The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 4
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THURSDAY, 18> m BLYTHEVn.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a jrord lor first uumion »nd one ctnt i »srd (or wch jubeequent IruerUw No «dvertlsemtnt Uktn lor low Ihan 5ffc. count the mords and send the ctsh. I'hone 306 FOR SALE THRIFT SALE GOOD USED CARS Why are our Used Cars better values? Because \vc don't trade them in lor more than they are worth, we arc fully equipped to economically recondition 111 em wherever necessary and we guarantee them Don'1 fail to inspect these cars, lor they arce real values at thrift prices. Low time-payment plans to suit your Income. . '29 FORD SPORT ROADSTER —fowl lights, Dark Blue Color— $110 'SO FORD 11-2 TON TRUCK 1 —Closed Cab.t Stake Body, ™< Uuul Wheels, 4-speed transmission. A bargain—$275 •29 CHEVROLET "€" PANEL —tlie ld»l delivery car for Dairies, Grocery Stores, .Florists, Bakeries, Etc. A-l Appearance. Kuns Finf—$195 '31 LATE FORD TUDOR— Original finish like new, driven only 9,000 miles, excellent condition —$385 '19 FORD TOWN SEDAN— Koomy and coinforUble, Original paint like new, A-l Tires, Upholstery fine, mechanically perfect —5215 Call 811 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY BlythcvUk, Ark. FOH SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Biytheville 18ctf FOH SALE OE TRADE—Whippet Coach, will, trade Jor farming tools and team. D. \V. McDeair- man, Phone 482-W. . 1CP-K19 FOR REIST FOR HENT-i-Bcd ' room. Reason- k. ab'.c. 313 North 6th St. Call alter mug nnJ strawberry Ico, with reck- Larry moaned wlieu ho perceived less disregard ov their health, whllo •« trtft, nut Klltm k» »o»* STBVKjr IIAKCLAY. 57 ..J KU '•• "y'ff"' •"• •*' Bill crj. II? r,*»j "K?"™ '!"• «"l"ll«. He. Irn4» til,, . |. ¥(l|r f ,^ K M. 16P-K19 FOR- RENT-^1 rb«m house with bath, 601 Franklin street; Call L. Fowler. Phone ..450-,). . 18C-TF FOR RENT—605 Chicfcasawba St., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply nt he New York Store. . J5C-Ktf FOB RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Dougan. 12C-K20 FOR RENT—Six. room stucco resi- WANTED -- dcnce, furnished or unfurnished. Dr. Saliba, Ingram Building. I6C-K23 FOR RENT -Furnished house or apartment. Mrs. Sisk, Phone 612. 18C-K19 Counter or Table Service JIMMIE O'BRIEN'S CAFE Delicious K. C. T-Bone Steaks Plate Lunch, alf you can eat - - 35c BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOl'PE SECOND HAND FURNITURE 750IIGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main Very Desirable Home on West Main, beautiful shade trees and grounds, furnace heat, garage, servant's house, concrete driveway, every convenience. Priced to sell at one-half coil. See mo before it . is sold. G. G. CAliDILL Meet Me At the New Rustic Inn CofTee, Hot Pigs and Chili Kryptok Bifocals for near and distant vision—$«6 Have Your Eyes Examined HARItY WEISIJURD State Registered Optometrist Al the Good Luck Store i:ilr» oarirli nllk krr ainiktr. "llfc ttrV ,""" " "««««•"•' JJIIh i.arrjr t» arctpt *he tram "•ore ail utm- In I.,? >>l ( k"l«. KOW GO OJI WJTII THE tiTOHV CHAPTER XIV £ONEY ISLAND was having a record Sunday. rjmior n cloudless sky of elc-elric bluo lay ocean tlio Baiuo uhodc tilled with people who hail fled the heat of the tlty for the htat of the amusement resort. Tht golden sand of the beach was completely hidden by the sweltering multitude. People o-jiravvled tiudor umlirelhs, steamer chairs, or lay face down on the boacli, sun-t.innlnff. Policemen herdcC lost children while frantic mothers searched for little Jimmy or Iko or Jane. Picnic parties gorged on,, popcorn and hot dogs. -YoiiDB husbands proudly pa railed with their. young wives. Pretty, pale-faced girls strolled In pairs, bright' eyes alert for the diauco of nu escort. Lovers taught their sweethearts to-swim. Lite- guards bobbed up and down In boats, listening for erica of help. It was a record Sunday. • "Honestly," saie Ellen IB .au awed volco, "I've jievnr seeu many people before. Never!" ". "You mean" BO many -that you wouldn't liko to know," .Larry amplified thoughtfully. . .. "Snob;" she accused him. "Certainly." be agreed. "So are you. - Confess .It—dou't you think we're-, th9-nicest-people at Coney Islaud,' tb'ia- afternoon?'* •"Certainly -we- are," 8h« agreed " imurely, d^lighttallyiconsclous of .Jus hanft on her.baro arnC:< ' fnlly consclo'iis.' o« -hli""p'( when tho crowd pr«sea-tiem together. "Still waut to swTia with all of New York foi something about UilsT Buy somebody's place or something? There's man, uear front too, looks as it ho'd bo £lud enough lo sell." "1 suppose you've nlrcaily r;ol your tail nt I'alm Ucach and don't caro how tlio rest of us niannao." Ellon salil with mild sarcasm. Tlio annoyance faded from his face. "Dou't Uaso me, my child," he complained. "1 was thinking of you, heaven knows 1 was. Sly heart falls nt tho thought of you In ono of thoso suits. The trick scorns to ho ccUtiig every customer. Into a they heard steamboat wliislles mid saw Iho tiny go|il cu drclo of Ilia forrla wtiooi turn- Ing over fuiJ over. Then tlio stars cnino out. "Listen, what time la It?" asked :ilen suddenly. "I've cot to gel to and you promised to ro- urn tho car to your friend." "That doesn't matter," Larry ro' illcd carelessly na tio leaned across ho table toward her. "Tho only hlng Hint mailers | 3 timt you and aro lioro on thla roof and Mint you iavo tlio loveliest eyes, Did you over take a gooil look at your eye! — lillcn'r'' i)ut Ellen Wllg ,, ol to ()<! stilt tliat doesn't fit. Ho pointed to an extremely fat woihtm stuffed perilously Into a black suit two sizes loo small. She wns emerging from ono of the hath houses with n youngster of 10, a slender, wisiilsh lltllo Rlrl almost tallluB out of u suit l\vo or three- sizes tbo largo. Ellen giggled. • » • all slio and Larry dtdn't A *.go Into the ocean. They rode cm the whip and !n a gondol* through a Venice ttlat was moon light blue aud slightly too damp for comfort. They roilo on the roller coaster, Ellen, liko 100,000 olhcr girls, shrieked as Illtlo red cars shot down shining tracks and dropped Into what seemed miles of llglilcd emptiness. "Hey, this idea was 100 per cent to tlio good!" caroled Larry os he 60 "No womlc-r yon'ro always lalo," slio rcbnkcil. "Don't you over look at your wnlch7" _ "As a matter of fact," ho laiiKhcd. '1 haven't n ivntcli. I'm afraid If 1 carried ono I'd havo lo look at It." Elleu was taken buck by tlie uovolty of this viewpoint. Whin in Idiot ho was! Rut 8ho wns n itllo troiililcd nlso. I.arry had din Inctly told her his Irlcncl luiciiiicil :o nso tho car Unit ovoiilug. Kit had her Job to remember. Klio could not bq easy until slio know time. Bho told him that. tiic gOMEMHAT aggrieved ho sot off In search of a waiter. When bo returned ho wna smiling broadly, good natured and cheerful agalu. "Everything's Hue uow," he teascil lier. "it's too late for mo to tako tho car badt and It's too lato for you to go to Dreamland. It's 15 minutes of 9." Salomon. You'll Ellen, roluciniilly, unwillingly, ouinl hcraolt laiitlilnu with Mm. t was too (llll!«ilt for her not to es|ioml io lib ciiay, ngrcciihUi liiirni. After nil, slio ihoiiKln, evc-n [ ho couhlii'i mem to umlcredind ho scrloiisnoas of her Job lie wn» ,ulck cnounh (o mend Iho Bltimtlou ;o Imd cie.Hod. "Wo'll S o clanclnu In town," ho went on. -riint'll bo more fun ny way. T|,u r i aC |j Wi , 3 bcglimlus o-get tlrcsuine," K"i>!i cnuW uol iiiidcrslaiiil him it nil. Jnsl a niaiiidut before hi md been eager lo »tny. /^S l.^i-ry hail iirallctcil, Salomon ' w ; 13 willing enough to accent •.lien s confiiEcii excuses, \v|l||ii s 'iioiiiih lo pcniiit her 1111 cvcnfnt; iwuy from (ho dnuto hall when ho was able to prolll as much by her ntoucci aa Ijy hor prciouco. Iliit Olleii fouiiil herself uncoinforlnlila over ll,o nrraiiKcniciit. Slio kin-iv ho ollior Blrh thoiiflu II ailA. \nlso, tu iiarllcubr. Mured ^urluus- >• am] lurried to Tony lu iuuk« vluit Mllon was suro was a spltuful reniiiili. Slio foi-fiol nil that us clio mid -arry daiiccil Iho nlghl nwny on ho root of n Biimll, snmrt liolcl. Sha forgot everything except that aho was rhucliiB with Larry nnd f.irry—liked lier. In a'diou- il wuyn glrlB iiiulerBlniul BO well ho had lold l,cr so. 'licy ilrovo homo thiough Iho ilshl when (ho stars luul licgiiu to fade and U| 0 cast IVIIB tKKlnnliig to ' Men nml that Btlll, cool liuuli lust bcforo dawn enveloped Iho city. When tliey iirrlvcil In Brooklyn (he sun w:is OUR BOARDING HOUSE PACE BBV18M A prrY,BU3-rfeR, tfcrr -fAKc SBMS OR GO aid -REDUCE VOU-R SO VoU-RE I S'PCSJE A BAV- NaU T Kurt Q Wile •3UST uke ,Q3LJ<-I> seventy UARD OFFA VGURSCLF AM'' WoiVD gnu. BE BLOCK KUS CL-ASS Moi/J AS A <AV E/\c(4 MORMAL weieiJ-f BiJ-r Voa ARE A MAM X*iI>,-Si BE FRA/lk, '\ AND HER BUDDIES ? THAT AVILUK! By Martii FOR RENT—Eight room house nt 801 Walnut, steam heat, available March 1. Airs. C. E. Criggcr, Armorel. Plionc 15WP12. 17ck2-l WAN 7353 WANTED—Brlnj your poultry lo B. T. Worthy's, 100 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Bctf Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat Corner Main & First St. Ingram Building BETTER R E I' A Expert Wort. All Makes. Fenders, Doors, Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. Phone 810 Biytheville, Ark. PHILUI'S MOTOR CO. WERT He Makes'Em See (Office Over Joe Isaacs Store) Vic Can PARTS For AH Automobiles JACKSON AUTO PARIS 2020 W. Slain Phone 66 More For the Building Dollar A Xc\v Roof, a Paint Job, Screens, Hardwood Floors, j Anything in Building Repairs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. breaking over tho honso tops. They paused to look at tho brightening cast and to hrenllio (ho ilcllcloiis coolness before llit-y crepl Into Iho ijulet lionso anil slowly up tho stairs. I-nrry hesitated at tlio door a long steadied her In Ills arms, have been missing things all my "We'll havo to lenvo this mln uto!" Bho cried. They ate hot dogs from tho hot "But no— you don't understand! dog wagon and cotton candy which It's too lato to loa time, as unwilling to go as Ellen melted under the tongues like sweet- was to have him. It hod been such a perfect evening they told cadi break my not having a watchl ened air. They breathed mingled otlors of sawdust and to you," Kllcn said, determined to They went to tho side- surrcntllloua voices thoy But my job Is finn'or of what tliuy had seen auJ tlono; shows and peered with whlsjicrcil of fntnro mcctlugs. What horror into narrow booths. futi they noulil hnvo! Gradually tlioro crept into, tho 'That's what I'm tryiug to tell you thin as a snake, smoked endlessly very gamely Inaijyroprlntc. Larry's mnlcuco trailed into brooding Bllcncc. Ho was holding any way— maylw later." UlB digestion with knives and'nalls When he saw suddenly that she waa Larry with tbe utmost seriousness Ellen's hands in his own. them loosened and then tho other. I'm hungry." "After all those hot dogs?" mar mood of anger and dlsappolntmcn With a fcellDg of puro ecstasy and a painfully boating heart sho 'felt bis hands at her nhoulders. Slio was trembling and hi* eager "lips wero partcil. .-••'. ; '- . 'Bho was almost In bis arms wi«o was keeping her elleut, he- chaug vcled Ellen, giggling at his fool his tone. Sho thought ho Boeniet disinterested ns Iio asked what ill' would do. -"I'll telephone that I'll bo lato. I "Only threo" or maybe four Ypu'ro hungry, too.' ' You - can Your tongue's hanging ou suppose that'B Iho only thing I can ho muttered huskily at tlio thought of food." They lunched on tho roof of tl tlnlo for llttlo glrl3 lo he In bcj and, without a backward look, ruu down tho stairway. (To Vn Uc---;tiimi:d) "I'vo got It!" Larry exclaimed Midnight Moon Hotel, despilo El "We'll stop at Dreamland and I'l buy all your dances tor tho evo- maid nrANYNEknowiiBlie whereabouts of William Dcwcy Goodma ear of 1D1 E. Duvls. Please Jiuniber of suicljie cases. II1C-K25' 1 ""s unfavorable Impression, ctisluo I authorities have gathered slalisUcs fo prove thnt the suicide rale here is the lowest In I lie world. They claim the suicide rale In Monte Carlo Is ten per 1,003 of MONTR CARLO. tUP)—An "an- ! P 0 P lllntlol > c «cli year compared ti-siiiciefe" club has been formed wilh ' J V- T H'oiisnnd '" 'he United machine. Muii be cheap. VVrlle L Anti-Suicide Club care Courier News. AND _, j MM n i formed at Monte Carlo i STRAYED OH STOLEN :Onc brown mare mule with white nose. Age 12 years, about 14'.£ hands high. Weight 1000 or 11CO pounds. Missing since Friday, Feb. 12. 1932. John W., Biytheville, Ark. here to prevent unlucky from taking their losses ously. Persons of all nationalities who try (heir luck nt the cnslno, arc AUSTIN, Tex. (OH)—Tlio oran-c ana white uniformed student, hand of the University of Texas anJ their cowboys will tour Euroirc this sum- being nskcd to Join. LOST—Chevrolet U. S. casing and wheel spare for jrurk. Finder deliver to Tom W. JacVson nnrt receive reward. Henry Hale. I7nkl9 mcr If plans materialize, accompanying student grotm of are being Jormed al other gambling resorts on (he Rivcria. A scries of suicides prompted the l:l:j. Monte Carlo has long been no- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ON THBIR WAY! MO FOOLllJ', \nny is yooa. HAMS cr ft. SODDBK! ? HA^S MopzS THASl LAST MAIA£.... VES-.TWATS MY BEAU '\ COME o(4,eo>s,..i.eT8 SET Oo*hl Tb W.V Cf.fl. aoiciiLy...BoRsw is TOO HIS FEET SO LOtJS, [.... AM' 1 S'POSS SOM£ OOH'1 -.•/p^RY Agour ffS, DOC ....I'M STX*BTIM To FEEL 8KTT6B. IS I ey ; S YEARS I\6 LIVlWS IVJ SHADYSIDE... \>JOO1J> RAUli >f& AS A BUT IF 1 CAM HOLO UP IWT1L. i see WRS. ReoFieucs, ru_ THAT MA^£ OF SOftSoM FoREvES.... WOBODV BUT AUC> vou MAKE IT AUUBISHT? TAfiS IT EASY-'.' ARSM'T A CBOO«.... SE£.-I'D To SET H£M> o« TAIL OF 7HS \WOULOUT IT |JO\*;, REALLY? lS / &\CTW VCK). BRlNCf ON ( NEU. PA.L. BRING ON ^fER TCX1QH 6OYS ' LIONS W TI66RS 1 'CAUS£ I'M QlTTINO \ \ TO DO MS STUFF. VD SHOW NOU M'MO KIM FI6HT. fD SHOW VOU IP I'M COOLP HE? 8U5TER; Mt - I'P LIKt TO MEET TH . OES ONCE, Trt^S Ml. •iO EXCITED, RiP. HE'S ONtl TEAS1HC-. 15 0 R S Yon Money On

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