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THE WEATHER U. S. Bureto Daily EAGLE WALL STREET Stocks and Curb Closing Price 94th YEAR No. 153 BROOKLYN POST- NEW YORK CITY, MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1935 30 PAGES THREE CENTS NORMANDIE SMASHES ALL-TIME RECORD RESTAURATEUR DIES rl 1 A H72l EVncf Phnn nf V.trsf sliV A 7M i ri mintitu TXIIlUlliy III tM Karpis' Aide Confesses in jSets 4 Marks As City Roars I Its Welcome Mammoth French Liner "Fastest Ship Afloat Crowds Jam Shore The Normandie, record-shatter Normandie, escorted by an armada of small craft, as seen from with the sailing vessel at right and the excursion boat drawn up Commodity $'' Index In Rate Fixing Barred Pounds to Aid Bremer Case Davis Held in Chicago-Abduction in Tacoma Laid to a Local Gang St. Paul, June 3 0P Volney Davis, convicted murdered and the Karpis-Barker gang member sought in the $200,000 Edward G.

Bremer kidnaping, was held heavily man acled by Federal agents here today following his arrest in Chicago Sat- Davis was rushed here by airplane from Chicago early thL morning. His arrest was confirmed in Washington by J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after it had become known when Davis was rushed to the Chicago Airport and placed Scout Karpis Link There was evidence in Federal quarters at Washington today that a "local Northwest Pacific rather than survivors of the Bar- ker-Karpis mob, is suspected of the $200,000 Weyerhaeuser abduction Tacoma, Wash. this group was involved. Witnesses had reported seeing Davis at Tacoma, but observers here were inclined to class this as a physical impossibility.

Seen Near Tacoma Davis also was identified tenta tively last week as having been in Tacoma May 24, the day George was kidnaped and held for $200,000 Confirmine reDorts that the rest of Davis followed a shooting affray, Hoover said: "We had a slight unpleasantness while taking Volney into custody." He declined, however, to reveal more details. ravi. who is 33 wax arrested, bv Federal agents last February, but made a spectacular break at York- villa. 111., bv striking his guard over the head with a beer stein and jumping through a window. Companion of Mrs.

Edna (Rabbits) Murray, the "kissing bandit" who was freed of the Bremer con spiracy charge, Davis is accused by Continued on Page IS Industrials Rise With Utilities Up Stocks shook more or less free of NRA upset worries today and rallied substantially to 2:30 o'clock. Industrials scored a gain of nearly 1 1 1 points to that time, and utilities averaged a little more than point up. led by American Telephone which rose l'i points. Rails were backward, yielding part of their early gains, and standing only slightly above Saturday in late Strength in Swiss francs and other gold bloc currencies, following tlie conservative swing in the Swiss plebiscite, was a feature of the financial markets. Swiss francs were up 32 points late, and guilders 27 points.

French francs gained l'a points to 6.62 'i cents. Sterling was up slightly at $4.924. Cotton suffered a sharp break, losing as much as $1.75 a bale. Later it rallied but then slumped again. Wheat converted an early rise of nearly 1 cent a bushel into a loss of 'a cent.

Corn was to 1 cent higher. Import staples were steady Bonds were irregular. Prices on the New York Curb were mainly a little higher. I Stork Table on Page 21) Elope With Landi? O'Connor Is Silent Washington, June 3 IP) J. F.

T. O'Connor, Controller of the Currency, today refused any comment mi published reports that EUssa Landi, actress, was "waiting for the rue" to elope with him. He merely In Today 's Eagle York Shore Road. The size of alongside the Normandie. Dodge Selects Racket Prober Hint Isidor Kressel Is I Choice for Special In vestigation Prosecutor Brimming over with satisfaction like a man who has just successfully completed a troublesome task, District Attorney William C.

Dodge in Manhattan faced newspapermen today and revealed he has selected a special prosecutor to aid the March grand jury's probe of vice and gambling. After a series of eliminations. appeared obvious this afternoon that Isidor J. Kresel. one of New York's foremost criminal lawyers, was the name selected by Dodge.

In a phone conversation with The Eagle today Kresel refused to admit or deny that he has received the appointment. "I have picked one name out of seven suggested to me by the grand jury committee," Mr. Dodge said. "He was acceptable to the jurors." Then when it appeared that the gentleman's name would next fall from the District Attorney's lins. Mr Dodge confounded his audience by declining to reveal who he had appointed.

Mr. Dodge explained he won't an- nounce his choice until several I necessary lormalties have been disposed of. such as an appropriation by the Board of Estimate of the necessary funds to pay the new prosecutor. He did say his choice was a well known trial lawyer now engaged in conducting a trial. Mr.

Dodge spent 20 minutes with the Grand Jury this morning, after which that body adjourned until next Monday. The Grand Jury filed ten indictment against eight persons, who will be charged with perjury in connection with bail bond frauds. Helen Moody Wins In British Match Wrvbridge, England. June 3 Making the first start of her comeback campaign, Helen Wills Moody, former world's tennis champion, trounced Miss J. M.

Notley of England, 62, 60, in the second round of the St. George's Hill tournament PRINCE ERIK'S DIVORCE READY Copenhagen, June 3 (IP) Court attaches said today that a divorce of Prince Erik from his wife, the former Lois Booth, was in the hands of the king and that it was indicated he would sign the document within two weeks. with sight ol New York tall tOWen Then I member of the crew stumbled upon his hideout below decks. He put Pera under arrest and was taking him to the captain when Pera broke away and Vanished, he crew began to search the ship. As they entered an unused they heard a muffled shot.

Under the bed they found Pera. a pistol in his hand and a bullet through his head. Ull li TT III Sweep Prize Of $30,000 Muriel Carlson Saved Up Pennies and Didn't Tell Dad, Policeman By ART ARTHUR The pennies a ten-year-old child saved day by day to buy a speep-stakes ticket brought her a $30,000 reward this morning. The lucky child was Muriel Carlson of 1731 45th St daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

J. J. Carlson. The father is a patrolman in the New York Police Department. A cable from Dublin early today advised the Carlsons that little Muriel was one of the seven Americans who drew residual prizes in the Irish Hospital Trust Sweepstakes.

The residual prizes are worth 6,000 pounds, approximately $30,000. Saved Up Her Pennies "She had been saving up to buy the ticket ever since her tenth birthday on Jan. 27th." her happy tatner told tne Eagle toaay. ner aunt cave her a flying start by pre senting her with a dollar. "After that she just kept putting away the odds and ends until she had enough.

She got pennies for going to the store. Other odd pen nies she saved by not buying canay And we used to give her a few pen nies now and then for being a goo girl. Youngsters always need a little coaxing like that, you know. "It took her a couple of months to save up the two dollars and a half, or whatever it is, to buy the ticket," the father related. "I didn't know anything about it.

She got Continued on Page 2 Plans Held Up By Roosevelt Waits Reactions as He Takes Steps to Shape Policy to Court Edict Washington, June 3 (P) President Roosevelt today prepared further steps to bring Government activity in coniormity witn tne supreme Coure decision ending NRA. but reserved a declaration of seneral policy to meet the setback until later in the week. The next White House announcement on secondary details is expected within 24 hours. Mr. Roosevelt conferred with Speaker Byrns.

No message to Congress was in prospect. Waits for Reaction After his conference with the President, Speaker Byrns expressed it as his "personal opinion" that nothing should be done about a constitutional amendment until the final effect of the Supreme Court's NRA decision had been determined. "Nothing definite has been determined about NRA, so far as I know," the Speaker told newspapermen. "Probably next week we will know something." His "own idea." he added, "is to stay here and get it over with" Continued on Page 2 Continue Siege At Relief Bureau The siege of the Emergency Relief Bureau headquarters at 902 Broadway will continue. A meeting today between Oswald W.

Knauth, executive director of relief, and a delegation of three representing the Unemployment League for the Physically Handicapped, failed The delegation spokesman, Hyman Abramowitz of 308 S. 5th expressed himself as dissatisfied with the answer Knauth gave to their demands. He declared that he and his two fellow members of the delegation would go right on sitting in the corridor outside Mr. Knauth's office until the demands are met. The league's demands include a boost in relief allowances and more employment for its members.

moved a Dr. Ralph BUTke, the ambulance phM clan, received a slight injury of the right, hand. The ambulance, driven by Everett Hammerquest of K79 Vantlerbilt Ave was going east on Clarkson Ave. when it collided with the automobile, which was being driven north on Rogers Ave In Jos, ih Pfelfer of 54-19 Linden St. Both drivers escaped Injury.

in VI vv The giant French liner the liner may be compared Housing Plans Calledjllegal But Court Indicates Approval of Williamsburg Section Project The Williamsburg housing proposition met opposition today when the constitutionality of the city project was attacked before Justice Lockwood in Supreme Court. Corporation Counsel Windels applied for the order that would vest title in the city of all properties involved and at once enable razing old and building apartment houses of low rentals to start. Peter Feinberg, attorney for 35 owners whose properties are to be taken, and which are in "strategic points" within the 12 square blocks, told Justice Lockwood his clients contend the project is unconstitutional because the owners have not received legal notice. See Discrimination Another ground of attack is that it constitutes "class discrimination." Continued on Page 2 Sues N.Y. Official For Split of Fee Deputy State Commissioner Doris today denied on the witness stand that he had agreed to split a commission with Sherman of 1521 Ocean Ave.

for getting Doris the job of selling some real estate to the Port of -New York Authority. Sherman is suing Doris before Supreme Court Justice Adel and a jury for $1,250. which he claims as his share of the commission Sherman told the jury that in 1032 he persuaded the L. De Maio Realty Corporation to engage Dori to sell some property on W. 41st Manhattan, to the Port Authority.

In return, he said, Doris promised to give him 25 percent of his com- The property was sold for $170,000, he charged, and Doris got His commission but failed to turn over the agreed share amounting to $1,250. Doris declared he never made any such U. S. Wins Its Fight For Mellon Records Washington. June 3 OP) A long fight to subpena records of the Union Trust Company of Pittsburgh connection with Aiuirev, w.

Mel-Ion's income tax case wa won today by the Government. A subdivision of the Board of Tax Appeals reconsidered its previous refusal and issued the subpena. Grand Jury Sworn One Member Dies The June grand jury was sworn in today by County John J. Fitzgerald In the County Court. The foreman is Edward J.

McCarthy of 24 Monroe Place, and the acting foreman, Soloman O. Proops of 8632 Bay Parkway Word was received at the court that Francis A Frisse of 1041 Bushwlck who was to have been ai ting foreman, died suddenly last night. Joe Balzarini Joe Balzarini Dies Suddenly Popular Restaurateur, 74, Stricken at Midnight in His Apartment "Joe" is dead. Joseph Balzarini, known to thou sands of Brooklynites who patronized his well-known borough restaurants, died at 1 a.m. today in his apartment In the Towers Hotel, where he had been stricken with a heart attack an hour earlier.

Two physicians were at his bedside, their efforts were unavailing. Joe, who was 74, attended to his duties at the restaurant at Fulton and Plerrepont Jp. yesterday and I then took a motorcar ride to visit many of his relatives. He was appar ently In the best of health when he returned to me noiei ai iu p.m. Although there are other "Joes" in the restaurant business in the city, Joe Balzarini was the original.

He was born in Italy and when a as taken to Argentina to uve. ime to this country at the age of 22 and started his career in Manhattan. He started in the fruit business in a small way after work ing for a man In that line and from Continaed on Page 15 Italians Are Slain In Border Clash Rome, June 3 (IP) The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed today of a new, serious frontier incident between Italy and Ethiopia on the Somaliland border. The dispatch to the ministry gave 3 details but it was understood in official quarters that there were dead and wounded on both sides. The ministry asked for further details, Including the scene of the clash, and an official communique on the subject is expected eitner tonight or tomorrow.

Charges that Great Britain is furnishing Ethiopa with arms and that British officials are encouraging Emperor Halle Selassie of Ethiopia in many ways were made today by the newspaper. Giornale D' Italia. Seagulls on His Farm Delay His Planting Younestown. N. June 3 (Pi- Thousands of seagulls have chosen Raymond Bradley's 30-acre field in the town of Porter for a resting place and because they are delaying his planting he thinks the State ought to do something about it.

When not diving for fish in the Niagara River which empties into Lake Ontario here, the birds spend leir time in the field. If he them off one part of his land, Bradley says, they move to another section. ing French sea queen, was off the end of the triple-decked steel pier at the foot of W. 48th Manhattan, at 2:40 p.m. today.

Cheers rang out from a mob of 2.000 persons on the dock and thousands more in the streets. By WILLIAM WEER With a string of records in her foaming wake France's bid for supremacy on the high seas, the mammoth Normandie, steamed majestically into the harbor today amid unrestrained acclaim by welcoming craft and cheering thousands lining the shores. The blast of whistles and the staccato thunder of zooming planes combined to make a deafening roar as the 73.000-ton liner cut the sparkling waters of the Narrows and swung toward Quarantine to drop her huge mudhooks at precisely 12:03 p.m. Promptly at 1.38 the Normandie pulled up anchors and swung into the channel through which she crept with great care toward Manhattan where countless thousands waited on tops of skyscrapers for a glimpse. Averaged 29.68 Knots The mythical Atlantic blue ribbon was nailed securely to her masts with the amazing average speed ol 29.68 knots from Southampton to Ambrose as compared with the Italian liner Rex's average of 28.92 knots set on the run from Glhral-tAr.

No other vessel has ever crossed the Atlantic at the average speed turned in by this new French champion. It was the fastest northern lane crossing, beating by almost three hours the time of 110 hours, 27 minutes made by the German liner Bremen. The Normandie was clocked in 107 hours and 33 minutes. Sets Another Record The last day of her history-making voyage the Normandie's 160,000 horsepower engines pushed her through the water at a speed of 31.39 knots, the highest sustained speed ever achieved by an ocean liner. And prior to cinching this honor she set a record for a day's run by steaming 748 miles at an average of 29.92 knots, beating the Dr.

C. H. Bellinger To Get Post Here Dr. C. Bellinger of Utica will succeed Dr.

George W. Mills on July 1 as superintendent of the Brooklyn dumb nospitai. mat was the announcement made today at Albany by Dr. Frederick W. Parsons, Commissioner of Mental Hygiene.

Dr. Mills on July transfers to the Creedmoor branch of the Brooklyn State Hospital, which then becomes a separate unit. For the past eight years Dr. Mills has been supervising the Brooklyn State Hospital and the Creedmoor branch, but with the latters growing importance he asked that it be made a separate unit, with himself as superintendent. It is located near Queens Village.

Dr. Bellinger is well known in his field and for the past year has been in the medical Inspection division of the Department of Mental Hygiene. Sift Tale of Torture Death of Rum Czar Providence. June 3 State police and Providence detectives today sought verification of an underworld tale that Danny Walsh, missing rum syndicate chief, was stood in a tub of cement until it hardened about his feet, then thrown alive into the sea. They hoped to get details of the disappearance of Walsh from Arthur Rowland, 43, who police said admitted he attended a "death supper" to Walsh at a cale in Warwick on Feb.

2, 1933. Brlmont Park Result II(T HATE Off 4 i AL1 Viult i iHKKs! i-KHW THEY NEVER QUIT A New Series of AmVlei on Brooklyn Women by Jane Corby Begin. Today; Pint Page, Second Section Zoo Campaign Former Boro President Is ViceChairman Dedication Rites July 3 By JOHN W. SMITH Former Borough President Lewis I H. Pounds, president of the Brook lyn Civic Council, consisting of more than 70 civic organizations throughout the borough, has accepted the vice chairmanship of the Brooklyn Citizens Committee for the Prospect Park This announcement was made today by Louis C.

Willis, president of th" Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, wht Is chairman of the zoo committee, of which former Governor Alfred E. Smith, Park Commissioner Robert Moses and Borough President Raymond V. Inger-soll are honorary members. The treasurer of the committee is Wil-1 liam K. Swartz.

president of the Lawyers County Trust Company. Mr. Pounds, with his influence Continued from Page 9 NorthportHospital Project Planned Washington. June 3 (P) A request for more than $4,000,000 for improvements at New York State Veterans' Hospitals was considered today by Work Relief Administration official.s. including Northport, L.

I. $1,540,000 for a storehouse addition and construction for 800 beds 1 at the Veterans' Administration Facility. SEARCH FOB CRASHED PLANE Malone. N. June 3 (IP) A search by land and air was organized today for a small airplane reported to have crashed in the Adi rondack wilderness near Dexter Lake, 35 miles southwest of Malone.

SNOWSTORM ON MARS Flagstaff. June 3 (IP) As tronomers at the Lowell Observatory are puzzled by a snowstorm not one in Arizona, but one on Mars. The storm which occurred near the north polar cap where the season there is August is the first event of Its nature that has occurred In 30 years, sc ientists said. System of Determinirjg Utility Property Values Is Held Invalid by the Supreme Court Washington, June 3 (IP) New York City lost today in the Supreme Court in its effort to bring suit in the State courts to compel the receiver of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company to main- bunal refused to review a decision of lower courts that the suit should be brought in Federal, rather than State, courts. June 3 UP) Use of certain commodity price indexes in determining the value of utility properties for rate making purposes i the Supreme Court when used by 1 the Maryland Public Service Commission in ordering lower telephone rates tor Baltimore.

It held invalid an order of the Maryland Public Service Commis- sion which required the Chesapeake Telephone company ot Baltimore to put into effect a schedule of rates which would reduce Its annual revenue from intra- Page 3 Wanting to Be Alone, Garho Tries in Vain To Elude Pursuers Chicago, June 3 (Ji Greta Garbo, enigmatic Swedish motion picture star, continued her journey toward New York and her native Sweden today alter an hour and 45 minutes between trains in Chicago, during which time she almosV-but not quite evaded pursuers. Anticipating an intrusion upon her privacy upon her arrival from California aboard the Santa Fe Miss Garbo and Carter Gibson, film executive, left the train at Suburban Semaphore, several miles from the downtown station. Her next appearance was at the Union Station in Chicago, 10 minutes before the Manhattan Limited of the Pennsvlvania left for New York. "Oh. I'm so tired of all this." she said when discovered by reporters.

Took Her Advice To Jump in River Arthur Johnson, 29, of 749 H8th St. will spend today and tomorrov. in Raymond Street Jail in default of $10 fine because he took literally the Buff-! gest ion cf a woman friend to II in the river." Tins wa ruling ot Magi: trato Flip in Bay Ridge Court en Johnson was ar-efore him on a charge of Stowaway Commits Suicide Upon Discovery Aboard Ship Woman Patient's Leg Fractured In Ambulance Crash at Corner Balgason Pera, an unsuccessful stowaway, chose death today in preference to being sent back to his; native Porto Rico. ins suicide was reported by oapt. Fred Folker of the steamship Coa-mo.

when the ship docked at Pier 27. Pera shot himself ns searchers approached the bed under which he was hiding Pera stowed nwny aboard the I Coama as she left Porto Rico and I went undiscovered until the ihip WW being removed luminal, and a physician injured at noon today when a Jewish Hospital ambulance collided ogers Avcs. Both the ambulance The1 patient. Virginia Jordan of 401 Clarkson received a tract lire ot the lelt lei' anil was taken to the Kings County Hospi- to winch sne was Deing re-.

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