The News from Paterson, New Jersey on July 27, 1943 · 5
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 5

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 27, 1943
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I L 4K '1 4 ' I MuiWll I I Mtei ' 8 3 ft 3 iff- :::ires to jCcaclave .Sfbriwi held at wi r bJ j p C AH tiott very Interest ? iht u pot N. -znized hy Seely 4 2Z"county vice- .sn joed . U now serving the Jff-rt New York, (f .Kilar. who it eomm.nder. who fJipeer for U 841 ' Sm'0" of the con-fJtenl the charter rirfBcryen County-. Sender W.l er XL Jr in turn will tee il to Davenport rt7 official wel-CpoT lo be Hated a. iTpost. ia arranged night program. tf it now the largeat it ion. iW Kund use Fight. Lr of Alcoholic Bev-Driscoll will give L. the case of Marie 1 hr. on the case , fyckoff Townahlp In ? . n relation to the 5 the Brown Stone Inn L W " . . , . riu0 ms reached fol- Jwnng held in Newark t before Commissioner !L concurred that in the I die Brown Stone Inn 9tn admlniitratrix o tat e of William tbo ha' carried vho had been denied a j license hen the ap-U her legal repreienta-j Brunetto of Pater-cciit township meeting, , w to the ApCUCom- Place h ti t J She toft k Sent act ft. ish a loci' Mini .. Hendrickson, counsel Lff Township, at the Fri-g withdrew all -defense M the township' be-frsceptions in the defense township committee had fio aft a license to an h ha itter a i Bob pool I pe4 m fc Yu committee pointed jpnor rulings the peti be given a license. I C. Greenhalgh was w stand and itated the g been baaed on the re- physical condition of L were not ai they Jnd also on the Irreg-anting a license to an romiCI LAELC3 Civic Club Pl::.s Picnic cn Aug.7 Alonzo - W. ' Ramsey met with members of tho advisory board of the Franklin .Lakes Civic Club at his home last night to make final arrangements for tho old-faahioned family picnic to be held August 7 on tho school and firehouao grounds. Tho plana will . feature a luncheon at 1 p. m. with homemade clam chowder and other outdoor delicacies. The women who agreed to work in tho culinary program are: Mrs. Hans. Kummerfeldt, Mrs. George Stonrer, Mrs. John Henion, Mrs. Frank Carlough, Mrs. Anna Brown and Mrs. Charles Fox. . John Henion, chairman of entertainment for tho dub, has asked members who have garden vegetables they will donate for tho chowder to get in touch with some committee member. ttdlXXD PASS lnci-:r.i Drills In 2 Districts Midland Park CMliail Defense Council held a successful Incident drill in District 5 and 1 last night end Commander Joseph C. Oboeny and George A. Smyth, In charge, wero very pleased with tho results. Control center personnel were at their posts on tho Municipal Building. District 1 and air warden were on tho Job. Flrit aid, Ambu- GASIATO- cisc Republican Club to Comens Tonight to Pick Candidates - Tho Oakland Republican dub will meet this evening in the Community building, commencing si 1.14 o'clock, and all newcomer la the community, are urged te attend. Important business will include the selection -of name which the I n-il Rmfg club will endorse for nomination in tho September primary. Ptvc offices art to he filled this year, rk, mayor, three councllmms. end .tax collector, which makes It aa. , at Y lanes Corps end emergency "snibu-1 important election locally. I rlwe fm If mll Tne lance handled eight casualties at Thll wiU be the first meeting ef L.05 IJ liOs J I VU the- first aid sUtion at the rub-tth dub since last fail when its Uc School. - president, George B. Stephen, wM,.i AlBnUry w.ller tricts tests. Also used Were demolition I phens squads 1 and 2 from their bead- Rmo home quarters. The tests were so suopg his leave, cesaful it was decided to havo more " ' 'Softboll Teora not had a its opening March 1M1. Aviation Cadet Beekman Is the The names of tho following were inadvertently omitted In last nights article of tho birthday party for William Pulla. Mr. and Mrs. Charles . Morris, Mrs. Ida Yalentlne and daughter, Elsie, . Frank Kaufhold, the Missea , Dorothy. Mildred and Mrie' Morris. ' Avisuon uki neexman is u i... tos ereatlv discouraged imI ) m't,llB Charki W. Haneys. Dr. Anthony GfOSSilcid son of Mr. ndMrr tThomasy1V,JJ,J litUeuSIningto I during summer I I;klSutPJh-!Ph I E- Abramo.. Dr. Joseph A. Howe,, . DL AAA imparison with their opponents. I Mn,h' , I They will play the Junior Nau-1 . Bradford r. Heng. Jeeph Lco Dr. Percy C. Fisher, a member 1 mani,0fw14tP.r0pe:t ,trMt comparison with their opponents. Midland Park, N. J. They will play the Junior Nau-, , tlcal Cadets' at the same place on I D. Frank Workman, Sylvester I Savick. Jr., Robert Edward Oesig; Private William Gass, son of Mr,, and Mrs. William Gass, left for a return to active duty In the armed services, on Saturdsy after a furlough enjoyed at home. His wife went with him to Florida to stay until his transfer to a new post. - . EAST PATERSON Council Notes avenue.MldUndPMkrVVo"'dir Joking forward to a fine I from aweeksfishingtripat Takamine, JIJ.Winiara reU Cook of tho Red Croashonor of Mrs. R. Stansfield. of, & 1 Of rSfck Pofter was chmeu Uln nceln acJenSsckThement thefiremen'.te.m Uweek Mr. Do,, Conklin I JrSoe Jhn KckTr WlITSml of treatment of infantile I and it a 1st. hour luncheon wax wa made Jun. 18. 1943. Counml- " Vh" U - Dolmm. Jr. nf Teaneck. d7ohnJamSl praly.U at tho Jeney City MedU served. M . lor Sebastian Gaeta of Wyckoff W"niy- wuitlr" Mr;-Eugene Thomimonof Ridge- nriraTlI " cal Center. Dr. Fiaher made the Those present were Mrs. J. is nsmed executor of the will. field Park: Mr. and Mr. Kenneth! Tw0 who Saturday are I recommendation - atthe-monthly I Baum..Mr. F, Buntxen. Mrs. J. HI widow, Ella Vane Amos, is I " daughter. Joann., of jpi, Constant. Jrj and meeting of the Ridgewood Chap- D. Grasafield. ' Mrs. left a car and furniture while y!ktr v j?-.1, I Teaneck. visited with Mr. and Mr. stoke Quackenbush. ter American Red Crow, when Mrs. H. Lawrence. Mr. Ok. Roh. the executor is empowered to lf.oU- Jln? - Frank Iu,pfc Smith street onl Lwng todayfor tho Navy are step were taken toward mltagat- leder. Mr. J. .-a rhmuM Sunday. the following: Robert WUIlam ling the ravages of a paralysta ep- Stansfield. Mrs. K. Stehle Mrs. sonal property and divide the neTnn' 000 r,nr n Thomas I 1 . Ischlceel. Henry Corl Reisslg. bie-lidemkc thla fall. Dr. Fiaher tat-P. T. Adam, the club president. proceeds . among the widow, a I Eeedy- I Mr. and Mrs. George Douglas 1 u Abert jtithcart. Ernest Raiphlod that thla la the year In whlchjwa unable to attend due to tho daughter. Anna Terhune, and two ! and son. of Bergen avenue ar - - i i . sons, Abram and Jacob. L. j H 'vs I vacationing at the Jersey , - : ... I rlOn BOnfl UriVC I K IMI Schaefer. Jr.. Donald TiheaU possible preparation ,h)0mrir.,t SHiUnctUXRfIimd Aithniish announcements have I class. WKVYMotaonetf at Edward Smith BoolhJr., in advance. I There will be a meeting of tho the Firat Holland Reformed! Although announcements nave class, in ii siii w . . 1 PvtM- Fox Slop. Theodor Rich-1 . Senior Philathes class of the Vim the First Holland - Reformed Although announcements saw cum I p-. pQX siDD TheodorA. Rich- Church. met Thursday afternoon I been made that there would be a The member of the park and playgrounds commission were appointed custodians of the new municipal honor roll by Mayor Arthur C. Hillman at a meeting of tho council last week. Anyone desiring to place a name oft the roll should contact the secretary of the commission. Harry Moore, Hillman drive north, In the bor-OUJtlU. - - BorouglfTClerk Walter A. Bred-der .waa Instructed to communicate with tho official of the Public Service Transportation company to request that buses stop at Florence place. Route 4. The Bergen County Road department will be asked to repaint the center lines on all county roads within the borough limits. Building nspector George Truh-lar was granted. three months leave of absence and John Stefan 1c. Sr was appointed temporarily to his place. al a Id 4m sod x i; tiott hoi a ruling that k liquor licenses esn be ii minis-the one taken flnvs Stme was given I kit. ho is opening a (ma. Me was present at V- sere many other citizens. r Ul teasp ipt nti ed get . 1 I alw sd Wytkoff fflM Mflrf pas Hosts M Un Harry Prulksma wd it their Cedar Hill nit, n ible he until ( stir fr I S BU, ipper I part 4 Kea. C, ur tats nmoldf peachel. kl Idlp i heor os Saturday night w inrood I eojoi P Map! voung people from Christian Reformed misting a swimming 1 Maple Lake"'! he group r picnic on the lawn Fnitsma home. Present lr aid Mrs A. V. Hassel. Rock; Mr. and Mrs. A. Ottens, John Ottens, Helen Kamp. Emma Hemks and Harry King of Midland Park: June Do Jonge. of Prospect Park: Mrs. Louisa Van Dyke Paul. Raymond, Melvin and Frank Van Dyke. John Donahue. Mr. and Mrs. Prulksma and daughter Alice of Dyckoff. Singing around an outdoor camp fire was the final windup of the good time. Mlsa Alyce Pruiksma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pruiksma. returned last week after enjoying a vacation with relatives. idle and Naita Van Hassel frothy Kooistra of Glen Mr. : and ' Mr. Herman Acker-mann will bo hosts tomorrow night to members of the Wyckoff Republican League executive group. Kenneth W. , MacDonald, presi dent, will preside. The meeting is called for. 8:30. All members are urged to attend aa plans for public meeting - for political discussion relative to the coming primary election, will be furthered. - Police Reserves, tegular flro- jtnd the Navy. Ho la os a 57 Amerir et and fir auxiliaries of Dis- leave from' hla duties and la U mMai let J and X wero used in the Peted to be present and I vi at the meeting. Me and Mrs. Sto- are occupying tor Gotthold j tho Leglon Hut on the flunk-omt on OtUuid anrtaao ur-l!1 Torapike e UpttmUr U fof . like vim, noihm ond slstm of 51 l!::o t!:n in l!:v;DrulGrc"p Best wishes from Mayor Frank D. LJvsnnors jertlct sowing kits from 'Mrs. Molly Kiendl on behalf of too Defense 8ervlc Councii-USO Committee, and cigar-els from Gerald F. Morrow, were received by to 81 men wbo left Ridgewood for service with too armed forces over the weekend. -Approximately - 100 persona were present to bid to boys farewell. The roll was sailed by Samuel P. V ought, secretary of too Ridgewood Selective Service Board No. 3 and too boys Wtn taken to Fort Dix by bus. Those leaving Including on aet for the Marino Corps, John WiW from Ridgewood. Glen Rock. Mid- all men of the boroueh ia tbr I land Park and Paramus, with one wmedtorces nf the aatn. Final from Hmjmck. Bergen- amngements will bd mode at the d New York city. Hutchln-Anxtllary meeting on August 8. !. BMrino Induct, has aa El TusSn July 27, 1S43 -Paterson Evening Ktaa -R Irxin LAivn Lyon-Msslsnd Marriage of Mlm Alice Squler Maalaad. daughter of Mr, and Mrs. George 1L Masland, ef Hawthorne, to Corporal Herbert Kent Lyon, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Lyon, of First street, Ho-Ho-Kus. Dccns!rc!!:n c! Canning Ttoidny The nutrition conunlUnn nf fhu' has been announce. It took place Defense CouncU wiU July 20 at Richmond, y. - with canning demonstration me5 Miss Dorothy LMmland. sister of Ufcuny the cafeteria of too the bride, and Mr. Lyon I Warren Point School. The tot mow1, the couple. Mrs. Lyon la librarian I wm gjvwt tb mem-1 at Hawthorn High school. - lg from 8:30 to 12. will bo to- peated In to afternoon tram J JO' f- i . I r Mrs. Morris Hill and son David I until 4 for the benefit of thorn ' of Lyndon Center, Vermont, havo I who art unable to attend . ton been spending a few days with I morning session, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lorens I The demonstration will be given F. Hell of Sheridan avenue. Mr. I by Mrs. Gooiey, from tb officnl Hill arrived to spend to week- of Mrs. Berdan, horn demons! ra end. I tton agent of Bergen County. Itol , day will be devoted exclusively j ! : li .. ., ,, u I to tho canning of tomatoes, tomato R?g: "''"r.' I- -i mi lit Paul L. JJ lilflZette pld on the various methods of! . M home from LlliyttU I1M.-11,- lAmatAoa bhA liMsiblih r w mb. mario lndudft, wu!d,ira,M0p!laa7of, his isundayltrammusKl J & MrtJ" r-rtough for . C arr psrs ttcra tw a-. to. 0 nd p,renu 0,1 Sherldl v.j accident inct M Waldwick Methodist Church. Georgt Pcpinet. John Ackerman! " -r accident challeng The vWton won. whfch Ily meu on the fourth Conant. Charles Craig Dawson ard Gould. Dr. J. A- Plow. 10 to 3. but the flmoes were Tuesday of too month. avenue, wa College. Easton, week-end. Pa., for th. I preserving tomatoes and tomato' Juice, with special attention given to the hot water hath method. Tb uiith th I corn,! however, will 8 with U.Jn prw,ur cooker. nutrition committee, Mrs. Hurt R. Partridge, Fair Lawn 8-0513 J.- t ; I ' i - - j t Hostess to Club Mrs. J. D. Grassfleld nf 27-01 of the' medical staff of the dis-lKipp street. Fair Lawn, was boss Probote Amos Will iThureday evening at . 8:30. and I Maranclli and Pat Paratico re-iasqul La Gatia. Robert Lee Hill-Ur feiief ommiuee of RIdge-lf'uiothe iiieiribers of toe Travel- Will of John Amoa of Franklin hth. the flrrmen nd the toys turned homa mSonfiy man, Harold Friedman. Jokichjwoodi i,u recommended that Miss ing Club at a surprise party ha-. 4 ' t t S I! t; ' n der Meer presided in the absence Day on August 4. with n r- Donald Franci Tlffm, and Gerald LUA have been vacationing ul . m River wed. of tho president, Mrs.. Elmer Vanlto-house canvas for too sale ollMirU f Walter Hammond P1' I Joseph Fiber. ICap May where last week-end I1 Dyke, War Bonds and stamps, officials I ! JU50 leaving today, hut Marine Whey were Joined by Staff Ser- Boxea will be aent to Private I directing the Third War Bondi - nave returned I Corps-' hound, is James Pipines, scant Frederick Bell, Jr., of Harold Hazen at Camp Steward, drive scheduled to open In $p- WaMwicx aienue nave munwui - - Ga., and to Private Marinus Du-tember havo 'requested Mr. Geel erloo at Newport News. Vs. Birth-lard Grootendorst. chairman, tol . . N J day cards should bo sent to Pri-1 organize instead a drive for toe I vate Daniel Dooms, 73rd Signal new war loan. In consequence I J ,,, 1 QT fVa Rlnnd Co., APO 8S3, care Postmaster, the Molly Pitcher Day ohoerv-l The Men s Community Club willl 1 01 Ulve DI01JU N, Y., whose birthday la August ance wUl not be held. hold ' ? cnic en August I Ridgewood Red Cross chap- 1: and to Private Clarence Brau- Mrs. Grootendorst h as - 13 at to borough more toan passed 1U blood Ilgam, Co. D. 398th Infantry, nounced that she has secured Urn aaents havo been made to havel'w 1 It takes shove five boor for wito Mr and I whi I Normand Pattons. Jr., leaves I nYrding' rosd. Glen Rock, end bylsn experienced sun to wrap ton ttoZZr McOmmbo at Port I or tb ArmF at MnM! Ume' Mis Peggy Cumfer of HelghU I decorative. botUe used to Christ- 7 I I . ! j 1 tiling thipB. r . Friday afternoon I APO 447, Fort Jackson. S. C. on following committee to work hamburger, hotdocs. Hr. iS'pie reported at thej d hope, to odd a .tow toM-rra totartM' Scwood Woman'.club to offer drive tending. Member, and tbetr t"ltbe,r blood. Thera were nine who Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nsgel of gurts Mrs. Edward Bm. Mrs-lilies are to enjoy the picnic. Dairy street recently entertained I christiin Bannehr. Mr. Irving at dinner Private Joseph Nagel Bugh Mrs. Martin Bush. Mrs. , of Hawthorne, who haa just ets- Him Bowitz. Mrs. John H.1 rawlmte in urn Pleted hishoot training at Cherry Mr. Aaron Garrison. Mrs. FRANCISCO 8UD Just hs Point, N. C. Nicholas Hudak. Mrs. Joslrt Hum- Andrew Lodder and Henry MaJiL.frs. J. J. Shubert of Midland Park- who Mrs." Jsmes t Munn. Mra left recently for servlet with the x. Moog. Miss Dias Niel- 'sen. Mrs. J. A. Pringle. Mrs. William Richardson. Miss Hazel Albert Stoel and Arte Hosgl.nd Sander, and John Sucks. of Fairview avenue, both with This will be the first War Bond the U. S. Marines, were home on drive huL ta. i bori.Z furlough last week. every eHort will be aaade to a . . cure the cooperation of s large Men of the borough who hold I number of local resident. Addl-Red Cross first aid cards are in-tional'. bond must be purchased ton delivery onto mipsiwSnl the I rived in Ridgewood early In the old lima delivery wagon and dray I afternoon and the apparatus was Shk sm Franciscans ore super-1 quickly set up in the- auditorium. I seding toe tiro latter. Last year already prepared with the ncces-tbey carried home 1.843.090 more sary Ubles, cots, etc. Physician parcels from downtown atore who gave their service for the than they did before Pearl Har-I work were Dr. Percy C. Fisher, I 1 Dr. William Tomkins. Dr. J. How- vited to Join the Community Am-1 even though many workers are bulance Corps. Those interested already taking a 10 per cent pay may call Captain Charles Archer I roll deduction for this purpose U or Secretary Richard Englishman. the cost a of the war are tq be At a meeting of. the Corps met ,, Thursday night need for men tori day time work wa. discussed and , the announcement of win-member. were voted tnerj-ln th. victory Garden eon- ? The Corps will meet of Mis Hazel San- gf TiUry, eVrw i,ur der. should he subotitnted for ust 5. at the Municipal building. th , mother. Mrs. May Regular firemen and firemen ofa Sanders. Miss Sanders, who is has toiled big tract Auxiliaries 1 and 2 held an outing "" ?", , Kl. tn at headquarters of District 2 last J'fF J 1, night at , Springgrove Beach after rhich she ptentrt to toe th Incident testi. Refreshments rer h" were served and a fine social time I h enjoyed by about forty men who "71.. Snder was listed by toe participated. judges. kqeHm with th toed PeoduUten Prgral ( :vtoett ticffis.vtrj BmsSmc; Ensign and Mrs- Theodore A. I Brunisma' wero week-end gueste at the homo of Mrs. Bruinsma's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Moog. on Pine street. GLEN ROCK 10AHN6 VACATIONS 00 SCCM MNflN. NOW, V, wrrr( 8UT,1 80SH.I NEED A CHANCE ! Of COURSE, AM.! THEN SrtNO IT ON A FARM ( THAT) AN IMPORTANT BAjtU STATION TOOKT J Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vogel and daughter Jane, of Bradford street, are vacationing for a week I at Manasquan. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ruton of Rock road have left for their summer home at Shelter Island Heights, N. Y. , Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Marshall of Concord avenue are spending six weeks in Chicago, visiting with Mrs. Marshalls mother. Miss Ruth Treadwell, secretory to Supervising Principal Kenneth C. Coulter, ia spending her vacation at Fairlee, VL WHITE JUST THE M KERCISC I NDF0n,T00I ftHTl ANO Y008CT I PAJO TO HA VC fT. j 8 CM DCS, THAT j WONOCRFW. FAAM POOD WUL BUILD . HCIP YOUR COUNTRY 8Y HELPING ON A FARM. iH VOOR LOCAL US EMPLOYMENT SERVICE TOOAY? Cabstmrs Wllit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van iHeemst of Abbtegtau Terrace, left Saturday for New Hampshire to visit with their oew, Robert I Heemat. Jr, who 1a taking a an mer course at Clark School. Han- over, N. H. He eomplrted hb junior year at Stetsnton Military High school, Staunton. Ya, last Mar- cnsxuri Mrs. Charles A. Herhst of Hill- view Terraco. has returned from la visit with her mother fas New Orleans. rtnrscny bund , fOM gfSHUIN MClMTNt AM M8 ON WA8 PSOOUCTKNA T gNOWJ WH!UCEY IS Pr, c : Fleuml SyWn. Crxin Bmfc Dutilling Co, tec, Bdumom. ML M Men Left at Codec ALBANY. N. Y. OLRh-The m shortage Is no Joke at Hew York State College for Tt others here. There are fewer than 88 me left I in college due to calls nf military service and war Industry. Things I are so had that to fill ant the cast of aa operetta, wsmen hod to he I th gondoliers. Th men's athletic association has hang ant a sign; I "suspended for th duration.' I There aren't enough aara to any I on gymnasium class to play h I ketball only 18 are needed. And this year there will be a girts' soft-b!l tekirtM. - could not he used, hut the com-1 mittee appreciates their offer andl hopes that they may be accepted! at a later dat " I The Blood Bank mobile unit ar- Uesrbs bet h tea esd water csreS&ily'aYcis wssta nn tnQ V J . T ; I . CJ ir Many a bank these Jays has to supplement its teller and bookkeepings departments while adding starr to its own service flag. i :i. Mt- ii ' ; n c TToairJjanEs Q-ffKqOTan1 3ohr Soo L, i J V i i i Swiftly-moving events call for banks that are right in line and completely in step with the times. From cornerstone to cornice, The Second National is alert to every wartime demand. The Second National has adequate capital funds for large as well as small transactions, a business man can find whatever he requires in banking right here in Patenoo. ? & V, : f. ! s i If you are a manufacturer having an over-taxed war plant which needs additional facilities, or are perplexed with a shortage of essential materials due to lack of funds, you can solve your problem with a Regulation V. loan. Normal business needs are amply covered in the meantime. Because Individuals, too, are living under war coo-, ditions. Whether you are a modest saver, m home owner or ft person of larger interests, you have here complete banking, mortgage . and thisc facilities literally at your elbow.. !; ; ' H ' Here is a bank everybody can use. Tell us what you need. f l V 4 4 1 : ! TOG I! on nr&mnm enns ii - op pnsenoon Established i8yi i t . Opital, Surplus and Undivided Profits Over $2,300,000 Total Resources Over tlTfiOOfiOO MOtoEX riDCXAL DEfOSIT MUKANC1 COSTOSATION : '5

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