The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1932
Page 3
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s Guests <»l Dell Chapter The Mississippi comity Methodist Young Peoples Union met ui U«H Sunday afternoon, February ", at tiro-thirty. This union meets llic nisi SniKJny ai e:ich month and is the guest ol the various Epwonh Leagues, and ol the. same time one League ^ rcsspoiiAiuii? 'or Hie. program. The Joiner chapter had charge of the prouiani nt Dell. The theme t'lut ran through ilie s?rics of IfUks was that of boals. The Scripture uas tr.kcn Irom l.uke 6:111. in which Jesus used a uoat and commnndrt! tho fishermen to liiunrh out into the deep". The slk.s following \vcr<>: The Importance of Heals, Misi 'iil/ima Walker. The Hoed for Ocean Transportation, Miss Jcanct'.c McUiliiy. Want-houses and Life-savers, Miss ln<z Si»k. Ports That Harbor Boats, Ml-j Melbina Saliba. Anchors That Hold, Miss Miriam Slaton. What to Have for Lite's Voyage. Miss Dorothy Adorns. iThc follou'lni; songs helped to masy out the theme: "Let the Lights Be Burning", '.'Throw Out the Life-line", "The Haven cf Hc«". "My Anchor Hoid.V, and "Jesus Savior, I'ilot Me". This was the first program to be givra !)..• the Joiner League.. The county banner was won by IMO chapters, Wilson and Kcht- tying for first place with 100 nor cent each. Each chapter will keep the banner 'two weeks. At the conclusion of llic program, and the business meeting led hy President L«e Williams of Keiser, the Del! Leaguers served hot chocolate and i« e a la mode. Miniature !ojs and Imtchets were givc>i as favors. . Ark,— Mlsse.? Knthryn Grcar, Marlon Cooley, Maurine Branson and Carolyn Haley ranked high In the report of the grades tor 'the llrst semester's work at Galloway Woman's tol- Itje. Scaiuy. Miss Gcear heads the list with 0 "A's". and Miss Cooley Is second with 4 "A's". Wet Teetotaler Mrs. Ida M. .Darden. above. Democrat, of fort Worth, Tex., says she doesn't know the difference between a-highball and a-gin' flzz, and wouldn't drink-either if she did, but she's a candidate for Congress on a platform with only one plank—repeal of the 18ih amend- mtstt. -Citizens are tired of listening to prohibition hypocrites vrho defend the dry laws in one breath anS use the nest to bras abou: Ihcir home brew," she snitl. Heads Girls 1 Hunt Glub the AugusU, first, of ils SJr^WK'SSS taken a s , H the or- day. Local Girls Rank Hifh at Galloway Colkfe i ,i,K. SCOUT BETTY Washington'* Birthday Preparations— B, PAOR THREE Will Plant Memorial Tree at Dell School DELL, Ark.-Miss Willie Lawson and Miss Hnrl came lo the Dell .school last Wednesday morn- inj lo help In landscaping lhe| H-hoo] grounds. '. , i Plans were completed for planting a George Washington memorial tree, and lo: planting shrubbery .11 the grounds. The P. T. A. sill carry cut the program and die Washington memorial tree will be flsnlcd Friday. February 26. Funeral of Raymon Pinnon Held at Caruthersville Mootfort Amory blrthitay, Itrlty »nil Hip iiii>nil«ni of I "ifCllllrilH'll." MH'lllN'Js; 0 ( ' ' " ° <•••• CARUTJIEriSVILLE. Mo.— Haymon Pinnon, 17-year-old s:lwolboy, sen of W. P. and Jennie Pinnon, who live ear Bookcrto. north of this cliy, died in the Baptist hospital in Memphis at 0:45 a.m. February 13 of peritonitis. He is survived, by his father and mother and numerous other relatives. Funeral services were held at 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon at Maple cemetsry In this city. Hoosier Collects Photos of Railroad Engines. PETERSBURG, Ind. .<UP>—Eugene Miller jiossessfK one of the fines collections of locomotive pic- turfs in existence. Miller's collection contains 2,000 pictures, many of them photographed by himself. He traveled more than 10.000 miles to gather them. He to! s e.vcijingfd pictures with locomotive lans ill England, South Africa, Canada and in more than 15 states in this country. Cook County Names Major Third Air Deputy CHICAGO. CUP)—Major Herman WoeKJen has been named as'an air deputy by Coroner Frank Walsh of Cook county. Woeltjen Is the third air deputy appointed, the others being Major Lafeton Whitney, secretary of Chicago Chapter of tie National Aeronautical Association, ind Major iR. W. 'Schrceder. Woell- jen. was,, d war-time instructor in iti "* Free M.I.T. Cnursw fnr . CAMBRIDGE, Mass. I UP)—Urt- cmp'oypd engineers and architects may improve their leisure by en^ lolling for free courses bnlng given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a view to 'broadening their knowledge in anticipation oJ future opportunities/ A doz?n such courses are offered. ' " Kln^s Fisnwman 75 STOCKHOLM. (UP)-King Gustaf's private fisherman. Carl Eriksson, of Tulljarn, is 75. Since 1385 he has accompanied -the king cm his fishing excursions near Stockholm. Eriksson is th= picture of a real "o!d salt." On his birthday he received an autographed nSoto- graph of the king. Plenty cf Tront for Spring GUNNISON. Col. (UPJ-AJ! rc . Ports to the contrary-, lovers of Irout-GshlnB will have a plentiful supply next summer, for the fish are in no danger of freezing in streams. Fishermen of this region declared it had been 41 years sine- Breams froze deeply enough to kill tne [rout. Slip Brints Fire Engines WOKINGHAM, Berkshire, Enij.. ( " I> '~ A m!lt ' slipper! on a ch-rrv- stone broke the glass of an automatic tire alarm as "he fell and brought out the fire department. . Trap strangles Skikr BOESING, Czechoslovakia <OP) -A skllsr. here, fell, caughl his head m a wire rabbit trap set by a poacher, and was strangled to death. • . j DON'T SLEEP ON LEFT SIDE. GAS HURTS HEART If stomach gas makes you restless and umble to sleep on right side, take Adleflka. One dose will rid yon of gas or nervousness, and bring sound sleep. City Drug Store. —Adv. I John D., Well Again 11V JAMES F. DONAHUE II you're one of'those fortunate mortals Mho has Ixmxhl a. new cur DiK year, probably (he roost porlant bit of ud\k-e vdu cati be Rivm Ls: ' Follow the nilvk* of the dealer and manufacturer In trcakliin H In. - '• To prolong lh» life of your cnr the iinimfacturcr lias sclentUl- cally icslixl its |Kirls imd determined rhr limits' to which tliey can be sti-eswd. *\ir this reawn, moit manulacturors warn you nol to .llli^c laster than K or 30 mill* an hour for the flm 500 milrs. and after that to Inem'.st) your Hiticl to not more lhan « for the nrxl 500> Ecsnt mechanics advise mixing a ' quart or tuo ol oil irtth every lo gallons of gasoline used In n «•.»• car for the first BW) miles. But the umnufaclurer advises not. In (hf past this practice m»y have been sound, but today's motors have been so designed Uial with • the thought of lubrication foremost in muid. Each rnovini! part is always amply -hibrlcntcil to-Lake care ol' the-, wear I) rs- celvM. . in these days of high- speed eiisines, there Is Itltle danger of ruining m,y part of llic engine If thr oil conlent Is kept at u stile level. No mailer how much oil Li mixed Vllh the sasolluc, excessive speeds new car arc iifni- ly sur. lo mil. w ihp n-rakcnliw »nd ullimale of iumc pan Th*. solution wcins to be nothing kss than drtvlnif within the speed range rccammeiulcd by the *;alrr Una raanufaclurtr. . • • • After th« new car has bcni driven about 25W milet, It Is o uooil idea to hav e the valves ground and n«rat€d. The reason for this fnrly se»tir« U that tho valves have-been Marped by the heat of th«'new engine, mid therefore do not sent properly. .Oute iround, however, tliey cnn b* titled permantntlj into pl&ce will lmprov c -(ho Engine's op- Hire us tu InvKo blowouts. <t\\l cns- ing.s'nnil nthei 1 troubles. • Try to equalize the air pressure In ull ilres. Uw ulr pressure ID lhi> tires on on e side of a car will uiusc hard .sU-prlng, .shimmy, im- «iual Hie wear mid ml.wllgnmenl ol Ilie chnuls assembly. South African Women Favor U. S. Corieti WASH1NC1TON. iUI>) - United States corsets tiro popular - wltli South'African women, (ho Department of Commerce has been Informed by Consul Cecil M. o. Cross Cniic Toiui. . . .'• 'Hm innrkct for Imporud cor- •seta is condnfxl primarily to trie Eurcpoan population which m:m ; tars nboul, 2.000.000 In South Africa. Consul Cross' reporl. shows that during 1930 cotton corsets Imporl- fd Into .the Union of South Afrlcu totaled 165,315, valued nt $205000 us analnst HS.OflZ worth HGSOoa' recclvtd In 19». Of th" 1930 ro- felpts $109.000 worth came from the Unltert'Statts nn d J92.0W worth fiom the Uniteu Kingdom. ST. ANDREWS,. Scotland, <UE> -John B<-rry, i yoiwg Scotsman, 1ms achieved what wa.s believed tj bo Impossible, by taming ft ftp-k of . «'lld geose, normally the shyest anil wildest of birds. Kidneys bother vou. T am getting .along nicely, : ... .Business- conditions ire improving ot , arbnn I dom tal cause for concern"..'..,.It »i, s » 1lh i hwc optinlisUc , wa ; 0! '*"<*>*• that John D. Rockefeller, apparently recovered from lhD''ch)ll vhlch kept him indoors .'or t™ weeks, greeted nm-spaper men and posed for this picture nt Ormoiid Beach, FIB., th e other day ; Hccil promptly bladder irreg ulorlties, getting up ai nigh 1 and nagfiing bacliachc. They may wurn of some disordetei kidney or bladder condition Users everywhere rely or Dunn's 1'illj. Praised for mw than 50 years by grateful users the country over. Sold by al DOANS Pit AftlfOOK 7WNUWS Dental Fees Reduced Extractions tjOc to |l' • Fillings ?l'and up! Full Platee, upper or lower as Low as ?10 Dr. W.F. Brewer Prettfcst l K was Hungary's most iniuorlont ucddlny of the winter when Countess Kataltn Nadajcdy (above) vas married to Count George Karolyi the other day. And no wonder—for she has been described as "the prctiicst bride in Cen- Iral Europe," and he is a member of the most • famous family in Budapest. Wellesiey College '. Community in Itself '.' WELLESLETY, Mass. <U»K-Wellesley College Is a community iln itself, it 'maintains Its owii central power plant, sewerage and .water pumping-system, police force,. pos: office, engineering corps,' landscape and building architects. Including the Student body the faculty and administrative staff, Wellesiey College is. a community of about 2.400: If employs some 200 workers and also 330 'domestics. STAINE8, Mfftdlesex/Eng. tUP) —A woman hero has just given birth to her third set of twins the first pair arriving eight years ago, and thr second 19 months ago. For Pains Due To Neuralgia Millions Ixavc found tiuick relief Irom neuralgic headaches, rheu- inatic pains, and women's pains by laking Capudine. Belns liquid it (Ins relief much quicker than tablets or powders. It soothes the nerves and (illicitly stops the pnin. Capudine docs not upset the stomach and docs noli contain opi- j ales. At drug stores In lOc, 30c, ' and 60e botlles, nlso by the dose at founts. — Advs. 3-7 The re^n for not using the Iw , amattetmflt oil-gasoline mixture Is that put- instructions. If lr, ting oil in the gas will often 'u "J »tlentlon to - tlw tire pressure he set the fine carburetor adjustment advises. Prom the. weight of the and promote excessive formation car and Uie slit tire It carries, he , ha* flisxire'iJ out tho best' air 'rc's- WE CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK OF THIS GREAT MOTOR OIL .... ' HAVOLINE Wax Free Motor Oil The ace of allcrank- case lubricants is now obtainable at •Blytheyille's most convenient filling station S. A. K. 20 S. A. E. 30 S. .A. B. Ifl V end we will call for a*d dfKver ynur car. MAIN rj-t-i Service S Station BUI Taking a dangerous chance;to A* empty socket beside the medicine •*»• cabinet permits her to "save light," ™t she has assumed a dangerous'risk. Because the shelf was dimly Ughted and label, could not W read easily, she might nave chosen themf»«jfoiV/c.' It is n#t hard t* account for hor imprudence. She doesn't re^ia: that a brilliant Ump burning wiWe it would give abundant light and enable her toVc clearly would cost only half a cent an ho»r. In too many homes people think they we going to ejid their days in the poorhouse unless they grope around in gloom and "economize" on light. yieyrushliercaiul there to turn of light, as d\«ch lamp were consuming a dol- i*f s wotih«f current every few wiiut««. kagt of gum with' th«Wit* the ciirr«nc Are the lamts in jour home.shaded? A bright light shining directly intu the eyes is for tlicm. If lamps are not shaded it is difScult to avoid the serious crJccls,uf glare. NJirrors, highly polished furnitiife, paper with aglossy finish,«r any nttat bright surface will rrf»ct glowing images, am! add ta the dangers «f eycstrain. ' ^ In a palUcition issued by the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness Uie statement ii m»de lhat "eyestrain continued over consiJorahlc perioilj of time results in a permanent impairment of vision." Be sure that all lamps in your home arc shaded, and lhat enough lamps arc used to provide sufficient light for eye comfort. Gttd lifkl helps you lo keen young S^uinting.indstrjining the eyes bring wrinkles. Eyestriin due to pw: ^ght cau;tt headache. save a penny! digestive disorders, nervous irritability, and sleeplessness. Besides thediscomlorts for which these troubles arc responsible, they help to make people look old before their time. Protect your health and yuur youthful appearance by \m-\nggaeJKfAt in your home. An imtorltnl service free to sou If your lighting fixtures arc not right, much of the light in your home may be misdirected and wasted. Without obligation, one of our home lighting specialists will be glad to call, at your con! vtmence, and tell you how to get the full benefit of the light you pay for. A phone call will bring you this free ser»k* promptly. Tki, efrmwmrx: i, t Mi,bJ ,-„ , fa ,-„„,, "•at Inrfitial vie <,] thtiric (.•>•, **d lo inform j POWER CO.

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