The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on December 15, 1937 · Page 2
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 2

Burlington, North Carolina
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Wednesday, December 15, 1937
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Stydahar, Veteran Bear Tackle, Is Top Grid Pro Sammy Baugh Does Make First All - Star Team of Pro Leagues But Lineman Comes In For Major Acclaim; Battles, 'Dutch' Clark and Kinkle Complete . First Team Backfield. New York, Dec. 15. (AP) The standout player of the 1937 national pro football league season wasn't Sllngln' Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins, as the headlines and his game - winning tosses mignt nave lea me lans w believe, but Joe Stydahar, - veteran tackle of the Chicago Bears. That was the way the coaches of the 10 league clubs figured, at least, when it came to casting their ballots for the all - league team. With votes counted on a basis of five points for first - team selection and three for second - team, Stydahar received 43 points out of a pos - .sible 50. Turk - Kri wards, the Wa6hingtoi bone - crusher, won the other tackle post with 40 points and Earl (Dutch) Clark of the Detroit lions was chosen quarteroacK witn hi same point total, to snare rur ud honors. Baueh Does Make Team Baugh, who broke the league record by completing 31 passes during the regular season, who pitcneo. t.ViP Redskins to victory over the Bears in last Sunday's playoff game and who gained 1127 yards through the air to lead the league in that department, just did manage to make the team. He polled 21 points' for a halfback berth to tie with Ernie Caddell of Detroit but points for quarterback gave E Cliff Battles, Baugh's teammate who led the league in ground gaining with an 874 - yard total, and Clark Hinkle of the Green Bay Packers, a holdover from last year's all - star team, complete uie field. The only other "freshman" hp rhnspn was Gavnell Tinsley, Chicago Cardinals' end. The real veterans are Clark, the oldest play er at 31, and Mel Hem, wew xor Giants' center, who established record bv beinz chosen for the all - league team the fifth consecutive year. The Two Top Teams The first and second teams with .points on a 5 - 3 oasis: First earn Pos. Hill Hewitt, Philadelphia (39) Joe Stydahar, Chicago Bears (43) T Lon Evans, Green Bay (27) G Mel Hein, New York (39) ...... C George Musso, Bears (23) G Turk Edwards, Washington (40) .T Gaynell Tinsley, Chi. Cards (39) .E Earl (Dutch) Clark, Detroit (40) .Q! Cliff Battles, Washington (32) ...H (x) Sammy Baugh, Wash. (21) . . .H ClarK Hirmie, lireen y izw Second Team Don Hutson, Green Bay (32) Ed Widseth, New York (25) . Dan Fortman,' Bears (18) .... Frank Bausch, Bears (16) C John Del Isola, New York (13) Ernie Smith, Green Bay (14) Milt Gantenbein, Green Bay (11) .E Ed Danowski, New YorK (9) . . Tuffy Leemains, New York (20) (x) Ernie Caddell, Detroit (21) Bronko NaOTrski. Bears (19) . (x) Baugh also received nine points for quarterbacK. A newly .. designed car is capa ble of developing a speed of 122 miles an hour with a small engine. The car has front - wheel drive, electric gear shift and independently - sprung wheels. Rubber cushioning used at the point where the housing is mounted to the frame tends to absorb road shocks, keeping them from the driver's hands. GENUINE BILTMOEE Homespun Finely Tailored for Men and Women. SUITS AND COATS T. N. Boone THE TAILOR GRAHAM THEATRE TODAY & THURSDAY ALSO Cartoon and Novelty Admission 10c 15c A - L - C - CN THEATRE TODAY & THURSDAY Warren William Mady Carrel I in "MIDNIGHT MADONNA" Also "WILD WEST DAYS" Flyer's Widow Weds Chicagoan Marriage of the former Lady Kingsford - Smith, widow of the famous Australian flyer, and Alan Tully of Chicago in Sidney, Australia, where they are pictured above, has been announced by Tully's parents at Riverside, El. Sir Charles Kingsford - Smith disappeared over the Bay of Bengal two years ago during a London - to - Australia flight. Tully represents an American gasoline company in Australia. Social Security Questions, Answers Question: Whit is the purpose of the federal old - age insurance provision of the social Se:urity act? Answer: The mam purpose i rarovide an assured retirement come to wage earners when the age of 65, thus making possible the retirement of those older workers from regular employment and also increasing opportunities for employment and advancement of the - younger woncers. Q.: I am now 58 years old, earning $30 a week. How much would I get in old - age retirement benefits at age 65? A.: Assuming steady employment at $30 a week for 50 weeks a year during the next seven years, total wages would oe sid.duu. our monthly payment would be $21.50 per month as long as you live. My nusoana just aiea. ie employed in a textile mill. How do I go about getting any ben efit? A.: If you will go to your nearest Social Security Board field office they will assist - you in filing the necessarv forms to obtain a lump - sum benefit. You - husband ' employer will also help you if it more convenient. Q.: I worked until September m restaurant and am now unem ployed. Can I get any unemploy - msurancev The only, state that is pay ing unemployment insurance this year is Wisconsin. All of the states in this region will commence unem ployment insurance payments in 1938. My husband is 76 years old and I am 73. We have nothing to live on. Can we get any benefits under the Social Security act? . . . You should aPDlv to vour State Public Welfare department. Under the Social Security act pub - is paid by the state. the federal government providing part of the money which the states but do not understand' what means. .Please explain. Tn simple terms, it r 53.50 for each $100 that you earned. The British eovernment has ex perimented with rubber roads, a mixture of cement and liquid rub - They are reported to be bump - proof, nonporous and' everlasting. PRACTICAL GIFTS BOOKS OF ALL KINDS Bibles, Leather Goods .... Games, Scrap Books, Monogram Stationery, Fountain Pens, Book Bags, Portable Typewriters, Globes, Many Gifts ir. Glass, Pottery and MetaL FREE Name On All Leather Goods and Fountain Pens. All Gifts Wrapped in special Gifts Wrappings. & Stationery Co. Next Door Efird'f, JHE BUKLLNGTON (N. 0.) ROANOKE PLAYS STATE TONIGHT Finest Basketball Team Virginia i.oiiejre Has Turned out in years Sees Action in Raleigh. (Special, to Times - News) College Station, Raleigh, Dec. 15 The finest basketball team Roa - noite collese of Salem. had in. years engages State College" nere jonignt in jfranK Thompson gymnasium. The game will' start at 8 OCIOCK. The Maroons opened their sched ule last Monday merit with a win over Wake Forest colege. Last nignc tne Virginians met the Uni versity o: tooutn uaroiina at Columbia. Paul Rice and Gene Studebaker. veteran forwards, are the Roanoke stars and will - engage State's Mae Berry, center and Bill Mann, forward, in a scoring battle tonight .that may be the greatest waged ui ria.ii. iaumpson gymnasium tnis winter. Rice scored 16 points Monday night to feature his teams' win over wase .forest. Last winter he sank 175 points as, did Studebaker to ranic among the highest scorers in Virginia. Captain Berry rung up 270 points last year to top individual scorers in the Southern Conference. Mann was close behind with 259 points. Bob Lieb and John Wagner, guards, and Bob Sheffield, center, complete Roanoke's starting team. Lieb and Wagner were regulars of the 1937 team. Sheffield is a transfer from Bluefield Junior college and is six feet five inches. State's other starters will be P. G. Hill, one of the fastest forwards in the game, and Eddie Ber - linski and Selby Jones, guards. Sports Roundup BY EDDIE BRIETZ New York, Dec. 15 (AP) Even with the elimination of ttie tip - off after goals, basketball coaches still go for the long, tall ones . . . Coach Al Baggett at West Texas Teachers, may set the altitude record with a quint averaging six feet, four . . . Raymond Shackleford hikes the average with 6.9 while another stands G:5 1 - 2, anoDher 6.3 1 - 2 and two others 6.1 .. . How's the weather p there boys? ... Ho hum, where was it you read that Schmeling would stop Thomas in the eighth? . . .(Our batting average for picking winners now is booted to .125.) Signing of Old Jess Haines as coach assures the Dodgers of one same man on their ball club, anyway . . . Jimy Phclan. Washington coach, is beating the Southern Cal - ifornita bushes for high school phe - noms . . . Sixto Escobar, the former bantamweight champ is threatened witih pneumonia . . . Sammy oiiugn win iry to pry me Washington Redskins loose from S15,00( next season which will be absolute tops for footballers, pro or colitch . . . Joe Jacobs is eoine to Gcrmanv for Max Schmeling's next bout, with oen jtora at uamourg, Jan. ifl) Kid .Brewer, .Appalachian's . young coach, is headed for a bigger Mr. Munsey McGlaterv. a red hot Alabama alumnus, writes from De - "We are going to win that Kose Bowl game! . . . That is a fact! . . . Have we ever lost in the Kose Bowl? . . . No! . . . Can we ? . ... No! . . . Will we lost? .No!, No!!" . . To which we rah, rah, rah and they had better take that guy along to lead the cheering . . Strangler Lewis, who has quit the mat after 30 years of rassling, was the first burper afent ever saw in action . . . Dick Bartetl, who is an addict, is heart - broken because Oakland isn't going to have a six - day bike race us season lor tne rirst time in iree years. Add laughs: Jack Doyle cabled Hike Jacobs to match him with Tommy Fair for a side bet of S10, - . . Mike cabled back Jack could stay in London and figtit r of the Baers for that . . . answer) . . . Bobby Dunkel - berger of High Point, North and South amateur champ, has been given a year by his dad to decide if he wants to make golf his roiession . . . "Batter up:" is tne ame of a new moving picture hioh Prof. Lew Fonesca will show 3 sandlot and high school players Babe Didrikson Sets New Record on Augusta Links Augusta, G - a., Dec. 15. CAP) A new feminine record for the Forest Hills eolf course Is held by Mildred Babe Didrikson. ine .tseaumoni, xexas, pi incisional toured the 6500 - yard lay out yesterday in 74, four under women's par and only three over men's par. in an exhibition with Helen bettweiler of Washington. MAT RESULTS BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Providence, R. . I. Casey Finkel - stein,. New York, threw Mike Rog - oski, Poland, 18:43. (Heavyweights). Albany, N. Y. Bob Managoff, 210, Chicago, defeated Jack Holland, 210, Hollywood, 39 minutes. New York Jesse James, 191, Hollywood, Calif., threw Dr. John Murphy, 192, Boston, 38:20. Lincoln, Neb. Gus Sonnenberg, 205, New York, defeated George Sauer, 195, Los Angeles, straight falls. Bicycln Footballs. Football Togs, and hundreds of other Useful Gifts. STARTING FRIDAY NIGHT We Will be Open Until 9 HORNE'S SPORT SHOP DAILY TIMES - NEWS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, I Tn Action Toniffhi vfl .W Here it Is, that famous one - hand State College's basketball ouint. Berry winter to help him score 270 points ignt wnen state meets tne strong Frank Thompson gymnasium. Berry and is recognized as one of college circles. Los Angeles Open California Winter Los Angeles, Dec. 15 (AP) The $8,000 Los Angeles open golf tour nament was abandoned today, threatening collapse of the entire California winter links program. The sponsoring junior chamber of commerce called off the Los Angeles open, announcing it could find no angel to underwrite it. Anyhow, it added, "we have come to the conclusion that the Los Angeles open has perhaps filled its purpose x x x to establish Southern California as a winter sports center, and particularly a golf mec - The journey here, scheduled Jan. to 10. offered the coast's bieeest golf attraction. Five other tournaments were scheduled in January and February. May Cancel All But sponsors indicated they might cancel all of them because of Vet Notre Dame Coach Says Rule Changes Hurt Game By TOBY WIANT South Bend, Ind., Dec. 15. (AP) George E. Keogan, whose 14 - year basketball coaching record 773 at the university oi .Notre Dame lends considerable weight to his words, declared today, "rule changes of the last five years have hurt the game." "There have been too many changes in the first plana," he said in an interview. "Basketball will never become stabilized with uniform officiating and uniform interpretation of the rules unless the rules are left alone long enough for all sections to level off .on interpretations." urunani uoacning itccora Keogan is a University of Min nesota graduate who gave up pulling teeth to drill young athletes on the fine points of the "hoop and hardwood" sport. His all - time record up to the present season in cluding service at Valparaiso, Allegheny college. Central high school of LaCrosse, Wis., and St. Thomas of St. Paul shows 347 victories, defeats and a tie, for an .816 percentage. Keogan is convinced the new rule eliminating the center jump penalizes tne good teams, since they "are forced to give uo the ball after they have scored." "Supposing tne stronger oi two teams is a little off in its basket - Shooting early in a game," he sug gested. "Under the old rule it might, by its aggressiveness, control ball the majority of the game and still win, Bu' if it is missing shots, losing an even percentage of the rebounds and losing the ball after making its shots, it may easily lose to an inferior team. Or ciose game may oe settled m the final minutes more on the new rule than on the skill of the winning team. Predicts "More upsets' The rule changes helps weaker teams. It will result to closer scores and in more upsets." decent ruie cnanges nave neipea the defense and hurt the offense, They Loved As They Easy ftfei' - ifc " Njflk THURS 6 - i. Come, Easy Go! The 'Nags' and the Gals Get All His Dough! ANN SHERIDAN BARTON MacLANE 15s Balcony Nile Also: News and "THE 1938 SWING SHOW" is Coming DEC. 28th! with a Cast of 40 People 30 Girls 1 overhead shot of Mac Berry of used this hard to guard shot last and wilL bring it into action to - Koanoxe. college team m State s is center and captain of the State's tne greatest basketball players in Abandoned; Entire Program Menaced the abandonment here. Spokesmen indicated the Pasa dena and Oakland opens would be called off unless the Los Anegeles tourney is revived. "If the Los, Angeles open is not held, not 2 per cent of the eastern pros will come to California this winter," predicted Charley Lacey, Hillcrest county club pro, formerly of Grea t Neck. "It will be a shame if it cannot be held. I believe the National professional golf association will ftuar - antee the prize money if no one else will." Other California tournament scneduled were Bing Crosby's sec - and annual Del Mar meet Jan. 15 - 16 for $3,000; the Pasadena open Jan. 21 - 23 for $3,000 Oakland's $5, - 000 meet Jan. 28 - 30; Sacramento's $3,000 tourney Feb. 4 - 6 and the San rrancisco open neo. n - is lor ss.uuu. he maintained, course, the fact that elimination of the center jump will result in more scoring." He said the 10 - second rule, quiring that lthe offense come the defense across the center line within 10 seconds, had "placed the; ouraen on tne onensive team Alabama' Pitts Is Wed to N. C. Girl in Valdese Valdese, N. C, Dec. 15 (AP) Edwin Collins (Alabama) Pitts, former Sing Sing prisoner who entered professional baseball after his term expired, honeymooned today with his bride of three days. He was married Saturday in York, v., to miss Mary Taitna wai - ker. The Pitts, both of a local hosiery mill, will reside ras urst attempts to enter professional baseball were unsuccessful after his release from prison where he gained fame as a football player, but on an appeal to Judge K. M. Landis, high commissioner of baseball; he was allowed to sien with Albany of the International league . He played baseball here and at Gastonia last summer and plans to play basketball this winter. CITY LAUNDRY S - U - D - S FUN & FACTS A man bought a parrot and tried to teach him to talk. Going over to the bird, he repeated for several minutes the words, "Hello, Hello." At the end of the lesson the parrot opened one eye and answered drowsily, "Line's Gambled! Recklessly! NOW! , John Wayne "Adventure's Msslcal Comedy 1937 llYonlrc hanAntiNazi Feeling In MY. I auuno aeiecieo top Sports Array During Year Win Sports Writers' Vote for Second Straight Time. - '; PITT ACCORDED SECOND PLACE (Note: This is the thirdof a ". series analyzing , the Associated. Press annual sports poll. . It covers replies to the query on the yeart outstanding teams.) . BY ALAN GOULD New York, Dec. 15. (AP) - Recognition as the .year's 'out standing team, on land or water, goes to the - world champion New York Yankees ' by an overwhelming vote of the nation's leading sports' The rulers of professional' baseball ton the list', covering al sports, for the second, 'successive year and the third time in the' seven - year history of - the annual Associated rress poii. - Win 42 of 50 Votes The Yankees were collectively put at the head of . the 1937 class bv 42 of 50 newspaper ' experts' who signified' their three preferences for team - honors. On points, - taDuiatea 3 - 2 - 1, Gehrig,. DlMaggio - ana com pany more than doubled the scor of their nearest rival, Pittsburgh' football team which rated, tops in - the collegiate world. THe margin was 138 to bi, wren oniy two perts putting the Panthers in the No. - 1 spot. - . Although America's recapture - of of the Davis cup in tennis, was pretty much a .one - man show, featuring Don Budge, the year's No. 1 individual athlete, the ' United States team, collected enough support to beat out Washington's all - conquering varsity crew for third place in the poll, ' 31 points 'to "22. xne Husky oarsmen from beattie rated fourth for the second straight year. They swept the Poughkeepsie regatta in record - smashing fash ion to compile the most ' amazing two - year streak in collegiate rowing history. nine sports Kepresented A total of 21 teams or crews,' in nine separate sports, gained mention, including the collegiate - foot - all - stars, who beat the Green Bay Packers at Chicago, and the Scandinavian sailors who did - a masterful job aboard Banger in Harold S. Vanderbilt's successful defense of the America's cup. Minnesota's lootbaiisrs, 1936 run - ars - up, received one vote, for first place in this year's - poll. Here' - the - tabulation Of - team re - j . , ..First Pts.l New York Yankees, world baseball champions '... - . - . . - 42 138 PHtsourgn, college rooooaii United States Davis cup team 2 "31 Wasnmgton varsity crew, champions .; 1 2. Newark Bears, baseball ' win ners of "little world series" 1 : Washington Redskins, pro l Old Westbury, national open polo champions 0 i Football Gt is Mention Three points .ach: Alabama, col ge .'football; " Stanford, collea basketball; California, .c 6 1 1 e g i football; and Minnesota, college lootoaii. Two points each: Denver Safe - ways, National A. A. U. baske't - n; 1 crewi ol Ranger, America's cup . defend ers: Fordham college football: col lege football all - stars; and Chicago aears, pro iooroaii. one point eacn: Indiana, dis tance running team; New York Giants, baseball; San Jose, Argen tine polo team; Lafayette, college football; and Purdue, college basketball. Previous team winners: 1931 Southern California, college football; 1932, New York Yankees, base - Dan; 1933, JNew YorK Giants, base ball; 1934, St. Louis Cardinals, baseball; 1935, Detroit Tigers, base - 19it.,New ior. - : xansees. - bail. A cure for a flooded eneine is to push the choke button all the way in and pull the throttle but ton an tne way out. Turn . off the ignition and crank the engine with me siarier lor ju seconds to exhaust the excess fuel. DkruQtartfjt.?! 0 14 Different Types Tricycles. Autos, $4 - 95 and up. t Valuable Asst. Toys. 4 Boxing for Son and Dad. A Skates' for All - Are. t Airplane Models. 0 Many, Many Other Gttl HOOD SPORT SHOP i huv,, n. rk:, D B7 GAYLE TALBOT York, - Dec. 1S.(AP) - Don't breathe It to a soul, but Chicago has the Inside track the championship brawl between Max Schmeling and Joe Louis next June, with Detroit running spu - iiwi oeeona. Contrary to snap judgment, the near - capacity crowd that turned out to - watch Schmeling paralize Harry Thomas at the garden night before last did not cause Promoter Mike .Jacobs to. turn any handsprings. Mike, on the contrary, looked over, the assemblage with the bilious eve of an old ticket - scalper and decided New York positively would not. do as a ting.. for his pugilistic pearl. . mi trejuaice Harmful What Mike and his - ' keen - eved advisors noted was the' fart that: tne weu - neeiea Jewish population, with only a few notable exceptions,: was not at the. rtneside. The cloak - and - suiters who are notorious fight fans even had Warned, their emnloves not to watch Herr' Schmeling; the nazi, fight under pain of having their salaries amputated. "The big - spenders were there," admitted - a tron member of the Jacobs entourage. "Mute awnx "imow - the faces the ringside. Yorkville ' (New xonts - uerman section) wa; there - in force to! combat the an - ti - nazi - boycott - and helped fil the place, but that ' didn't foo Mike. "He - couldn't hold thi Schmeling - Louis fight here - .with out the big ' spenders. But - ' your bottom - dollar - that he won't try it." - '. - .. Subsequently it was learned that Jacobs had been jawing with his : Chicago associates' during the day, lining things up. He wants to put Schmeling - on in the Windy City in February or March as a "test case", and probably will. A projected bout for Schmeling in Miami, as a result, is out. A Natural for Chicago Although herhas fotfght 13 times in America, der Moxie never has appeared in Chicago. The tremendous German population within - easy commuting distance of the loon fteures to maVp him . natural in that neck of the woods. Detroit, was : represented by the lone but persuasive voice of Jack Kearns, known to .fame as the former manager of Jack Dempsey and - Mickey Walker; who is doing better than all right for himself as a promoter . in the automobile town. Jack nearly, talked Jacobs' ear off. He intends to stkir nrnnTiri several more., days in hope of gradually wearing Jacobs down. . : Opens Campaign . Chicaso Dec. is ttT w Triner, chairman of the Illinois uujuug commission, launched campaign today to get the Joe Louis - Max Schmeling heavyweight championship bout for Chicae - n Triner said, after a telerhrm( conversation with Promoter Mike Jacobs in New York, he would meetinE of businp. nn puuucai leaders next week to discuss plans: ; . Duke Basketeers Head Southward on 3 - Game Trip Durham, N. C, Dec. 15 (AP) The - Duke university basketball team headed south on a three - day trip today. Tonight the. Blue Devils will en - Base me university of South Carolina .at Columbia and then will move to Gainesville. Fla.. for games with the University of Flor - iub. on inursoay ana. - b'naay. The southern trip wil complete c - nuiiuay ymy ior tne uevus, whose next game will be with Mississippi State at Durham Jan. 3 The Devils won their first game of the season Monday night against n - iBii ruuii, college. GRAHAM BASKETBALL TEAMS DROP TWO IN HAW RIVER CONTESTS Two basketball games were lost by the Graham high school last nignt at tne scnooi gymnasium, the boys' team" losing to Haw River by a score of 35 - 9 and the girls' team being outplayed by the Haw River girls, 20 - 22. The boys have lost three straight ! iar mis season, wnue tne girls' team has captured two matches and lost one. The male aggregation is coached by Nathan Reynolds while Miss Louise Good man tutors the female group. THE THRILL AND GLORY, laughter and heartbreak, battle and adven ture . . :flame in the land of .the - Bengal Lancers! ' Rudyard Kipling's "WEE WILLIE ; WINflE" : Willi' SHIRLEY TEMPLE VICTOR MeLAGLEN Alio Cartoon Novelty and Newt - THURSDAY ONLY fljiiiMim 1 Today: "When Tatef Meets Thief" Quizzed in Death of Party Host Pneumonia that followed in jurie - at a party at his Long Island es - - . tate brought death to Samuel A. Walsh, 55, a retired broker, and - launched an investigation of . re - , ports that George H. Hoyt, - Jr above, a guest, had knocked nil - - host down when he resented remarks made about Mrs. Hoyt and her mother. HUNGARY WILL PAY ON DEBT? First Break in War Debt Suspen sions In Over Five Years Expected From Tiny Balkan Regency. : Washineton. Dec. 15. (AM - The United States expected Hungary today to; break the genetel suspension of wax debt payments - by depositing a . partial, remittance. - the first in more than nve years. - The little Balkan regency would be the first of 12 nations to undertake a resumption of payments ' which were stopped during or after the Hoover moratorium of 1932. far the greater part of the $1,683,170,447 which fell due today on the semi - annual installment; date, however, went by default again. Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland and Yugoslavia reiterated in advance, they were not able to pay. The other six defaulters were expected to follow suit. Of all the war debtors, only Finland has met its instalment fully and promptly, and agreed to do so again today. Hungary owed a total of $467,673 in current . and past ' due installments. It notified the ' state department in August that it proposed to resume partial payments - at the rate of $9828 semi - annually for a eriod of three years, ora total of $58,968. This compares with $258,440 which will fall due during that time. Amounts due today from all !he war debtors, representing - urrent , and past due installments,, were':" - ': Belgium, $6100,C84; Cze. - .hoslo - ' - . - vakia, $16,315,400: Estonia, $4,160, - 287; Finland, $232,143; France - , - - - $455,009,163; Great Britain, $994. - .." 486,367; Hungary, .$467,673; Italy.:. 84,119,707; Latvis. Sl,607,298; Lithuania, $1,353,227; Poland, $51 ,766; - r 147: Rumania, $7,438,750; ' Yugo ' slavia, $1,913,515. EVERYBODY GET ABOARD . IIS llWir AN MIS OKMtmA CAft ttlWT A SI V HIS COTTON CLB OlCHMTtA KAY WOSMON AMD MM iMM OKSt JOI IMAIO HMtT AIMITM Ittlt AIMINI.MAX TSaMBHI JM1IY SBIWITTI. IOVIS HJ A AN IH.UII ADDED FUN Bert Lahr In "Montane tin Magnificent" Also AdrenUr NOW SHOWING Balcony

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