The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 6
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,fA(.)K SIX UmW3VIU,R, (AUK.) $V.\\'X VTilO^Y, Frcr.Hl IA l'!Y )'.), Star Cagers With World Champs ifoe Monday ( |f|||([)[||J[g |([[p Early .Maxwell and Frank Shimek To Match Goals Between Halves. Fans will be treated lo ™:«c- Oiint/ unusual between lialves of the ',s';>rltl title battle between the Forl Wnj'iic Hoes! us and the Memphis Jolly Cabs Monday nlijlil at tiie armory. Frank Shteck. pro j fr.'-e throw champion. at:d Early Maxwell, nmmcur free lluon- title holder, will give n compcti- tiv-? cxbibitlon between hakes. Maxwell has twice won tiie world free throw title tituonp; am- I atoms while Shimek Ls recognized as the best fre; llirow In the professional milks. It would not- Ix: surprising, however, to fee Maxwell, who halls from Memphis, outshine Snlmck In the tree throw competition If he Is In condiilon !\s Maxwell has scored as lilnh ns j 08 'oul of a possible 100 free. I throws. . I'l-o Referee In Work Oamc "Ciilck" Soltlara, rclcrec of pro In the cast and central v.'r-f.t, v.'ill officlale in Hi? Holler- Jolly Cab game Monday. Saldimi has., u repulntlon as one of the l.eil ofllciuls in pro ranks. . The Hooslers and Jolly Cabs have r.jrced to play micl?r professional rules v.'hcn they n:cct here. Umk-r •!!•,!•; system the personal foul llinlt iv'll b« waived and no restriction «ill be placed on the time in which the ball may be lielil. This V--II1 slve the Hoosicrs plenty of time to make their wheel play \;ick if they elect to use (lint slj'lc of offense against the Cabs, with no orrsonal foul limit, anil unlimited time for holding the ball It- 1 , same is certain to be rough tinri ready. The preliminary game between niv'tlievillc ant! Lnxova high school bnvs' teams v.'ill start at 7:15 o'clock instead ol 7:30. nccord- '•'•'" tc anno'.iiicemrMit today by the promoters of the big program here. | O'Rotirko, manager of Dlxon, In- '. for several years yet. He points / ! slswd George would take care of our, thru Frank Slavln was a Miic wg 1 key In I Island, i over. fellow. I hud Tom ahar- • rattling good heavyweight for 22 training then on Statcn years and tint Pelcr Malier kept and O'Rourkc invited me Lachvillc Kliminatcs Bly- ihrville Boys and Lux- Beats B'villc Girls. I trier : n and K:-.You Vs. frtvoillo In th; boys,' IV.!- vj-.iiHy caw Vj'.ir- i..,. :..-1t:.'.«l Hlyllu.'Vlllc tiiU ineti'.- i!ii; .'-'.Hi I" L-llrililulL!-.-.; Ihu Chk'iiS. :j:i to l'-t, r?!:i::r..-J i'.s position iis ;•..-.•>.: .'.•-• i:> rv;,! vr.y e'.nin'.y tills-. IM thi- a iris' division Luxury's i.-.i-Lv.hi-!jnlr;[i victory over [lie; Bly- I..I-MJIC Kills. 10 10 '.1, Jem il:j LID;- : (.1:; i-irl.s in tl:c lor;; as dc.-i-i<li-;l fa-' vi,:i'.i-. The- l.nxura fjifl.s ii::d 1 boys were f;ivorc;l liafsre I it HI vj a,.cncd T.O it t!K-y COM:C ' th]-mi".h 1', will be nothing in the I lumic ivl :m iipv^l. '1 hr Liixura I i u i jjliyillfi thf> Kei.sor yh; 5 :n '1 oVIccl: thb itft^niou:] in (1:1 • f i i nil O imc of l\'.c itivL'.irjn. He.v.ilt.s of (!».- fosy.s' gam?. 1 ; lii; tm- . Ijl i nf umjon in the tT.iLm'V | which ui:5:ii'[l lasi night, arc u;, fc\- 'n ^ i\mr<? won over Whilton,' ;m:l O.scco'.a \von m r r Is. i i as rrlt-H, '2 lu 0. lasi nish: I In inn mii 0 Wilson bc-nt Uixo::i '3 11 H im Lfachville eliniinnted Hlyl!l"Vlllc. 39 to 19. Wihon ai:d LcHi-hvllli! clash in Didn'l Want lu Hurl Him "\Vhcn the Sl/anglcr .ii-rlvril. O'nuurJa- :isk'.-d u;xon if he would nuT 1 !, Lewis. 'Mr. Lewis Isn't a r.t'mer,' it-plied Dixon, 'and it ucnld be unfair fo/ me I. h.t him.' •"Ural made Lewis wild. RiiJ he de;lm-d he would throw Dlxun thai t.-.w,'riTin, McOriiili. the old- "^ ° r ll:r ' rl ."'° "efore he knew time San I-'ninds.-., liahl man. <"'' 1 was I' 011 "-' on ' ' '* 011 v "" iiMd to tell a piory abnul a mix- wil.isi-4. ihe l'.\o ciavuec. i MU <d man-It ho had :«n, i,, the • lt - e "^V ^ n ' •M-.-, AID H'v.-as U"l*m> little 'H'.i'. SitlUv.ui ro-.a, 'No'.v well ;« CKoit-e '»ixo:i. M rjatheiwoisht. and v ^\ ;>•_ bellcr, a mouse or an | the i;!-inhiiil ••filiaii'.'k'i'." Evan '••^!«i»n<-. | at UK- Dixcn (i.iiniiiE nunr-; -At !lu- isoittt I.ewi', el;ar'jed al; Vr,i->. Di'-:0!i. Tiie litllc fallow iidr-stt-ii- , |:«l. planiiuR a hnrd so:-l: to 'l.iw- is 1 jnotuh. Lewis -.vh!rk-tl, rushed } :iaain and as In- put lortf. liis bis i iinns to i-rab IJixon, th;' tiny' c'.ian\p .shot a vicV.«l riutu to the' StranKiC'i-'s eat. Tl'.e !!'.'.!•'! crowd was in an uproar. "Leu-is. 1:1 :\ iren/.y. v.-as ruu- \\'restier that pi-oposr'd mi>:i>d mulch .Mi Mickey the MOM-*? walker Jni! i hf (ii-eck Clotl l.undos thi-(j;:::li. L;i«> me the Mouse. (".Ill il.i'.'C Un; Cifecl'. fi<Xl. Ill t'-js hi Ni". 1 .' 1 In .spile of wr.rninss thu' niit'hly-Kviin would bi'f-n.l: ihe ; it- '!c cnaii's ni-ck." Mil'l Tim, -Tom one *cmi-!inal ;;air.? this rif.rn anil Khu'.vjii'O aril Of".-;l:t in o'.hc:-. Th-- '.vinuors v.-jll m:-el l!i;ill in l: 1 ! 1 ciiai,:|:i':il -.;•.;-) .;: In 111-.' i""^' div mx i:ftm"i h.iv-' iK- 'Aim i;ver Wi:i'.t1n. •.v.':n ov^:- III', tkev n:i'.!:l. a:i:l this nv fcrn;tl O : -' •••r'!a '.'.\ '.lie is'.in ;:i? tfl!i:>w- 'n jilsj 1 ?:!: Kei";; 1 24 to 2V. 1. .;:•::;• i ii'-. -10 -x. •£'- !j . nil!!!; Wilssn •!;- I'foin corner lo corner, hci>- j lo tia[> Dixon. Bui the IXJXIT i kept ij:iii(.'i!ii! 01:1 of liic way, cooly f his dukes going In there ^1 years, fair weather or foul, Ta be 1 stir', some nf the old u m . ers did seem to last R gootl wliile ' —some of them too lonx. [X;rl]apEi. Sam Langford was in Iho racket mure llian 20 years, but in ihe last few y.2ars couldn't see las way to his own coiner. Jim Plyini, the Pueblo fireman, was busy for about 20 ycais, but at, least tlio last three years of Jim's care .- were pillfiil. lo Thrrt 12 Ve.lls Tor that matter, it has been n • vrars since Dtmix«ey htr.rr. 1 l»wl- iiig the Iwys over. In 1915-16 ho knocked oul 18 customers, won from five more, drew with three and lost to or.-! man, Jack Dow- ii'-y. Oempsey will be 37 in June. l-'iiMimmons was one of the hardest hitters, and insisted he still had "the old sock" for .y?ars after • Jettries first knocked him oul at Con-jy Island. Many contmcn- uashed up, but he came back a tators declared Flu. thtn 31. all i little am a year later lo knock i ' out Tom Sharkey. Fit/, was a month the bad side of 40 when out in eight, |-.l:'bti-ri:i? Lewis with '-.ft.s andjJeil knocked him , rlghLs. Aftrr five minutes OTfouike : rounds in Frisco. . .. • ordered nb:o:i oul of the viiv{.. • • ^iKi .-...iv.- p| .|, e sivangitr v:as so wobbly 3 j When Adolfo I.iiqne and Clar-/ V !:e :>: -.j i'i. (I011])t j, |, e=c0 5ii c | | lrxvc lasted much . cnce Mitchell stcpp^l off the tiainl f.' and \Vilson i ioiip ? .-. Lewis lold me later !ie at I.o.s Angeles, the folks at the r. tetni-fial ( |jd:rt caic for any moie of thrtt." , depot weren't able to figure out ^ l:cy ;p c .:a:npir,nvl!i]> 'j;itr.e :omr;ht. T'iie lournev 1-; b-?inv. iibye:! at b'luiwnce. iv .- cl'minntrd l.::xo:a tn-\ an.'. KeXr i:u;t ijaiiK 1 !. thi; nl:i!rni):n '.-.if. championship ?a!ne ;irec?:iln . Notes Longevity ' whethov these were members of ; the New York Giants, arriving for A querulous "Old Timer" writes spring training, or a couple of 10 declare lhat tile old Dc-mp- supreme courl judges on vacation. : ..-ey punch oughi to be prelty <iOO<l ! ttrao Courier News '.VRr.i /\a% Stars of the Fort Wayne Hoos-' claimants . Today's nrl?,v a linndsonic set r.f •concrete hair brushes, gees to the person able to find two coaches who agree on what the ucw football .rules really mean. Eight major league teams will train in Florida. Four major league teams will train ill Cnll- fo'nia. 1 was bom in Illinois, myself. ievs. Ks?cnlly cvowi'.cd world |>ro cage champions, arc pictured above. The Hoosicrs will ])!ay the Memphis Jolly Cabs, southern tllie Levinsky Outslugs Dempsey CHICAGO.—Jack Dcmpscy hit n roueh spot on his comeback tinil at the Chicago Stadium last niRhl i before n recor<l smashing crowd of . uald admissions. Feu. 22. Tto Hoo'-itrs nliovi- lo]i, left to rlghl. Curl "Sox" sla, llusty Eannders. "hub" of iylil, arc Hit- ! the best light of the i.rason. > Levinsky tore Into (he oHI Mmi- nassa Mauler hitting Urnip i-y ai- i most whejievev be p!t-as"<t and ] taking everything that the ex- chani]) had lu offt?r. As tiie bout was billed as: an e>:- hiblllon ttllh no oflli ial decision ! a prill of n.jW.spuper v.-rilevs slio'v- i cd Levinsky Ihe winner. The crowd I too believed he had uon judging from the ovation Riven the ex- fist peddler. Read Courier. News want ads. me lurincr cnamplon lost an unofficial decision tc King Levinslty. j ex-Chlca^o fish piMldlcr, after four i lurbiilcnt rnuncls of toe-to-toe • ymnr-htng. Tli? mnlch was billed I as a four round .exhibition but was. : Cuba Lifts Ban On i Foreign Cigaretc ; HAVANA. Cuba, 'UI J > — "Ilip- :pnttln;!" may contlniif merrily ou 'the American -side where 1 inous wheel play, rrnnk Shimek; I IOWIM- vow. lefl lo vlshi, Hunk | ICovalsciiyk, Slmns ChndwIcU and ' i Wnrd "Ilorso" Meyers. , | customs etficf-rs seet: to bar the entry or contraband lin.ulds, but itlie days cf "Iriskitic" 0:1 the front have ended. Pn-sitleiH Mitc'hado has signed a ln\v whlcb pcrmiti er^ch tourUl lo enter the country with 4CO of .Ins favorite cigarettes duly fr<?^. • The Hon. Tiivic ATesa. inaycr of 'llnvniia and president of The Ka' tloniil Touris'' CnmmiEjion. ob' tallied tlie new ruling from Cou- 'yiess after visitors comiihiincd that they had been fcarchc:! lor conlra- band 'flnarctU; by customs officials. II Is r-stixaled that there nro from three lu six ir.UUon hay: fever iuflercrs in the Unit?d •Stale. 1 ,. Comier N'HWS Want ArJ.s Pay. Just Received A Solid Car Load o£ From the Factory February 15, 11)32 When binjw.f/ tires froin us now you can have Ihe assurance of ff new stock which is a biff factor in tire fmijine/ now as the tire bitsinesx haxbeen pretty slow Um winter and most of the. stock, you. ilnd . has been on hand since 1931. A. written guarantee for 12 months goes f/ith every Seiberlinf/ first line tires. Also carries l.hc life-time guarantee to be free from defective workmanship and material. We extend io>you a cordial invitation to come io our at ore and xcc the new Seiberlhuj Air-Cooled line of tires which is a new sematiim in (he • tire i nd list r>(. A few of the following low prices on the popular sizes will give you an idea what bargains we have for you. 29x4.40, 4 ply $535 12 month guarantee 30x4.50, 4 ply 6.011 12 month guarantee 28x4.75. 4 ply 6.55 12 month guarantee 28x5.68, 4 ply 7.00 12 month guarantee Other Sizes in Proportion in Prices Hubbard Tire & Battery Co Hardware Dcpt. Phone 32 Tire Dept. Phone l?() 218 West Ash 22 5 FEET A SECOND OR 150.75 MILES AN HOUR, IS THE 'WORLD'S RECORD TOR MOTOR- CVCLES, MADE NEAR CORK, ]REl.ANO, Q« NOVEMBER G, 1930. THE RECORD FOR STARTING MOTORS IN FASTEST . TIME ON DAYS OF FREEZING COLD IS HELD BX PHILUP5 GGGftSOLIW-:. T HE REASON IS Til AT THIS SENSATIONAL, PERFORM ING. GASOLINE IS HONEST HIGH TEST. 1TS GRAVITY RIGHT NOW RANGES FROM 6,":° 10 7!. PHILL-UP WITH PHILLIPS • THE GASOLINE OF CONTROLLED VOLATILITY . HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline I'liillips 66 volatility is 69.6 r" ccllt hijjlicrtlian the avcrajieof 2S conipelhivc gasolines. Prowl Viv unbiased laboratory tests based on iliitillalion at 212 decrees. You arc missing n lot of motor efficiency and passing up real savings in money, if your unk'is not filled with Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. Rt'tnember, this is the motor fuel which built sensational sales in record-breaking time. And still is forging ahead with amazing speed. This outstanding public acceptance is based on one thing—higher test gasoline without higher pried Thus, throughout tbe winter, you get all summer high test benefits—from snappier pick-up to longer mileage. Plus split-second starting in freezing weather. Remember, too, that Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline—which explains why you pay not a penny extra for extra high test gasoline, when you fill up at the Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl ... at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline This scientific OIL FLOWS FREELY 32° below freezing Here is th; perfect pirtner for instant-starting Phillips £6 Gosolinr. It is a finer lu'jf.- cant which flows to oil via' engine parts, at the very f.r* movement of the oil pump. It can't get thick ond itifi m coM weather because it >5 completely oSc-waxcd. We sincerely offer it ns the wo/Ws finest oil for your motor. 30f& quart.

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