The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
Page 2
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FACE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.> COUHIER NEWS FRIDAY, VKBRUAItY 10, 1932 . Sodtty Caltndai Here for ISi-ceuUuuiial Program •The Blytheville unit ol the Jim. Icf H»dissah will present a jubilee at the Temple Israel at 8 p.m. J»nl*r Hatuuh T« H»« J«*Ue«. ^-he Blytheville. unit, A. I. M. Junior Hadassali, will present a Jubilee Sunday evening, 8 o'clock, !rj the Temple Isrnrl. The cast Includes Oscar Elliot and his Ifcpl Hot Rhythm boys. A most emcr- tflnlng evening Is promised anil a. 'large number or out-of-town are expected. •the Rev. Burke vnaMe to Hold Strvke*. line Rev. C. C. Burk*. reclor of the St. Stevens Episcopal church, will not be able to hold services hfre Sunday (is cxpeeled. Diw lo an accident some time ngo when he injured his right arm, he 1ms been confliwri to his home in Mil- rianna. Although he is unable to .lie his .right hand ns yet, he I slowly improving. * * • • A Benefit Cblcken Dinner. '•The ladies ol the - Blyl!i;vHle Baptist tabernacle will serve a benefit chicken dinner at the. trA- efnacle building, In Ilia old Orlmes limber company on West Asn tlreet, Saturday. Proceeds will be applied on the tabernnclc. Mrt. Usrey Had Mid-Week Club. ^ ',Mrs. Max O. Usrey compllnienl- c* the members of the Mid-Week Bfldge club wilh n lunclicon on Thursday- with Mrs. Fred Child ns giest. Alter- a number of bridge RRmes, the high score was won. by Jfts. A. J. Smith, when she was psesented with a bath-set. Mrs. Child w»s given n deck of cards. sAn attractive green and white rnbtif was carried out (or St. Pat- rlilt's Day In both decorations and luhchcon color scheme. Bible Class Has Bits oj Netcs Mostly Personal nil In Memphis vlflliiiK Mrs. Ha-! j an, who Is In the Methodist hon- > Hal tor treatment. No op-zrnlfon I ns been performed at yet unj her ! ondlllcii remains iindiangc:!. i Paul Uynum drove lo Memphis:] oday on business. Farmer England Is confined loij ils Imme with smalliwx. He Is ex- > Kdcd to b3 able to bi uM tile tint I if nexl week. r&m Parents Asked lo Visit County Schools Monday The Bcrean Bible class of the First Presbyterian church sponsored a George Washington iwrty In the social rooms ol the church Thursday evening, with 40 roem- bejts attending. A motif In keeping with Wash-1 Irwton's birthday was carried out in the decoratloas with tiny flags and several original failures used to' achieve & novel' and artistic effect. An interesting program was given with several special musical and, rvpcal ^ 1 ,J n ^Jl^-J^' a ^ n ^ rpn " deitd. Various""game's"andtohtests weje played. • ' Individual cherry pies, lopivd wilh'whipped cream, ami coffc-i was served by members of the class. Mrs. l»ne Is Representative. Mrs. John H. Long has been ap- pointtd as representative from the Lake Street Methodist church to thfc Whlta House conference to be hejd in Ultlc Rock, March 1st and 2nd. < i . Guests at Matinee Club. Mcsdames E. 3. Browne, Spur- gehn Patterson. Malt Monaghan and Neal Gescll wera guest. Thursday when Mrs. Hubert Potted entertained the members o the Malinse Bridge club. Mrs. Hives Allen was presented with a manicure set ns the prize lor club hlali score, while Mrs. Brpwn was given a towel roll for gwsl score. . Refreshments of salad, gmzsd apples and 'coffee was served by the hostess. Miss Nellie Johns, student a Union University, Jackson, Term. ! svlll spend lliu week-end licre with pm-iils ami friends. Kills Jcihm drov*. to Jackson for her • loday Mrs. C. W. Adlick Ic-ft Ihl. niouiing for n lv, r o weeks vlsll will her mother In Norlh Carolina, • Mln> lieuecca Oillcsplc Is spend ing toniehl In 13cll us guest o Mlw> Miirsucritc Armslrong. Mrs. VV. D. Clruvoile find fain ily me niovini; lo Lillle Roi-k fo a few nioiillis until Mis* Muurlc finishes her business course. Mr. anil Mrs. Jack Applebam and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Flormrr inve returned from Sc. Louls'wher ihi-v siii'iil n (ew days on nusi ness iiml visiting friends. The were nlsn accompiinlcd by Mr. an JnlliT ol OECColn. Lloyd OcVeir? of Newport. Ark. was a Iniiliii'ss visitor In lUyllic- vlllc during Ihc first part of the week. Mr. ami Mrs. Samuel Glasstono and family have relumed to their horns. In Magnolia, Ark., after a week's visit wilh friends and relatives here. i Mrs. HI-HIT Holt of Joncsboro Is the fiiirsl cf Mr. find Mrs. J. H. Stovall for a fc'.v days. Mrs. Clarenc: Vollmcr. Mrs. VI: J. Wumlerlkli anJ Mrs. Fariisworth Black diove lo Memphis to spsnrt (he day. Mrs. Leonard Holl and Mrs. Ernest Holt spent Wednesday In Ijux- ma nud were iittonipanle;: t-.oms by mile Anno Owen, granddaughter of Mrs. K. UoH, \vlio hns be=n vlsil- liiB rclalivcs llicre for several coys Mrs. O. L. Bcdeiihamer of El Dorado, wife of the past national com-1 ^"'^'fj^ 10 ^,.^ a ^ e ^ 'nife^ mander of Ihe American Legion who will speak on George Wn5hll 'S to 'M ^"smallpox " .it the bl-centcmilal observance at Ihc city hall tonight, accompanied; OUo (junimliigs, deputy state tilux lo Blytheville. 8hc Is a leader in American Legion Auxiliary ac-lgame warden, who is temporarllj (ivitics and (s the slalc chalrmnn of thar orgnnlmlon's George Wash- headquartered in Joncsboro, was inglou Bl-centennlal celebration commute!. | llu ^%^ 1 ° r S.iso^^retunie from Memphis yesicriay where sh A find esr.eial InvUstlou lo parents friends in vlsll Misstsslpp! feS'S &\t§ W5*>! ~J m. m VVIOGL\ ecimty schools Monday, Fub. 2i was extended (oday hy tlis cauntv £upciintcndcr.l's office. Vi'itini! hoins nl spools llirousli-' out (tie county will to frcm C:33 uu- 111 i:30 o'clock, or iturlny lln ;:uire lesiiiar dally session. Visitors will be welcomed at any period durhig Hie (!ny. At a:30 o'clock In Ihe afteraaon at I.angc school a George Washington iirogram will be given lo which parents are especially invited. T!i» Bargains For Saturday and Monday While They Last Pints, each lirugruin Time." . is lUled, "The Lcc of Fmich Government Presented With Zoo 1'AliIS. (Ul')-THe. eovernmenl has licon eivcn a from the ois dc Viiiceiincs. which has uc!i\ niL<l over to the Natural !I!s- ry MuEcum of Paris. The M>O contains live female e\- jhants and one baby elephant, J lions, 80 monkeys, nlm zslirns, nee Cape elands and four gnus, hero also nre Ihrce oryxes, four irairci :i»;l four buffaloes. The 700 Is lo ue cslablishcd close o tlie permanent Musec- des Coln'"s. and is exiiecled'to be fin- shed by next December. Until the omrtletion of the new installation he anlmnU will continu» to r;- elve visitors in llw Bo!s de Vln- enncs. KlTGHENI 1 iroill *\ll.inp"ib yv^n;ij.iy an lo boiling point. Remove from (Ire I was'with her daughter. Miss Char and stir in eBB slightly benlen. i Icen," who underwent an opcrnlio • • • * 1 In ihc Bnpllst hospital the nrs Sweet rolulo and rinrnpnle Salarl purl ol the week. MUs nobinso One and onc-lourlh cups diced Its expected to be able to rctur swcel polaloes. 1 1-3 cups diced jlioinc In eight iluys. cnnned pineapple, 2 tablespoon'!] Mrs. C. E. Crigger, Mrs. Bernar minced sailed nlmonds, 1-2 cuprlaoorh and MUs Marlon noblnso minced celery, 11 cup shrcdderi drove to -Memphis loday to vis green pepper. [Miss Chnrlejn Uobinson, in 11 The sweet potntoes nre cooker'(Baptist hospital, m-.d clillbd before dicing, arnle.l Hey Hognn will spend the week Notes .Admitted, Miss Erma L'n Hftlnes, city, and Mrs. J. Q. M'Jfcr, Arniorel. - • • Swccl Cream Hulter, liOc Lb. BENNETT'S PASTEURIZED' MILK 10c Quart Delivered Phone 74 wajaK&DseEHi! Spring Brook IL «(| ^ Good Creamery IW« Itlv BCHEXXK £3«Haa Moilern hoiewives are always »»ls or put through mil . B rmacr, on the lookout for "somelhiiiB dif-! Combine 'all.lhe Insredienls with fcrenl." for salads niul salad com-' ( °»i«'o <lve«lng and serve on bluaUons. Snlafl dressings, loo, are, shredded leaf leltuce. Tf one an; mpcrunl factors in iulnd innK- cue-fourth cups diced chicken arc ng iiixl receive Iheir shore of al- j «Wcd this makes an cxcclljiit e °Q on hearty salad for a bridge lunclicon. An imusiml drosslng is mndc iviih I Hot-house loinmocs arc In thsli • prime at this lime of y?nr. Tluy arc remarkably thin skinned and well flavored and ndd. an a|ip:tiz- Ing bit of color lo many a sala:l. TcmilD, Gr.iprfrull anil SlufTfd Celery SaUcl . One large grape .fr'nlt, 2 medium 1 ' tomatoes, ' 2 tnblespDons tomato pulp. H is very cheap niul rery good and will keep for weeks If a jar in ihc ictbox. While a Is good wilh oil kinds of talads It's particularly goc;l with swccl • potalo and pineapple snlad. Tomato Salad Drrsiing Two lablcspoons biiller, 2 (able- crcnm cheese, 2 tablespoons sluil- siKxms sugar, Vj teaspoon dry mils- ed olives, tender blades of culery. lard, 2 tcasiwons mild paprika. 1 | Peel erapc fruit and cup sifted tomato pulp. 4 lablc- sjioons vinegar. 1 egg. Mix and sift flour, fait, pulp Into sections discarding al feeds and thin connections; tissues Chill. Mix cheese and finely cho|j- i pmi* a» > Luncheon Club Mil .Wilh Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Russell Phillips enlerlalncd M{s. Walker H. Baker and Ihe members of Ihe Thursday Luncheon club wilh a one o'clock hivich- eop yesterday. After an enjoyable aTternoon of bridge Mrs. OUo Kcchlilzky won a • double deck ol cards as high setae, prize.. Son Bom. Mr. and Mrs. B. llutchinson announce Ihe birth of a son last Saturday. The baby welglis 9 pounds arid has not yet been named. * * * Daughter Born •}Jr. and Mrs. Paul Elam announce the arrival of a 1 pound . girl this morning in the Blytli> vltje Hospilal. Both mother and £»fcy were reported as getting alonj iiloely.. • nmslard. ami ptiprikn. Mell butler in a smoolh sauce pan and slir in dry ingredients. Cook find sllr until bubbling. Slir In tomato pulp. Rub CAiiuel tomatoes through n fine cohvuder to remove U'.e seeds but be sure lo force llirougi: all the pulp to make it as thick as jios- tut-juriM uie SLI siblc. Cook and slir until mixture i whole. This of course boils. Add vinegar and bring again : more atlarclivc salad. lied sli'.ital olives and fill blndos with mlxlure. Cut in inch lengths. Peel and slice icmato.'s Arrange prepared fruit and vegetables on hearts of head lettuce uml serve with French .,. Tf tt:e graw Iriilt is • careful! prepared the scclions can be kcp ' makes SATURDAY AND MONDAY Steaks R Ib.jBc Roasts SPEC! For Saturday and Monday MAXWELL STORE Number Three STRAWBERRIES EGGS Sir-icily Fri-sli Boz. 12%c Tint POTATOES Mil. 1 iled Peck 25c Craiuilalcd 10-1,b. Cloth Has Shoulder. 1,1). 17 t-2c Thick Kill. Lb. ISc Chuck. l.b. 12 l-2c lirifket, Lb. Liver Ib. 6k -ATISM 1 \VIicntlwUdneTfatrenMic- • rnre nx»(ri, uric acid Kltles • in the joint) and rhsues. Pain ' rcsuht. To end this trouble , try drinking plenty ol water ', and takinc Cold Medal Haar• km Oil Captulet. For 236 • y«r»,.thi» fax, old prepata- , HOQ bat been widely pre- i Kribcd for just thi* purpote. > That it* popularity hat en- I'dond n long k the b«t •; prai.tiMt h wotfa. Uc* 75c. .I OOIOMBMU f 1 IwUUttfM O& CAKUUS Pork Sausage' PEAS Tclil I'ois 2 Cans MEAL. 2*£r 21-Lb. S:uk £***flr ORANGES California. 250's Dozen Neck Bones Ib. 4c Lettuce Large Head Ea. (k Dressed Hens Lb, 24c Pork Chops Lb, 15c Don't Foi'Kcl We Give I'rce Delivery Scrvico Saliba's Market Phone M3 LETTUCE r-.'.ncy Heads Kadi PURE LARD S-Lh. Pail — I COOKING APPLES Pound I'at. ii'U Dressed Pound CRACKERS M " v iSc SOAP I'aiv.mlivc •1 liiirs KRR\ 1: SKV^V i'iN«KU CAKKS Kach Half Pint PURECREAS 9HBH0BHBBBH5X Bring Your Canova Coupons Medium Size Florida F lot,das doz._15c 3 for lOc BANANAS iliiie L'niit CC Lb. J. A HW-'S" ^70 Slasmnn Wincsn;) 9K^ ArrLilh siM_8s. DM. oi) f^'i'^lPV l-ii-ije Stalks' 101C liELiLtl A_______E;H^_U^ ^ Hiii-il TMIIVI Heads CC jL. Kiii-li J BAKING POWDER ^ W SNOWDRIFT I ffi rt '8F RAISIN BREAD ^ if ARTICHOKES Extra Slf MUSTARD EmU:«3.v 1 uC Quart Jar 1«J PI? A WC Grc ' at Northern and Olf DliAfla 1'into. Lb. ~2 -SALMON • 1'ink 9^ C 3 Cans UO K'jjjhtanv& SUGAR Pure Cane Limit 10 I'oimds " 42c; Sf'23JS5E!33Ei2 S Aprkots And'J'oars'iie Cans Libby's Each 19c ^.;^x^vcll H. or Canova Pound Tomatoes i5c | i.\ •• :•}>;.& o. ,/v J\ 10 Bars Petit I'ois Xo. 2 Cans Kai'li Sunshine Large Cans oc Small Cans h Mucaron: and Needles li rkgs. SBitfM<rvffiTl pCK?ff¥'* n 3Kir ^Sfl'i"iffe^iyyfr^^'"**jS:iiB >ATJ, Palmolivc or Camay IITC QVJ'/U 2 nara 1J s^ppowMysj M n C. C. 1QC & 55-Oz. n%. 13 OUI CRACKERS W I'vitle of lllimiis IOC .\n. :>. Can ID Sour or Dill . I^C Quart Jar U PORK aml BEANS c o;,, MARSHHALLOWS r^lT TOMATO SOUP V. C. CC Can O PEANUT BUTTER 16 '£ 10 U SALAD DRESSING Qu £35 c •ucknvld. With .">()c Purchase of MwU Other Than Uatun. 2-I.b. Limit SRJa •yiflimffffj-vmau«x-:±?/zx rfSfcS?* Hams Swift's Circles Shankk'ss Ib. iO'c lilackhawli. With r>0c Purchase ol .Meat Other Than Cheese. All You Want, Lb. 1U-. 2-L!i. Limit, Lb. A Cudahy's Puritan, Fancy A Thick Rib Ib. 18c Brisket Ib. It's Fine, All Pork, pound JJ0 Kancy 1'iiil Dressed imuortcd Swiss Krcsli. Plenty of Mcaf Cheese IMc I Lb-29e

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