The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 5
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'EIGHT ' W.KIIRE THEE IG Ceremony at School Wi Honor Washington an • Open 5 Year Campaig ;; OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 18.—Tl public dedication here Monday < 62 Babylonian willows set along th *esl boundary line ol the Osceol High school grounds will bunch th five-year program of home an public ground beautificaUe-n recent 15 1 formulated by the Mlssisslpi ' Counly Federallon of Women' clubs, will fittingly comincraoint Hie Ceoree Washington Bicenton Jilsl, nnd n'lll supply one of t!i< most practical parts o[ tlie orlgl nal landscape design for the sclioo grounds, which C.Dls for the boundary of trees to shade the athletic field Irom the western sun. Mrs. J. W. Etirlngton of Osceola, president of the County Fed eration and also president of UK Qsceola Women's Progre.wlre club which'is sponsoring tlie project, t In charge of arrangements for tltc tree setting which tins enlisted the cooperation of practically every organization lii to*n. Other Orranitations to Participate The ceremony will be held al 10:30 o'clock Monday morning or (he school grounds. Talks will be made by Mrs. Edrlnglon, Mrs. R. H Jones and J. B. Bunn, (here will be group singing of national ajith- *ms and the Optimist club chorus will sing Joyce Kilmer's "Trees." • The Osceola Boy Scouts will also have apart In the program and will dedicate a shore ot the trees. Other local organizations cooperating are the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterl- • an. Episcopalian, Christian and Catholic churches, the Kappa Alpha Fill fraternity, tlie William Strong chapter of D. A. R. and the Civic club, [oca! business men's organization. At the. north end of the 3,000- foot boundary of trees which terminates at a point on Highway «. th* Optimist club, which Is n recently organized junior group • ot the Progressive club made up of teen-age girls, will place a marker, which will permanently dedicate the trees to commemoration of the George Washington Bicentennial. D. A. R. Sponsor Program The tree secttng ceremony will follow a George Washington program sponsored by the William . Strong chapter of D. A. R., which will be held In the high school auditorium at 10 o'clock Monday morning when Mrs. F. P. J»cobs will-read a paper on the Boyhood «nd Youth of George Washington. There will be assembly singing an: Mrs. J. W. Edriugton will ofler as a vocal solo, "the Americans Come.' 1 .In accordance with the plan of Miss Willie Laws on, county superintendent of - schools, "to makr George Washington's birthday'a visitors' day In schools ot-the county,: with the goal set for €,000 visitors: in Mississippi county schools during the day, the high school c«l- ebrttlon of the occasion will be held on Friday afternoon, so that the <Uy of routine class work which visitors Monday'will want to ob. serve, will not be Interrupted. A part of the school program Fri. day will be the setting of four tree: on the school grounds at points In conformity with the school's landscape plan, with each of the four high school classes dedicating n tree. Steele Society—Personal Mrs. Sims Mlchle shopped in Blytheville Wednesday. Mrs. J. B. Morgan was hostess to th« Tuesday Night club at her fcome on Walnut avenue. Eight members of the club were present 1M two visitors, Miss Florence Stone of Dexter and Mrs. Claude Edwards of Holland. The next meeting will be heW with Mrs J R. Morgan. The marriage of Miss Helen Thurmond to Dan Cope, which occurred at Blytheville Saturday night, came as a surprise to their Irfends here. The bride is the daughter of Her. and Mrs-. L. S Thurmond of this city and is a leader In the Church of c hrtst , of which her father Is the pastor. Mr. Cope, son of Mr. and Mrs. will cope, Is a young farmer and also » >»d<r In church activities ; Ulsi Oolda Marshall spent last week-end with her father at Gibcon Bayou. Mi» Florence stone of Dexter is a guest « her sister, Mrs. I>. w Weaver. • Due to the bad weather and the illness of Mrs. c. E. -Miller, who to have been in charge of the '•"i. the meeting of the mis- society scheduled for Monday night at the home of Mrs. I, w. Weawr, was postponed. Thursday, February 25. the district mis- «*»»J7 society mi meet rwr c as We guests of the local society. A mairiage of much interest lo ««idenU of Pemlson county ims thtt of Miss Bethel Holly and Lew- b .tester, solemnized at Marbn Ark, February, 6. Mrs Lester -o*««liter of Mr. and Mrs. w N |«oJiy of Ooot*r and a sister of Mrs •H»y.Jtoith of this city, Is a mem- *•— "* "" »enlor cl«s at pliyer. Vi. Letter Is the only son of But Later of Holland »nd Is nov employed by lhc Smith Brothers Transfer company of this city, They are making their home on the Lester form Holliuid while Mrs. Lester continues her school work at Cooler. The W. M, U. of the Baptist church met al lhc church Nfonday afternoon with U members present. Mr. and Jifrs. S. L. Robinson daughter Nell, and Mnrdie Hut- ledge shopped In niytlicvjllo Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Curl Sheelcy and Carl jr., were guests of Mr. and, Mrs. J. J. Fields 'of Blyllievllle' Saturday evening. Mrs. Johnnie Phllllp.1 and Ml* Delsie Stcwnrt were dinner WASHINGTON NEWS 3. The Man of Mr. and Mrs. O. Slionyo of Dly- llievillc Sunday. Mineral services were held Tuesday nt Braggadocio tor Albert Mnr- Un, 50, farmer, who died at hi,. icme cast of town after an Illness of two weeks. Burial was j,, uic Braggadocio cemetery. He Is survived hy his widow, three sons nnd one daughter. Mr. and Mrs. J. a. Necley of Ca- uthersville s|>cnt last week-end wre with Mr. nnd Mrs. J n Morgan. ' ' Mr and Mrs. S. I,. Robinson nd family were fiiie-sls of Mr. and 'Irs. Abncr Ashcrafl, Sunday, J. H. Workman left, Wednerday or St. Louis to join his wife and on, James Henry. The latter Is a Mtlent. in a hwpltal tnere, rccelv- 1R treatment for an eye Injury Wortm!in l">pes that he able to accompany hhn Miss Irene Whitflotd lias returned lo her homo here after spcnd- «B two months with her .sister !i« Christine Wliltfleld, at Mem-' E. A. Boo w transacted business ; Kemiclt Monday Miss Pauline Morgan was hon- rcd with a valentine party at Lhe ome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs • R. Morgan, Saturday afternoon „! « ? cclj ' and lhc M1 *« !gle Harber and Evelyn 111* art. were the hostesses Mr. and Mrs. Newberry Johnson 'turned Saturday from a tour of outliern states Mr. and Mrs. Q. Q T^J,. nn(| '!! C ",L S '? mrt . s t*"t last week- Miss Imogene Manning was the , 1 ° f JIr ' ««* V jr . p Tuesday. - r °n Is teaching i n g sr """•«* racliy lor eight months The nominal value of l ke 20 dinars and 10 In 1753, I* van ll* Plinth (o ti eiKioxJcncnt tn nllcy. e nars and 10 dta a « sjKCtivcly (approximately BO '? ro ," "HI 25 cem s America,, ,„«,„" »t the present Yate of excha,^* V ro being .struck in wha i J * * BlilUi quaternary ai cy "°™ >v«i f,c the nrst silver coins i ss S In Yueo-Slavia since (lie war Read Courier News Want Ads, (o bi fiom He B wed fox liur-ling «1 ,«ic lo how* «h t \ K .1 l.nfli;h jr.uire. of He tfifn pkycJ tlOia,,] Hy NKA Sorvlr,. . „„<! IIIOst MI(! , W"WofmcrJ«. Out of llu. ,na/.i.. of contradictory eis. He pracS' wwroStta," fi'"-' S"^!," d<K ^ r t0 Cilrc r ° r stories about WushLwIon. Cher, dlveisinecl his producu and e™- l^nm "i Mt VOTM? v**™ "''" emerges a grunt |)loiilutloii O'.vnor L"d. efficient, punctual, cnlllc. Industrious, closr-flsled, und cautious. ^Vli-^l^j^ncstjcaiefiilly clothed'^ml ferilirimmh :dauml atTl* "risc'ot'04.' I" breeding JIOVECS and liked afternoon -, veranda In the summer; lie of picnics, barbecues, rj cauls k KurJeJ, I !c foohcl OK),> xxijt W c a. Mount Veinw Washington's first taste of mill- : but told Win they intended 'to tike lary life came in 1753, when Oov- possession of the Ono nevtilhn crnor Dimviddle sent him «'ft|, n less. ' " iuimc - lionieward. Wfishitig- the ; small parly 10 warn the French to j 'lYcturning , , - L. ouiiiiijui-; iic \vasi .„! , , • '-'-'•""""B iiuiiiewura. washlng- l>rnct!c:il lie disliked slavery on economic io " A o( Picnics, barbecues clam! ! " "".'roachmont on Ohio : Ion. imnowly escaped detuh when ini'.liei- than moral arounds HP I h:lk '" i: he " liiycl1 Cav 1s aiid bil- J va!lc y Illl;ds claimed by Virginia ' l !, ra ' vn from a raft into the Ice- is richest Iciuefullv cloiluvi nmi f.,i ,„;',.„. , ! .'i"' i:> '. hu .'. tica ' "shed, and still for the Urlilsh crown. The French I fillt ' d AII «»™y river. CONTRACT - HowTo Score It I received him courtc enough. I TO.IIOJiROiV: His romam-e. ffale and Arty Till? Is the sixth nnd llnal attic!o of n series showing Jto«- to score i double rubber tit contract bridge. The completed score sheet h shown We will now draw a line below I the 180 and total these scores, All points above and below the line are treated the .same In totaling 1000 SO (t) tOO U) ISO (d> 50 ISO (a.) Haufi Society—Personal , Wh1ch t ir and a fortune. Mrs. Sv. : tiie score. We (Ind that North anil South have scored' 2445 points while East ami have Ecored 3«W points, tliereforc East and West have won the two rubb"r,s bv i WS iwlnts. CnruthersviHe Society—Personal entertained with a dancins Dauv Saturday night. I '-rm narn-.-s si-tit Paturdav I niulil with I.eora I'rHcharU. i O. n. liootly and family had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Goodman Ramsey and daughter Marjorie Lcc, and Herbert Julian ! nnd Charles Holmes. IWlie Slerliiii! and Li'ura Prlt- irh:iril spent Pridny night will, Lena and Vena Barnes. Little Evelyn naser, dnughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard nnser, is ill with pneumonia. The lost sailing ship | H iiU j,i Orcat liritaln was the Archibald Russell. It was built in Glnfuow in 1U05. British Mint Busy With Foreign Orders LONDON. (UP)—One of the busiest places In Orcat Britain this year will be the mint. Arrangements have Just been completed for coining 3^,500,000 diver ]iipc=s for 666 LIQUID - TABLETS - 3AI.VE CC« Liquid or Taljlcts used infernally and (JGC Salve externally, unk e a complete and cflfellve treatment fur Colds. -Most Spewly Remedies Known !fc £ -., n^-^^ir^ruf-TSSSSi.}*; i Society of the Methodist Church i "•"'* granddaughter" in the of , met Tuesday ni B ht at the home' of i s . m "' n K Na "cy Halo (above). This 'Mr. and MIS. A rl nillman the : hostess for the evening being Mis Ralph Bal«.r. Twelve members attended, and the meeting was called lo order by the President, Miss bivan Nnylor. and the Devotional ami Bible study was conducted bv Mrs. Francos LaFont. her thcm'r- MiiirT The Life and Letters of ,, P.iiil. A short business session fol-- • v ' an »c Julian and Vena Barnes lowed, and the rest or the evenine', tterc Bllcsts of R>ltl i ""d Both •OTiidanc of Edward Everort Hnlc, famous American author lirrsclf 1ms adojml the literary art mid hns vrritten a novel ,of 'postwar youth. Puxico News The Y. W. A. met at. the BRD- st church Monday evcnlnq for elr monthly meeting. MUs Thel . a Alexander conducted tin de'' f" al <?«>fi<'am. At the business k m ?" vl1l(lr v P'amied to ke gifts which will be sent in ^the W. M. u. for the WMt-> as the leader of a- y>rv intp'r- Mnsr proernm. siibfect: "sieht •celnp; in America," and she wa.s bly assisted by Misses clamin arshall, Thelma anrt Mab!*, Alexnder and Mrs. A. Q. Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hall .-nent t^» eekend In St. Louis with their n Wyndel and Mrs. Kail's bro- er Jack Bullington. Mr. and Mrs. Hiaman Kohn otored to New Madrid Sunday- id vist^d Mr. and Mrs. M. Prank- Mr .and Mrs. Hush Dorrls were Blytheville Monday cvenlne vis- ng Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stcw- t. Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Shannon i*nt Monday in Memphis on a sincss trip. Mrs. William Englehart, dangh- r, Mrs. Jiide Walker, and grajid- Mighter Ettfl Jane, who have r-n here visiting Mrs. Engleharfs ster Mrs. H. E. Raybuclc returned their hom/i at Clarkton Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Rhodes and aughter Marj' Sue motored to ^mphls Monday on a combined siness and pleasure trip.. Miss Lucille Brannum of Hor- rsvillc spent ttvi weekend here th her brother, Cecil Branmun id wife. Mrs. M. E. Notgrass and ton orris jr., «re confined to their »m with Influenza, Lamar Tliompscm attended to _ in Blvthcvlllt Mondav. Rev. J. R. Bullington and T. M. rorex attended a meeting of the ethodist ministers and laymen of his district at Maiden last Thursay. Mrs. Bullington accompanied hem as far as Kennctt where she •Isited friends. Charley Tralnor Is confined to s room with small pox. Mrs. C. P. Wells returned home "utsday from St. Louis where she as betn visiting her daughter, iss Hattle Pern, who Is taking a beautician's course in that city. Mr. and Mrs. J. r. Denton nn'l Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. jars jr., and daughter Barbara nd J. A. Zimmc- motorril to lalden SuncVay and visited Mr. ad Mrs. J. P. Zimmer, who are '• the home of Mrs. Zlmmers mo- Mrs. A. 3. Patterson. Mr. »-rm h»« lK«n quite 111, is was spent socially. Th? house decorated to carry ou(. the Va.'en- tiiie season as well as the refreshments. , The Gnrden club of tin's Ci'y met at the home of Mrs. T. J. Collins Turcdny afternoon with fifteen member.'; present. The meeting «as called to get the business of '.he club tip to date, and to discus = future plans. Doli?hlfi!l refn-.sli- mcnts were served by the hostess at the close of the afternoon. Saturday night and Sim(i;;v. _Mr.aml Mrs. Gcodnmn Ramsey ! spades (in) Adversaries Revoke and South bkl three which was doubled in revoke. North 100 points In .. -.»u <.iuiiu>t:ki. in the play of tlie hand. North and South only marie two spades but West revoked twice, therefore lor •tlw first, revoke the declarer reaches over nnd takes two trirk". from East and West. This now gives the declarer four odd. As hts contract, was three spades doubled, the three spades doubted arc scored in the trick score below the line—160 points. For the second and South take their honor score. With the a.M or a revoke. North ind South have made tour odd , therefore they arc entitled to ere overtrick. As their side was vulnerable, this overtriclc is scored as 200 points in North and Souths honor score. They made their contract dou- icd and their side was vulnrr.i- b.e, which was scored in their honor score as 100 points. North and South have now , VO ii «-o games and they receive the game rubber bonus as East r est won one game. The three lame bonus Is 500 points, and M . . . Would You Poi/ $5 For A •$15 Suit For Your Boy? We Should Think So! Friday and Saturday We Offer You That Opportunity 30 Boys I ong Pant SUITS W — f 1 ^taX -E. »P ^^ JmptovJnjr and will be able to return home this week. Ellis Kohn la unable to be nt work at the Kohns store because of a severe case of nil. • Rassell Harpsr of Holcomb vis- Ittd in the homo of the Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Bullington Saturday as the guest of their son Neiiton. Edgar Burrcss Is confined to his room with the &maH pox. Sweet Cream Rutter, 30c Lb. BENNETTS PASTEUR57ED MILK lOc Quart Delivered Phone 7.1 to ST. LOUIS or MEMPHIS? Take the Magnolia Limited Leaves 3:00 I'. M. daily for St. Louis Leaves 9:35 I'. M. ( ] a j]y for Memphis EXCURSION ROUND-TRIPS* •Selling date explre-s March 16. Return gcccl until April 15. MEMPHIS 03.30 (Four buses every day) CHATTANOOGA 13.80 PADUCAH 1.05 ST. LOUIS .... 9.CO (Three buses ever)' riayi EVANSVILLE ..." 12.75 BIRMINGHAM . 1330 LOW ONE-WAY FARKS NEW YORK ... $29.-iO LOS ANGELES . 30 50 and Porter Service \Vhnt other travel service be- iwcen Blytheville aiM St. I ouis and Blytheville and Memphis matches Dixie-Greyhound's deluxe parlor coach sot-vice at such low rates? Comfortable' retiring chairs . . . pillows l>.>rter service . , . ail(i - cc tt'atcr . . . all at no extra tare I wo other buso* ovory day fov S;. Louis . . . f,nir luJsp.- overv d.iy for Memphis. Dixie-llvcv- noumr.s F.VKKY-DAY-1 \VEEK TRAVKL UAJ • ; ;ive you money. UNION 7 IH'S DKf'OT '•"d & Ash Street. Plw , 10 2-3 Regular $12.50 to $20 Values. Jfos'ly wifli 2 Pair Trousers. Goo;l Woolens, Attractive I'attenis and Well Tailored. Sizes 10 to IS. 25 Boys Knicker SUITS One and Two I'ant Suits. S10 Values. Choice. Sizes 0 lo 10. $050 Boys Shirt Special SI Values. Choice Friday ami Saturday.' Good Patterns. Mostly Small Sizw 50c Week End Specials For Men CAPS SHIRTS One let of Mrn'i Caps, good patterns, not all sizes. Values to 87.50. Choice One lot of Men's Collar At- (Jrhrd Shirls, solid colors and pitWrm. Sl.W, SIM and S2 values. Choice 50c 75c NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday i-—-Matinee—10 and 30c Night—10 and 35c Saturday Only 1:30 Contimious lo 10:00 Adm.—ilatineg ami Night— 10 and 25c -See Ronald Colemeu in 'The Unholy Garden' with FAY WRAY & ESTELLE TAYLOR Serial — "Galloping Ghost" >vitli Rc-J Grange and C:ii-toan Coming to I{itz jHH.-JJon. 21 & 22—"Hell Divers," with Wallace Beery .ind Clark Gable. Sun.-.Mon. ^8 & 2S—"Frankenstein " GEM THEATRE Last Time Today Matinee—2:30 - Nigh^-6:45 Vtlm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See The Silent Witness' with Lionel Atwil' Greta Nissen Also News .and Comedy FricSav an(? Saturday . — ^Jlatinee and Night — 10 and 25e See The Pocatillo with Ken .Maynard Serial—"Sitin of the \\» and Cannon.

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