The Courier News from ,  on February 16, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from , · Page 5

Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1932
Page 5
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JNJESDAY, FEBRUARY CLASSIFIED ADS l'»'o c«tj » word for first uisertlon and one ctnt » word No advertisement ttken tor ItM than 50c. count the voids ud sertd tlw c*fft. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks, all varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, qiytheville 18ct! FOR PALE OK TKADE— Whippet Coach, will trade lor farming tco!s and team. D. W. McDcar- man, Phone 482-W. 16P-K19 I'OR TOR SENT—Bed room. Reasonable, 313 North 6th St. Call after 5 P. M. 1GP-K19 FOR RENT—Six room slucco resl- dejice, furnished or unfurnished. Dr. Saliua, Ingrain Building. , . ; 16C-K23 FOR, RENT—605 Chlckasawba til., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply at h e Nc * York Stove. 15C-KU FOR. RENT—Furnished apartment for rent, also slcoplnj,' room. 811 Walnut. 12P-K17 FOR. RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Dcugan. 12C-K20 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, newly papered. 100 Weft Walnut. 13C-K17 FOR RENT—Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping. 625 Walnut, Phone 521. 13C-K17 FOB IJENT—Furnished house or apartment. Mrs. Sisk. plionc 672. 15C-K10 WANTED WANTED-Waitings. Mrs. M»rjr KimbaU. 505 Lilly street. Call BK! Cross. K-TF WANTED—Bring your poultry to B. T. Worthy's, 106 First Street. We pay market prices. J E Fisher Sett WANTED — Position as maid or cook. References. Mnjjgie Hayes, rear of 101 E. Davis. 1GP-K19 LOST AND FOUND STRAYED OR STOLEN:One broivi mare mule with white nose. Ace 12 years, about 14!-i hands high Weight 1000 or 1100 pounds. Missing tincc Friday, Feb. 12, 1932. John W. Stallings, Blytheville, Ark. Route 2. 16pkl8 WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA- v SAWBA' DISTRICT, MTSSTSSIP- ' PTCOUNTY, 'ARKANSAS ••• Mrs. Mollie Bradley, Plaintiff, No. 5145 vs. Mrs. J. C, Hopper, et nl.. Defendant. The defendants, Mrs. J. C. Hopper, and or Mrs. Mary Hopper personally and as Administratrix of the estate of J. C. Hopper, deceased, and Ocorge Andrew Hopper, a minor, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof a answer the complaint of (lie plaintiff, Mrs. Mollie Bradley. Daletl Feb. 16, 1932. R< L. GAMES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Marcus Evrard, Atty. Ad' Litem. LQ-23-1-8 BLYTHEVTU.R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Delicious K. C. T-Bone Steaks Plate Lunch, all you can eat - - 35c liLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE SECOND HANI) FURNITURE 1JOUGHT — SOLD R. J. Dodson 301-303 E. Main Very Desirable Home on West Main, beautiful shade trees arc! grounds, furnace heat, garage, servant's house, concrete driveway, every convenience. Priced to sell at one-half cost. See mo before it . is sold. G. O. CAL'DIIX Meet Me At the i New Rustic Inn i Coffee, Hot Pigs i and Chili | IIKHE TODAY m WlK * Bt » H « : B.TCL.T'. IHfmrt Mall, fo.ll.n, ui»-e* to Mr (h UAHCLAY, 57 »l I.AURt UA.BKOWG.lTf!: • rll.r. I.ilcr ike brrlki • • »K»«i f »| nllk Larry tike* .k« wfci-n he vonr« .»>. «tt!«7'» ..It. 3».J. r montmm 'J'" «•'*•' «•«»«» «un.l «f« Ikr t lrl drcll.r> >« tmimmt- Nil wlik W»r«b7. Holly l»urit» lalv Iran and El|, e wm Milk , *" ""«< <" '•» BiOW GO O.M WITH THE STOHI CHAPTER, XII "JJO\V do you know It'a Mr. Dar- clay!" Myra demanded as Kl- Icn leaped from bed. reached for a iiamiel dressing gown and belted it over her pajamas. "Ho asked yesterday If ho might call here some time." "Uld you give him Mrs. Clancy's number!" "X'o, but I cuess it's on file, must Jiavc looked up my card at tlio store." Tlie bedroom door opened and Molly entered. Slie was visibly ex- filed. Jler black, curly bair stood out in lllllo drake-tails. Her blue eyes blazed. For once she bad not even takeu tiiuo to powder ber pretty face. "Hurry, cliild," she said to Ellen. "Von mustn't keep Mr. Barclay waiting. It's bad cnougU bavins no tlon was extremely short. Ellen re- ulaccd tho receiver, presented her thanlu and prepared to leave. Mrs. Clincy uw & goldeii opportunll; fading. Sho said quickly and Ingratiating ly, "Was tuat tha rich fellow your mother WM tclline mo all about?" "I don't know who you mean," Ellen, replied coldly. "Surs you do," »al4 Mrs. Clancy, chuckling. "1 mean llr. Sloven linr. clay, your boss. Your uiaw eald ho was fairly daft over you." Ellcu had to anill*. "Yes, it was Mr. Barclay," rto admitted lo llio oihor't evident pleasure. Sho ovon added, "Mr. Barclay wanted me to eo driving with liliu this afternoon." "I board you saylus tlmt you couldn't so," Mrs. Claucy confessed "That's too lind. It's such a uico Uny for an nutomobllo rlJo." "Yes, It Is, Isn't it," Ellen agreed and niado her escape. PM^EN returned fa llio bedroom. Myra wns dressing but Molly had collapsed cu Iho bed nud was nibbling at a bit of toast. Both toll abruptly silent at Kllen's entrance and she realized that tbcy bad been discussing her. Let them, thought Elleu grimly. "Won't you 1 tell us about your call?" asked Molly, after n delicate- Interval of alienee. "Or is it a se- ret!" "Tliere's nothing much to tell," lid Ellen airily.. "It was Steven UarcLiy. ifo wanted mo for a drlvo this afternoon." phone." Again Ellen felt a rising Irritation. "Wliat makes you EO sure It's Jlr. Barclay!" she snnpped. "I'vo got a' bunch." Molly admitted, di.mplliu; and amillug mysteriously. "Don't be so slow, honey." "I can't rim through tlie halls with no .itockiags on, can I?" Ellen took a quiet brush at her hair, slipped Into pumps and ran out of the apartment and down the four flights ot Glairs. Tbo only telephone la tlie house was in Mrs. Clancy's apartment .on sti« WM not conteut to let (us mat- tor rest, "Personally I tlitnlc It rather odd of tlio Harrowgato boy to ask you for nu engagement under the circumstances, 11 nald Molly. "In uiy Jay It would havo beca considered dtsliouorablo." "You don't know whether It's dli- lionorablo or no(," Ellen said an- rlly, Ignoring her own secret loubts.' "Larry has no way of nowlng t!:at I mleht consider tbo act lliat ho Is ciiijaEca linportaut. don't consider It Important. 1 ike litiu—th.ifs otiousm Thli isn't ho Vlclorlaii nffl after all." '•There's no uso discussing U," •bscrvcd Molly H K ljtly. "We wouldn't agree, I'm sure." yjfOU,Y nosSITEll could, when sho chose, adopt tho most «• aspemlliid mood In llio world. She ehose Just (lieu to adopt that mood. iVhen Ellen nskeil li«r to meet ^arry, Molly remembered n pro- vious encasement to go walking with Mrs. Clancy. Mrs. Clancy won i great aid lo Molly In managing ler daughters. Whenever they mode i rcnucsl Blie did not wish to Brunt Mrs. Clancy, In ono way or nnotber, iccamo a wnrd In her charge. Elen understood tliai as .did Myra. But the family rules forbade any mention of llic ftcllon. "I'm eorry yon can't meet Lira," Ellen said nt last with cold finality. "Well," countered Molly In well siumhicd surprise. "1 (or one cim't "AIU" eafd Molly. There was auothcr Interval of Kryptok Bifocals for near and distant vision—$4.95 Have Your Eyes Examined HARRY WEISHURI) State Registered Optometrist At the Good Luck Store ..-_._. first floor. Tbo six families who occupied the building were, In the generous phraso of Mrs. Clancy, "perfectly welcome to use tlio phone so long as they pay for outgoing calls." And so long as they let Jlrs. Clancy listen in on their business Elleu bad thought privately. Suro enough, tlio fat, good-natured Irish woman was waiting in tho 1mII at tbo foot of tbo stairs. For all tbe world liko a master of ceremonies, she said, "JUgbt tills •way." Tiicn after stio had shown Ellen -wlicro the telephone -was (as - ff Ellen Imd not known before) she placidly settled herself in the- vicia- ily of tho conversation. Unfortunately for tag listen* the conversa- Closing Stock Prices] A- T. & T 134 1-8 Anaconda Copper 10 3-8 Auburn 125 1-8 Caterpillar Tractor 12 7-b Chrysler 13 1-8 Ciliss Seivkc C 5-8 Coca Cola H5 Continenial Baking G 1-3 General Electric 23 1--1 General Motors 23 1-4 Mirtdlewcst Utilities 5 Montgomery Ward 10 I-B New York Central 33 Packard 4 silence. Myra looked sharply at ber sister but Ellen's eazo was bland and Innocent Presently she said lo her mother, "I'd ilko to Invito a friend to supper." "Who Is It?" asked Molly. Sho tliongbt sho knew tlio answer. A look of complete astonishment crossed her faco when Ellen cor reeled the Impression. "But Ellen!" she cried In dismay. "What about Mr. Barclay?" "IVhal about him?" repelled El Icn. "You said lio'd asked you for a drlvo." "So ho did. I told him I couldn't go- I can't ciluer. I Lave a date tills afternoon with Larry, ihougbt it would bo nlco to bring bim here afterwards Tor supper.™ Molly shifted tactics. "I would like to havo your friend for supper," she said, her eyes clear and limpid, "but it's out of the question, lioncy. There's not a clean tablecloth In tho house for one tiling; they're oil at tho laundry Besides Mrs. Clancy Is coming up I'vo already asked her." Ellen suspected that bor mollw was being perverse. Slie was sure of It when Molly with an aggricvei air remarked that she supposed i daughter of hers would bavo tot much pride to want to sea a man already engaged to another worn an. Sho struck home there. Bu New York Cotton your ethics. you . "Ink It loss dishonest lo 1:0 rum ling iirouuil wllli n man 11)10 la iml , a mnn engaged lo iinolhcr OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE KVB ByAhrr* "I'm sorry, too," conceded Molly, Turning lo Myra slio said plain lively, "Would you mind, honey, gctllng mo somo coffco? I.ols 01 crcnm ami I llko It weak. Would you bo a lamb and inako a fresh ot." Of course Myra Tvould. Hut as sho walked to tlio kitchen sbo was hoping Molly wuuld bo cautious. Never iu Uer llfo had Molly been cautious. "Did Mr. Barclay say anything special over llio phono?" sho demanded tlio Instant tho door had closed bcblnd Myra. ".Anything tliat you might not waut anybody except me to know?" "No," replied Ellen, halt smiling, half sighhiB at Molly's terrier-like persistence. "Ho didn't say anything moro than I've tol4 you." "Was Lo surprised yesterday, wlien you returned the dress!" "I don't tlilnk BO." Molly clasped her hands about her knees and stared dreamily out Into tlio hot afternoon. A little smile flickered across her lips. "I've been think Ing," sho re-' marked meditatively, "and I believe you wero rlglit In declining bis Invitation this afternoon. Ho will ap- prcciato you all tbe moro for checking him at first. Men aro like lliat." "I didn't refuse for that reason and I'm suro you know I didn't," said Ellen In Intense exasperation. "Wo've gone over and over this and you know oiactly how I feel. I can't think of anything so dishonest as encouraging * man I don't love." 1-llon was baited. "I'm not nruuil of lluu iiait ot II," nlio said In « 'lamcil voice. "The Iruublo Is tlmi yon always more you're rlgtit nml I'm wroiiB," Sliilly continued In a sml lllllo lone. "I'm olilev mill tnoro (.vprrlruroil I'm Jour moilicr mid you should ro- simn my oplnloiii. I'l ace wliy any girl would want lo risk hrt rciiuiiiilou — dial's what 'you're J—riiwiliiu uroiiiiil with H man who cured sn lllllo fur her at Ijirry llnnowgalo seems lo turo for yuli wlim-" "When ibero Is u elianra ol run- 1«B in a rich iiiini," hllcn iniir- "K'» Just as easy lo lov'o n rich "inn us u poor oim," Molly u^rccil plirlilly, Ijiiiorljig llio uluriii itlis ila. "Thevo were iluzcii* nt nther un 1 ciinld hnvo mar-led bin wlieii paw i'uur lather—" "Vu'.i loved him." Ivllen liroVc In Irliinipiianlly, "And 1 iluii'l und never could lovo Sloven Marrlny. llravr-ns! Ufa over 30 yrars cider tliaa 1 1111!" CHK hail iiindo a mlntalto. The liiilni was Molly's. "Kllcu llossllorl 1 novur lliouuht lo your motlicr like Radio Corp Simmciis Standard of N. J. ....... Texas Corp U. S. Slcel 10 1-3 8 1-: 29 1-2 12 1-4 43 1-2 Courier News Want Ads Pay. 15 E T T E H 15 0 I) Y R E P A I II S Expert Work, All Makes. Fenders, Doors, Hoods, Tops, Glass. Finished Job Like New. Acetylene Welding. Prices Low. Phone 010 Blythfvlllc, Ark. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. NEW YORK, Feb. 16 (UP) /otton closed very steady. Spots closed steady, at 095. up 10. CHICAGO, homes are TO (UP) — American per cent electrified a appliances, n survey snows. This is one-third as much as is annually silent on tobacco, The average per family is $34. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 10 (UP) Colton closed strong. open high low clc.^ March 075 UK CIO C8i) May 602 700 G89 GOO July 103 717 705 7IG Oct. 722 735 722 73* Dec 742 753 741 751 Jan 748 75G 748 755 you'd tills. Vonr failicr wna 25 ycnrs older liian I was. And you know II." Klip litirsl Into liyilerlcdl (o.irs. "Oil, mother, cim't you under- slnndr 1 Klleii wnllsil. "VoiiVo olio ['eio'ju nnd I'm nnollier. 1 wnnit'i fur n inlniito Inferrliig that yon illiln'l love fiitlicr. I know you did. Jlnl can't you BCO tlmt I'm illffcr- eul?" 'Vou'ro BO dlfTprciit," oolilicil .Molly. "Uiai you never think ol anyone except yourself. The fact that I work myself to Uio bone. Unit lins iiollilug. that Myra wliom you iirctfcsj in lovo Im worked herself in tloalli for nine years waiting for oi;onsU money lo eel married, tncnua untiling to you wticn you meet a young man tvllh no money, no iirositects, nlrcady cnlnnelcil wlih nnollier woman. You've forgollcu us all." At Just lliat nioiricnt Myra carin In with fresh codec. Slio hail liur- rlcil but she saw nt onto that Bli« had not been quick enough. Molly lay at the foot ot llio bed, a sob- liliiy, liyalurical heap, and EHcu was trying frantically to comfort her. "\Vliat ia It?" Myra asked. "It looks ns If I'm even Jess lucky tlinn you." Ellen answered without looking up. "Slop crylnrj, mother," alio Bnlil gently. "Stop crying. Can you hear what I'm Eaylng? I won't re- fuso any moro of Steven Darclay'u Invitations. I'll i!o my very best to fall In love with him." (To Ur Con'.lnncd) Up Kradcrs Glvu 1'Liy TOI'EKA, Kan. (UP)—A coin- plcie Kansas Day program—speeches, tongs and even n playlet—wns presented here, nud nDt a binnle word was spoken. Tiie celebration was held in the night lip reading class of Miss Alta Lux. WIMP UP -THAT" OLD CRic^EJ-f-Bav: !— I'M HcrT -lo ri.We i-r HOUR SLOW oii-r OF t-Ts CRIMES 1-f-TAKeS A i /WD A priv vou MAi>e MS Dispose VALUAB£.e . A KftBBV TiaR fiLP CLOCKS I WoMDER IF -Trie ' ueefi cs CLOCKS Vou HAD MERE •RIP O.F -THEM AS A ES-TfC MlilSAU I WONDER ^ BEUL.S CliCKOQS BOOI'S AJXD HER BUDDIES KBNY MKKNY M1NY MO! ByMartii am] approximately- 5005,000,000 spent- }early to operate their lights ' Spots closed steady at 67G, ii[> 0. Dr. J. A. Saliba Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Int'i'iun Building Comer Jlain & First St. FRECKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS | / \HEU.,9oRSotJ....- ) eu MUST ,L aet AiNM) uze THAT K>a. YQ-J v> up OUT OF A SICK BED WERT HeMakes'EmSee (OfTico Over Joo Isasics Store) We Can Riv e You Money On P A R T S For AU Automobiles JACKSON AUTO 1'AKTS 2020 W. Main Phone (J6 More For the jf LUMBER Building Dollar ^ THE MAN 7 FilOM THE LUMKHU YARD make you mi estimate on anytliinj; in building or painting. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. OF ccucse, IP i IT WXJLO HELP -you, I'D , LET You GO .'.' suac.' if in' I CDCTZC VCHT LSI US GO , 'rJoobL'6 f -WEBE-S" eu3l(J£SS Oil UER£...W£ THO UP To US OOOLES To FIMO ODT **K OXJLD 60 THERE/, 1ST S££l*S AS IF A UTTiS MYSTEpy * IS 9CSHJ|J|rJ<S JO UtrfbLp ITSEUP...._ WASH TL'H!!S A YOICi; IN THK DAHK! Yl i GUESS m NOTSA, ~~\ NHER Ml, Ert, FRIETJK 5 . \ UPE KK-fOEP OtP WO\.VGW>isJ Bdl W\\M VW "WE. VvKSUL? WNS \ V\t &01UG TO TO VMH THV5 QUP )> <,l.-r r\r I Rv Crmi,

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