czecho-Slovakia in its roule. Parisian girls arc snorting two- [ red nnd lUe other n different col- 'onc hi>s. One is painted n vivid I or. # More For the $ iSftSER : lUHBER ^ Building Dollar 31 A New Roof, a PuiiiL Job, Screuns, Ilanhvuwl Floors, Anything in Building Repairs. E, C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. _/.'.:.i..v.7x::.-.' K / wtu. ,PAV_ —\\ V.OOO TVS MlVSWt 1 6A.XO VOO , X' OCR Mf-W wn.0 —Y- 3U1.O AW Of "WE TOR. MKVH?IM_ FRKCKLKS AM) HIS FRIENDS • \MELL, uoo : HERE .'.' POOOL£.' How : DID v&u k> ; \weee V/A/ OVER HERE ; W kCZDJSTOV/kl ? : XX) BSTTER GO Osl i 9ACK Ib THE HOOS6".' MINOS WEU,! Seven rco:n dwelling, modern tonvcnicnccs, on ICQ-foci corner let, only 2 blocks from business -enter. This semi-business property must te s,cld to close estate. See me aboul it. G. o. cAvnii.i. Phone 7D7 Farmers Bank Bltlg. Meet Me At the New Rustic Liu Coffee, Hot 1'tes and Chili RKI ISACTIVK KRROKS Sclcntirically corrected \v i t : •lasses. )Have Your Eyes Examined HAimY WEISBURD State Kejlstcrcd Optomctvlbt At the Good Luck Store U E T T K R H 0 T) Y R K I' AIRS Expert Work, All MaKcs. Fenders, Dcors, Heeds, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Weld in j. Prices Low. Phone 810 Blylhcvillc, Ark. I'HILMl'S MOTOR CO. JUST A wiwure, i see VJHAT TUB IS AU. ABOUT •' Y, "fl-IIS nABV : TH£ CODLgS I SUESS i Vf'H£S£ VJG HAO OR1FTEO ; TO...JOST TWIJ-"^! HE i FOOMD His autf VAV S.... US CAV) SIT 1W TH' BACK SEAT 60 RIO. U. S, PAT. Off'. II-~F l^.« OSl rf.RS. EBDRELO....J WASH TUHUS <v ' ;'B'OYS.'let's ami y SURE AH9 F«JP TrtE Ti?e,\SURE/ OUST f^S 4 SOON KS / V!E C«4 CTOP «IP TROM esf\&t.m'. fJONlO! WERT He Makes'Em See (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) Vic Can S.iv c Vou Money On PARTS For All Antomohiles JACKSON AUTO I'AKTS 2020 W. M»1n Phone 66 TrtEM MU&S UP >w \ ; OUT. tl% ~S£&3i ^e swt, Hi)Ml t\JlPErn- N SOU DON'T WT QUITE /*>S YOU Bv Crnr,- ^ f u SHOVO NOU VET; Nou ^ VHJ^\V > / uooBLS BOO! LOCK WOlF6fV.N& IN THIS CL05ET -N 1 WHEN 1 fWDS

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