The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNK IS, 1031 KEEP LCI FREE (Continued from nafre one) with Eastman but is - sometlmss: found sharply opposed to him. Me- inaiiainy was a Iccoiiiollvc fireman and engineer on llw Pcve Mar- rtuctlp (or nearly 10 years, then an Instructor In nir-brakc and locomotive practice for the International Coi'MSpontience Schools. He sevcil the I. C. O. RS Inspector of! safety apllnuces and chief Inspect-! or of locomotives from 1QOS to 1913 i and was assistant director of operations for the U. S. RMihcad Administration when nam,':d to the I. C. C. in 1923. Ili:fUi M. Tate used to \vin mufl- als at the University nf Tennessee, leading his classes in lots of things. Hi practiced law in Tennessee and was made a judge in Knoxville. He, was practicfns lav; when appoint-1 etl to the 1. C. C. by Honvcr Inst j year. Clyde B. AitchisoH practiced law in Town and Oregon anil was elec- lt?d one of ilie original members of Die Oregon Railroad Commission In 1903, resiBnln; in 1910 to De- come counsel for ihe valuation committee of ihe National Association of Railway Commissioners. Wilson anointed him to the 1. C. C. in 1917. Ernest I. Lewis sprang from Danville, Tud.. was educated in a country district school and v;as successively n. printer, reporter am! special writer for newspapers and magazines. H<? specialized on transportation and public ' utility problems, studying them in Europe. Asia. Africa wrcte public anil utility Australia. He laws and was Gold-Slar Mother Keiinik-d Witlt Other Son Who Served Under Cmiuwy's Flap Wisconsin Railroad He has been on the a farm boy, railroad lailroad clerk, train chairman of the Indiana Public Service Commission when named tn the I. C. G. in 1921. nalthasah H. Myer was a school leactvr, faculty member at University of Wisconsin, anil chairman of the Commission, commission since Taft appointed him in 1910. William E. Lee, appointed last year, was a justice o fth.? Idaho Supreme Court from 1924 to 1929. FarreIVs I. C. C. Posts Patrick J. Fan-ell had teen for 10 years chief counsel of the I. C. C. when anointed to a eonunis- sioivrshio in 1928. He is 70 years old and his lon^ career found him successively telegrapher, dispatcher, station agent, v conductor, law student, lawyer, chief railway postal clerk, bank treasurer, confidential clerk to the I. C. C. a.ssist;mt attorney to the I. C. C., its attorney, its solicitor, its first chief examiner, chairman of its l>card of reference and solicitor of iti important bureau of valuation. Claude R. Porter practiced law in Iowa and served in the Towa legislature. Many timer, he ran un successfully as a' Democratic candidate lor governor O r senator. He VMS a federal district attorney and prosecuted I. W. W.'s for the gov eminent during tile war. coming here as an assistant attorney general. He was chief soiinsel and then special counsel ior the Federal Trade Cimiriission, returning in ID24 to re-enter law and Democratic poIUics in Iowa. Coolid^e named him lo the I. C. C. in 19'2a TOMORROW: Ifuw tile I..C. ' Ezra Brainerd, Jr., the presen chairman of the commission. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bolts Saturday night. Mrs. II. D. Sr.antyfell of Half Moon spent Saturday with Mrs. Maude Springer. Mrs. Buck Tomlinson of I!lyt!i3- vlllc and Mrs. J. W. Tomlinson o! e Oak were Ruests of Mrs. O. A. Brooks Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Vaslbin:lcr of Little Rivev were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wicker Sunday. sl'.m fronts. Fortunately I wns ucwr wounded." In lier excitement with her .son, Mir,. KiTiietly almost- foists her Finnish, ior he only speaks German. They have Ix'en t:ctlliu: uc- i;:;nl!iled in Ijiiiutsluil, where licr- 111:111 woiks for tl'« Ciermnn Stale liaiiwavs. Mrs, Kennedy will rn- I'uii lei Ainorlr.i with her yroup. Hun;; Jury in Trial 0{ Alexander Pantages HAN pn-xiO, Cnl.. June IB. lUPi —Thi' jury In the trial of Alonn- dfr Panla^e.s nnd thrr^ others I'lurycil with moral a]|i>nsc.s dl-:n^reed and was dismissixl. The Jury ilullberaled fur ten aii.l a half hours tofore it dt'ddnl a lenllct was Impossible. Caiiri room 1111:101- wns lo the Hlei-t tbo volv mis nine for aco.ultlal and thri'. 1 i»' convlotion. Kleven balloK wen.' News Jiilllnn. Hulh Jones and JJuichlson, Mr. l.ulhrr NVfly v.'ha haj be: 1 !! ill for some time, Is Improving Mr. ai!i!i Mrs. Kriink IJass uf Hlv- llmlll.' «rr? «uesls OF Mr, anil Mrs. Jim Itfed, Suiukiy. • 'I hi- ehlldrens day proijrnm nl 1'iixlro Sunday was well uttvii'ic.l. iMbcii llcrry nnd Unbi'rt Hoss [iticniii'd n jnrty n! Cuotir. 'I hilled.-,;.' nlslit. I'liiiUn? j take Davis out, half expected lo| brush .nnd weedi |l-.j called on lo mnke ihe trip Mum 10 Inches high eA vacant 1 -"-- within n few months, must ba cut. If owners of such lota - Home-Loving Man Picks Wronfj Home Heated Walls Remove That "Chilly Feeling" Ido not comply with the cleanup ..*•'& order, the city will'do tlie cleaning-' «' nid send them a bill. •:•. . •*. HralliiK the. unlls of the living loom lo the temperature of the human body will eliminate "that chilly feeHiin" nlmost entirely, oc- ccrdlns to I. W. Scliand, Wcst- lii(:!iciiso. research ciiflncer. ! txhaiu], 1 who Is studylnK ways of conditioning air ami heat to make I'OHTI.ANn. Ore., illpi-Kiuoiy homes comforlnble. sayi: that rn- t'lnu .sort nf n illulluii. or Mrs. Kmilif Kfirni'dj- and )u-r son, Herman Wn'ilmiilll-r. Duvls Is n luiine-luvlni! l-'ivo lime. 1 ; since 1020 deputy llnli.?'J Suites marshals huvri lukei'i lilin uwuy iind fi'deriil cmnls huvc told him lo sluy'nwiiy. Hut Emory ulvuy:. Hluuis wilh nnmlnu In- sllucl (o his lonely [03 Mmck hlifh •i> t>ie wilds ol Umprnin Nallunul \ lores!. i ftiTrnlly hi> wns lnken out for I the llflh lime, l-'cilcrul .hidse M :• 1 Nary sentenced him to six months tol'.l tpoln, lu iiltincl proceeds rases. Us important rale Richard Saturday Springer. Hnll of night liy M1NOT SAUNDKIIS NliA Service Wrilcr PARIS, June 18.—Grieving for one son lest in the wnr, Mrs. Emille Kennedy, Gold Star Molli- cr ol Oermnntown, Pa., has now been !:mde happy by finding another, whom she hnd not seen for 32 years. She came here with a pilgrlningr of war mothers, and thus the loss of her American boy soldier has made possible her reunion with her German boy soldier. Tn her ' old nw, with white halibut still vigorous, the blissfuluess of motherhood has Iwen restored . to Mrs. Kennedy by her visit Germany with her first son, Herman Weidmnller. 35. who rerved four years in the Kaiser's Army. While Herman was still a baby, his mother left him with relatives and went to Philadelphia, where she became Mrs. Kennedy. A son born Mi:.s Kiln Morris spent Hulur- ] In Jail, bin pawled, him on conill- •Jjy night with Miss l.orena OimU. lieu lie ttnyrd mil or the cavern- Miss daily;; lloliter of Yaibro meiit Umber prrstiv.? where he =;:-.nt Kunriay v lih Huliy Held. hi! on llylni: as n "smiutlcr." 01ti;(iON: CI.KANS W CAPITAL Thtsp who attended llie ball Ijjran Ooi'hrane. deputy mar- SAi.CM, Ore lUPi—A st"p to I'.amc i.l Viirliru. Sunday wire: slinl. who usuully ilrnws the Jou ul- i;enullfy the i-n'pltal i-lly wii's taken Mines Leur.i Prllehanl. M:\ynii! packing Info tin- mountains lo vihcii llic Salem council ruled th.U heat- leaving tho body In v->ek lor the nearest cold spot, tor -H per cent of the to:lily hrnl. He cite.) thp.t on? fools cold In u [iirloicd jHirch even when iliv lempiiiturc In' the runin Is niuiii'.d 7-t decrees. Thi: I;: si way lo heat lors tlinniijli rndlnllon is to h Kiirruundliuj walls, which always are fhllly In ordinary homes, so lliat ilm bDi!ily liuil hav-j no according In Argentina, about one-half of ": tlie motion picture theatres have •; n wired for reproduction.'of'^' wind films, • -• • . : •„•••"."''>• Fought mi Thrif I'rnnls ''I htid n very strange feeling when T first saw my mother," he said. "I was Intensely nervous, which I am sure was ilue to Ihe happiness that'had come to me. II is like not havlni; a mother (or 32 years, and then having a real one come lo life. "I (lid not know my Imlf brother, Jplin Kennedy, wns in (he war until my mother wroic me in 1920 of his fate, lie wns In the American infantry, and I In the German infantry. "For my pint, T saw plenty of war. I was a sergeant in liie ICth Havarlan Infantry am! (ought on till- Fiench, Roumanian nnd Rus- A BAD FIX HOLDS YOU BACP Tin; liowols aro'ohe of niture 1 * - -. chief safety valves for throwing.. 1 out Impurities. Keep them In a'%iv h'&ilihy, ucllvo comlltion, trltli X'rrifl" will |;o far lun-ar,la clentcinK tlie »ya^ •'- t.lll illl.l will lld|l jo.; 10 uvolil lh« 111 V crrocln of aat-pi',ionint from • •''•• CONSTIPATION — "If T ji-t inysoir 1 jjet. constIpaled,'' '^H raj-K Jlr. A. II. llriinnniV 10) OaKlMil-V'- An-.. UiLfrnoy, H. C., "I [In.l «oon (lull :.' niy l.cil.l l» .lull and uctilns. A.few .iiosc.n of Jllnck-tV.iUKlit will mnk'e ma.J' fi'i'l like new. i know when oiw hits -- .liliuxcir tm, HID Byntem p>n clotxe.l, im«l li«t i;«u llrfttl untl aluifxWi. iTlwt.- •* ivuj my trouMo till I lean»d..a£ , ni.ick.Drnnjilil nnd . havfi u»«l IL Jlf-snlls Imvu In'f'n «plcnilli)." r«» ii -'' Insist on Tbcdford'j • '. •' ). BLACK-DRAUGHT iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniif' Ekron Little LoreU^n of De^^!^ 1 ?^" 11 ™ the o! Calumet sprat Je "" lc ' vn; , . , . „ ivith Chii-lc-' " second marriage. John Ken- J i neclv. died at sea on his >vav to JFrnnro with the United States ; Army. • { The seen? at the mealing or nether anil son, v.'ho had to be Ixcaxise they di<l ,— c other, was one M:lsnil Tlles " of Ihe most .iuyfnlly touchin!; that " ls '"'_ , . , I has marked the Gold Star pil- rs. E<i Fi-anks had as her guesls I ,r r i ma8cs Thursday evening. ' Miss Lillian |" HermMi \Vuidmullcr came from Franks and Mis. Claude Steward: i, ;1 ,, l7 ,, u , Gcrmtiny, ami was on the and family of Blylheville. I dock at ChcrhourK when his moth- Mrs. Hartsficld nt Gosnell is! O r arrived. He cllmhed aboard the •.isituis her so:i. Mr. Clayton Haris-: ^\ v holding n photograph which field and lamily IhLs week. i i,j s mother hnd sent ini, and scan- JevxM nnd J. T. Mart spent Sat- i n ?d face after face trying to catch '.IK icseinulance. Oificials guided him until he saw Mrs. Kennedy, anxiously w.iving a handkerchief and holding a nhiMosraph -.vhlch urday nish'- v.ith their sra^'d- parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan at Dell. A dance was enjnjcd at the home of Mr. Charlie Nichols, Saturday i he had sent her. Floyd Phillips of Holland. Mo., j with a'cry'T^^utte'r!" he fold| ed her in his strong arms. For a .... .. . ,. | loner lime motr.?r and son remain-. Tip Maneun, spent the week-end (K , ti ^vrt, pausine now and then Armorcl with fr,en<Ls. j to eai!c ,„,,, ea ,, h ot , le[ , s Cve5 earner and Rufus Nor- ?/n . s Kennedy had looked for-1 ardson last week-end. ward for just such a meeting upon r.or arrival, but she hjd not teen informed that Herman was there. Since members of this pilgrim- i age all lost their so:is at sea. they Lone Oak Items The 4-H club anil County Council hail a meeting Thursday, with Mrs. Lydia Fields as hostess. There were five members present from each club and one visitor. Three new members were added: Mrs. Hawkins. Mrs. J. W. Portlock and Mrs. Shaneyfelt of Halt Moon. Miss Hazel Walker was the guest of Miss • Eunice Brooks, Tussday. Mr. E. B. Walker of Luxora vi:ited with his family here, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Pcrlina Tomlinson, Miss Eunice Brooks, Joe and Leslie Richardson motored to Pecan Grcve Thursday ni^ht. Miss Hazel Wnlkcr was a Bly- thcvillc visitor, Monday Mr. and Mrs- Erby Koilgc spent Friday at Blytheville. I.iltlc Louis Walk:v who has Iwen visiting his aunt in Memphis for covers', weeks, has returned home. He was accompanied by bis cousin, Almcda Miloin. who will visit here for a few days. Mr. Ficd Hodge is ill this week at Holton ;on visitEd friends at Lost Cane, Sunday. O'.en Cos a:id Johnny Goodman attended the hall gain; at Lone Oak Sunday afternoon. Misses Erizal-c/.h Jordan and i j-.^d no graves of their own to .... Pauline Stovall were gi:csls or;u. so plans wcre n; ,i c kly made, Miss MHSrr-d Holland. Rnndity. jthro-.igh special permLssion for Mr. Arthur Mangmn and fam-j Mrs. Kennedy to accompany her ily of Ulythevillr visited Mr. and' EC n to Bavaria for a visit. Us. Tom Mangum. Sundr.y. j "We don't hardly know each Mr. and Mrs. Corlice Glover of | C [i,er. but we have lets to talk 'wcnly Nine were the eucsls of i about." she explained. ifr. and Mrs. Onley Stone, Sun- Herman went wilh his mother ay- tn her hotel and was at her side Leslie franks spent Friday night I ns mi:ch as possible. When she t Blythcville with relatives. | n a d to join the other mothers in Clyde Curds spent the week-end i (he ceremony of laying a wreath it Holland. Mo., as the guest of; at tte tomb of the French Un- Debs Slater. ! known Soldier, Weimhuller tlis- . erectly remained at, the hotel Steel office furniture was first'; waiting. But he went with her to nsnufactured in South Africa. I other functions she attended. Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Driver Grove Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Haney ol Blytheville spent Tuesday nnd Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mrs. D. M. Alexander of Lcach- viKe was the guest of her daughter Mrs. Claude Jones. Friday. Charles Springer spent a lew days of last week with his uncl; Fremont Scrape, at Dogwood. There is prayer meeting eacV Wednesday evening at Driver Grove Everyone i? invited. Larson Crump Is spending a few rtajs this week In Mississippi m business. Shorty Alexiinrlcr spent Frida 1 nnci Saturday with Ho\vcH Alexander at Blythcville. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Jones spent the week-end at Leachville with relatives. Calvin iroberlson of Pecan Grove was the guest of'Russell Springe Saturday night. Martin Sackrlder wns a Blythe v!lle visitor Saturday. Mr. ami Mrs. Earl Meadows were easily—without doubt or ipeculatlon. Provide $1,000 cich ye:r for the four college yzciro— by starting NOV/ to set • side as little as $11'.CO • monlri, under the luveilc:: Syndicate Plan. Send iodiy for the !nfo:r.r iiv^ brochufs, "A<iv«nUccs To; Vcur Child." 200,000 INVESTORS S«.iiJ "Adr^U-M Foi Yon OiW lo — Ailonu INVESTORS SYNDICATE FOUNDED-I&94 BLYTHEV1LLE, ARKAH5AS « BiUdlnj, MinpWi, T<r>n. »?0li;- LOS AtiGflES BOSTON Each Sunday MEMPHIS AND RETURN GOlNO-T.eavc Blyllicvillc at 5:-:8 A. M. Sunday. RETURNING—Leave Mrmpliis as late ns 11:20 P. M.. same day. HOUND TRIP PARK From Blytheville Notice to Tax Payers in Drainage District No. 17 Taxes Must Be Paid By July 1st To Avoid Penalty And Costs It is imperative thai llio intcrcsl on tlio Bond-; duo February 1.-;t, in:(l. bo paid nol later llian July 1st. To tlo Uii:- it will bo necessary for thr taxpayers lo pay their taxes now. Under llin very snhslanlial raluclion in tho lax rato for Iho cnrrciil'. yrar if is pxnocled th;it the taxpayers will ro-operate wilh t!\e Dislrid fully'and pay before penally attaches. CLIFTON H, SCOTT, Receiver Drainage District No. 17 of Missis=i»i)i County, Arkansas. PhxayourfingeronyourAdam'iAppl*. You are actually touching your larynx* — this is your voice box—it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat- your vocal chords.. What Is the effect of modern Ultra VioletRays upon tobacco? Dr.LE.Free, onb of Athorica's well-known scientists, who was retained by us to study Lucky Strike's manufacturing process, addressing the Illuminating Engineering Society, said: •' "The essential effect of the Ultraviolet ' is the production of better tobacco and '"• of cigarettes regarded by virtually all ',;,' fmokcrswhohavctcstcdthemasmilder • "~ and with a lesser tendency to cause ' throat irritation." ".','.' Here in America LUCKY STRIKE U the. only cigarette that employs Ultra View let Rays in connection with its exclusive "TOASTING" Process-the only cigarette that brings you the benefits of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process.: which expels certain harsh Irritants present in all raw tobaccos. •V ;'.-* -• i It's toasted Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection —against irritation—against cough TUNE IN— Donee Orchct* tra, (ftvrji Tuesday Thursday and Saturday- evening over N. B. C, m«(. uvrb,

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