The News from Paterson, New Jersey on April 28, 1939 · 67
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 67

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, April 28, 1939
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THE FATESON EVENING HEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 193 9 TFLFPHOW ADVKRTlAAMEXTf 'ARmory 4-2000 THIRTY-ONE Automobile s A( tOMOEILES FOR SALK HIKE I FREE! WORLD'S FAIR COMBINATION TICKET BOOK - GOOD FOR 5 ADMISSIONS 5 FEATURE ATTRACTIONS BE OUR GUESTS TO THE FAIR HERES OUR ACRLD fair specials a j irl eil., trank, i mm ml hr. I 1. '' s liMi ml. . C nh aed., Hadlo, Heater 4H5 C rt (HI Xrdnu. trunk 3IA r i. hard 4 le.. I owner 4HS t out rrt . Barilo, 'trunk S-A r PMMtlne -. rd.. trunk 54. ; I nni Hft Sedan. 'trunk .. 4-3 r IMv mouth edan. 'trunk . -47.1 r cli r t pe., Hndlo. I (hmi nil . . . 575 r n-ulac cdnn, 'trunk. I . mHI nil. ... 54 Il month hedan Deluxe 5I ik i hfi Town 8ed . 1 rnnk 375 -in . hn edan, Trunk. 1 1 1 h 3H5 (i, i, ( oupe. Knee Action 31 1 i .rH Xrdnn I ndor 32 t limiter loupe, Humble .t 35 , i I h rdans end i h from 325 K ii k rdnn, nmnll model 375 A i. .ii me H pe.. Humble 325 n lh.itte bednn, 4 Buy. 21K r. I nl loupe. Perfect .. 21 i . r ! Acilnn Knrilor 2 ti t irtr erinn. Kmr Action 24 t iiMln edan. 1 owner 2t. M I . rrnplsne I utipe t steal" ... 245 H inrrnplnne Sett, radio, h. ur 17 Slimier t oupe. rumble nrnt 24, U l.rrnplane t f oupe . 7 I. iiiimohllf Aednn 12 U hp ritlcf I ouch A I oupe fl. No Down Payment Cirs Up To $300 ( Kilr Tiikeii-With i i rs At SI. VI S 0 rr. RELIABLE MOTOR SALES 1 1.,, of Ih. High R.nt Pllrirt' Cr West Broadway fe Belmont Ave. Paterson. 4 Passaics Pontiac Dealer IIKKHW Thf Worlds Fairest Bargains N r iflnc d 2-dmr 5b u p, mine Him. loupe . 575 n 1 h rriilef III town ed. 51 w P niisr n 4-door 'lour. . R4 ' hi u H 2-tor Tour 545 1 h r rolet I own ednn . 3i l. due 4-door lour. .. 4 i.imsr Bn, loupe .. 4i I uiiiai1 5 edn luntlsi tl 2-dr lour. . 52 1 1 li t rolet town Aednn -T t I n(1 w e kpnrl 4 oupe . . 13 A 1 ims -11? mouthe-llodge 1 5 . Pi. month P H. Rdoler. . M ( be wo let tons. 4 oupe . 5 V sH MTION K 75 II f ( .11 .lt DK i t.'M'h l Is A hs n fc. mm i ah rMMi-v rui( ML ! U Als & TKKMS. City Motors Sales (II, INC. n2 MAIN AVE. n.siir, . J. UillSUAL VALUES IN USED GARS $525 495 425 350 375 295 H.M. SMITH, Inc. Market & 21th ST. MIKRW00D 2-2310 1 d t ar Sow on IHiplaX 4t One I sed (sr bl v Market and hagt 8L WEEKLY SPECIALS Tador M 'ATS '! Radta and '..ltk IM MIC J.Iiiip Npdaf ...o...p.. -" f-d Daiau 1 ge p, ' 100 ,g0 t8 t WHrrs ta (Haase Fram X 4)wi Fsvmant , M (ora I wrier die JAMES AUTO SALES flindp a ad Pl.iaaalh Dmlar ramptaa l.kM, S. 4, b-r-o-g-a-n USED CAE DEPT. TampMa Ha.ttaa O "diw lad ra" 1015 MARKET 8T. , SHFR. 2-9410 - ' 1 Automobiles AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE SAVE MONEY HERE Used Cars at Bargain Prices Hudson, Hilly. Oirrlmd and Ml. Truck Dealer Fd Ann mi 41 of nr (ar In. lne. Monotnin A lew opp. 3 eta) 11 PACKARD I rase I. ike nr One owner Liehgnn a, 11)38 Market si Paterson SH 2-28, FORD 5-pasg Pe Luxe club 'ipe, heater, 1-owner f 475 Trade accepted. Ridgewood 6- 1MK J H Old ''udnr Tiunk 34 Phe mint Coupe len Jaong. Market, K 4- iAg $47fr 3'5 AH 33rd P v mouth Trmk Seda n . . . $ "4 Cheint R S Qmipo.... 1 jl ('hctjniet Nation Wagon 1i5 Van imo Mtrs PJymouf h-Defmto inn', Maple At Glen Hk. HI 6-330& Chf,rv!el Rumble sent .C,hiim . nw pamt - good tiles . . , llhil Cal SHerwnnod -b23 4 IS8 H fcJV HOLE I COlfK, rad o, hMin nevt tiiea LA 1-SPA 'I tins FOR SALK RI.HULT KoUii VI Motor., Il'Vn, 4 $'( (with toira ex- chanaei Paieiaon C'hnder He-oonditnninR .Service, 3c0 E. 27 th st I. A 3 i?'8 2 Announcements I'EKSO.NAL SI'RIM. I'HINTI, S jil.. SI. Ktl. . M. Vim llka, Tl .III. on, enr. ironpe4. tll.kwi nne selection of new prints. I heapent In town. A. Arkwartn. H l.odwln Axe. Open teninan. AOENCA KIR HAMILTON. Mln. Oulera wntekee. Hnlpdf-M Jeweler, JOS AA . Bwnp, near Hple Ave. HMIIMAN DROP IIOIUPS I99 KA J B UcAleree &a?U VW Hammer 8t IsMMK-S DRKSSjjB jlff( m,w 1 bild en dteasea Ueg .1, l M ludk a, 2 3 I'nlon H il 'HllhOA I- 1,0 AS EH MAHKKT, 100 Fnet Main at. Rosea, 3c each and up. f nneral deolgno. A editing Hniiquetn fl up. MIA UL1 AT 40' OKI PEI New Ostrex Tonic Tablet contain raw otsfer Inv igorators and other at 1 m-u.atita (ins d se start new pep a!ue fl I"! Special pri e f9c. Call Or wr'ie The Health Shop " ntlCTlCAL NLRSING Finplovment uar - Join Now 1 I 'f a t k al N Mains; Si hool I'M Hum Paterson - AF 4-44'M ? Employment HLLI UVUII IKMALK uTE I'eraona anwe,-ing adter-1 1 a menu should nut ancioan or.jC-rai iefarencea Coplra erve the lamt pirpose and avoid poaalu.e oas of valuable orig na n i 1 1 Ni Sith in, w thou ph nen e fu 1 kn w edge of hnokkteping and uuipeient x en-turaplu 'or itrarto x office Norn na sh l r i,r f mil P'ron ni h , nont'iM nd "1 (m- 1 p to e ci t mIv take i urge p-f Pr p 1 1 f 1 all mt, har'k" iiuiu1-rR e 1 , r e 1 inn landwMt 1 k I'erpona aipn a' ii H r r ne 1 onaideTAd romn Ar 1 t h i ei, Ini , 1 "i - lth Ave, HH AM-,1 LA BE A LTV SCHOOL 'a'e L censed 0deat Kei abie School in Jersey Day-Evening Classen Enroll Now 7 Chn-. h , Pate son AR. 4-S97J 4! Kl.AIMLH ever f 1 H rm erv e Intcr-fpinig d- pt 'nplen Id opp rtunlt' XdlroH T.inp ivnic'iT Mg, c o r i f, AA-Ar A JOB Learn Heauty ( ul-ture! AArlte or phone for free booklet now. Amte licensed. Modern College of Beauty 4 utture, 22 Main M., Hackensack. HA. 2- HHIH, SVHITK 1 M I fo- n!Kt houo. I M t K iLiU-.-. l,i 2 dl! Ap P1' r'rV- 4 p n , -u.ind fior, I ! i K A v I.A'MKs mi 3 1 o a hi c 11 m n iv i'h g t , h e 1 ehoppp I n M Now ry , Hi'V o ai manager id e w e r- A r to R'x I'll V M rhr.Rk tin a 1 d 1 n homp t 2 1 New it HAA1FR Beauty AchooL Paosalc'a first and finest. Lleensed k State. Complete eoursea. Fnroll now. KM Mala Are. Paoaalo 3-857. PI lilWtKI Hr r4 W H ' I r4 VV H 1 1 I e 4S HU. I A AN I Kit MALE. C 4 L s s'liu ) -- v-n r rr ri i o m rtp.i" t ir t v pi 1 n 'i 1 e ie a1 M t nrs L)ra ! '1 den t'- orAjrrn' 'ag ., jo,! f ( JtlwsAg n hand t wn f r e O it 'hien k 1 mv ti sad 4 ip, i!,l, h ki T. w vvte fl, 'h' 'l ,WR Y I I- Rl PN ! 8' 1 C- fit a f ' 51 p iu.i ex per ten i 2 I N vl tre w .ndE j b i e ah 00 1 e i - B SM fl X s 1 1 1 1 L 13 vA I U ex pet e"t ed pj I r , Hi 1 1m Lake Hawaii I Nl 1 1 A riON AN1EI1 MALE IAMs tru BACHELOR GIRLS Looks Like a Rival WCLUCAPTAIN 0O8,Z GUCSS YOllVt TOLO US ALL-THERt IS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS CONtTRAPTlON 3 Employment IXftTRl'CTIOAft MAIK FEMALE i PRIVATE ACCORDION intruc-I tlon. Jack lAyatt, 10C West I Haledon Ave. AR. 4-281 i Business Services BIILM.NG CONTRACTOR KALKL ANI 5AX General Re pairing carpentrr work re mod ehng, atore fronts Umbert ?-fllri - LA 3-2of7 FliOOR SURFACING LET DR VREELAND Vltra tfoii your floor. Parquet and hardwood floors laid SH Cor estimates FLOO'R SCRAPKD f U a foot up floors waxed end polished she lacked, varnnhed Ask or es tim LA 8-U41-W PAINTING, MI'EHING. DKCORATlMs ANY LOOM PAFLRFD. I OO. Labor, nmtena s Ialntinw. Ks tim&tes frea Rubemtein and Fin-negan, 248 Harrison SHer 3-62n9 PAINTING PAFER1NQ, any room papered $3 80 complete (1939 designs). Guaranteed. Stltoa. 571 Main St LA. S-I61I EXHEH T PAPERHANGING 9k par room, labor and material: also painting Bernstein. 202 Harrison St. L 1-6499. 'PAINTING - Decorating Pa paring Beet materials Guaranteed Prices right. Vresland, 142 Wayne Ave SH 1-596 till PER ROOM Paper-ha n jc 1 ng Inoluding materiais, pal siting Alto, work guarenteed. estimates given. Wm. Lerner. 41 Brldga fit HHerwood 3-6762. PAPEKHAMOLNG A Painting Work guaraotaad. Interior, agtarlor Best references Free estimate! New Jersey Decorating Co., til Main St, Kltay Btdg. SH. 3-23 20 Mi 2-1912 ROMANS ICYS MAIN Paint tttora. 518 Main. Painting, decorating Hoorn papered $5 95 np interior exterior Guaranteed SHer 2-I2S5 HKATING, ri.lMBlNO kl'HMIR M I'l'l 2 CO. All. 2-IHMj 45 It Her ft., Cor. . B'way. Plumbing A heating anp-plles. Faay payment plan. 910 PER MONTH new Bathroom, FH A No D hv n Papsnt P'umbmic Heat rut Hoofing Swingling 'ini He nod !ng Sa.h Plumti'ng Surp H'th Ave at Fait 2 r 1 h . Patem, RH 2-497 LAMiSCTING T'H SOIL,- ftet qniH), iLreened and reg'iiaj RJiKood 6-5409 Fvpning a 1 1 I.Amttv-ir 3 Ifioe MO l.N, 1 KICKING, HTOKAieK KANE & VBRNAl Lecll, long dtetanca moving padded vana Light trucking, storage. Reason-able SH 2-6400 R BARBXroW Local, long dla-tance, furniture-piano moTlo expressing Experienced men. ?lt Ave SH 2-7S74 METAL CEILINGS HLHRMARN MKTAL Celling dm. See ear Showreou, 14 Aw. Msslss At. lH. 2-5M53 . 911, 2-UlT. 5IE1AL LLlLI.NGa Let me you an Otfnate on metal ceiling Arthur Council, 125 Knickerbocker Ave Phone LAm 2-4179 MATTRFAs HMoMIhG MATfHI S'' RENO AljNu Burnt (Hy eire AG work gutran-teed AH 4- 1 M KOOH.NG MA4HISL1 HHOfl Pateraoua OMeet Iteofera. yairiag a lyeeiallr, 82 Park bit. 2-272V. KXP4HTA ON IIAK1 KuiiKS Aito new roofing sate stag -phalt h(ng es asbestos I nn net And snow g iari o rr aired MAHIIN HiHiUMj (O., 5 LesiiO At Mlernood DOK9 104 H HOOP IKAKf Call Ounlaao Reefing f a. i.enernl Rooflag Contractor, 274 P 4ve. AH. 3-2217. KAIUO SLUICK R4DIOH 1L91KD 9 very Atnkc Hadlo ttepslred, Kk pert I e cb a lt a n s. m nic'iTiTvc rvlce MIHKNI.II k H 41)10 IIHN. 440 Broadway 1.4m 3-1221 A S 1 Kl 10441 Hndios for repairs. Home examination All mslie. Hnarnateed nervier H tMmeiikerg f Kresge's Hndlo aervire. Cm II H. 2-9032. KKPAIU SKRUCK VACUUM CLEANERS lM. 1 H Ire. Hrpgtnt Fnllj (iitarkiilcct! BROWNS 21 Mstn Ht , nest tor, . I hen t re SHerwood 2-5899 All Vacuum Cleaner SKIU ICE CO. Free Kettinatea Free Delivery All Wark Guaranteed 805 E1AI.N STIiEET ARMORY 4-1874 RIO CLEM MV. OHIKXT4L 440 OHbvTlt Hag duel eleaae aad shampooed al-tering, blading isi lerylag. Hreadleoa laatallatloa. J De A Mu. 6-7ei Kaat IMfk It. IHey. 2-4180. RKMlKth II TION bHUlLE A.L MAKfrS Refr ge-ators repaired $160 up Uork guaranteed Fstirr.ates n rommerc) work The Kings Rfr geratlon Co. 8H 2-1 6 b S (night. NNTckOff A'j9 M ) I Got $475 For My Car! Men who want to get the best price on jheir used cars see to it that theyre sold through the columns of the Paterson Evening News want ad pages. They reach a better buying public always I Phone Armory 42000 PATERSON EVENING NEWS i Business Services R A 1)10 FR It K K4IUO M)VM aroPPhl) Home einmlnntlon. l-vprrt reunite ll ninkes Luwrwnleed er l e krre-r llatllo Nrl'f, IM Main bt, er t ell VH. SEWING MACJlINhS AW MAKE repaired Ca 1 de-sr anvwhere Browns 22 Ms m t 2- 899 FNEIIAN KLIN IK Mill t RuM man i' t e '!in built, finest x- v ii ihoice roioi pi . a ay n i w f 5 it installed hx e L r- d Produfta Frv k in k re t t Mue Rd , Can.pgavA. W r-R off 11 oi 517 WATCH REPAIRING WATCH REPAIRING Ameritan and Aw is watches Over Vi ooo reMtire slnee IIM? eleetevl klmk f jewelry at low prices Mftnmmended by fr M Ptliot. H. PROSTICK WB Van Houtrn Sf. KVI'IHI' 44AUH and jewelry repairing. Ralph M. Pavn, Jeweler. I hi 4, Beray. aenr Hyla avewue J Merchandise IIITLD1XG MATERIALS LUMBER AND MILLWORK BARGAINS HsHliiorvI Doors os low a 81 f) ra lirtl (ftir fence I'bkett a Ion us 4f cu lull length Hrreenv as low it '' cm 0k floinlllg us lo,AA as 4 1 so ft l umi 36 s as low as 41 per 'I lliMilrri a low us K V per M 44 itHtminl ns low us t'1 vu cr M f(rrN Ruling n low h 81V er '! Inhrc nmU wt rcilu n prltrs I oi I rt'lt 1iitrs gHMi milt while Iim k Ihu (otnr in end see these bur golns. THE DILLISTIN LUMBER COMPANY Iftth 4 1. ttr. I. 2fMb si. IaVors.m Sav Jr-e Me Heluer n 444 here K 1,1 INI k I BN h H I I 1 fc. I li i ) 1 r k h i , 7 lot HdHlR CONI' RING I CM! IHI LINE P a d 1 nl- eas Ixjws p'-tes aa y n H ig Hhcp, enr 3t-a ght A P er vt ir'5 HAlh J.9. Peg.r I) I S M -e pj IIH 'd V M 1 ve t Aed ria 1 N ve von . , tii Nowak 1 f rt up I- $ (1"S) 0;ea VIM s . 1 v 9 1 0 H KM f I RE LI lioiM I'Ki N ' . ar d Lev; aa i j x 1 1 p ? H- -'i HI I N I 1( 4 ; 1 IM. ,d a T V fc'Oi. L'bil will sicr f c ie ion D oves I a or d it g Kit i ei,, bed 00 m f 1 t 1 r e ikaw 3J21t Ave. Fa er son S PIK fr LXr l bed '0n Like lint Htt n "H t -72h MLXU Tf I NTRl MlKMS u: i i. , . h 1 Of) -.'!( I Pi (1 f f f I I 1 ! f -J . Srt i (tf I 1 III h 4 tl A' OIJ rtv r trt- 'J rtl v n r t ie ,p in vlin at tui fione Jt rxof H s te I ; - 5 Merchandise H UIDWARE HOI "9 I I " rHr Khftilpw Hr I'loor M A ... . . . . ... . 22 Hnuxiia Mb old f-iifElKh Wax ijt Wr De Wilde Hardware ?I0 ISrl. ,ic. cor I'Mh .1 'I t;i Iw l(.ll,,r. Diilth ( Inrrr 4.V f hHIo Mnmirr ... 25 lbs. 75 GuatanlrfHl Hat or 1osa Paint gal. ft. AO RIZZOS HARDWARE 33fl Grand St. SH. 2-20A4 MwnFree Delivery L DDKKS POL S W (M)) I IklTIR 1 A DURR CO. I t'nlley poles sold and erected j I adders, scaffolds for salat real I 12 spring St. H. S-.4I OA I RI LADDhR A POLK CO. Pilley poles delivered ereeted ladders araffolde fnr tale or rent 77 River Ht. Paterson 8H 2-2690 P14NOH 'NpIShf latest stym part', smut! 1 k e new Will eU f r sn a i' pi d h an e. n time ovnicnn Wnte J ranee Co, P O Pox 17 I mb ew'nd MlsrHJ,EOrs H)R 8 I K H IP I M d.1 V,, l a ml ' t Nl T OK S I OA K CO A I.. Ion Pea Poal, Ton $8.25 It ANNE K NfECIAL BANNER COAL CO. Itmr of HP 44rren III.. 8HKU. Mil '9.25 1 NFH llHim ' M 4 AM 81- LlrJ d t mp h 1 n e 1 j Jo . $ 2 4 8h ngtoii , co-SH 2 o87 RICH 9x12 olilrM 4L reprod j tions p is a lertvv' rig rush on $, W H aa av pen e 1 STORE VoE'EICK Eg I 1 I'M IN f 44 K HI L- A O HM.Ie-slIcrra, Cask Heglafera, tralee, Lrlnder, MV Hefrlgeratara and 4 asee. IF4TR4L STOHF. Ql IPH4 41M). 781 Flliooa Afreet 8H 2-4525 ! b RK.KR A TORk Reposseitsed Rehul It IWondGioneil (fttaramwevl 4 Hh or ( CIR t K Befngemtore UK V v rstingtvnua ... iW vu atectreiut ft veivmatnr . .. u )ev- Evenings MN4WF KF Bft.MMTOfc " 77 Bridge X FstersPM Wrrvide na All Makes I A i ,iiki KAM1L4 M.K refr getatnr gursnjed 48 )eneri pH 272 Mam Rt , pste 5 Merchandise WAITED TO BIT OLD GOLD niamundt, silver nd Fawn Thhet Wh PA V POK1lkl 1HK HI1.H-PT PKIt PS. brl aur offer lielwt yon sell. los save by aeiling ta us 94 will mil al rgm- home uion request MKX IJKKXMIA.NS 1M Main at.. L. i. 1 brat re Hldf E Bit. gelt Hetter used elotk-lag. Hlgkeot prices paid. I Ipea-kalta, toa River at. Hrr. 2-lHirtk. FM FT - Rt a ml new on J ,r' Latest Mv.e piano I'ampbe! Temett I'uiki (npun, a Hr Aad Il f e , u I HIGH F S T pr cei fr guod use! mens clothing Greenfie.d 214 Passaic St Passa c 1 Vssa c 2-6:J9-I 2-lvfil-W KAiiS LI K I1!' lb NemiMperi 1a loy ib delne e1 MM Mattresses American Paper. 214 Srt tat t 4NrFl .x4 unond hand sju i, a'f-old puUiks AH l Lt OKFK'K FQIIFMLN UNDERWOOD Portable with etandard keyboard Hark ftpacer and Carrying Case Call or Write for Demnn.tratlon ill-KN ritNLM.'' tiENUtAI, OEFIt K f yL llME NT CO. l1 PriHVI ST SH t HM XNHINt; Mt HINES N ,i h it p St h me s ! j L t 27. MU Mi $ " tic n VI in'' I 1 W E BUT-MtLL-Lf PAIR al rtRite Work guaranteed fu.iy Parts cb F ectr'c 10 K!a Ave SH I-' 90 1 WINDOW MIllUS ( DOM JHKoW AW A V good shade' to I 1 I rsl q taiiiv s de item Hi.lHrnt-e hi sbanurg ami 'men vns'i ,'rc on .Air n ers 'real ip To 0 c oh riieh4 SH 7-1411 I T niM G Nnl i'n SCR K F.NS I BIPPN.K w te s inn and P-nrs Phone f -r et oiate , 'onl Lin-On A ippiv n 'H sro i.h iMHIS 4 I I' 'N s J . H ( . rr a li ti 1 t d r li ! j a a ! 1 ' ; 1 Wi C , -7- M I financial Mlli Hi Af.El MONE.A I O lOAN, HUP U U H Mf'iniA.K In. xn lip u t.u e Stock It A HA CHI(K I . t I I 1 1 1 " HP k'' u Kviod '1 - d ( Hu I e , , 1 Ho, k n , 1 H i H I M KiH, I AIN, I HE It ll IN I 'O' KdU MLf I , i. liai e d( h of x h eels i rt tit id fi p m e and f r s id p mpuvea 1 aa PfVon eir ei Avitgtiair fnt rerriets I ng ai hi J o it'd of ei- m l t e 1 Iilb f r yt id I B Wai'i e klont- 1 r Ava Ph no ,Am 3-8171 - -Rooms and Board I LRNISHEI ROOMS CI.HftN DIFHkBLE srigle roon I- vats liouse 4 h Fll son Ht H 4 M I L I h - KM. en I i n ( N I 1,1 ! N W t VA it Ill 1 1 - Kht J 4 1 313 (tlTAHWl Ai. near Br,n lioitt. e $ ,il n e ho seker) n ir rn r sol j1 rein reye tab e erv reavin? Adis fr I I Msll i i i h r . , v. M i i 1-2 1 IO or w r ' ! ho i APAL I 1 fr X rs w h rr vi ImM I, g ft I fi ' A i b i n t 347 GPAHAM AVK-Vvr E "eon N f e v fj'nsed ri r s $ Ifi k t'ere s og tn rrs for ghf o rg A COfl'en en eg Pessomho Adits on' IU Real hstaie for Rent UHimil-NTs X PUTS L B w 1 4 r 10 Real Estate for Rent apartments kuts 1011 Main at , Paterson 2 rtns 8V VS Park lif, Paterson 4 rms MV ItMjuIre on PrrmLes iMfsroRH Muun.xt.E A KKAI.T1 ro. I 0 Pllisnn St I 4mlor1 I MIA i.l F Hh k r I nv'(1in 1 1 v I n y n h ie e , J u h VST 4TH n 1 and 4 t nrn apt ! ifins t" t le n imp! nr men! a H at n a ter f j n shed : W4T m p i v i n . LI .' I - I . fl "H all 8 Uoi'MJ nil iitipii iw 1 l I L SI .! W a i III M M huj I il M tUNfM) 1 KENT WNNIE1 iv . Ipie 1 T VV I t 1 Of VA I f ) II I Pset enfi i i it n M ' S'ie U f He H X New I ntns Vn r j a n UKeal Estate for Sale Here Your Opportunity Don't Delay Act Today Kearney M, near ( roahy 4e f family, rtwm and bath each floor I attlr nnni Meam beat $i H) liberty at, home with 6 room bath. an he ued a & or t familt T-rar ganeie, ? lots, $? duo Pact HoUman hi , 2 fwmtl). rooms and hath ear h floor, 91 too Totowa Boro earner roh Ate Bungalow, g rooms bath t lots, $t VtG Propeet Park, t family. rooms, hath earh room for enrace. It l orth llh at , g room I fomllr, I ear garage leant heat, a'l.nsa GEORGE B0RDUIN 8.A.N No. 11th Ht. LA. S-.VUO GLEN ROCK Atkeemaa Ae, Cue Central Av gg tea to IIIM a Mfid 8-room modern eutonkvl one-fumlly dwellings, with I and l-mr garage attarbed targe plots, several te boose from Drive out today 8 HA financing. A J KOI C,H; AHItrv. Bui Idee rhon BL e-hiU and RA 1-1788 $4,875 (OI VTR HOV4 9C fine 4 re. very well kept grounds; rear wNded with brook Pmrf Irally new ottugr tile hath, nil improvements: Attached t -car garage, evtra 1jnni isUsie used us rerreatinu or ran he rented treated Midland Park section A genuine bargain H. I.. HTAE.HLIN, Kr E simp 818 Madtenn Ave "llerwond 1 1184 $4,000.00 Buys a fine sttwn home oa f rosby Ave ( ontatn living room, dining room, kitchen sun Mrior 4 bedroom and kuthromn steam heated all improvements. 8 rar garage rio Rcnj. Gmnaimr ('onipatiV ft ( hurcb Ht llerwond 1 IM0 AA HA' I A A KE.N1 ? 81,900 Pail purrhaso pel, c for 1 family house in I'eoples Turk vri lion ft rmimi ea h floor, t finished oftio roms, tmtli and nilirr intpvtt X lot 1 ar garage Down pavrnent 91W1 llalame HI per mo Posses. !rn at ome run tiWAII A aos INC 41 Park Ave . raterffftn, N 1 H 8 4PM) H 8-9148 M ' K I B X rt M 1Mgh'- ' Mil iiin u i- (. I . . ( J, ' N imp j 1 ge In ken 1 . r r t 4 r I M I phv 2 1 it,. t vf 1.1. f t 1 "M w V t 1.4-1 I t . 1 I . X I r W I f 1 V I I I-'H'nON f i t'B T H t. . ' 1 K O AA f A I e , X 4 k b t . i rr i L k 1ST V ' h' a ' s v MX' w- r i i n It Pays To Advertise In The eics EXECUTORS SALE AT flUCTOlll DESIRABLE 1-FAMILY HOUSE LOCATED AT NO. 299 EAST 31st ST. Ivwtw wen 11th and INth Avra and THREE-FAMILY HOlSE LOCATED AT , Na 7.) I EAST -18th ST. boran Park Vie. nd Vrmora Plre. Sdle WJI1 Start on SATURDAY. APRIL 29th at 3 P.M. on the premise, - No. 299 East 31st St. and on SATURDAY. MAY 6th at 2 P.M. on thw prom! No. 754 East 18th Street The property Inrated at Xa Kvt list treef is a story frame structure far awe familv containing reception hall living wm, dining room, hrraklut aoevk ami kitchen on firM floor, I bedroom and bathroom W Second floor, bedroom and 8 storage imce oa third floar auans steam heatlag system awri all improvements The property is In excellent condition, having just bean thoroughly reconditioned in and enfetde. The lae of the land is JSi IOA, Immediate p on session can be had n The property located at Xa ,7M Invt lth Afreet is a 8 story frame strmtare far T families rantalning living room, dining roam kitchen. bedrooms amt bathroom, an ea h flwr and a separate steam heating vtem fag each apartment. Tha sire f the land is Sftxiua. T FinTW'Ttrpr et dwa an day n sale. 44 per rent la 3$ davs whea deed will be dettvered, W per cent ran remain on bond and mortgage. The properties helaag'lo aa-estate which must He settled and the orator ore willing to let them go Nit a tremendous aaertbee. By the order af George SM Rusting J Ini Dvk Raaliag. Kxerutor of the Betate of Jooeph lo Rusling, Deceased. Ben j. Grunsuet-Ccmliany, Aucticnssrs 2 Chnrth 5(Wt frf. SH.rwood 2-4520 Classified Display MON F T TO 10 H IJiHD g Un gp ta SHC Oa your algaa lure, av tkoa al husboad and wilw ( bargee Are on I n- ptifd- 'lonthly llala nee Room HOfl Fabian Bldg. A.N Church 'At. Pateraon, .N. t. H i ami llrruM No. in Tune In on Doe Rurrlays fanifk-r ter. Mutlon 4TAIK' Daily. 2 Of to 2 18 p V - (ha aderter in thia rlaisjfl--ation si licensed under th State int J loan Imw LOANS Without Endorsers OR W A(.E ASS1G.NME.NT9 Iana or to I.VtO am in ail to slngta Prnotia and Married CotiplM on Furni turr. Auto or .Note. Rpajr In 10 to 1.1 montha or in full at an? tinio to roduco tlie (out. .No credit Inquiriea of - trfrnJa or relattvea. Tha monthly rata 1 21 on unpaid hnlnncr,. 'TifM-tar .I FamUr Flnancaa- IIOISUIOLD FINANCE Corporation The Paterson National Bak Bldg Third Floor, 1S Market it. SHer. l-3tt0 Slate Lleema Na. M loans Mad la Nearby Tawna Hear Fdgar A fittest Wed Fee, 10 ift t tan Be Dose-WABC LOANS Auto furniture Note IS months to reitay. 1'j5 per month is only cost Public Finance Service, Inc, 118 PIDenn At FH. 8-114 Ilr. 118 NEED MONEY? IOAIUI up to $300. Kota 24 monthly on unpaid balance. WIMSETT SYSTEM CO. 2fl2 MVI ST. ' - LIC. 450 Loan oa nur ignature Monthly on I niwtd Haiotie PROTECTIVE LOAN CO. 17 Market 4t HH tuiNg I ir If tlffMe Hours 44eck Dars I A M to 14 I M , ssliirdflAv 9 A 41 to I P 41. BI STN E,SS SERAICK SEAMNG MACHINES At Ixiwrat Trite New New Rnfarv Mbit and Domrstir Hofary and lingers (oa-sole I lectrirs. li It? 33 and ay Behulll Footpowers A 1 4 4 A ap Ft pert Heimirtar gl A up ant make 4 Iso 4i iiiim t leaner R 1 1 M N a MUX T Dpp I 1 hea "Her. 8 7844 MIND METER HiN?f4QNj (nsHrr, ro t l.o ( omj.lMon Tnnt , 1 - P v i ; Aa A'.rn 1 nHPd , op i'i pm 'ral .'cur. i AA H Harri.nn rA pa- it fi 1 alv 7 ' . jp,i L,ah s Hr, 1i,asp a Rank of Enrlind 10 AA illt TutiMa Norm, for Grading A li r I IPPI A prr rood (mil orrpp, Good 7 t orrpp, Fair ft in 6 roi rrl Poof

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