The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1932
Page 4
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FOUR Itt BLYTHEVILLE COUBIER NEWS -TO ocxnua MEW* K.. PUBLISHED 0. B. BABCOCX, Editor . 'H. W. HAIWtS, AdmUtiQf K«n*ftT Sole Mtttoiul Adrmuuif R«pre«nttt'ves: Arkuuu Dailies, BSC., New York, Chicago, 1 JeUott, Bt Lwii, Ballu, Kut^a* City, LlLllt Published Every AUernoou Except Sunday. Entered u second class matter at, the post Wire at BlyOieville, Arkansas, under act c* Congress October 9, 1917. Bervea by tr>e umt&i Press SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier in the city ol BlyOicvlllc, l!o per «eek or $8.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius o! 50 miles, 13.00 per year, SI 60 (or fix month*, Wo lor tta-o montlij; t>y mall In postal zones two to fix. Inclusive, M.W per year, In zones seven and eight, (10.00 per year, payable in advauco. Pump/ng t/p //!e Gas Many able .studunls of economics :iro of tho opinion thuL tlic cu'rj'unt ilu- l>vcssion is Uio reliction from tin iii-U- /icially stimulated [ii'ospcrily. .lust as ii ix'iil estate boom, with in- llatiou of properly vnlncs out ol' all ))roi)oi-tion lo Die usefulness of Uio l>ix>|>erly, w inv:u'i;iljly followo:! liy 11 of tlmst! iiiiriial vulws, so an industrial boom, founded in lai'ifu p:ul uiwn buying power iirlifk-ially crented by installment selling, and ;i slock market boom, built upon the. fooliBli confidence that sucli an industrial boom can continue forever, and nourished by easy credit for stock market speculation, must also collapse. If that is a pro]>cr view of the condition in wln'cii wo now find ourselves it is obvious that the .so-called relief program of the administration falls far shorl of reaching the ftindtiincnlals of tho situation. ^ What is being done at Washington is nothing more nor leas than an attempt to pump some more wind, into the badly deflated Ifi29 prosperity fas bag. It may succeed, but ( it,will not eliminate the dangers attendant UITOII gas bag prosperity. That is not to say that what is being- done is not, worthwhile. Almost any expedient for (lie improvement of present conditions is justifiable. But it does fail to strike at the cause of our preseilt troubles. As economic medicine it, is like whisky. It may •make the patient feel a .whole.lot 'better, But 1 'if'his disease is not purely in his imagination it can't euro him. ness showed striking gains. More'lines were in operation last year, more miles were flown and more passengers were carried than ever before. Aviation, evidently, lias become " /innly-esUbliiiheil- bii.sini'.sK. Il.s position now is far stronger than it was before (he'depression began. Moby an Prospering Industry A survey of the airplane industry in 1031 indicates that it withstood hard times about as well as any industry in the nation, despite the fact that only_ §49,000,000 worth of airplanes were built us compared with planes worth twice that much in 1029. To begin with, all the slifrs that were built last year were sold-—which was 'decidedly not the case of 1020, Prod net ion was off, hut it -was accurately geared to consumption, which is the.important, thing. lAirlhermoro, the excess stocks built up in 3929 were largely disposed of. •• In addition, the air transport busi- A collector of rare books paid §1070 tlie other day in New York for a copy of an old book entitled "The Nar. rative of the Shipwreck of the Whale- ship K-:s(;x, of Nantucket"; and the inture.stiiitf thing about it is the fact that this .lK>ok once was owned by Herman .Melville and .seems lo have contained the original thread upon which .Melville's giwit novel, "Moby Dick," iras hung. This book told huw the ship Essex, about a century ago, was rammed and sunk by a huge sperm whale "oil' (lit- coa.-.t of Chile, and bow the crew made its -way (o shore, 1000 miles away, in small boats. If you've read your "Moby Dick" — and if you haven't you've mi.ssed something — you'll remember Ibat something like that was the climax of the novel, .'when Moby Dick, the while whale, rammed Captain. Allah's ship and sent it to the bottom with all hands. This business of digging back lo see where «u author "got his idea" is always interesting. But the striking tiling about it is tho way it proves that the actual skeleton of the plot is the least important thing about a book. Old Skipper Owen Chase, who wrote this story of the shipwreck, built up a book on the yarn of a whale that .sank a ship, and so did Jlclvillc— but what a difference! The one book was forgotten generations ago, by everyone except Melville; the other is one of the masterpieces of American literature. With one writer the yarn was just, a yarn, exciting but unimportant; with the other it became the basis for a deep, moving tale in which humanity's spiritual adveuturings are . summed up.. One is reminded of tho way Conrad wrote "Nciitromo" after reading in a Central American newspaixn- a brief account of how a native decamped with a lighter full of bar silver. There again an insignificant little anecdote was expanded into a book of universal significance. And that is what the creative artist is for; to see, in incidents that the rest of us wwilit not think about twice, the chance to reveal the universe to us. The basis of his plot may be interesting, but it is unimportant. It is what he does with it that counts. — Crucu Caltoir: The Texas woman who "doesn't know the difference between a gin fta and n hlghb.ill," Imt who is a wet candidate for congress, must have been afraid she'd never Uriel out under Llie Volstead act. OUT OUR WAY By Williams PA\O -TOP WAG&S -f BREAK AM AN 1M DAM&E THE.--/ K BOT GUESTS UKE. T 1 &T ME, uP VMHE.M T. WENT THAR! GOT EM so EVERY TlrAE VA &O IM -Tf\' CORRAU ^te^Wi JLjTHEVILLE, (AHKJ COURIER SIDE GLANCES By George Clark the man'who made my wife a red-head." Fruit Juices and Cod Liver Oil Helpful to Baby's Teeth KDITOIt'S NOTE: This k (lie ccund of three articles on "How In '-'are for IJahy's Teeth" by Dr. Fisli- iein. The third will .<ppea r 5,, he Courier News tomorrow. * « . BY I>n. MORRIS FIS1IBEIN Iclltor, Journal o f the American Medical Association, and nf Hyem, Hie Health Magazine The baby that is nursed by its nofher gels the best food a baby Ai get. ff it is not nursed by he mother, it will have, to have i diet .arranged so as to include he .necessary substances. The basis of all baby diets is milk, but milk is deficient in ccr- aiji necessary substances, nnrt hcse the doctor can provide lor hrongh modifications of (he diet. Jc will tell the mother when tlie oaby is lo have orange and tomato ulcc imil cod liver oil nnci the imounl of each it should have. Tlie vegetables are tile first foods o b« added (o the baby's diet, and hey should be started slowly in •cry small quantities. By the time he child is one year of age it can "fit most vegetables; It can also be laving fresh milk, fruit, sweibach or toast. : Many physicians and dentists :elive that coarse foods strengthen 'he jaws and help in harden- mr the gums. When u nciv tooth .s abnnt to come in the coarse roods serve as a resistance against vhlch the gnms may work in order to permit the tooth lo cut its way If Die child Is excessively irritant when the teeth arc coming in, it is wise to have the advice of the dentist or family physician. The first teeth com e in at the front of the mouth between the nflh and eighth months, as a rule If they happen,- to be a little early,' or late, there Is no cause lor worry. The next teeth come in between the eighth ana tenth months, and the others about the time of the first birthday. Until the first teeth appear, the mouth ol the child does well If let alone. After the first teeth appear, the gums and teeth may be wiped dally, with a soft clean cloth dipped in water to which a little salt ha; been-added. It Is -well to b e exceedingly gentle. •" About the eighteenth month .. 'ft tooth brush may tc substituted for the soft cloth, and as 1 soon as Hie child is old enough it should learn to brush Its teeth for itself II the child likes the taste of toothpaste, it may. have toothpaste, if it prefers the water with added salt il mny have that. Kfosi, physicians and dentists are convinced that a toolhpastc is ol service only in cleaning and polish- ins the tcftli and has little, if any special i-nliic for preventing infection or counteracting acid. Their efforts lo explain themselves are embalmed In the Congressional Record. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York, leading Democrat!; presidential candidate, has repudiated the League of Nations for which he campaigned in 1920 and Newton D. Baker,, a presidential possibility, has said the league was not a 1932 Issue although he urged u Democratic league plank In 192-1 Baker thereby admitted what his friends knen- but were afraid he didiit know. The statement, was widely interpreted as mianiiig that Baker was more than ever a receptive candidate for nominate] but even some friends of the learn" commended it. Although Bak»r said he wouldn't lake this country into the league without a convinced nubile opinion behind him he re- liwaterl his fain, | n (hc , cilgl|e ideal. Roosevelt, however, expressed no hope that the league could b"- I'ome a great international Instrument and opposed American entry oryhc ground of the league's rcc- A Chaate in OH' Sacrclary o! (lie Interior Ray Li-man Wilbur has heretofore been oppoMd to a tariff on oil. He now believes th.n he wus mistaken and favors one, although other members of (he cabinet arc suid to be opposed. And not so \oug ago, you ivoidd have had a hard time getting al- f most anyone In Congress to admit <"at abandonment of the gold standard wouldn't be a pretty dan- t'crous thing. But the folks In the mining states and the farm states have been heard from and quite a flock of members are now assertinc tlie merits of silver and bimetallism sometimes, of course, a states- mans views change as economic or other obviously affecting conditions change. But as often as not the reason behind tlie leap is a change In political pressure. ° TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1932 [- THIS CURIOUS WORLD -I, AUSTRALIA, Students Talic Driving Course EVANSTON. III. (im-A course in scientific automobile driviiv is being given to 550 students ol'the Eyanston High School. The course will cpntinue fire weeks and consists of a flO minute lecture each TODAY AhTjgf&V TOMORROW: The importance of the first permanent teeth. WASHINGTON LETTER BY RODNEY NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON.— Politics make strange bedfellows and !he bedfcl- o\vs always seem especially .strange as they leap out of one bod and dive frantically into the nest. This, my dears. Is leap in ;;oHI;cs, tco. If onr statesmen continue lo turn flip-Hops nl l!w present rate the Kreat, politico) dr.mia, the presidential race ol 19:!.!. may soon resolve itself into a bc:iroam larcc and not a particularly funny one, either. Of course, there appnrcnliy k al- wnjs much to be said for .1 .salesman «-ho suddenly rovr.-vs nim- self on a vital public qurs'ion and the statesman himself W!o: s jt jn large inouthfuls. He usual!-.- nn- ncunccs that after arduiv.i, study, deep soul-.'earching and protrncted' prayer he has finally ".-cr:: the light." Sometimes he exji:,):^ j n effect, that although he h.u completely changed his posi;:c:; i; rs _ miihis the same. 1'oor Jim IHvis Poor 'Tuddlcr Jim" n. lv Pennsylvania senator. In; t, r ling most of ll-.c- honeh-;:]; lately since he transfer::;;- h from- n dry into a wef. The Puddlcr. you KO. »,--. no chance to jump fr. HI .-., . of bedfellows to ll-.e c>;i;..r simply pushed. As laic as two years .1 elected lo Ihc Senat Annlhcr Famous Switch Democratic Floor Leader Joe Robinson of Arkansas and Senator Hugo Blnck of Alabama, as Cos- ligan of Colorado slio\ved in debate, were at one lime hot for a direct federal appropriation of $25.000,000 for relief of drouth sufferers. This year found them fight™ the principle or the STO.OOO.OOO La- Follcllc-Costisan bill lor relief of desperate unemployment distress. ;. here h ;:t ,s"lf r-iven * roua - was ported by the V.^p chine of PhiUiV.phu. i;',,-, Boss Dill Vavc liiimolf ,-<•••• that the P.KMlc-r w m 'i< '-,',,' wet in 1032. Davis, ioniv-'r cabinet n-.ctnbcr. L,-m:v.- hawed when aikrd nl^.; : But. as cvciyonc .i:::; v . ,'.' was foon out wiih a v.u :. nouncing that he h.icj ti-- pointed In prol-obiti;:-. ".. stood for repeal aixl ,-.;:><,• -,'<.' stitution couldn't (>:• c.-.v-, quickly he stood for u-.o<;--\-v the meantime. ,. c , v ,, ."- ,„„ ' ,. ' ih- nll ,e, " ' and .it. > d, hj flis.ip- .U ho •~ con• very :on In Announcements The Courier News has Been authorized lo announce Ihe follov,-- ins candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary. August 0. For County Judge ZAI- B. HARRISON (for 2nd term) For Sheriff ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON Coiinlj- Treasurer W. W. HOLUPETER (tor 2nd term) Circuit Court Cluk R. L. "BILLY" GA1NES (for 2nd term) Counly and 1'roMlc Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARBORO ™V'° HN " LONG ^-election) MISb CAKEY WOODBURN For County Avscssor Unn) S ' DII ' LA1IU ' S " IY "or 2nd CITY KI.ECTiON TueMlay, April 5 City Clerk S. C. CRAIG (f or re-election) HERMAN CROSS JOE \v. ALEXANDER OSCAR ALEXANDER Vor M Judee GEORGE W. BAUHAM IVY \V. CRAWFORD C. A. f'or Cily AUorncy SAM MASATT DOVER KOMIiARDKD On Feb. 10, 1018, President Wil- Jn issued a proclamation requiring licenses for all exports and runorts from and lo the United S'.ates. In a report to the - House on that date. Congressman W. B. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gwrie W. Barbara; o, at least I think I could ever gel stnrtcd. I thought surely 1 would mnkc it last Sunday, but I was out later than common Saturday night and Sunday morning I had so much work—and usual I got a late start. When you have two or three Oliver of Alabama reported that «4 war vessels were under construction or contract by the U. S. Navy, in addition to submarine chasers. Dover, England, was bombarded ' a German submarine. One child was killed. British shipping lost-during the previous week amounted to 12 hips of more than 1GOO tons each. General Sir Hciiry Wilson was appointed chict ot the • British imperial stall. I often wonder how mothers of 1 ' years gone by could get up on U Sunday and do all the work ''I even to taking the milk from sev- j,| en or eight cows and then get * I ten or twelve children ready fix M the advance part of dinner and. 51 then travel three or four miles M and get to church on time. The ., only way I can figure It out the '•. mornings must have been much .-."I longer than they are now, or, may- : be the boys didn't wear holes in i their pants in the location they do now so it was not necessary to do so much patching. Unknowingly Aids Own Son ,, LONDON, (UP)-Mrs. Catherine i'l Annereau, who picked up a small; boy knocked down by an-aiitcmo- I bile and helped to take him to ii! hospital, did-not discover imliUMi t j reached there that 1t.' was IvsPowri ~ son. ' ' •'i-.,!3H:B 'How do they do it?" Among your friends there's sure to be at least one smart young married couple who are the envy and admiration of all who know them. With an income that is frankly abbreviated, and with no benevolent Aunts in the offing, they still have a home that is correct and comfortable in all its appointments, a home that is admired and copied by their friends. t ' v- ';' is a remai ' ka blc little manager," will probably be the young husband's proud answer. And there is little doubt about it. Take a look around that home and you will find no end of well-known advertised products. For Jane is an efficient little manager. She can't afford to take chances that must only be debited to "Experience? 1 When she buys for her home she must get tried and tested and trusted products which carry an hono£ able name to guarantee her satisfaction. You will find that Jane is a consistent reader of the advertisements. Are you?

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