The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1932
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by the United Press THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPEK OF NORTHEAST AliKANH^AKn uT,:'.?, 1 ,^ ^,^~^ -L 1 -1_J T? k-/ HOMEEDITlOiN Tvagedy Overtakes Boys Playing Funeral Wilson's T reasury taty Endorses {or Norn mat ion. LOR ANGELES. Cal., Feb. 19 (UP)—William Gibbs McAdoo. sc:.-- ict.iry of treasury wider Prtslflciu Wilson, threw his support today lo John N. Garner of Tnvas. speaker of tile house of rcprYiewallvcs, for the Democratic presidential nomination. McAdoo had licen incnt!oi;.?il ns a possible candidate both for the presidency and for U. S. senator. His statement -follows:' "I have received so many in- miiries as to my altitude toward the forthcoming Democratic presl- dentia! nomination I take ihis method of answering them. "I favor John A. Garner, spyik- NKW YOKK, l-'clj. l!l, (U)').-l-'nnr I i Jhinll toys «•.-!<' p'ayuifc' (cm-nil 1.11 | ficnl of a Brooklyn ugl.<.- '-l.i:,. :>. , r!in<.-y:':i!-d: JiiJm KMi.iu w.-> ' • the COI-IIH-. He WHS pli'.'.vd m al n , rardboaid box. Ilij ihreD ccmpan-I !'' i<in.s drann'-:! tiie Ir.x iilo:i'» (he i stieet toward Ore;nwood cemcicry. A lame police trui-k apjii-arerl, licnkint! its horn. 'Die ilirie boys _ led (he coilln to liie curt) v.-li:.i they saw Hi? Hue!: i:.':i!-::ur :l-;.vn , en ihi-in rind lie:. P.iiroliniiii OH. I ill the wheel cf [In niiclt. br]!?\-- liiK i lip lx>x empty, su-iinu in to t!u. curb. Tho fron-, wfci-jl; I.ltlb Juhn van kll (First Picture of FiVhiino at, Shanghai ?••• ••• • -..,-_____H_ Ij o SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS jlnlw) Rolunis Continue to Snow Jiulcpenclencc Parly in Lead. WIJ1MN. I. F. ,<3.. pvii, 1!) '(UP) — Kimum i!,. Vn!iT;i, whose dirinii of an IiWi republic ha', never (lied, irnirlalmed today ills Fiiuinn l-'ail IKIIIV liad enlm-d a wotknble til: 1 Ocn. diaries A. UeSaii.wuri'. com-! nnnder-in-chier of th: Un.uvi GJU- ; federate Veteians. will be '.he ^ur-ii ! of hcnor ii: tiie ooi-.-rvarn'i! o! :.>•• l)lcr-iu?i:<iiBl oi (iKt-fi: Was. hii- • ton's birth :o be helci at the city - - - -.,..^..,,- hall icnight iui^:-r i!:? ioinl. ai s-i er of the-liousc of icpresenlativ«s. pices of Ellioti FLetciitr ciu-'-v U I nui'ins the .six years I was sec- D. c.. and Dud WD:I nit ""-Im'e-i- ' retary of tho treasury 1 hail of can Le»ion AuxIParv necessity close official relations! ' A ,•«:,«!<,„ fo ,' dei \). K< I) 1 sure was held at Hi: W-n house (hi-; afternoon by tr : lor.s oi the Confederacy. with the ways and means committee ot which Mr. Garner was a leading member. I came therefore to kno-.v him intimately and lo have tho opportunity to judse tlie Quality of his mind and the measure of his ability. I was fireatly imcres.setl by his sound 1 judgment, by his broad coznpre- '• hension of noli'.ical. social anil! economic problems, by his inletf- i rily. moral and irjIell.Tytual, and by his high character and practical ideals. "His elevation to the spsakcrship was not a jnalter of chance but a recognition of 29 years of able and distinguished service in the i house of representatives. . Under Garner al! elements of his party should be able to miite. In that! M | n • i /-> r elect-on would be cervjin " ! lvcu ' LOW t need Lai' ill- K i .... . . . • "'• r'"i'. r.,i : - " ); Iraitrol of tin- cm •.Mimcni hi : i!cin:riil I'lei-tirai to the Dull. "The tnnnii'iii wi' are rclmnr;; ^ (o I.IJ'.MT. i-i ,-i ihounh the major: iiy will bo a sm.ill uno." lie told : thi' Uniii'il I'-vss. -yon will Iliiil we have a (reu:endmis muiu.1 mijur- ; iiy Hiat will cue us full support." j With 1,'iunis from 39 out of HC rein-.-.(cd M.JIIS imw in. the jhctttem UH- I-ianna Fail and , . r. i- ' Pl ' csllll 'n' William T. Cossrave's Hai'tman Uancht''' OVI '""'"'»< i"«iy roiifiiui«i c.w. the Pianna i-'ftil and its Inter allies haviiu ;i majority of live wits ; nver all oilier KTOH|).-,-. The liUc-,1 I slundniB was: I'lanna Full. *'. government party. HC: Independents. 0; oifjdii] Jab,-)]-. 5 : furmers '2. i r I'lace of- HARTMAN. Ark.. Feb. !0 (Uri -Pan of ihp monoy slolen from til? Unnk of Hartmnn ycsurday was recovered by officers today. Aliwrl T. Hail, 2J, Okmuisee tors of th<j confederacy. A i::nr>r ' ™'' wn , '', I[:1 "' K ' oi <»»»B>-'i'. Miner. | J3st national eumimmd."- P k!; '- who officers said confessed of the American Lesion who will hLS "1 rt '" lhl ' S12 ' MO >a ^ ny ' lor him ami for v n i n T. nl,* >ras rr.tuniccl (o the seen- of hi. Ninth' Quarterly Auto Permits Issued Here traduced in London by American Manufacturer i LONDON. Feb. 13. i UP)—Hrary Since the sheriff and collector's' r ° r( l made rm greatest bid (or th-j office starter! issuing quarterly per- j European motor trade today \\-~.-.m mils for operation of cars and: he introduced his new "depression trucks here Monday DO permits have I fci »"' to the baby car market been sold. ' The new lizzie, exhibited to;ay in The permits are issued under a! ford's own motor show at Aluc.'t quarterly payment plan for state | Ha ". will sell for about 120 psunds, automobile licenses inauiuiretal by (S-HO, in the cheapest sedan niotljl'. Heretofore tlie cheapest For j sedan where the hiding place of 1.22D was revealed. It wns announced Hall would be : taken to Liltle Rock today for safe keeping. Searcli continucil for i i"f hiirS'" MMpwl ln ! Voting Tomorrow Will C!i„,, ,,-^T,«,.„„, '™ x B . iller ly Contested LITI'LE liCCK. Feb. 10 (UPl — FJerrrc's at ihe btate inirean of; _ •den".r:c!>iion dl-iilosed t;d.iy Al-; TOKYO. Feb. 13 <UP)—Twelve Hall, arrestfd lor the rob-; million Japanese will vote tomor- L-f the usnk of H:ii-tm.ui.; row in one of the mosi bittedy has a prism record. • contesled wjiera! c.'.-ctiotu in the It sjii'.l Hull escaped from j hi.s'orv of tin- empire, with .tho tci-he, Mo. prison h = was | niHIturv cnnipaitn in Shan?liai hcl:l for automobile theft. j and Manchuria a major Issue, .Irme: I!eu(!;. arrested with Hal! | Japan's p.rtlvllirs in China nre ,n liir.t t!i:ic, also p'cape;(. It «-as ; uniJer absolute control of th-mill' lary, direc'tlv ri-'.spcinsiblc only to '..the stale highway commission. " TKe~ permits are issiiKl In the form, of stickers which mu=t ; be pasted to tho windsaield of the car or truck. Jim Burns, stale highway patrolman, has prjiniad cut iliit motcrlsts rnust not only put the permit sticker en the iriiidshlclc cf their cars but must ke3o their old 1931 iiejns? plates on the car?. Ti:e record;; sav Hall also had hren arresteti at Pa^ulpa, Okla., and booked under the name ci Owens in 1929. He eave the name of Dean Owens bnmljj Irom Imwk-eyc:! Jnjiani in OIK r/xclUblve tvltphutn tak the emptier, b'.it strongly supported by the Kcivukai or government ciitv. Tlie militarists ar.? expected to win support from both oar- -'-'.-"tnil o; Shani;lia!. High ex| lies, who haidlv can do olhevwl?? ; 'i:c Cri-.-r.t. iu Ihe heart ill u tc Ihe army r.nd navv. ;cji-.ii(liea behind their *\iu'.ba; Cliinnso, R-jjeclini; Ultimatum, Unite in R(.-sisl- to Invasion. L war planes loucheJ oil when arresud at Okumigee, Okla. | " 1:u ' uac: '- '"? army was said by a cie'.ective r.-.-enr i Any other coarse would be an ., ;: - c .... .. doKai- in drum" rcm-jcnting '.lie ArVanras r..inkers i ofront, to the imperial house. Only while tli L . bcrnb-, stiuck Inisine--. area. :> Maze In Hie Intenwtlojial Settlement. Inviuleis w.-rc iiinkln thcli' nr. for Muuler Cast Against cost '185 pounds. Austin's cheapest sedan sells for ; "8 pounds, and tlie Morris baby' car for !22 pounds. Tr.e key to selling motor ears in Britain and many of the continental countries lies in producing a car of low horse power, and thus scap- ing an often exorbitant government lav. Until now the mnmrl lax on a Ford was from !G 10 •>-! pounds, from 500 to SSO, as much reward h e:n ''' ;i',,,' - ooin]nrfitivcK- Don Pearce Completed as is 1>aiti on SDmc ° f Britain's r ;est cars. t.lTTI.E KCCK, Feb. 19 (UP) Tiie stale rested its case today against Don Pearce, former Pino Blulf engineer, shortly before noon. He is charged with first degree murder. It is charged p,-jirce shot an^ killed James Chapelie, cashier of the Arkansas Gazette, during a pavroll robbery here January 9. The defense began an attempt to break down the state's case which was built on the testimony. ot nearly a score of witnesses. It is believ'-ii Uie defense will f.ct wp gasoline .1 claim of mistaken identification. . The new baby will cosl its owner only 58 a year in law tc- f-ime as Austin and Morris o-n-pay. j The baby Ford will ^ br!> i Bora's 1.000-cars-a-day plant' nt Dagenham, and tlrus escarp the ii 1-3 per cent duty on fcrebn Cats, Th; new Ford is more E;irc'i--v l-an American. U has a v-shap' renter, with the fashic uabb backward slant, two ivld« -Joo-s and a sporiy cut 10 the windows It wj» go about 35 miles on a 8 a!lo:i cl communist and groups have mntle any criticism' o[ the 2Qvr>rnrj!"iil'- jcoivluct of [he Chinese-Japanese. I Tomorrow's eJeellon Is for (i-f v i put nose of electing 4di members i 1 I of the lower house of the imperial i Japanese Mavor Fails! xutijvPJl a a RiO i P!amii - Cf.ARENDON. Ark. — Property LCo ANGELES. Feb. 18 (UP)— owners and taxpayers of Monroe: i:n a=53Mcd attempt lo assassin-| co:mtv! aather in mos--. meet- ' ate Mayor Joliii C. Pcrcer of Lo; j luff here TV-isday. February 23, ( ?E was fruslratril tctl.iy when I fni 1 the P'iriiosc of orsiinlplM tin ; Suo-Committcc Disregard? Attacks by New York Reformer. fa"tk'! ! ,t l ,.-!rk"''i fi'^v''' S ''' Vey ""' al ' rt ° f UlC C0 » na 8>al!on Una ca;i ^o ^lit-pacfc.,1^ blocks of the noi-iliern Shnnshni district. Tired of Uie at 86, Pine Biulf JMan Suicides PINE BLUFF, Feb. 19 (UP)~ rcr.ldenl, wau found drnd in his lioinn liere today. i E In a chair liold- the head. Members of his fain-', iiy said he had been in 111 h;nltli. I jiiL-i U'tiirnnl a verdict ot HI1AN011AI. Keb. 19. (UW-A 111 Lit arllllaiy duel bcUvecn Chl- III-J--L. mid liaitcrlr-s on the noithi nit ChajK'l front began lo- nlnhl. n include in iln- big battle MM (or Satuidiy iiiornlni;. The IjombaiilniiMii was exprclcd to continue IntelmiUenUy all nttjhl. niul American and Urltl^i resi:l5iits Ik-H^n evncutillni} tlielr urea oi t!:c Iniernntlojial seltlcment. Chincsi! shclU sUrted stvsral (Ires Insiio (he Japanese area at I lie n'tilmcnl, The Am:-rifa:v cliirreli intvlon am! 3t. Uike's.has- iiiinl in the lIoiiKkcw area were inside tils French concession, well awtiy irom t.-c danger Tlic Jniitiiicsc RIIIIS were busy <li- verlhiif (In- ultentloii oi Ihe Chl- nrse Ijaticdw while final pnrura- Uons wero made lor thu battle, the, t;iilnc.w linvinjf drnnully reje;le<l ;i)c Japanese uldmutiiin. The Japanese lines inside Ihe'set- .leinenl were active. A cciulant stieiun of oJlvc ilrnb trucks Ejscrt 'o^'ard ihe front lines with um- mmltlon nn:l supplies. Uhtntw Unllc (o Resist • I-'ui-llier liulleatlons of chlticso .olldarlty in the fice of the serious Jnpiuiese menace wcj-c eh-en today, rhc most sliinillcaiit £inn wns th-- •cturn of Chiang Kai-Shek, recent ircjildent and still Iho Chinese gen- .-ralisslino, to Manning, "The Chinese must, rc3 i3(, to i], e tt!t of tl-.pir ability," he '.tcclareil. Chiang told the government con- fcience hu ntleivlcd the local a«- Iliorltics «t SlmiiKlial had lw:n In- .stiueted to i eject the Japanese ul- . llmntum as mnnltaily linp-jsslbl' to iiccept. tcprct-entatives of the American, ittsli, French ima Italian miillarv nutboritles fulled today en (ien^rai Tins; Knl. commander of the lOl'i army, and urged him (7 avoi-1 shell-' Ins tnc Betl)eine:it If tho.bittle CQ- cmrcd. He promised n.-: to flre ax- • oepl on locallgns of Japanese troops Iv.-o |:;licen-er. capiurcd a middle i fd ni-l:: «-a(cl'ni.-r.i ns he ap- :carcd at tiie dorr of the mayor's flic- r •; vcifeJ a revolver w level al thr- mayor's heart. .Jacob nerscr. SB. employed as a '. : :eJ!iir,e watchman hy the fcd- ':-.! ;--(ii-.'-lr:a: dl.o::o! clii-Jsio.i. v.a.'- Captain of Detectives Joe Taylor , *.i'C. : lir.7]ed lienrf-i- nnri clnimeJ the ( WASHINGTON. Feb. 1!) iu - • : nunimo'i'i i-rrommcndation Monroe Cniintv Taxmv«rs \nvns, i-nivrr.ailcn o; Ucnlamln N in cooperate with county officials *?.,« ns a^nciale inside of in devising wnvs ard means to, u,,ii c! | SC.'.rs supreme court retlur.-, the err! of cnuntv ?ov-| vp-vl to-Hv h v a r.niale i , i, ar- ernroent and eventually the tax ; ^b-coi ll: nittre a few m i,,,,i cs a r t ^ bl '" Ic!n '. , . -'he ccmiMliI^ luul list-nr.l lo at- Or?am/ntlon of tr.e Monroe . t n nk s 011 tatll thr . 110!1 , ilKC ,! ,, r Ccunty Taxpayer.-; league v.-,is lie-i'n-i--,._ a.r i m., ti'rmirv.l iiuon as a result oi the , T1 ,., success wil!, which similar orpan- .,,™ ." ,' nr ," ™\i'<l«l the rhat^ izr-.lions in various scclioiii oi Ai-!,'"'•.„ /-?'<lozo. U,,, father. I ivn.'i owr.i'cl bo;iy and srml" by the BflfS EYE r Action by City Council Next Tuesday Night Is Awaited. No Hearings will he held before . O. Holland, recently appointed master in the legal controversy over electric rates here, tinill after the ntljourncd meeting of the cily council next Tuesday night. It vns generally understood today. While Mayor Nclll Reed declined to divulge the detalla of his pro- he will present seme plan lor fanatic. i kat isas ere meeting in arousing New York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 1! Cotton closed steady. o-.e.i hi-h 095 715 731 iUarrh May Jnly Cct Dec Jan 7W 718 73S 759 777 784 low 090 703 724 748 765 HI C04 711 727 753 Only One Quick Divorce Seeker in Local Court >a* of High Water Sr.ots ckr.ed steady and unchans- ed at 705. -• ,, Cotton ... in the cost of county i crnmcnt already have been ei 1. MEMPHIS. Feu. IS) (UP)-Opin- cd as a result "of cooperation Only one divorce -"ill h« ' 10 " " s lo whc11 the aorK) crest o! ' (ween at the februarv term n r rh, tiK; '^'^^'Wi r '™r «'i» reach cials. «nirt which ope,« here Mo, day" 1'"° "'"^ '^ ^ """"^ • ^»rl: under provisions of th7 new 90 'H - W "° °t lhe , ° plm ° n ra ' Sins day divorce law ' and "npoiiivl.'n? of '.voters of tlic Between 25 and 30 d'v ! Ohio rivcr b - r ' al " s woll ' t ' allevi- ttons are on tho docket fnr Jho ato noods i!1 lllis nrea ' term which nTn'opcn with Ch-in ' Tllc rivcr f:OCi> "'' 33X f ' :Ct t0 ' Futrill nf T£, 1, fj rjn v- vhich is 3.6 feet above flood Futrell of Paragculd stage Mc t eoro i ogLst F . w . Brist of the weather buirau Ea:d the crest' several. would torn toaiorrow or Sunday. ""- I \V. H. Griffltli. river observer for j nubile ofrcfals lo ..he n-ce.ssitv of . frK ' nol ! s ?™"™™ chm-acter. no,, I economy. Allhouch such a leawn • ,^ ""• ; a !'"°'" llillls " lf - nnw rhi "f has been in ixir.n-ncc in Union I J """ r , of ll!i ' ' v <-"'' Vor!-. court of county less than two weeks -orr.? | rV 5 "/', '"'" r ' !l! "^" »v William n. Anderson, a reformer, as u •-."r-n-yi .y-rw.-.rloii Tnimunny ' m n f 1 I 1 A s , ' K vm P r «cnt seme plan lor nines UvcntClCl, 14, of (Mfthemiicc of (he city's interests In Sieclc, Brought to Hos- pilal Here. ! Anderson quoted a book on Uo?s leader nf sixty vcars a^n. as fiayint •Judcc Albt'i: ra-rio7o was "o-.viK-;! celior J. M. . on the bench. NEW OHLKANS, Feb. 19 Gotten closed steady, open high March .May July- eel Dei: :'-?<c\* clO!:;u 6D5 715 730 763 703 718 734 75-1 772 low 650 7«1 71!4 745 702 close 6D4 711 727 748 764 der the new 00-day law but they nave not resided here the requlri eel tinr, necessary to filing of suits as yet. it is understood. General uncertainty ns to the legality of the "quick divorce" act until the supreme court approved irw law has probably kept others from coming here, it was pointed out. U. S. army engineers. vvoulri come tcrlav here, said it j nr tomorrow, j hr»_ the '.?a?nc and countv offi- As an example, it war, demonstrated in or." instance that cue county office was mnintnininK three (,'r-putlcs when • 'Kdv ai:tl .'.mil by Tv/ced." ihe work could be tior.c by on». | I Senator Ashursl. Democrat. Arl- The result was an inimedi.ile re- : -/oua. i:nriedinieH- called the re- the deputy pcrsonn:!,' fr.i-r-nce to Car<*om's falher nr, salsncs for "hiitinrr helov: 111- bc-lt" and "an i MlcniDl ro vis-', ihe sins of the — i fr.ther -.ipon the .von." Louie Banker Heir! James Overflew, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Overflew of near S':-i'le. .Mo.. Is In the local hospital rerareriiie from accidental eunshot woimils which saving two tho taxpayers. The youth whh several companions was hunting rabbits near his father's fnrm. Hc set his sinfile barrel pho'.f.un against a stump and the weapon accidentally discliaricrrl. striking inc. boy in the face and hand. Ihe case Tuesday night. It | s llcved Iliat the mayor will recommend appropriation by ihe council f>r employment of nn engineer to appraise properties of the pcwer company here and possibly employment of counsel for the city to act wllli ihe city attorney. The Artansns-Missoiirl Power company, holder of an clsclrlc less to have th: )cal rates since t'e reduced rates twenty yoyn" | co ,, rt pnjs 0 city council The crest of flood has passed Cairo. II!.. ar.rt a fall here is Accessory to Hndspeth I Latinized Chinese Physician Declares Radio ,_ Soothes Insane Patients | ° 7r . HARRISON. Ark., Feb. 13 . . — Charged with bein° a:i accessory ! , to the ctnbezzlenvnl o! ?=ncnri by ; VUrnvORTOK. A. T. Kudsytth, E'.l Ways, presi- : (IIP)—The Latiui n. S. S. CVncse. per cent. Tl-.e power company se cured an Injunction rcstralnlnj tl-o city 'from enforcing Ihe ordinnce soon after it wn.s passed last fall and Uie order will remain in effect : until final decision LI rendere-' London Council Will : ^™'}f y ^ ™* t }^^\.^ "J>Use Automatic Writer /ect ns of >™i septeinber. ma i'x>*-- " r company has provided bond to Ul>>— In the | nsurc refunds to consumers shcuH ! council b? np- t.ONUON, Ensiuj:d. future Ihe London Ccunly Coun- R - cil, locnl government o; ihe me- . '"~ Iropolis. -,\]11 use a mechanical: j, .'' ll0 nxc<l ' 0 ' • r -rel:/?j3. - t Secreiary of 1 Uteti Sllmsan (cdsy ' regarded the Shanghai situation us so delicate and uncertain M Vould not discuss it. - At tho openlns of -his regular press conference he ajikccl newsp.v permen jiol. ( 0 B sl: qu;:ttons abnvii the far east. • • Admiral Taylr.r Kcperls • WASHINGTON, Keb: 19 (UP)— Admiral M. M. Taylor,.edmmana- fr-ln-clilcf of ilie Asiatic fleet. «tl'- ylscil the navy department-'today . Uie Japanese ultimatum had not teen ftns-.vei-cd by ths C!i!ws~ up j o 3 p.m. Shanghai n mc ( 0 ; a y r-M llerC ,"? ' 10 lnci;ca «:!is the Chinese had evacuated from 'the'lr front line pillions, he added. .' Taylor's report was nt variance with press reports from Sliniigjial which said tie China.. i, aa nsMzA he Japanese cf their rejection' of he ultimatum r.t 7. p.m. SJianjha! time, or approximately two licurs prcv,;i: s (D (h,, fi | ln o£ Tavla . o; Dislocates Arm trying to Scare Unfriendly P Do Jack Wilson, parcel pen deliveryman here, must adopl 5ouv> oth'r methOil of silencine a fcarWug '.b" for he diilocat;d his throwln? arm yesterdny when an nnfrien:ly canine threntcnsd to attack him. . Hc was hi tlic nroces5 of d°Hv- erig a packnge to a house v;hen the dog ran al him. Wilson counter- altack-ed, making a moticn aa if to throw the package in his hand at the dog and the mnvemrnt Jerked "is shoulder out Df place Wilson wa, on si.cfc leave today, Ills arm in a sling. "'osiny Stock Prices :\. T. k T Aracciuh Cop-jcr Atiburn Ca:<-rpil!,ir Tractor Chrysler Cities Service COCA Crla Continental Easing General Electric General .Motors MMdle-.vest Utilities Mcntgcmcry Ward £; c * VorS Central Pacl-nrd Radio Corp Simmons Standard of' N' j Texni corp US. steel ..••••• 133 10 118 12 13 6 1-2 District Three Taxss Payable to Feb. 25 Only 15 per c:m of the total tax } levied by commissioners of Seu-er! j LONDON. KiKlar.d. :UI'I—Dr. P. |\I. Tur:ibiil'.. f.i;v..:in'.'.:K!ent of n i.'Dnitarium l^re. fcMicvfs tha; in- -ane asylvms fiu^W l-.r/.L^n each inmate with a r?.d!n jet. Alter seme :f : ^ ^ck F. Robinson Will Manage Cleaning Service . "«/ i payment of a per- , ,., f . !e rcp!l | e! v, 1,1 th" Soviet ^nr sonal debt. The stale clierws the , K;lst . who «,, re considered hone- tramaction to ok place in 13e"tn- i ojsiy mUcr!Uc . ,.„..,, , :ccn ,,, ucht her. 1930. However Mays h=s rt> • to read and write the Latinized j I-MVU oy commissioners of Sewer: Attrr seme expvrin.-.nLat^ii wi. 3-8 j I'npi'ovemcr.t Dlstric: No. Tlivc" 'r>r JTurnbiH found. !••? said, trial thr ,. 4 |1931 has been collected, but taxes ""io socthcs'n'.lv unbalanced 3.4; can be paid until Feb. 25th uithciit Icatlcnl!, an:l ma' ; :fs ;!icm easy to penalty, according to Marlon Wll-i ha nclle. lloms. collector. | -The difference is r.itkcd im- ;mediatc!y," he said. "v.iwn the set . the Arkansas tanker owfl i agotns te arlslnp out . O vor'"p •>• chc.-i- 'i'i- cii'y t i^ n ,"r • nr 4 " c \-llbeTc- m' -. I ' '""'"' kc " '" ' >p 31 3-4 •i 10 9 1-4 29 1-3 II 3-1 50 1-2 ,d dr' paid by draft In First Wnrd. tern are increasing monthly, although only a few convjcctions svere made when the system was opened ipioynvorit decreases ::'• January, according r> •' of the state's uufrr.plv mission. Willis no .*!.' available, S;;ihe - [ s:d : was rei»rtc,-l all over i Find Bodies in Parked Car on New York Street NEW YORK, Feb. 19 'UP' — The tcdlcs of two -me found today JOT,;T:C<! in !h^ r::r:b:e -••• .feat of an au',or.icb'> -.•-.vl-cc o-i '•""lean m n street, accrrrtip? to iir'v'r"-. at nes Sinkc, police headfjnartc-ro, ::rnt com-I Pf,\\\ men were belirvc i (!:,id. s-:cs v-cre;Their bedlctt wer D discover J bv ,-> -rovcment• ra«prby v.-jio ^ v a - r -:--.-,' O r • stale. blood. ' " . ( ((cmy dpchrc(i , n n ^<.^ the ' v! ' :: * iv ' :>t eventual!:, the Soviet j Innovation will spread to all Chi- River Canal Work Starts Soon of the 'Hie Unlt!f(, cleaning Service, an taken over the local branch of .the Memphis Steam Laundry Jack Finley Robinson has been Three A^esserj Fines for Disturbing Worship Three Leachvllle ycut:-i were fined yesterday and tcdsy cy.'Jutljs iiere ror dlitiirblnt p;i'o:ic" v.-j.-;!ilp In Leachville churche- Peck Hollis. who stoci trial, was nnrd $20 upcn conviction. Jiai has . . Dry cleaning and pressing equip MOSCOW. (UP)-Work on a ca- J^". 1 , nava ^ installed in th. nal connectlns the Moscow and £"' <""«. °, n x '" n , slrcel formcr L 5 ' Volga rivers will starl soon, the * c ,, uplt * * y , lt l c lmnA ?' br(inch "•"' all cleanliiK and S 'OM ' . tlie scsne of Quccnio Has tntcrferrnr? SEATTLE. (UP)— Qufin It. S!'e will stal's ftr?e; car.'. r.u: Herten von Ncvd!nf?n. a aelilib--- i"S. t, looking out fcr Qu^rnie. Kv- Ty time she divrs a: a s-.nvt cnr. Herbert, nmnliu la'rr;or,v,-,rc In' tl'e trolley,; i'cv oir o one fide. has announced. It will be one of t!)? world's cut T ~~ standing engineering feats. Intend muddy stream, navlgabl « . ganlzallon will act as aient Jor ! c as aien or 'a Memphis Steam Laundrv fo- I laundry work. cr lonight ' SaturcYy fair. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly, clo-jsiy, co!,1. Carte ]r t'h- , RICHMOND, Va. (UP)-Both c« ar p , Tl! ° Sw!et ^yland and District of Columbia ma.xinu.m temperate ,e M hus bwme a p,rt bootleggers are no-.v using the smoSo day was 50%<Ws MI 3 It m n - wij or three tlurs screen to elude prohibition officers, mur.i « deaw cloudy Mi the Panama Canal, accord!,* lo cautain R. Q. Me- , year ago "he ^mRxMium wn™, V Plans call for its completion in four i rick, federal prohibition adtnlnis-ivas 55 degree Md the rnin'mu-- icars - 'trator for the fourth district 34 degrew, cloudy. ' ' ' The canal as long as Plans icars -

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