The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 15, 1932
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Served by the United Preis BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND ri^*» ^SSnT ^ * •*-• " " ^ VOL. XXVIII—NO. 284 NORpEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytlievllle Dally News, Blythevllle Herald ' " —~ ~ ~ ~ _ === . ~-—-—_..— Mksksinnt v.n.v r~,w Blytlievllle couriej! IU.YTIIKVI1.I.K, ARKANRAS\MONDA V, KKIilUJAHY 15, 111:12 -". V..,. SINGLE COPIES FlVE CENTO TO HIGH EST COURT :| <?•< Mit/ie Throws Jackie Over-And Is He BURNED UP! ING TROOPS BUTTLE iventy Thousand Men With Tanks and Artillery Landed by Japs. SHANGHAI, Tuesday, Feb. 16.— The Chinese and Jap:mes3 forc^ massed today for a decisive battle to decide the control of Shanghai, with troops of bDlh counlrlss i»ur- jlng toward the elly. The usual night fighting outside the International settlement ceased at midnight after ^ : ?vv b:nifcai-drnent en th» Chapji front in Shanghai and Hie Woo- siinn forts. Airplanes and light and heavy artillery joined in His flrinj. Baby lanto, heavy artillery and men, 20.000 khaki-clad Jan-mow flghtlnE men, have b?en linloadjd and are ready for the well advertised, apparently Inevitable offensive hero against 35.000 inspired Chinese troop. 1 ;. The Chinese apparently have finally united under Gen Chiang Kai- shek, They dispatched thousands of resnforcemenU to ment the t^.r^at- cr.ed offensive. -,....-.«' ."•" »f"i J«W« Cooper. Mttzi Grten threw him-over a.-new boy friend.....ind J«ciie fa buriud «p plenty! He nt- -- bl» opinion of things in ecu n-l.and -MttzMn particular above Mitii doesn't s«m bothered. BY DAN THOMAS HOLLVWOOti—hien tae youngsters out here are having their heart troubles these days. The ether day we happened to mention did he blow up. Boy! He went -.all-way to th ? ceiling. 'If she had the last nickel- in this world, I wouldn't speak - to her," Jackie exclaimed. Ihen it developed that Jackie ~"' has been bitten by that /ed monster . . . .because threw him over for a new- boy friend. Boy Friends Meet at Negro Girl's . House;, One Dead Trouble Feared at Funeral OSCEOLA, Ark. — TWO negroes Procession for M,, r A» rD A callecl ° n tne sam e gin- mend Miner. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. (UP)— h>v stale department announced today Consul General Ed',vln S. Cimnlpghnm at Shanghai, cooperating with the British consul general, had protested to the Japanese consul general the .landing of Jno- anese troops in the international settlement Inst Satfrdav. Attention was .called Tb the fact Washington lUready Ind protested directly to Tokyo on the same subject when other Japanese troops were landed recently. Strenuous objection'was mid? to use of .neutral territory as a Japanese military base. Meanwhile stimscn 'awaited a complete report on the beating of American Consul Arthur Rlnwalt lart Wednesday. It Is considered likely a protest to Tokyo will be made on this incident. , Un^er Secretary of State Cnstie conferred briefly today with Italian AmrtiEsadOT M»rtino. on the Shanghai situation. At 'the same time General Douglas McArlhnr. chief of staff uf the nrmy, consulted 1 with Etimson's office." Cunningham reported to the state department the Japanese consul general told him troops would be landed Sunday at the Ninpon Yu- scn Kaisha wharf. Shortly afterward Cunningham delivered the protest to the Japanese <?onsitl »ep- eral. ' "' last night. One is dead and ' the other is held in jail charged with murder. | Shorty Anderson, neero boot- BARBERSVHAE, Ky., Fob. 15 j black, was killed at the home G; (UP)—Thirty-five Kentucky state trccpers from Harlan county pat- roled the streets of Barbersville * r . , Mary Jackson, negress, ar.d Sam Hosey is accused of the crime.' Shorty . already on hand at L«iay "to enforce the laws and Ihe girl's house when Sam ar- protcct the people," Capt. Doc. L. rived for his date according to Nolan, in command, told the Unit-j reports. Shorty, Hosey claimed ed Press today. - (didn't want to share the evening The troops were • ordered here! and met him at the door with a Sunday by Kentucky's adjutant! drawn knife. Hosey proceeded to general following reports an out- •' <«k'e the knife from Shorty, then break was feared when National i the latt.-r drew a gun according Millers Union members formed a to reports. Hosey then grabbed • u..erut p;oo.ssion for Marry Stmms, 'his rival's gun and turned it on thcit to death allegedly by deputy. him, officers learned. ~ sheriffs last v,cek. Simm's body [ Date of'preliminary hearing for was scheduled to be sent to New Hosey has not yet been set Ycrh. Death of Simms was- ono of numerous fatalities in southeastern Kentucky coal fields in the post year. He was fatally wounded on the - day a committee 01 New York writers went to Pine- vll'.e from Knoxville, Tenn., uith . thrc e truck- loads of food to distribute amcng striking miners. Pine•.'.!'[> r.i:Kori'.ies '.cluscd pormlssio - ><. !..v luoj within t:.i :...-... L-.U-r Waldo' Iran v... i.rk novelist, and Alan Taub, e.. York attorney, members of ho ccmniitle?, charged they had teen kidnaped late at night, taken to the Tennessee line, beaten severely and ordered out of Kentucky. Pin evil! e authorities denied there (S,- any beatings. Prosecutor's Salary Is Cut in Half CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—At a meeting of the Pemiscot county court the salary of the prosecuting attorney was cut from $5,000 a year to $2,500 a year. The salary of this office U fixed by the population of the county, and the population has to be 50,00« to pay the prosecuting attorney $5,000 a year Until the taking of toe federal cen sus the population is flieed by slat i-t Pound Up of City Auto Tag Delinquents p o'.icc started a drive tD round ''' "Hy motorists sdll delinquent n Purchase of 1932 auto tags today. Chief A. D. Owyn said that all motorists vho failed to purchase y ,." 8S "ntil notified by officers «ouid be required to pay a dollar ™«ttv in addition to th e regular ,- dolar fee. T lme for pur- ' termined by multiplying the vote " „..,_ .._.,,_,m v,ti^ua W taken it showed the county had a population of approximately 3802n people, which reduced thi cutlng attorney's salary fro to $2,500 a year. Troops Itave for Shanghai NANKING, China. Feb. 15. (Up) —The Chinese national guard division known as "Chiang Kai-shek's own," entrained today for Shanghai to reenforce the 19th Chinese nrmy Tile troops were fully equipped, all wearing steel helmets and carrying their own field guns. Japanese naval authorities demanded today the chairman of the provincial government board a Japanese destroyer and apologue for an attack on a Japanese sailor ashore Sunday. Unless the apology is forthcoming ihc Japanese threaten to take "necessary action." FLASHES CAPONK FII.KS AFFEA1, WASIIIS(iTOK, Frb. 15.; (UP) —Alionsr Ci\|Knr. has (H«) an appeal with ihe boiril of tax ap- liwiu [cr u rvdrlrrmlrutiori cf J toUl of SWM3C lucerne tax« recently levied against him. MOKE MONEY KOK WA-. TOKYO, IVb. 15, (DPI— Yhf ll'rivy council, with. Kmpcrflr III-' rohilo prt;!dlng, today zppnvtd an appropriation of 34,6W,«W yen about Sll.000.400. for military oj>-! ! trnliens al Shanghai, white fur'-j i 1 SHERIFF'S IE BUT FLEE TOUT IflflT Considei'ul)le Sum of Money in Office at Time oi Robbery Attempt. cioumih -j.\ M^rifiiai, whik- fur-j ; ^ ^ c ' iittempL j*ome time over «Sn diplumuls continued thrlr. I l ' ;c week-end to open u tnfc In the iffort-. for IH-.HV. rll.NDKNUUKG TO RUN ' • , BERLIN 1 , Feb. 15 i.UP)—P«i- idcnl Paul von HindtnbMrt. >4t- tumqne W0 tlii w»r .figure ' »n* popular In the fathtrUnd,-', US day asiccil to ,l«rom K a . rinU- r.ile fur rf-eleilitm to (he presidency of (he republic. Validitv of Mississipoi Levy U Is Matter for f Courts to Decide. ami collector's ofllre UH the second floor of the \viis discovered tliLs morning. l^mitles .salt! there was only :i small amount of money In the sufe bin Sheriff \#. w. Shaver admitted several thousand dollars hi cash was In the office. It 'is understood Hut this money wns in the office vault which apparently was not disturbed. ( When deputies opened the office jind unlocked the safe to remove |tlieir books for the day's business ;tliey noticed n srnnll Iwlc drilled I in the safe door. The hole was 'bonvl at the upper rim of the combination. U was very shallow, !n- .dlcating that the safe cracker was |flU:CT frightened nway or aban- [dolled his attempt, early No( " 1 ' r( leu by the mtrud- T i, . •_ • -i I" "'"' "Uncle .\filch" Ingram, Is Matter tor b t a t e' cc '>'thouso Jonlior, who sleeps on ^ ~ • • . Ihe third floor, said he did not hear J nny noise In the building over the . — .. week-end. WASHINGTON, Peb. 15 (UP)i- Shorin Shaver and i his depute Th e nipreino court today refused ! ar e frankly puzzled over th? at- i rass on the validity of the I tempted robbery. No clues as to the Urslssippl taw Imposing a $25 to •, Identity of the burglar or burglars $100 tn.x on cotton brokers. •': has been uncovered. The federal district court held the !r,w Invalid. The supreme, court ruled jurisdiction should have been to the state. courts. The law's validity was attacked •' a group of Chirksdalc-, Miss*., brokers who contended the tax wis CN undue burden on Interstate coirf- hierce. The brokers, contendy llicir business was-entirely "lhie?i slate since all cotton bought' by them was scld to manufacturers In other states. Trip, state contended it was the only tax which the brokers pi'.d for the prlvlhgc of doing business there. Mother of State Supreme Court Justice Is Dead FORT SMITH. Feb. 15. (TJP)- Funeral services for Mrs. Belle Humphreys, 91-year-old native of Arkansas, were to be. held today. She was the- mother of Justice T. H. Humphreys of the Arkansas supreme .court; Another son, John Humphreys of' Shreveport, and a daughter, Mrs. Conifl of Fort Smith, also survive her. Memphis Pastor and Wife Killed in Auto Accident BHOWNSVILLE. Tcr.R, Feb. 15 IUP)—The Rev. Harold c. Johnson, 29, Memphis. Seventh Day Adventist pastor, and his wife were burned to death near here last right when their automobile crashed into a. wrecking car r-n the highway and caught fire. Identification of the couple was estnb- )ished after the crash when n thirr' person In the machine, Mrs. L V. Jones, 50, also of Memphis, re L gained consciousness. ' The pastor and his wife were returning to Memphis from a rcllg- _ bit Lutheran Church Calls Texarkana Pastor TEXAHKANA, Ark., Feb. 15 (UP) —Rev. Paul Schmidt has received a call to the pastorate of the Church of the Redeemer, Second Lutheran church al Memphis, and has said he may accept. He is pss- tor of the Lutheran church here. Enter Oaciola Store OSCEOLA, Ark. — liurglnrs Inst night visited Guy Bryant's Grocery Committee Makes Excep-rCaught High in Colorado store but officers had been unable to determine xt noon today if the visH might be termed successful. - The thieves Jammed the door of the store "safe tight "and-officers and locksmiths hurt been unable to open it this morning. They were aiio wonJcvlin; If th» dcoi- lliwaneil the thieves or If It jammed when they attempted to open It. The safe docs (or did) contain over J2.0CO In cash and checks. If loral locksmiths fall to open the safe today It will be carried to Memphis for further attempts by skilled locksmiths. Adopt Installment Plan for Auto License Tags LITTLE ROCK..rob. 15. (UP)— Arkansas motorists started buying their 1932 automobile licenses on lh» Installment plan today, one- fourth cash, the remainder In three payments. The tags, listed among the highest priced in the country, range to as much as $45 - per can. Officials explained the step was taken as a relief measure ns it was estimated at, least 1.COO automobiles would no', be ojjsraled t'nis yair if owners Monticello Processor New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. 15. (UP)-Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 681 681 670 673 J Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 700 713 738 754 760 700 715 738 755 760 705 127 744 151 693 709 730 747 755 Spots closed steady and unchanged at MONTiCELLO, Ark., Feb. 15 imjll 1 n,c,LjLAJ l ATii., T C 0. 13. ^Jlulllull! ft\SLpl IjllU CUHlrUl Ul <UP)~ Add to the oddities credited llit? Blgantlc financial system by to college professors that of bicycle riding. Mathematics Professor A. H. Boyd of Monticcllo A. and M. college can be seen riding his vehicle to school each day. He wns not getting enough exercise, he said, some, however, said it was the high automobile license fee that is responsible. of Seeks Scar in Congress ' " Mi'ler Residence Ransacked by Thieves The Ike Miller residence, Walnut and Tenth streets, was ransacks " h 'irvcs Saturday night while members of the family were awav from home. Articles of wearing apparel and household goods were removed Entrance was gained through B rear door which was forced of>en. monwcalth college, messaged friends here he would be a candidate for congress in the fourth Arkansas district this year. Zeuch Is traveling in Europe en a Gugenhelm fellowship atid v:!ll not be in the stats :o c.i.iipslgn personally. His platform Includes modification of llrjuor laws, uriO;;ip!5vment relief, old age pension, rfsuhtion of public utilities, and no cancellation of international <li-!>:s "so| long as the debtor • nations spend. huge sums on war preparations." I Neu- Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 15. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Mar 679 61? 668 672 May 695 697 687 July 711 713 103 0«t 729 731 723 ° K '« 747 739 7Jlb spoti closed Bteady at 667. off 3. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Woman Reports Theft CS2 703 725 •.I ULHI II LLLII of Mortgage Money otn >' IM * ° J today. The acri.scd New Supreme Court Justice Juilgr Rnij«iiiln Nathan Cardoo tion to Administration Economy Program. WASHINGTON, Frt. 15 |(UP)— , liiklng prohibition enforcement an exception to Ihe general 'govern- Rockies in Mountain]Avalanches. : ' ; ALAMOSA, Col., Feb. IS <UP)A solid._ wall of ,li», snow, "and- exception to Hie R encrRl govern- rocks .*\ feet .high »ud two' rnl>' mcnt economy progrnm, the. houso 'thlckV Iwld two pa^nrer (ralii ' '- No Senate Opposition to Confivmalion o.f New Yorker. Is Expected, -i WASHINGTON, Feb. 15., (UK)— nunjamiji Nulhan Cardoso, 'a judge who believer wiUi Oliver Wendell Holmes that Uw must chanfe'wlth the iUnes, wu appointed ttSda'y. ty PrjKldent Hbover to take Holmes' place on th« supreme court-bench. The nonilnnilon, u' non-partlsau one, was sent to the senate and-4* expected to be confirmed with llltle or no opposition. ,• . •" .•' . Curdozo, «')ean man' of 01 wllti high tor«h<%l and plercuig bltiu. eyes, was widely' ippwvcd by* Uad-' er.s of the legil profession and of tlw senate. His appointment' constitutes i\ recognition by Mr Haover that his otiteiahdlhs qualities and ability outweigh the fiict New Vork slate already had two of the nine Judges of {lie highest tribunal, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes nnd Justice' Harian' Fiske. stone'. Cardozo, now chief Justice of his state's lilghest, court, the court-p( appeals, his s«rved for 17 years on Die state bench. He was. elected and r«fleoUd, following r his a'p-. POlntment 6y Cfovernor Whitman, Vith the-support of both party'or- gnnlzationc ,.-cciiuic Ior:elit. sen y«irs Benjamin Nathaii' : p3r. dwo never h«. been'anything,but ' a Judire; and .» good one, the lay puoUc ha« kno*h'little of the h->w Cit'dczo appropriations committee today re- and/a score of prrtcil an annual supply bill for ' ' " the Justice, state, labor and commerce departments. . Included in the Justice department recommendation was an $11,- 3tiO,5flO Item for the bureau of r.iohfoltlon, the fnme .amount allowed in this year's budget. following the precedent'set by other ' apprcpiiallon bills reported Hits session, (he house commlllee I ranis bound on Ciimbres pass today. • * roarlnj anow ^Hde which . --,.. n ed 'down '_ a mountain side, taking rocks and trees, before It, hurtled over a lorge and onto the tracks Friday. . • Another . slid: blocked the tralnt from the rear, trapping them high on the pase, 10,000 feet above s«a'level. 1 For three days giant- rotary snow plows have attempted to h«c!c nway , , ' •-•" f— ••" »™«v ""•••niJJitii wj imuK. UMiIlV flashed der-drtmeiual expenditures (he great snow and ice wall To- rotislderably below President Hoov- day they had reached a point 3'.'i .r'£ bud-ct recommendation. A miles from -the trains . A tniie total ^appropriallon of 5124,713,018 nnd a half of the distance, is clear but the two-mile wall remained.' • . . • Working in- trmperatures' below- zero railroad men .hoped to reach the trains .some, Pus- sangers on the trains were suffering no hardships as food and ivaler Is always stored on mountain trains In the winter months for such emergencies. tor All expenses of the four de partments Is carried in the bill. This represents a decrease of. more than $5,000,000 from the budget figure and is $14,000,000 under expenditures for the current fiscal Giannini Regains Control of Trans-American Corp. lion, dollar banker who started as a fruit merchant, came back • out of his retirement today to wrest control of the trans-American cor- Q -. » . r !»• i control of the trans-American cor- UltS AutO tor Bicycle poratlon from Wall street In ft spectacular battle cf proxies. Giannini swept • into control o( 15.311.57 votes out of odd votes cost. the U.S. WinsOryaipk Four Man Sled Race LAKE PLACID, H. Y. Feb 15 (UP)—Billy Flske drove Ihe United States number one four-man bob sled to victory In the final event of the third winter Olympic games today. U. S. A. number one had a total elapsed time cf 7 minutes, 53.68 seconds for the four runs. Fiskc thus repeated-the victory he NetTO Youth Confeues registered In the second games uegro IOUIR v.oniesies at st Mnurl(z ln 192a SfConA \ m _ Murder of Little Girl' 0 " «'«»' to U. S. number two |Sleered by Henry Homburger. The Pim.ADEl.'.'BlA, Peb. 15 (UPi—', acrninn flc(I driven by Hans Killan His pious hopes of heaven lid I was thlrc! ' his fear of hell caused Willie n. 1C, r.egro, to confess tin brutal nt'.nck and murder of Do.'7, police announced LITTLE ROCK, Peb. 15. (UP) — Mrs. Blanche Campbell was won- d«rlng today what sr.e would use : to pay off the morljage on Ihe old ' - - nomtstead. She reported to police I n .. ; she fell asleep in her automobile Unties of St. FranCIS 1 2 S 5-8 10 Caterpillar Tractor .".. 123-8 ; Chrj-sler 12 1-2 ' George Barham Named Conference Delegate; - boy will be ar- Clcnnre W. TVirham of this cltv •"IniK-' t'(ta- on cbarRrs of imir- has been appointed u delegate tr ctr. He brcke after 30 hours o' the White House Conference o ChlW Welfare and Protection, t be held March 1 and i at LHMf Rock ->s lhl« stair'' f'i'-n--ii-> «f "id ttut wr.en"shj opeiiedTcr eyes I" D"" "(T "I- " "„""" . 'h« ^^"e House conference h*I4 she discovered the money which KlVer Victims Recovered a ' Washington In November, 1930 !>ad been sent her to pay the debt ' ^? tC ,~ Klde , 1 or E a "'wtlon; inter. T..(VP rtTV. Ark. F«b 15 (UP) csted ln activities aflecting c!i!l- -Bodles of two men who drowned dren ar ° teln ? ask <* ! 'o send n' " d wafrs 'f 'h" Ft - rr-y ".wntatlvcs. Mr. Eetham will °.-, vhen their boat pounded to Sf * representative of the Arkansas January 20 were recovered T ^' bprcul< wl !! as«ocl»ti-n, eight miles below here late yea- e ls ° ^ lr N!or. been sent her to pay the debt been stolen 1. 1- C L 1 n 35Ki Schools KCOpen SiiK«rrintinn Plan ploccs auDscnption rian ln nood wafrs river Cities service Coca Cola Continental Baking General Electric General Motors .....'. Mfddtfcwest Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard •. Radio Simmons .......... Standard of N j 05 5.3 Texa« Co ""12 0. a. steel ...'.'.I'.'.'.','. 47 3.+ terday, b. 15. (UP)—, The men, Arthur Mathewson, 50, Crural schools ,-md John Hall, 37, were dromed c j ~nn.->* «(*«>> TM.-s7iC U'Ul rWIirtlG *]/ fi f 'Erj r m ,• , . the 'f duties on a tulUims schedule. : ^ 7-8 'All but one of the 22 institutions-1 2Z r-s ,wili reopen this wee*. Tenc)ier5 ; ' *?•? i«« V(? UP their jobs when they re-1 '»? f » i fu! *<l to work without pay. A sub- ^1 l-ft VXI-t..!!-.. . . . . ... their duties on a full time schedule. in' ' in f-o "'o-i clK'ri-t All buf ™» „< m» 22 inslIUitlDiis | Bradford Merchant Dies from natural causes was thr of a coroner's Jury after J. W. Williams, 57, prominent mer- -m <-->™f Moves to Tennessee — p Saturday for Troy, Tcnn., to make their home. Mr. Grimes will ma -age a^ftrm past „ —'" Tribute, Yet when President -Hoover b;-'>; ean. to cast about for 'a siic-->«ar to Oliver ,Wendell 'Holmes, resign- 1 ed assocut* Justice of the U- s- ' supreme -.6ourt,".-'lt 'became evident' that Judge Cardozo was In no wis»- unknown to. high Jurists and' cdu- cators- throughout - the- country Tribute . to. -Mr attalnmtnts and character ! has ibeon • paid'-by the deans of the law schools ;ot Colum- • bio, ' vale, Michigan. 1 -- -California and PennsyWdnla; Their, .praise was echoed by 'prominent •Re'p'iibll- • cans and Dsrnocrats,' cbiisci^ailveS-'- and liberals, IrgUlafors and'-lrusinesn men. - - • . •. . Those *-ho favor him declare- hlj" Judicial opinions, his style of Erie- Jlsh.-his learning and idealism entitle him to rank with -Justice Holmes. ... ; Judge Cardozo wlli be the second Jew on the supreme-' bench,' a'nti perhaps as liberal a one as Justice Louis Dcmbltz Brnndels. He was- born in New Yorlt 62 years ajo From the first a brilliant student he received his A. B. degree' froiri Columbia University, al-the' age of 19. His law degree was obtained a year later, but he had to'walt until he was 21 before he could b° ad-' mltted to the bar. • - " Rl»e Is Brilliant The attorney was only 44 when he became a Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, but at the same time he wa» assigntd by Governor Glynn to serve as Judre cf the Court of Appeals. Before Judge Cardozo's original term as Suprema Court Justice had expired he was elected 'assoei»t» judge of the Court of Appeal? and In 1927 was named chisf" Judge.- •••• Seepage Under Pemiscat County Levee Continues CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Th« Mississippi river oi canit'hersvllic was believed »t 1U peak Sunday, but another has fceen predicted In the next week. The seepage under th» neu- l«v«e about a mile north of town "is greater than It has been, and men are continually working- reinforcing with sandbags all along thi sides of the 'ditch which runs between the levee and the new Highway 84. Th« ditch.Is sand-bawM for approximately a quarter ot mile, and the water Is flowln? tsa' " ily tticugb the sand b?is 30 years. Mr. Grimes of the Grimes .Lumber < and later manager of WEATHER ARKANSAS — Clourty, n.'r. toiihht and Tuesday. According to tho orTidal w^^t\-- observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., the maximum ismpcrature here yesterday was 55 degrees and the mln. ii-iiim 3D degrees, 'cloud? with .3',

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