The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 16, 1932
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'•.' : :i- : 'V :•:••"#?",? Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOCRI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 285 BlythevWe Dally News, Btytlicvlllc Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythcvlllo Courier, ,. . II>I/VVQ\« TI iron i v IMMJDIIMIV 1HKV1LU',, AlthANiaAh. IUl'.Sl)A\, H'.HUUAKY BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ISSSS *¥»UW r\/>Kf Tkl kUW ucmtaw t n»O f\m V»/~\I>T111? A OT» *nlr*htf>*r\ « km r-m* •••»•« • rm «• •>.r..A»ww . ,. H .'.''' J 3 ': ' '. ./'",:-'- '-'* ' = SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENtfe ARMIES AWAIT STRUGGLE FOR SHANGHAI Big Lake Well Be'ow Danger Point But New Rise Is In Prospect. j Jobless Ask Discharge of Negro Laborers JACKSONVILLE, Fla., fob. lij it!!')—A cio'.vd or bctwi:c:i 1.0 i-O'cd hei? tj;luy, swsepiiij through l.'lretls ni:d cU'mar.;!!!!.; [!i; I'.'K- !iui-.;t' o: ri'srti CMC v,l:lit muii sij': ijy worm 1 .- ;o;c! :.o S'.r!:ii!.iy oiinded li ? uus luti-n u> r. t:or- ital. Polio: IinaEly uri'jsied '.hi<.L' sidtr; -inj la!kc;l the other:- While recurrence or llooil troubles' in varicu; parts of Arkansxs threatened today us a result r.f rains oi recent days, the situation at- Bi^ Lake was reported 'as ottering no Immediate, cause lor alarm by J W. Meysr, engineer [or Drainage District 17. Rainfall here in the last 24 hours was a little short cf two inches, with the heaviest precipitation, 1.38- inches, occurring between 11 A. M. aivj 2:15 f. M. tcday. 1-ake Still Falling IJiB Lake today was 5.0 feet be- Jov. 1 the high mark of the year, leached bjvural weeks atu, and still falling, but heavy. rains for the past two days and continuing today ateve the lake were expected j to start another rise. Mr. Meyer, told th; Cnuriei News this aUcrncuii Uut reports of general lalns throughout the Mis'' to^ri region which drains into £J13 Lake indicated a rise uf at least tv.o feet was in prospect. Although Mr. Meyer is not op- tlmistio o»er the condition m Drainage District 17 levees on the eas. side cl the lake he \\us confident that a rise ol two or three leet would i.ot tax th e ' resistance Oi the levees. "We believe v. p e can stf.d n 48 reel", Mr. Meyer declared. The lake gauge re^isiered-48 *tet when the high water mark was recorded for the season in January. It was at 42'4. feet on this mtrnirigs "First L;ulv" of Anns Conference Responds Sharply to Hoover Statement Hoarding Is Ending. NEW YOItK, Feb. Ili. lUl'J—TUB stock market .smashsd through many 1932 high levels today as lust week's rally spread v.-ith adicd impetus along a broad front. Steel and American Telephone, outstanding of the market leaders, \Y/'ll' "A vreiu Williams AllSWei' lOidenly Suit" Must Be thc spirited advance. outt iviubl ex, Colton also ma[|e Filed Before That Date. CSCEOLA. ,Ark.—The answer of J. L;in Williams to the suit of the Giavelle Construction company, ^in which he Is charged with diversion lo liis personal account of funds deposited in the nou delunct of O.iceoln, of which he was president, must be filed prtrr to April 25,.\vhen an adjourned term of chancery court will be nol« here, bul will be fl!cJ much carlitr. The icguliir February term cf chancery court here was adjourned to April 25 today bv Chancellor J. M. Futrell. Hearing on the construction company's case may be held In vacation, prior to the adjourned da/ of court, by agreement between the litigants. G. B. Segraves, attorney for Mr. ins \ . i ,_.Ji?*j.ssip5ri Near Crest' •—_._. MEMPHIS, Feb. 16 (UP —Continued rainlall in the m^'.-south ioaa..- swelled rivers and tho Mis- cl|ent , s answcr probably filed within the n-.'.xt week. When the answer is Tiled, he said, he will return to the office of the clerk of court original complaint^ in . the action, which been in his possession since it was " came forward today to lend doslng at new higlis for the year. President Hoover's announcement in Washington the government anti-hoarding campaign had changed :he trend and that upwards -jf 434.- had been out of hiding places since the drive started February 4 was the main stimulus to the market. The market opened irregular. Suddenly came the president's announcement. This, coupled with- ex- UUon of speedy 'senate action on the government's ci-eillt plan set off new buying and short covering. Tickers became active. Steel and A. T. .and T. were bid up sharply. Steel reached SD,- up 2 3-4 paints and a new year's lilyli. American Telephone soared S 3-8 to a new 1932 peak at 135. Radio reached 10, also a new high for the year. WASHINGTON, Feb. 1C. <UP) — President Hcover. said today that since February 4 when he first moved against- hoarding there has bten an entire turn in the tide throughout the country. The president announced since that date a total of upward of'$34,000,000. has been turned back Into circulation, presumably froin hoarded funds. PaisfleU Studies Russian LONDON. (UP)—Although 'he is will probably reach n cre.n 70, Lord Passfield, minister of the. here tomorrow. Rain will continue colonies in the la-it Labor 'govern- j ihrcugh Triursday, 'F. W._ Brist. - ' '- ' '-"•— " ' metcorolosist, said. The Arkansas river r.t Liult- Kcck will continue to rise for the next thrpc days, the report in^i- eaic-d. The Missasippi toa,-..* stosr. at :i3.1 ieei here, three fcL't- 0V'?: flood stage, and water was inundating lowlands in this vicinity. Hires In Prospect t,TTTLE KOCK, Feb. 16 (UPl- Arkansas stieams will rise luring ihe next three days because 01 tome two inches of rain since Saturday, It was announced today fc., ;he weather bureau. A light . rain fell here and in surrounding sections today. Ouachif.i Threatens Again CAMDEN, Ark., Feb. 16 (UP1- Bccause of continued rains in the upper Ouachita watershed it wa£. thought the river would reach flood- stage again, more than two inches of rain has fallen. C.iche Out of Banks FORREST CITY, Ark., Feb. 16 (UP)—Farmers living in the bot- lo;r.s near here have been forcea to leave their homes because ol overflow from the Cache river. The White river is still above the 28-Ioot mark, ana causes backwater as far as Erasfield. menu, is learning Russian, preparatory to his visit to Russia; next First National Receiver _Mails Notices of 100 Pel- Cent Assessment. E1F.LUDEI5 Oil Death Leap America's first woman representative at an Important International conference. Mis. Emma WooMcy, president of Ml. Holyokc College, Is fhown abose at the Wilson Memorial Tnbkt at tho League of Nations Building In Geneva. .Switzerland. .':-hv v,-as nn olllclal United Slates delegate to the world disarmament eonlcrence. The tablet reads: "In the Memory of Woodrow Wilson. President of the United Stales, Founder o! the League of Mullens. From the Clly of Geneva." Screen Star, Mafriecl, Plans To Do the Things Sh<? '-.Enjoys. . .? MIAMI BEACH. Fla.. Feb. 1C. (UP) — Retirement ol 'CnVlr-en Moore from motion pictures was disclosed here today with the announcement of her marriace to Al Scott, New York stock broker. '•The movies and I are ; through completely," the former screen star sakl. "I am now doing things ev- George Melville, Steele Tobacco Dealer, to ';Fight Osceola Conviction. Demand For Modification of Party's Dry 'Stand Is Growing Strongdr. WASHINGTON. Feb. 1C. (Ul 1 ) — The Inner leadership or the Hcpub- llunu parly Is seriously divided over, prohibition, bul iinllko their Democratic conteni|)OL-aiics, when He- publicans fall out they Issue \\< staU'iuenls. For Hie first time In three pros! dentLal campaigns Ihls troublesome specter of t':ia .foaming fc"i« or beer threalens lo thrust Its unwelcome presence Into u Republican national convention. These difficulties being Important have, In tru'j Republican style, been confined lo whispers. Krrp Troubles to .Selves People sometimes ask whether here is any real difference between Republicans and Democrats. Tliera is. Wlicii Democrats dllfer they shout'it rfom the house tops. The more Republicans differ the lower they pitch their voices. One of the most prominent Republican drys In the pnrly said privately nnd in low conversation he learcd an attempt would be made on ll'.c convention Moor to usinmll the Republicans to u referendum. Contributions Raymond Pltcalrn, Philadelphia, icpicseiitlng, he said, a group of antl-prohlbltlon Republicans, .has just warned national leaders some prominent contributors plan to give their money to the Democrats because of the prohibition Issue. It Is significant the treasurer or the Republican national committee James R. Null, Is In favor ol changing the party's.position. An eastern group, not eryoi:e wants to do. going wi'.c-rc i [stomped. OKCEOLA, Art., Feb. 10— George Melville, wholesale tobncco dealer of Stcclc, Mo., formerly ol Memphis, filed notice of appeal to the circuit court from a fine, of S25 and costs Imposed In Justice G. L. Wnddell's court, here yesterday following his trial on a charge of possessing cigarettes not properly or provisional wets, Is "arguing strongly lr.e party rriiu.t. switch to a slantl more 'acceptable lo anil- prohibitionists. The group includes Republican politicians who want to win. Although most of them come from tho speakeasy belt in the past they, have been willing to go along on'a law enforcement plank, which was dry. Hurtling dointwtrd from t!ie\ floor of a Los An«*les building, Ro lie M. Lane, 47, who sUrted p»r» chute'Jumpta*.'way b*ck in •.iHW Is shown litre frantically attempt Ing to open hit. rioted 'chute.k^fe leeonds before be cruhed to'.h death. Lane fcajj.tniifc lIlM-jij" most "of them from" ldw"*»ItU want when I want." Guy Butler, Internal revenue In- Miss Moore and Scott were mar- i*i'«-««. •-"»*=^,, "•""",'•> -• rled late yesterday at Fort Pierce, cigarettes which .Melville said he Tla., going Irom there to Palm I w »? delivering to acnlcrs in Mem- George Washington Famous Rescue Team Reunited On Roosevelt J-IEW YORK, N. Y., tUP>— One of the most noted rescue teams in modern American merchant mar- 1113 history was re-estabHsh?d when Capt. Harry Manning joined Capt. George Fried as cliicf officer on Fried's staff on the President Roosevelt. For a tini 2 alter the famo'.is I'scuc c,! the Florida crew b> i-ricd, in which Manning took a:, important and exceeam^ly courageous part, Manning was assigned HS captain of one of the American Merchant Marine liner;. With the consolidation of the U.' S. Lines with the International Mercantile Marine and Doliar interests, Manning was resigned to his old chief. Pulaski County Highway Workers Are Laid off DO YOU KNOW— NcUces of assessments levied upon stockholders of th e defunct Fint National Bank of Blylheville have been mailed to all stockholders by the office a! the federal comptroller of. currency. The assessments are on a capital stock ] cf $1CO,OCO. The notices, issued by R. L. Bradley, receiver, stute that the assessment is payable at the office or the receiver on or before March en one hundred per cent of the par value of each share. This! means payment of amount equal to face value of stock. The receiver is authorized to grant an extension, without interest to sha-e- hoMers who pay 25 per cent of the assessment on or before that dat'' and who will give written obligation ta pay 25 per cent additional by April 3, 25 per cent more by May 3 and the remaining 25 per cent on or before June 3 of this year. It was pointed out at the office of the receiver that although file Beach and then coming hero. | pnls - , "We'll probably be here a month" ' Melvllle ' Mrs. ficott said. Asked what her future plans were the ' former star said: "Who wants to make plans?" perscris were dead here today Horn That the "father of his j legal publication pf notice to hi country" was realty born claim with the bank on cleposi'. on Feb. 11 instead of Feb. 22, the day we ctlebrale the anniversary Mrlh? of hi* Thai he was a sur vcjer by profession and at the age of H wns able It plot and measure fields? Th?t, unlike many other 6«»t mm in Amtrlcan h-.stoty, h* was born to riches and at 20 inherited a vast estate? ixplres today that claims may still be filed. Only approximately third of claims against th e hank have actually been filed to date, t is understood. •d by Bruce Ivy, OfiCcoIa attorney, contended | that he was acting as a common i carrier and as such was not sub- Meet to arrest. He admitted ownership of the cigarettes, i Melville was arrested with the I cigarettes In his car when he pos• sed through Osceola yesterday. The .arrest'madc by Deputy Slicr- !in Hale Jackson and City Marshall Dave Young nt the instance ol the revenue inspector. Bootlegging cigarettes from Ar- [kansas into Tennessee or irom -Mis- j-UIan Dipc i uidii uies i n in Ccnvictipn Is First To Be .Returned in St. Louis in 14 Kiclnapings. ST. LOUIS, Feb. 16. (UP)— C' Hcucr, middle-aged ex-convict, was found guilty by a circuit court jury ____________ __ ___ ........ today of » charge of kidnaping for acrcis this stale into Ten- 1 ransom Alexander Berg, elderly fur- I lessee 1 a common practice tliejrier, and sentenced to prison for .. - [inspector faid. The laws in Ten- 3S Kesult 01 Accident r a- nessee is a common practice thej lal To His Wife. 9 years. , The conviction was the l\rst ob- jcr to stamp the cigarettes. Arkan- j talned here'in a kidnaping case in jsas Uws piovide the retailer shall j raarc ()lan a d ccn .j e . Heucr was the i place the stamps on th e package- MEMPHIS, Feb. 10 (UP)— Three jand Missouri hes no stamp rcgn- autcmcbile accidents of the past 2-1 hours. J. R. Usenbury, for 30 lation nt, all, which makes tr liinese ai>d Japanese Pour • >? Men and Materials Itilo ' :| War Area. ^- .";• tSilANOHAl, Wednesday, Fe\>. 17. ..•'•-:! Ul 1 )—The Chinese ami Jupnncse .; •ink's In fuU'Ktreiitsth-wcfc in'p'o-- '''a Ion today for tho fmardrlve fojf"r-j ossesslon of Shanghiil,' while": the • ] V iar of heavy artillery through the ; Iglit rcmlndi-a the (orclgn; «U)c- -•} .cuts of the Impending menace.'.' ,.' Reeiifurclmcnts or men, artillery, .;.•. inks, .airplane*, armored cors and .. iach!nc gurij continued'lo poiir In, '.-'.'• nt both sides confined -their, ngrit- 1 '••• ig to Intermittent salvos,'reserving•••.•'.' lelr main efforts for the re»l'r/at- '•'•' C. '; .." A four-hour bombardment ori the '. 'hapcl Irani begaii at 8;1B p.m. Tuesday and ce'aScd at midnight. An Idea of the heavy casualties • . 11 nearly three weeks of fighting -•'' us given today wlien a Unite! 'rcss survey revealed the. scttls- ' iient hospitals had treated- 700 . : Jhlnosc clvlUons und 500 wldlera "- voiindcd In Ohapel since January" The figures 1 did not include ths wounded treated in the French co'n- •esslon and ouWiV- ot Chapcj, •"- .-'' Rus«i» TOKYO,. F«b. 18. UFsia Is reenforclng garrlso'iiis :on : - ihe Manchuijin : border,' -possiily 1 . 'or protection 61 Russian 'inlerejts n ManchurU, Uw government was Informed: todiy. . . .;..•..-'• An official announcement! raid the Information .came from an un' ' ' . disclosed EuropeR'ri ciipltsl.' It 'was - ^ ' ' an employe or the Commercial Ap- renders diflicult (o apprehend, years said. peal, died.In a hospital early to-|B an on ^ egro Meetings day rrom Injuries sustained In a | ' • ° crash which resulted in Instiint! Lifted, rOllCC Announce death to his wife. The accident occurred late yesterday as couple were enroute home. tlle ! Police said today that the ban ion public meetings cf negroes. first of six men charged with the kidnaping to face trial. Berg was abducted November 6, d captive four days, and released on an as yet unfulfilled agreement to pay 5SO.CCO. The furrier was the 14lh victim of kidnapers in 18 montlis in St. Louis. ^ailroacl • Finds It, Imposs b(e to'Free.'Trapped Co! orado Trains. •.. • ALAMOSA, Colo., Feb. 10. (UP —Huge sncwslidcs that; plunge down the grnnit,, face. of moui ains of the San -Juan valley Colorado to form gigantic Wan Icebergs across . roods, • trials and railroads today . had -defied the man-made snowplows of railroads. Officials of the Denvui' and Hit Grande railroad whose tracks were burled under' .the mass of Ice. snov,, rock and trees announced they had abandoned attempts to open the line and would concentrate oh the rescue of 30 persons marooned in the stalled trains on Cumbrcs pass since Friday. High wind and fresh snow nullified the efforts to clear the rail- rcufl tracks, officials said. None o! the marooned passengers was in danger, they said, us winter mountain trains were supplied with food, coal, stoves and extra bedding against Just eiich contingencies. Expressions of regret,by tha Jap-- onsc .consul nl Shanghai-to t.-.e American consul have' not elosbi-- "the-Incident arising from the-attack of Japanese guards upon Am-' erlcan Vice Consul Arthur Ring-, wait at Shanghai last. Wedne-day," state department offlclals said to- r ' day. -- • . .American Consul Cunninshain ill Shanghai cabled the state depar: -'"'' inent tcday the Japanese cousin had made expressions of rcgiet- to him. At the state department-K <vns said that Secretary of ' Stlmspn still had the cnsc iinder.-!-". tcnsioerntlon. It was intimated but' not stMcd definitely that 'the 'TT B. might cairy ths matter- ;>j>".' ther. - Fail to Place Blame At West Stole hospital at Bol- 'ordcreTsevcraf weeks ago because j '(or Bad Smell in Chwch ilvar, H. R. Neudorfler. 40, sales- of pr( . va | encc O r smallpox among! iman died. Neudorfler's auto skidd- members of the race, had been! All witne.sscs in a municipal court Christian Church Men Elect Stovall President Poithumous Sills' : Book Released CHICAGO, Illinois, (UP) — : To he glamorous legacy of film roles :.-*! eft to his public'by Milton'Bills .', he screen lover arid matinee idol. - 1 lias been . added n . pntUtunbas i document quoting Milton Bills the „'! philosopher. * ." It is a bcok. that tells what/.n man who became famous as • a screen actor thought about God- " the highest good, the hereafter,' j evolution, truth and .beauty. ' ] The title Is "Values, A Phl^oso- .! phy of Human Needs," . and the ^ volume, published today' b'y the .; University of Chicago Press, con 1 -' : alns a series of dialojues be- ween Sills nnd Ernest S. Holmes, :' dean of a Pacific coast school of religious science. .- ••'•' Arrest Man Here for ed ircm the highway, struck a tree and careened into a ditch. was ordered several Charles LaF^rnir, .'.rch Lindscy. deputy shr:lfl, here his flnt venture w?s * failure? Th^t h e enjoytd social life and was one of thf greatest sportsmen of colonial .. . was turned over lo Sl-.criff Archer from Walnut Ridse this morning. LaFernie is accused d obtaining money under false pretenses. i. Harold JolmEon, Scv- ^.f,,^ ^ 0 Dy Dr j R Johnson, ,enth Day Adventist preacher, and city health oriicer, acting with the 'his wife were burned to death Sun- county health unit which a ' ' iy day night when their car caugnt e(J in | nves u zll | on O f cases. Smallpox, which asslst- flr e after a WTeck. I had reached LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 16 <UP>- Becausc of uncertainty of road revenue all employes of the county road department with tho excep- t.on of the foreman and two others were bid off here. convicts wm replace tliem temporarily. These «ne seme of the unusual fzcts at«ot the first president that ate tcld 'in .1 picture story of his lift,' drawn by Art Kre'nz, staff artiLl for NEA Service and Courier News, that starts TODAY ill the COURIER NEWS Rare Chinese Musical Jade Stones Found CHICAGO!! Illinois. ! UP)-Three Chinese musical jac!e, believed the only ones of their kind in the Occident with the exception, of one In the Metropolitan Museum in New York, were found jln a Michigan avenue r.r 1 ;hop. I The stones were n'.i'.'/.fntlcated joy Cnrleton Smith. iNturcr in economics Tit. Smith Icrcdltcd them to. the Crr.v.rse E-«- •pcror Chlen Lung, who liv;cl about P. L. MaslenWOIBe Buried at Warrenburg COOTER, Mo.—Funeral services held today at Warrenburg, "". L. Maslen, 68, of Cooler i proportions of an epidemic I ft some : negro sectloai, is now on the de- 'cllne it is understood. Dr. John* rtachcd f ° r ° A banquet and social hour lor men of the Christian church was held in the social hall of the church Monday night with twenty- five In attendance. A . permanent organization was developed to be composed of members of the church and their frienjt to meet once each month lor dinner and social activities, state that Paul Oilliam was thel W. H. Stovall was elected prcsi- caso this morning agreed .that a most odious odor permeated a church meeting at Dili Sunday night, but not one would definitely music and professor c! iat DC Paul University. Seay, Paragould Lawyer, Still Missing PARAOOULD. Feb. 10 (UP) — George Edgar Stay, attorney, was who dl<!d Sunday in the Blylhcvllls hospital. He failed to rally following an operation. • Mr. Maslen was formerly a business man of Warrenburg but had still missing from' his home here been making his home with h;s tcday. daughter, Mrs. Jack • Rushing, Rt' Se»V, a worlrt war veteran youth who jraurcd the contents ot a vial of Ill-smelling fluid on the church floor. Young Ollllam was the defendant, charged with disturbing the peace. When his witnesses failed to Iden- I llty Gilliam as the person respan- I sible for the disturbance. Neill Reed, prosecutor, recommended the case bo dismissed. The court acted In accordance with the suggestion. ary. After the banquet, served by members of the Faith division if the Women's council, the men •njoyed several games or "da.-t ball" which proved Ihe big attrac- lon of the evening. Saranac Red Devils Continental Champi LAKE PLACID. N. Y. r Feb. 16. (UP1 — Henry Hombiirgcr's reckless Saranac Red Devils, runnersup — - — -.—...... 3 , ...... — --. ...^ *...,., ,, 10 n,,w o«.« ..(- .---- (n the Olympic cramplonEhlp yes del of Blngham, Utah, ar.d Miss-her he was going to visit his' tcrday. won thn North American Ella Maslen o.' Warrenburg. {father-in-law, James W. Light, at; four man bob sled crown today i prominent In social nnd Cooler tor some time. The deceased Is survlvjd by thre; i circles, disappeared Febuiary 8. d , a " ght . er i'. M . rs ' Rushing, Mrs. Di-'At the time his wife said h P told Mrs. Jack Rushing and Clay Kushing win to Warrenburg to attend the services. Walcott. It was said he was I when they twice streaked down the under treatment for a r.crvous' j c y chute of the Ml, Van Hoeven- breakdown. • berg rim In the total time ot 3:48.34 other prisonen. .ent of the group for the year. A. McCulstlon was named vice and Morris Moon, secre- Clyde Shipbuilding . Experienced Bad Year WASHINOTON, D. .a, (UP)' — The year 1931 was the worst year n the. Clyde's ship-building his- ory, reports received by the Department of Commerce from Olas- iow show. The famous river home of ships which ply the seven seas has been cckcd tight in the grip oi world economic depression. • . Laancrilngs during 1931 on the river Clyde totaled only 152,653. tens, compared with 529.844 tons n 19",0 and 756,976 tons In the peak year of 1921. Three Prisoners Make Escape at Van Buren VAN BUREN, Ark., F.'b. I'i (OP; —Three prisoners who filed n. chain on the door of the jail here WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, local rains and warmer tcr.ight. Wednesday clcudy, rain in east portion; colder Wednesday. " According to the official weather observer. Charles Phillips, Jr., the and escaped were still at Utterly maximum temperature here yester- today. The men, J. C. Haynes.|day was 44 degrees nnd the mln- Ray P. Johnson, and'Fred Edge-.ljmum 42 degrees, cloudy with .33 man, were all in the same cell, inches of rainfall. Today a year The chain had been placed on the ago the maximum was 57 degrees door after a previous break by and the- minimum 39 degrees, cloudy with ,M Inches of rainfall.

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