The Clay Center Dispatch from Clay Center, Kansas on February 19, 1912 · 1
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The Clay Center Dispatch from Clay Center, Kansas · 1

Clay Center, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1912
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EVENING EDITION FOUR O'CLOCK VOLUME X NUMBER 283. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1913. CLAY CENTER, CLAY COUNTY, KANSAS. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1912. OFFICE AT NO. 805 FIFTH TMB1 TELEPHONE NO. 81. Ice Carries Center Span of Bridge Three Hundred Feet Down River THE REPUBLICAN RIVER BRIDGE AT MORGANVILLE. F BIG RIVER BRIDGE STRUCTURE AT PUT OUT OF BUSINESS IE GUNS FOR CLAY COMPANY A MAY BE TRANSFORMED BEFORE MANEUVERS MORGANVILLE National Government Is Anxious to Equip State Troops With Latest In War Equipment and Clay's Company Is Right In Line and Up In Qualifications, VINING BRIDGE IS IN DANGER AND THE AIR LINE BRIDGE DE-CLARED UNSAFE. Da-m at Clay Center Very Little Damaged Ice Heaviest Foir Thirty Years Word From Up and Down the Republican River Rose Ten Feet Saturday. E DR. CRUMBINE BELIEVES WORST OF FIGHT IS OVER. THE THIRD TERM IS DEFINED BY THE OUTLOOK Col. Roosevelts Magazine Tells Its Readers What Constitutes a Third Term Indicates That the Colonel Will Accept Nomination. New York, Feb. 19. Discussing BURN TO DEATH IN SIGHT OF CROWD Three Trainmen Caught in Freight Train Wreck Doctor Chloroforms One to End His Sufferings Many More Injured. Yarmouth, Me., Feb. 16. Three the proceedings in Congress, relative j trainmen were burned to death when to the various anti-third term reso-, bre jn tbe w,.eckage 0f two Grand lutions, the Outlook significantly dis-, fi-eight trains, which collided cusses Colonel Roosevelts statement near North Yarmouth, reached the dein 1904 and 1907, refusing to become , moiished locomotive iu which they a presidential candidate. Politicians' ere implisoned SeVeral persons here were deeply interested in the were injured statement because ot Roosevelts con-, ()ne of the men in the engine cab, notion with the magazine and because arry Corlis3t vvas alive whon v. the editorial was bliev tp,reflect lagers reached the scene, but was so wedged in by t lie wreckage that lie his views. In part the editorial says: Those who still think it unsafe to elect a president for a third term should recall the fact that the objections to a third term were formulated against a third consecutive term. A man who leaves the presidency and is re-elected after a lapse of four or eight years has no body of office holders behind him, does not possess the power of patronage and therefore stands on the same footing as any other private citizen. In Mr. Roosevelts specific case It is sometimes said that his statement in 1904 and again in 1907 that he would not accept another nomination would make his acceptance of a nomination this year inconsistent. What Mr. Roosevelt said in 1904 and in 1907 referred, of course, to a Consecutive third term. Mr. Roosevelt believes, although we do not share that belief, that, the settled policy of this country makes a third consecutive presidential term for any man impolitic, if not improper; but the Outlook has a better appreciation of his intelligence than to suppose that he had in 1904, or has now, the slightest idea of defining a third term excepting in the way we have just defined it, The situation may perhaps he made more clear by a homely illustration. When a man says at breakfast, No, thank you, I will not take any more coffee, it does not mean that he will not take any more coffee tomorrow morning, or next week, or next month, or next year. Counties Organize for Road. Wellsville, Kan. Feb. 16. At a good roads meeting held here a New Santa Fe Trail Auxiliary association for Franklin and Johnson counties was organized to care for the new trail route between Olathe and Ottawa .1. II. Wbitla of Edgerton was elected president and W M. Osbourn of Wellsville. secretary could not be extracted before the fire enveloped him. Corliss begged that something be given him to ease his sufferings. The fire was nearing him. He was suffering intensely. Oh, help! help!" came feebly from the young man. It grew fainter and fainter. One of the physicians procured a vial of chloroform. Climbing into the wreck so that the doomed young man could be reached, a drug saturated handkerchief was pressed over the nostrils of the brakeman. Soon the doctor realized that he was unconscious. The cries ceased. Two of the other victims were also burned to a crisp, nothing hut a pile of ashes being seen where they were caught in the wreckage. The icie above the dam broke about. 11 eleven oclock Sunday morning. The piling recently put in along the bank near the ice houses and above the dam were snapped in two like toothpicks. For two hours huge cakes of ice extending ttoc-m bank to bank went crashing over. The piling recently dMven above the bridge was 'swept away a were the poles used to turn! the water from the east bank. II was feared that tihe dam would not hold the ice flow', but. it There is every reason to believe that Company A will be transformed imto a machine gun company before tine next maneuver camp. Captain Martin was in Topeka Saturday and Sunday coniferring with the state authorities concerning tfbe transformation and is very optimistic over the matter. The motional government is verty anxious to equip the state troops with machine guns wherever the state tnoops are sufficiently instructed to he able to properly handle and use them and have their present organizations eomp'eted. Kansas lias two regiments of infantry complete and two extra companies. Under the present plan one of the extra companies will take Company As place in the regiment when the machine gun equipment is Cent here. We must have a good armory or the new equipment will not be sent here and a contract was made today by whiiehi a new and up-to-date armory jlwiill be huilt, work to commence at jonce. The designation of the local IGLA WON BASKET BALL GAME SATURDAY NIGHTS FINAL SCORE WAS 34 TO 28. A One of Hardest Fcught Contests Ever ANNUAL BANQUET AT TOPEKA Seen Here Norton Boys Scheduled For Clay Center Thursday Evening TO BE SCRUMPTIOUS. Of This Week-Promised Us. -Another Good Game CAMPAIGN SO FAR A SUCCESS HAS COST MONEY, BUT IT HAS PAID WELL. How the State Board of Health Has Set About Conquering Tuberculosis Educating- the Public In the Matter of Prevention and Cure Vital Statistics Law Helps. WOMAN WORKED AN ADMIRER Got a California Man to Pay Expenses of Her Divorce Will Marry Another. LEST YOV FORGET If February. 21 C. H. Jenkins' Sale. 22 Washingtons Birthday. 22 J. M. Milligans Public 8ate. 22 M. E. Householders Publie Sale. 23 W. T. Reeds Sale. 22 Brought-a Wolf Hunt 23 H. S. Bennetts Sale. Columbus, Kan., Feb. 16. After he had paid all the expenses of her divorce from her first husband, purchased tickets for her and her mother to lloltville. Cal., where they were to be married, and agreed to allow Her mother to live with them, Mrs. Minnie May DeWitt quarreled with J. A. Ray and refused to marry him. Instead, Mrs. DeWitt is here preparing now to marry a young man whom she met before she began a correspondence with Ray, whose acquaintance she had made through a matrimonial paper. Ray has returned to his California home, tie said lie had no feeling against Mrs. IleWitt, even if she had changed her mind. FIGURING ON EMBALMED EGGS Chemist Would Feed Preservations to Hens Eggs Would Not Hatch Will Taste of Chemicals. New York, Feb. 16. Chemists here have devised the scheme of feeding hens a chemical which mingles with the constituents of the egg in making before the shell is formed, and preserves the contents without the aid of storage warehouses or salL The drug is mixed with the screenings which are thrown Into the chicken coops or dissolved In water. Hens can sit on these embalmed eggs for many moons without altering their status, although the eggs when cooked held all right and in onlv one place, ... . . . , . .. comparin', for the mactone gun com- was a small piece chipped out. It 1 . ., , ., ... , , . ,, i panv is considered as quite a com li- was a sight seldom seen here, the . ,, .... . ... , , ment to the officers and men of Corn- cakes o ice from tea to forty feet i . ,, , ,, ,, .. . painy A. The guns they will receive across go (hooting ever the dam, Ar ' , , . . . , iu i are carried on mules and are the very big crowd went down as -soon as the! c .... . , , i latest and up-to-date army weapon, repoint came up town that, the ice was J;, . .. ... . coming. All danger of We ice injur- T,le ,ane "'itomatie, oot the ing tihe dam was over before 2sa,"p rartndge as the service rifle, , . . and can be fired at a rate of 660 shots O CLOCK. The river bridge withstood the a rnlM1 p' siege and came out unsearred. The willow trees over on the islands (were tormi uip- by the roots and ground to pieces as the ice went over them, ns also were a lot of big trees along the hanks. The ice is said to be the heaviest known for thirty yoarts. A1 WiMia.m-s- n measured cakes tihds morning twenty inches in thickness, and ini talking over the phone with the Coin-oardia weather observer learned that the ice at that place was as thick as twenttyrtwo inches. Huge cake4 are pushed up on the banks in, tihe Concordia neighborhood, but no serious damage is reported to bridges. Commissioner P. M. Conrad, chairman of the hoard, has had the Air Lime bridge placarded Dangerous' and men have been at work breaking lap the ice above tihe structure. Albert Slades measurements a the Clay Center bridge this morning shorn-a fall sinee yesterday of about two feet. Sunday morning tlhie guage read 15.6. This tnomimig it showed 13.8. The last previous reading -showed 5.6, which means- that the river rose about ten feet Saturday and Saturday nigfht. The little bridge across T .in coin creek, three miles straight east of town, was washed away Sunday. Topeka, Kan., Feb. 19. From mow on Dr. S. J. Oilum-bine, secretary of the state -beard1 oil health, believes the state will be able to prevent 96 per cent of the cases of tuberculosis that might develop in Kansas. The board of Ihealth, after two years of work, has just now reached the point where it is able to break the links in the endless tuberculosis chain to prevent inlfleotion. It has cof't the state many thousands o-f dollans to get into sihape to fight on a lair footing with the great white plague, hut from now on Secretary Crumbine thinks the battle will -be comparatively easy and inexpensive. Tuberculosis as a plague is not hard to conquer when the people who have it -are careful not to make it possible -for - thers to become Infected from them. Tuberculosis is1 an feetious and not a contagious disease. In order to begin at the beginning tihe state board of health started a GOVERNOR WOODROW WILSON Tlhie Iola high school basket hall j team defeated the Clay county high I schcol at the gymnasium Saturday j JERSEYS CANDIDATE FOR PRES- avening, 34 to 28. The game was the j hardest fought of any seen here this IDENT DRAWING CARD, season. The teairns (were equally j matched in every way. In the early jvart o-f tlhie first halt' Though Clark Seems to Have the the score stood 7 to 7. Then Iola ob-j Kansas Delegation Cinched Wilsons tained a lead which they held the! Visit Is Looked Forward to With rest of the game. First one side wu ould make a goal and them the other. At the end of the game tihe players were almost exhausted from j fJe'?re stI?ln j Topeka, Kan., Feb. 19. The big an- The home boys were unlucky in aual Democratic banpet lwiill be beld goal shooting. 1 he ball would roll in Tapeka the evelvillg (r next Tbur8. around the nm of the baske time Pebruary 22 aml tbe Democrats after ime and then roll off It was are plaandng on sucb a Ra.theriug as not Clayis' time to win and luck was Lhey ha,.p ,10t had in Kansas in many against it j years not -since tlhie days cf fusion. The Iola team would not allow Ref , Secretary ,H,urt R. Brown of the ban-eree Myers to come so they brought , quet commlttee said today: Coach Driven of Washburn. Driver .,The Republicans thought t-hbvi had may know basket ball at home, tat ! a blg CT0Wd here on Kansas-day. when as a referee here he was a fizzle He th held their ainnual banquet. PoP is too slow to follow the ball and can tho RepublicaM ha,vc had Mg. ktl more time than a hired man on ; orowtte haVe the Democrats, a farm It is hoped that Roy Myers Rut Jt rom me 1e,lbl, ,an3 of Manhattan will he here for the are gQing to be &1lrprised Pebmary 2a re.-tt of the games -when they see the Democrats rolling A game tas been secured with the j itl hepe The Democrats are up and Norton cominity high school for Tlwi-re-1 coming this year. They are taking an day night of thi,s- week. Norton de-, inUsnat in politics. The prospects for feated Clay recently by the highest - a Democratic -success are better than score o any game in the history of th have beeni for man(V, years.- tihe school. This will be another top- - The dPawin card for the Democratic potcher, one that you can t afford to , banquet (Will be Gttvernw Woodrow miss. I here is no kick coming be , Wilsoa of Xew, Jersey, he progressive campaign of instruct! im or education, j cause "e I01 Saturday-, he he Sarae j candidate itor tih'e Demotoratlc nomina-It set out to find every case of tu-! ,wn 'a!r a,ul 8lllare tion for president. Although the Dem- bemilosis in the state. It purchased! Ihe ud'iaual r,tcoies were. u. - ; ocratic organization in Kansas Is well H. S Conrad, three goals, eight free , satofled tbat it ha3 ,cinched tbe Kan. throws: Gingrich, cine goal. Engler, sag delegati,cn for Clark there are three goals; Newton, three goals. ( ma,ny Wilson Democrats in the state Iola, Thr.mson, seven goals: Cantrell flnd thev wj ,,e on hand at the Dem-Tour goals, two free throws; Walter- ()CraUc banquet thI.3 week. son. cne goal; Nelson,, four goals. Thoma8i one o m leadlng Tlhie line-up: C. O. H. S. Iola Conrad r f Thompson Gingrich 1 f Cantrell j Bngler center Dudley Newton r g Waterson over a million paper napkin, thirty thousand tin hand-cupidors and thousands of ipaper boxes to go inside of them. It purchased barrels of disinfectant, and had printed a lot of pamphlets telling ihhw to prevent th-t spread of the disease. Wihtemiever a county health officer has rep, rted a case of tuberculosis, a bunch of paper napkins, a cuspidor with paper boxes, a bottle of disinfect ant and a pamphlet was sent to the patient. The pamphlet told tihe , patient of the dangers he subjected ! others to when ho expectorated on 1 Copeland 1 g. .... Nelson Referee, Coach Driver of Washburn. Attendance, 256. Clark mom of the state, says Wilson has no chance in Kansas; that Clark will have practically the whole delegation the Democrats -will send to the national convention. The county conventions now held hear out what Mr. Thomas says. Shawnee county Democrats Ih-eld their convention' Saturday night and gave their delegation to the ! Jtate convention ironclad instructions tihe floor, on a sidewalk or anywhere i except in a closed receptacle. The Military Honors Shown Dead Student to vote for Clark delegates to the ma- -board of health contends that lif the j Manhattan, Kan., Feb. 19. Funeral tion-al convention. Geary and other tuberculosis iatienit follows the in-' service ver tihe remains of Arthur counties have done the same thing, structions in the pamphlet there is Vihitsett, the yotumig stitudent who died A big newspaper poll of the Demono danger of infection to even, the j of pneumonia at Pack View hospital, era ts just closed by a Topeka newspa- At the City Plant. The 'force at the city electric and water plant had a very Interesting time for several hours Sunday afternoon. The (water in the mill race was about three feet above the floor level at the plant. This doesnt mean ulna t there was three feet of water in the plant, but it does mean there was some hiuistling to keep it out. Engineer Allender, a new man at the plant and unacquaited with the habits of the local water counses, was looking after matters in the pump room, when the mill race began surreptitiously to slip in through the drain in, the heater room. Superintendent C. F. Rasmussen happened along about this time and the hole w-as plugged in a hurry. A small drain that they were unable to plug kept the boys busy with the buckets. The water was four inches above the 1908 (Mzb mark. 27-i7 8a!. ive a faint flavor of the chemical 27 Comity Sunday 3chool Colima- J preservatives. tion at Baptl. Church. j 27 W. C. Pratts Public Sale. 23 John Jonsson and Jcnas Gra-Eclls Publie Sale. 29 John Loader's Sale members! cf the patient's immediate were held in Southern's undertaking per shows that Clark is the choice of family. I parlors Saturday morning at 11:15, a majority of the 2,728 of tjhie Demo- At find, tlie board -found trouble in Rev. John A. Robinson officiating, crats who vote' Wilson wa-a third getting reports on tuberculoses case The bodl.- iwa escorted from the tin- choice. Bryan-, not. a candidate, was The county (health officers would re-1 dertakdiig parlors to the Union Pacific second choice of the Kansas Demo-port cases among -po r people, but j depot with all military honors, by the; crats. Clark received a total of 1,538, were afraid to report those among college cadets, led by the college ! Bryan 562 and Wilson 424. the more prosperous classes. How-;band and tihe family departed on the The Wilsrn people expect his ap-eiver, the new vital statistics law, ,12:45 train for Homew-cod, near Ot- pearance and his speech before the parsed by the last legislature requires j tawa, for interment. Democrats of Kansas will -have a good e u,Vv. passed several nation. ui- them to rep. rt all cases. In addition The deceased was in -his sophomore effect ; that he will by ihiis own person- ..... W) re represented by the young i to that the board of health has em-: -ear an-d waa a member of the cadets alitiy, rob the Clark boom of much ot ,opie - ployed a physician who does notlhiing I as wed as Company I. rational guard, its impetus in this state. Wilson may In charge ot' the group, which was except to locate and report new cases . bire. Owing to the fact that most make two or three speeches in Kan- made up of children between the ages of tuberculosis. : of Company ls noncommissioned of- sas, one at Lawrence and one at Ola- of t; and 1 1, was Mrs. William Range- j fleers were officers hn the cadet corps the and the Wilson supporters hope ley of New York. The name and ad ! Young Girls Unpleasant Experience, j that company could not participate. to have a different story to tell after dress of each child was inclosed in j Manhattan, Kan., Feb. 19. Miss, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Whitsett, father he has come an-d gone. a small ring about his neck. j Adaihi Evans, daughter of Mr. and j and mother of the dead youth, also Another party of thirty-five Italian . mis. R. P. FJvane, had a very amus-jlh4s sister and brother ware here for Milt Waggoner For Treasurer, children, six of them girls, left the I Dg experience while on a visit last -the funeral services amd accompanied M. I. Waggoner of Green, trustee of city for llarre, VL These children j y. eek to her brother, Kenneth Evans, J the body home. It was the grand Highland township, was in Clay Cen-ranged in age from 4 to 12. Nearly three hundred children from families in this city have been sent away during the past two weeks. Held Up at Kansas City. Kansas City, Feb. 19. A feeble, gray-haired man, 69 years old, and nearly blind, was the victim of thugs slugged on a business street in broad daylight and robbed of $300 in cash on Nineteenth street, between Main and Walnut streets. Roosevelt On a Jury. Mineola, X. Y., Feb. 19. Col. Theo- board series of meetlnt; spring in the int At Eldon the U heid for all of i over the rest of i d meet! Maren. 1 Ershine gterretts 8ale. I Democratic Banquet at Jones Hall. Dedication Broughton I. O. O. T. Hall. 1 Democratic County Convention.' 1E. E. Siberta Public Sale. 1 E. E. Siberfs Public Sale. 6 Harmonic Quartette at County High School. 6 Wm. Elsele ft Sons Pubblic Sate 16 Brcod Tow Sale at H. J. Orf- f ,'U state this j t od roads, j a g will be of Miller ' meut has to vote Morganville Bridge Partly Gone. Morgamville, Kan., Feb. 19. About 8 oel ck Sunday morning the heaving ice in the Republican river took the center span from the piers of the Morganville bridge, altogether about Most of the other? are farme a hmndred and fi.'ty feet of the struc- business men of the county. Tbe wreckage ,was carried i ... about three hundred feet down the stream. j lout apprehension ps to the i river bridges. advertising manager of the Morning 1 mother of the deceased who died ter Saturda- and incidentally- an-Light at Tulsa, Ok. A few days be-'about two months -go. . nouneed his candidacy -for the Repub- fore Miss Evans .went to Tulsa, there j lican nomination for county trea- Abilenes Market Day. urer. Abilene, Kan., Feb. 19,-The month- Mp Waggoner has been Identified , 1y market day brought a big crowd Rh local public affairs for something cording to the Tulsa papers, Chief of ; Abib,no Saturday. Trade was good liko sevpn 5 a Police Wie and his men were on the jn gtores most of the da- and Iart ,hp administration of the peo- lookfut for every good looking un- tbe plfa?ant leather was oo doubt Plos busings In his township and attended young woman who came to (0 gome extent responsible for the "eighborhood and has demonstrated Tulsa. Miss Evans .presents a very big orowd on the 8treet an afternoon, considerable capacity for this sort of attractive and striking appearance, Thpre wns a faiHr good iist ar- hmS- He I13 boen 3 fdent o the anl fitted the description of the m1 tides in. market sale and they county for twxmty-eight Years and sing girl very closeliy. W'hvn she ' were practically all sold ranks with the old-timers, but t.ns is stepped from the train she was im-' ThpAbilom, band gave a short but nrst ,irno he ha ever asked that his claims be considered as a indl-date for auk office f county importance. He will have to be reckoned with in the coming campaign. dore Roosevelt of Oyster Bay vvas j tnrxlintoly accosted by the officer who : obedient concert about 2:30 o'clock, drawn among other residents of Nas-. questioned her and in s'Hte of her -gb grade music was excellently sau County, to serve as trial juror at aMertiot., that she was Miss Evans ! rendenHj a.d the c neert peased a the term of court beginning March 4. of Manhattan, Insisted upon detaining big crowd rs and her for identification. She 'phoned to! ety of or in ent Gave Life for Child. Guthrie. Ok., Feb. 17. In protecting her baby. Mrs. John McMahon, living near here, received fatal injuries when a spring wagon in which she was riding with five other persons fell over the side of a bridge. 20 feet down to tbe bottom of a gully. She fell on her child, but saved it from injury. Vining Bridge Damaged. Vining. Kan Feb. 19. Tie Vining! bridge has been "bent'' a little. That 1 is. the f. rce of tbe Ice from beneath has shored somewhat, damaging the considerably. a main span out of line ( IQI No Danger at Broughton. Broughton, Kan., Feb, 19. So far no dangerous features have developed at the Republican river bridge at I her brothor to come to -her rescue and j ! Kenneth soon convinced the police j ! that they were m.iklrg a mistake, and j with much reluctance they relinqiit.Jh-i ed their fair prisoner and with her j j their hopes of the $500 reward. Wakefield All Right "Wakefield, Kan., Feb. 19. While and no fear.- re enter tained. Farmers, Take Notice. We have been advised by quite a number of Clay county farmers that they have recently placed orders for Ifl Colfax town oil and grease with lartio who were canvassing in the country and they ' j were of the impress!, n that they Circuit Meeting. j were hiring onr goods. There will be a meeting of the por tbe benefit our customers 8rnK North-Central Kansas Racing circuit 6tats tbat we have had at Salina on Wednesday, February 21. vn r.. ilng for us this year out of Interred at Lincoln Cemetery. Andrew Black, fifty-seven years of age, died at the home of his f itheir ship. Cloud county, sixteen miles west of Clay Center, Fri- day evening. The funeral was held at 2 c clock unday afternoon at the home. In-ent was made in Lincoln cem- The meeting is for the purpose of ar- r,ay -Leach Cil S r ply Co. ranging the schedule for the fall rac-1 Air Line Bridge Unsafe. . f Commissiorer P. M. Conrad has hi ln oinnet.Jon Wlth .. . .. he cnnntr fairs. ied official warning that tbe Air I the coantr falr- Mail Carriers to Meet The rural mail carriers are plae-i e THL WEATHER the river is pretty high and it would j Line bridge is unsafe. Light loads r t take much more to send tbe wa- may get over all right, but it's dao-ter over tbe bottoms, there is no ser- gerous. m. , ning to hold a meeting Thursday af- All kinds of c al and plenty of It ternoon at the Xeill hall. There are , Generally fair tonight and Tueow at Slade'a. Imany thites to be looked after. ,1, Coldet tonight.

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