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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
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Friday, March 1, 1940
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'JONES ACTS TO LEND FINNS 20 MILLION Weather Forecast Br V. S. Weather Bureau Snow, Colder Tonight. Rain or Snow Tomorrow Detailed Report on Page 13 Brooklyn 99th YEAR No. 60 Entered In the Brooklyn rostoffica M d Clftsi MftU Matter DAILY AND SUNDAY u Si-' AGLE C, h: Wall Street Closing Racing Extra it it it it it it BROOKLYN, N. Y., FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 1910 (Copyright 1910 The Brooklyn Duly Eifle) THREE CENTS ML nmsfl ra WW Court Picks Trustees for Big Utility Three Appointed To Handle Affairs Of Associated Gas TVrlpral. .Indue Vincent L. Leibell In Manhattan today announced that p.'' he had appointed three trustees oi the vast billion-dollar Associated Gas and Electric system, which he was named a month ago to reorganize. The trustees are: Willard L. Thorp and Denis J. Drlscoll for the Associated Gas and Electric Corporation and Walter H. Pollak for the Associated Gas and Electric Company. Mr. Thorp is an economist who has been associated with Dun & Bradstreet and the United States i DeDartment of Commerce. Mr. Dris- coll, who comes from St. Marys, Pa., is chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Pennsylvania, while Mr. Pollak is a Manhattan attorney. The Associated Gas and Electric concerns went into Federal Court, In the Northern District of New-York, with a petition to reorganize under the Chandler Act, after the Securities and Exchange Commission barred payment of dividends to the top companies in the system by ; subsidiaries. For the convenience of a majority of the security holders affected, the case was transferred to Manhattan, where the question of trustees at once became paramount. . EEC WOULD NOT ACCEPT Under the Chandler Act, the SEC might have been appointed 'to the trusteeship, but' the commission made it known that it would not accept. John W. Hanes, former member of the SEC and former under secretary of the Treasury, was for a time prominently mentioned as the trustee to be named. A memorandum would be filed lata in the day, Judge Leibell said, recording his appointments. VmiMFP. rnivr.RESSMAN Mr. Driscoll is a former member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, holding that office from 1935 to 1937, and was United States attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania in 1920 and 1921. He was born in up-State New York in 1871 and educated there. He was principal of St. Mary's High School for four years and was ad- Facvs Task KM ' " " 'fa V"!5!"fc ' ' 4""'"" tf ' J Walter H. Pollack Manhattan attorney, who was today appointed a trustee for the Associated Gas and Electric Company Judge Flays Nassau County Rebukes Authorities For 'Unconscionable' View in Tax Cases . Nassau County authorities were excoriated for their "unconscionable attitude toward taxpayers" today by Federal Judge Matthew T. Abruzzo, who is presiding over condemnation proceedings connected with the expansion of Mitchel Field into the largest military aviation post in the East. The rebuke came after the court had directed that parties concerned with one condemned parcel should settle their differences out of court and had ordered the claimants of the award for a second parcel to sue Jones O.K.'s 20 Million Loan toxFiims Reds Lock Viipuri In Pincers, Close in From Three Sides BULLETIN Washington, March 1 (P) Jesse Jones, Federal Loan Administrator, announced today the Export-Import Bank had allocated $20,-000,000 for an additional loan to Finland, had made a $15,000,000 loan to Sweden and also had made a $10,000,000 loan to Norway, which previously had been tentatively announced. President Roose velt radioed early today that he will affix his signature to the bill tomorrow. Helsinki, March 1 VP) Russia's Red Army closed in on shell-shat tered, deserted Viipuri from three sides today, locking iie city tighter in a plncer-like land grip while with the greates aerial otfenslve in days. The Finnish Command's own com munique showed the Russians moving in from the southwest over the islands and ice of Viipuri Bay and from the south and east along three railway lines, forcing the Finns to make their stands ever closer to the city. Soviet military experts forecast the fall of Viipuri today, the United Press said, and indicated that afterward the Red army will split, one unit attempting to turn the Man-nerheim line northward and the other pushing up the Viipurt-Hel-sinki . Railroad with the Finnish capital as its objective. (Only a little over a mile separated the Russian vanguard from Viipuri, said the Russian communique.) WAGE FIERCE AIR BATTLE The Russians and Finns, according to today's high command communique, fought "fierce air battles" in which the defenders shot down 14 Russian planes and lost four themselves. The Finns said the Russians sent "several hundred" planes over the Deputy Fire Chief Mustard Dies Suddenly i - - ' fF I f 1 Elmer Mustard in a State tribunal. In the latter instance Mrs. Rose raids in which 14 civilians were Leibowitz of 357 Thatford Ave. and: killed and 16 wounded. Jacob Litwin of 215 Sackman St. The Russian land drive against wanted the bulk of a $440 awaid the Mannerheim Line extended all for a parcel they said they ac- the way to Taipale, at the eastern quired in 1929 for $900. Evcept for extremity. At some points the Rus- mitted to the Pennsylvania bar in i 1932, they asserted, they had paidjsians dropped "a few parachute 1898, having practiced there as a!s on it regularly ngnt up to patrols ' which were "all destroyed," member of firm of Driscoll, Greg-1' vutr, wuen me govern- the communique said. ory & Coppolo. Earle Deputy fire chief dies suddenly of a heart attack I Succumbs to Heart Attack-Mayor Rules Death in Line of Duty Deputy Fire Chief Elmer Mustf rd, who became Acting Commissioner for a brief period last week during the controversy over Fire Department pensions, died in Knickerbocker Hospital, Manhattan, at 9:35 a.m., ten minutes after his arrival there. He died of a heart attack while nurses were helping him into a hospital bed. Mayor LaGuardia promptly ruled that he had died "in the line of duty." The Deputy Fire Chief and Dep- No Peace Till Britain's Grip Is Smashed, Welles Advised Nazis IIcW Seeking 'World Security' ' As U. S. Envoy Meets Ribbentrop By LOUIS P. LOCHXER Berlin, March 1 (P) Germany is not prepared even to discuts peace until and unless Britain's "stranglehold on the economic life of the world" is broken this in effect is understood to have been the central thesis of the first talk today between President Roosevelt's fact-finding emissary and Adolf Hitler's Foreign Minister. Moreover, Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop is under- stood to have told Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles that until Britain's dominance is ended Germany i3 unready to entertain Secretary Hull's ideas concerning elimination of autarchy, regimentation and totalitarianism from the postwar economic world. Sources in Von Ribbentrop's confidence developed this idea so strongly to this correspondent that there can be little doubt that Ribbentrop himself gave this line of talk to Welles, with whom he was closeted soon after the American's arrival this morning. INTERESTING,' SAYS WELLES The talk began at noon and lasted until 2:30 p.m. '8:30 a.m., Brooklyn Mmpi nftpr which WpIIps was es- i Abraham M. Ditchik, the East Side i corted baclc to his hotl ln a Ger. dentist accused of collecting heavy man Foreign Office car by one of protection money from abortion! Von Ribbentrop's adjutants, doctors, was called from his seat atl. ter Welles announced 1 that his interview with Chancellor Hitler had the counsel table to the witness ' Kaar, t fn, n m tnmnrn s jstand today in a surprise move by 'a.m.' Brooklyn time). I Defense Counsel Milton Hertz be-1 The American was noncommittal fore Justice MacCrate and a blue I on. te talk with Vm Kibbentrop but ribbon jury in Brooklyn Supreme ' snown every courtesy by the Court. German Government." A murmur of surprS-e from the Welles, arriving from Rome, where trial fans was drowned by Aniens he already had conferred with voice, amplified by the loud speaker, 1 Premier Mussolini on his fact-flnd-answering a question. in? mission for President Roosevelt, Hertz brought out that Dr. Louis j was greeted in the German capiUl Amen Surprise Ditchik Witness Grilled on Immunity Move in Dr. Duke's Manslaughter Case By FRED ANDERSEN Assistant Attorney General Amen, who is personally prosecuting' Dr. t'ltftl-Tiirnrnmi n - nfv Pirp Pmmiionpr livert with home area in extensive bombing ;hlj wife the sister of Edward P. Mulrooney, State Commissioner of Correction and former Police Com missioner, at 1749 Grand Concourse, the Bronx. He had worked late last night in City Hall and at Fire Headquarters. RUSHED TO HOSPITAL At 8:55 a.m. today Mr. Mustard In 1937 Governor Iment took title to .the Property (The Red army communique re-! telephoned Fire Headquarters to of Pennsylvania appointed Continued on Page 21 High Court Appeal Due in Light Case Special to the Brooklyn Eagle Mineola, March 1 Action was atarted here today looking to an appeal to the Court of Appeals in Albany for the purpose of recovering more than $5,000,000 in what the appellants call electric light overcharges over a period of five years by the Long Island Lighting Company and affiliated companies. The action was begun by nine consumers of electric current but if the "overcharges" should be ordered returned all consumers would benefit. ii.ej iim.gru uiai. wiuiuui. nuu-1 nortea tnat me Russians uvre nn v i u- t ,n n j ' "." " ''j'i'f1a mue more tnan a mne irom:,.M v,i fmiw nhucii-inn ho Viipuri and were closing in from the !fore coming to work. Twenty min ouuwi anu caai, ill it ucvriupillg offensive.) The Finns said that their air force carried out several reconnais- closed in October, 1938. for the de faulted 1932 tax, which, together with penalties, they said amounted to $56. In the other case a Mrs. Rosa MflllAUT . OnimpH fhof. thp Wacom! ....... , . . . . I vtlt :i!nc!I11Bnts .a oomoea a certain ;te at 70 Convent Ave, on the upper utes later Mrs. Mustard called and said the doctor had advised rushing him to the hospital immediately. He arrived at the hospital, which County authorities also had contin ued to accept tax payments up to last November on a parcel she acquired in 1926, though the county had foreclosed on it Jan. 7, 1939, for her failure to pay taxes for the year 1930. That parcel had been given an award value of $855. During the luncheon recess it was learned from Special Assistant Federal Attorney John T. Sullivan that an out-of-court settlement had been agreed on whereby Nassau County would accept $200 for tax delinquency and Continued on Page 10 Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. attorney, representing, the nine, re-i-TlleS lor 6(1 Divorce vealed he would move before the Court of Appeals Monday for an appeal from an Appellate Divisin ruling which upheld dismissal of the original suit for recovery of the $5,000,000 by the Supreme Court in Mineola. The nine are Rene A. Freyre, Philio J. Growney, William W. air Dase, a iramc junction, anoiWest side of Manhattan, at 9:25 enemy trains." a m He there complained of an "Both in the home area and the;upset st0mach. The admitting war zone there were numerous fierce j pnyician at once recognized an air battles." The Finns said that emergency and ordered the deputy several nunurea enemy pianes were commissioner taken Up to a has- icHmalai in hai'a fltir," stra Via - ... . ... . i i v.a w . nuai rcxm in a nrivaie eievaior. nc estimated to have flown home area. VIIPURI BOMB-SHATTERED "According to information available so far," said the communique, "an aggregate of 14 civilians were had reached the room and was getting into bed when he died. An hour later, at 10:35 a.m., all bells on the Fire Department signal system, in every fire house in the , Air Raiders Strike Blows Along Coasi Two Liners Sunk-RAF Again Reaches Berlin, Other Citie- London, March 1 (Ar ; Bombers and submarines, (.' .- many's twin weapons of a ; tion against Britain's seaborne breadline, struck telling i blows at British and neutral shipping today. Ar. authoritative British source acknowledged that a Brith convoy had been attacked at sea, Nazi planes raid3d the east coast from the mouth of the Thames to the fog-bound coast of Yorkshire and the 7,418-ton British liner Pyrrhus was reported sunk oft the west coast of England. MeanvNiile Britain announced that hej" big reconnaisance planes had flown during the night, over Berlin and other German cities In the most extensive scouting flight of the war. An authoritative source said a convoy had been attacked but "no ships were hit." It was understood the attack took place "some way out" over the sea too far for British fighters to go into action effectively. (The official German news agency, DNB, asserted that German bombers had attacked "numerous" BriU lish warships, convoy's and armed merchantmen today, dispersing a rnnvnv and ainkine several lar&A (sHips.) j Coincidentaily. Field Marshal Herman Goering's newspaper warned that the Nazi air armada awaits only the word of Adolf Hitler to begin its greatest test, a United Press dispatch said. WARN OF MASS ATTACKS But, according to Goering's Essen-er National Zeitung, the attacks on ! British shipping are nothing com pared to the tasks for which the air force is prepared. "Germany's air force stands before its second test which will be its greatest and which awaits only the Fuehrer's command," the newspaper said. Caught in the bomb and machine-gun attacks on trawlers which the British said were fishing craft was the Norwegian steamer Brott, 1,583 tons, bombed from the air and escorted listing badly into an east coast port. Six of her men were adrift on a raft, and two others were picked up. (Norwegian Foreign Minister Halvdan Koht said only yesterday that Norway was protesting against German attacks on Norwegian vessels.) RAIDS ALONG COAST Ampn io nskPi whpthpr RnHnlnh at the entrance to the harbor and I lne MW-ton Italian steamer Cherurg, lawyer, represented both awaited better visibility befoi-ei No indecent photographs of men Mirella, plying normally between Dr. Duke and'Dr. Henry Blank, now docking. I were found in the murdered man's i Rotterdam and Italy, sank within aDDcaline from a conviction for; The President will transfer to the" , ,,,..,.,. two minutes after striking a mina Sumner Welles Meets Von Ribbentrop ax prelude to conference with Hitler !. Duke, of 551 Bedford Ave., mentioned in this trial as a payer of much cash to Dr. Ditchik and donor of a suit to Mrs. Shirley Blau, investigator for the Medical Grievance Board, is now under a manslaughter Indictment found by the reffiilar Brand inrv nnri transfprrpH to Amen's list of cases. Amen j with Fuehrer Hitler. several days ago rested his direct CITES IT. S. MAIL SEIZURES case against Ditchik without calling Dr. Duke as a witness. this morning with the shrieks oi air laid sirens which were unintentionally martial is was a regular alarm rehearsal. It was understood that the main purpose of Welles' talk with Von Ribbentrop was to prepare the ground for the American's meeting In developing the thesis that Britain has a stranglehold on the world Vnn R.ihbpntrnn wn.s hplipvpri In ACCUSED OF ABORTION DEATirhave told Welles that British cen-Amen testified that Dr. Duke has sorship of American Clipper mail at not yet been tried on the indict-i ,.,, o , ment, which accuses him of "per-i Continued on Page 10 forming an abortion on Margaret Davis which caused her death." j V II J7ji,Je Ti-in Hertz called for the production 1 i"" X rlj as evidence of the papers filed by rwij j Dr. Duke's lawyers, asking for im- 1 lirOUgll CrZlfI. munity by reason of his bring-called as a State's witness in the trial of! lfnfurite i II N County Judge George W. Martin, , W U.O. who was acquitted of a bribery charee. William J. Butler. Ampn! Aboard the Destroyer Lang, assistant who manned the counsel March 1 (U.R)-President Roosevelt at T ptr.fe table while his chief was on the I arrived, off Pensacola, Fla., shorUy 1TM LiL 11 11 I IIOIOS .(h ohtptp .t,,ch before noon today completing a MacCrate sustained him, saying: if W, : : I ! Joachim von Ribbentrop Reported as minimizing hope of early peace "What does that prove?" GOT HYMNS' TESTIMONY cms a , . 4,000-mile trip through the Panama Ui fjll tCll)Orfr Canal on the cruiser Tuscaloosa. I - The Tuscaloosa w'ith its escorting destroyers anchored in a heavy fon Homo, Says Cop abortion and said he did not know. Lang and dock at the airbase pier.;. . ! 14 mllcs 011 tne Suffolk coast and He denied that Cherurg was a for-: He expected to start for Washing-' m Brooklyn County Court where ; -,wo of her lifeboats reached the mer law partner of Samuel S. Is- ton by train later this afternoon, seks, former Amen aide now em- iFrnpcf Wnlfpr Wphlpr 'M.vpir-rtlH ' C.Oast. nPflrinp 14 mpn cllffprinir fmm boxer known as Ernie Haas, is 0n'eposure and the bod-v of one of killed and 16 wounded." The greatest ; city, solemnly beat out "Death Taps' loss of life was said to have occurred i five taos four times separated by Carson City, Nev., March 1 (IP) The third marriage of Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., 42-year-old member of a prominent New York family, is in tne divorce courts. He filed suit here yesterday to divorce the former Helen Varner Anderson of Clarksburg, W. Va., whom he married in Albuquerque, at Savonlinna. As the Russians approached Viipuri the city was a deserted, bomb-shattered ghost port. A reinforced Red Army stepped up the pace of its onslaughts in an attempt to strike the knockout blow of its month-long drive against Finland's key city on the Karelian Isthmus. a pause. All fire house flags were lowered to half staff. In City Hall, Mayor LaGuardia said: "I hold that Deputy Commissioner Mustard died in the line of duty. He was working with me until 6 o'clock last night and then left to gi down to his office. I don't know how late he may have worked after that." justicV" thc u' s' DcpartmPnt 0lBoro Girl, 18, Dies Dr. Harold M. Rypins, now Tfnws li'c,. ceased, who was executive secretary , Lf I IXlllC UlSOUbC of the Medical Grievance Board. ' .. mr i . , Assistant District Attornev Burton -Brought anti-aircraft guns on the sibhto b waivrr aim ic.-uucu uciuic MJI'SlllH', LMIU A Xltl n i J ; trial for the murder of Dr. Walter ! T "TemV oV the crew" Engelberg, Nazi consular attache. missing. First witness to be called today by i The Nazi raids on the coast Turkus was Acting Detective i Thames estuary into action, but at Lt. Francis Robb, who told of visit- the moment that headlines in all evening newspapers were telling of ng the murdered man's home at. attacks there the Air Ministry ue Browne, Vincent r. uoian, anj N. M Jan. 4. 1935. Vanderbilt said J. Mooney, Henry J. Campbell, i tnev been separated more than narry iiiisf, - three years end Eugene Ries. Iii the Eagle Today Book! Pare 2B Frln Teaser 26 Bridre 2' Carl' Cartoon 12 Comlca 27 Crossword 2fl Dr. Bradr 27 Ed Huthes Id Editorial V! Eenli Tonltht 24 Financial 21-2:1 Garden Corner - 2(1 Golnl Plaeei 17 Grin and Bear It 12 Hertrrnan IS Helen Worth 11 Rome Guild 1 1 Br Gardner 17 Vanderbilt, former reporter, war correspondent and publisher, gave Nevada as his legal residence. He has a Hitch Hikes From the South v tth Her Son, 6, To Hunt Child's Father Among City's Millions the extraordinary grand jury, Amen i Mrs. Florence Ditchik. diminutive,! 11 WSJ attractive wife of the man on Miss Row Salvato Ml of 1723 65th! 1208 E' 5t St. on Dec. 6 when the:niei there had been enemy activ- toKS chUd wasVanedas ft., died early today in the Victory J crime was discovered. He said the 8,atement norrVnha' Enge,bergV ? the f:ig how many children she nas, sue, , bludgeoned body was found was in tiat they were the longest of the sobbed and was excused from the ou 'e'nB . Jnrdpr r.nt fnr th ua i.war. rangiiie from six to , miss oaivato naa Deen coniineaj , - - - to the hospital for 17 days. Tester-L Uneru cross-examination. Robb All craft returned safety without day, after the young woman had;demel that he had found lollypops encouter e n e m y opposition been given seven blood transfusions, j lnutne ro?m- bn had noticed bath ; euh In ; the air or on the ground," her family made a public appeal for 58115 on the drr'ss"- in tne; the Etatem('t sald- volunteer donors. They also, as a ro?m w,erf. two bathrobes and, two DROP FLARES NEAR RERUN Inst rPQnrt triprl rnmmimie.tln. l"",s ul Ol uniCIVIll. sizes. with the Brooklyn Navy Yard. rtand by Justice MacCrate, who sug gested she be called later. The police lieutenant testified .,,tv, !. U- l,J , , 1..J . OliOLllC 11 , r r o-rt,. i r lie Ji"u m-fij ivjhii. pii iimcviii tv, . a V a 7 photographs of men in the hoiye the yard, acted immediately. He and wh(1ln wW whprc he nad requested Lt. William C. Betzer. catM them thp prosecution W3.s Then she met another man an4! ""?ri, J obZcion-, ... j ,, ilu.rt; was no women s in Jlmmr Wood Line on Lost and Found Novel Ohlturarles Pattern Pollllcs Radio The ragged little woman from i she leaned against the building as nia icbui icsiueiiue. nc ... i,,i,j mMu hori ,.j u . " .. . . . -,, im-jci ranch at Rntrliffp Npv " " ... j --imaiwcu mm u.a,u. one iinu i.o tan iui volunteers, ana out. oi a thp hmisp Rnhh rr d t'p rnn-t rautn at OUlClllie, lev. ,. . . . A ell with a lo-iiitor Qnrt hllmnud on nprnmnani- v-i.. ,.- ti h- ,. . ,. .' .... ... ule nou'e' nrm0 lolQ '-e COU.l. ere sent champagne wine and a we'.l stocked larder had been observed, 'however. said that he said. 1 Neither he nor hL, attornpv Sam- .j .".v. -.v. - .. , j iu iu.u u. ut jv.. group wno responaea six w , "iuel Piatt hn , li ot ot An n ymmt- She was serenading her lover, j the boy. "It was no secret," ahe t0 the hospitol to be typed. ' "I the action, would comment. wnen ne nears oi mis, new. come -ray me no mino - s, .iu "'said. . on the Sagamore it was u-" UJ me. pouceiimii. i in iuumiib iui mm. i "Sn T marripd thlj; man. Hp was mnre than thP .y mpn s;IIialoah Park Renults 2 "He" was the man who had loved and left her seven years ago. She ihad hitch-hiked all the way, with 1180 mo 6 10 their son, to find her lover among; to a restaurant and ordered food. ii.5o 7 90 New Yorks millions. "This ' was which they woueo. sne saia sne FIRST RACE Two-year-olds, three It 1 eignins oi a mile. Within (Stetten) 20 Merry Flasr (Fllnchum! oa,Jimson Belle (Anderson! 2B;flor, Uncle Jimnile. aSweet Sukey. My Ono, ; pital for a long, long rest. Real Estate 25; Mental Giant, chic Dame, clock Time, ghe arrived in New York before ci , a t n ,1 ! xl'm th Guy, xEasy Goer, also ran. toff , . . . ,,. k , . iU selected Ftims - 24 j (me idawn today with her crying child, Robert Qniiien - 27 1 x Field. a battered suitcase, a guitar, 54 8hlppln, t4!wlpAyw '"I -jcente and an address she believed society s Irish Moon (Donoso 15 40 900 s so! was that of her sweetheart. It was Sports ,..,,; ren.Dua iracaeri j'':353 4th Ave., Manhattan. Thralera 18 j Time. 1:123-5. Peknltl. Jock's Betsy, find him. He's been haunting me. I'll go crazy if I don't find him." Huether took the woman and boy The captain of one plane reported aa identified an "imtx:,r- tant railway junction" south or Berlin and dropped flares before con-, tinuing on to the capital. Nazi attacked several boats described as fishing trawlers off the coast of Yorkshire. A British pursuit plane drove off planes which bombed and machine- : gunned the fishing boat Courage, a.sked fori Haas maintained conmete calm -British reports said. Several boats terrible. He went around with volunteered. William Noblitt, sea- through the session, occasionally I described as fishing trawlers were women. He drank. Finally, I had1 man first class, was chosen to give taking notes or reading the briefs attacked off Yorkshire. him put in Jail." the eighth transfusion. Captain of his counsel. (Along the coast, the most shat- The father of the boy was a song Stevens said the request was the Keeping iter vigil outside the tering anti-aircraft fire of the war cauerics Doomed from ! was heard. Wllll.ll WICV WU11CU. OllC OOlU oil, i . . , , - , . - . - , . , , , . ,,. . ,,-, fi ro , i. T,.n j,j " u v,. v, wnter. sne said, ana one aav sne vi m hum uc nau itrtcivcu tuu..imi m mr hh--' "i - , .1 !lier CUIIlIlllUUClll, IU DC11CVUC ilt-,UIU lim ICUICUIUCI WllCll W:jr nau. ,,,. ,.; i f ,,, V,..t h,,.h,nrf o-oc Mr. Ttorhcro I tho .r. - 4U. iQC4 ao). saw nis picture in a iiiumu uuuk. u.v.,.,fi w t,. 4.o.u. (... ....o. ... ... .o..A vu vnc naines e5' laSU fHbCll, !4t,virtl lVl-l,.r l,o mic with hprWur,, 4V, TT..H , r, ; mother and the defendant's father Want Ada Woman's - l.e.vRose Baby. Naadja. Chick WTood. I.a Joya 1 sun oirl, tony r.y also ran. tun time, 11 2.38'i.) That was where Patrolman Ray mond A- Heuther found her. While the boy stamped his leet in the cold, .4 '.,.- -1.41 iu. :She wTote and eot some sort of i At, U1C police St-atlUU U1C WUIlldii, - - - " , it . , TVI t-ii o T c tnid hpr nrv. she an id sh was! answer and the Impression that he Haines Kill J Infants Lou Verna Dunn of Bredding and.l'ved at the 4th Ave. address. l?PcrilP 11V Parriit' that she was only 25, although pri- Dr. Joseph W. Johnson of Bellevue i''K Jt t ut u i an ins r . , p- . pnnpis vation-had mude her look older. Hospital said lack of food or the: Hoiderness, N. H., March 1 1 Jl 1 The boy's name was Andrew. He unhappiness back home had Just : While their frantic parents were; Amsterdam. March 1 (.?)-Ami-was born in 1933, she said, and i about done the woman in. He pre-; held t bay by flames, three in-! aircraft batteries in the Amsterdam shortly afterward his father left scribed a long rest. The bov was : fants burned to death today in their j and Utrecht areas today fired at un-wlthout marrying her. I taken to the Children's Society. small two-room hous-. Identified foreign planes. The Air Ministry announced that Royal Ai rforce scouts had reacred Berlin during the night on the third such excursion within a week and had reconnoitered Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Kiel, Luebeck, Cux-haven and Brunsbuettel and maintained patrols over Helgoland Bighi

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