The News from Paterson, New Jersey on December 8, 1950 · 40
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 40

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1950
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li fit, Dee. 8, 1950 Paterson Evening News rn uJ w 2K 8 (Continue from preceding page) potty Ceramic ' 17 Melon - IT AbeJon.e Lextertona , CtUrM Taxer , jri rax Diner-X. Petereea Uberty svr. T 1? I I J - Dll McGowan B.ldy Elite Gilmer " Jbb Malum. ykw 1 s 7 Ax.Huilr ltObcaur lH8trohbek J7Bur itirioRb 171Gurdk - ' nsaudo Ilft-R.dn.rcsyk ItSOlender ii b M 4 111 117 117 117 111 141 US m m Heb - , Keeper " ' IMerUnelll iBobal . IMelon IMInbr , Wnh.a n iTeylor fOltnakl iKox.t.h ICrteeon lftftRomeee, l4lMrke MftiCohen , lSlIWelmbet lllMukech lftlKepien llWrnToh J9!KIbr l9lMcLalft 140 V.nkeft . , Mt'bscseclme hX I lit U7 lftft li HS lift i 14S 149 111 141 111 111 Medowbrok P.tro.le Bar J Gabby CbU Hon. at Phil McNair Major B Tmub iteeiln. Tram R.fln.4 product JnhnnlM Auto d vit riv W X A. 7 147 144 (ES -SPARES SPLITS George J. Grosi; I BERGEN LADIES MINOS . Piramui Driv in No. 3 won a trlpla from Village Market to in trtw it lead to four games over McCullough Transportation which lost one to Paramus Drive In No. I while in the other contest Tabby's were two ply victors over Falbo Plumbing. Paramus No. 2 registered a new high single of 768 and a new series high of 2172. Dot Dalker hit 186. 165 and 147 for 498, Marge Kovalyalk 487, Helen Vlinsky 469, Doris Southerton 466, Catherine La Bach 170. Ev Callaghan 168. Rosemary Bode 158, Gebrie Brock 157, Annabelle Snyder 153 and Marie Moderelli 160. PASSERO LEAGUE A triple win over Weldwood Inn enabled Briggs to retain Ahelr game margin in the A circuit over Riverside Singing Club which took all three from Tama Auto Seat Cover. Roman sparked the leaders with 204 and 550 while the Gaugler Brothers. Don with 218 and Bob with 204 and 593 wore the big guns for the Warblers. The French A. C. used Duccata 200 tally to subdue the National Five in all three and Tony ManRlafico'i 203 and 529 led Letizia's Plumbers to a sweep over Morning Call. t In the B loop. Viola's 213 and 580 and Tarsa's 224 and 575 offset Ed Garello's 213. 210 and 601 and Lou Izzo's 202 and 576 as Ponxl A Johnnys dunked Dick Decker's for all three games to hold their two ImperurCngrevIng Franklin Finishing Lendlaoa Tavern te Is is is , 14 io r,- is n. u la ' U II 144 14 lit lit m 111 17 Haase Zmuslsky Caopy Fort Gabriel Mitchell R.ndlnl Barrett Convery Garrett Coleman flirvidle Porta Porry l . , Verron La Retina Van Trauren y5!itto i ladlrlda! Axeraaea AvjMMcArdia Or 1 backer 111 Winklemaa -lSJlDrt.. 119 Cl rent ITS Raltlno ITilOanoveae . 171 Van Trauran woiifka anntoone NGke lTtlBommatya injure iTIlRemm lltlMeCoo lfllCentairna 171 Btrona 17l!Raobant 17UZayae 17J'HannK 171 Van 177!Jolil , .UTlfann 17TPalk , 17IIBom I1 171 in 170 IT 179 170 179 170 111 144 j 144 144 147 . 147 1 144 141 III 111 Seufhsldt 843 fame edge over, Anoclated Traffic which blanked Rlveratde Service, oe Hepworth paving the way with 219 and 532. International Bakery took a double from Hsledon Ice Cream deiptta Joe Denovas 200 and 643 while other three game winners were Wallys, Hawthorns Chevrolet and Mayfair Ice Cream over F A W Sales, the Acea and Troy Five respectively. High numbers were Ctrangle 211 and 545, Sensale 200, Tony Jindracek 205, Lou Gnade 202 and Tenk 216. RADLAWN LEAGUE The Hornets blanked the Wildcats and movad Into a three game lead over the Rangers who lost two to the Clippers, the Beavers taking a pair from the Hucksters to trail tha second place occupants by a single game while the Lancers, Rockets, Whirlwinds, Bern and Tigers all share the next spot, six games behind the pacemakers who have a 28-11 record, AWRAMKO IN MATCH GAME CHAMPIONSHIPS Bowlers throughout the Paterson area are rooting for Howard Awramko of Paul's to make a good showing in the National Match Game Championships which get underway tomorrow at the Chicago Coliseum Howard wa one of the eight qualifiers from tho New Jersey area, turning In a 28 game total of 5,317 Howard alto participated In 1948 being eliminated after the 24 game qualifying' round The best to the Win wishes of hit many friends go with him flndy City. PATERSON WOMEN'S MAJOR LEAGUE Metalart downed Do Luccia s Ip retain a six Rame edge over Scott A De Palma which handed out the same dose to Marcal Hankies. Delma Fantuzzi's 208 and 522, Stasia Deold a 532 and Lbrraine Hart a 517 topped the leadors, Zanetti had 507 for Do Luccia and Newbold's 519 led the Furniture crew. For Lynn lost a single to CEO Contractors and slipped to third, Mina Joachim counting 518 and Mary Riley 504 for the Beauticians while the Builders had Rarzkowskl'a 500 and Tash-lers 209 Grace Melchiore a 517 and Mary Wenrel a 210 wore the fae tors in Quinlan's sweep over Mickey s while Ginger George hit 232 and 541. Ruth Lamb 202 and 504 and Maurle Swigard 508 ai Chapman's trounced Crane Motors McNAIR LEAGUES Refined Products blanked imperial as Johnnie's lost a triple to Petrosi s and the Lyndhurst team now sports a four gams margin over the Automen in the Major B loop with a 27-9 record Al Gabriel had a 207 for the leaders and Tom Poltfka hit 205 for the Imperial crew Lou Van Treuron s 208 205, Connie Van Treurens 222 and Joe De Flora a 216 enabled Petrosia to sweep the set DeVita'a routed Franklin and double wins Mere recorded by Honest Phil's and Meadowbrook. In the International circuit Charlie shellacked Hamilton to move Into a five game lead over Hermas which lost all three to the third place West Paterson Roys Club. Dante Consolatore had 212 for the pacemakers Harry Nicola tallied 200 .as Hudson blanked Paterson Boiler. Chuck s won twd from Straight Street and Art A Marys won a double from Steines despite Harold Stelnes 200 mark. PASSAIC COUNTV LEAGUE Matas Typewriter took all three from tha second place Fibber's Express and now lead by a comfortable margin of four games with 25-8 Fmll Matas led the wsy with 225, Nell Noormsn hit 213 and Pete Boyle 202 Liberal Finance missed It chance to move Into second spot by bowing twice to Halllwells. Ron Voipe counting 200 for the Money Lenders and Dick Verbeckmoee topping the Florists with 208 Fd Peters had 244. Leo De Flora 202 and Ken Srhulthela 202 as Olympic won two from the Big Lot, Frank Decker hitting 200 and Frank Kopp 221 to save one game Ryn Wiseman's 233 failed to help the Bee Electrics as they bowed three time to Paul's led by Roy Osborne's 211 and Art Tivey'a 223 while Pet Kramer 209 and 203 and Walt Harrl' 220 gave Kramers a two game win over White Trui k Guernsey Crest took two from Leventhal s In the other contest Other high roller were W Boken 209. Ernie Quick 229, Herb Dlttloff 201, J Pagano 204 209 R Simpson 207. 1 FAIR LAWN FRIDAY LEAGUE Loughlln's were given a three game spanking by LobdeU's Farmers and the Typewriter crew now Ieada by a single game as Center missed a chance to tie by losing the second game to Paterson Laun dry Ia Groaa Awning continued knotted with the Farmers by sweeping Plats Tsxi and Fair Lawn Beach Club dished out a similar dote to Vanore's Clippers. Al Gunthner registered 237 and 607. Charlie Herman 200. 245 and 602 and Cart Kupec 221 and 600 while other two hundred scorers were Bill Deubert 206, Joe Cnaut 201. Ray Lobdell 213. Tony La Groaa 200, 202, Frank Ptelaet 202. Dom Vanore 203. Ryan Wiseman 210 Geftrge Trautwetn 203, Sam Patuia 203 and Bill Knapsack Sr . 222 andOS. AMERICAN LEAGUE r Ed Gilmore a quintet now leads by three games over Dolly Ceramics by beating the latter crew the entire series to drop them into sacond place, Malone deadlocking them for the spot by sweeping Lexington Chlik McGowan s 202 and Joe Sabo a 206 pacta tha leader while Butlers 243 Tom O'Drll'a 201 for Malone's offset a 200 by Sid Cohen for Lexington Abalone a held the pec by taking a triple from Hvwav Diner, Fred Nocker counting 243 and 210 for the victori. Tha Liberty won two from Stolari to complete the evening. 'mARTONE 149 LEAGUE Empire Overall Increased their lead to two garnet over Reinhardt's by winning all three from Bergen while the Television boyi were losing one to the Little Beavers who had Mclvor'i 239. Borkv Urcluoil'a 223 and Nick Van Houten's 211. McCullough counted 201 tor Poy-d '- e hrv won two from tha Valiants. Jim Helnselman tcorlng 203 21 and 618 for the losers. Mike Mokot' 239 enabled pastore's to win a pair trum 11-11 Tavnrn and the Clipper won two from Cobb a Owli BOUTHS1DE 149 LEAGUE White Cross won two from C A C and knotted Pacelll s for the lead with 26-13 at the Masons bowed twice to Gambstese Universal blanked Quinlan a to break thrlr third placedeadlock with Martrllo which slipped to fourth by losing one to A A A Service, Smltty'l Btokee and Atomic Taxi were two ply victor over Paterson, Dover McDonald's and Trolrka Club Harry La France potted 237, 223 and 673. Ed Murphy 206. 212 nd 599, Tom Clngale 209, 208 and 398. Charles Little 230 and 887. John Smith 580. Frank Yurkovlc 578 Phil Bum 576. Angelo Faslo 568 ' - Lou Schambl 564, and J. Schaaf 362. 1 SOUTH-SIDE HANDICAP LEAGUE American Paint continues to lead despite a triple lots to Ruby't . Screwballs, Matty knotting Parkslde Euelior second by sweeping Columbia while the Funlmen were lofting ail three to The Brandt. WAC blanked Allied Freight. Lee Brothers did the same to Haael Road Service and double winner were Brother In-Law and Halllwelia over Gerardo and The Gem. Jim De Koeyer hit 223 and 592, Albert Ilolcier 227, 205 and 690. Jim Jeffrey 223 and 677.- Sam Tahmoud 207 and 624, Steve Brand 202, Henry Brand 229, Fred Seals 200 and 590 and Bea Croce in. . t is it it ii 9 II II M tl It jlftl ii n lie 114 111 117 111 Ti Itlailln Team T w L Whit Oroae II 1! Pacelll Maaone II it Unlvarael Appliance Martelloe Texaco A A A terrlca Mo Donald Warehoue Troika Club atokea Dairy Farm Atonria Taxi ftnUttra mv y Quinlan Bevaraga o II It C a C Bar a Grill 17 II Gambatea Aaan, v 14 II Pateraoq Dovara H 11 Iallvlaal A renin AraJCortraa ll7INarttl ltllRpInalll lfttjRanoewIca lit U Franca HJ'Huooco lllOlirante lftllAndrlullI UlOrel lfto Gulnthar ISO'Braio 171 Asunder 17ft Fraaer 17ilFarraaane 17Allar 171 Findlay 177jVar 1T7 Kilpatrick 177lora A. 71 III 114 lift 179 141 111 III Dovnlovn Club And Ponliacs Cop Loop Games Beat Schepii and Elk Clippers in v Heavyweight League Overcoming a 50-44 lead In tha closing minutes, the Downtown A C. rod to a 57-53 verdict laet night In a city Heavyweight league tilt at School 8 court. Twe Downtowners paced by the act ahooting Outof Circus, Paterson Giant Seeks Employment Nan Smith Olneal Fontana T.a Protta Petrovich ftchaaf Vlacoal Runa Braoiowaki Stocker Sohambl Mart. lift Altemue urkovl alrnnler Stalal Kaepar Itala Pmchken Murphy lTIISpInell! 171 Irinpala 175!Bland 17ft 174 174 174 1711 171 171 171 171 171 171 171 179 179 179 Q70 179 179 lftft 14 11 lift of Harry Klomp and the drlve-ln by Bob B light poll purf to top Schcpla. Three Downtowner (cored double figure. Klomp. BUI Tobin, and Nickey Seletto hlt twin figures. The tall Shepia five wero sparked by Ted Dostanko, former N. C. Bteta grid ace, who bucketed 13 tallica, i Monday night, tha -git with tha atrong r i School 18 In a 8.80 encounter. Both teama are unbeaten In City leagut play. Pen tl ace Win The Pontiac alio won their league gam last night at School 18, taking th ilk Clipper by -93-78 margin, Foley waa high for the winning aide with 27 point. Tha box aoorea of both game: Bvbepla ' orbelc, 'ochre ii, Albright, Dotnko, , Rrey, g Houlllon - McArthur , Total Dewatewe A.C, Kornrelch, t Klomp, f , J. Bianey, e B Bianey, g Reinhart, g Tobin , Sallctte Total Sc ore by period l Downtown AC. It II Official- Ziogypnt and Splnnier. Scorer: Phil Bell. But. .;T rrHOMPSON'C Specs Invented in? Soviet May Help Some io See .. Tha Joraey City C.C. waited very patiently for thg Paterson Philidori to arrive. After a grand weledma Mr. Helblg, who la the prealdent of the Jersey Knlgbta. luggeated that we get on with the match. (He knew what he waa about) ao we played and we loat a few games, like Iambi going to th slaughter,, Tha match and results follow: Fhilldor 1. B. Thompson - iberr ' ' 1 ' 2. H. Welnb 3. A. Eltmanaa C. Van Ostenbridga 3. D. Schwabsky ' 8. A, 8tock , , A. Ferle 8. Forfeit Jersey City Wm. Wlbrecbt L. Eigen F. Brehn A, Strolln 1 N. Neumann P. Helblg P. Neumann Forfeit k, V V4 VA 1 m B. Thompson and F. Brehn were team captain, The Philidor had whit on odd board. The results of th New Jersey State Chess Federation 6 ing. Burn frequently acar and fof cornea so badly that blindneia la total. The only remedy has been a surgical operation that acts a piece of clear cornea Into the blinded one. , Tha Russians reasoned that at 0 least some of these fogged corneas could transmit a little light, and that this tranamlaaion would in-create If the rays of light were focused directly upon blinded corneas. , , It la, they said like teeing faint. ly through your hand when a very-bright beam of Ught is focuaed on the aide opposite to where you are looking. You can see the glow of light, faintly and tinged a little Sink from passing through blood la i veins of the hand. They made a new type of spectacles, two lenses which focu on th cornea not only th raya of Incoming light, but an actual Image of what those raya ahow. Their what thoaa rayi show. Their idea Idea la that this Image la likely to be visible, at least dimly on the pee Tournament which was held oh November 25, at tha Jertey City YMCA follow) 1. D. Strolln, 6; 3. A. Drake G. Frledmam 5; 4. E. Me Cor-mlck. 11; 5. N. Neumann. 4; W. Walbrecht, 7; 7. T. Miller. 8. F. Howard, 9; 0. R. Hurttlen, 7 10. N. Hurttlen, 8; 11 O Proll. 4 12. E. F. Laucks, 5; 13 B. Falter 14 C. Csermak, Scratched Eleven year old N. Hurttlen beat the New Jersey State Champ Franklin Howard In the rapida Ted Miller, art editor of th BUL. LETIN, made a big goose egi Dick Haefner, ex-editor of thi Bulletin played it smart and stayed out of the tournament, but acted at score-keeper. Edgar Me Cormlcx made a fine sweep and la now NJ.S. rapid transit Champ A beginner la informed that hla opponent ought not to take any piece when he gets a Pawn to the eighth rank, but a Queen, and also it he makes a great effort, be can undoubtedly Castle out of check, and if he tries real hard he can certainly move hla King to a square commanded by hla adversarys Bishop, when that Bishop is pinned and powerleaa He is also assured that to capture a Pawn In-passing is the height of absurdity Never the less, Chess-players wul Insist upon going just counter, to the opinions of our correspondents, and Chess-laws will support them In there obstinate course. Thti poem was published In the CHESSPLAYERS CHRONICLE) In 1851. Chess on the lawn, beneath the KSartona 800 Ttaa Slaailasa Teaat W Empire Overall Co IT Reinhardt Appliance tl Povdan.r Bullderr 14 Paetor Fur Si ljt4le B.avar 29 Cohha Owl II 11-11- Tavern 17 II Vallanta II Btmen Sporting CXub 14 Nam Doch.rty McCullough Mokn Kbelhardt It Hraekl Tareltano A 11 A r Van Hout.n Heins. Iman Geoi na Toiij lAku-h Uale T.rrannvn Hufnrdaot Mnrtnne lealaneli Stack Ave.ll'rolvoll WIFatel! 17UNIcka 111 Jicob 171 IBetlvardo 170 Rmmetta 111 Hhamey llllQuInn lift Vonel lftl'Ball lftft Raab H7 Mclvnr lftft KoppenaaJ 15 Fantuial 144 Mokoe 11 Temp4o 14211hernock 12 Mokne 11 Haettlar llllaclva t It 14 15 17 II 10 tl 2J 14 21 111 49 19ft 1(1 lift lift lift lftft lie lift ns 1ft4 161 152 is: is: n: lfti 19 14ft Peatlac Htohl Pammeroo, f Foley, e Prlblyekl, f Koetlelan, g I.uclanla Felt Htanslano Luca Total Clipper Oltremare, t McKenna, t Acker, e Ultneky, x Crank, k Redllng Totals Scora by period Pont lari J Ilk Clippers 11 Official' Cartottn Timer Van Blckla. ; F0 FF TF I 1, 1ft a n i t i i i Ivantag Stwi FAqte ONE OF the iaileat men in the world. Jakob Nacken, now of Paterson, mile down on Kathleen Rafferty and Mary McGravey, of The New CiasalfiedTJeoartment. Mian Rafferty and Mrs. McGravey rise te a full height ef fire feet each, while Mr. Nacken measurea a tall aeven feet, four inches. The former circus performer now it seeking a normal ateady job. 41 11 12 FO FF TF ? T a 4 12 2 1 11 0 20 14 71 and 2211 1774 Kebo Riraipo Sportsmen Tmm 0taadlfi Taai Xixllf Trucklnr No. HrAMAt fimhfip Heat. AKoclte1 Oil Harolds Men SJop Twin laftkeR rvtca KreBJata Hx Mt Samar iiodlrR Trucking No. 1 Sharpe Mule Van Ordna (Un4 Fred Trrn W n n n it n ti 1 8 17 1 8 II II 18 aaie !onfky Hbet k Warner Mhirnay HPP hud Iff Hunt Mahnken MuRRlRreUa Hntiertello Hln hrrtRn fitona rJ ta re Freed Mahnken Wavrauch Hchenck kt henejg Hint hman AnderRen Htlmnra MrNnmara ORhnrnt Toil Frev Mpadarrlnl D Laura Van llat Hoiiandar Hulier Kenyon krhtbler tillwail Ma Namara Individual AmaM Av. Banin 114 (Irimahaw l77Kpadacliit 17IRyerton ITliMcPhall 17fl Kolb 1M Kranaaty IMOhloff Ohertl 188 Kvhnn 384 Kcvii 184 Happ 181 Hahn 11 Oimanat 18) gulnt 18) Kraaaaty M HI la 181 Sharpe 181 Maverdltrki 1 8fl Hodle 1 8fl Rranecomba 1 Ptnaanl 1M Hlckar 181 Wainntaln 188 Van Daltnda HI Zupa H8 khonhoti HI Fehrrnback 188 Vfayara 188 Mtaihir IkS Miliar JS8 'hurob 'lftft Vital l& Jobeo HI Merklln 114 larllnff 184 1M 1 . HI 1 no no 150 1H 14 Passaic County Team ataatlaa w T.aa. taa Tip ft'laher. Exp liberal Flnan Olympic WhH Trui k Kramer Sna He ElecXrtu L ti I tl It 20 II lft 14 lft 14 17 14 14 14X 145 14 147 14 146 145 143 141 142 142 1411 149 IS 13ft 13X IM 134 17 II 175 113 III Av. 141 ftftl M 141 47 13 112 f A e ri 1" 1 X a I&y 9 , . Murphy, Beau Clash Tonight (Continued from preceding page) 10-rounder at Madison Square Garden. Its another prime example of the difficulties of making matches for a stepped-up boxing program in a talent scarce Industry. Add the reluctance of certain fighters (o meet dangerous contenders in their own division, and vou have a real matchmaking problem. See Slugfeat Not that tonight a fight shouldn't be interesting. Actually It figures to be a alugfest that probably won't go the full distance. The redhaired, 28-year-old Murphy has flattened his last 10 foes. Beau, a 20- ear-old who has mixed with some toughlea. Is an aggressive punch-throwing crowd-pleaser Murphy, who weighed 177 for a fight a couple of weeks ago agreed to make 170 tops for tonight He had to struggle to make it Beau scaled 159a Oct. 13 when he loxt a fierce 10-rounder to Nick Barone, another light heavyweight contender who was knocked out by Charles last Tues- The West Coaster, with a record of 48 knockout victories in 54 fights has been established tbe to 9 choice Irish Bobby has won his last bout ms the kayo route Beau has fought 30 times, won 26 and racked up 15 knockouts The strong Negro is suited one of the top 160-pounderi in the business but he can't get any of the big bo) of his division to face him. The Baronc-Brau fight was a wow on television Tonight a 10 p m (EST) will bt telecast and broadcast. Lellsl Plumber Mornln Call 1 21 I II Name Farlrelll Farqson Gautier Roman lUrnlH Gaugler y.lmmer'n Manalaf Ire Graa.flald rtrhnll Htreu.e Kirknain Armero Rrlais Psaane Faaeee Hmlth - Martin llurhn.r .Borgne I'llerln hne.der Aleaalo Mu.che laeiriea.l A I rrma. A- Name 17ft Ktraue 174 ( annerelte 17ft Yuri 172 Stohler 171 Frappnll 179 Harninl lftft Durnat lftft Harrll lift H.i 1 7 1 lx a liHemaiink IftTZolln lift MarFaddftk III Eelen 114 Relen 11 Muller 11 Jordan 111 Hunt.em lit Wricht llllmelr llllllenrr 119 Wright 14 Ull.ia 19 140 i,m lftft HJ'lIrll HcNilr luttrnitlonil (Ti.rllr. H.rb.r. 21 I Harm. Machine 23 II W, Palermo Bo)l 29 II llemlllon Photo lft 17 Hudson 11 Piere lft 17 Hielne Aulo CenlaF t II hurka illlllarda lft lft Art A Mary Cafe 17 It Hlralahl Bi Wart 1 14 Petarsoa Xolter I lft Vaaie Reas Filipelll Green Savins Hr tin nnaolalore Pelnao Pnlko 'on.ofalor Appalurel 5 erderame r'lraenle Cnnanlatore, Hlelnea K u n la Kl-tar h Ilmmlne Helnate ft.pper ladlvldaal A -era a M Ae. A erwdia tlllTobjr 179 Vlrola 17ft Karnnvlcdl 17ft Fuallll ltft'Kawhlel 174 Van Wart 173 II Id 17 y.iaarelll 172IPeroUn 17IIO'l)ell 179 Mlaaon lft l Preatl lftft Mrol 11 1 Palme lift William. HS Hrhnppubh 14 ItoSfl 44 rhrat lft4iFanr4tt 3 107 ftftft lftft 710 7ft 71 7 741 711 14 H4 lftft ftl III 1(11 10 119 mi k.ii ns ni 1A n ik n ni in Anyone need a tall Santa Claua this year? A aevan foot, four inch Santa? Jakob Nacken, who recently completed a aeason with Ringling Brother Circua aa the Worlds Tallest Man. can fill the bill. He has the height to the inch amt the costume to fit. Disillusioned about circus life, Mr. Nacken. who came to Pater-ion from Germany a year ago Wednesday, now would like to aet tie down In this area with a normal steady employment. A former, restaurant manager in Germany, he'd like to find a similar job and points out for prospective employ' ers that hit higher than average height could provide good publicity. Giant Mr. Nacken became known to Paterson residents last year when Kurt Schmitt, Hudson uto dealer, employed him aa a giant Santa Claua, and sent him to many Christmas parties in this area. He also contributed much of his time to volunteer Santa Clausing in hospitals and schools., Now Mr. Nacken feels that he could find paid jobs playing Santa Claua at organizations parties until the steady Job he seeks materialises. The tall man already la engaged for one party, on a voluntary baa-la. for Deg. 21 at City Hall. However, the lack of a seasonal or permanent Job will not send Mr Nacken back to the circus, he maintains. ...... , . Im not for circus life, he said sadly, and recalled the season during which he and the circus folk rose early in the morning, worked all day, packed up at night and boarded a train for the next destination Day an after day, the routine waa the same, he said. T traveled through the whole country and didnt see any of it. he complained Time was so limits ed that the circua performers nev- Chandler Says Baseball May Be Doomed (Continued from preceding pae) than it was In the World War II and w would hive to be prepared to give up everything In the emergency, Chandler said. "So 1 Just wanted to let the Prealdent know that baseball is willing to do Jts share, but, of course, lm hoping things wont come to that "But if they do. we stand ready to make our contribution " To Solve Problems? Whether the minors are going to solve, in part at least, their radio and television problem will not be knowo until the major leagues hold their annual mid-Winter meetings hare next week But the chances are that the majort will do what the minora want them- to In curtailing the broadcasting and televising of major league baseball game if they get the go ahead from the Justice Department in Waihlng-ton. The majort threw their gtme open to radio and television last year when threatened with an antitrust tult and they arent going to put on any pew reitrlctlnns unless they first receive an okay from Washington. There were indications that okay waa going to bt forthcoming If it la. the minora are sure the new curtailments will go a long way toward solving their attend ance problem it dropped ao sharply last year that th very structure of organised baseball was threatened. The minora now are back in the running when it cornea to bidding for promising young pleura They killed the bonus rule yesterday and now wrt free to make deals which no longer will handicap them. Of course, the majors ran still outbid them, but that la not important for a!mot every minor eague Club either is owned outright or operated under the aupef-vislon of major league team. So. when the majora shell out heavy dough for a player who needs experience, the minora are aurq to get them. Under the bonus rule ni the minors were by-passed except iiftlfor ene year by the bonue players. er bad a chance to leave the circus grounds or train. Besides that, the (even foot, four inch fellow who weighs over 260 pounds found that he did not sleep well on trains, and that was the only way the circua family sleeps He also worried about his wife, Maria, who remained in Paterson at their apartment, 140 Warren St Not able to apeak English, he worried that his wife would be lonely. The little woman incidentally it really little compared to Mr. Nac-hen She's five foot, eight inches In height, 150 pounds In weight. Before joining the circus in April, Mr. Nacken had worked after Christmas as a manager in a German restaurant on 86th St , New York City. Very happy with that job. he. however, already had signed the circus contract and had to leave the position which now has been filled by someone else The Nacken apartment in Paterson is equipped for normal sited people, while Mr. Nacken doesn't complain, he related plaintively that he sleeps on a normal bed. with a soft chair at the end to hold hia feet. Hla home In Dusaeldorf, Germany where he waa born had those essential pieces of furniture made specially for him However, while he was serving in the German Army during the last war, hla home waa completely demolished by bombs ' Mr. Nacken hat a sister. Josephine Nacken of 607 24th St , who arranged to bring him to the United States He would like to stay In this area, if he can find a job. He pointed out that it wag in a Paterson shoe store where for the first time In his life, be was able to buy a ready-made pair of shoei size 16 and a half Prospective employers of Mr Nacken either ai Santa Claua or In a more steady job can contact him at his home, LA 3-7386. AFL Musicians To Elect Sunday Local 248, American Federation of Musicians, AFL, will hold annual elections this Sunday at union headquarters, 77 Progpect St Members may vote from 12 to 6 p.m. Opposing Incumbent President Joseph Carrafiello for the top post it Peter D1 Angelo, current vice-president. Harry Spagnola opposes Larry Docimo, Incumbent, for financial secretary. Joseph Frangl-apane is unopposed for vice-president and incumbent Thomas Casa-putla for recording secretary, - Four candidates are vying for three buslneas agent posts: Joseph Frsnglapane, Nall Sollmeije Jamei Gemma, and Ak Derrick. For the seven posts on the Board of Directors, two full slates are presented on the ballot Candidate are: Charles Preata, Lou Carllnl, Michael Donato, Anthony Phillips. Theodor Inslnna, Joseph Panurclo, Lou Rlzio, Nicholas De-Leo, Archie Gambutl, Al Ferro, Charles Fusco, Charles Benford, Oscar Padula, and Vincent Pl4-colo. pleasant trees. Whe en many roses flush the Summer air And with a cooling breath, tbe morning breeze, Cornea up tbe valley fair. The leaves and blossoms, fall upon the board. The golden insects, through the branches gleam. While ivory King and Knlghti, with crown and sword. Move through the magic dream Answers to last week problems No. 29 R-B4 30. R-R3 Problem No,. 31. Q U'lLULl R ma IC EMESi & Q 4 wf 4 O a nm o o m BLACK WHITE 19 White to move and mate in twd Problem No. 32., BTunDTP DtCl 2 D 10 Q rasn i n DDE! in o BLACK It WHITE 7 White to move and mate In two (Ana. Next Week) "Billy Hughes Kin Gets Some Advice From Judge Schamach The nephew of the late U. 8. Senator William Hughea was told to stand in front of the County Court - House and contemplate the statue of Bis uncle by Judge Milton Schamsch of First District Criminal Court featerday after the late Senator'! kin appeared In court to answer a non-support charge by hi wife. After hearing his wife complain that he waan't supporting her and their two children, Thomaa Hugh, of Hdwitt, told Judge Schamach that he "was not one-tenth the man 'BUiy Hughea was "You could be if you would really try,' the Judge answered. He told Hughes that he could remember the defendanli mother -a fin person sitting 'on -her front porch, and ha recalled how he flrgt told her that ha was going to be a lawyer Judge Schamach put Hughea London Air Raid Shelter Turned into Hotel LONDON (UP) Britains big gest and neweat hotel la being completed In a huge underground cavern that waa a famous air raid shelter during the war. Th "hoterwill have 4 000 bed It la a' mile long and located 45 fret below the subway trains at Clapham Common. It is being converted to handle the overflow crowd of visitor expected in London during the festival of Britain, the world fair which opens next spring The price of bed will be' three shillings (62 cent a night. The hotel Is divided Into rooma 110 yards long. Balsa la on of, the lightest commercial woods known. Of th 63 highest eakg in the U.8, 42 are in Colorado. Petroleum was Brasit In' 1939 discovered in ott temporary probation, telling -him to remejnber how much tho name "Hughea was honored In the County. I 7 MOSCOW. Deg. 9 (AP) Two Russian Scientist have Invented) spectacle which they hope will an-able certain case of bllm see. Tbe blindness is the fogging of tho comes, the round window at the center of the y through wick all tho light passes in normal seo Inner side of the fogged comes. The Soviet scientists say their experiments are working well enough to show that they are on a promising track. Some peraont have been able to aee a litti. These persons have had to overcome more than merely the fogging of their corneas. They have to look at a picture which actually lay on their corneaa unnaturally close for see jpg anything clearly. Nevertheless, it is reported that these people developed aome improvement, with practice and that young people do better than older Persons. 'Another difficulty Is that this ptc-turs on the comes la upaldedown. That handicap, too, the inventors say, is gradually overcome. After several weeks, the mind accepts the upside position (without so much difficulty. These experiments are reported in the Journal, Knowledge-Strength by B. P. Gragovsky and D. F. Belyansky, Changes Seen In AEC Policy NEW YORK, Dec. 8 Recent steps taken by the U. 8. Atomic Energy Commission indicate a possible change In policy by that agency, -according to an editorial appearing In the current tisue of Nucleonics, McGraw-Hill publication. The first of two moves made by the AEC indicating a new pbas of the atomic energy field was the announcement on Oct. 29 of the authorization of the construction of the first non-AEC owned and operated nuclear reactor in this country. Then, on Nov. 24 the scope of tha naw Declassification G n i d . approved by the U. S , the United Kingdor scribed. ,A .inrdora, and Canada, waa de-.. The moves are quit definitely related, saya the editorial. ' Hi non-AEC reactor, to be built by North Carolina State College at Raleigh will be a water boiler designed to operate at a maximum lower of ten kilowatts Th new declassification Guide deals specifically with low-poweo-Ievel reactors. making declaxslfiable such reactors in this country as the water boiler at Los Alamos and two reactors at Argonne National Laborator. The editorial points out that many interesting, development could result from the use of these new laboratory tools by both universities and Industry. "If people working with low-level reactors keep In touch with those concerned with the development of new tvpes of reactors, they may be able to make useful contributions to certain rather fundamental reactor development problems which are essentially of an unclassified university laboratory, say the magazine AEC-thinklng haa beeionor and more towards greater industrial participation, the editorial net, t quotes one AEC official as saying "The fastest progress would b made if we could move toward th design and construction of reactors on a competitive bid, fixed price basis, or by otherwise util i1? Pro!it-maklng Incentive. This will not be easy but I believe that ultimately It can be don If we could move toward the design and construction of reactors on a competitive bid, flaed price basis, or by otherwise utilizing a profit-making Inventive This will not be easv but I believe that ultimately it can be don tf w In Washington have both the will and the Ingenuity. Concluding, th editorial atatta achftev still greater non-AEC. participation In thla field, two things are essential: tl) AEC must pursue a positive program of Informing non - AEC group of what goes on behind th curtain, and (2K Non-AEC groups must preea for such an AEC policy and taka positive stand on their Interest. lo News from Lisco-Everybody's Hunting OSHKOSir. Neb. (UP) The Gn County Weekly Newtook editorial nbte that "for the first U-ir-year. no Llaco, Neb , Item .Dont atraln yourself looking." aald the New. There are none. Our Llaco correspondent told us Monday evening that she had not gathered. on Item. Everyone seemed to b hunting and If she urned In anything at all It would ust be about th number of Llaco hunting. we 11 have to excuse both ourselves and tbe town of Llaco. It Isnt that Llaco la dead. Its Just that the place It to busy being Nebraskas duck capital, it hasn't had time to make news. Rhode Island la the moat denial mpulated area of tha U. 8 owed by Puerto Rico. ily fol-' Edmund 'Randolph of Virginia waa th first U, S, attorney geo- eraL r ujq, '.W a. S fcxuwv Kf t't, 4

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