The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on October 17, 1938 · Page 3
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1938
Page 3
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BROOKLYN EAGLE. MONTH V. OCTOBER 17. 193ft Czech Patrol Attacked Twice By Hungarians Prague Will Decree Martial Law in 17 Areas Near Frontier Prague, Oct. 17 (U.R) The army received advices today that Hungarian soldiers had opened (ire on a Czechoslovak patrol at Biel, Clo-vakia, and had thrown hand grenades at them as Prague decided to decree martial law in 17 frontier districts. After withdrawing, the Hungarians returned and attacked the patrol a second time. The Czechoslovaks did not return the fire. An army report from Slovakia and ftuthenia reported that Hungarian terrorists seized there were armed with rifles, pistols, hand grenades, and dynamite. Continued activity of terrorists was reported. Near Slanky, 297 Hungarians were held, including 26 army reserve officers and 62 non-commissioned officers. The report said 2.000 Hungarians had been seized or dispersed in Ruthenia in the last few days and that a so-called Slovak legion was being formed in Hungary along lines of the Sudeten free corps. To Resume Parley Czechoslovak and Hungarian delegations will resume negotiations this week and the Czechs will make essentially the same offer that the Hungarians rejected angrily at the Komarom conference last week. The Czechs believed that in the light of weekend developments the Hungarians would either accept or seriously consider the offer, which they denounced at Komarom as ridiculous. Frantisek Chvalkovsky, Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, who has Just returned from Munich and Berlin, was understood to have brought assurances that Germany would aid Czechoslovakia industrially and financially, as well as guarantee fair treatment from Hungary. Hungary Rushes Troops to Border Budapest, Oct. 17 (P) Hungary continued' to move troops and war equipment to the Czechoslovak border today while the Cabinet met to consider suggestions made by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini to settle the minority dispute. (Reports from the frontier said Czechoslovak troops also were moving up to their lines facing Hungary. One Czechoslovak diplomat said it was possible that Prague had assembled 500,000 to 750,000 men along the Danube.) Rome Puts Czechs In Axis Rome, Oct. 17 W) A strong hint came from Italian official quarters today that in order to satisfy Premier Mussolini and Reichsfuehrer Hitler Czechoslovakia must come within the orbit of the Rome-Berlin axis. A bulletin of the Informazione Dl-plomatlca, information service, distributed by the Ministry of Popular Culture, indicated that the Prague government's policies political, economic and "spiritual" must swing toward those of nazl Germany and fascist Italy. The bulletin said negotiations for the cession of Czechoslovak territory to Hungary would be resumed in a few days and the outcome would be successful for Hungary. It added that once the new frontiers of Czechoslovakia are fixed in accordance with Mussolini's principles they would be guaranteed by Italy. Once Czechoslovakia's "international political, economic and spiritual readjustment" is achieved along with establishment of its new frontiers diminished by losses of territory to Germany, Poland and Hungary Prague can count on Italy's friendship, the bulletin said. The bulletin said the "military measures adopted by the Budapest government are regarded in responsible Roman circles as perfectly justified." Editors Praise U. S. Free Press In Czech Crisis Chicaeo. Oct. 17 (U.R) The American Society of Newspaper Editors today praised the privilege of a free press as the factor which enabled United States newspapers to keep their readers better informed on details of the recent European crisis than were the people in the nations involved. The society's board of directors passed a resolution calling attention to European coverage given by American newspapers with the aid of press associations. The resolution, in part, said: "We desire to call attention to the HOW TO, BORROW 300 Simply Quickly Privately You can borrow up to $300 without embarrassment, red-tape or delay. Strictest privacy , . . convenient monthly payments. You don't need co-signers or endorsers. For Quick Service Telephone Mr. Johnson INgcrsoll 2-3300 FINANCE COMPANY Ruth Loves Me, Won 't Prosecute, Says Ex-Mate Who Shot Husband Ruth Etting, radio torch singer, at the bedside of her new husband, Myrle Alderman, who was shot and seriously wounded by Miss Etting's former husband, Martin Snyder, held on suspicion or attempted murder. Alderman is in Hollywood Hospital. (Wide World wired photo.) And Scanlal-Shy Hollywood Hopes Victim Won't Die Occupants consisted of Alderman, Miss Etting and Edith Snyder. Alderman laughed at the threat, she said, and Snyder started shooting. One bullet smashed into the grand piano, another Into Alderman, "I ran to the bedroom," Miss Etting continued, "and got my gun. But Etting Refuses To Reveal What Action She'll Take Hollywood, Oct. 17 (U.R) Scandal-shy Hollywood hoped today that Ruth Etting's present husband, shot by her former husband, would recover. If he doesn't there will be a murder trial and a sensational probing of the movie colony's social structure. If he does it was confidently predicted that there would be no prosecution. Meryl Alderman, 30, a musician, Miss Etting's present husband, was reported in a fair condition from a bullet wound in the lining of the abdomen and physicians believed he had an excellent chance of recovery. He could not say and Miss Etting would not say whether prosecution would follow his recovery, but Martin (Moe) Snyder, 43, her former husband, whose furious Jealousy of her was well known in the theatrical world during their marriage, announced blithely In Jail that he would not be prosecuted, that Miss Etting would see to that. "Ruth won't prosecute me, because she still loves me." Snyder said, according to the Associated Press. Snyder said he hadn't Intended to shoot his former wife's present husband, that the gun had gone off by accident? Alderman, Miss Etting and Enyder's daughter, who Is Miss Etting's secretary, told a different story. Snyder shot Alderman in a jealous rage, they said, and if Miss Etting hadn't gotten her own pistol and if his daughter hadn't fired at him he would have shot them all. Miss Etting, radio and movie star, who can sing baritone, wept in soprano as she recounted the events leading up to the shooting of her husband. It was a case of Insane jealousy," I Snyder grabbed me and in the she said. "Martin threatened to kill me when I clvorced him last November. When Meryl and I were married three months ago, we kept it secret but Martin found out, anyhow." Charged With Kidnaping Alderman, Miss Etting's accompanist, was at St. Vincent's Hospital. Snyder was booked on suspicion of kidnaping and attempted murder. Miss Etting charged Snyder with kidnaping her husband from in front of the National Broadcasting studios Saturday night. She said Snyder stuck a gun in Alderman's ribs, forced him to drive to her home near Hollywood Lake, and threatened to klli everybody in the house. struggle the gun went off.' This bullet hit the floor, narrowly missing Miss Etting's foot. Miss Snyder, who had been screaming, grabbed up the gun and started firing at her father while he chafed Miss Etting into the kitchen. Snyder ran out the back door, knocking over a garbage can as he went, and rang the door bell of Wayne Morris, an actor, who lives next door, to say that Miss Etting had shot him. Then Snyder clasped his hands behind his back and started pacing the sidewalk in front of the Etting home. He still was walking back and forth when police arrived. They confiscated his gun, from which they said the serial numbers had been filed, and took him to jail. Japanese Bomb U. S. Missions Despite Flags Stars and Stripes Ignored in 2 Attacks Push Drive in South Hankow, Oct. 17 0f The United States Consulate received reports today that two American missions on the Peiping-Hankow Railway had been damaged by Japanese bombs. The Rev. George Holm informed the Consulate the Lutheran United Mission at Klaoshan, 200 miles north of Hankow, was damaged badly by low-flying Japanese planes in two attacks Oct. 13. The Rev. J. L. Benson reported the Augustana Synod mission at Hsuchang, 25 miles farther north. was bombed heavily Oct. 14 and many Chinese occupants killed. These two missions were among the 150 in the Hankow Consular district which had voluntarily complied with a Japanese request that foreigners In the Interior furnish maps indicating the location of foreign property. The roofs of both the missions bore large American flags. Both missions have headquarters in Minneapolis. Chinese Blork Drive on Canton Hongkong, Oct. 17 P The Japanese Army announced tonight it had straddled the Canton-Kowloon Railway "at several points" but reports from areas further north indicated the Japanese drive toward Canton was meeting its first serious, organized Chinese resistance. Severe fighting was reported from Wongtong, about 40 miles east of Canton, in what appeared to be the first major battle to decide the fate of the south China metropolis and the vital supply lines radiating from it. The Japanese column thrusting toward Canton ran into well intrenched positions held Dy some 100,000 Chinese troops equipped with field guns, howitzers and antiaircraft defenses. The vital Canton-Kowloon Railway was cut at at least two points. One column landed on the Pearl River delta and raced overland to sever the line 15 miles north of Hongkong. Another drove westward and cut it at Cheungmuktau, about midway between Canton and Hongkong. Other forces crossed the east river after the capture of Waichow and fought their way up the Waichow-Canton highway to within 50 miles of Canton. Canton was placed under martial law : Doyle, Boxer-Singer, Says V. S. Will Lose by His Deportation Los Angeles, Oct. 17 WV-If the State Department, which has canceled the passport vis of Jack Doyle, singing Irish prizefighter, sends htm out of the United Slates. It will be to this country's financial loss, h; Indicated today. "After all." Doyle said In Jail. "I'm a fellow who has plenty of money. I planned to spend plenty in the United States. But If they don't want me here well, I guess I can leave." Doyle expressed bewilderment as to why he was taken in custody by Federal Immigration officers when he arrived by airliner from Newark, N. J., early yesterday. "I can't understand this at all," Doyle's lawyer, Jack Irwin, quoted him as saying. "Why, I know of no wrongdoing." Dispatches from New York said the State Department h.d canceled Doyle's passport visa without speci fying the reasons. It also was reported Timothy Godde may be called as a witness at the New York passport hearing for the "Irish thrush." Godde 's wife. Mrs. Delphlne Dodge Cromwell Baker Godde, automobile heiress, once was named by Judith Allen, Doyle's former actress-wife, in a $2,000,000 alienation of affections suit, which later was dropped. While it was pending Doyle insisted he and Mrs. Godde planned to marry as soon as they were free of their respective mates. Ellis Island authorities said Doyle had been denied entry to this country from Europe by way of Montreal recently, and the next they knew he was in Chicago. But, meanwhile, he had flown to New York and broken into print when h was punched In a night club by Elinor Troy, who accused him of breaking date with her. He was booked here on illegal entry charges. hour-by-hour coverage given by American newspapers to the tangled European crisis which existed in Europe during the recent Czechoslo-vakian crisis. "While readers In countries governed by dictators and burdened by censorship were deprived of any information antagonistic to the claims and ambitions of their leaders, in the United States the story was presented dally, "This was the natural corollary of the free press in a democratic country. It could not occur elsewhere. It is conclusive evidence of the value of our liberties and Unanswerable argument in favor of their preservation at any cost." 4 False Alarms Send Police on Vain Hunt Pour false alarms were turned In within four hours in Brooklyn early today. Although police sent out a general alarm to all radio cars to watch for the culprits, no one was caught. The alarms were sent at 12:35 a.m. from a box at Avenue V and W. 9th St.. at 2:48 a.m. from 10th Ave. and 44th St.; at 3:06 a.m. from 5th Ave. and 61st St., and at 4:29 a.m. from 7th Ave. and 59th St. Says King George Plans to Visit U. S. , London, Oct. 17 M) The Daily Herald said today that arrangement are being made for a state visit to the United States by King George and Queen Elizabeth next Summer. The paper said the American visit, to end his Canadian tour, would be announced in the King's speech from the throne opening Parliament Nov. 8. The British Embassy in Washington and the United States Department of Stat are working on a tentative program for the approval of the King and President Roosevelt, the paper added. It said the program Included a stay of three days and two nights at the White House, one night aboard a United States warship, with a naval review off the mouth of the Potomac; a state dinner and ball at the White House; a state reception by Congress at the Capitol; a dinner and reception by the King and Queen at the Embassy In honor of President and Mrs. Roosevelt; a visit to Mount Vernon and the grave of George Washington. OfA FOR SECRETARIES NUMBER 17 Question: What's the"short cut" for centering beading on a page? III Ml eUC! T L no I I IT mOKATO TO nw morn Answer: Set paper gauge at zero, so left hand edge of. sheet is at zero on the scale. Set printing indicator on the mark which represents one half" the width of paper. Then press back spacer unci fof each two letters of heading as you spell it out. Now type out heading and it will be centered. The sensational new "Super rJffi Speed LC Smith offers many m exclusive features time, save w costs. 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DELIVERY ALWAYS OV TIME ' ' 127-137 Twelfth Si., B'klyn Tel. SOuth 8-5183 Playful Billy Goat Lassooed by Cop After Wild Dash A 35-pound billy goat, full of fun and pep, appeared from out of the blue In midtown Manhattan today and gave the crowd quite a whirl until Patrolman William A. Kip got on the job with a lasso. The goat, name and owner un known, was taken to W. 47th St. station and the neighborhood set tled down to its ordinary routine. Mr. Billy weaved In and out of 7th Ave. traffic, from 55th to 53d St., swung into W. 53d St. and 6th Ave. and butted right through the hard ware shop at 1332 6th Ave. into the lap of the flustered cashier, Miss Lillian Portnoy. Leaving the cashier In jitters, the goat dashed down the cellar and frightened the manager and two employes out of their wits. He continued his merry way to the back yard, where Patrolman Kip employed the lasso and hauled the goat to the station house. Frederick Loeser Co. A do You want a GOOD photograph of lYourChild? Li Of course you lo and our Jean Sardou Studio is just the place to pel it. Our photographer, people lei I us, has a real knack of "catching" those characteristic expressions that make a child so lovable and a photograph so precious. Come in and see for yourself. Let Us Take Your Child's .'holograph NOW... for your Christmas Gifts! ONE WEEK PRICE SPECIAL Photograph of the bctlrr kind . . . ONE HAND COLORED IN OILS ... No Appointment Is Reqturrd 4 fr V jean sardou BTi'oio rit'TH iLooR Regularly H-v Fulton at Itoncl, II rook I; ti TRiiinglr 5-8100 Seiji Noma Toklo, Oct. 17 (!)-SeIJl Noma, 59, author, publisher of the newspaper Hochl and of Japanese magazines, died today of a heart attack, Rail Unification Meeting Dec. 15 Proposal for unification of the Kansas City Southern and Louisiana k Arkansas Railways moved toward final action last night as K. C. S. stockholders were notified of a special meeting on Dec. 15 to approve the plan. The Kansas City Southern board already has acted favorably. Harvey C. Couch Is chairman of tthe Kansas City Southern and he, together with a syndicate headed by Dillon, Read & Co., control the L. & A. Unification of the two roads long has been advocated as mutually advantageous from a traffic standpoint. Britain to Drop Partition Plan Also Will Limit Jews Entering. Palestine, London Paper Says London. Oct. 17 (UP) The Daily Herald s Palestine authority said to day that the British Government, as a result of recommendations by the Woodhead Commission which recently returned from Palestine, had decided to abandon the partition plan. He said the government also Intended to curtail drastically Jewish Immigration and the sale of land to Jews In Palestine. B The News Chronicle's correspondent reported from Jerusalem that Gen. R. H. Haining was about to open a new military offensive to stamp out rebels. Britain Pledget Status Quo Washington. Oct. 17 (U.m Secretary Hull disclosed today that Great Britain has assured the United States that it will maintain a political status quo in Palestine until completion of the partition commission's report. This Government had expressed its concern over reports that Britain was considering closing Palestine to further Jewish immigration and terminating its status as the Jewish National Homeland British Capture 300 Arabs Jerusalem. Oct. 17 (U.R) British military authorities announced today that six Arab rebels were slain and 300 taken prisoner In skirmishes throughout Palestine Sunday. DRS. CADY, BEAN Cr STEEVES DENTISTS ONI SMITH STREET (S. E. CORNER FULTON) BROOKLYN Frederick Loeser Co. Ate. 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