The News from Paterson, New Jersey on September 13, 1948 · 49
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 49

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1948
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I -1 : as Wm tVf 1 W .1 riviie V t tin SC er tt U l M. bauii, ttB wrens! ani 4? 1 , 15 h thia. ha buj reh ti UhN "toll Bite eaeifl B Dn A1 uttht I tota es swirfc inmli'4 ntiias tJ x trap j teonBi lirft) Uk li Neutx MtflCi verlj Unfit I, Flirt Lad ' , Vr ; sear, Li aim, Hi . Abm Jty; Vi fntj, J ette. Li PeKK Abell F thy Si n Bnd a. vrf It , Maw lint G; owr, I idston. icki Jc t VotX StumS rue Ca a Be'i reeie H Wild L v( Poo dtn, I er, J-k Mi; tly. ' ill N (' itsr ffv instil Pail t tot be Mil igh Hal I tad llxw 1 the L were to Ur H' Dr. He . KLoe iron i I Ayr. i heir in nntrr lice wd t S C , ire N CipeC' t . S- In' indie A' I $uim Miwtot j-Ho-K e ind ik . jticB'i hen to te-f11 i CoileP th Cir i IPP'C eVoe Mre ? met Fri school i th the pipes 1 turdaji GULF iwe;: fUL iboire, 'CUP ersii 1 1 ti to, Wi inu ti ies ts ileaf . i red r UVork 'L ,z.r Cl M r-: I' W V . k Ciccrttj CflJj cf Rudolph tCcrsbor 3 ihsy Soy. County health most be alwayi guarded , . . c mn Henry Hersemau. president of the local school board, and invited him to take n trip throuih tba comm unity pad ' witaeu the newly fixed roads and to also witness twelve it more kindergarten children waiting by the highway for a school biu . , , Heeseman will- Min Cleaner Vender i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I Vender Plate, Sr,16 Post St., Haledon, recently became the bride a2 U V the reerran-' -- The trii ms fwdnnted from eastern Acxie-y- Vie groom, who was graduated from the Middei-bsar Technical School, The Hague. Netherlands, is employed at Venne-mt and Welgers. Prospect Park. l0LD MacCUXOtOH .. . I scnooi bus . . , Beesemm w.H-I .fv Personalities I lnsiy-cawe along and being one ,01"" . J to. have fought in other years ,,jd Gremse ha feeen a Q the Wayne Township j fdsrahon for 18 J-'iSwrest in new fecili- C" year for buses to go in every place they could, took deep interest in itivemew ... lie approved the idea nf better service to the chilli ren living there and said ho was whole heartedly lor having the buses ro Into the community , , W'c extend our appreciation Jfor his deep interest and eon-mderatlon ... He ptomises im-" mediate action which will be welcome news to the several parents wh asked us te lead the fight for better service . Heeseman said he is of the opinion aU other, members of the hoard w ill feel as he does . . , We sincerely hope so r Ccreiess Charges Follovi Accident Chars pi of careless dcivirg were made against two drivers following an accident at the intersection of Southside Ave and Tilt St. yesterday shortly before 3 3d p m. Carlo Raso of U E. 23rd St.. Paterson, was drivings his Car north on Subside Ave. when It collided with a rr driven hy-Michael Zimmer of 120 Frederick Ave-HawthornerThe Zimmer ear sustained damage to the rear left side. No one was hurt; Police Lieutenant Paul Engold issued the Summons a ter questioning botn drivers. the Trsvelv T , Ca . Fat ersoor. Mr. i-' t was grodved from Eatler I x chol sad 1 Institute,. New h- Curing four years in the recent war. he was a captain la the Army Air Force. Mr. DeBew has been treasurer of Pequaneork Township the past two years and is an accountant with Lybrandt Roos Bros- - .Montgomery. Kew York. After a. trip te the Pocono Mountains,. Mr. and Mrs. DeBow will reside temporarily in Lake Drive East, Packanack Lake. Urn Summer borne ef the bride's parents They are building a new home in the U"' 1 Wf PI::j Fc!3 The annul Harvtt Home of The First1' Reformed Church will be held Thursday evening. Oct. 21. at the chapel on Main St. Co-chairman for the turkey supper wlU be Mrs. James E. Young, of East Main St., and Mrs Edwin Feffreys. of Rou'.evirdL PomDton PIshw. which Frsnnreo Ave. Mrs. Hermlne K,St bytv L Schul" . In.chsrge of the the township committee. Mr. Fleet-wood is currently chairman of the township committee. The Little Falls Board of Education has called a special meeting for tomorrow evening. The session wilt be held nt School No. 2 end will start at 3 o'clock. A bus ride to the Cone. Island Mardi Gras on Sept. IS will be sponsored by the Great Notch Ran- AnneKooimanYed To Stewart DeBow Wilkins Phots MRS. RUDOLPH-JCAVELAAIL. Irving Grieves and Stewart Rob- 0f Budojph Kavelaar, 20 Wagaraw jinson. co-chairmen of the recent Blyd.,' Prospect Park, son of Mr. (ffil iKA'SD r. gremse U, teen the part of his Hit has brought him the liking because, of the ut threugh his efforts- he as important part in , or additional class I, in already overcrow d-ki) sjrstem. .... .Commls-. crrsisc retired from the Hard' Rubber Co. last mg since then has been-i,Ufntl in all the schools' i pirticular at the Junior Sekaol on Valley t Rd., i the sew half-million dol-(iitloa Is presently being . . . Most men his age. retiring. look for solitude "take it easv attitude Billing the businesa world I with Gremse ... lie nsch bleasure in bis usiinmrnt and although if aot reached a point Hr he accomplished y sll a gose after, nevertheless n dose a great deal to the load Country Fair sponsored by the,. , . .... Community Fire .Department o. r Eaveltar, The Hague,-Net her-1. of Mountain View, reports $6.-nd? a eerwmony sVthe home coo- profit as against $3,400 last f th brother. The Rev. year . , Nice going and it Is well pe.rrd Jkttfrooa, olio understand that all the money j goes to-4he erection of A new Ket- - .Theibrtde store t gnwnj of while reation Center . . . When firemen taffeta with a net skirt! trimmed spend their efforts on such vfn-lwtth lace. Her lce-tri mined fing-tures it is not a surprising feature jertip yeil was attached o I bead-to learn ALL the people cooperate I piece of whiteTlowers and she car-. ... Our best to Community andjried a white Bible trimmed with the Fellosu who make up the com- white, roses. ' L pany', . Next year make the I goal "ten grand." Stanley F. Burgess, of Wayne Township. iia chairman of the Communion breakfast to be held at Donohue's on Sunday morning. . . The affair is being apon-sored by the Holy Name Society of Holy Crons R. C. Church. Mountain V lew. -'. Burgess will be the new president of the society. . . We learn there will not be enough room at the restaurant to accommodate all who want to go. . . Our suggestion is to make certain those who are planning to attend get their tickets NOW ... A prominent speak will attend and we are- also happy to know that the well-liked rather Edward Sculhr pastor, of the church, will also br a speaker. Veterans Auxiliary Meets Organizes fancy table; Mist Ruth Williams, quilts; Airs. Harry Taylor, aprons; Mrs. Arthur BaU. publicity, and Mrs. John Fritts. tickets. The I Hatedon Veterans Ladies Auxiliary organized at a meeting held in .Velio's, 4 Barbour St. The following officers wet elected; Mary BoIORna, president. D. Lillian - Gardiner, vveeprest-deni, Ada Del Bosco. corresponding secretary; Charlotte Rountree See Kovember Vole On PolicePensions George g. Robb, of New Haven Conn .-who resided for many years on Lincoln Ave. in" Little Falls, recently retired ay general agent for the Erie Railroad, tn New Haven. Mr. Robb had been affiliated with the company for some 45 years. Members of the Little- Falls treasurer; Lida Aquino, chaplain Izik Vail" aerveant-at-arms: Ann ?l0UncP that they have secured Lois Valler aergeant-at-rms; Ann Ramella. companj c'.crk. and Lorraine fliccardo. historian , Twelve members were present and the meeting was devoted to the necessary 10 per cent of town- ship voters to place their police fund pension a plan On the November general election ballot. Tf the pension plan is Adopted A wedding took plgce esterda-in First Reformed Church when Mist Anne Mover Kooiman. daughter of Mr. ad Mrs. Cornelius R. Kooiman. 329 Belmont Ave . Hale-don, became the bride of Stewart DeBow. Son of Mr and Mrs. Roy S DeBow. Boulevard. -Pomptoh Plains. The Rev. RudiVph Merer, pastor of the Lakevtevf Presbvte-rian Church. Paterson, assisted bv1 the Rev. Edwin T. Jones of Pomp-ton Plains, officiated t the eere-monv. The reception was held at the Sw 1st Chalet, Rochelle Park. The bride wore a gown of ice blue tatm trimmed with lace. Her French heirloom lace veil was attached to a matching wei'dma band of satin and lace. She carried a fticHibfrlhip drive. Any member of il. fin4mwMi fh u nui4 The Circle of the Woman' Society for Christian Service of the Methodist-Chueeh- wilt,, meet tomorrow evening at the home of Mrs. H. J. Lacktis. of 148 island Ave. T-he circle fs under the leadership of the Mrs. Edna Cubby. membership drive. Any the immediate fanjily of a veteran is eligible -to join the auxiliary, such as a mother, daughter, wife or sister. The next meeting will be held Sept. 23 at the same place. Women Interested j in joining are invited to attend Alfred H. Meese. superintendent of the North Jersey Trsming School for Girls on Minisink Road, will be host to members of the Rotary Club of Little Falls tomorrow evening when the club meets Ihe department The list would in- fere for nt R ' rmg elude Chief Wlillam Holley. Captain Bgrney Tissot. Sergeant James Garrabrant ' and 1 Patrolmen Charles Shew, John Suchor-xky. John prrghorn and Donald Gleb. i Patrolmen Suchorsky and Giel. both who were appointed to the pohee force during the last five years, will become members of the state pension fund and wilfbe assessed x per cent of- their Robert A. Borntrager, 43, of 22 wages The township will pay an Kurt in Fail from Bus linner. the members will be shown around the institution Mis Catherine L. Amendt. War ren Si., spent last week visiting relatives at Fairfield. Connecticut WEST PATF.RSO. The matron of honor, Mrs. Louis Vander Plate, kore a yellow taffeta gown with a picture hat and carried a bouquet of yellow roses. Louis Vander Plate was best man. " ' ' . j The home was decorated with ferns and white gladioli. Following the certmony a re ception'was held at The Maples. Preakness. The following guests attended-. Mr.nd Mrs. G. Gnade, Mr. and Mrs,. H. Schuurmair: Miss M. Van Yperen, Mr. and Mrs. A. Heerema: Mr. and Mrs. T. Van Yperen; Mr. and Mrs. C. De Groot: Mr. and Mrs.'J. Brain; Mr. and Mre L. Vander Piste: Mrt and Mrs N. Meima; Mr. and Mrs. J. Vander Plate. Jr.;' Mrs.'C. Brolsma; Mr t raver book with blue gardenias. T"he maid of honor was her sis ter, Miss Grace Kooiman, who wore Cliff St. sustained a put over the right eje when he fell white riding on a North Halddoa bus Saturday shortly before 8 .10 p yn. He was taken to Paterson General Hospital in the Police ear by Police Chief -Delos ItiRjs who te-turned him to his home aftpr treatment, .Salvatore Lillo, o 1033 Bet-' mont Ave a powder blue gown, of taffeta the police that Bomtrager fell faille In Aiee blue were the -oth-J while the bus wav rounding a curve er attendants, cousins of the bride. 1 in' West Broadway by the bridge Mrs. Frank Muzik. of Cltfion; over Moliy Anius Brook. Mrs. Andrew H rusks of Haledon:' We are glad tft learn the firemen and Mrs. E. Denegay; Miss Ruth of Haskell will soon have their Meyer; Mr. C. Perry: Mr. snd firehouse. . . The council Friday Mrs. L, Vander Plaie; Mis K. Me- I TiRM rece'vfd bid nd n wt ima. and Mr. and Mrs. R. Hook. lawsed Ter., Packana mtk his wife, Elisa tMpte kss three children, urned, Albert, Eleanors lath . , . Another of his sHk ihe Community Metb-Ckarch Sunday School in ula View, where he has upfrintendent for miay ..His work in the church ireugbt him many friends it (huts much pleasure in nrk accessary to leading ud if school , . He Is i nemhei' of the Masonic wd tskes deep Interest ij Scout activities , is also vice-chairman rWiyne Branch, Paterson h. American Red Cross, sak for Commissioner h sway years of activity new that those years will eet is doing good. , low enough to guarantee the work! being 'started. . . As one who has been rooting along for the bovs of. Haskell just let ua say CON- iGRATULATIONS and the aame good service yotf have always given the people of the borough, , . The couple left for a honcy- Mtss Joan-Jenkins. of Totowa. and the bridegroom's cousin. Miss Muriel DeBow. of Summit. They carried pink chrysanthemums with the same flowers nt their hair. Mr. DeBow'k bet man was his cousin. Charles Cairns, of Paterson. The uhers were Norton Smith and- Rus'cli llamiil of Pompton Plains. William Van Houten. of Butler. end the brides brother, Richard Kooinsn. Mrs. Alma Mae Vajas. of Paterson. sang "The Lord Prayer," 'Because and "I Love Thee " 'The equal amount The other five members of the department will contribute five per rent into the fund and will be credited with an 'equal amount which will be paid by the township. I According o present- plan, the fund witt be orgamxed and ad-driver of the bus told ministered on a local basis. - Committeeman John R. Fritts and Committeeman James E Marston have. exp"essed the opinions, that "wb'have no objection in adopting -such a fund " Other members of the township committee have not openly approved or disapproved the peti-t'ons that the police department is now circulating. To Voleon Loan for i i J j Repairs to School The executive commitee of the Haledon Parent-ff eschews As;oci-stion will meet tonlcht at 8 in the home of President Mix W. Carlo-tlo, fl Buschmanit Avf y. NOIITII IIAI.F.IIO.X I- Recorder Edward G Weiss will hold pol'ce court tonight at 8 in the Municipal Buildifrgifa.iinda ista Ave".- The Board or HeauVw-.l' meet to . night at 8 in the Memorial School organist was Mr John Behnken on High Mountain lid. hff D aL V I a e of Packanack Lake The bride is a graduate of Central School. Paterson, and the Rdgewood Secretarial School She la employed in the office of " 'A periscope consists of a revolving jinsm which reflects horv rontal light fays ddwn a-vertical tube. ' , Good Goyernmont Leagurto Meet' The Good Government League of Little Falls, which is headed by-John R. Fritts, will hold Its first meeting of the Fall season tomorrow evening in the Gieat Notch fire-house on Ridge Rd, Campaign plant will be formu latcd Mr. Fritts announced Th orgenlzation will berk Republican candidates Harold Schumacher and Voters of West Paterson. Little falls.-and Totowa will approve or reject a proposal i by-the Passaic Valiev Board of Education to bor-! row 8 000 for exterior and inter-: ior repair work IP the high school at' special electicni to be held to morrow evening t rh West Patero residents mav vote it School Nm. 4 on McBride Ave. between the hours of 7 to 8 pm., it was announced by tbe board. j - I Regular church activities were resumed at the West Paterson Community Church last night with the Rev. Frederick L. Rounds, pas-j tor.Mft charge of service. Services will he held earh-Suc-day evening at 7d5 o'clock. Oscar L. Fleetwood in Ihetr hid for served. TOTOWA nonoi f.ii Party for 0ES M-Jdred Shepiey, P M. of 17 Serlvens St., Totowa Borough Is opening her home on Thursday, evening, at 8 pm. for a card party to which everyone ig invited to attend. This is-for the benefit of Germania Chapter No ! 11. O. E. S, Refreshfcent will be SEPT. 13th ' ' thru SEPT- 21st Records featuring ..your farorite . artists and. . tunes! i iov the "wise ones" be-:ippri'"-Hn their efforts to i laugh" ta the other fel-. Such was the ease rein Pompton Lakes when lat-of tow-nefs thought the town cop was 'unfamiliar nhr languages .- . The 'ad been charged with be-Mrderly persons after they cd a female life guard at Ide Park . . . Captain Mack lerti wav called and he applied the trio . , , Before he te heard them ridicule him Joreign tongue . . .-Lamberti rood every word . so did hree men when Recorder Jfgge said $5 fine and $2 of courtll, . Lamberti had st laugh ... On a previous young man appeared in court with his father, -who n charcerl with It can now he said. . . Wanaque can be recorded as a rest center and perhaps it is wise to. say the atmesphere in the- borpqrh at a certain section ie a cur for those suffering from ulcers. . -At least this is what one was led to believe at the meeting of tho council last Friday flight. - .A discussion was being held on aluminum dust,' that emanates from a factory . , . Neighbors 'complained the dust wss detrimental to health. . . It also was ruining the paint on houses. A representative of the company ' said that the medical profession is using aluminum to cure ulcers of the stomach and the inhaling of the just would not prove injurious to health. . We won-- acred when listening It anyone suffered ifrom "ulcers of the lungs . , ; One person was heard to say. . . Tf it ruins paint on the houses what must it do to the insides of a human being" . . To which Mayor Anthonv Guide added, "I have worked In aluminum ptanlo and believe me I do not ihink the Inhaling of aluminum dust is good for anybody"; . To which we add . . , mayor, many others feel the aame way. . . We are one. . fen charged with beingiR ' v .the ypunger of the ilusea his father in a for-wgae lo say nothing and i he did not understand Zluh language , . Jegge eU aware of what was be-i-d because he'' speaks the Ue fluently ... The New ;r frred . . . The climax liter when The man wrote PROSPECT 1'AllK Farewell Surprise -Given Nell Meima Miss Nell Meima. 23 Wagaraw Boulevard, was guest of honor at a farewell partv given by Mrs. Wilbert Bakker, Miss Marie Van Yper-ien and Mrs. Thomas Van Mperen at 120 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne Miss Meima was the recipient of ! many gifts. The guest of honor resigned her position's floor supervising nurse at the Christian Sani-ahe ha been 12 torium, 'Where William Charles -asking for I ybrs- She and a roommate. Miss 'F for his fine so that he Jane Schwder of Michigan, will from his income U?av SfP- 14 fr L"n Luc. are not deductable, j Calif., to resume hospital duties tin will accommodate the 1 there. , . K the same time sending L Guests present were- Mrs. Prier "tf to the Internal n.v.nim the Internal Revenue Red ke- Mrs- J4 Klingen, Mrs. Not so dumb, these George Meyer, Jr., Mrs. George 7 cups" Meyer, Sr, Mrs. Joiiq Meyer, Mrs. ( Id the bert raierT- wioh Samuel Meyer, Sr , Miss Ruth Mey-the stale RuMerl er. Mrs. Thomas Van Yperen, Mrs wing fo the "thousand stu-' ohn steln' Mrs Arthur Veenema k-. WeleZofmanv Mr- N Orthhouse; Mr Fred tki who go to coneolom Eeher. Miss F.leanor Vander Plate. 1 High and the Report! com M,s Mle Vander Plate. Miss Ann "w Ihe colleges show v-1 Van Lenten, Miss Catherine Meima, 4tng of the local 'grtd?' Mr- ls'lck Meim. Miss Jane r(i not be otherwise with Schraeder, Mrs. Richard Van Yper-jNdid leadershio St the I en M1 Rnth Van Yperen, Mtss Outlef , --Keen uo the Mane Van Yperen. Mrs. Wilbert ixeepup Ihe J. . k Mi veil Meima.- work ' bq k k '10kp". bpfor f r we in W syne Town- Bakker, Miss Nell Meima Those who were unable lo attend and sent gifts: Mrs. James tiat . i.. V "n Schoonderbeck. Mrs Marie Meyer. de dlrectld Miss Jeanette Van lloft Iervlew Community " Hck v vramunny i miss Ann van i,cn ,lle school children, Uhorne showed slides. 're. rath 4V I iuiLtrat!?er an will Alt lliii hlnkme. Jl kn a.-,.? thf hlhwk and ft to the dangers control and mow them iw,h" il,o belUve lh old receive the same u other sectione toheJrtB-the3r inclement , It is not what we Ik k throuh that (m.. " Pattern . . . We V- h modem times and toSl? V,.lhw t,me of today mil bathe -omwTow and their mi ,n r. y r-M COAL OIL. STOXERS BURNERS 3 Yton U Py Herb" they- ere it sensational low prices during RCA Victor's special Clearance Sale your favorite tunes by your favorite ortists! Whether you like it sweet or hot, slow or beebop, youll find the music you want on an RCA VICTOR Recced! Yes, they're all here, a big Asortment of your favorite tunes ond artists, alt at this special value' week price. ! lurry and toke your choice while stocks are complete! ' . Complot Initollotiofl I law os Complofo . Inttollatioil ' ISO Tank ", 840 '305 Uses' low 'Cost . Wo Quorootw luck ar lie ' Vour fl Oil Caal - - Suepir - , 1000 allan Tanks Aveilohlo far InHaliariaa Wn. C:rtrtf;! Fc;l C3. Ill Van ItifMr Ave- . lost Paterson w s A 0 0040 EOT. SSM Cedillae is tho only nemo in elt motordont 'which has been identified exclusively with fine cars (or more than 45 year-' During that' time many have-, sought 'a place in the fine car field-but only Cadillac has remained there continuously, year after- year. ,Thi great heritage of experience has never been reflected more clearly than in the new Cadillacs you tee on the streets and highways. For these magnificent new cars stand ' definitely apart from all . other automobiles. Today's Cadillac is dis- t tinguished, first bf all, by striking originality and -beauty-, of design -and its superb beauty is a true reflection of its' inner goodness and magnificent performance. If you have not yet learned the full story of the new Cadillac .we cordially invite you to do eo at our showrooms soon. SEE YOUn NEAREST RCA VICTOR ' " ' BROGAN CADILLAC OLDSMORILE COMPANY CSisan.St. at Madison Ava. Paterson, K. i. ' Tel. SHerwood 2-I4S3 - uoatwooo eiAMCN Si! leuffc trd Ik USID CAB MPT, lees MARKIT It. - v X x'"1 V f l- X -k r?- - V v NECOHD DEALER ' K ' I . 4 I xcluiJre Wholtsoh Distributer - t . i Kricb Rirco, be i: -i i-t PASSAIC (RANCH I 830 Main Am 422 litobeth Art.' Newark I", N. J. Saa Papa S3 far mam OCA Vtetar lewrf Haw

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