The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on May 13, 1941 · Page 5
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1941
Page 5
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IROOKLYN EAGLE, TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1941 t 3. i: &$es& -i(looiios . 4vlilv? l xa)!1 JVI'H sS) V'i'y, 1 . ? ' 1 Yoy Said J?, Brooklyn! I DOUBIEMIWT GUM is one swell freaf Thanks for Telling Us! We Brooklyn Merchants always try to carry, the products you Brooklyn people like. We try to display them so you can get them in a jiffy when you want them. By your purchases and words, you've told us you like delicious DOUBLEMINT GUM. You enjoy its delightful mild mint flavor and you find chewing DOUBLEMINT helps sweeten your breath brighten your teeth. Aids your digestion, too. We keep this healthful treat on our counters at all times so you can buy it easily. Come in and buy some today. DOWNTOWN, BORO HALL ABE'S CIGAR STORE, 37 Hanson Plact ANN'S I.l NCH ETTE. 222 Sands St. ED ASCHOFF CIGARS, 729 Fulton St, A. ft P. FOOD STORES BILL'S CANDY STORE, 93 Hanson Plact H. C. BOHACK CO. JOE CAMPAGNA CROC 274 Van Brunt CLAIRE CAFETERIA, 168 Sands St. DAVIDSON PHARM., 381 Van Brunt St. C. DOW D, 208 Conover St. G. DROGARIS, 40 Hanson Place J, A. EMIGHOLZ, 185 Conover St, I, . FRIED, 42 Brard St. GAMBARDEI.LA'S CROC, 192 Conover St. GEOK'iE'H REST., 180 Beard St. GRF.VHOIIND HI S DEPOT, 232 Sands St, W. HA ASK, 1 Sullivan St. HANSON I'll AH M.. 62 Hanson Plaee HANSON TEA ROOM. 13 Hanson Plar HARRY'S LUNCHROOM, 40 Van Dyke St, HERMAN'S CAFETERIA, 237 Sands St. THE HI 8 STORE, 218 Sands St. J. KOCHANSKV, 42R Van Brun St. J. I.eFANTO l.llNf'H ETTE, 239 Sands St, LEONARD'S DELIC, 192 Sands St. 8. I.EVINE. 781 Fulton St. LIGHT BUOY SERVICE STAND, Williams- burirh Bank- Butldmfz MARTY'S SWEET TOOTH, 50 Beard SU THOS. ROl'I.STON STORES SOPHIE MASSO STAT., 191 Sands St. I. MELTZER, 40 Beard St. MAX MILLER, 730 Fulton St. NAVY PARADISE REST., 187 '4 Bands St. TONY NESPOLI. 327 Van Brunt St. W. PARMEGGIANI. 326 Van Brunt St. A. PARMIG1ANI. 392 Van Brunt St PBESSF.R'S STAT., 335 Van Brunt Bt, S. PRINE, 329 Cumberland 81. RUSCITTO'H PHARM., 189 Sands St. GEORGE SHAHAIN, 182 Conover St. SHELBY LUNl'H'ETTE, 87 Hanson Place 8. TITO, 188 Conover St. P. J. TREDE, 382 Van Brunt St. R. VADALA, 147 Conover St. F. VESPOLI, 27 Hanson Place GIIS VON HOLTEN. 370 Van Brunt St. WILLEMS CONF., 346 Van Brunt St. 1. WINKELMANN, 304 Van Brunt St. YETTA SCHNEIDER. 811 Fulton St. H. ZliVICH, 418 Van Brunt St, BUSHWICK D. ABRAMS, 436 Central Avt. A. P. FOOD STORES BF.HNKE'S CONF., 1431 Broadway N. BIAGIOLI GROC 374 Wilson Ave. BIG BEAR SUPER MKT., 1533 Broadway H. C. BOHACK COMPANY M. BOI, I.IG, 432 Central Ave. S. BONDI. 436 Wilson Ave. A. BROWD. 432 Wilson Ave. GASPER CALIA GROC, 1237 Hancock St. P. CASCIO, 511 Central Ave. CENTRAL PHARM., 12.19 Hancock St. MORRIS COHEN'S GROC., 1238 Hancock CHARLES CIAC'CIO, 474 Central Ave. A. CIJSIMANO. 425 Central Ave. HUGO DELI.ORTO, 513 Wilson Ave. M. DISCHI.EY, 464 Wilson Ave. FAMOUS CHEST DAIRY, 1519 Broadwar GEORGE FRANKE, 480 Irving Avt. L. FROMKES. 534 Central Ave. 8. GOLDSTEIN. 1515 Broadwar I.OI IS GROSS STAT.. 1197 Bushwlck Ave. CI S HINCK CO., 434 Wilson Ave. OTTO HI'NSICKER, 506 Wilson Ave. IRVING PHARM., 451 Irvine Ave. 8. JACOBY. 1205 Bushwlck Ave. J. JENNINGS, 1126 Bushwlck Ave. H. KAEMPF. 54 Weirlleld St. KOHRN'S STAT., 469 Irving Ave. B. LEVINE. 461 Wilson Ave. J. LORENZO. 443 Central Ave. BARNEY MAFCHIR. 486 Central Ave. JOSEPH MAIER DEI.IC. 462 Irvlm Ave. MANDRACCHIA'S PHARM., 412 Central D. MARINELLO. 502 Wilson Ave. JOSEPH MAYER CANDY 8TORE, 464 Central Ave. J. MENZER. 370 Palmetto St. MAX MOSER. 418 Central Ave, I. NATHAN, 377 Central Ave. H. NORDMANN, 424 Central Ave. FRANK PALMA. 522 Central Ave. TILLIE O'DONNELL. 475 Wilson Ave. PARKWAY DRUG STORE, 1194 Bushwlck THOS. ROl'I.STON STORKS A. 8AMSONOFF. 391 Central Ave. H. SCHILLING'S CIGAR STORE, 1477 Broadway SHAPIRO'S CANDY STORE. 386 Wilson RALPH R. SMITH. 388 Wilson Ave. H UTS TEI'SCHLER. 190 Palmetto St. JOSEPH VANELLA, 618 Central Ave. BEDFORD A. ABRAHAMS, 24 Throop Ave. ALBIN PHARM., 135 Harmon Ave. A. P. FOOD STORES A. BENETZ. 648 Broadwar B. BERGCS. 310 Merer Ave. H. C. BOHACK COMPANY V. BRODSKY. 50 Harrison Art. CANTOR SON. 502 Broadwar M. CATALANELLO. 192 Mlddleton St. F. CATALANO, 346 Marcr Ave. P. t'HARNOW. 319 Wallabout St. R. CHERNOFSKY, 382 Marcr Avt. J. C'ONTI, 174 Harrison Ave, A. FAMA. 434 Marcy Ave. A. GEFFNEP, 65 Throon Avt. C. GILL. 211 Harrison Ave, 8. GLAZER. 68 Gerry St. B. GOLDMAN, 535 Flushlne Ave. L. GOLDSTEIN, IB Montrose Ave. HARRY'S, 326 Marcy Ave. I. HELLER, 96 Throop Ave. JACKMAN, 638 Broadway JAY BEE'S GROC, 56 Throop Ave. M. LANG, 2 Cook St. NASSAU'S GROC, 988 Nostrand Ave. B. NEMIROFF, 112 Walton St. P. NICHOLAS, 2 St. James Plact A. PIAZZA. 54 Montrose Ave. M. PINE. 384 Marry Ave. M. POLLINGER, 65 Bartlett St. P. RAM. 54 Throop Ave. THOS. ROIILSTON STORES D. Rl'RINOFF. 104 Harrison Ave. C. RI'NZA. 133 Harrison Ave. E. RUSSELL. 122 Throop Ave. A. 8CHERCH. 405 Marcr Ave. G. SCHIFFER. 11 Whipple St. 8. KF1GEL. Ill Throop Ave. A. s ,EP, 365 Marcy Ave. J. SOSNOVSKY, 331 Marcr Ave. I. STAR, 154 Harrison Ave. 8. RTIRMAN. 137 Harrison Ave. I. STOCKFEDER, 364 Marcy Ave. H, TENENBAUM. 1S8 Harrison Ave. M. TOBACK, 160 Harrison Ave. J. TURKEN, 22 Bartlett St. I. TCROFF. 44 Montrose Ave. I. UMSCHWF.IF. 405 8. 4th St. WALLABOUT PHARM.. 68 Throop Ave. MAX ZATKIN, 315 Marry Ave. W. ZIBUL8KY, 50 Montrose Ave. PARK SLOPE ABRAMS STAT., 252 Flattaush Ave. ARFMANN'S PHARM., 214 bnaerhlll Ave. ATLANTA FOOD STORE, 58 Brooklyn Ave, A. P. FOOD STORES BARKIS DAIRY, 116 Underhlll Ave. BOESE'S CONF., 629 Vanderbllt Ave. H. C. BOHACK COMPANY CACIOPPO'S CANDY. 68 TJnderhill Ave. TENDER'S STAT., 172 Park Place COLEMAN'S STAT., 283 Brooklyn Ave. COPLEY PLAZA PHARM., 234 Underhlll DAREN'S STAT., 307 New York Ave. DAVE'S SWEET SHOP, 5A3-A Empire B'v'd JACK EISEN'S STAT. 8TORE, 606 Van- derbllt Ave. FARREN'S PHARM.. 265 Flatblish Ave. FERNANDEZ GARCIA CIGARS, 268 Flatbush Ave. FLINK PHARM., 307 Platbtih Ave. GOI.DHTEIVS STAT., 54 New York Ave, GROSS BROS. FOOD STORES, 268 Brooklyn Ave. ROLLMAN'S CONF., 240 Flatbush Avt. JANOWITZ STAT., 628 Vanderbllt Ave. CHAR. JOONDEPH'S PHARM., 645 Vanderbllt Ave. XAPLOWITZ CIGAR STORE, 224 Flatbush KRAVITZ STAT., 648 'j Vanderbllt Ave. I.A PETITE SWEET SHOP. 290 Flatbush MAJESTIC PHARM.. 381 Flatbush Ave. MARGOL1ES LUNCH'ETTE, 259 Flatbush McCALL'S STAT., 92 Underhlll Ave. MEHR'S STAT., 712 St. Mark s Ave. NEW ASTOR REST., 355 Flatbush Ave. NEWMAN'S CONF., 298 Flatbush Ave. OLYMPIC CAFETERIA. 328 Flatbush Ave. J. PORITZ'S STAT,. 310 Flatbush Ave. RAE'S CANDY, 71 61 h Ave. HARRY RAPPAPORT DEI.IC, 75 6th Ave, DANIEL REEVES. INC., Vandrrbilt Ave. RF.ISEN'S CONF., 200 Flatbush Ave. THOS. ROIILSTON STORES RUCHELMAN'8 BTAT.. 39 Brooklyn Ave. SCENA'S GROC. STORE. 67 Underhlll Ave. SHAME'S CONF., 1093 Bergen 81. SKLAR'S STAT.. 280 Flatbush Ave. SKVIRSKY'8 STAT.. 367 Flalbush Ave. TRIANGLE UINCH'ETTE, 287 Flatbush VAN DEINSE PHARM.. 603 Vanderbllt Ave. VAN PARK PHARM.. 671 Vanderbllt Ave. HENRY VON DER REIDT CROC, 56 New York Ave. WILSON'S PHARM., Flatbush ft 6th Aves. WOLOWITZ' CIGAR STOHE. 245 Flatbush Z1V BROS. GIFT STORE, 300 Flalbush BROWNSVILLE A. P. FOOD STORES HARRY BECKER. 1498 Pitkin Ave. J. BERGEN CONF.. 398 Suiter Ave BERNSTEIN CONF.. 113 Thalford St. H. BLISS CONF.. 497 Stone Ave. C. BLOCK CONF.. 483 Rockaway Ave. BOBROWITZ PHARM., 200 Osborn St. H. C. BOHACK COMPANY CARADEN LUNCH'ETTE, 1667 Pitkin Ave. SAM CHTER LUNCH'ETTE, 392 Blake Ave. CHINATOWN INN, 1557 Pitkin Ave. THE CHOCOLATE SHOP, 1559 Pitkin Ave. COHEN CONF., 126 Thatlord Ave. COLUMBIA LUNCH'ETTE, 522 Stone, cor. Blake Ave. L. DIAMOND CONF., 250 Powell St. FRIEDMAN CANDY NUT SHOP, 383 Sutter Ave. GNATOWSKY LUNCH'ETTE. 435 Sutter J. HOLLAND PHARM.. 321 Powell St. J. HONIGSTEIN CONF.. 285 Suiter Ave. I. S. LUNCH'ETTE, 418 Sutler Ave. IRVING'S CUT-RATE SWEETS, 447 Stone JAFFE'S LUNCH'ETTE, 441 Sutter Ave. KATZ CONF., 141 Osborn St. KORMAN LUNCH'ETTE, 486 Sackman St. H. LIEBOWITZ CONF.. 265 Blake Ave. MAX'S CAFETERIA. 457 Sutter Ave. MEYERS LUNCH'ETTE. 1608 Pitkin Avt. MILEFSKY'S CONF., 1502 Pitkin Ave. MOLK CONF., 80 Thalford Ave. MORTON'S FOOD STORE, 238 Osborn St. NATIONAL DRINKS, 1692 Pitkin Ave. B. NOV1CK CONF.. 105 O.sborn St. OSBORN LUNCH'ETTE. 175 Osborn St. PARKWAY CAFETERIA. 1638 Pilkln Ave. PITKIN CUT-RATE CIGAR STORE, 1547 Pitkin Ave PITKIN SWEET SHOPPE. 1678 Pitkin Ave. RALMAC CIGAR STORES, INC., 1525 Pitkin Ave. THOS. ROIILSTON STORES 8. T. LUNCH'ETTE. 333 Sutter Ave. SHAPIRO CANDY STORE, 273 Wat kins St. S. SHIP1.ACOFF CONF., 154 Watkins St. SILVER'S LUNCH'ETTE, 426 Blake Ave. SLOBE'S LUNCH'ETTE, 371 Sutter Ave. MAX SKOLKIN CONF., Sl'4 Rockaway Ave. STAR! HANSKY GROC . 267 Watkins St. STUART'S LUNCH'ETTE. 402 Sutter Ave. J. TIGER CONF., 322 Sutler Ave. WILENSKY CONF.. 548 Rockaway Ave WOLF CANDY STORE, 164 Thattord Ave. P. ZIFF CONF., 217 Wa'.kins St. BAY RIDGE A. ANDERSEN. 5613 5th Ave. ANDERSON BOOK SHOP, 474 57th St. APPLEBAUM'S STAT., 4228 Sth Ave. A. P. FOOD STORES BASKIN'S STAT,, 507 56th St. BERGMAN'S PHARM., 4424 5th Avt. BIJOU CONF.. 4512 Sth Ave. H. C. BOHACK COMPANY BRISKIN'S CIGAR STORE. 44J3 5th Ave. CARL'S CUT RATE, 50O0 Sth Ave. COURTESY DRUG. 5125 Sth Ave. EUROPA REST., 8002 Sth Ave FERGENSON'S CIGAR STORE. 4802 Srtl FORMAN'S CANDY STORE. 5809 Sth Ave. M. FRIEDENTHAL. 4617 6th Ate. GREENFIELD CONF.. 4408 .Vh Ave. HANKIN'S CIGAR STOKE. 5121 Sth Ave. I. . T. HU.MKRS. 475 47th St. II. 1.. DRUG CO.. 5413 5tll Ave JACK'S CANDY STORE. 503 49th St. JACK A- EDDIE'S STAT.. 510 53rd St. JAYMAR DKI G CO.. 5802 5th Ave JOHNSTONE'S CANDY STORE, 472 58th KAPLAN'S STAT., 4(123 5lll Ave. Kl .ELY'S I'HARM.. 58-5 5th Ave. KKEMEK'S COM.. 5724 5th Ave. S. S. KKESGE CO., 5008 5th Ave. E. I.l S TGAKTEN. 4404 5th Ave. MeCKOKY'K STORE, 5116 Sth Ave. MI MO'S CANDY STOKE. 473 56111 St. OKST & SIHLOROLIN, 4810 Sth Ave. KING OSCAR, Sbl8 Sth Ave. H. POCKASS, 571 1 5th Ave. POP'S CANDY STORE, 474 59th St. l'OSVF.R'S STAT,. 5211 &!h Ave. PI KITA.VS COFFEE SHOPPE. 5405 5th JOSEPH KOSENBM M, 4214 5th Ave. S. ROTH. 504 48lh St. THOS. ROl I.STON STORES A. I,. SCHI B. 4K24 Sth Ave. SCHWAB'S CANDY STORE. 471 45th St. HEEHOIMC'ft CONF., 4920 5rh Ave. D. SHAPIRO. 4B05 5th Ave SHAPIRO'S STAT.. 5421 Sth Ave. . SHERIDAN. 508 51st St. W. A M. SHIXHOFER. 5424 5th Ave. ViKXI.ER S CIGAR STORE, 4110 5'h Ave. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. STORE, 5314 Sth Ave. VANITY REST., 5610 5th Ave. WILIJAMSBIRG LOUIS ADAMO. 408 Graham Ave. W. ANDR.EJKWSKI. 277 Drugs Ave. A. A P. FOOD STORES BEHNKEN A WINKLER DELIC, 560 Morgan Ave. V. BKNESII. 231 Klngslt nd Ave. G. HII (.M R 565 Humboldt St. ANNA KROMKOVtSKI. 5: Broom St. H. C. BOHACK COMPANY B. HI I VMS. .'01 Eiuert Ave. J. CA.NTI I'O. 225 Diiuiis Ave. B. ( APAKKI LI. 91 Drums Ave. D. CI M.MINGS. 75 Monitor S'. DANE'S i.i'M H'ETTE, 729 Meeker Ave, J. Ill Bit Kl. 182 Urim.s Ave M. El. I C.KIWK .. 27 I)rigs Ave CHAKI.FS FINGFKIM T. 246 Drug Ave. P. I ISII. 1H1 Nunmin Ave. B. GOLDI FIN, 34 Drlg Ave. J. f.KOl HMAI. GROC, 2-8 Kinesis ltd Ave. WALTER JARMl'I.A, 81 Hussell St. J. KRYSTOF. 1'1J-A Norman Aie. N. I.EKOS. 189 Nnrman Ave L. I lot OR1 GROC. 248 Kmgsland Ave. B. MrMAHON DELIC. 112 N Henry St. A. MIKI LEWICZ. 69 Drugs Ave, S. MINSKI. 253 Kingsland Ave. A. OLSZEWSKI, 212 Dnggg Ave, 8. PUM.INSKI. 264 Dngn Ave. P. PFRKOWSKI, 253 Drug Ave. B. PETERS, 125 Drugs Ave. POSMAK S PHARM . 236 Drills Ave. W. REGI I I.N'SKA. 32,! St. F J. ROOMY. 28 Prje. Ave. THOS. HOI LSTON STORES H. It'll' CANDY A IK.4RS, 156 Er.gert Ave. I. SFPANSKT. 53 Drlfrj Ave. M. SINAN U'SCH'ETTE. 164 Drlgcs Ave E. J SKIRINSKI PHARM., 206 Drugs p. B. SNYIHR. 509 Graham Ave. SPATT DRUG I'O., INC., 154 Engert Ave F. STANKOttSKI. 525 Humboldt S'. STEVE'S I.l Mil ROOM, 101 Drlgss Ave. I). SWIERKI. 251 Kintsland Ave. C. SZAPICK1 GROC. Ill F.ngert Ave. R. TAM RI.UI. 267 Kiimsland Ave, M. VAI.AITIS. 79 Druids Ave. GEORGE VOl 'UNAS. 139 Dnggg Ave IV. A H. CROC. & DELIC, 38 Driggs Ave. S. 7.4BOROWSKI, 149 Drlgl'S Ave. W. ZWOI.INsKI, 204 K.l.Ki.and Avt, CONEY ISLAND M. AI.PEKN. 2920 W. 21it St. s. ANGSTRHICH, 2421 Mermaid Ave. MAX HERMAN, 3015 W. 22d Si, I. Bil l I R, 1614 Mermaid Ave. A, P. FOOD STORES H. C. BOHACK COMPANY" BOULEVARD CAFETERIA, 19:8 Mermaid Ave. G. DAMRROSIO, 1521 Neptunt Ave. SOL FACTERMAV, 2204 Mermaid Avt. L. FAI.CONA, 2834 W. 16!h St. I. USHMAN, 2324 Mermaid Ave. GITFCK SON'. 2002 Mermaid Ave. AL GOIDBLATT, 2802 Neolune Ave. R. GOLDSTEIN. 2418 Mrrma.d Ate. 1. GROBISEN. 3013 Mermaid Ave. B. H AN K IN. 2228 Mermaid Ave I. HOKNSIF1N. 27(14 Nrplune Ave. A. IAl 4RINO. l'loll Neptune Ave. KAM .AM s I.l Nt HKONI I I E, 2118 Mer-m t:d Ave KATZ 1.1 NI'H'ITTF. 2102 Me-mald Ave. KIKIZ PIIAK. !M2 JH'imattt Ate. I.. I 4R RO, 2B47 W. Ifiih 8'.. M. I.I.MNK. '.'H(,J W 2J(I St. JACK 1 .IPSTADT. 284 W. 23d St. A. I IPI IN. 220 Surf Ave. ROCIO MANIA I. 2K.(i W. 15'h St. SOL MAKlls, -HI4 W 15;h S'.. .Ml KR4Y MAKGOLIES, 3-12 Mermaid Ave S. MIZZO. 1504 N-pllltie Ave, A. MOSCOW IT, im 7 .Mermaid Ate. C Pa.N4.RIII.LO, 2817 W 15'li St. A. Pt.NIHINO. 2M70 W. Ittth St. A. RH IIMW. 2011 Mrrmtid Ave ROCK) il.HH 4. 2H3 I VI. tSIJi St. M. ROSEMH 4 IT. ki ftnrf Ave. THOS. Kill LS ION STORES S. Rl Mlsll. 2 ll'i Mermaid Ave. H. SAHIKS, 20 19 Mermaid Ave. MAX SIIIIH'. i.vlH Mermold A'.". B. SCHNHIK. 2WU W. 24th 8'. A. SCHW4KI., 1517 Merma.d A'. L. SIHHAHI.. 2M) W. .'-d 81. SHACK'S. ;:t'l SI and Surl Ave. A. SHI RMAN. 1104 Mermaid Ave. J. Mill R. n W 1' M St. E. SIBtR II Mil I I It, 24.'8 Neptunt Ave P. -WOLF. 170! S'l-f Ave. F. W. WOOl OK 111 ( O. STORE. 22i S' n Tin M' l niH rt A', e J. ZINNANII, t,JU W. t t V Wm VMM- tiff 4 T 4 ve. :3d v NOTICE: Names of other Brooklyn merchants who display and sell Wrigley's Doublemint Gum will be listed In future advertisements" to appear in this newspaper. ,, , n, I, I ,.;. n iUl.ilHi.).ii,i..-i t ' , t . ' , s4 " f -.x if : 7 t ' y ' s " ' " ' . . , i ' . -," . & 4 -1 y s j s v. , m. ' '- ' - ,irir-filia rT. t ,1M m , .H J..;(-7rW- -i-" -x7 '- -.y-i-- - t.t.atHX&m ' J

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