The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1932
Page 3
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JjjUgSDAY. FEBRUARY 18, 1032 Clad in Biblical Robes, Mrs. Martin Littleton Says Crisis Near. BY PAUL HAKKISON NEA Stnlee Writer MANHASSET, N. Y.—"The worll is fast approaching tile greatest crisis li has ever experienced, and will fhortly witness the jjrcalesl event that has ever occurred. "The event will b2 the Coming of Christ." Tiny silver bells on a bracelet tinkled emphasis to the words of Mrs. Martin W. Littleton. The wife of ti prominent New York attorney wore a flowing yellow robe, a white, silver-banded licadshawl, and red slippers. The chair in which sire sal wus inlaid almost Mildly with mother-tof-pearl, arfi command;*) a room crowded, with rich, colorful treasures of the Holy Land. She looked like Hie hifh priestess of some mystic cult. She Is, she declares, only an humble and devout Bible student who has been able to surround herself with the atmosphere appropriate to her researches. A Son Remembered Widely-traveled, socially accom- plishoJ, Mrs. Littleton Is the mistress of a pretentious Long Island estate. Two years ago she set about building a private studio and library at some distance from her old colonial house. It never was intended as a shrine, she declared, except in the sense that it was dedicatel to the memory of a son, Douglas Littleton, who Icll in France during the World War. But she designed it lo the reminiscent 01 old Palestine. The one- Jtory flat-roofed building Is surrounded by a wall, the inner sides of which are covered with frescoes of Holy Land scenes, executed bv an artist brought over from Jerusalem. Biblical inscriptions arc everywhere, on the wall and in the house. A colorful zodiac covers the ccilins of the main reading room. Ihero are rugs and rare tapestries from Damascus, a brass bnlzier from ths palace of the governor of Jerusalem, bottles of water from the River Jordan, scores of ancient relics and several thousand volumes of religious writings, old and new. K«ps Daily Vigil From the time, about a year ago. 1 • Hut she first admitted a few friends, the fame o! the library has spread. Thousands of visitors, even ministers, priests and. rabbis with their congregations, have come to Manliassrt to see the treasures Mrs. Littleton .has collected during her 20 years of travel and Bible study. Today, In her robe and head shawl, she keeps open house every afternoon. Some of the visitors remain to discuss with ,vrs. Littleton the sensational theories- she has developed regarding our religious Ufa and times. Many of l):«m hold witli her opinions. She lectures sometimes, but she does not exhort She is n student, she reiterates, and not a preacher. This pleasant-faced, soft-voiced uoman takes her Bible literally from hell-lire and brimstone to heavenly streets paved with gold Her interpretations of parts of the New Testament have convinced her that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent —perhaps tomorrow ir.oniing, pcrlmps next month but soon. Sets Prophecies Fulfilled "The whole world is wailing for It," she said, "although the world itself does not generally realize v/liat is about to occur. Tins depression is just another link In the chain of evidence which is fulfilling the scriptural propliesico. "Don't think I'm just raving. It's all in the Bible. If people don't believe as I do then they just don't believe in the Bible. Look at that (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Rich Woman Lives Biblical Life She's not a priestess of .some mystic cult, says Mrs. Martin IV. Littleton, pictured at Jell In* <in nnr,,<-,i Bible student who can gratify her whims regarding Holy Land relics and costumes You see l"er "t upper right In her richly furnished library, surrounded by articles of religious significance Bolmv Is an. exterior view of ihe building, which Is modeled utter the houses of Palestine. perfect picture of today in the fifth chapter of James: ^VUo to jury, ye rich jium, wcp and ho»l for your miseries that shall come upon yog, VDUT riclits arc corrupted and jour garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them thall b< 3, v \t- ness against you, and shall cat your fl«h as it were fire, Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.'" Wars and earthquakes, famines and floods, all point to the day, Mrs. Littleton believes, when CluisL will return, not as the Lamb of God, but as tho world's Judge. Then she foresees seven years of tribulation, the rise of an anti-Christ anj the battle of Armascclon before Christ returns again, this time in the flesh, to rule the world during its promised 1000 years of peace. Gosnell News Mr ' Ja .? <1 , M !i s - Hurch Wri ff'»l have loved back to Gosnell, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuctajr are moving to Gosnell. Mrs. Barbara Wright spent the week end with. Mr. and Mrs p H Raspberry. - The .Gosnell school enjoyed a Picnic Friday, given by Miss Ruby Brown, primary teacher. Many Gosncll people arc attending church services at Calumet every. Saturday night and Sunday night. . : , Miss Alma Needham, who has •ffi visiting friends in St. Louis, has returned home. Misses Bessie and Vergie Perkins spent the week end in Luxora. Miss Eula Miller. Miss Maltie Sue Gillian), Mack Hickinau anil Walker Gilliam motored to Steele, Mo.. Sunday night. Evelyn LcdteUcr spent Saturday and Sunday with Nina Mae Loll. Elvis Queen has moved (o Promised Land. Mrs. Oene Leclbelter is very ill. Pecan Grove News Hurniou Wilson was the dinner guest ot Calvin Kobcrtson Sunday, planning to move soon. Miss Hazel Walters and her sister, Miss Eulyn, were guests of Mrs. Bill Robertson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Larson Crump visited the former's aunt, Mrs. Lena Coker. Saturday night and Sunday. Miss Odes Hussell and J. W. Russell of Lone Oak were guests of their sister, Mrs. Raiford White Saturday night and Sunday. Mrs. A. J. Wilson, who has been ill, is improving. Denton News Mrs. J. W. McCulloueh spent the week In Caruthersville visiting mends. Bernlce Peal and OUis Denton spent Saturday night and Sunday with Laura Bomar. Pauline Skipper sficnt Saturday night with Virginia Dare Chapman. Iris Longncrc and Edna Wright spent Sunday with, Audrey Cowcil Odis Bond is ill. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stauart spent Saturday night with Mr and Mrs. Odis Bond, Nina -Lent-acre spent Sunday H'illi her grandmother, Mrs. J. E. Borley. Farmer Bishop and Miss Eva- Bishop spent, Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smothers. The Ladies club met at the :iome of Mrs. Robert Standfield Wednesday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Elsie Griugs died Thursday February 11. Funeral services were lield at the Lester cemetery with the German Undertaking, company, fii charge. SI-3 is survived by her husband and two children, besides many other relatives. Hubert Cozart and family plan to move (o the Ollchrlst farm soon. Miss Maria Cozart spent Saturday nlgi,t win! MI^ Le] a R hei\ Evans. Harry Lutes spent Saturday night with Marvin Smith. Miss Glen Mary Evans spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. S. L. May. O. C. Barnes has opened a new grocery store nt Lutes Corner. • If. Sprayborry Is recovering from injuries hj. received lu an automobile accident about a month ago. Thompsons Supreme Chicks Shipments Monday and Thursday Fumigated, Smith Hatched Pure Bred. C. O. J>. if WTinlcd send one cent per chick with order. 23 100 While 1-eghorns ... $2.25 $ 8.03 Barred Rocks and Hcds 2.50 8.50 All ether Heavy Breeds '. 2.50 10.00 Heavy Assorted 2.00 7.50 Hravy cjf laying slrains up ID 280 cgfis. Order from this ad. The Thompson Hatchery Scarcj, Ark. Jersey and Holstein 3 to 8 Gallons Per Day KOH SALK—For Cash or Trado for Corn, Hay, Dry Covi's or Ycarlinffs. JJrinpr us your cows and hay. We will pay the hightst niiirkel price in cash for same. E. J. BROWNE CO. St. & Frisco R. U. Phone 3 Lutes Corner News fifr. Uccclmin nml family arc must Imvc teen hit gcxl for ID-montlis-old Bcilcl Leonard, above, learned lo swim '"fore lie could walk, and now Wims most of his plny-tima in llic »-aler. His mother, Mrs. Joseph ii. Leonard, also Is nil uquallo slar number of friends vllh a birthday supper nnd music Wednesday 'veiling, February 10. I'rnyer meeting WHS held al (he wine of Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Springer Snlurdiiy evening. The Rev. Ui;ck Walters conducted the services. . v - . -.,:.>*• •••:•'. Mi. nnd Mrs. Zcb Driver Grove The Rev 1 . Buck Walters of Pecan Grove will fill Ills refiiilnr appointment, riero Saturday night 'and Sunday morning. Mr. mid Mrs. Earl Meadows spent Sunday with the latter'* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Boles. Charles Blgham entertained u You, Too, Can Look Younger Prevents Large Pores— Stays on Longer Because new wonderful MELLO- GI.O Faee Powder stays on longer and prevents large pores. .No more shiny noses. Not affected so much by perspiration. Its one shade blends uith every complexion, giving more life to the sWn. New French process MELI.O-Gl.O nukes you look younger. Hides tiny lines. wrinkles and GLO. pores. Tiy MELLO—Adv. 3 Industries follow the Power Line lo produce goods economically and jucet ihc competition of the market place— factories need power. They need ample poiccr—a power supply which can bo increased instantly lo meet increasing reiriiircmcnts. They need reliable potccr—a power supply whose continuity is assured by interconnection with several sources of power. They need inexpensive power, which is possible only when power is generated aud distributed in large quantities, no mailer liow small a quantity is consumed l>y each user. Widespread n etworksof transmission lines, serving groups of communities, assure these three indispensable qualities in the power supply of each eoiiummiiy served. \ _, ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY er BullV ""7 children visited Mr. tiui Mrs, Frank Kt'Slor at evening. Halt Moon Saturday Mr, unit Mrs. Ohsrley ttlcliarrt- son annoima the blvtli or twin Blrls Tuesday, February 0. 'Die bullies, who weighed, about live May ftrine »nd Jupe Eurletw, tlon of the crimes committed In that country »i'o by ycuthi be- reports n. irc»t propor- • 'S5 P«» it Want Ads. 7 REASONS WHY HUDSON .... Cleaning Is Proving So Popular 1. Nowhere do your garments receive the skill and attention that is given them at Hudson's 2. Infinite care of detail 3. Individual treatment according to fabric 4. Perfect sterilization 5. Precision finishing G. Restoration or original smart, lines 7. Good cleaning is an economy •' W-)-* :•"•. Phone 53 We Will Call if You Will , it I protect my voice with LUCKIES" THE LOWE-DOWNI Wcrvo? Why Edmund lowe'i a rfortdevil and a great gyy... he was or.o of ffie first loweara HIGH HAfTO A PRI2EFK5HTI He ccogctawafvfilhilfbetauia h«'s gat tho punch and six feel of brawn) Ha'* o college graduate. Eddfo might have been a big Icaguo ball player if tho ' "It's that delightful taste after a cup of coffee that makes LUCKIES a hit with me. And naturally I protect my voice with LUCKIES. No harsh irritants for me ... I reach for a LUCKY instead. Congratulations oil your iro* proved Cellophane wrapper. 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