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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 18

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 18

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:

Elliott and McArrfl I BB. RrtRRS KytXJ Sy THAT TOMS 7P6NT5 8EMA.VIOR, I SA TRENT'S BEHAVIOR WAS A6 GUILTLESS AS A BLINO MAN IS Of NOT SEEING!" vQ Jssi WOULO L6A0 VOU, AS A OOCTrwTO PECULIAR, BUT, THAT TRENT A OEAf MAN OF NOT GUILTY OP I PI I BELIEVE THAT HE IS A OANCE-R- OejLy ONE CHARGE AND THAT IS OP 86INQ A fSJ Itf-1 OUS CHARACTER? MENTAL CASE! 3fn 13 BROOKLYN EAGLE, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1942 RADIO PROGRAMS WIUCA. 570. 'EAF. fttO. WOR, 710. WJZ, 770. WNYC. )0. Jo Ramon's RADIO VI ABC, 880. WAAT.970. WINS.i 1000. WHN. 1050. WNEW, mo. 14)0. 'FAS, 1240. Vt'HOM, 1480. W0V. 1280. WEVD. V.BRR, 1330. WBNX, 1380. WBYN WQXR. 1560. WvRL, M'CNW. 1600. I i hi there li n. listing far a ala. lion preceding iragraaa ll an lha air. DIAL1 TONIGHT'S BEST JSETS 1:30 Catholic Charities Program, fred E. Smith, WABC. :00 1 P.M. TO 4 P.M. I V'V Wy ll i "Vy-n mmm-L FZTA I VSLl I SPARKY WATTS B8od fY005AY NO--H6 KIEVEK rsaj 'jjj POQg PELLOW-HE 1 -gUT EVEM THERE" KNEW WHAT I A STRETCHER- FSs IMAGINEP HE WAS v-' THOUGH HE WA5 "yt NOTHING 5TKUCK HIM-- (VtiNl AMP NOTIFY YE? SUPEMTRONS ANP 1 HOPELE5SL.Y WO CAN OO I THE BULLET JT (fSK WATT5' to't COULP FLY BY 1 INSANE, HE WA5 1 XJL WI' SEP CJA7 I NEAREST 7M 7 FLAPPINS HIS 1 TRYING, TO II S- I III INVISIBLE SCARLETT O'NEIL By Rustell Stomm HEy a I Lf 1 1 The truck followed by 1 1 1 I I OH, GOSH THE "AT3M IsTi WILBUR WILT'S CAR ENTERS I I I ORIVER CAN'T HEAR fio I'LL A yiADUCT. 1 I I I I I I I I AT I I I 11 1 ITOlpTJ BWg fU6H SOUAWS THAT'S NO HAT, WE MIGHT AS WELL STROLL feJ I THERE'S PORTO MALO SINESTRO ISLAND WAHOO SHE'S A DOWM TO THE WATER FRONT HARBOR, CHIEF PLENTY SNAKE SOMETIMES HIDE SURE WEAR UM FRUIT MERCHANT. HAVE TO GIVE THE SECRET OF FISHING BOATS" BUT 1 I UNDER PRtTTIEST FLOWER FANCY HATS, STEVE) AND THAT'S HER POLICE TIME TO SEARCH OUR WE'RE SUPPOSED TO FIND 7 IN POND wri ST0C IN TRADE HOTEL ROOMVfe ENEMY SUBMARINES HERE.y rV''- THENf FAM I I 1 I I 1 -j- ssk tuij Don'T Run mm'- Cm hou mmmo. THem wsi) okams laugh; sneeR! but ooii't PORGef TaieR the HAD fLunsiT give mm I nwem! Vw. Kmm T0 me CHump? THflT jure lllTO THE H00J6GOUJ, I Va THE IDEA UJ'R y- r-'s-i "IILL TAKE BOTH 0C M0U LUGJ 15 OUT flGAin. UI6LL A JCflREB.frB. rC3 t3 WR PUTTIITG You Tell 'Em Soldier Show, WHN. 8:45 Japanese-Americans In the Fight for Freedom. Pearl Buck and Richard Walsh, WMCA. 9:00 Time to Smile, from Fort Monmouth, WEAF. lfl.Ofl Three Thirds of a drama, premiere, WJZ. 10: OS- Major Gen. Major On. Frank Dennis others, at American War Heroes Foundation Dinner, WMCA. stc Society. WOR-News. Gabriel Heatter. WMCA News; Miraculous Novena Service. WNYC Sign off. WHN Rhythm in the Eveninl. 9:15 WOR Red Barber, sports. WHN Glen Gray Orchestra. 9 30 WABC Ransom Sherman. WEAF Mr. District Attorney. WJZ Cab Calloway's WOR Spotlight Bands" WMCA Styles In Rhythm. 9 45 WMCA Burnet Hershey. com'tor. WOR Miss Meade Children. WHN Without Fear or Favor, with Fulton Oursler. 9 55 WJZ News. WMCA Moments of Memory. 10 P.M. TO 1 A.M. 10:00 WABC Glenn Miller Orchestra. WEAF Kay Kyier'g College of Musical Knowledge. WJZ Three Thirds of a Nation. WOR John B. Hughes, news. WMCA News; Dmsh Shore. WHN News, Henry J. Taylor. 10 03 WMCA American War Heroes Foundation Dinner, 1015 WABC Great Moments In Music. WOR Stan Kenlon Orchestra. WMCA Band Wagon. WHN Don Saxon, vocal and orch. 10 30 WJZ News. WOR The War News Analyst." WMCA News. 10.45 WABC News. Mark Hawley. W'JZ Grazlella Parraga, American songs. WOR The Answer Man. WMCA Sidney Moseiy. WHN Sports Final. 1 OO WABC News Analysis. WEAF News. WJZ News. WOR News. WMCA Harlem Amateur WHN New sreel Thea'er. 11 05 wjz Little Jack Little. 11 .15 Frankie Masters Orch. WEAF Music You Want. W'Jiz Clyde Lucas Orchestra. WOR Ed Fitzgerald. 11 30 WOR Canadian War Front. 11 30 WABC Freddy Martin Orcheatra. W'EAF Author's Playhouse. WJZ Cab Calloway Orchestra. 11-35 WOR "Tune Up America. 13.00 WABC News. W'EAF News. WJZ News. WOR Orrin Tucker Orchestra. WMCA News. WHN Music to Read By. 13 05 WABCHal Mclntvre Orchestra. WEAF Paul Martina Music. WJZ Tommy Tucker Orchestra. 13 15 WMCA Midnight Reveries, 13. 30 WABC Woody Herman Orch. WEAF Teddy Powell Orchestra. Henrv Kmes Orrhestra. WOR From London: BBC News. 'I 35 WOR Raymond Scott Orchestra. 3 55 WABC News. WEAF News. WJZ -News. WHN- News 1 00 WMZ-Sav IT W'lh Music. WOR Korn Kobbiers. MCA -News. W'HN One. Two. Three. Pwinf. Outstanding Features On Other Stations WEVO 15 'Beat the High Cot of Living" 30 Heligion. the Basis of Democracy." the Rev. William C. Keman. 10 15 Forum; "The United Nations." WOXR 5 15 "The Washington Front. ttile Slei nbei gri. OO Kvmphonv Hull. looo The Album. WNEW lohn Kennedy. 1.50 -Bob Considlne, sports. 10 15 Dance Parade to 1 a m. TOMORROW MORNING T.00 WABC Arthur Oodfrev. WEAF Morning in Manhattan, WJZ Breakfast In Bedlam. WOR-News. WMCA Reveille Reauesta. WHN Horace Heldt Orch. WNYC News. WINS Good Yawning. 05 WNYC Sunrise Symphony. 71 5 WOR Gambling Musical Clock. WMCA News WHN Early Bird News. WINS Good Yavining. 7 30 WEAF Don Coddard. newa. WMCA Rhvthm Styles. WHN Bvron Hour. WINS Times Square Mission. 45 WABC News. WEAF I.e' Fuhl Talk. WMCA Brooding with Brady. 55 WJZ-Newa. 00 WABC News of the orld. WEAF News. WJZ World News Roundup. WOR News, WMCA News: Sing Crosby. WNYC Review of lha News. WINS LeRoy Music. 05 WEAF Studio X. I IS WABC Spar ker-Uoper. WJZ Radio Rendezvous. WOR- Aunt Jenny's Stnrleg. WMCA -Unity Viewpoints. WNYC Want Ad Column. WINS-Onod Yawning. UO WABC- Have You Fortntfenf WNYC Music Moods. 15 WABC Odd Side of the Newa. WNYC City Consumers Oulde. 30 WABC-- Missus Does a Shopping WEAF Do You Remember? WJZ Strike Up the Band. WOR Happy Jim Farsona. WMCA- News. WHN -News WNYC- String Ingembla, WINS News. 35 WINS Oood Yawning. 8 45 WABC Adelaide HawleT. WEAF -News. WI. News. WMCA Insurance Question Bog. W'HN Claude Thornhill Orchestra WNYC Nes Report. WOR- Happy Jim Parsons. 50 WJZ Ed East Quia. 55 WOR Health Talk. WNYC Around New Torx Today, on WSRC Georae Brvan. News. WFAF -Spire of Life. Ray Nelson. JZ The Women of Tomorrow. WOR "IJear Imogen" WMCA News. Freddr Martln'a Orrhestra. WHN Health and Happiness, WNYC Masterwork Hour. WTNS--On Your Toes. 05 weaf-Romance and You. 10 WEAF Happy Jack Turner. wane Talea Prom Far and Near. WEAF Hank Lawson. Knights of the Road Won Victor H. Llndlahr. WMCA Three Quarter Tlnna. WHN Food Forum. WINS Larry Stewart. 30 WFAF Morning Market Basket. W1Z -Breakfast CluW. WMCA Hires Marketeers. WOR News. Quiz; LOGfvii Famed Artists In New Series Prepare yourselves for mK-rifi'Tnt array of instrumentalists and soloists on the Telephone Hour starting next Monday night over WEAP at 9 o'clock. Under the headine, "Great Artist you tnll hear every week such luminaries as Grace Moore, Jascha Hel-fetz, Lawrence Tibbett, Jose Iturbi, John Charles Thomas, Lily Pons, Helen Jcpson, Charles Kullman, James and Lansing Hatfield. This will be the only series of its kind where this group of arris's can be heard regularly. Majority of them will be frequent g'iests and will be heard four or five times throughout the year. Donald Voorhees' orchestra provide the week'y musical accompaniment. Heifetr will optn the series playing Pabio Sa' agate's "Gypsy Airs" and own arrangements of Bach's "A.r" and Rim. kv-Korsakoffs "Flight of the Bumble Bee." The orchestra will be heard in the overture to -The Barber of Seville," by i Ru.ini. ahd "Batuquc," by Fernan- cW. Popular background stories and scenes used to introduce the musical selections are to be re- tained in the new program setup. Warner Anderson will announce and Floyd Mack narrate. The new series makes its bow as the Telephone Hour begins its third year on the kilocycles. During the first two semesters it featured Jimmy and Francia White and Ken Christie's chorus. News flashes: 'One Man's Family" celebrates its 10th anniversary on the air Sunday. Oboler's next on his "Plays for Americans" Sunday over WEAF is titled "Ugly Duckling" and deals with the heroic work of our merchant marine Madeicme Carroll, the "desert Island" la-ss, will be interviewed by Bill Stern on Saturday night over WE A.P Rabbi Israel Leventhal of the Brooklyn Jewish Center will epeak on the United Synagogue of America program over WEAF Sunday at 5 p.m. His subject: "The. Role of Religion in the Nation at Edwin Goldberg, 13, and David Slier 9. both of Chicago, join the Quiz Kids on WJZ tonight at 8 o'clock. Richard Williams, Harve Fischman and Rita Lauzon also on the program. Eric Knight and Chris M.ii'ey, abhors, guest stars! on Infnrn.n'ion Piease Friday night! over WEAF. This is Morle.V 14th time at hat. Knight opener. YOUR BIRTHDAY By Stella WI DM SDAV, APRIL 22 Born tod. iv, your lovinsr and straightforward nature with clear judgment find distinct feeling for the dramatic are success qualities. Your fearlessness of criticism or opposition should make you prosperous. Strong In your likes and dislikes, you can be led by one whom yon love. Lively and popular, you are witty and charming. Fond of travel, you also want the comforts of living. To find what the stars have In utore for tomorrow, select your birthday star and read the u'lraeraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide, Ill Rsll APRIL 1 -mv i 'am (are s'l be- -I-i'v 21' An it'tti deal Crfn be actmn- Hrre 'rr- if 2.1'-- Sirr- 'fl r.iin'.T fit uiirf r- i i "i thf liT.yor- mo: 4 -Or: An iiitrn Tn mfl df it.r r'y hf r. i.onn rtf" h1 Noy :2 An your envirnnrne is IT A tttS art. irl I 'tiff-r it irt'n 'oris ''a' g'i rial m-Jan Wnrk to til best ndVHIl- projeci started at AQUARIUS Uan T4 Fb. IB I n' rnrvri eat March 20' Since 'he ftrrli'Win IS ne ab i' would mporiant ma'ters ate na te i Mt 20' r.ancia: font ruf ill luc i Hitler Helpers A rin'hi riirrifnry nt tNerirnn.e i'0 ore rfritni? firtr bi( In makf Ai rlrrnms crime frt.e. Senrf a TtotMiiinio'in fo the Hitlrr llrlprtt hulilnr. for mch one printed Hie Rnitiktyn Eagle Kill pn.i riullnr. Write cm one side nt the sheet on' v. He sure to include your vnme nrd address. A'o confnbu-tions returned. Today Helper! The die-hards ho see the war as 5 cooci opportunity to clean out Washlnu'on. Thcv the 'Rorasevelt and his gang'' are gotten on' of office the sooner we'll build roil'irme in this country and win the war. a OO WABC Young Dr. Malone. WTAr Lnht ft lha World WJZ Vincent Loom Orchestra. WOR Martha Deane WMCA Sweest Lova lotiu; Ne'S. WH1-(i WVYC News, WINS Nawl. Oi WSYC Hiihiiahn from Oraat Operas. 3 15 WABCJovca Jordan. WEAF Arnold Orlmm a Daulhler. WJZ Ted Malone. WHN Dirk WINS Herb Brown Orchealrt. 3 30 WABC We Love and Learn. WE AT Ouidint Lihl. wjz New Summary. WOR Newt. WHN Health and HappineM. WINS Swingina On Down. 3 4 WABC The Ooldberu. WTAF Hymna of All Churchei. WJZ Care of Ale Horn. WOR Sonata of Ramona. WHN Warm Up Time WINS Harry James Orchestra, 3 US WOR N. Y. Yankeei Ta. Philadelphia. WHN Dodgers vi. Boston Bravei. 3 OO WABC David Harum WEAF Aaatnst the Storm. WJZ -Prescott Pre.ents. WINS -N. WMCA Newt; Sweetest Love Songs. 3 13 WABC News. WEAF Ma Perkins, sketch. WMCA Guv Lombardo Orch. WINS'.y Tunes. WNYC "Sanitarium Care of Tuberculosis." 3 30 W'ABC Keyboard Concert. WFAF Pepper Young Family. WJZ -Oeorae Htcks in'erviews Lt. Com W. Pratt Thomas. WMCA-Helen Twelvetreea Ooe to the Movies." WNYC "Know Your Museum WINS Mitcheil Ayres Orrhestrl. 3 4. WEAF Right to Happiness. WJZ Fifteen Minutes from B'way. WMCA -Say It ith Music. WNYC News. WINS Then and Ariegg. 3 US WNYC Civilian Dcfensa nd You." 4 P.M. TO 7 P.M. 4 OO WABC Burl Ives, songl. WEAF Backstage Wife. W'JZ Street Singer. WMCA News. Barry Wood. WNYC Musical Souvenirs. WINS Oil the Record. 4.1 WABC Children Also Are People. WEAF Stella Dallas. WJZ Club Malinee. WMCA Friendship Bridge. WINS Lee Mortimer. 4 30 WABC Golden Gate Quartet. W'EAF Lorenao Jonex. WMCA Jimmy Dorsev Orchestra. WINS Off the Record. 4 WABC News. WEAF- Youni Wldder Brown. WJZ -Face of 'he War. W'MCA Swim Session WNYC Board of Education Program. 4 Wjz-News. 5 OO WABC "Are You Genius'" WEAF When a Girl Marries. WJZ Jut a Memory. WOR "Little Orphan Annie." WMCA News: Jerry Baker WNYC Music for Young People. WINS Newa. 5.15 WEAF Portia Faces Life WOR Rambling with Oambllng. WMCA Glenn Miller Orchestra. WINS Racing and off the Record. 5 30 WABC Alfred E. Smith. WEAF The Andersona. WJZ Flving Palrol. WMCA Nwes. WOR Jack Armstrong. WHN Sports Extra with the Rover Boys. WNYC Sports for Sports 8ake." WINS -LeRoy Music. 6 4. WABC Scattertood Bsinea. WEAF Three Suns Trio. WJZ Secret Crv WOR Caprain Mirinighl WMCA Zrke Manners Gang. WHN News WINS Olf th Record. 5 5 5 WNYC News. W'EAF Baseball Scores. OO WABC Edwin Hill. news. W'EAF Funny Money Man. WOR Prayer. WJZ Newa WMCA News: What a cookin Dance Music. WHN -Captain Tim Healv. WNYC Tomorrow Fdltion. WINS Racing Resume. 01 WOR Uncle Don. 05 WJZ Muslcale. 10 WABC Eric Sevareld WEAK- For Dist inauislied Service JZ -Interlude in Meimlv. UN Muie ime Inoie. a 15 ABC -H'dda Houptr Hollywood. WEAF Nf. W.IZ -Joe Hasel. sporll. WMCA Mr. Hollyviuod WHN -Don Albert Orchestra. WINS Spons, Don Dunphy. 30 WMCA -Book Program. 6.35 WOR- Lanny and Ginger, harmony team WMCA Ftnancing the Home, fl 30 WABC Frank Parker songs. W'EAF-Ynur Hollywood News Girl. WJZ Musical Appetiser, WOR News. Frank Smaller. WMCA Sports. Jimmv Powers. WHN-Muaical Grab Bsa WNYC-Drafi Information. WINS -Waverly Root, news, fl 35 WHN News. 40 WNYC Want Ad Column. 15 WABC-The World Today. WEAF BUI Stern, spoils. WJZ Lowell WOR Here Moigan. WMCA Stewart Ailen. ban'one. WHN Canteen Society, WNYC-Neus. WINS Mandrake the Mag.cign. el 55 WNYC Civilian Defense and You. WEAF Minute Men. 7 PM. TO 1(1 P.M. OO WABC Amos n' Andy WFAF Fred Waring Orchea'ra. WJZ Essv Ace. WOR S'an Lomax. spnr's WMCA News, Benny Goodman Orchestra. WNYC Auxiliary Fin Warden Talk. W'HN c.tenn Miller Orrhes'ra. WINS News. 7 WNYC -Masterwork Hour. 7 IS Ross tenor. WFAF Ne ol the World W.I7. Tracer of Lost Persons. WOH Confidentially Yours. WMCA Five 8'ar Final. WIIN-gports Bert Us. WINS It a Sheidon 7 30 WABC-That Brew'er Boy. WEAF Revue Al Roth Orch WJD News. Here and Abroad. WOR -The Lone Ranger. WMCA Johannes Steel, news. W'HN -Cteorte Combs news. WINS- Charlie Spivak Orchestra. 7 4 5 W'JZ Sylvia Marlowe, harpai-chordis; WMr'A Irene Ruh, drama. WHN Washington News, rulton 1 ewis Jr. WINS -Treasury Show. OO ABC Powerhouse With Ray mond Scot I WFAF Adsenhiies Of Thin Man. W.I7. Oil.g WOR -Csl I.lir.ev r.ews WMCA- News Hwinaphonir rings WHN You le.l Em Soldier, Quit Show. WNYC Le.t We Forget A Better World tor Youth." WINS -Jarj University. 15 WOP On Oet It WM' A 1 he Voice of Freedom." WNYC-Grete Sultan, pianist. II So WABC Dr. Christian, Jean Her-sholi WFF AJncle Walter's WJZ Manhattan at Midnight. WMCA News WHN- Wythe Williams, con tor. WINS Sun off. 35 WMCA Jack Cloalip 45 WOR The Hank Keene Show WMCA Japanese-Amertrana In the Fight for Freedom. WNYC News. WHN News. 55 WABC 00 WABC Elmer Dsvis snd Shirley Tempie he News in Jil- no: WEAF Time to Sol Frldie an- tor Show WJZ Bas.n atreel Chambar Uu- 1 1 I 1 5 I 4 feQJ rfed bBSs JANE ARDEN By Mon a)Brrttt ond Runtll Ron Mr? DROPPED ILTAKE. VOU Ws A A AvjA. tTl qTTZT "-yiNG TTO MEL IX Tt-UNV HH. THING VCfZ VTAKE nOP i'o Sfii VWfA DROPPED A MAM TO JnJ -ru- TAKE. Tr72v' illA. r- vlS'j vc-vvTtncr 7 1 MARY WORTH'S FAMILY By Dal Allan rWW.eT-l!lHAT 'T' I LOVE I LOVE. tVERYTHINo) I LBEF0R, f4 VES!" I till. IN LOVt I I WAS IT WU WANTED Jl! Ao i B0'JT Vt R0M TH TILT 'V0U YOU P'CTURt ONt CAMtT, tVu.a, TEJ.L ME fprtfk N0St TO THE SNAP 0' YOUR EYES ME0 1 CUT "0M kN AMERICAN 5Tm AMf 5 22. tTy7 TrZU! TRUE AS I'M 4TANDIN' HERE" SAW rit .) IN BELFAST -I'VE. a 5. vUlt BRffTHtftV D.fttTTtR mWKWii Q10VE0 YE roo. YEAR BEFORE If i CARRIED IT EVER SINCE-. muiTSk JetSit tI By Morall AW LET Ml AT Tl CAJ'T UKJOERSTAaJO IT. nevEB MIMD THAT-X) WE'LL HAVE TO SULUIUiUMl if, WHAT 1 PLAN 10 If MCH VJr THOSE BIRD4 WE'VE THCV MEABLY BURN TH' SE, HELP ME INTO HAVE ALL THE I I YEAH BUT HOW I DO WORKS OUT, WETl THIS 6UY IfvOU VU JUST FOR A 60T A Rf TTER USE FEET OFF YOUTHEN THE CAB-f GUESS OTHER MEMftEPS I I THt ONES I KNOW WHOLt SPY RUDOLF, LEARN 9 MeVtre-tM' III FOB TMfM THAM YOU DOVT WANT ANYTHING A DOCTOR WILL OF THE SPY RING I I WE OONT KNOW I I XT-UP BffORf 1 THE HEAD HOODIH6 I OUTAMP CUFFS ON THFM THEY'RE SPIW.TOO,' I AFTER MY FEET jj A60UT RIGHT fl WE DO ABOUT SsrTOT JrMHrarar Ksr LETS -jj 15 WARC "Thm We T.lve Om-nsorlnre I Mngfellow FSF- Diehard I.e.hert, onanist. WHN News. WOR Sparkar-Opaat,

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